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Teacher 9: Basic Message 8 – The Manifestation of Christ’s Authority

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Basic Message 8

Philippians 2:5-11

God’s glory and authority is always with us

The Manifestation of Christ’s Authority

-> I.e. God’s mystery is Christ = God’s mystery is Me. God did everything already in JX, through Christ, already gave me new created identity, belonging, gives me D&R, teach on right throne, eternally with us. It is about how God is living in me. Biggest difference of religion and gospel is also this.

-> Today, our remaining days are relying on authority on throne to live. Those who have this are different. Because it is perspective that looks wide, deep, no need for anxiousness. Someone who went to space and come back, he exclaimed that he does not need to be so petty on things because the earth is actually so small. Originally, the earth is in revolution. The secret of being able to receive power in 1 or 2 seconds is by using eternal good things to see now, and really the eternal good things have already started (especially if JX is really living in me). When I think of this, I immediately will be set free! Eternally good things have already started and even when I am sleeping, God is doing things. When I think of this, endorphin moves so quickly in me, this hormone is 1.5 times stronger than morphine, whole day courage will receive, and even the courage that “if there is no problem, there doesn’t seem any meaning to live” – the grace that I have never tasted will come to me. In HS terms, 0.5s, this power came to me. Whatever that is to be thought of, I should think.

-> The remaining limited days, we must really receive a secret. You know my prayers – “Thank the Lord that You have prepared eternally good things for me to play!” With this thanksgiving and submission of hearts to enter into prayers, with this Spirit of Sonship full of grace and love – Ro 8:15-17 sons/heirs that the Spirit has witnessed – therefore, if we are to receive the word of God, let us receive the greatest God’s word. Then we will love times, and all things will want to follow God’s perfect will. Once not in God, it is so much in sorrows. Once anxiousness supposed to happen, we can be like Paul to remain cool. When you meet with a problem, you must think that “eternally good things have already started” – the things that happen are surely God’s love and blessings. This is called HS guidance – the system of thoughts that start, move and end is very important. Telling you all to receive the eternal background to see the future, to see today, and to see the one hour we are now. There are no need to be serious in many things, as I see in a lot of brothers and sisters. Of course, we must be serious in living, but some things, we are not correct in the direction, and already in sins in that seriousness.

-> When such things come, we can use the authority of Christ to reject – we must seek deeper and see wider deeper longer higher, then we can totally enjoy Emmanuel power. In book of Isaiah, the prophet told Ahaziah to see deeper. I just came out of Most Holy Place. If a person came out from Most Holy Place in the very first thing in the morning, Dt 6 blessings given, quickly grasp. I bless you that you by Christ authority to think judge speak live. Then you will see living that is really easy and effective. If Christ already done everything and learn everything, he died and resurrected and lived in me, tf His victory must be enjoyed – this is then correct. Christ’s throne – is it a powerful sentence? God’s plan cannot be changed – this is Christ’s throne! Cannot be changed by even any lack of belief. Therefore, the ark of Noah must be accomplished. There is nothing that is greater than the wisdom in Christ. This tells us to receive all the perfect will of God. Those who received the perfect will knows it is perfect will, so there is no fear at all, even death. There is no love that is greater than Christ’s love. Therefore this is authority of Christ. There is no one whom you cannot love. There is no authority that is greater than loving God and loving men. Therefore, you cannot just reduce by loving the world as it cannot be compared. There is nothing greater than solving sins on Christ’s cross than anything you try. This is authority! He has shown His great love already, therefore, there is now no law of sin and death that condemns us already! For those who have been in the past bounded by desires flesh ego, how great is this freedom! There is nothing greater than what has been revealed by Christ to man.

-> Throne is not place in outer space, but about authority. There is nothing that is greater and deeper. What should be the thoughts of men? When blood of Christ painted on frame, 450 years of bondage broken, Red Sea opened, wilderness desert open rivers, hymns psalms sung. Some learn so much yet do not have authority of Christ, then what is the authority you have? I see that the teachers who teach the authority of JX are many, yet the teachers who can teach and enjoy together are few. I even see some teachers teach a bit mystical, and even saying if you do not have authority, you have sins – not wrong, but tells people to often go into accusations. If it is not connected to my living morning, afternoon, there is no use talking Word of God. I see what is said on the cross of Christ, the Holy Spirit power works, and people can enjoy authority of Christ – Tf Paul wanted to go Corinth not to see the godly nature, but where the power of their godly nature comes from. The Christ throne authority – no matter churches in China – I really expect this lesson 8.

