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Morning Prayer

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My loving Father,

Thank You for protecting me with Your angels as I slept last night, and thank You for creating a new and glorified day for me. I am now looking at Your glory, love and power, which is filled in the whole universe. I am filled with joy and emotion and praise for Your Holy Name as I see how my life is filled with Your words and Spirit, designed to do eternal things.

Let me find out the purpose and plan of this new day that You have given me. I pray that You will fill my body, heart and soul with Your amazing grace. Please fill my heart with faith, love and hope; I look forward in finding happiness and thanksgiving in everything that happens. Please equip and prepare me for Your eternal kingdom and Your will this day, and may my life, thoughts, speech and actions be able to be a blessing and power to others.

At this moment, I am looking for the blessed schedule You have prepared today. 1) In your fixed schedule <find God’s detail plan in it and pray for God’s strength> 2) In your spare time  <find your a) equipping b) serving people c) exercise d) entertainment e) rest and promise to God that you will obey joyfully>

Dear Father! Thank You so much for giving me a family like  <Pray for your family’s body, spirit and life according to their needs…> <And also pray for people who specially need your prayer…>

Dear Father! Thank You so much for preparing our wonderful Christian Life Church for world evangelism. I pray that many of the souls and disciples You have prepared will all gather there, and please use our church as an important one for local and world evangelism. Give spiritual, wisdom, physical, financial, man power and historical messages to our pastor. May the Holy Spirit and Your power be filled within the lives and ministries of our elders, deacons, sisters and brothers.

Father, let me be a light, image of God, counselor, likeness to a faithful worker, helpful image to my colleagues <pray for the ones you love and their closing gap to God>.

Help me Father let me be filled with Your Holy Spirit, able to hear Your words so that I can overcome all hardships and problems that I will meet throughout today by Your holy Name. <Authority prayer by Your needs…> I know and will confirm that the armies of Your angels will surround my fields and send power and success every minute of the day. I know and believe that You will fill this day with Your eternal meaning, so that I will receive more of Your eternal inheritance and crown. I look forward and expect Your leading and guidance. I pray in the Name of my living Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

1. Restore and confirm Emmanuel (the throne of God, angels, and completeness in my life) with full assurance as child of God to thank and confirm God

1) Die and Resurrect (Burnt Offering)

Open spiritual eyes immediately: (because my problems is only having left God, therefore my life needs Jesus Christ) deny my weakness/lamentations/sorrows

2) Bring the identity as a child/priest/king (background of forefathers Abraham, Moses/Joshua as in Israel, David’s heart and glory, Jesus Christ, apostles, universal church saints), where my identity, belonging, relationship, authority, inheritance, future have all changed 180 degrees, to meet God

3) Confirm God loves and is with me: blessings that has already arrived on me – the intricate work of God in myself, all creation, background, conditions, gender, age, career, position, role, situations, character, interests, expression, network and timetable

2. Confirm your purpose and seek His purpose in His doings (whole day attitude on how to live = vision)

1) Confirm His zealousness to fulfill the four gospelizations, thus His purpose calling on me, and my vision as food

2) Expectation for a new blessed day of schedule (reason of waking up, lessons, and crown in a day that never repeats itself again) that is filled with grace, happiness, and thanksgiving

3) According to the covenant already made, seek to firm up my faith, hope, love (purpose of glorifying God/benefiting people/building the kingdom, heart of love, method to test/seek/submit, content filled with His perfect will)

4) In my conditions, network, timetable, there is surely His purpose, His plan, His timetable (prepared attitude)

3. With the highest expectation, test and seek God’s perfect will in my 7 fields and intercede accordingly, which has not arrived on me yet (longer time needed here, at least 5-10min)

1) With the highest standard, the Trinity God that came into my life, fill myself with Trinity to set the source of receiving His perfect will…

(1) God’s word and the 7 eyes to explain the bible – Christ and Church (Israel), spiritual, salvation, promise, today (born again, conversation, walk with God)

(2) Christ = Great Prophet/Priest/King Þ incarnation/embodiment in saints who love the Lord (have supremacy in everything) Þ authoritative power, bear fruits, crown

(3) Holy Spirit = truly believe Þ bestow wisdom, anointed skills, power, blessings, inheritance, timetable Þ Fruits of the Spirit

2) Rough meditation on blessed schedule

(1) Free time: equipping, ministry, serving people, exercise, housework, entertainment, outing and rest

(2) Fixed time: tasks at my workplace, people I will meet, talks I will engage, people I will bless, small group or disciple fellowship

(3) Everyday covenant with God: I’ll submit joyfully to blessed schedule revealed to me

2) Intercession: central to church, umbrella over them, fresh prayers over their everyday needs of His timetable, plan, message to join together their areas which are breached of not seeing Emmanuel in their situations, confidence and expectations on practical fulfillments after a period

(1) Pastor, coworkers, allocated small group members, those especially needing strength, those I have burden upon, region – Singapore, world – KL, Penang, Virginia, era – China

(2) Family: the kind of spouse, children God has given me

(3) Colleagues, relatives, friends

Pray for evangelism doors, needs? Coordination, discernment

4. Pray for 5 powers to fulfill the above

1) Ask for faith, anointed gifts, wisdom, power, physical, network as daily bread

2) Prepare message of historical blessings in the midst of interpersonal fields God has already provided for today

5. Confirm that I have found His favour and He will fulfill accordingly

1) Join together (God, Israel, church, disciples): wash, renew, and love neighbours

2) Authoritative prayers: solve problems, wondering temptation, stuffiness, contradictions, unbalanced sorrows, pressure, flesh through waiting in timetable, God’s only role for me in conditions, testimonies in experiences, learn to know heaven and earth in living fields. Entrust, cast unto the Lord: remaining gloom. Receive peace, joy, and hope.

3) Spiritual battle through absolute answer, submission, entrustment, power, conquest (maintain fixed perspective by using Holy Spirit’s filling continuously to solve all problems concretely, practically, and efficiently)

4) Expect God to fulfill and prepare hearts for receiving fulfillment answers at mid-day prayers: joy, thanksgiving, praise, unceasing prayers, and timely power/success

6. After morning prayer

1) Walk with God: central to prayers, church, 7 fields

2) Evangelism: live in kingdom, Emmanuel evidence in thoughts/speech/actions, discern God’s sheep, prepared cross message and testimonies, help in meeting and conversing with God

3) Mainstream co-working: message, discern workers, focus/program/establish, sufferings/training/time to learn/coordinate/serve/join together, different ligaments/roles, expand anointing, Lord… send them/me!

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