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Teacher 7: Basic Message 5 – Restoring the Word of God

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The teachers we want to raise are not teachers with knowledge, but continually enjoying and expecting.

Teachers that clearly

Meet God if not, you will be wrong and all teachings and disciples wrong. Must see in all conditions. Therefore, naturally will

Converse with God degree of restoring prayers in all things can judge how much relationships with God. Noble ancients of bible not having better conditions, but all led by God. Tf if meet God correctly, will converse with God. Tf in all conditions,

Walk with God

Who’s sermon is most powerful? It is by telling that person to most love God? It is by the above to look.

Meet God Through the cross, you are all wrong, tf must d&r with Christ and newly rebuild.

Converse throw away your thoughts to restore God’s thoughts


All the 20 basic lessons to rebuild the above mystery. We are talking about lessons 1 to 10 right now. To be very clear, on organizing so that the whole body can move lively. Focus you must know.

1. Born again What is your born again? It is meeting God. How to meet? All of God’s mysteries come in to you. Tf a great transformation. Tell the person to build up his life. Not knowledge alone, but can see how processing and movement. Like Ab,Ms,Paul, they meet Damascus, Ur meet God. Your meeting with God if of more standard, your life is not only of the one you think so, but God’s voice, you have already heard, so that HS worked in you, tf all has been transformed.

2. Know God’s works Where? It is in your life. You must seek it all out. Living knowledge and dead knowledge difference. All voices you can hear the voice of God. You discover that your life is Christ’s manifestation. Outwardly and inside same as Christ. Tf you are so important. You are temple of God, HS lives in you. Not depressing, boring living, but tell their such life to become alive. Miracles follow. Some says get a lot of knowledge – wrong! But to say, “Thanks be to God, originally I am the works of God! Why is it that so glorious God’s works in me??” Some not so fast to realize this, thus have to have 20 lessons.

3. Know Self Why conditions, background so disastrous, yet God’s honorable plan in you? Tf only that you preserve hearts and minds (converse) to find and give thanks and pray continually, discovering the evidences of God as you walk with Him. Tf how great the precious that is in us. Those who have seen this can then search for this precious in their life. Tf a person after knowing about the greatness inside of him, will then know that he must totally destroy and newly rebuild.

4. Ideology = JX ideology if rebuild, you become JX. The moment you do so, you become temple, anytime Most Holy Place, Holy Place move. God gives history perspective must know clearly purpose of living. Visible and invisible, more important is invisible, yet must discover the powers inside the invisible, so that we Christians must really become spiritually. When God’s values restore, some few years will restore life philosophy.


