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Teacher 3: Gospel Lesson 3 – The Assurance of God’s Children

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1) Self must be blessed else can’t lead

2) Grab message Main points 60-70% time, then Intro, Scripture Reading choosing, Examples, Testimonies, Who are coming – messages, then pray. Play the message in and out. 2-3 times alternate 36 lessons will be better. Long/short can share.

-> Must whole week prepare then can grasp. Area where there is no peace for speakers.

3) Heart attitude = not me but God’s word – Bless prophet authority, Benediction priest authority pray sentence-by-sentence -> God will accomplish

-> Not to preach, but to love.

4) Rely Spirit, peace, joy when reach the place, easy to fall as prepared more for more important meetings, must align quickly. Expect normal greatest distractions for align e.g. latecomers, noise from outside, noise from children, accidents happen.

5) Center on main characters (blessed people) 30% are blur, 10% don’t know, some blessed but that day strange, but all to take care, just take care bless those wanting to listen, easily fall, expect all kinds of expressions

6) Avoid questions simple answers to pass, but front 5min probably later all answered so wise “message probably have, after message, pls ask more”. Avoid debates bible forbid, msg that brings debates speakers must introspect, if professor in midst tell don’t know as Christ living in me I only hear follow but all Ab/Is I find is just this

7) Proclaim = already accomplished, debates to even stop <-> Persuade


without cross, HS won’t work.

God ____ Me

God is with us now. All problems = cannot see, problem = accused, not true things but evil spirits deceive that many hundreds I drive (you no good, etc).

God _ _ Me

Many problems. But Problem are for you to come before to God, a kind of momentum or channel. It is for you to have hunger to come right now to God. You discover J=X lets you solve all problems, not solve sins do deedd but

Problem -> solve See God, Love God, Follow God -> naturally sanctify and fruits

Those who grab J=X mystery, = I am a blessed person, blessedly loved. Because heard those who never heard, believed and heart changed.

Tf, God has great promise, blessings prepared for me. I must seek these out. All these are in my conditions = lifetime christian living.

Then we will bear many life, manage all, subdue all power

=> 3 minutes before gospel message, not really need charts even. Many times my intro.

Lesson 3

Satan greatest attack is causing “cannot get assurance of salvation”

More knowledge theology -> salvation will be lost.

His (Christ) story Ab,Js->Eu->America. Those who can enjoy heavenly, do not need to worry on tomorrow, all experiences become answers useful to all. But am I really Ab, Israel? Bible says “believe”, but not enough.

I then discover this assurance of salvation is so important. With it, then all becomes alive, events become my power strength.

1.-4. join up.

1) Many christians no assurance of salvation -> faith shakened easily.

2) Because their AOS not on God’s fullness, but on men’s conditions.

3) I am evidence on AOS, therefore all changed.

4) We must see the evidence ourselves

-> Tf, today, we must confirm (test and approve centered to lead)

1. start with testimony also can Who am I? = God’s child -> Know God, all things meet, all my times all changed.

But why cannot get AOS?

1) Like religion, Christianity is own chosing. If know “Only Problem” dead, won’t think “choose”.

2) by own changes (prob->testimony) to get evidences. But if problems come again, no more such experiences, then how AOS, can you say you are beloved again?

3) by own faith. If read bible, serving, mood good -> more assured? Faith is bestowed by God; faith=understand.

4) by theology. salvation will be lost by having no more faith. Testimony: totally become flesh no channel to faith at all, yet God initiated discipline, lost sheep God will surely find again. Best is hunger (because empty life or meet living christians, not serious discipline.)

5) tf, any own “man”‘s conditions shake, AOS shakened. Foundation on man’s condition; man’s can change, relative, strong situation better, bad situation worse.

2. AOS from? God gave birth to me (God-driven)

1) evidences of how God bears me to seek to confirm with them.

If God does not bear me, how to hear/see God? know He loves us? get out from Satan power (Only problem)

Tf purely God’s work. Past don’t know but now know. Hunger here means born. Now born.

2) Chosen. Already chosen. not satan’s child become God’s child. Israel in Egypt not Gentiles. 8 Gentiles. Seek evidences to confirm with him.

4) here first God prepared road of salvation Ro5:8

3) Flesh birth is God’s work. Paul Ac17: all are God’s work. I only do not know Him then.

5) Only when time comes, God sent gospel messengers to let us hear

6) God’s Spirit hunger vs sleep understand vs don’t understand accept invite pls share more vs reject

7) HS seal when repent and accept (not really come in to live ‘cos when hear already come in, but invitation prayer “come in”)

8) Unconditional even if you go astray, He will lead you back to let them get ultimate AOS

already discovered, not believed, then become COG but

3. Originally, who am I?

1) New creation Message is God. When I understand, I already become new creation. All creation in flesh, but God with them, yet they do not know. Bf hear gospel, don’t know/fear. Af hear, He loves, even more weak He cares more. New creation!

Remember: Procedure->Join->Confirm->Alternate->Perspective

Tf, without L1, L2, can’t L3. Most say all religions same, point to same sun/moon, only Allah/God/Buddha. Chaotic because only problem not said. Other than God’s work, can’t. Past clay, now new creation.

2) Totally changed identity tf all your (relationships with) bro/parents changed. Means the meaning btw them n you changed. Tf must engrave, one day when become your nature, fulfill. Need few years. Whole life used by God.

