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Teacher 10: Basic Message 10 – The Secret in Maintaining the Filling of the Holy Spirit

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Basic Message 10

Ephesians 5:15-21


The Secret in Maintaining the Filling of the Holy Spirit


God exhorts us that we must be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is because only when we have the heart, then we will be able to enjoy all the blessings of being Holy Spirit-filled.

Only when we restore these spiritual conditions,


conditions spoken previous sentences..

then the Holy Spirit will begin to manifest His power, carry out His amazing works in our life and our environment and on the people around us,


This can immediately be seen.

to immediately making us enjoy abundant human life that is filled with meaning and can bear fruits.

-> Our Lord’s conditions have never changed, so that if the channel between us and the Lord and broken through, this will definitely happen. The Lord never rests. In our conditions have all of Lord’s perfect will, but only when I know about it, the great power will come to us. If we eat only by taste of tongue, nothing, but if we eat with our spirit soul body, foods will become good medicine to our body if we give thanks to eat. I told this to my daughter not about choosy. Yesterday I told my wife about the white rice, not about zhu rice, because when we like it, all the saliva hormones endorphine to eat so that we eat it so happily, surely they will solve all kinds of illnesses. Of course I believe in medical science, can take reference, but I believe that what the heart has and eat, will bring solutions to all kinds of problems. When I do not know about the HS filled, there are a lot of dryness in me, and my person beside me is the worst-off living beside me. I continue to look at being holy, and this oppresses. One day, I understood that every moment of my life is actually serving the Lord, and especially the time with beside my wife is the most important time of serving! When I discover this mystery, this pastor’s wife stealingly told me many times how happy she is in the whole world (ha). Yet, do I have no problems in my family? I have, and it is more than your homes. There are persecutions, and people tell me about how they are hurt and complain even when I praise them about how blessed they are one month ago. Really, the Lord’s words are true – praises need to be carefully given. Praises will give stress to a person, and the things that he or she never has praises about, he or she will experience even more pressure than others. One word and action will be seemingly spoken about on the pulpit after that. Even blessed people can give such opposition, and I really want to cry when I put down the phone. Yet, this cannot be avoided, as we grow together with brothers and sisters in living. Are there no problems? There are many problems! Do I have money so that I can eat well for 100 years? No, tomorrow’s money will come only tomorrow when provided. When we live, I can be happy, and there is only one condition. And this is to be Holy Spirit filled. We have met the Lord already, and the Lord is with us, where else problems are there? We talked about this all the time again and again, but yet, we meet with the same problems over and over again. This is Genesis 3 problem that we have to tackle in the Garden of Eden.

1. First, we must clearly understand a few matters concerning the Holy Spirit

-> This is spoken of previously in lesson 9, right? But let us not be afraid of repeating, if the things are important. Yet, for the matters that are repeated, let them not look like it’s being repeated, by being HS. The bible only continues to tell repeatedly on one thing, and this is that, “God is with us – Emmanuel. That thing, I know, only that you rely on Me, I will solve.”

1) When one comprehends and believes the reason and accomplishment of Christ’s cross, the Holy Spirit comes in to abide forever <Eph 1:13-14>

-> If we understand the true essence of the gospel..

2) Having understood the gospel and teachings of Christ, and when by such perspective view all things, one can get the conviction of the Holy Spirit <Jn 14:26>

-> Those people when they look up on the Lord, the state and content that happens in the heart at that time are the convictions of the Holy Spirit.

3) After deciding to live testifying for Christ, one will be guided by the Holy Spirit even more clearly. <1Pe 2:9; Mk 3:13-15; Ac 1:8>

-> Guidance can be seen only when you follow the Lord. The Lord is already guiding us already, so that only that we see it and follow, the HS guidance can be seen.

