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Before Sleep Prayer

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Loving Father,

I give thanks for the love, guidance and blessings You have provided me all day. <Briefly think back about your day and praise God. Confirm the ever-present God.>

Let me realize the times when I did not go according to Your will and clean myself with the blood of Jesus Christ, and be refreshed as a sacred and glorified life. <Check to see if you have sinned with Your heart or thoughts, or fury or complaints in Your heart.>

Help me love and bless everyone I met today. <Prayer for blessing people>

I believe that You will be with me and bless me forever. Let all my days in this world glorify You and Your kingdom, and develop wonderfully each day to be used in blessing all nations.

I wish to rest in Your arms now. Please protect me with Your armies of angels for a peaceful night, and wash off all my weariness and restructure my memories so that I can meet another blessed day tomorrow.

I pray in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

Prayer to count blessings/inheritance/crown

1. Thanksgiving

1) Think back the day on His fulfillments and gather testimonies

2) My joy is that I have done what the Lord has asked me to, not on ministry/work success

3) Seek His purpose in His doings for the day and in my vision

2. Cleanse

1) Check any unclean thoughts, fury, complaints, sorrows that has met God’s changed face

2) Test and seek for sanctification: Go through my mind on things that happen on that particular day and find guidance in God, be it things that I must do, or things I must improve or do better

2) See His smiling face as I see that God is pleased when I seek His perfect will this way to follow Him closer and closer.

3. Intercession for blessing people

1) Bless family, friends, ministry

2) Bless people met in workplace/school

3) Discern sheep and disciples among all the people met today

4) Analyze my faith, thoughts, judgment, speech, actions to all the people met today

5) Have great expectation on His fulfillments and timetable in His guidance

4. Rest

1) Understanding that my days are limited, and I wait to see death and to see the face of God

2) Don’t leave any darkness or gloom behind but expect another blessed day tomorrow

3) May word movement happen in my dreams!

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