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Teacher 5: Basic Message 3 – Knowing Myself

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Preparing to Speak Messages

Audience when heard the message, shall not be satisfied by the message I preach, but they must mourn

Bible to study <-> study your messages

Therefore, to emphasize power of Word of God, voice of God’s word, letting one receive all answers

1) Hearers -> God’s Word

Accurate so won’t be accused, add skeleton so that it can become alive in a person

2) Hearers -> Pray (Converse with God) <-> find people after hearing God

They will love your message with this. We are recommenders of God. There are treasures in that lone island, go and find; if they do not go and find, they are in serious problems. Recommend more of the prince white, emphasize how comfort, bless you. Messages to be more spiritual so that man will love God. Bring them to Most Holy Place, the altar of God. I emphasize more of Name and Authority of JX, so people will find God instead of touching problems, bind problems first. Then use promise how confirmed in hearts, ‘cos won’t pray and run if not understood. Prayer needs time and effort Vs prayer more efficient on time. Spiritual condition totally changed, spiritual problems removed. Gospel and religious prayer. How prayers fulfilled. Deeper, prayer is more practical. Test it in heart laboratory – when kingdom descends on my heart. Do not admire on my messages, but true treasures are found in your own heart.

3) Hearers -> Living (Emmanuel)

Living must be healed. Emphasis: How in living have God’s plan/works. Kingdom is with us right now.

4) Hearers -> Evangelize

Emphasis: Man needs more of the gospel you experienced Vs go preach. What you have enjoyed, all men need. Gentiles problems. The harassed state of church of this era. Continue to preach – doors will continue to open.


Gospel <-> Religion



not – believe Jesus, sins forgiven, have eternal life, but kingdom is with me, but I cannot see in past, through D&R together with JX, get new perspective, life, spirit when come in, can see heavenly kingdom on earth. Past I dead as I perspect myself as this name, which is dead, but Cross tells me I am created in eternal times, and from God, not Singaporean, God’s child, JX body, HS temple. Past I do not believe when heard, but when I heard, in spirit believed truly and thus seek out in my spirit on the reasons that I am God’s child. But when in my own conditions seek out reasons that I am God’s child, I can see kingdom. Must water and Spirit to baptize be born again, to see kingdom. Problems no longer problems, but they are important conditions to let me enjoy heavenly kingdom’s authority and acquire the help of angels. To preach cross by just believe JX have eternal life, and compared to now is kingdom, how God is working in you right now, not later in heaven receive inheritance, but now as your roles, father, neighbor, or child, day-to-day live is adding inheritance, see God’s kingdom. Therefore Paul using Gen to Mal, and through NT, JX teachings. Therefore, 36 lessons are for this.


Gospel tells people to

= 20 lessons

Meet God => 1-10 (God -> Me)

1) Born again and transformation

2) God

3) Me

4) Ideology

Add on

To Format: Bible and me, JX and me, HS and me

then can

Converse with God => 11-15

Walk with God => 16-20


Lesson 3

Basic message 3

Ephesians 1:15-23

Knowing Myself

Do you really know yourself? After hearing gospel of Christ, if you have not totally destroy and newly rebuild your life with cross accomplishment, then you do not know yourself, that’s why you so easily disheartened, sorrows, live in the flesh, cannot see God’s guidance. What God has done in past, present future, if grasp, later when you see people, you can judge, can say, “you are blessed, chosen, love”. Paul to Romans, Eph “chosen from creation of the world”, all because Paul through JX message confirmed before. Don’t know self -> won’t know wife, husband, family.

All problems of man come from not knowing self; at the same time man forgets about Creator Lord, he also forgets who he is.

-> everything becomes chaotic

The science of the world definitely has no power to tell us “who am I?”

-> continue to expand

, only the God who created us knows all mysteries concerning us.

God’s word tells us, our lives are really glorious, and are precious beyond compare. From whence you know this truth, your life can then be healed, restoring power and blessings.


1. I do not know myself

-> you do not know yourself. This is all problems.

2. I am the most glorious life that is [created to glorify God

-> How? I am born through:

3. I, through the great salvation of Christ, received the life that is exceedingly loved

-> All conditions are God’s loved conditions,

4. I am the life created for [receiving God’s blessings]

-> not to become successful, but I am already the most successful to start with

5. I am the life created for blessing people


-> Better not to be too intelligent, just read, to be joined

1. Problem of all = I do not know who I am

1. I do not know myself

1) My Creator?

1) Do not know my Creator Lord

-> glory, authority

2) Origin/end of living process

2) Do not know where I come from, where I am heading towards

-> therefore all my process?