4) At the same time of abandoning matters of the “flesh”, submitting to Holy Spirit’s conviction and guidance, one will receive the filling of the Holy Spirit <Eph 5:18>

-> When 2 laws are fighting, and we choose the HS law and reject the law of the flesh, this is called HS filling. HS filling is not special thing. They are not as spoken by people like the state of supernatural state likening to those who fortune-tells. But it is when we do not choose flesh but the HS law, and this state is very normal. Therefore, when we sing, we have the likeness of singing, sleeping – likeness of sleeping, eating – the likeness of eating, being a father/husband – the likeness of father/husband -> and this is HS filled. When we are romancing, and we look like one who are romancing, we are called HS filled. Therefore, a person becomes more and more normal. Therefore, such people run this for a long length of time. Yet, not only by running long, but if they do not run like this, they are very sad when they are not HS filled. The state of the heart is not correct, so that serving, spousal living, teaching children, going to office working are all very tiring. Yet, when HS filled, all faith power energy and joy are with refreshing powers.

5) When one participates in serving for the sake of establishing the body of Christ (church), all kinds of spiritual gifts will be received <1Co 12:4-11>

-> Some people say that they admire such elder or a bro/sis’ spiritual gifts. Yet if we look at their lives closely, we discover that they never participate in ministry and serving. You can admire for 100 years and spiritual gifts will not come to you. Some will reply saying, “I never serve and I never receive spiritual gifts, but I am alright with this, it is okay.” But I tell you that if you never receive spiritual gifts, your individual life that can have peace, joy, seeing kingdom descend will never be able to come to you, and you will never be able to bless the people that you love, around you. Therefore, this spiritual gift is told by the bible to chase and run to get it.

6) The work of the Holy Spirit will certainly bring inner fruits and outer fruits <Gal 5:22-23; Ac 2:41>

-> We already have the inner fruits in our life, right? When you speak till here, you must tell your sheep or parts of His Body (there is only one Teacher and He is Jesus Christ). When you are worrying and depressed, and you read the Scriptures saying, “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”, you will suddenly feel very joyful, and the HS will come near you. Give the listeners this good advantage.

7) The consequence of the filling of the Holy Spirit will certainly bring “God’s word-centered, Christ-centered” life, and also restores a Christian walk that has orderliness, is healthy, and is normal. <1Co 14:33, 40>

-> Seven is a good number so that I write seven here. HS filled outcome is not telling one to run up mountains to be alone, wanting to experience something unique from others. When we are HS filled, we become more and more normal, daily, and often. No matter who or which perspective is taken a look, everyone will think this is good, noble, and very appropriate. For someone who is eating time but not eating, to sleep but not to sleep, etc. Yesterday when I want to talk about the days’ happening, what the Lord has given, and the fulfillments to prayer, my person beside told me, “I am already very tired, do you still want to continue to talk?” This is not HS filled. Therefore, I told her, “I am not speaking to you, for I am speaking to myself for revision.” She told back, “Then you quietly do can?”

2. What things will happen if a believer is not filled with the Holy Spirit?

-> Simply said, if no HS filled, it is all failures in his state. For a Gentile, they don’t follow the Lord at all, they do not enjoy God, but they can enjoy the things of the world. However, for the spiritual person, saint, if they are not HS filled, “I want to be more quiet, and want to be more earthly for now only..” No, if a saint is not HS filled, it is equivalent to disaster. We have stereotypes that HS filled is very unique, and special, so that if we continue to remain like this, how can? No, we have such misunderstandings in the past. But what is truly HS filled is normal, daily, often, so that if we are not HS filled, then unlucky things will come to us.

1) There are two laws in the heart battling with each other, cannot to receive peace <Gal 5:17>

-> Real battle, so that there is no peace. Non-born again has only one law. For born again, there are 2 laws. Tf, Gentile has no struggle inside them. However, for the saint, he has burdens tiredness load depression pressure worries, and this can be really felt as struggles and no peace.