5.6. God’s Word

7.8. JX

9.10. Holy Spirit

Basic message 5

-> Today, we sharing 5.6, restoring God’s word. Last time not knowing, now to restore. His word came to earth as flesh becoming JX, all of God’s mystery. To know God, most important is? Moses met God in burning bush. We hoped in the past that we meet God like in the kitchen, how good it would be! But when Moses met God, the thing that continued to let Moses meet, converse, walk, is it through the special meeting of burning bush? It is what He heard through the Mount Sinai and Horeb. Because he believed, the word in him had movement, living and effective, influencing us. Tf, what is more important is that the books of the Law that he wrote out: Ge, Ex, Lv, Nu, Dt. When God came to Joshua and met him, ”Moses is dead, now be courageous, no one can stand before you, tf continue to remember books of Law, then be prosperous in all things.” What is important? The word that came to Joshua, or the word of books of the Law? Paul too, when he really met JX, the shock he received is great so that he had 3 days and night that he cannot eat and sleep. Without such a shock, no one will be able to seek God, for man is dead. Through Ananiaia, he explained the whole bible to Paul, how the promise is continually with him, when understood, timetable reached, Barnabas reached, and taught 1 year Antioch. What do you think is the content? It is this system! More important than anything is meeting, conversing so that have expectation and thanks in all situations and love God, walk with God. What is most important of knowing God? Loving God! Ac 18 Paul 1 year 6 months Corinth, what is organized is the 13 epistles. The word of God is God Himself. If anyone treats God’s word as God, he will definitely hunger for righteousness, wanting to know God. If JX comes again, He will not know the people who wants to analyze word by word. Of course, a once-time theology analysis is needed, but for the typical preacher, he cannot do this, but because God’s word is with power, today have emphasis to the person. For example, when a person receives a love letter, the most important is not on the calligraphy, when he learns writing, but it is whether he can love God, and love the people around him. Tf, if reading the bible lets one become more cold towards people, it is wrong! If HQ writes to all the centers soldiers, telling, you do not need to do anything, but to know what is going on, so that you just do what is needed, then all the food, information, equipment, ammunition, will be given to you timely. Some people still says, “I don’t commit stealing, adultery, etc” but if this is the result, then he has not met God’s word. God’s word daily comes upon you, protection, authority, power, wisdom, yet.. A father tells a son to go and the kidnapped brother, to give this letter that I have already paid the ransom, according to the law, bring the brother back, yet only be holy or godly actually is in total contrast from what is from the father’s heart. In our life, spouse, and children discovered God’s love. If fear, worry, no peace live, not correct. Some hear word of God yet oppressed and receive mental problem, this is not correct. Everyone has the bible, but everyone receives the word of God differently. The bible teacher must use the bible to know his life correctly. Then to restore the great love of God, of the promise of God to fix your direction, and get the Emmanuel daily, and knowing the mystery to be able to discern perfect will, and able to already get God’s word how it will be accomplished. With evidences of how word of God fulfills Himself in past many years with walking with God, even in the morning, how the word of God comes to him. With this, then the power of God’s word greatly manifests on him.

Hebrews 4:12-13

Restoring the Word of God

-> In other words, restoring word of God means restoring

God’s voice, self life, purpose, heart (love), conversation, perfect will, blessings, evidences

According to word of God, Moses’ conditions same as me, in fact, our conditions are even better than his, more abundant. God’s word is God Himself, to restore Him. JX says that must worship in Spirit and in Truth, not other places, must supercede time and space. Tf, first thing to restore is God’s voice. The first book is “God says”, and this is more than what Moses heard at the burning bush.

God is the Word;

-> The god that uses his visible thing to appear is no longer God.

therefore the moment we hear, believe and accept the word of God, we are born again. After being born again, in our lives, the degree the power and blessings of God are restored, is associated with the degree to which we restore the word of God.

-> tf what is born again? It is restoring God’s voice. “Can hear My voice”, says JX. How much you have restored God’s voice is sanctification.

The God who is invisible, had already revealed His mystery very clearly to us through His word, if only that our eyes of faith are opened to see through the word of God, we will be able to see God and hear God, and will acquire the mystery to converse and walk with God.

-> What is blessings and crown? The belief itself on God’s word is the crown. If you believed, you have worked.

1. Firstly, we must know the Bible correctly

1. Problem of all = not knowing Bible correctly

-> Must know all the problems of the world, saints’ often meeting problems, reasons are because

(1) Heard

never heard God’s word,

To be able to hear is so miraculous. Some already feel numb on “heard”, tf I use “information”. If you receive the information that you are no longer in the death sentence, you will have power to reject paying the ransom, else you will be accused so greatly.

(2) cannot understand

heard but do not understand,

(3) Misunderstand

word never movement in them

Especially many theologians, esp new age theologians

(4) Join together, confirm

not joined together (tf, word cannot come alive)

(5) Forget

(6) Do not submit

Therefore, we must know the bible and restore. That person know God how much not by how much he knows and can explain but by his fruits.

1) Although many things concerning religious rituals and laws are mentioned inside, the bible is absolutely not religious literature

-> Rituals and laws are important, but not rituals and laws but before them, most important to have “life”. Before I come to your home to do things, even politely, but more important is the purpose and the reason of conversing.

