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Teacher 3: Gospel Lesson 4 – New Living

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New life must do New Living. Born again is not deciding to come to church, acceptance prayer, baptism, serving God things. The greatest evidence that is brought by “Born again” is that you want to follow God. To follow God, you must know what God is doing. Tf must live in New Living principle then can know what God is doing.


1) No matter how your christian living is great, if you cannot see, converse, walk with God, it is a Empty/Fake belief = Religion, Christianity

2) What is fake? Not Meeting God seriously wonderful, Conversing, Walking with God = True without this, repentance is like Islamic’s

3) What to do to restore? Restore Promise

(1) Purpose: RSYRJG, 4G (Individual perfect like JX enjoy message authority freedom beautiful, bless family to be like me descendants loved, regional friends church, world gospelization. Your name is already sealed at the book of life or plaque. In the promise there is 4G.

Ab source of all blessings individual, child of promise to bless thousand generations, wife and self Father Mother of all nations all identity belonging direction changed family gospelization, all the places you stayed on to be given to you and your descendants regional gospelization, Father of fatih – what Ab believes is what we believes.

(2) Method: Emmanuel. Tf must rely on God.

4) Then will and for knowing What is God doing in me? HS mystery Actually God’s Spirit can be seen in my spirit. Some only continue to learn spiritual knowledge of the bible, tf they do not know how Spirit convict, give power, anoint, guide, all my network contacts joined together. But through my spirit, I can see His expression, smell His fragrance, acquire His conviction, speak judge know it’s His plan so I speak judge with authority, know the place I am at is very important place, tf Kingdom descends.

=> Our message must have procedure like the above, joined, confirmed, alternate with testimonies, examples, events.


1) Many christians misunderstand christian living, tf unconsciencely go into religious living Empty/Fake belief = Religion, Christianity

(1) Know a lot, but fail in conversing = empty/fake

(2) Special time/place, but cannot enjoy always 24 hrs even in toilet. If do not know this, this is called empty/fake

(3) Prayer content mostly on repentance or self-needs = prosperity belief

(4) Misunderstand godliness or doing good is the end/purpose of christian living = legalism emptiness/fake

(5) Because do not understand the word of God, tf not on the truths of promises, but on mysticism

(6) Only zealous or work hard on doing for God, yet do not know what God has done on me, tf ministry very humanistic

tf, 4 big empty/fake christian living

(3) prosperity – God must become the only purpose, then will see God’s blessings in all things

(4) legalism – must start founded firmly on love relationship, eternally on grace

(5) mysticism – tells one to be abstract, cannot be or must go into normal, daily, always

(6) humanism – cannot be man-driven, but to rely on God’s guidance/leading

2) What is true then? Knowing the mystery of Meeting God, Conversing, Walking with God. This true christian living tells one to have the process of practically meeting God, conversing, walking with Him

(1) Start from God’s word and Holy Spirit. God’s word = Word/HS. Must confirm: Did God’s word already come in, so that we understand and believe? Tf, must by <Jn 4:24> Spirit and Truth to meet God. Not by dreams or visions to meet Him. That is not God because God is Almighty, filling all universe, tf He must reveal Himself as Word+HS.

(2) Must know and believe Jehovah Jireh preparing all heaven, earth, eternal blessings. Already prepared! Tf christian living is a process of seeking/finding, and enjoying God’s prepared (heavenly, earthly)

(3) Promise: when believe promise, can start conversing in love with God. Promise must be confirmed. When confirmed, conversation is started up immediately, HS workings will be able to see..

(4) Through conversing/fulfillments, gradually increase in faith hope love -> must experience “changes bf aft prayers”, then such person will love prayers, else prayers become hardwork. (to talk more abt this in Lesson 5).

(5) Thru more knowing/experiencing of Word+HS, tf sanctification intent/plan/method: evidences of sanctification = increasingly see/hear/follow clearer

(6) Gradually in 24 hrs, 7 fields, all things, always – see the guidance of HS. HS guides by His pure good perfect will that reveals to me to tell me to follow.

(7) Inner fruits will come

(8) Outer fruits – Family blessed, regional, disciples inroads. Look at us, all have evidences. But some fast some slow: some walk roundabout, take leave, open/close class, out/in home. yet some continue to climb and climb evidences.

3) Then How? What to do? What to do to restore? Restore Promise

= Format = Build Temple if no tabernacle means idols, follow pillars God’s glory full

(1) Purpose: RSYRJG, 4G: individual,family gospelization, regional gospelization

(2) Method: Emmanuel. Tf must rely on God.