2) No strength to restrain the cravings of the flesh, will end up becoming a slave to sin. <Gal 5:19-21>

-> Therefore, the result is guilt. Inferiority complexity. Tf, once HS filled is lost, he becomes flesh. Just like David who is so HS filled, when he looked at Bathesheba one time, his lifetime after that has so many roots and vines of curses and disasters gushing in, so that there are suffering days. For people of the world, they are already anyway in the curses. Yet, he is God’s child, and Israel’s king! One time he is not HS filled, so serious happenings there. For me, I also experienced when I do not really follow the Lord seriously one or two times, it brings me much regret for 5 to 10 years. There are 2 emotions inside and this is feelings of regret and the other is thanks, as I am beloved with 2 laws that are clearly guiding me.

3) Born under the influence of environment and surrounding people, will become captive of the world. <Lk 21:34-36>

-> When we see that our conditions and surroundings are always bad and to the very worst, my body and appearance, husband, wife, children are in the worst appearance and state, home very poor, etc. Such thoughts will just come in.

4) Received the accusations and hints (“flaming arrows”) of the devil, cannot boldly, confidently, hopefully and courageously converse with God. <Eph 6:12,16; Rev 12:10>

-> Who likes the hints of the devil? Therefore, we must be HS filled. And problems of not being able to confidently come before God are the worst! What will fear bring? Fear will bring judgment!

-> therefore 5)

5) Because Father God loves us, His discipline will arrive on our lives <Heb 12:7>

-> His discipline is always in the eyes of God as eternal goodness and beneficial to eternity. Yet after the discipline, the paths are really not easy to walk, suffering days.

6) Not only unable to enjoy God’s power and receive more eternal inheritance, will also be wasting his limited, precious time on earth. <Eph 5:16>

-> If you do not rely on the HS, even if you are serving God, the time used up is wasted. If you do not rely on HS to serve, you go and you will come back. It will be very wasted.

3. How can we receive the filling of the Holy Spirit?

-> only that we grasp in main point 1 mysteries, willing to look up onto the Lord, this moment, the most appropriate HS filling, great power, various gifts and rewards from above will immediately descend to you. Therefore, do not think that Hs filled will come after 3 days of prayer. If you really teach like that, you are a bad teacher and your students will come to very pitiful state. I say again: normal, daily, often.

1) Must repent all sins committed, things disbelieved and not submitted, use Christ’s precious blood to cleanse

-> HS’s repentance is not of religious but of gospel repentance. What degree shall we repent till? It is till we walk with God in all things. Then it is truly repentance. If you just say you repent, but do not know what the Lord is working on you right now after repentance, then repentance is this?

2) Must restore the assurance of salvation, guidance, receiving answered prayer, victory and receiving inheritance

-> This called a system. I shared with you the 7 breaches or the 7 joints. To become living man and all things will begin to work actively in him.

3) By the perceptive of Christ and the gospel to understand God’s words, and must receive the spiritual perspective

-> What does it mean to be the most spiritual person? In the era of churches, many commented on “he/she is a very spiritual person.” But what is most spiritual actually? I myself defined it as: through Jesus Christ’s mystery, I can see the Lord’s love always, always in joy, praising the Lord, having hope, and giving thanks always in all things = most spiritual person. Therefore, I see that Paul is the most spiritual person around. Nothing can hurt and attack him.

4) Must ascertain life’s purpose and priority (testify Christ, establish kingdom)

-> Purpose of testifying Christ and building Kingdom. Priority is? Same in the way of serving the Lord, but there is a procedure. For example, aftermath of flesh and soul healing. For us, we have one whole day of a lot of things to do, same to do it for RSYRJG to do, but there is similarly, a priority to do so for RSYRJG. What is more important and less important – to be able to discern this.

5) Must understand and experience the mystery of prayer (conversational prayer, promises, solving problems, getting God’s plan, restore authority and power, receive answers)

-> Especially conversing prayers, promise prayers, during prayers solve problems, during prayers receive plan of God, and restoring authority. If use another way, it means to receive wisdom, thanks, praise. This is what is restored during prayers. And after prayers, we will also receive fulfillments. This mystery must be practically received. Therefore, the mystery of prayers that we learn must point to tell us to walk with God. With this perspective to continue to learn prayers, we will get it more and more.

