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Why Chinese Language for Gospelization of this era?

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1) Chinese terms are short and sharp, e.g. 荣神益人建国. This is needed for teaching and training. There is no growth in truth without the days of process of teaching, training, equipping. Disciples are born through the test of time and fire.

2) Chinese verbs have no tenses (past, present, future, …) because there is a need to emphasize the return to the gospel that was accomplished 2000 years ago. What has been accomplished is actually now accomplishing and is still accomplishing progressively, in the personal life. Without tenses, it is the power of the language to bring the images of eternity and spiritually, for seeing things happening in the past, present, future in the senses of eternity and spiritually.

3) There is no one word in English (as least I have tried to research so far) that speaks so easily of the all-powerful initiative of God on us. This word is 蒙. It has the meaning of hoodwink, blinded, passive, subjected, deceived, suffer, covered… all the greatly thankful sense of God as a loving Father. English seems to have too many active forms, probably due to the great industrialization success of Europe and America.

3) In expressing spiritual terms, as far as I know, Chinese language expresses very well. 同在, 交通, 同行: 2 words each, but these important key words cannot be expressed easily. The full meaning: God is with me and I with Him or Emmanuel, converse with God and He with me face-to-face, walk with God and He with me together. There is no sense of togetherness if we say “God is with me”, but actually 同 also means I am with and in Him.

* Yet, I am praying for English ministry, for this is a translational period awaiting Chinese gospelization all over the whole in terms of gospel message, self, church, family, youths, society, industrial, other religions, military, politics, from America to China

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