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Teacher 4: Basic Message 1 – Born Again and Transformation

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Cross Message (31:05)


5 Lessons

1) Problems: all problems are not seeing God, lose perfect will, lose assurance that what I do is all God’s perfect will

2) Answer: Problems one, tf there is also only one answer. God has all the answers. Answer = Emmanuel, restore perfect will, authority & power, plan & timetable

3) Assurance (God-driven): blessed assurance of loved. Not from my conditions, but God-driven

4) New Living (Believe and follow): In the past, there is no Lord, now there is.

5) Prayer: must test approve, must see, tf must pray

20 Lessons (33:07)


Meet God (1-10) = very purpose of compiling 20 Lessons

= Build Altar, Build Tabernacle, Build Temple (Abraham altar, Moses/Israel tabernacle, David’s Tent, and that inside JX)

After Format -> Application is then possible


Converse (11-15)


Walk with God (16-20)

Lesson 1 (35:00)

Born again and Transformation

Before format, the most important notion is that today, no matter what conditions/situations/likeness, our Christian living (all our living) must discover God’s work, restore God’s work, and then follow God. Many saints thought that they decided in their heart to believe JX, baptize, choose church, and then serve God. Many thoughts still start from themselves. Therefore, it is very powerless and with no fruits. Man’s principle of creation is that once he sees that God is working (in him), he will rejoice and be joyful. Even discipline, if it is from God, he will be joyful. Testimony comes from how God works, not how I do this at this time and that.

Born again is how I heard God’s word, convicted me, and this Word came in, and in these set of conditions I have seen how He led me. In all my conditions to restore God’s perfect will to live Christian living. Not after having learnt 1 or 2 years, then can walk with God – no! But when you have met God, how He did, past, what He will do in future, so that in the present time, in your conditions and relationships, to entirely restore God’s works to start. Then it becomes living, so that he can converse with God and walk with God.


At the back of your ability to hear and believe the gospel lay awesome mysteries. These are wonderful works which are accomplished by God and it started before the creation of the world.

-> God’s works

In order to accomplish these things, the slow and lengthy human history is entirely mobilized,

-> for your sake! Therefore, Abraham/Moses/David are all mobilized for your sake. Actually from your life right now to see, Adam/Noah/Abraham/Moses/JX/apostles are all for your present life. Then when believe, will be greatly jump! When I believe like this, I do not anyhow judge myself anymore. The spring of joy flows from my chest when I understand this. It is not that we must slowly restore, but that in the present time, everything has been restored, even if it means day one of belief. God’s work today is what I must seek out.

and for that, the Son of God, Jesus Christ died on the cross and resurrected.

-> what else needs to be said? Even God’s only Son!

Indeed, what great blessings are hidden in this mystery of salvation!

-> that the Son of God did in the ministry of incarnation, suffered such a great deal of deep sufferings and died.

As one who is born again and saved, what would I enjoy thereafter? And how would I grow?

-> Abraham’s days are weak, and 75 years old of blessedly called seems a bit late. Yet when he believed, look at all the 4000 years what has been accomplished! Such a great deal! In the first lesson, this one person must look 10 years, 20 years, lifetime, his descendants – what will be accomplished! This is called born again and transformation. Great servants of God: Billy Graham, Paul, David – all started like your likeness. What you restored, and what they restored are all the same.


1) Born Again? (Meet God)

