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Teacher 2: Cross Message

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There are 5 points in the Cross Message:

1. God and me Emmanuel, principle = Gen 1:27-28 (in God) => Can you see/hear Him? Do you know Him? God is with you, using your present conditions

God and me Emmanuel is the principle of life and living (just as trees live by rooting on soil, fishes and birds are in bliss when they swim in water and fly in the air correspondingly, man are created to live in God; only then, will man be truly at rest) = Gen 1:27-28 (in God) => Can you see / hear Him? Do you know Him? God is with you (He has come to show Himself to you) through your present conditions (good=grace and bad=intervention). Using your present conditions, you can then know and meet God correctly. (Nothing is greater than meeting God in principle, in such as a personal relationship.)

2. But why can’t man live seeing and hearing God Emmanuel is with us? Emphasise this second point on “why cannot”. Because:

Flesh (state): dead to Spirit, abnormal nature from young habitually not seeing God and not seeking God

The spiritual state is “Dead to Spirit” = it is a fallen nature from young (birth) abnormally and habitually not seeing God, habitually (in the nature) not seeking God. It seeks the self, self-exaltation, feeds from the feelings he can recognise, and rejects all that he cannot. Why?

Sin (law): not knowing God is sin, all works done not by knowing God are sins

Due to original sin as the law of sin (God’s laws are good, but original sin make God’s laws the law of sin and death; there is nothing good you can do by trying to be in God yet without abiding in God), not knowing God in itself is sin, all intentions and all things done not by / through / for knowing God are sins. Why?

Devil (belonging): all acts of sins originate from him, unable to come out from accusations / sins / curses

All sins and transgressions originate from him, the originator of all transgressions comes from lies, deceits, murderer from the beginning as a belonging, therefore, there is no way to come out from accusations, causing sins, as binding curses

== Root Problem (totally unable to know God) => “this is your state”

But you cannot see Him now, therefore all these problems are derived:

If the root problem is not solved, your

Spirit: is dead

Heart: not happy, no peace, no freedom, no rest but burdened and tiring

Body: must get old, die, be disease-bounded

Living: no goal/priority, therefore chaotic

Interpersonal: based on “tooth for tooth, eye for eye”

Family: spousal, children problems: era’s darkness prove this

Finance: shortage of money, have money yet live as if do not have

=> Thousand problems derived

Point 2 emphasise: Cannot see God, Cannot hear God (not due to sin, not due to fallen works, not insufficient merits or virtues) => all that you do are sins (the degree that various people see problems really differs)

But if the root problem is solved, all your problems -> becomes the cause of being healed -> become testimony, blessings

By man, it is definitely not possible. Therefore, need Jesus Christ:

3. J=X (Jesus is the Christ)

– Flesh (State) -> Manifestation (revealed, therefore let us see the Word), Word, Holy Spirit => Prophet ==(we become)==> Man with Living Spirit = Incarnation (my appearance) same DNA, but through my appearance, let us see how He is with me, through Him being a perfect model / example living through the years of a child / teenage / adult, it is revealed how He is with us, therefore His Name is Emmanuel

– Sin (Law) -> Solved, New Creation, Love (no more fear that we should have before God) => Priest ==(we become)==> New Life, Fate, Heart (of a priest) = Death and Resurrection (not change but new creation), Fate, not Buddhism or any religions, not even Christianity principles, paradise, hell, knowledge, but all these cannot help. Need changing of “Eight Characters” (total transformation = born again). Unless you die, your last name is still “Chee”, must resurrect to have a new last name “Je” (as in Je-hovah, Je-sus) -> become His Body

– Devil (Belonging) -> Authority, Answers => King ==(we become)==> (absolute) Authority, Victory, Freedom = Throne Dominion Knowing eternal matters

Above Jesus Christ 3 mysteries, if add more, 4th mystery = come again, 5th mystery = inheriting / joining all creation, 6th mystery: dominating all till eternity

J (Jesus) =X (Christ) -> Christ means Messiah (anointed.. as pastor / elder / deacons / given ministry is anointed)

But the crux: some have chance to (be preached to) -> hear -> believe <Ro 10:13-15>

4. Have chance to

Hear, believe, transformed (the human self will be conscious of knowing) = Jn 1:12-13

In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He become flesh, world doesn’t know Him, most are in darkness, they do not accept Him, yet those who accepted Him are given authority to become the children of God, such are not born of man’s intentions but Born of God

Here, God and man’s relationships are connected!!

Those who see and accepted Christ liken the glory of David/Solomon which is so much set apart from their present life => how then shall I come to believe unless there is Ro 10:13-15 sent, preach, hear, believe, therefore the feet of gospel messengers are so beautiful because it is God Who sent! Some hear but go against, yet I believe, therefore heart and mind changed (from an old way of I myself understanding and doing), heart believed, direction changed (even though there are weaknesses, I know all things shall progress by this) -> I know I have been transformed.