3) Meaning of living

3) Do not know the reason for my living

-> therefore, what I have done – all wasted?

4) My value -> assurance

4) Do not know the value of myself

-> tf all received all hardships, if leave earth now, no assurance

5) Method of living

5) Do not know the method of living

-> always struggle, brain think hard, humanism, legalism, mysticism

= all problems of Gentiles. Therefore, in this state, more intelligent, worse. No worries be merry since going to hell. Yet those intelligent people like Sikamoni, Confucious, etc, they are sad in spirits, man is in great seas of sorrows. Will they like Sikamoni, Confucious perish? We look at the fruits, we will know the life – lots of evidences in ASEAN. Easy to see just beside you! Therefore, those who do not know God is totally a goner.

2. Glorious life exemplifying God

2. I am the most glorious life that is [created to glorify God]

-> Some people who are poor, weak, tortured by sin for lifetime, very chaotic lifestyle, demon-possessed family, they will laugh. They cannot ever imagine and believe. Tf, we must say, no need to add or reduce, why is it glorious? It is not you, but God’s perfect hand created your life. When open bible, can see. Once you restore God, purpose and truth, your past weaknesses and ugly appearances will become one to comfort and bless people. Must really believe!! Do you know how I was born – testimonies. Not your own conditions, but what God has already given you.

1) Eternity

1) Created having eternal life <Ac 3:21; Lk 16:19-31>

-> No matter how much you sin, your life is eternal.

2) Image of Christ’s flesh

2) Created by God’s image, through God’s living breath <Ge 1:27, 2:7>

-> Our image is of God’s, of Christ’s. External image is of JX, inside is God’s and HS image. We are created like this originally. After sin befell, inside fallen, yet outside is the same as JX. Therefore, when JX came, likeness Son of Man, totally same as me, all my inferiority becomes ego to boast in JX, to emphasize the honor of my life.

3) Visible and invisible life

3) Simultaneously possessing visible and invisible life <Ge 2:7; Mt 10:28>

-> Only man has such. Angels and animals do not have. Only man has.

4) Principle of living = Word + HS

4) Man’s principle of creation is: only through the [word of God] and the [conviction of the Holy Spirit] can man survive <Mt 4:4>

-> Tf, man not just depend on food, but God’s word. This is law Principle of living. Your living, finance, teaching children must be like so. This itself is blessing.

5) Contained special conditions to bless people

5) The life that is created to increase in number and govern all things <Ge 1:28>

-> Determined and fixed up by God. Not when I will be healed more tomorrow, but in weaknesses, can bless same weak people. Many thousands of people created from Adam. In the past have only one LC, only one Weiya, Huiling, tf my conditions are special and unique. If dogs, all same will come out. Even twins, different for humans.

-> And how am I honorable especially?


-> not after healed, successful, more honorable conditions, then. But today my life through Christ proved is honorable, tf even others see typical, it is the truth, tf all conditions become honorable to bless till the end. Must confirm with people so as to let them understand through. Emphasis is NOW. Tf, when discovered now, your words can speak to open eyes of people to tell them how honorable they are. Paul says in Christ already discovered.

3. Life especially glorious through Christ (Discovered by Christ)

3. I, through the great salvation of Christ, received the life that is exceedingly loved

-> Past I thought Daniel is greatly loved, but now I see I am even more blessed than OT people because I have gone through JX. This crux is discovering that in every moments, discover CROSS. All absolute answers start from CROSS. “Oh! I am wrong, misunderstood.” Total destroy, newly rebuild. Only to speak Christ not by power of words – Paul. With Christ, all things are blessed. Not I but Christ that lives in me.

1) Beloved child from start

1) God did not simply create me to be a perfect creation, but more so to make me His beloved child <Eph 1:4-5>

-> Only temporarily Adam fallen by grace into sin. God does not allow sin, but temporarily permitted.

2) To plant more Love/Righteousness in me

2) God wants to plant His eternal love and righteousness into our lives <1Jn 2:29, 4:7>

-> His love, no matter future past heaven earth, no one can separate us from JX love. Where is JX love? Not more commitment. But inside of problems, He loves more.

-> Righteousness: not now or when cleansed, but eternally righteous.

->One piece of gold that is not that bright, and a gold-plated material that is brighter. Some elders/deacons/Pharisees are like the latter. But some is like Samaritan like the previous. There may be some dirt around, problems, SARS continue to come, continue to touch shit, yet when fire more and more, it becomes more refined. For the latter, when fire comes, more burnt, revealing true self. Your life – when problems come, do not call others, but call unto Jesus, ah! He told me, “You find me because you are true gold”. When we have a little bit of problems/attacked, do not go anywhere, but know that the most peace is in Christ.

