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Teacher 3: Gospel Lesson 5 – Conversing with God

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1) All of Saints’ failures = prayer failures

2) To be prayer successful, the first thing to restore (Truth) -> then pray

3) Before and after prayers (must see transformation = receive answers to prayers)

Tf religious prayers must wait and wait till answers come. But our prayers, even in midst, will see heaven open, gifts and rewards from heaven coming down, hope, comfort, conviction, authority, power all comes! Tf bf after prayers a person is totally changed to another. Tf in the midst of prayers, must restore, not to wait to get restoration or answers. In the midst of prayers must restore seeing Abba Father, restore Lord, restore His promise, restore His authority and victory, restore His answer, restore HS. Religious prayers (including other religions) pray until dry, being accused and it is a suffering to pray. JX fasted and prayed in the wilderness had the same common temptations as us right now in our current situations. If not with the help of the HS helping us, angels surrounding us as needed timely, prayers sure cannot be successful.

4) Purpose of prayers is Anytime. Because God is working always, tf to see Him always. How to Preserve the anytime is tf we must learn how to.


1. Many believers do much earnest Christian living, but only prayers fail

1) Their prayers cannot match the eternal blessings given by God

= prosperity prayers. Prayers must first seek His kingdom and His righteousness

Some seek first for His kingdom, but not connected to his field, but separated – with this, after prayers have passed some time, you will meet with serious problems. The things that happen in my heart spirit is what is needed by God, tf spiritual overcoming testimony needed, my family happenings needed by all. Ask for 4G, yet heart motive thinking God will bless myself/family.

2) Cannot in love, freedom foundation to converse with God

= legalism prayers. Must first restore Father-Son relationship. With this, no need to pray a lot of things. No orphan requests, as God knows, tf “Sorry, I pray wrongly already.” Many people say they want to learn prayers, but the way to learn is to come to meetings to learn, to grasp the lessons. Do not pray like the ones like Gentiles because you are not Gentiles. God already knows when you pray. All orphan prayer requests not to pray anymore! Because not matched with my chosen glorious identity. Learning prayer is one-by-one removing all these unmatched contents. If no practical prayers, no practical change. Those in church only pray by words leading in church, no timetable, no God’s conditions, no God’s plan, yet only for 4G vision, NO! But what must be revived are the prayers in your heart.

3) Have bible and theological knowledge yet no affections in prayers. Because never hear, see, conversational prayers

= knowledge prayers. Some prayer content have all knowledge (even 36l), yet no prayer style and breathing. Prayers to be sentence-by-sentence, simple, yet to rely on HS, all to use all burnt, peace, thanksgiving sacrifices/offerings to hand over to God. Those of upright nature, slow. Even for speaking, slow, easier to let others understand your preaching. Do not learn how to concentration prayers in other places, but towards only One target. Practice and train in this area.

4) Do not build on foundation of Word and HS, yet go into mystical forms of prayers. God is Spirit and invisible. He is not flesh. Do not use the flesh or 5 senses to experience Him:

= mystical prayers

Prayers to get increasingly Normal, daily, always, practical

5) Not at special times or places to so with “godly” likeness, but anytime, any place.

6) Not long-time, zealous attitudes or how outside appearances to pray, but heart to be connected to the Heart of God to pray. God has affections, has logic/rationale and has faith/will. Our hearts join with God’s. Our rationale joins with God’s rationale. Our spirits join with God. Our emotions join together with God’s affections. With this, walking, climbing, lying down, in the toilet, all can pray. Most important is the change in the heart. Tf, prayer = knowing. Prayer meeting is where we speak one pass on what is happening on brethren. When we know, we test and approve His pure and perfect will, then when we think of the thing or brethren, the HS convictions come. Then we can preserve our hearts with the HS convictions.

7) Worst prayer is not praying. Why? Because do not know how to pray. If know belonging, cannot but pray. Never pray will come to serious circumstances, discipline will come. God’s people and worldly people the same investments, worldly people succeed, but God’s people will not be successful but meet with discipline. Secular people who do not attend church may prosper, but God’s people will meet with accidents, meet with discipline.

=> Saints cannot but must pray

2. Prayer success mystery is in matching everything with God’s given promise

1) The things that happen during prayers – must open spiritual eyes to see the spiritual mysteries first. Must believe to pray. Must even “imaginize” to pray. Angels come when I pray, taking away Satan, my heart state change. Rev 8, Da 6:10 Greatly loved Daniel!

2) Father-son must restore. Those not of, to throw away.

3) Prayers on promise. Promise perspective = prayers to be done after building temple.

Some pray zealously, but before he zealously prays, he must hear God’s voice first. ‘cos when hear his prayers, there is no promise and no foundation of God inside. If no promise in the prayers, will be more sorrowful and more sufferings. Very important is to hear the promise first.

4) To first rid of accusations, freedom, and holy to be healed first. This direction. Prayer surely gives us freedom. You must know the truth, and when you know, you will be set free. When free, do not be enslaved by the slaved spirit. Will get the fulfillments during prayers.

5) Content and direction of prayers must be clear = match the purpose of 4G clearly.

6) Practically heart to heart Person to Person converse. Hear and pray = converse. Then clear to hear. Not like shamans. But the prayers of the child is honorable, glorious, joyful, hopeful. Sentence by sentence clear, those who hear the prayers will understand what is prayed.

