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Afternoon Prayers

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Loving Father,

I praise You, Lord, for controlling the entire universe and accomplishing all Your plans. I also thank You, Lord, for being in my breath and mind and heart with Your Spirit and power. <Confirmation of God’s presence>

Thank You for giving me boss, managers and colleagues (or teachers and friends) today to develop and equip me. <Think back about the day you had and find out God’s plan and guidance in it and give thanks to Him>

Cleanse me with the blood of Jesus Christ, and fill my mind and soul with the Almighty power of Your Holy Spirit. <Meditate on whether your thoughts, words and actions have been against God’s will and purify yourself with the blood of Christ. Be determined all over again to obey God’s words and touch.>

Allow me ten times the wisdom during my work and learning (or my classes) and also clear mind and concentration. May these knowledge and skills become my power in my whole life; used to glorify You and world evangelism.

Let me think and judge through Jesus Christ’s eyes, ears, heart and mind for the rest of the day. Fill my life with abundant peace, joy, and gratefulness.

Help me bind Satan’s temptations and trials, and continue to guard me with Your forces of angels. Help me live as a blessed God’s child, so that the people around me will see Your glory through me, and my thoughts and words will bless them.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer of Recharging

1. Confirmation of God’s presence

1) Through faith, see and fill myself with the spiritual realms.

2) Confirm God’s calling in my workplace/school

2. Confirmation of fulfillments

Review and analyze fulfillments in the morning to

1) Explain God’s reason, purpose and plan for the day and in my vision

2) Accumulate abundant lessons and testimonies, so that thanksgiving follows for the boss, colleagues, schoolmates

3) Cleanse for submitting to His Word and Touch

3. Test and Seek God’s new plan later in the day

Roughly think what to do in the afternoon, evening, night by having a heart to learn God.

4. Supplication/Intercession for wisdom

1) Ask for faith, anointed gifts, wisdom, power, physical, network, especially the skills in the area of expertise and in engaging with colleagues/customers/vendors, concretely, practically, and efficiently

2) Prepare Emmanuel/Word/disciples movement by practical messages of blessings to join together the interpersonal fields God has provided

3) Prepare messages for ministry/family meet at evening

5. Confirm that I have found His favour and He will fulfill accordingly

1) Let no darkness remain by entrusting to God

2) Receive peace, joy, and hope in Him fulfilling timely later

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