-> Actually every lesson is important so that we can talk about this lesson 8. Really if continue really enjoy and lived out this authority, you will receive only one conclusion – I just need to pray. All the problems come from not praying already. What is praying? It is the process of Christ joining together with you. This is where authority flows, and is the mystery of Emmanuel.

-> Last week, Emmanuel mystery is how God loved us.


We these already blessed and beloved children of God, have absolutely no reason to continue to be without peace, be fearful, worried, or to lead a powerless living of failure,

-> Because it is not matched with COG!

because the authority of Christ that surpasses all, had already belonged to us.

-> We have confirmed this in Lesson 7: Christ in us

Regardless of our present situation, if only we are willing to grab hold of a few spiritual secrets, we can instantly enjoy overwhelming victory, and lead an abundant, blissful and complete living that the Lord had promised.

-> I often can see saints’ problem is from (1) muddle-headed, (2) lazy. Tf, continue to attend, yet do not know. There is no systemized. There is no clear foundation and root. Tf, when people hear the message, they do not hear attentively and fall asleep. Slowly, less people attend and Christ’s authority cannot be manifested. Because already very important truths have been revealed, saints cannot muddle and lazy. When heard new refreshing words, yet do not earnestly apply in your fields RJGX and remaining days on earth.. Must enjoy the words. Tf, only continue to “Amen”, yet when seen, yesterday and today still muddle-headed. I think IQ 60-70 will do, don’t be too complicated as simple mind will do. What is Christ’s eternal plan is best, tf what I prayed for in my family career financial usage – do I use? This is when IQ 50 willing to quiet down to confirm, when confirm this truth, power will be manifested! Ps 121 My help comes from above, but what does this above means? If our faith is connected heaven, all powers of throne flow to us. Heavenly truths and powers are with us, but we must practically join together. Good teachers teach practical realistic clear concrete, but if not pray well for that teacher alone, all will be wasted. Tf, in big blueprint prelude of Christ is that He is willing to share this great authority and powers to all who belongs to Him, but..


Look at summary first:

1. The authority and glory of God will entirely not manifest in any place that contains sin

2. God restored His authority and glory through Jesus Christ

3. We too had already sat on the throne together with Christ

-> what is this word? Spiritual meaning, cannot hear understand by physical

4. But if the communication between Christ and us has problems, we will lose the authority of Christ

-> of course

5. How can we then enjoy Christ’s authority anytime and anywhere?

1. The authority and glory of God will entirely not manifest in any place that contains sin

-> Because sin must belong to satan devil. Actually what tells us not to see Christ and enjoy authority is

(1) Sin

(2) Guilt

(3) Do not know how to solve this sin

(4) Do not submit – know yet do not want to change – very stubborn

We must know that sin has roots. If not removed this root of sin, no matter how you zealous, it is sin, tf all lies flesh lusts. No matter how you help people, it is sin. We must know very correctly on the definition of sin.

1) All sins come from Satan, thus all places with sins are dictated by Satan and the glory of God cannot be manifested <1Jn 3:8>

-> God temporally permit because this will bring Christ’s glory and works.

2) Adam was deceived by Satan and sinned, he lost the glory and authority of God, all the more fell under the authority of Satan, and was reduced to flesh and slave of the world <Ge 3:1-24>

-> When a man sin, the state of man’s spirit, living and relationships fell from all authority. If you just bring this sin or the feeling of sin, everything is no longer correct.

3) All Adam’s offspring bear the spiritual inheritance, are born in the consequences of sin, therefore under the authority of sins and Satan, they only live for the cravings of the flesh, the lust of their eyes and the boasting of this life <1Jn 2:16>

-> The first sin will bring generations. If my sin now is not solved, it will bring generations of problems.