2) Transformation

3) The Future – blueprint, timetable


1. Born Again?

1. What is called “Born again”?

Abraham is very clear? God appeared to him and talked to him, and showed him a lot of wonderful things. God appeared to Moses and let him see many wonderful things in heaven. Paul also saw JX, and so do all apostles, and some even ate the bread in the 5 bread 2 fish. Therefore, is all their calling greater than us? But all our calling is actually of more grace than them! What is more important is not actually hearing the voice, but what actually made them have such a transformation is from? They are blessed because of meeting God by such ways, but we can meet God today because? Not because they saw God and we do not, to meet Him. Abraham and Moses saw with their own eyes the wonders of God, and they believed God’s word. Therefore, meeting God is not a meeting of once with God’s. It is meeting of God’s word – they believed God’s word: you are the source of all blessings, I will give you this region and land, all nations and peoples will be blessed because of you, and they heard this word. Sometimes, they kept, and some they did not keep. When they heard the word of God, what they believed is accomplished, and what Abraham believed actually is accomplished these 4000 years!!! Therefore, what is born again? Last time, there is no complete bible. Actually, what we have seen is the most complete. Paul did not continue to seek for the old one in Damascus when he was weak, but he placed the words of JX in his heart, HS moved, preserved, and thus the believed became accomplished. Therefore, born again is Meeting God.

= Meet God

1) Become alive

1) It means: the restoration of God’s word and the Holy Spirit through my life, as if changed from clay to a living being. My dead spirit in the past now revives, restoring the condition to be able to see God, hear God and converse with God <Jn 3:1-5>

-> God’s word and HS tells one to be able to see, hear, converse with God. Therefore, he has become alive! Not to want to believe that I have become alive by just this, but that “my head has become alive” the meaning, “my hand has become alive” the meaning, even your slow mind must get God’s plan, you getting a slow child must also get God’s plan to become alive.

2) Jesus Christ

2) It means: The accomplishment of things as a result of believing in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, solving my sin and all the problems sin brought about, heart believe mouth confess, willingly die and resurrect together with Christ <Ro 6:1-11, 10:10>

3) Totally Solved, Restored (Already 100% restored -> according to timetable, slowly exemplified)

3) It means: Through my death and resurrection with Christ, I am totally set free from the law of sin, death and the bondage of Satan, become God’s child, and restored the law of life and spirit <Ro 8:1-2; Jn 5:24>

-> Therefore, born again means to be totally solved of all problems! And all blessings have been restored!! It is already 100% restored, only that according to timetable, it will gradually be exemplified.

4) God’s Work -> God’s initiative -> Test and approve to follow

4) God sends the messenger of gospel, letting [children predestined by God since the creation of the world] to hear the gospel, enabling them to believe and accept, then enters their life to dwell and fulfill God’s wonderful works <Eph 1:3-14>

-> Therefore, this is God’s initiative. After belief, must we take initiative? No, else disaster! But Christian living the process of following upon discovering what is God’s initiative already in my life. Therefore, the Master appeared. Not that Master is far away appearing, and one day comes and finds me. But it is that God has always known, and even protected me, numbering all our hairs. It is only that I do not know Him. It is till I am 20 years old that through the word of God, He appeared to me. Therefore, after knowing God’s initiative, to test and approve to submit/follow. How can one just do bible study, memorize verses, do much ministries everyday and do not pray? Then, he is originally muddle-headed 🙂

5) Respond

5) After a soul who is called by God understands the love and righteousness of God, he will, because of hungering and thirsting for eternal life and holy life, repent and resolute in order to respond to the calling of God <Ac 2:38>

==> Recap

1) Become alive

Born again is becoming alive. Past cannot see God, now can see hear God.

2) Jesus Christ

Accomplished in Jesus Christ. After D&R with Him,

3) Totally Solved, Restored (Already 100% restored -> according to timetable, slowly exemplified)

Therefore, through JX, my life is totally solved and totally restored!

4) God’s Work -> God’s initiative -> Test and approve to follow

This is all of God’s initiated God’s work!

5) Respond

When I respond, this completes it!


2. Transformation

2. How do I change after “Born again”?

When you know what has been transformed, you then know how and what can be enjoyed. This is about being successful to start, and not to wait until the future’s success to start. It is already successful!

(Just for teachers: There is a very important theology: already but not yet. JX has already been victorious, but He will be totally be victorious when He comes again. We have all been resurrected with Christ, but real resurrection is when He comes again. Teachers must know balance to explain transformation. Shall we be accused and inferior to look at oneself when we are weak? Yet, shall we find it strange when we know that we are in the palace, of a prince or princess, yet now, there are nothing that looks like it? Already, but gradually to be exemplified.)