2) Although much scientific knowledge can be obtained from the Bible, it is absolutely not scientific research literature

-> The scientists of this age are not upright and honest. They are not basing on science, tf they go into evolution. Science does not accord to the truth but more important than the visible is the invisible. Why we do not trust that much on mental doctors because there is invisible. They have to be close to God’s word to restore the hearts and mind. They only think that there are background, living, and notion problems, and maybe flesh hormone lacking in their brains. If only use the medicine to solve, more problems will come after that. This is definitely science that is not science.

3) Although many realistic histories of the past are recorded, it is also not a history literature

-> Bible records not about how many years each ancient lived, not history but records how God will find and meet you, and accomplish things on your life. Tf, there are even years that the bible skipped to talk about the more important things. Tf, cannot say bible is not accurate history book. Then many will say that they do not really know the word of God.

4) But it is still the living and active word of God today <Heb 4:12>

-> God’s word is the living and active voice today. What it says, it is! Believe, is already. God’s word says there are angels, yes. Bible says have power you have, then you can enjoy. According to God’s word, you can anytime enjoy God’s powers.

5) The words of the Bible themselves already manifest the authoritative and divine attributes of God <Lk 4:32>

-> This is most important. God’s word itself proved itself = authority. If it is not the word of God, it cannot just say so. Can the government say this? No one can. This one must teach properly. Thus, one will exclaim, “Where does this authority come from?” Where and why are your experiences?

6) Under the conviction and the revelation of the Holy Spirit, the Bible is recorded down by the servants of God, unveiling the mystery of God <Isa 59:21>

-> I give you My Spirit and My Word, and this is the same thing on your later generations’ hearts and spirits. When we rely on HS to understand the essence of God’s word, that end times same HS convictions that touched the ancients like Paul, so that it sweetened their hearts, we same will have this same HS convictions. Use a few of what you experience to share.

7) Though it had been through 1500 long years of time, written to completion by 40 over persons from different backgrounds, in the 66 books of the entire Bible, we can see the “oneness” revelation of the one God <Isa 34:16>

-> Tf, we know that it is not the authors themselves, but the author is God Who convicted the ancients. The one topic of the Bible is Jesus Christ, giving eternal promise.

8) Ever since creation, the words of the Bible had continuously been accomplished till now, and will certainly be entirely fulfilled in the future as well <Isa 40:7-8>

-> Tf, what is the history of man? It is the accomplishment of God’s word. Your history and lifetime is the accomplishment of His word. If we know His word, we will at that moment see how the word of God is accomplished in our life and living.

Those who experienced God’s word will know his future. He will not fear on sicknesses, lack, etc. We know more and more, so that we eat drink walk live with more assurance and more courage.

2. The words of the Bible can bring all blessings of God

-> Many do not know what is blessings: it is not only finance, children, property, but this is what will come, not the blessings itself. The blessings that the bible says is:

1) The words of the Bible is God, we should not go elsewhere to look for God, whenever we open up the Bible, we will hear the voice of God : “I, the Lord Jehovah says…” <Mt 11:15>

-> Tf, what is real blessings? The greatest blessings in the world is on restoring God’s word. This is the reason why we say born again people are most successful, because all of God’s plans, glory, purpose have come to him. If we know God’s word Logos, we transform it to Rhema = God’s voice, tf will receive power authority wisdom. Their common points of blessed people are that they believed, today morning, how God spoke to them, how many weaknesses brought blessings to many beside.

2) God created all creations in heavens and on earth through His word, God’s word itself possesses the power of creation, hence people receiving the word of God will possess power of creation <Jn 1:1-3; Ge 1:1-3>

-> Tf, if you accord to God’s image to create, if your appearance is like JX, heart is like God’s word. God’s word is itself God and His power. More living and effective than anything, in my heart, thus appeared, when believed, manifested. Tf, we put the word of God into the blessed heart for creational power, not into angels.