-> Slowly, we will discover that the Lord’s prayer is the most essence, and most correct message inside. I continue to pray for tomorrow’s message to drive demons, and I discover that the core message of the Lord’s prayer can drive demons most strongly. You will also discover that the attacks of demons work most strongly as it is in directly opposite of the content of the Lord’s prayer. The Lord’s prayer directly drives them away.

-> Demonic works continue to tell me to serve and serve, giving a slave spirit, and man is so fragile and dry, and cannot endure and cannot run long. One day, I discover that my past’s zeal to run 276 days in a year overseas, catching hold of one person and share, not sleeping – in the plane that I get the name and contact of the person, he will be dead because I will call him at least 5 times, till the moment he won’t pick up the phone. That system in the past tells me not to be able to run for long. But the system and mystery I get now can tell me to run for long, and it is not really using so much strength now. In the past, I only speak 30 minutes and it is so difficult. If more, my voice no more. However, now, even for 5-6 hours, also can. Last mission trip in China when I began speaking from morning till evening, for 5-6 hours, with one hour in the middle for rest, my voice became so macho and bright. If we must run long, and we have the HS mystery, when we talk, even if it is for 10 hours, the voice will become loud and macho, with low voice.

-> We must really learn this. I feel that the demon attacks us so greatly, and we must learn how to drive demons away. The Lord’s prayer is so important. What is His blinding, deceit, attack like? How can I drive demons and feel hope tomorrow? When I continued to pray like this, I received the Lord’s prayer. When amidst prayers, though I cannot see, He is with me I can see, as my Father, may all my wife, children, brethren who are the men whom I love and meet all come to fear Your Name as Holy.. The ghost has left! When we rely HS, drive demons, kingdom descends! May Your will be done in my bed, table, storeroom, living room, as You have fixed and predestined. One by one, it is so clear. Our Lord is really so powerful. So essential message, yet to the core, He is really Our Lord. Really thank the Lord! He is the stragetist, all powerful Father!

-> Therefore, prayer mystery must be learnt for lifetime.

6) When gathered together with people of faith (parts of the Body), praising and sharing God’s word, pray and testify, the Holy Spirit will especially work

-> Seven times HS work. When we lit the candles in the home and brethren, all our life will go into the fire, 700 times! When I reach the meeting place, it seems that all my illnesses all left. It seems that all my allergies disappeared. When the meeting comes, my body is hot and on fire. The HS mystery that I see, I wish so much to explain all out, yet there is no one time that I can speak it out. It is not that I am exaggerated, but no matter how much I exaggerate, there is no way to express this mystery.

7) After discovering the evidence of God’s presence in our daily living and walk with God, we will receive the filling of the Holy Spirit

-> The evidences are the most important. “Oh this is the Lord’s love, Oh God is with me” When we counsel, evangelize and teach people, we must emphasize more that God loves him. But not for the sake of doing, to hypocritically do so. But when you really pray for him, you do so. When people call me, I definitely tell him, “God really loves you, I admire you.” Previously the person who have loads of problem now have no more problems after putting down phone. “Praise the Lord, may the Lord bless you even more” to me just before putting down to phone.

8) When one has assurance in testifying God, evangelizing, teaching disciples, he will receive the filling of the Holy Spirit

-> having assurance is most important. He has experienced it himself is most important. Then you will receive the HS filling, in all times and places. Act 1:8 when the Hs comes upon you, you will be testimonies of Mine in your family, office, till the ends of the world.

4. What will happen when filled with the Holy Spirit?

-> We must understand this in the spiritual aspect point of view.

