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100-200 Scenarios

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Pastor told us to think of 100-200 scenarios on Discipleship Training on 21st April 2009, the last in the series of Songs of Songs. Here are some scenarios I have made notes about, that can undergo permutation to receive answers in all cases.

100-200 Scenarios => 100-200 Subjective Answers => Objective Absolute Answers

Differing times, places, experiences, states

Eating, working, resting, sleeping, meeting sufferings, encountering prosperity, evangelism, counseling, comforting people, rebuking people, correcting people.

Answers that can be used in all things [normal, daily, often]
– Heartbeat, messages, focus (motives, purpose, intentions), methods, restoring God’s already providence, speaking.
– Should I test and approve, ask and receive, cleanse and be righteous, rely and have victory, and/or intercede and bless? What should I focus and zoom in on and expand from there? What is the first thing to speak and match myself / the other person with God, next to realize the perfect will that God is emphasizing, and final thing to challenge?
– What should my heartbeat be right then? What messages should I give myself to set myself free and with much self-control and progress?, motives, purpose, intentions, methods, restoring God’s already prepared be?

All is still talk now. May God give time for me to go through my spirit by thinking up a basic set of scenarios so that I can swim daily with all kinds of scenarios already hung up in the fields I go into.

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