3) God prophesized future matters that must happen through the words of the Bible, and the will abide by His Own when leading all creations in heaven and on earth and the everlasting times. Therefore, people receiving the word of God can possess absolute life, thoughts, speech and deeds <Mt 5:18-19>

-> Those who received God’s word, will have absolute perspective, judgement, speech, tf authority. Will never be abolished. The days that are passed 3 to 5 years, will see God’s word slowly accomplished.

4) At the same time a person knows the core content of the Bible, “the mystery of Christ”, his soul immediately is forgiven of its sins and is credited as righteousness, and he enters into a state of [out of death into eternal life, out of curses into blessings] <2Ti 3:15; Eph 1:13-14>

-> Will bring eternal blessings

5) Through God’s word, the extent to which the mystery of God’s righteousness and love is understood, the extent that born-again life will get healed, get holy and get empowered <1Pe 2:2; 2Ti 3:16-17; Heb 4:12>

-> If no word of God, no healing, no sanctification. Extent of sanctification = extent of restoring Word. Some mysticism believers emphasize sanctification, but their sanctification is not on God’s word, tf, no sanctification truly. Really less chase after what the world chase after, even the depressing things. But chase after the word of God. Then when days pass, all my concerns and interests will change. Then my direction will only be for the precious sheep of God. Tf, all the blessings of the era will come to me inevitably.

6) As we correctly know the word of God and believe, we can receive the detailed conviction of the Holy Spirit, through which we can enjoy the blissful life of conversing and walking with God <Jn 4:24, 14:26>

-> God’s word itself is a Personality. All these are in our conditions, tf must seek out.

7) If we correctly know the word of God and believe, then what we ask for in the word of God, can all receive God’s answers no matter what we ask <Jn 15:7>

-> How great is this blessing! If anyone is in Me and I in him, he shall ask accordingly and God will give. Not what your thinking so that you pray for it, but as you hear more and more of God’s word, you discover that you are more and more not yourself, but it is Christ appearing in me. Tf, whatever He wants to do, this kind of thoughts will come, so that he accords to this thought to request in prayers. Therefore, in conversing with God (11-15), acquiring more to grow, you will one day discover that your prayers are getting more natural. You know more and more that God will accomplish in your hearts and minds too. Your thoughts = what God wants = God will accomplish. Tf, less and less of what I really want for myself. But the most correct is that what you you restore in God, ask in My Name, and I will give anything. Believe in Christ so good like that? 2 things: God’s word is fake and I am not blessed -> if not answered. Tf, religious understanding of God’s word and prayer is really dangerous. But when God’s word more and more live in me so that I build the holy temple, acquiring life ideology living principle, more and more what I live is God’s perfect will, tf I have more assurance in living each part. Of course, there are discounts and unnamed, but I will know very clearly that God is leading and I am in His perfect will, even till, “Lord, when are You taking me back?” And I will even see the weaknesses in others that I have expeirneced before, so that I can prophecies and comfort. This is the mystery of prayer. God’s true blessings that shall be given to us is really different!

8) When I take God’s word genuinely, and accept as well as follow it, God’s universal and eternal blessings will continue to come upon my descendants and I <Rev 1:3; Dt 28:1-6>

-> Tf, through my truthful prayers on God’s word, all that I think and do, my hands, all generations loved, all transformed. Not only self lifetime blessed, but generations thousands blessed.

3. The words of the Bible are promises of God specially revealed for God’s children

-> Tf, the people of the world surely cannot understand. The wise people of the world cannot understand. JX, “You do not know Me because you do not belong to Me”.

How to understand? I am born again, loved, favoured. Again, give this assurance. ‘cos they find it uneasy to understand. Some thinks “is it really so easy?” “Go out and spread, and see how much will thank you. Today, you can understand and seek after, this means that you are chosen.” To Ephesians. “I know that you are chosen before the creation of the world.” If you can give such an assurance to the group members, you are a good teacher. All the ideas and revelations start from here.

1) The words of the Bible are such that only the people chosen by can understand and believe. The world’s greatly intellectual and knowledgeable men absolutely cannot understand <1Co 2:6-16>

-> Tf, old testament and new testament. Must use word of God to make covenant. You must check whether they make covenant.

