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Teacher 1: Prelude to 36 Lessons

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Perspective to preach 36 lessons: 1 year acquire the secrets to 40 years of trials (the Torah = Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), covenantal message, belief system and ideology on how to rely on the Holy Spirit towards answers of life / power / Emmanuel.

Hear/see God to start preparation in preaching 36 lessons (not about emphasising sin (rights and wrongs) —but–> keep and follow the bible knowledge in everyday living (perfect will))

* Method of Sharing:

1) Meet God (Know God, Restore God) -> Converse with God -> Walk with God – this sharing method naturally causes (not forcefully teaches / instructs) people to love God = Emmanuel

2) Centered on Cross + “Holy Spirit” – you share in a way entered on the cross and the Holy Spirit, so that once a person meets the cross, there are no longer any struggles. The cross is not a struggle, but is itself the method to meet God, converse with God, walk with God. From here, the person is cut to the hearts (Holy Spirit’s rightful convictions) to give himself as a living sacrifice to God

3) Procedure -> Join together (Format) -> Confirm -> Over and over (various ways to confirm again and again) -> become Habit (Nature) = Emmanuel – point 1)

4) Seekers of Truth -> Beginner believers -> Spiritual -> Servers – recognise these 4 timetables of your audience. It is therefore they hunger for God’s word differently. When you recognize their different timetable, you prepare the message in such a way that addresses their various timetables of hungering after God’s righteousness. We must also realise that there not everyone are at the timetable of being spiritual or at a service to all. Challenge appropriately.

5) Length: 5 minutes, 10minutes, 20 years, “lifetime” – The sharing length should be appropriated with different kinds of situations and audience. In some situations where you meet with people with not much time available or with short attention time span, you should be able to share the complete message (with emphasis, of course,) in 5 minutes and 10 minutes correspondingly. The message could be a 20 years (a message for that a church keeps on building up in her sermons) or it could be a lifetime learning.

Cross “5 main points” (The cross message has 5 points: (1) God is with man in all things 24 hours by His Image, Life, Power; (2) Root spiritual problem; (3) Leading to all problems; (4) Religious solutions vs the Solver only Jesus Christ, gave the right to become the child of God; (5) Blessings now enjoyed – 5 promises . Note: The gospel of making all realise they are sinners, and therefore leading them to repentance is only a 10% gospel.)


5 Gospel Messages (tells one not to go legalism, mysticism, humanism, prosperity, accumulating merits and virtues but tells one to be rooted):

(1) “Only problem” (only problem is never receive God’s perfect will) ->

(2) “Only answer” (tells people to see all things work for good for all who are in Christ <Ro8:28>, can see God’s love always) ->

(3) “Born again assurance” (God-reborn, the conditions you have now = God’s work, tells people when they believe Jesus Christ, they will immediately have born again perspective) ——-New Life——>

(4) “New Life New Living” (= Promise -> Test and Approve -> Perfect Will -> Submit) (New life will have new lifestyle. The difference from old living is that now, you acquire and receive God’s instructions (guidance) to live, living for Glorifying God, Edifying Men, Build Kingdom) ->

(5) “Prayer” = Converse (not a ritual, but communion with God => test and approve to know what to intercede for your neighbours, true prayer of cleansing from sins is light and efficient)


20 Basic Lessons (Basic(minimum) = Skeleton = Format)

1) Meet God (Know God, Restore God): Lessons 1-10

(1) Life, Transformation, Blueprint of Milestones 里程碑 (Timetables)

(2) Know God

(3) Know Self (know God in yourself -> from all misconceptions of me towards a view of a new creation: blessed, receive power, bless

(4) Restoration of Ideology of God: history (God’s ultimate plan), world (invisible influences the visible, spirit causes all inside-out works), values (invisible are valueless, brethren as my inheritance), lifetime

(5) Know God’s Word (all witness Jesus Christ, Covenant (Old and New Testaments), all to give Life / Power / Inheritance, not an end to itself but point towards Eternal things to come, Spiritual messages), and (6) relation to myself (I am the temple of God’s Word, I am a child – made to be an incarnation – of God’s Word)

