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How to speak


1. Ten Commandments of Speaking
1) Mood
2) Ratio of Hear:Speak=7:3
3) Concern more on things of the person
4) Discuss more (your views, standpoint? What will you do?)
5) Positive (what to say before and after)
6) Share sufferings/weaknesses/wrongs ("I am also like this", but can see how the future will be like for him/her)
7) Center on the other party ("I recommend you to …" vs "He will be glad to see you..")
8) Admit wrongs, ask for help / prayers
9) Clear speech (short with foundation, clear, effective)
10) Stop when manner of speaking turns awry (avoid debates)

2. Words To Be

1) Truthful / Practical / Accurate
2) Non-ignorance (Emphasis, Format)
3) Love
4) Balanced
5) Joined up fittingly (your position or role)

3. Meeting new friends in church

1) Hungry expression (new comer) –> (we will reply) Have you been to other churches before?
* This is to confirm if he is one who never heard of Jesus and is sought by the Lord, or if he is one running around in christian circles, but have not heard messages that reached deep down in his heart and spirit.. 
2) … more to come

3 thoughts on “How to speak

  1. I like this! Is this from your own experience and insights?
    But the last part…hungry expression? Makes me think of a wolf grinning and drooling. Isn’t that kind of scary? haha!

  2. In fact, I didn’t think of the above. You know how bad my speaking is. The insights of 1. and 2. are from your dad actually.. 3. is what I observed from Zhishan.
    Btw, I wrote too briefly on 3.
    Instead of
    Hungry expression (counselor) -> Have you been to other churches before?
    it should be
    Hungry expression (new comer) -> (Then we speak) Have you been to other churches before?

    I will edit the post ;P

  3. Oh yah, the insights of 1. and 2. are actually from Proverbs Overview messages..

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