1.5) Must use God’s word to make covenant with God (following 5 points – 2,3,4,5,6 – to make covenant)

(1) Purpose: Individual, Family, Region, World -> My conditions (find perfect will)

The one you love (family) are God’s chosen. You will lifetime pray for them. Eternal plan is there in the region where the church is. And all peoples of all nations will be blessed through you. Find all perfect wil in your conditions, all good and bad things, all to seek, all living, interpersonal. Some workers will say, “I have sought after the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” For them, it is not only notion, or a kindness of your life to give to God, but in your conditions, 2nd step to seek out how God’s righteousness and kingdom is already related with your life. If only mouth say, yet in living can’t find and don’t have, God will think, “I am deceived.” Many times, you call upon Me, it is fake, nothing related with the conditions I give you? Even those who buy jewels must be circumcised, yet I will cut them off from me. So, have you made covenant?

(2) Method -> Test and approve, submit; receive and enjoy; ask and thus receive (centered on this in living), intercede and bless people (do not be in conflicts with others), get holy and thus receive freedom

This mystery in prayer.

2) The Bible is not the commandments book of religion, but is the eternal covenant and promises God established for His children <OT, NT, Ro 1:2; Gal 3:29>

-> Promise is not law but promise.

The above 2 (make covenant), being able to do, is being holy. It is not dirt, or deceit or murder. This itself is fruits, rewards.

3) From the head to the tail, the Bible testifies for [the God who had manifested to us, “Jesus Christ”] <Jn 5:39>

-> Whole bible testifies about JX

4) In Christ, the promises we can receive are [eternal life, power and eternal inheritance] <Eph 1:15-23>

-> JX = promise le. What is eternal life? = born again. Power comes when you more sanctify. Inheritance = serving. If you never receive this in bible yet other things here and there, no use. Fruits = walk with God liao.

Tell them to be with Him, give them power, send them to evangelize. Even 2Ti3:16 This bible to have wisdom life, holy, inheritance. If never with this perspective to read bible, there is no use to read the bible. If you connect everything up, you will find that the whole bible talks about this. Abraham (born again), Isaac (fulfillment), Jacob (sanctification), Joseph (conquer). Exodus (born again) Cross red sea (enjoy power), tabernacle and walk in wilderness (conversing), Canaan (inheritance). Go into the world and I will be with you. We must enjoy this today. How great (Eph 1:15-) hope, power, inheritance.

5) Records things concerning “righteousness and love accomplished through Christ, acquiring eternally holy people and establishing eternal kingdom” <Heb 11:13-16; Mt 24:14; 28:18-20> King, Kingdom, People

-> Tf, whole bible is on gospel spread throughout all ends, then ends come. Bible written for this history.

6) The background of the Bible is heaven, earth and the everlasting times. Therefore, through the Bible, we can know things concerning heaven and earth, as well as the mysteries concerning angels and Satan, thus enabling us to lead an excessively victorious living <Rev 12:1-12; Eph 6:10-18>

-> Spiritual, demon, kingdom of heaven things Mt 12:28.

4. Therefore the people of God must live in the word of God <Mt 4:4>

-> Not by food, anything but by every word that comes from word of God.

1) Every day, need to put your heart to learning the word of God, and must [meditate] and [apply] the word of God

-> Every day must learn, meditate, see accomplishments of God’s word.

2) Every day, must test and confirm in your living how the word of God is fulfilled

-> When HS comes, converse.

3) Every day, must use the already confirmed word of God and living testimonies to bless others

-> God’s word Logos, become Rhema God’s voice, then see all living ways good and bad things, even more in problems see God’s word. Then share Abraham, Jacob, Exodus, … all are abundant testimonies.

I tell you, what is born again? It is restoring God’s word.

Sanctification? How much degree you restore God’s word.

Inheritance? How much word of God you discover happening accomplishing in your living conditions. Even if you do not discover, God’s word is working, tf when you check, you will receive.

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