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Teacher 2: Gospel Lesson 1 – The Only Problem

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God is with us, bless whole universe, this time is God’s special day to bless, God use the gospel to acquire you. I do not know how the state of your past week been. But we share more on the mystery of how we easily fall into the state of 3 problems. From now, must know more of all creation, from Adam till now, not yet hear gospel, or hear but reject gospel – their state. Their culture, program, purpose..

Ro 3:23

ref Eph 1:1-23, 2:1-10 God chose us bf creation, in gospel Christ hear believe follow, you believed = seal of HS. Tf I pray for you to know His wise powerful Spirit, hope/inheritance/power. Born in problem state, D&R, joined to Christ, quickly give them assurance, unlimited blessings await you. All creation is God’s work. Not connected but now through Christ connected to Israel/Abraham.

ref Ge 3:1-6 Spirit Disobey Word -> state fundamental problem tf dead spiritually

-> Ge 3:7-14 Heart problem (calloused, deceiving spirit)

-> Ge 3:16-19 Body, Living, Interpersonal, Finance, Descendants

Your "hungering/problem" not in your problem, BUT originally, the problem that God’s perfect will not yet known in your problem. This is called fundamental problem. I have also, though may be dissimilar, yet present expand. Must know today, even lack, hurt, disease, couple partner, must return back to

1) Flesh -> Cannot see, cannot hear (State)

2) Sin root -> fear God, accusations (Israelites fell, Satan’s tool) (Law)

3) Evil spirit -> hints, calloused eyes, deceived lies (Authority, Belonging)


Pirate ship do good/bad motive pirate, orphanage to raise pirates, all sins

8 characters fate year, month, day, hour, yingyang -> 64 expand .. 13000 fates yet unllimitedly expand. Finance, parents, year 1, etc.

Fengshui More class, bounded more. Bed, colour.

Tf all under serpent dragon fate authority. Myanmar Buddha snakes behind.

God’s child chosen (not past satan’s child now God’s child BUT God’s child at first not known, God continues to remember them. Passover, Red Sea, Wilderness, till Canaan. Past sin, like wrath, like live under prince of air, yet proven after, that we are chosen.

Emphasize especially on state, law, belonging

E.g. Read opening sentence. Add then, therefore. Man must live in God -> why fish in water? Because God created this way. Man has eternal. When read, HS will touch you and give you words. See their eyes, get convictions and say.

Pastors/elders -> let them vomit their thoughts of problems are not that deep, tf answer not absolute enough. Have all grandness of church, yet vegeterian, sleep-walking, not knowing God’s work, have food eat, none cry. Prayer same as that in Buddhist temples, Islam mosques. Tf live religiously. –> some exclaimed: past all wrong walk, hope I can experience 1994 LC, all words eat, tears all must die all rebuild. Some not living belief –> so basic.

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