3) Love through the moment of Cross

3) I died because of sins and ended up as slave of Satan. God personally came into the world bearing judgment, curses and death, thus displaying God’s utmost love <Ro 5:8>

-> There is nothing that is greater than this love. For only His people, for the most cruel, for most eternal efficiency. If without cross, there is no way to see God’s love. Nic Australian who lost all limbs, saw emptiness, discovered eternal meaning and God’s love, how much thanksgiving he received, whose appearance is less, come here! His one word hits more than what I speak. Special circumstances can achieve more. Therefore, the meaning of “through Christ”. Beggar prince story: born twins in palace, yet of political reasons, one in palace, one outside, yet become beggars. They met one day. Changed clothes, the real prince freedom go around. The beggar prince taken by officials. Then when real prince on normal clothes met king, king then realized. The beggar then also realized he is a prince. Suicidal person wanna take medicine suicide, yet heard Billy Graham. For just $20000 to go to be dead? Yet His life for my sake to get eternal life! Not problems. U take problems to come to the Lord, not only problems are solved, you are getting everything out of your problems. Therefore, through Cross, every response is different.

-> Therefore, when through cross, there is no way not to receive love from God. After believing, must cross. Else continue to grumble in problems. But should: thank God for giving this problem to me so that I can be used in this era by God!

4) Mighty Word [Sent, Heard, believed, followed] came in

4) God sent messengers of the gospel to let me hear the gospel of salvation, and through the Holy Spirit convicts me to believe and accept, letting what Christ has accomplished and God’s eternal righteousness and love take roots in my life <Ro 10:9-15>

-> Not because I am honorable, but that He Who is great came in. And this is by how I heard, believed and then followed. Hey, some also same? U go take anyone, and say, and they will just drive you away. There are many out there, but cannot. I asked my father also, begging him, yet scolded. It has been proven. Today, if you can receive Christ, that is the grace of God. Life changed.

5) Timetable refinement fulfillment

5) Holy Spirit, through God’s righteousness and love accomplished by Christ, convicts, heals, comforts, and teaches me, gradually molding me to become a holy and powerful life <Gal 5:22-23>

-> through timetable days passed, God’s good work will be done so that greatly fulfilling things will happen.

6) Exciting new things await us

6) In the future, at God’s built kingdom, use exceedingly beloved child’s identity to enjoy eternal glory together with God <Rev 21:1-5>

-> Only good cinematic things await us. Tomorrow will be better. Really proclaim in message: my life has been better, eternally will be better! Become 4G touring boss.. For our children, it is even more so! So what for beauties? All the world for what? Empty! Sometimes continue to touch dirt and continue to scold children holding on worldly methods. What is really blessed when bless people? Heard and just believed. Pray morning. Always go church.

Daily is that God’s blessings come upon us one! We are lives that are discovered in Christ!

4. Blessings fall on us daily

4. I am the life created for [receiving God’s blessings]

-> Therefore, in God’s eternal great blessings, must all search in our remaining years on earth.

1) Created to be blessed

1) In order to bestow blessings upon me, God created me <Ge 1:28>

-> First words: “give us blessings to say”

2) JX blessing = His child

2) In order to bestow blessings upon me, God saved me to become His child <Ge 12:1-5; Gal 3:29>

-> Especially in JX. To become source of all blessings, nations. We who belong to Christ are already heirs of Abraham. Man becomes man is it blood, external? No, but it is what is inside. LC when think, is his purpose, heart, method, the roads that he ran. Tf, who is heir of Abraham, which is Christ belonging. Though Jew, we are Chinese, our father is Shem, Noah, Adam! No matter black or white, same father. Adam till Noah. Noah till Abraham. Abraham till David. David till JX. All 14 generations in between. God continues to emphasize this. We are created to be blessed.

3) Spiritual Eternal Blessings

3) The blessings God bestow, are prosperities in heaven, on earth, and of eternality <Dt 28:1-6; Eph 1:3; Mt 25:31-34>

-> True blessings are not rich man (vs lazarus), but earthly treasures will cause us to fall. Earthly blessings are also? If you have convictions, all children to be preachers. Earthly greatest blessings is not having much, but everytime, get timely and just right.

4) Blessings even of past sins, weaknesses

4) And there is the blessing of all things works for good <Ro 8:28>

-> Even all the past things of sins is also blessings. Then shall I sin more? Ok, then more real exciting things will come – discipline. What I mean: no matter what kind of problems, discipline that time, when see discover perfect will and submit, at the same time, that has changed to be blessings. We have no choice but to receive blessings. So good message, how can it be naggy?? Yesterday speak, yet now speak again. But message is not any boring or dull right? But the more we dwell, the more refreshing stories.