3) Belonging changed. Tf must run towards kingdom, must center on brethren to live, because belonging. Must be with comrades soldiers on same side fighting. Past slave exile, but after belief, must battle, no choice.

4) Guider changed. Tf method must change. Must ask Lord, rely King, rely already victorious perspective to “think”/decide.

5) Tf life living law changed. Method must change. But will I go into again hell? But hell/judgment is not connected/related to you so don’t think “how”, but life how more sanctified, how more fruits to bear. Because not under law sin but under grace.

6) Fate changed. JX fate is my fate. Ab fate is my fate. So are you joyful? Extra joyful?? Confirm with him. Even 70-80 joyful like children together hear. Not to learn about more principles, but how to get more power to be able to do -> love of God -> power. Else counsel, more quarrel. You do not have power to love your ugly half, but you know wrongly, that ugly duckling is God’s child, going to be used by God in future, will help you, use well. Message to come out from cross, not man’s big words, tell God to work.

7) Inheritance changed. Gather kingdom citizens. Where? In your home. Because when you blessed, whole family, ‘cos same kind, born same. Tf your children born is Is/Jc/Js. Build kingdom, glorify God is pressurizing, but God wants to save your children, concerned about them. They are this era’s Isaac.

4. Evidences

If 1,2,3 cleared, already much evidences, not only the evidences listed here, so don’t be bounded “must have 6 evidences here”. Message must talk about joining.

1) When Word comes in, AOS acquired, tf new creation all changed, hope inheritance power comes upon me -> will surely seek. Satan daily attack me -> will not “ok”. Truth -> believe/accept -> sure have response/evidences. Romans righteous by faith, James made righteous by living faith. Won’t hate God, but really?-will like and come

1) Oh all God is with you, with your problems now, won’t have people hate God but naturally will love, hope, joy = 9 fruits.

2) Oh God’s words have all these sayings? All accomplished? So hunger.

3) Who is God? God=word. How to converse? Will seek after God -> converse. past don’t love read bible now love. past learn bible study knowledge won’t seek God, but more seek like converse God.

4) Relationships and interest changed. Naturally, more and more. Past I have all interests: technical, even music start from classical, night memorize whole life will fame. Later discovered no use, will boast self knowledge, is more suffering. If weaknesses/ignorance more boast, if not rely HS, only talk JX/Word/HS. Some christians gather just for health knowledge/investments/etc but don’t just reject as some start from love. God’s calculation is not men’s – health, money, business. Not abt men’s high knowledge. One hair is counted by God. ( 5) interest on brethren )

6) Like to testify ‘cos tell people to be surprised and shocked, joyful.

Scripture Reading:

Eph 1:4-23

Eph 2:1-10 cornerstone of JX Ab is mine, not necessarily 1Jn5:12-13

Ro 10:13-15 call will be saved, sent-hear-believe-call. God joins with us.

Jn 1:12-13 (1:1-18) When I accept (those who cannot see) Word, become COG, not by flesh but God.

Ge 12:1-3 Leave home to promise land, because you are source of all blessings, your children and descendants numerous influence region, and I will be with you even till ends of world.

Ex 3 God’s people He won’t forget. Live with Egyptians but different.

Ex 12 Passover blood. All 10 miracles, religion boast power, but cannot. Egyptian magicians use sun moon river gods, only hit them here. But blood, look same but Angel of Lord passed over. Salvation started from victory.

-> Main points to speak, hours or short to speak


1) Become children not by faith, but same DNA, even 30-40 years separated. 8 beatitudes God’s life, like peace-loving, for kingdom no fear persecutions – such DNA.

Touch person = God initiate, 8 beatitudes, speak hear gospel, time comes, word comes, HS convicts.

Hold hand = from start till end, all God initiated.

He/she also hold My hand = acceptance prayer.

Let go of me = when weak, influenced by environment temptations, leave, but I still hung on to her, lifetime, eternally. At this point, she wants to just go separate ways, but very suffering = flesh don’t accomplish spiritual, spiritual don’t accomplish flesh

But cannot remain like this. God will

Pinch her = many times pinch, discipline.

But when hold on both again = walk together, in home, at work.

2) Emperor Puyi

Commoner suddenly. All appearance, doings not same, night steal kitchen.

But more like king, even when poor, give food to young slaves besides.

We too, beggar perspective, Spirit comes in, you are Honored priest, Holy Temple, talk big, but as time goes, more like, sanctification, evidences follow.

3) .. Seek your own.


1) I can enjoy God’s abundance not when I go church or work hard at Bible Study, but the covenant in bible, I seek. From then on, I can enjoy heavenly, earthly blessings, eternal hope. Easily testify, use own appearance. Fastest HS conviction this way.

2) Beginning not like saint, not like deacon, not like missionary, but called by God, really become more and more like. Blur, don’t know ceremony. But God rewards. Now not like one, but slowly. That power, glory, blessings, evidences will follow.

Usage to be correct

Seek DNA evidences of God on them. Those who come to God have problems. Through the problems, you find God. Your first motive not God but that problem tells you to know the full God. Give authority and hope to him.

Only that you restore the honorable and pure identity in God, your problems will disappear, and all problems hurts health interpersonal will all forget, think also cannot remember. Past weak states all cannot think. When think of self, honored person.

Not only all problems solved, will see more evidences.


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