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Teacher 2: Gospel Lesson 2 – The Only Answer

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Story-telling (scripture reading):

Body of Christ now (learn JX whole life)

Mt 16:13-20 Who do you say I am? JX not known correctly -> will go into religions.

JX = God, Prophet/Priest/King eternal God.

Give assurance -> through your life, build family/church/era -> Hades cannot overcome. Acts 4:12 ONLY.

Ge 3:15,21 Seed of Woman immediately after sin, garments of skin, Abel’s blood, Enoch walked with God no die eternal life, Noah’s ark, calling of Ab, ..

Ex 12 Israelites 10 miracles yet hardened Pharaoh’s heart always cannot be set free -> Passover night freed, firstborn head Pharaoh broken. God is a God of emphasis: break head of even cattle firstborn of Pharaoh.

Testimony of knowing different degrees of Jesus Christ

Blur/ignorant -> Salvation/blessed -> fallen -> restored -> offered -> J=X -> now know more abt JX even till now

Know JX how much -> Child of God/honored priest/holy nation assurance, power of throne = first proclaim to face problems le..

Paul: know JX as precious, misunderstand noble guy -> wise man -> blessed

Tell it in "acting" cinematic / motion picture

1. Man surely cannot overcome fundamental problem

Flesh can’t open eyes -> God to open his eyes

Sin fear cannot free -> JX D&R show demonstration of love to free us from the very beginning

Evil Spirit / strongest Lucifer permitted by God -> God Himself Almighty

2. Must meet God else more problems

Fate find examples/clear evidences e.g. Ab fate, Is fate, our fate: Is-Greek-Eur-Am-Asia

Quick sand sure cannot come out: train and come out = Buddhist, so dirty! realize and come out = Confucious, I see your performance = Islam, MUST none other but to bring him out of the state

Religions disadvantages (seems same direction) = do good yes, but brings curses. Mt12:43-45 7 evil spirits. Descendants of Shamans. Buddhist countries (12): Tibet, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India – good natured, yet fate cannot change, train to change but no new creation because no D&R with Christ to get another system/fate. Catholics, transmuted christianity = cults. Worst religion: Christianity proven by history – Judaism beginning cursed greatest, Christian religion = no restore see/converse/walk God but principles/research/bible study will bring belief corruption. Thought believe/walk correctly, (Pharisees/Scribes to memorize bible yet received so serious curses). Totally like Pharisees, Saducees, Scribes inside the church itself.

3. JX Answer:

Prophet – I must see God, God live in me, how guide me

Priest – in JX got hold of me, unconditional love

King – absolute answers, absolute victory

=> then become I am JX body, He is my head -> slowly you will see He takes first place in control in all your living.

4. When D&R with Him, born again life, use water and Spirit to wash, so now it is no longer I that liventh but He.

5. Answers all can be found in Him. Bible all can understand.

No need mysticism (see hear God), legalism (love), prosperity/humanism (Lord, highest success came in,

Therefore, how much you know JX, you will enjoy life of JX.

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