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Teacher 7: Basic Message 6: The Bible and I

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Lesson 6


-> We must receive the central message of Bible. Some only says book of John to start, because there are more things about born again there. Yet, for me, I read the preface and grasping the whole central message of the book, I then read it. I read the index, the preface, appendix first. After I believe the Lord, I am so slow, yet there is no joining up so that there cannot become alive in me. Sometimes I try eating all up, yet read don’t understand, yet when I find the central message of JX, I can understand! Oh, creation JX, come will have rest, prince of air, woman’s seed, blood shed clothes, 2 representatives sons of Adam knowing cross/blood/D&R and religion even same call upon Jehovah Name. Tf, I read bible and it became alive! Past I read Cain not honest tf not pleased. Yet, if we do not grasp Christ’s blood to read, pray more worse, yet if grab blood, bro blood testimony victory. No accusations when go pub yet come back yet continue accused. Godly living yet accused why because not received the new life, new identity, He’s my Father, I’m son, I’m already holy. But this holy one, I lazy a bit, yet I rely on blood, receive total freedom. Discover I fall because no word to rely, tf thank God that I am born like this in nature needing word of God, tf, I pray next day to be better to stick relying closer on God’s word. Tf, after cleansing, receive love of God more. For such, even speech is changed. Rely on self-strength surely cannot, but must be anointed by word, and deceiver satan must leave, tf authority prayers to drive demons. Pray 2-3 years no effect, but my prayers continue accumulate blessings because promise. Tf towards self, things will be bold and courageous. The moment when I receive the mystery of JX, my weight added 18 years! In the past my weight 62, and even for my army 56 kg also have. Your hearts and minds. Today my hardships more than before, yet enjoy as God walks, dreams message given, really practically I pray thinking what is the concerns that bro/sis are recently. Tf, how can not be with joy, how can be accused? I am so loved, my living accomplishing important things. If bible central message not grasped, if not joined together, only if you do, you will fall. “Why is God’s promise not fulfilled, receive accusations, not blessed? Not sanctified, I got problem” strange understanding will come if not known.

Luke 24:13-49

The Bible and I

-> Bible words already become my God’s voice, self life, purpose, heart (love), conversation, perfect will, blessings, evidences. What I restore is this.

1. The central message of the Bible

-> Must use the skeleton to know bible.

1) Heaven, earth and seas, as well as the angels, man and every creature within them, are all created through one God, created for the glory of God, and in Him hold all things together, everything are all under this God’s dominion <Col 1:15-17>

-> How is this related to me? 36 lessons not to explain, but to confirm. Look at our surroundings, with sun moon stars, creatures, all creation have God’s power life manifested, no one can say no. Immediately confirm. All that we see, the light, the walls, the balance of air, God’s wonderful works/manifestation.

2) God created man according to His own image, placed His own life and glory on man’s body, and also blessed man, telling them to increase in number, and rule over all things <Ge 1:27-28>

-> All “man” must change to “I”. Here, creational purpose and unlimited potential are in my life. This is cross message skeleton actually! Same! Not only God’s image, but also the people that is beside me, and if they do not know, they become my concern and my target of prayers, and they become my purpose of living.

3) Satan opposes God, deceives man and causes man to sin, therefore Adam and all his descendants are all dead in transgressions and sins; they follow the customs of the world and religions, and live submitting under the rule of Satan; all under the wrath of God, only waiting for the final judgement <Ge 2:17; Eph 2: 1-3>

-> Satan bringing 1/3 angels to oppose God, cause all to sin. How relation to my life for confirmation? I have not heard the cross of JX of my life is really like this! But today, have discovered, tf, I discover I am not to be judged. What is born again? To throw away all old thinking. The more you bring it along, the more you are discounted!

4) Before God had created the world, He had already prepared the road of salvation for the people He Himself had chosen – through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, the everlasting righteousness and love of God was revealed, totally destroyed the authority of Satan that brings about sin and death, establishing the eternally glorious kingdom <Ge 3:15>

-> God has originally in the beginning done this. This is God not no power to obstruct satan, nor He permits sinning, but that He temporarily ren4pin2, tell people to fall sin, to bring even greater blessings.

Today, when we look back to see, we will see that God’s original purpose is not Adam, but for eternal kingdom, to get a King, the Name for all sons/daughters, and kingdom no sin worries eternal bliss. Tf, God temporarily ren4ping2. God eternally wants to make JX king. Time before JX BC, time after JX AD, to get His saints. Tf highest peak of history is the cross. And in Passover night, blood of lamb. Tf, Revelations say sing 2 songs JX and Moses. Tf, when speaking bible central message, teachers must speak these.

5) God used the one group of people who know blood-shedding sacrifice and the salvation of the Ark to manifest His judgment and salvation, to prefigure Jesus Christ; later He gained Abraham and his descendants, and used the history of Israel to prefigure the salvation of Jesus Christ

-> Through blood of Christ, acquire children of God, to enter new kingdom.