1) Angels and the heavenly troops are mobilized, forces of darkness (things of devil, evil, disbelief and doubts) are bounded <Mt 4:1-11>

-> We experienced this often, right? Sometimes, when we look on God, where is my Help come from, my Help comes from that Who created the Heavens and earth, who created my life – when we remembered this, there is a change in atmosphere in our hearts. Then all gifts and rewards come from above will bring. This is practically what we will experience. Our Lord Jesus Christ is tempted, yet angels continue to help him to serve him. Who brought Jesus to the desert? HS brought Him there. Many sufferings that we meet are what the HS led us to, so that we can experience. Therefore, when we rely on HS, we will immediately see the angels’ help. Very practical things. When we speak of angels, we must not use abstract or mystical, but all the more, try to be as much practicalize and realisticalize in explaining angels.

2) God’s words and plan get fulfilled, God’s kingdom is established. <Mt 12:28; Ac 2:14-37>

-> In my home, bf is worries-filled, now is HS filled. Our church is bf with some people noisy, yet when we sing hymns, HS kingdom descends, and we can see very easily.

3) In whatever problems and sufferings, God’s great power and authority still manifests in our hearts and minds, speeches and judgments (Ac 4:31; 7:55)

-> This is what Joseph Paul saw. Daniel saw when he resoluted to lifetime must live by prayer, 3 times prayer. Tf, when in sufferings, thrown with lions and people brought false charges against him, he received even more blessings. Not only then, but even now also.

-> Therefore, when people persecute us, and we do not count against them but be HS filled, charcoals burning will be on their heads. Our motive is of course, not to place burning coals on their heads, but our heart wants to love and mercy them, use good to repay evil,.. If we pray and give for a person who is truly loved already, what will come back is not that great because he or she is already dearly loved, therefore, the things that are appropriately belonging to her shall come to her already. To you who is good, blessed, and lovable, etc, what you receive is very little for what you gave. Therefore, we must bless those people who does not deserve, so that the blessings will return to us! This is really a wise person. I even thought until this degree! When I see a person having a state that is not that good, and I bless, I know that God will not bless, so that this blessing will return back to me one. Haa.

4) The illnesses on the soul, flesh and living receive healing. <Ac 3:1-10>

-> We must really. I always give you challenge. I am a living example. Be HS filled for one month, then all flesh receive healing. But for one month, you thanks and Hs filled in the morning and afternoon, and all that you eat are foods of thanksgiving – such a person (of course, God will place discipline if we do not submit, not HS filled times, or thorn in flesh for grace), yet once if he knelt down in prayer for HS filling, all things disappeared! Through that event, you will receive even more! Some people say, “I wish too, but my illnesses really cannot be healed, how?” There are surely cases of thorn in the flesh. But, if you give thanks for the thorn in the flesh, and be HS filled! What I mean is not to be in suffering for the things you think you are not healed with.

5) Doubled gifts of the Holy Spirit will come upon the Holy Spirit-filled person <Ac 2:18>

-> This double will continue, daily anointing, cup overflows. When problems come, 7 times answers and blessings come to us. 700 testimonies descend on us. This is what I see often. This is our days! What have we to fear?

6) The blessing of meetings (honored people, place, event and information) continually come <Ac 2:5-13>

-> All men like him.

7) The mystery of Christ and the gospel is spread, many ministries of life, healing and disciples will continually arise <Ac 2:41-47>

-> Life ministry, healing ministry, discipleship ministry. The era’s work will arise. Really, I give you challenge to be 3 years be HS filled, Isaiah says that you will see this in your family, “All abundance from the 4 seas will come to you. All nations and kings will come to you. All seeds and tribes will come to you.” Though I have small testimony, but I really see before. I am willing to be HS filled, and such testimonies come: San Frans, Chicago, Malaysia all phoned me. East Chicago wants to come here, a Malaysia sister. Such BOM will surely be opened.