(7) Christ, and (8) me (I am “Jesus Christ” (not Jesus Himself of course, but of His), Today’s Jesus)

(9) Holy Spirit, and (10) me (Foundation of knowing the Holy Spirit from the bible; confirm to strengthen your understanding of the Holy Spirit; as you experience more, you grasp the Person of Holy Spirit more)


2) Converse with God: Lessons 11-15

(11) God’s child (authority, content, learn)

(12) Promise (= the very heartbeat/motivation of prayer -> then can test approve, intercede, victory, hope)

(13) Healing (sanctification/power, all past now see God’s work)

(14) Living (get prayer topics)

(15) Victory (learn)

= Cannot but must pray


3) Walk with God: Lessons 16-20

Get Instructions / Guidance to live, centering on these below:

(16) Altar – Centered on prayer, centered on worship, centered on a lifestyle to test approve to live

(17) Church / Brethren – where 2 or more saints gather, the environment for protection and to make stronger instead of pulling us down from being more tight for time, life network contacts connected through blessed brethrens -> vision, intercede, bless -> doors to 4 gospelizations (even to my family/children)

(18) 7 fields – Church most important, even individual field is inside the church field

(19) Praise = Evangelism (seek hearts with 8 beatitudes, diagnose their timetable, best evangelism is to marry people’s life to God to play together)

(20) Disciples (together live, equip)


20 Healing Messages – Centered By The Cross

In the past, the thinking system is thought out by the human self, now the belief system is centered by the cross, which is His instructed guidance, by seeing God’s arrangement to love

(1) Spiritual healing -> Restore God (only Word of God, only Jesus Christ, only Holy Spirit), Only Converse with God, Only Witness God

(2) Heart healing (accuse < can never win over < thanks, inferior < can never be bigger than < God’s plan, poor < can never pull down < abundance, problems < can never overtake < blessings, risk < can never outshine possibility of < opportunity) -> Covenant, Blood to restore absolute and complete love of God -> Give Thanks for More Grace and Promise in all things (2Th 5:16-18)

(3) Mental healing -> all who still has the world (lives in this world) is living in a mental institute, know yet still cannot but what you are supposed not to do because humans do not have control, therefore, blessed environment must be restored first, first environment to restore is the spiritual environment: surround with spiritual people who always pray, preach and rebuke,  because physical appearance don’t sync even though great note and emphasis is taken and reminded; it is a deep spiritual problem, therefore confirm over and over again

(4) Physical healing -> Vessel (tell God to use this vessel, glorify God through this vessel, get the greatest answer through the limited vessel that is just temporary jar of clay on earth yet stored with incomparable eternal glory)

(5) Living healing -> Blessed Direction, Blessed Priority and Procedure, Blessed Schedule – morning time, direction till ends of world, daily experience treat as God’s convictions

(6) Relationships healing -> God’s brethren, relationships of love, those who like my Christ-centered sharing become my coworkers more important than my blood family, what is shared and interceded cause doors continue to open

(7) Spouse healing -> inheritance, Father and Mother of all nations like Abraham and Sarah, bear children, if not, disciples will come

(8) Children healing -> it is enough if you are blessed because you cannot control your children (blessings flow to your children, and your children “control”/determine you); from here, all that you think / judge / do all will be different, and such spiritual blessings will flow to your children

(9) Finance healing -> not to get more, perspective is I have already acquire everything (already successful, already have everything); if I receive more, I use more; if I receive less, I use less; blessed are those who give more, christians cannot be poor, for like Paul, he says, “I have the secrets to be contented in all things!”

(10) Serving healing -> all previous 35 lessons need to be equipped well; as an emphasis, serving is not your responsibility but God’s; only that your life joyfully sees God’s guidance, faithfully follow God, bless people; you realise that humans can definitely not do anything but what God is pleased to do by; by what He provides, we serve; use whatever time He gives currently to the utmost

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