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After School/Work Prayer

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Loving Father, I thank You at this time for being with me with Your glory and power. <Confirmation of God’s presence>

Thank You, for letting me get equipped by learning, growing in the wisdom of the world through working life.

<Reflect your work/school life…Pray for people>

Open my eyes now, and let me find out Your plan in my blessed schedule which You have ready for me at this time. <Detail your blessed schedule- house work, bible study, spiritual equipment, review, exercise, leisure, family life, relatives, friends, etc.>

Fill my body and mind and soul with Your words and spirit and power again, so that I can receive new strength. Let me see and hear and judge like a God’s child, and help me see and obey God’s leading all the time. Let me expect with thanks, happiness and praise in everything. Help me mature step by step, faithfully so that I can become useful in God’s kingdom and church.

Bless my family today, and let my life become the bliss and pride of my family.

I pray in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

Prayer to analyze fulfillments

1. Confirmation of Emmanuel

1) Through faith, see and fill myself with the spiritual realms.

2) Review and analyze fulfillments (learning, testimonies) in the morning and afternoon for equipping in work/school life

3) Intercession for people met today in school/work: roughly see and pray

2. Blessed Schedule for the evening/night

Equipping, ministry (literature, bible study), housework, exercise, leisure, entertainment, family life, friends outing, rest

3. Prepare messages

For blessing spouse, children, parents/in-laws, friends

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