1) God’s Indwelling

1) Has possessed the mystery of [God’s Word] and the [Holy Spirit] <Eph 1:13-14>

-> God has come in to live! This is the biggest transformation! Because you have heard the word you have not heard before. Therefore, hunger hope, concerns, interests entirely changed.

After God’s word and Spirit came in, how have you changed?

2) Child

2) Forever become the child of God <Jn 1:12>,

-> How do you know that you are COG? You call upon Abba Father, and you do not feel strange. If I just find any uncle to tell him father, it is strange. Therefore, I am COG.

JX’s Body

body of Christ <Eph 1:23>

-> Why? Because His teachings I believe, ideology is inside of me, He is in me! No matter what I do, I will be reminded of JX teaching, therefore, I am His Body!

-> Another meaning is that I am willing to submit to JX my Head. Therefore, in all things, He is takes first place, He is my Head, I am His Body.

HS’s temple

, temple that Holy Spirit dwells in <1Co 3:16>

-> Evidences? Because my convictions in me is different from that in the past. In the past, I will not sit here, but probably in cinema. There’s convictions: the things I thought of, request of, He immediately instructs me.

-> The Seven Mysteries of the Holy Spirit.

God’s people (citizens)

, citizen of the heavenly kingdom <1Pe 2:9>,

-> Evidences? Because my life faces/directed towards the heavenly kingdom already.


heir of God <Gal 4:7>

-> Because see God’s blessings, and to inherit God’s inheritance, to inherit the previous saints’ works to live.

Holy Kingdom

, and holy kingdom <1Pe 2:9>

-> Because I like holiness. Of course, there are times of dirtiness, but there is discomfort. In the past, cannot discern: music, alcohol, tea/karaoke with friends. But now, like to even clean oneself of all those things.

=> Life has already totally transformed.

3) Purpose, Direction, Method

3) Human life’s purpose, direction and method has totally changed <Mt 6:33>

-> Purpose = RSYRJG = 4G.

-> Direction = towards kingdom, towards eternal <-> in the past, do not know directed where, anyhow live.

-> Method = test and approve to submit, request and acquire, rely and victorious, hand over and receive to enjoy.

Think, the living before born again and after born again has totally changed. Consider more of this here.

4) Promise

4) Has possessed God’s eternal promises (God’s presence, guidance, fulfillment, authority, inheritance) <Jn 14:18>

Very important here is to confirm. Help them. How God is with you. How God is guiding him. Promises here are the 5 Promises: presence, guidance, fulfillment, authority, inheritance. Actually important is not memorizing, but there are many many, and this could be too. But, God is with us -> really? How is He with you? How is He guiding? When I was 20 years old, 27 years old, … God brings us to this church, guiding. Last month, this month HS, to guide us. Therefore, to become alive. Especially inheritance: last time and this time is different. Tell them to confirm.

5) Two Laws

5) Because of the inner dwelling of the Holy Spirit, the heart within starts to have struggles between the flesh and the spirit, but he already possessed the mystery that is [willing to be in guidance of the Holy Spirit, and ability to triumph over any problems of the world] <Jn 16:33; Lk 10:19>

In the past, there is only 1 law. But now 2. In your heart, there becomes struggles. Confirm: you are blessed and born again person. But! There is a potential of mystery that you can be victorious over everything, but only if you are willing, you will be able to belong to HS things. There are things of the Holy Spirit and things of the flesh, but when you are willing to discern or differentiate, the things of the flesh are very obvious. Letting you be able to see. The convictions of the Holy Spirit is different with your timetable. For e.g. when you believed, that day, the Holy Spirit’s conviction to you is not the same as what you are convicted right now, to use 30 years to convict you.

