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Teacher 4: Basic Message 2 – The Works of the Trinity God

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Lesson 2 Knowing the works of God

Lesson 1 is about “It is all God’s work”. Therefore, lesson 2 = “Knowing the works of God”.

After Adam, all seeks after God. Buddhists, Islam, multi-gods seekers, yet unless God Himself reveals, shows Himself to us, man has no way to know Him. What man, in a state that has left God, imagined out is called false gods = evil spirits and conversing with demons. Therefore, the absolute difference between bible and others:

(1) Revelation of God

(2) Word Itself proves that it is authority, e.g. Ask and it will be given to you. Unless God says this, there is no one who can say this

(3) All accomplished in history, and presently, the state of man leaving God and restoring God proves this.

Only through God’s revelation (His Word) can one know God. It is fundamentally wrong for one to judge God. God must judge you, not the other way round. Debates are not meaningful. When God’s word is spoken and revealed, God’s Own sheep will hear His voice, and acquiring those 7-8 sheep out of perhaps 100 will just do. This itself is the work of God’s word. Avoiding debates is to manifest this work of God’s word.

If we do not know God’s word, our Christian living will surely go into knowledge, ritualistic, legalistic, prosperity or mystical ways. Therefore, knowing God’s word is a must.

After salvation, the foremost urgency is to know God correctly and practically. Christian living is: to know God more and thus converse with Him, to be clear of God’s provision and thus enjoy, to discover God’s guidance and thus submit. We have already begun the living of eternally walking with God. From now on, the more we know Him, the more we can receive His rest and power, and will bear many fruits of life.

–> add any convictions you may receive here


1. God has an eternal yet wonderful plan, which is in progress now

2. God is a Trinity God <Mt 28:19; 2Co 13:14>

3. God is our Creator, and is also the God who dominates our all

4. Today God is still with us, and is currently doing important works

–> If we teach this for an hour, the hearers shall restore every Emmanuel. This should be the right case.

^ God Himself is Purpose. This purpose is accomplished by Himself, 3 roles. He chooses to accomplish this by filling/dominating saints = 4G. Method is by Emmanuel = 5M.

1. Eternal plan -> Now, Me

1. God has an eternal yet wonderful plan, which is in progress now

–> eternal plan is progressing where? In my life.

1) Utilmate goal = Kingdom -> when perspecting myself, now, this place -> (perfect will)

1) God’s ultimate goal is to establish an eternal kingdom <Rev 21:1-3>

–> Therefore, if we just search, it is easy to find His perfect will

2) built thru Jesus Christ – King

2) That kingdom is a [new world through the salvation of Christ’s cross, thus that is filled with God’s righteousness, love and glory], and is also an [amazing world where God and His people eternally rejoice together and be happy, doing new things everyday] <Rev 22:3>

–> main point is “through Jesus Christ”

3) Today‘s meaning -> to acquire children

3) Presently, every reason and purpose that the human history still continues to stride forward entirely lies in the great matter of establishing the kingdom, installing the King and gathering the people <Mt 24:14, 25:31-35>

–> Therefore, Kingdom, King, People. God’s people, when D&R with Christ, becoming God’s children, numbers fulfilled, Kingdom is already built. This is what is spoken in the bible, so that when God’s children numbers are satisfied, all will be gathered belonging unto Christ as one. When kingdom gospel spread to all ends, then ends shall come. Mt 25: before creation of world, goats and sheep, giving crown = this reason of the existence of this world.

4) Satan, sin, problems, contradictions still exist for the reason of -> building this kingdom, king, people

4) In this world, truths of righteousness and evil, salvation and death, tribulations and victory still coexist entirely for the eternal kingdom <Ro 9:14-24; Rev 12:12>

–> Those whose eyes have already opened will be able to discern between heavenly kingdom and hell. What belongs to Christ, belongs to Satan. Goats and sheep, we can discern – can we? How can heavenly kingdom be entered? It can be entered by those who have restored heavenly kingdom and seen heavenly kingdom. Not by those who have been baptized, did acceptance prayer, came to church, but those who already belong to the kingdom will be seen to be there in the heavenly kingdom.

5) Coexistence for goats/sheep

5) At present, which the visible and the invisible coexists, is the Age of Faith, but in that kingdom, everything will entirely be explicitly seen and understood <Rev 21:1-2; 2Co 13:12>

–> Why visible and invisible coexist? God says, “I fear that some will hear and understand, return and come back to God.” These are talking abt those supposed to be terminated. Heavenly kingdom is only for God’s Own sheep, through opening up of the veil, they can see and enjoy. Many layers of veil, door between Most Holy Place and Holy Place, Doors between courtyard and Holy Place so that Gentiles cannot enter.