7) In prayers, discover the plan in living. Prayers will bring living, living will bring lively prayer topics. This then is correct.

8) Before prayers the problem, if you have not received the answer from JX, do not end. Any (living) problems must be solved in prayers. At least – I do not understand, but I know in Your Name it is solved. Then go ask pastor or elders. Some many prayers not answered even many years ago. Once remembered on the person, sad, sorrowful. If tear always, it is wrong. This is what is received in the 10 healing messages. There is absolute answers! Some cannot control heart block, spouse, children, finance problems, if you get absolute answers, you will be freed, and this freedom you can pass to others and become good counselors.

9) After prayers, must accord to God’s heart and mind to explain the fulfillments. The biggest difference of gospel and religious prayers is that religious prayers have no answers. Prayers must have answers one.

10) In prayers, must intention to keep heart and mind in prayers preserved, keeping conversed with God. Center to learn on preserving the heart and mind to learn prayers.

3. After prayers, knowing how God respond, you can then see fulfillments in prayers

In the midst of prayers, joyful, getting rewards and gifts from heaven. Can last 30 minutes prayer for saints is very few. In the past, I am like that. Now, not only 1 day, even 365 days, tell me to enjoy, I am willing. At home, bless family words, no words of waste. After building tabernacle, God’s glory above on me, so that I continue to keep. Sometimes sudden come, yet just preserve hearts will be alright.

1) His method to reply

2) by promise

3) by timetable

4) “No” prayers, giving even better ones

5) Gradually experience, will know fulfillments better

6) After fulfillments, more important is God’s next step and leading

4. If below 3 prayers successful, will successful in all things

1) Continuous prayers is the purpose. 24hrs, all things = prayer purpose. Because God is working always mightily. However, preserving this (=circumcision) is very difficult, but if success, everything is successful upon successful.

2) How to preserve? -> fixed time prayers like Daniel. Tf morning, noon, night. Through this, our hearts will not be deceived by Satan, but will be preserved. Then can converse with God. At least 3 times.

3) How to maintain fixed time prayers, and quickly in prayers acquire fulfillments in the midst of scheduled prayers? He will know when to do concentration prayers. Reason is for continuous prayers. Sometimes attacks/fears/worries are great, or important things ahead, or a big turning point to come, or important person to meet, or brethren to intercede for in their special circumstances.

=> When continuous prayers is restored, this is called gospel. Religion does not tell one to go into 24 hrs. More normal, daily, always converse with God.

Do not use too much strength, but appropriate strength. When boxing or in war, the strength to use as compared to using strength to wipe tears is different. Some use too much strength, tf after 15min prayers, lost all strength. Some kneel down, yet knee pain.

Prayers is more natural as time pass. Of course, times to have outer expressions, as this will also bring HS convictions. However, during normal times, be in the most comfortable state, as the most important is to pray preserving the hearts and minds, in His perfect will to pray. When successful, will see God’s good blessings.

Scripture Reading

Mt 6:5-15 The Lord’s prayer

Jn 14:6-27 Rely on HS to pray mystery, must see He in me, I in God, He instructs me in everything, I give you peace not of world, but absolute peace

Eph 5:15-21 Do not muddle-headed prayers, not of orphan, but be wise, know time, know perfect will, see and praise God.

Php 4:4-7 Rejoice, Thanksgiving, then God’s given transcending peace will overcome, then you in JX blood, accomplishments, teaching, promise, Name, authority can be preserved of your hearts and minds. Paul said he learnt the secret to be content in all things.

Gen 35:9-15 Blessed loved people God will not let go. Before coming to Bethel, problems keep coming to him. Bethel = God’s temple -> change name to Israel, struggled and won against God.

Ex 32:1-4 No tabernacle prayer is worshipping idols

See people, see conditions, see the happenings in that province to choose the scriptures to read.


Abraham 25 years experience. Isaac 15 years prayers. Israel corrupt restored by Hannah. All lost but Israel restored just because of Naomi’s one person’s prayers. David’s prayer to revive kingdom. Return to Bethel! All household, fate all change. Use bible to tell. Message cannot finish speaking. Promise and history, how can not evangelise? Many do not know this system so do not know how to become alive. This is an era of messages. What really blesses your children is how you bless the world. All prosperity in the world will come. Look at me at 70 years. See how I use the finance to go around then. Do not continue to see how to go work and out work. Shunnamite woman is true. Priscilla and Aquilla is true. Use money generously! If not enough, just use less. Do not worry in children finance, round and round. But the promise is given.

Use also your won testimonies.

Especially prayers – I am COG, I want to match this to pray, then my prayers more and more organized. Then prayers no more nagging but cut to the point, short, contentful. Armour of God, rely Him, drive big small demons.

Pronounce and proclaim. No need for debates. Any more. I do not know, but I only know He prepared utmost blessings for me, I want to seek and follow. Till now, what happened…..


Is he praying by the COG prayers?

Get freedom, holy? If checked, then can check others. Use truth words in love to tell him.

See whether his prayers are formatted.

See whether his life is guided by God. Check and diagnose then see.

During prayers got change? JX holds authority, and I will be with you till ends of earth.

Can preserve system in him?

Practically format and walk with God is 20 lessons.

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