-> Adam rep Christ, Abel, Noah Christ, Ab, Moses, Dv all rep Christ. For me, I rep Christ’s life power fruits and all these are in me. I can represent Jesus Chirst also in this later generations. Not by my inhonorable conditions by others’ view, but that Christ lives in me.

-> How to confirm? In all my conditions. When I understood, He used Christ’s image to create. I am in Ab, Ms, Dv genealogy person.

6) The Son of God, Jesus Christ, became flesh and came into this world, manifesting all the mysteries and glory of God, and explained the mysteries of salvation and the forthcoming kingdom, and on top of that, He accomplished salvation through death and resurrection, calling all who believe in Him to receive eternal life, and restore all the glory of God

-> To confirm: JX and me relationships most important is JX incarnated (teachings in me), D&R (today no more sin but eternally not condemned freedom), kingdom throne dominion (if I submit to Him, surely victory absolute answer will receive). One by one to confirm.

7) All people who believe in Jesus Christ not only gained life but also have it to even more abundance, in all kinds of trials and problems have overwhelming victory, testify the works of God, gain parts of Christ’s body to establish the kingdom <2Ti 3:14-17>

-> Original text should not be the above, but what I am emphasizing here is Promise, HS guidance..

All people who believe in Jesus Christ not only gained life but also have it to even more abundance, when still on earth, relying on Christ’s given promise, anytime converse with God, receive HS convictions and power, more and more sanctified, in all kinds of trials and problems receiving answers and evidences have overwhelming victory, therefore, can testify the works of God, gain eternal parts of Christ’s body, to establish the eternal kingdom <2Ti 3:14-17>

-> actually the whole bible says this Exodus to conquer Canaan, get more power to testify till the ends.

-> Tf, this era of teachers must grasp

(1) Own life (born again)

(2) Heart (love God love self)

(3) Make covenant with God (because whole bible is OT, NT, and not on rituals, history, science) understand -> Purpose, method (discover and submit, receive and enjoy)

(4) HS mystery => perfect will, power must receive!

(5) Converse -> center on receiving perfect will to pray, request-centered prayer, interceding, receiving freedom centered, cleansing (sanctifying)

(6) Walk with God = all your conditions are God’s, centered on church/brethren (then I will know how God answer, how God use my gifts conditions), 7 fields (self, family, church, relatives, meeting, world), testifying centered life, and especially disciples (8 beatitudes) Lesson 16-20.

(7) Testimony -> as above

(8) Acquire people, later generations assured hope

=> All these in bible, in the Christ that the bible says. Must grasp the central message of bible.

When we get this, grasping the content of OT and NT is very clear.

2. Synopsis of the Old and New Testaments

-> Many people asked me, you read 5 books Moses, where you get this knowledge? Which commentary? Of course, I cannot say HS especially anointed me, or I too proud. Yes, there are some teachers of grace to me. Yet from 1994, some keywords of bible especially gives me convictions: centered to Christ – Christ bringing all blessings to me also can see, Covenant – ah all things I see wrong but Ab, Is, Jc, Js all about covenant, even lazy, God tells him to sanctify, bring to Egypt, even blessed Pharaoh, covenant to accomplish Exodus. Discover also connected to my life, power, serving. Eph 1:15-21 life, inheritance, power. He with me, drives demon (worry things ghosts), send me to preach gospel. When Christ all accomplished, ask us to wait upon HS power, when came, you will go testify to ends of earth. Tf, born again, power, inheritance I see and everything become alive. Of course, many commentaries, yet importantly, dry bones joined together and breathe comes in to them. God’s word is living and active must be lived out. Tf, now is Bible Overview. The later 36 lessons are most important. Past I share this, you continue to share to later generations. The history always tell us that it becomes more detailed. Yet need one that can pass over history. Rome, Martin Luther reformed movement not revolution, real restoration of word of God. I absolutely believe that it is now more beautiful than then, as it is more than 400-500 years. Tf, our future children. After 100 years, this will become old. Chinese become main characters already in 100 years all accomplished. Then all see perfect will of God will be different again. We have a responsibility to share more concrete practical normal daily often. This is Emmanuel movement. Tf, some people amongst us say that this is era of blessing. When I hear this, I tell them must humble. Past have inner puritans etc movement, yet have not completely restored places. Not that past grace of God less now more, but the corruption of world now cannot be compared to then. If you have not received 24 hours Emmanuel answers like in mental hospital, this is the mission of yours given to God now.

1) The understanding of the content of Genesis chapters one to eleven is extremely important, here is the secret of understanding the whole Bible

-> the later 65 books are the accomplishments of the promises in Genesis. Just read a bit of the rest will do.