2. Trinity

2. God is a Trinity God <Mt 28:19; 2Co 13:14>

–> God is not Sikamoni, Allah, but is Trinity God. Man fundamentally cannot understand no matter how we try explain because we are in 3D world. God = One with things we cannot understand.

1) Trinity explanation by roles

1) The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity God, is together before eternity, and will eternally and jointly accomplish the plan which He Himself has predestined <Ge 1:26 (plural); Ge 1:27 (singular); Jn 1:1-3, 17:5; Col 1:15-–> 17>

# Jehovah Witness

–> Explanations: It is not one Person, one Body.

(1) Three roles, yet only one, even language is 3D, can’t explain in full.

(2) Also never forget explaining Trinity in relation with myself. Because the works of Trinity are in you, meaning three-in-one in you.

2) Father

2) The Father predestined the things of eternity, and dominates all things <Eph 1:4-6; Jn 5:19-38>

–> Especially in Eph 1, I am born by the Father, chosen by Him.

3) Son

3) The Son, in order to fulfill the will of the Father, became flesh to come into this world, bringing the mystery of the heavenly kingdom and the things of eternity to teach His people, through His Own Self’s death and resurrection, placed all the authority in heaven and on earth under His name, in order to establish the eternal kingdom <Eph 1:7-12; Php 2:5-11; Rev 1:20>

–> I D&R with the Son, together receiving all of Christ’s life.

4) Holy Spirit

4) The Holy Spirit, through the will of the Father and the Name of the Son, accomplishes on God’s people the great matter of salvation. His work is to give people convictions, indwelling, guidance, accomplishments, to bear fruits, to give workers faith and power to testify Christ <Eph 1:13-14; Jn 14:16-26>

–> My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit

5) Limited revelation = Trinity’s movement in you

5) Though the appearance and roles of the “triune” are different, His Oneness purpose and will, righteousness and love, power and authority, honour and glory are completely the same. The person who lives within the three-dimensional world, has no way to understand this wonderful truth of God by thoughts and speech, but at the very moment one is blessedly saved and receive the Holy Spirit’s convictions, he will then be able to understand God’s Personality and can have intimate conversations with this Trinity God. <Jn 1:1, 4:24, 10:30>

–> Tf, I am God’s children, Christ’s Body, HS temple. Best explanation of Trinity. Sun/light/heat, 3 states of water not correct. But best knowing Trinity through His works in me.

–> However much He reveals, we shall know that much, do not run elsewhere. It is not good that the teacher is not all-knowing, but to learn together.

3. Dominate us

3. God is our Creator, and is also the God who dominates our all

–> Outline 3 and 4 speaks that (1) all of God’s dominating works are to (2) be found in my conditions.

1) Predestined, bore, foster, save, love, guide, gives blessings

1) God is the one who predestined us as His children, bore and fosters us, saves us, and forever loves us, guides us and bestows blessings on us <Mt 25:34; Php 1:6>

–> Born and foster, save, eternally love us, guide, gives blessings – have or not? Confirm with hearer.

2) Created for him = Purpose, in Him = living principle

2) All the goodness we have entirely comes from Him. We are created for His glory, and predestined to live in Him <Jas 1:17>

–> Created for His glory = purpose, predestined to live in Him = principle/method of living.

3) Already, destined/fixed

3) He has already, for our future, destined the eternal direction, inheritance, power and timetable <Ro 8:30>

–> Don’t fix your future yourself. Any purpose, ambitions, to be removed as He has already fixed it. Tf, Christian living is lived by testing and approving His perfect will, then submission. Then all the stories later will be correct, non-chaotic, non-troublesome/chaotic with zealousness.

4) Guidance -> easy serving

4) When we understand God’s provision and guidance, and thus submit to it, we will receive real rest and power, and can enjoy [both easy, and abundant] life <Mt 11:28>

–> This is principle. Is serving easy, light, peaceful, joyful? 100%? There are times we cannot, because the times on earth are a battle. But the Lord will not allow temptations that we cannot bear on us. But through problems after another, we can see the love that He guides us.

^ Living/meetings is serving

5) Power of gospel (know, converse, submit, provision) -> enjoy increasingly to the full

5) From now onwards, we have to live a life to [know Him more and thus converse with Him, search His will more and thus submit to Him, enjoy His provision more and thus glorify Him] <Ro 12:1-2>

# If we go China every provinces, preaching this, restoring all, we must all become missionaries. Age of 55. In missionary fields, will meet Shunamites, Lydia, the food by gospel is really nice you know? Tell preachers to rest and pray in full, so give anything.