4) Consequently, the world of mankind became more and more filled with things of unbelief, doubts, curses, disasters, competition, strive, diseases and death., this world of darkness can only wait for the last judgment, when it will be thrown into the fiery lake of burning sulfur to be burned eternally <Mt 24: 1-15; Rev 14:9-12>

-> Tf, those who bring sensitive spiritual eyes, they see man’s likeness pitiful harassed state as Satan’s works. They will see clearly the fallen, accursed, harassed, eternally condemned state of man.


2. God restored His authority and glory through Jesus Christ

-> Here, there are 6 sub-points that are the best, transcending the imagination of man. Satan has not thought about this. He has only thought about “a tooth for a tooth”. Tf, what the wisdom that Satan brought about is only “tooth for tooth” – moral ethics, religions. But what God wants to bring about is a transcendence over what man and Satan have never thought before. Tf, it is the most perfect.


1) Wherever the problem of sin is resolved, those places are reconciled with God, the authority of the devil and darkness will be shattered, the authority and glory of God will then be manifested <Col 1:13; Eph 2:16>

-> When sin comes, everything wrong, what should be thought is not, but thought and done wrongly. Christ comes so that authority can then be manifested only through Christ over what is “everything wrong”.

2) Jesus Christ died and resurrected for our (parts of His body) sins, had totally broken the dark forces of the devil. Presently, all who are in Christ can entirely restore the authority and glory of God <Ro 5:18; Eph 1:20-21>

-> JX D&R for our sins and totally broken Satan’s authority.

3) God added the kingdom, glory and authority all under the Name of Jesus Christ <Php 2:9-11; Mt 28:18>

-> The most serious sins is what God uses the highest righteousness to replace the sins. Anyone in Christ can remove this guilt.

4) Presently, Christ sits at the right hand of the throne of God, dominating all authority in heaven and on earth, interceding for parts of His own body <Heb 1:3; Ac 7:55>

-> Our Lord’s Prayer also says this in the end. Tf, at the end of prayers, we must acquire all authority and freedom. If after prayers you are worse off, you are not relying on Christ, but you are relying on guilt and other methods to pray. One word by one word of Lord’s prayer is a deep mystery:

Our Father in Heaven – where is heaven? Father – I am son. I am born again, not of the world. If we pray like this well, really kingdom, authority glory all belongs to you – will be reached and developed. Tf, we must continue to learn prayer, must confirm in Most Holy Place.

Praying for all brethren. He has been suffered, under persecution, and knows all our weaknesses, tf, he is worthy to pray for us.

5) Christ is now holding seven stars (angels and the heavenly troops), moving in the midst of the seven golden lamp stands (churches), and establishing the everlasting kingdom <Rev 1:20; Mk 16:19-20>

-> Now in our hearts and fields, are the 7 golden lamps. Daily have God’s plan and He wants to manifest His plan. Tf, our hearts to want to attain authority is very important.

6) When the everlasting kingdom of God arrives, Christ will judge the living and the dead, throw all things sinful, of the devil and of darkness into the fiery lake, and forever reign the kingdom of righteousness and love <Jn 5:22; Rev 22:3>

-> This is the truth, Apostle’s Creed. It is not reading Apostle’s Creed but confirming Apostle’s Creed in our hearts, in one second!

I believe in God, the Father Almighty, -> It is about believing living God. With this confirmation, we restore being with God and all His creations

the Creator of heaven and earth,

and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord: -> and after this, what He all did:

Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit,

born of the Virgin Mary,

suffered under Pontius Pilate,

was crucified, died, and was buried.

He descended into hell.

The third day He arose again from the dead.

He ascended into heaven

and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty,

whence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

-> Where is Christ’s mystery all in now? It is in HS:

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy universal church, -> all in me and my wife – 2 to 3 is a church. Christ’s church universal – from Ab, Moses, David, prophets founded church. Not catholic as in Roman Catholic, but catholic means cosmos nature, that believes one Father, one Christ, … -> to unity with all creation.

the communion of saints,

the forgiveness of sins,

the resurrection of the body,

and life everlasting.

-> In the past, we put this Apostle’s Creed in the middle, but I think if we put Apostle’s Creed in the front, it is according to what JX revealed, taught, D&R done, sat right throne, to give convictions to us – thus forgiveness of sins, resurrection, everlasting.

-> We have not taught this before, but the things that you confirm, whatever you believe and assured, the things in your heart will be then. Some are muddle-headed really, they just arrive and just read. Actually, word-by-word is historically witnessed matters. Thus if we confirm word by word, all things thanksgiving restore one. Therefore, God’s eternal glory is with us.