4) What is God doing in me? HS mystery Actually God’s Spirit can be seen in my spirit – seal -> Spirit convict, give power, anoint, guide, all my network contacts joined together. But through my spirit, I can see His expression, smell His fragrance, acquire His conviction, speak judge know it’s His plan so I speak judge with authority, know the place I am at is very important place, tf Kingdom descends.

-> Fixed Perspective Ab told household circumcision to engrave on hearts, Dt (past,laws,prophecy to command them to have fix perspective) new generation: all day think, do not leave your mouths. NT = always, continuing, persevering (the same words).

Scripture Readings

Jn 15:1-9 I am vine tree, you are branches, if you leave Me you cannot do anything. If anyone is in Me, My word in him, all answered. This is exactly christianity.

Ro 7:6 No more by old letter but but new way of Spirit, the method to do so is Ro 8: tell them to go home read, or give outline, HS chapter, how HS use inexpressible words to help us, tell us to get not a spirit of slave/orphan/beggar but Spirit of child, tf call to Abba Father, tf heirs of God universe created for us, Spirit testifies with us, Spirit gives love, no one can ever obstruct. Tf when praying, all these words come to light, driving all accusations.

Ro 12:1-12 Conclusion of knowing gospel. Must 24 hrs sacrifice, method = test and approve will of God to follow.

(Ro 9-11 is abt God’s work of choosing us in Lesson 3)

After chapter 12, to restore perfect will in all family, mission field, 7 fields..

Eph 5:15-21 Do not be muddle-headed, but be wise, love time, seek perfect will of God, do not drunk of wine/world, but must in living likeness of praising singing God

Eph 6:10-18 Cannot but pray, cannot but wear armour fully-equipped to be bold courageous to pray

Ac 2:36-47 Born again: cut to hearts by HS, repent and turn to, d&b&r with Christ, get new created life, get promised HS, eternal promise. This type of saints daily break bread, together praising (evangelism).

Gen 5 min can finish reading: Ab lifetime – 12:1-3 make altar for God who showed Himself to him, he called upon Name of Jehovah; chap 13 finance test after famine make altar again. 13:14 Mamre tree altar again. Center on altar to live, tf even angels continue to show to him.

Ex 40:34-38 Building temple = promise. HS = God with them walking. When camp, pillar raised, must center on tabernacle to live.

Read “as instructed by God”, tf build temple, that place gathered God who loves, serving God, HS fill them.

=> No need all read one-by-one, but when teach, after explaining/narrating, the most important messages to reaad – tell him.

Dt 9:15-23 Is in wilderness, new life new living centered. Dt 9 same with Ac 2:36-47, all the above is the same.


(1) Young man onto America (dream), got ship ticket yet did not know it includes eating/sleeping. Tf, all eat, he never eat, because no money. Till endure 15 days reach America can eat anything. Yet storm happened will delay 2 weeks. Bochap now, eat first then think how. Then tell waiter no money, will go America sure return. Cashier think so strange, asks, you first time eat? Reply, yes, so what? How much??! Actually all eat/live included in your ticket. If no storm (discipline), his lifetime of believing Christ continually cannot get the portion of blessings.

(2) Bible characters, e.g. Ab (can intermix scripture and bible characters on other scripture references so as not to repeat but give whole better picture) – a lot of problems.

(3) Own testimonies, before I seek test and approve, my church serving living all wasted to nothing, lose strength, even persecute church. One day God tells me all given me, I do not believe first, but seek. All gifts equpped rewards from heaven continually descend on me. Then when pp hear (those who also seeking for true God to meet follow attain), they will see it is not just words. then how to search? Use points 3 and 4 to seek and search. Actually temple = 20 basic messages, but now talk gospel vs religion, tell pp not to go into religion, but to go into gospel centered living.

All these blessings not to be found outside, God is not to be meet externally, admiring Abraham. No. But Moses/David’s God is in your conditions to find. All blessings is in you. Even when you have not meet Him yet, there is evidences God is seeking for you, to want to use you at a very important area. See how he believe Christ will know how God will use him. Tf, talk prophecy, and God really accomplished.


(1) Must help hearers to confirm. Use absolute Promise to help them get Perspective on their real problems of reality. Here, help them a while to get success.

(2) Then have them continue and preserveperspective to see reality

(3) At the end of preservation is that you must learn prayers

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