5. How to continue maintaining being Holy Spirit-filled? <Eph 5:15-21, 6:10-20>

-> There are answers in the bible. Therefore, only that we Emmanuel, and this will do. Do not use too much strength, so that we will not be able to run long. What is really the maintaining being HS filled is that we restore more normal, daily, often in our times.

1) Must grasp God’s words and Christ’s promises, not extinguishing the conviction of the Holy Spirit

-> Not to extinguish HS conviction in where? In all my life and living conditions, as illustrated below. It can be sought and be found for.

God = Word = JX


My life and living (conditions)


God’s perfect will


Your submission


Evidence, Accomplishments = Testimonies

2) Must always enjoy (learn) the mystery of fixed-time, continuous and concentration prayer

-> Fixed time prayers are for the purpose of continuous prayers. Some people asked how to do fixed time prayers. Yet very simply, it can tell you to do 24 hours prayer, for preserving focus. If you can do so for one time, then one time. But God says not enough really, so that it is written at least for 2 times, morning and night. Daniel did 2 times. For me, I do it for several times a day, for the sake of continuous prayers. Just now, I mention that prayer purpose is for walking with God in all things, therefore the method of prayer is also to for continuously be able to see the guidance of the Lord. When we do fixed-time prayers in learning to have continuous prayers, we will receive answers in how to pray inside fixed time prayers.

-> For me, I search for the focus of love of God inside fixed time prayers. If I say concretely, it is for the focus of freedom, and for focus of receiving fulfillments in prayers. When pray for focus of kingdom descend. Then one minute also can, 10 minutes also can. It is not necessary that we pray long and the length is not the concern, but the purpose is to be freed. My son has no need to talk to me a lot, but inside can live freely and peacefully will do. Not length but to receive freedom.

-> Those who can do continuous prayers well know when concentration prayer is needed, inside the path of righteousness (归道). When we walk in the correct path, and there suddenly comes out things that need my special attention, for example, my son’s birthday, I pray for 7-8 hours a day. Of course, I love what the Lord gave me as inheritance. Tf, after prayers, I sort it out, and print, and get with gifts, and send it to him. For me, if I go to China for missions, I will surely concentrate pray. Near end of month, I will concentrate pray. I know the Lord loves my concentration prayer. This year depends on my one month of concentration prayer I did last month of last year. For you who are to go into pasturing or being elder, you must learn concentration prayer. If you learn this, your steps will be in very peaceful.

3) Discover the blessed schedule every day and at all times. In all things and in daily living, enjoy walking with God

-> Daily discover blessed schedule to discover role in my living fields. In my home, I am role of husband to my wife. She has taught me for 30 over years, therefore, I know what I ought to do to her. Today, how should I be with my children – when to be with them, encourage, discipline, teach, I must receive. How must I be with brothers and sisters? When you think about living fields + roles, you will be able to acquire the perfect will of God. This is received more and more when we walk more and more with God daily.

4) Often have life communion with people of faith, also proactively participate in testifying and serving Christ

-> When we commune like this, we will know more and more about the great and unsearchable things, and will know what is the timetable of the people around us more, and what will I do with brothers and sisters next time. We must really pray for China, Malaysia, Singapore, SEA, Taiwan brothers and sisters. Our 2 short-term missionary people are there, and we must pray. We cannot deceive HS and the demon. Therefore you must seek for the best. This is my last lesson till next Teachers’ training. I challenge you to find a sheep to teach. Then you will quickly discover. I know you have limited time, have small groups also, but I challenge you to pray for this. I have 4 times speaking, and write a lot of things, and I know how the gifts come to me. I hope that you can lead 3 groups in a week yourself! This church die liao, 2-3-4-5-7 times meeting. Now, pastor tells me to go for 3 times teaching. Fix a time to go through, even with spouse or with children. 36 lessons, go through again. Do this still ok. If you have no target, then also confirm between spouses. Then you will quickly discover that home will be quickly blessed. This is the most important prayer topic I have for you at this last lesson in this semester of Teacher’s training.

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