5. New Life, New Living

After believing Jesus Christ, so I should get baptised, go church more, give more tithes, start serving? => not this! But in the past, for all things I cannot see and hear God to act on by myself. Therefore from now, I live by how to see and hear God to walk with. If so, all daily walks of life definitely have God’s perfect will and convictions, therefore, I live by discovering them and obeying.

Most importantly:

Method has changed: in the past, with the law / deeds / own set of targets, I then aim to accomplish with own efforts => realise the gospel <Romans 1-11> -> <Ro 12> Discover perfect will, transformed heart, all things become a serving. This process is christian living sanctification process. Changed Method = Perfect Will -> Submit => is your life like this? It is not about remembering bible verses, even though scriptures are very important, but how are you seeing God’s will and submitting? (Do you know you are living in obedience to God?)

Most change = method to make Jesus Christ my Lord ==then==> the Lord’s abundance, authority, wisdom, glory continually descends on me -> I have assurance that this mind is not mine but the Lord’s -> my Lord who has all authority in heaven and on earth has absolute Word / Plan to tell me, by this, they become my thoughts (belief system) -> my words have authority (one Word that comes from God shall not fall but must accomplish). From this change, all my past become beneficial to me. Therefore Word of God must learn, but must procedure->join->confirm->over-and-over->nature (changed perspectives have various depths of degrees) to learn.

But how to discover perfect will?

– Purpose: must be clear. No matter what I do or live, there is a purpose.

– Content: on how to preserve the purpose, which is by giving perfect will on spousal, children teaching how to pray, how to live church life

– Heart: Love God, Confirm Self, Love neighbours, therefore, important to preserve heart and mind

– Timetable will grasp

To accomplish all the above, God gives

Promise (God makes Covenant with us)

God’s Word talks about Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, all for me to make covenant with Him

2 kinds of Covenant:

1) Five Promises:

(1) Emmanuel He is eternally with us -> find Emmanuel evidences

(2) Guidance I will guide you in all things, not only for good things, but even more so in bad things -> seek and you shall find

(3) Prayer seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened for you, pray and you will acquire -> method of living is easy (different degree of understanding: Sick? Go and find doctor first -> Sick? First confirm “must have God’s plan”)

(4) Victory no matter what problems, He shall tell us to be victorious

(5) Inheritance family spousal, children, siblings, together with an altar for sharing of Word + Prayers -> Life network contacts doors open -> Christian living is a “verb” (moving)

Abraham father of faith = we (believe Christ) believe what Abraham believes, his head is Jesus Christ, he also believes Jesus Christ

2) Four Gospelisations:

(1) Source of all blessings (individual gospelization)

(2) Family gospelization: I am a child of promise, through my “child of promise” preaching, like Abraham, he saw descendants so numerous like the number of stars, so that thousand generations are blessed

(3) Regional gospelization: region has been given to you

(4) World gospelization: end times will come, all things exist for and until the gospel is preached till ends of the earth

=> will then know Emmanuel, guidance, prayer, victory, inheritance => Mt 28:18-20, Acts 1:4,8 (wait until you see Emmanuel, see guidance, pray, victory, ends of world = wait till you are Holy Spirit filled)

Cross Message -> 35 lessons: ordering up, joining together, confirming, confirm over and over again, naturalising up

From the Cross Message, this message is expanded to all the other 35 lessons. The 35 lessons are written and formed up from the perspective of ordering up, joining together, confirming, confirm over and over again, naturalising up.

* Gospel 5 Lessons

How are we to teach the 5 gospel lessons?

1) Religion <-> Gospel (See, Converse with God, Walk with God)

2) Cross -> Theme (cross message to fill your belief system first, then preach that lesson)

3) Beginning words -> Emmanuel

– To start a message, the words to begin the message is very important. The beginning words are to proclaim that “God is with us” in that meeting: “His love is not found anywhere, but that our gathering is His love, hungering people is His love”, “God has given a very important message today”, bring everyone together in prayers through the message spoken, cause faith that through that gathering, all their relationships and fields are blessed until eternity

– We can also start a message linking up the past week’s message in order to bring everyone to see God with them: “Last week you heard eternal God, how has your week been?”

4) Last words -> confirm, prayer topics, bless through God’s words, bless the small group through the Holy Spirit’s convictions

Ending words bring confirmation of what is heard today. Then gather the prayer topics (best to be derived from what has been preached. Lastly, end with prayers to bless them with a pastoral prayer.

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  1. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day.

    It’s always helpful to read articles from other
    writers and practice something from other sites.

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