5) Exalt, make me victorious

5) Also blessings of eternally being with me, guide me, that of making me victorious, and that of making me testify for Him <Jos 1:1-9; Ac 1:1-11>

-> Why Red Sea to obstruct Jews? God wants to exalt Moses. Why Jordan river downflow? For exalting Joshua. When you become a small group leader, your messages inside can bless people – this one must have assurance.

6) Many reasons/blessings already

6) My life already possessed many reasons for me to [rejoice always and give thanks in everything] <1Th 5:16-18; Php 4:4-7>

-> Therefore, must seek and find the reasons. We must be joyful, pray continually, thank God in all circumstances because bible says, yes. But Emmanuel message says, we must be joyful, pray continually, thank God in all things by confirmation.

5. To bless people

5. I am the life created for blessing people

1) Source of all blessings -> Change name

1) God makes me a source of all blessings <Ge 2:8-25,12:1-5,17:1-8>

-> Where Adam is, rivers go out from 4 directions. His steps, conditions itself are blessings. Why? Because God is with him. Abraham – God changed his name. Jacob – I love you more than you love yourself, change your name! Abraham till 99 years old did not have child, but became source of all blessings.

2) Already evidences in my life that all men need -> Find

2) In this blessed and beloved life of mine, which has experienced salvation and healing, already possessed the mystery that can save all peoples and bless all nations <1Pe 2:9>

-> Therefore, must find all the evidences. I discover that all men need this. The people in the streets all have sorrows. The things we experience are what is needed by all men.

3) Use purpose to see all my Living

3) This is the only reason why after getting saved, my life still stays on this earth <2Co 5:17-20; Mt 28:18-20; Ac 1:8>

-> We only do this and not any other? Not also. Do more of this and do less of others? Not also. The things you do, all the things, use the purpose and reason to see and do.

-> JX -> connected to all my lifestyle => discover JX meaning in all these = perfect pleasing will of God => hope/joy/thanks then come. Having all conditions, then these become alive. Not church to do more or family to do more – great misunderstanding.

4) Blessings of meetings from loved -> expansion

4) In my environment, God will unceasingly arrange many blessings of meeting <Acts>

-> Where? Now. We already know ourselves, for glorifying God, receiving blessings and to bless people – do we have assurance? If so, then look at the spirit inside of you. There is unlimited potential answers inside. Answer? My child Esther has 100x more blessings. Even so that Sophia you go back, your father will take your story till the ends to bless the whole world. Because I absolutely is already greatly loved, tf innermost treasure, and my innermost firstborn, joy cannot sleep when born, Then if father is so blessed, what happens to the core of the father? David and Bathsheba son who died is one which received most blessings for all children who left the earth. Look at the child that gave so much psalms. Yes, in future have, but in your heart conditions now, have? Really know who yourself is, who the people besides you are. Then 2-3 people become a fellowship, Christ’s already accomplished more share, church setup, church expand to bless an era. The messages you have in your life, so pure, you know Christ, then you all know. Till now, if you have not led one to Christ, or to drive demons away from people, I really do not know what to say. There is abundance. And arrange there fellowship. All the treasures of the world just come to you huh? Those who have heavenly and earthly blessings have come to you. How joyful I am! Now is only starting, and we just be joyful, ‘cos this must surely be accomplished. Later 1,000,000 people who want to lead 36 lessons to know the life in Christ, not LC. We are all witnesses of history.

5) All touched before will be blessed = Arise and shine

5) You will discover many evidences that, people whom you had ever blessed before, will one by one receive grace <Isa 60:1-5>

-> When I turn back and see, those who I have the heart to have burden with, so that the heart in me that beats with Christ, will be blessed, and not only one, but the whole family blessed. Why hide? The blessings inside should all be dug out and exemplified! Only arise and shine ‘cos all around come around the light that shone from you, all the materials stewards will come to me. I do not want possessions, but you all be stewards, and I just sign blank check. This video will prove.

6) Your life honorable -> all of yours are important

6) Therefore, you should know, all the conditions, living fields and interpersonal relationships that you possess at present are exceptionally important

-> Therefore, again, not me conditions honorable, but your life honorable, so all things uniquely honorable.

Outline again to join together again

Before born again, we do not know God, but after born again, we know God, most honorable life

God for me, sacrificed Christ for me, so won’t He give all without charge to us?

Some 20-50-70 years left, for me, I come to enjoy eternal blessings, daily lives to make crown. Many around me are honorable and successful, but they do not know, so I bless them.


Use this to bless them, totally destroy, newly accept, rebuild this system..


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