(1) Principle of creation and promises <Chapter 1-2>

(2) The source of all problems and the only answer: mystery of “offspring of woman” <Chapter 3>

(3) Judgment and the salvation of the ark <Chapter 4-9>

(4) World’s culture of humanism and God’s plan <Chapter 10-11>

2) The covenant that God established with the father of faith, Abraham, and his offspring, is Jesus Christ and God’s faithful accomplishment

3) The Old Testament is wholly divided into four parts, which are Books of the Law (5 Books of Moses – The Pentateuch), Books of History (12 Books), Books of Prophets (17 Books), and Books of Songs (5 Books). The Books of the Law prefigure the great Priest that is to come, the Books of History prefigure the great King that is to come, the Books of Prophet prefigure the forthcoming great Prophet, the Books of Songs praise the forthcoming Messiah – the glorious beauty of Christ (His righteousness, love, salvation)

4) The Four Gospel Books revealed the mystery of the Messiah prophesied by the Old Testament. Through the things accomplished by Jesus, Jesus Christ manifested all the mysteries of God, and had preached the mysteries of the heavenly kingdom, saved people, healed people, nurtured disciples, on the cross died and resurrected, had accomplished salvation and the foundation of the kingdom. Finally, He entrusted His disciples the Great Commission of saving all peoples and establishing the kingdom and He rose to heaven. Until present, He sits on the throne helping the ministry of disciples, and establishes the kingdom. In future, He will certainly come again to judge the living and the dead

5) The Book of Acts revealed how through the apostles and saints who have received the power of the Holy Spirit, starting from Jerusalem, God spreads the salvation of Christ to the ends and establishes the church of the Lord. Through the Book of Acts, we will get to know: how today we can rely on the promises of Christ and prayers, receive the power of the Holy Spirit and establish the kingdom in our living fields

6) The Church Epistles (22) from the Book of Romans to Revelation, are revealed to the churches established by the ministries of the Book of Acts, telling God’s people to clearer understand the mystery of Christ’s gospel, and also the identity, belonging, promises, authority and inheritance of God’s people, to lead a living of overwhelming victory and having testimonies, preparing the glory of the everlasting kingdom

=> How all our bible system can be established,

3. The Bible and I

-> Conclusion to confirm

1) The fact that I can have the opportunity to hear and read the Bible, as well as can believe it, proves that I am the people chosen by God.

-> Must confirm

The Bible is the heavenly Father Who loves me, revealing today’s message to me, because He wants to give me life, strength and blessings <Jn 20:31; Ro 15:4; 1Co 10:11>

-> Amen!! that gives me information to life, strength, blessings.

-> Tf, the bible is like when Paul met God, Moses met God Sinai and Horeb met God, ‘cos after Moses, 3500 history that can withstand. Some churches criticize me say me greater than Paul and say I am cult, as they take out of context. I have experienced much, but hope those after me experience more. I more believe 5000 years. Revelations must be understood through Gen to Judas, must be completed. Christ, God, Salvation, Man, Life, Church – all completed, but only end times theology. That tense has not been completed.

2) Through the Bible must reorganize my ideology and also obtain firm perspective. <Jas 1:4-8>

-> important ‘cos through bible to rebuild holy temple, have Most Holy place, holy place, courtyard, bread of presence, lampstands, all have. Then anytime get freedom to converse with God.

3) The Bible is the word promised by God, hence I must formally establish covenant with God by the word of God <Jos 1:1-9; Ac 1:1-11>

-> I must make covenant with God.

4) Must obtain the mystery of [God’s word] and [the conviction of the Holy Spirit that comes through the conditions of my life and living]. From then on, the leading and perfect will of God upon my daily living can be understood, and when willing to submit, the great power of God comes upon my body, and I can see the word of God fulfilled in my everyday living

5) If I am willing to be more equipped with God’s word, to experience God’s word and testify God’s word, then the blessing of meetings will begin, and I can bless many others through my life

-> all peoples and all nations will be blessed through me. We must not be courteous but must acquire all of God’s blessings.

Tf, God’s word, since we believed, living and active if build in your life, anytime no matter where when, get God’s perfect will. Past I muddle headed, only when problems then pray, this is spiritual child only totally. But when organized, bible is really alive. Jn 15:7 tf prayer will be more accurate. Even in prayer midst accomplished. When teaching, give this challenge. When you be with others, others unlucky. But now, you will surely receive blessings, and all will be blessed.

Last week give challenge, this honorable word of God, must find sheep. Do your best to seek for life outlet. Then you will discover that God’s anointing continue to come. Do not bury, but that which can decide eternal plan of God. Not legalism, but to expand life, find sheep, or even your own children. No matter who, can do one. Actually, I discover that in my life, many may misunderstood that I already have much fruits. Actually not much, if we pray for a person, 36 lessons, we gain great grace. One life really a lot, no matter how small, 10 people inside, will have same problems struggles as 3000. Weiya sister finds Martha, and Martha will come find me. Weiya finds 3 sheep, and one more! And she finds same kind. Many weiyas coming. Life is really wonderful. 100 years cannot stop sharing have. Have sheep then can pray, digest and then share out ma. Lei Tai Tai go out mission fields, 2 months will surely have new expansion and meetings, not great but have honorable Christ message, when equipped, lead a few for 36lessons not much. I hope all teachers who listen this will have same vision. All things take it as lessons to see how the word of God is continually accomplished.

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