6) Begin to enjoy (4G) blessings

6) Will enjoy the evidence of [God with me and walk with me,] the blessings that can save, heal and nurture the people of God <Ge 1:28; Mt 28:18-20>

=> Transformation. This is the most successful thing that could happen. There is nothing more successful than being the child of God. Only if you are willing, God will reveal to you, provide you timely, not giving you too much at a time so that you do not know how to manage.

3. Future (Blueprint) (Program, Join, Confirm)

-> What will happen in the future? Will need a blueprint, a design. Though it has not happened, must know. And through the below, most important is to know program, join, and if possible, to confirm. The 7 breaches of the churches of this era. There are portion of knowledge here and there, but there is not joints.

3. How would a “Born again” life grow?

1) No God’s word = no growing

1) Have to thirst for God’s word, and also have to comprehend, believe and confirm more <1Pe 2:2>

-> If without God’s word, the more earnest you seek, you will surely go to another area. God’s word is absolute.

2) Holy Spirit

2) Have to experience the mystery of the Holy Spirit’s conviction that come through God’s word <Jn 14:16-17>

-> Some people have believed a long time but do not know Him. Must practically confirm. The Holy Spirit’s seal, conviction, power when understood, gifts added, guidance, fruits, join and expansion.

3) Time and space

3) Through God’s word, have to understand the mystery of time and space environment fixed by God <Ge 1:1; Col 1:15-17>

-> Time is towards eternal, space is invisible world that we do not know in the past. Must know the invisible world now.

4) Totally destroy, newly rebuild

4) Have to comprehend the reason of Christ’s death and resurrection and the mystery of salvation <Ro 6:1-11>


5) Make covenant

5) Have to know the promise that God has hidden in Christ, and also have to formally establish covenant with God <Ge 15:1-12; Jos 1:1-9>


6) Confirm

6) Have to affirm my identity, authority and inheritance, and also have to firm up life’s direction, purpose and method <1Pe 2:9>

-> Is this covenant true? One by one to confirm

7) God’s work

7) Have to discover God’s absolute guidance and plan in my past, present and future life and living, <Jn 1:45-51>

-> God’s works have to be found in the conditions that you have. Must seek and find. If cannot find, cannot become alive. Not only that your life, all your purpose, content, conditions, time must be born again. All have passed away, the new has come -> must see.

8) Converse (24hrs)

8) Through praying on all occasions and with all kinds of prayers and requests, converse deeply with God <Php 4:4-7>

-> Then God tells us to converse with Him. But what God meant by conversing with Him is not just once or twice, but He bids us to converse with Him 24 hrs. When sleeping, can go into deep sleep. When eating, to find it delicious. When exercising, can find quick pace in prayer. When in quiet down, can converse in quietness. When doing work, receive power/strength/wisdom to do. When meet people, to love people. We must find such prayers.

9) Evidences

9) Though walking with God in our living, will receive lots of Emmanuel evidence, and lots of testimonies in our life and living <Ro 12:1-2>

-> After conversation, will have evidences.

10) Blessings of Meetings

10) Will have blessings of meeting, the work of evangelism naturally opens widely <Ac 2:5-40>

-> When meet people, will share the evidences.

-> Anywhere, there are definitely blessings of meeting. Where is the blessings of meetings found? It is found in our 7 fields. Individual, family, church, workplace, relatives and friends, regional, world.

11) Fellowship/Church

11) Gradually, groups of people who love Christ gather around <Ac 2:41-47>

-> Therefore, must have fellowship/church to join in.

-> When come together, faster that work of evangelism happens.

12) Grooming disciples

12) Will also carry out the ministry of grooming disciples <Ac 11:19-31>

-> disciples are raised.

=> In all these, all the fields are covered, even till the ends of the world.

* You have already received the invitation of the eternal God, entering the eternal plan of touring together with God; moreover, that tour which is both joyful and wonderful had already begun. This is because mighty blessings are hidden along the whole journey that knows no boundaries. Therefore, please serve earnestness, then the conviction of Holy Spirit in your inner soul will lead you into that great and profound journey.


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