# How can we go back to work at age of 70? This is unchristian, non-believer. Does he see the heavenly kingdom abundance and get shock, having answers, God’s glory and throne authority – can he enjoy, the state in unbelievers – can he see, the harassed and pitiful state in every family/spouse by Satan – uncontrolled unwillingly – can see, harvest ready – seen

# 36 lessons grasped, Bible overview beaten through (life confirmed before). Then lifetime also cannot finish talking, because repeat over and over, yet hearers find refreshing grace, new works of God, new people coming, tf to re-talk. God gives us whatever we need, Word, Christ’s glorious authority and accomplishments, how can we not bless our family and descendants and regions?

# Contradictions – are we really Abraham of this age? 4G is our promise? Are you making effort trying to believe 4G? For me, the word of God, Christ’s glory and authority, HS great and mighty power ITSELF proves that God can give me the whole region. This glory, abundance, authority ITSELF proves that God has already given us the whole era. Why John Wesley rides around preaching? Because he had seen. In Oxford university, with brother Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, prayed, “Let this region be given to us. This is not a day-dream, but the power of the gospel can do this!” Therefore, I come out to full-time not because I am charitable, but because the great light of the gospel has come upon me.

4. Emmanuel

4. Today God is still with us, and is currently doing important works

–> MUST confirm in all materials. It seems that our conditions are normal, nothing, but they are the most glorious things God has planned for you. The things you touch in the kitchen, the place where you are staying, are the most honorable.

# Though my apartment is small, it is more beautiful than Abraham’s tent. Only tent of Abraham, yet can fulfill so much. So warm for the blanket after a day’s work, thanksgiving, crown of a day, crawl back to hut, protected by things given by all bro/sis.
# When you open your car door, “this is honorable car”.

–> God’s honorable word is in me, though body failing, the uncomparably great glorious works in treasured in my life. This is eternal. Do not see your children and possessions as normal.

1) With us through Word

1) To be with us through [His word] <1Th 2:13>

–> to confirm. He is not with us in verses, but in His intentions. His intentions = His Person.

# When I drink water and I want to meet God, “Lord, when I drink this cup of water, may it become living water. How will it bless You, Lord?” Where is God? God is greater than universe, yet is with the smallest cell. Psalms emphasized a lot on His dominion and with us. Therefore, to see Him with us, must know more on His word, more believe and understand, confirm more. When you put more of God’s word in normal circumstances, when important matters arise, they can be used. First, get into the vessel, so that no matter what problems come, HS convictions are very clear.

–> Logos (Know/Confirm) -> Rhema -> Accomplished

-> Logos -> to more know/understand and confirm. One day, Logos become Rhema, becoming wonderful HS convictions in you. To “make disciples of all nations” Logos, one day can connect and join together directly with all my fields, map of China, 21st Century main characters -> “I have given them to you” = Rhema. This Rhema, as days pass, becomes my visions and dreams, accomplished!

# I can hear a lot of Rhema today: when I meet a brother being deceived, the word “Satan deceiving” becomes alive, when I just speak the word of God that matches his conditions, God’s mighty power works descends on his life and mine.

–> Tf, it is very important to know the Word of God in more typical situations

2) With us through HS

2) To be with us through [Holy Spirit’s convictions] <1Th 5:19>

–> to confirm. Only that you do not neglect or reject. But HS immediately works when you rely on and search for Him.

3) With us through Timely supply

3) To be with us through [power that is supplied timely] (spiritual, intellectual, physical, financial, manpower) <Eph 1:19>

–> We do not need to worry on tomorrow. When we need, He will supply timely. Spiritual, wisdom, health, finance. Yet one day when I need to preach, yet I am hurt at waist how? This is also God’s manifestation. Call it off. Or God tells me to get up even though one part of my body is disabled. Paul, “I have learnt the secret in all situations. Poverty, wealthy.” If the Lord tells me not to be able to eat, that is to tell me to fast. If really no one to bring you food after praying, it is that God wants you back home. What I am saying is about absolute versus relative, unchanging vs changing. God should receive His glory in any of man’s conditions.

4) With us through every meeting/moment/place

4) To be with us through [arranging for us the meeting that is in every moment and every place] <Ps 139; Ac 16:5-34>

–> Must test and approve, and to accept in thanksgiving. Sufferings? Accept in thanksgiving, then you will be able to see the Lord giving banquet in front of enemy, you will ever-more receive anointing, and thus receive more grace.

5) Having heart

5) When we have the willing heart to draw near Him, we will be able to see His glory and His works <Jas 4:8>

–> Ja 4:8 says, “Come near to Him and He will come near to you.” When you want to come near to HS, His convictions will appear stronger. If we want to go home being tired, His convictions will diminish. When HS will not appear and will be put out. How to glorify God and how He will glorify you is what we must learn daily for lifetime. God is with us and can be seen in all of our situations.

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