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“Error Sending Message” iPhone


Recently, I bought iPhone 3G for my wife. Just only when she inserted the SIM card and tried to send the first SMS that it showed “error sending message”. I thought it was a simple fault that just needed a firmware restore, or message center fault, etc. However, as I searched through the internet, there was no answer, especially that the error message came out when it was just at around 20-25% of the progress bar. Here is a picture (I don’t have an actual picture, so I edited a picture from the internet.)


Some people with firmware 2.2 was getting this problem, the cases were all sudden, and I saw from posts that even Apple replaced new iPhones before 2.2.1 that reflashes the baseband solved it. The seller was good enough to take back and try it out. He seems like a good person, like one with a lot of things going through his head as he tried speaking to me, and he burnt his weekend trying things out.

But with him rejecting a refund, I knew that this must be a voice of God to me – there is some spiritual problem. I prayed. In fact, I found that the fault was myself (that caused problems to my wife) – a spiritual matter. There is a kind of turning point that God is emphasizing, the kind of calling in Songs of Songs Chapter 5 that came to me, with God adding more people to my small groups, with a push that I have yet experienced but also longed after for.

With joy, I searched the net again and came up with a hypothesis: “the bug must be somewhere.. if it is not in the phone storage space, firmware restored, where else could it be? Of course, it could be the bootloader, etc, ahh.. why not try reflashing the baseband?” Anyway, on Monday, 7 April 2009, I took the iPhone back, and tried the ways God has given me convictions. You know what? Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! It worked with my wife giving me a gleaming smile ;P

Here is how I did it.. The seller hopes I can post this on the net so that others may benefit, so here goes for a very simple post, where I will not post much just in case.

You can give me your comments if you do not quite understand anything here, most parts just taken off from other places on the net, but just pieced-up together by me.

1. Uninstall yellowsn0w

2. Reflash 02.28 baseband with this forum

Notes: with putty, the phone may be inaccessible via wifi and thus with putty will hang. iPhone restarts quickly unless next step is entered fast. I used the way of copying the next terminal command into a file called e.g. abc, transfer to the same /var/root, and chmod 777 abc, so that it can run in the terminal by typing "./abc" without the quotes of course.

3. Replace the sms.db in /var/mobile/library/SMS/ folder with a valid sms.db from another iPhone just in case (I suspect the bug came in with the sms application AND into the codes of the baseband)

4. Reboot iPhone

5. Install yellowsn0w via cydia again

Final notes
Some steps may not be needed, but I just did everything I can to just avoid errors, take good care of my wife as His role for me, and just move on with more prayers, leaving behind the troublesome things in my life. And what do you know? This coming weekend is Good Friday and Easter Sunday – what other good period for God to emphasize on dying and resurrecting, renewing and sanctification, and in the greatest sense of being pushed and loved by God?

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2 thoughts on ““Error Sending Message” iPhone

  1. YAY! I’m your first ever commenter.

    And, yeah, I don’t understand all the techie talk, but understand you on the spiritual talk. I bet for most people it’s the other way round! but I think you’re probably the first person to combine tech and God together like that. hope will appeal to many tech-geniuses out there? hee.

    anyway. I guess is time I revealed my blog. But it’s for your eyes only, ok? keep it shhhhhh….

    p.s. yes, husband’s job is to make wife happy. if I found another guy like you so nice to his wife, I’d force him to be my husband. muhahaha!

  2. Hey, that’s a real breakthru, ‘God and Technology’
    Or i would say, ‘Hearing God to rule over Technology'(听见上帝来管理科技)
    Maybe when Sophia enters Uni, she should really consider doing a thesis on that.

    Sophia, if given a choice, would u want a husband who directs u, or one who make u happy. Say if u’re only given a choice, which one??:):)

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