-> Sins, Satan block us cannot let us enjoy authority. But through Christ, everything is restored. Lifetime, our purpose of living is? In our living days, we learn Christ’s mystery in all things – and this is Apostle’s Creed thing.s


3. We too had already sat on the throne together with Christ

When we D&R with Christ, telling all things for Christ to take first control, we are already in the heavenly realms

-> Where is the throne? Every time we talk about Heavenly kingdom, we must talk about 3:

(1) what is to come

(2) what is with us right now

(3) continually through our network contacts and brethren living, expanding

Kingdom is Today acquire more, and thus expand, else expansion won’t come. The power of the authority I enjoy now and what I enjoyed 10 years ago is different, and this kingdom continues to expand till the whole world.

Eph 2:6 We already sat on heaven with Christ

Eph 1:3 All spiritual blessings already came down for us

Ja 1:17-18 all good and perfect gifts have already come to us

Eph 4:6 God is all superceding all men, and living amidst man

-> We all understand, but carnal Christians and just believed people do not understand. My life is joined together with heaven. When I pray, how this heavenly throne joins and gives me mighty strength and wisdom. We must continue to learn this, and this cannot be learnt finished, but is unlimited. So does Paul said that he is not perfect yet.

1) Because we had already eaten Christ’s meat and drunk Christ’s blood according to the promise, we had already become one body with Christ <Jn 6:53-56>

-> Where is the evidence that we have already eaten and drunk meat and blood of Christ? The meaning is that we believed His word. When we believed, our thoughts, purpose, heartbeat become Christ’s. His Father is our Father, His brethren, kingdom is ours also. We and Christ have become one body. We sat with Christ together on right throne. How can we sit together on right throne? No, not physical location, but how is it connected with my pocket money and family? We must concretely seek the evidences. It means that His thoughts have organized in my thoughts. Past don’t have, but now set up have. He has told us what He will accomplish in our future. Therefore, why we have the conditions, RJGX, meet such people or church, we have all seen. If we have seen, we just believe that this is HS guidance. When 3-5-10 years, God will step-by-step accomplish. Do not just understand by knowledge, but we sit in the heavenly realms.

2) As we had died and resurrected together with Christ, so we had already sat on the heavenly throne together with Him <Eph 2:6>

-> Then how do we come to sit with Christ? This is about the method. Without through D&R, we cannot receive God’s Father and His Spirit. When a person believes the Lord, many wants to baptize and wants to learn how to pray from others’ prayer. Then this is learning from others. No, but Christian living is when we know God and meet God, He must first tell us why we are born at this date and in such a family.

We must first receive and thus confirm first. In our prayers, therefore, we must use our own prayers in our sets of conditions. Why is it that we have gone through such a background and conditions? We must hear from the Lord Himself to understand why it is really so. It is not learning prayers, but testing and approving prayers. Many muddle-headed to start with, and many things they do are not connected with what they lived, even if they teach small groups (as they have knowledge through being long with the church), life and life must be connected, how to converse, and how to discover perfect will, and to teach how you must never forget God’s works on your lifetime. We must work hard on this.

We have already sat on right throne with Christ, but how is it related with my conditions? Therefore, we must D&R. It is not just about continually saying that we dying to ourselves because of sins, and ask for forgiveness. But we must come to Him to die and resurrect in all things, even the relationships of mine with my earthly father. Why is it that our brothers, parents are like this and that – you will ask. Therefore, everything must pass through death and resurrection.

As if the Nick Pastor’s son who was born without any limbs, until 16-17 years old, he was so much in suffering. When he heard his classmates singing, “Jesus loves me this I know”, and he felt so frustrated because he could never see the love of Christ. It was when he D&R and discovered the special love on his subset of conditions, and he said, “Unlimited thanksgiving flow from me. Whoever is like me, please come out – there is no one who is like me – a unique love of God.” When this was said, though some pitied him, endorphin moved around the meeting and many are healed. Many times, we know that a believer is not sitting in heaven, but is bounded on earth. Some always cry even though he has already believed Christ for 20 years.

Eph 2:4-6 He told us to become alive. To use today’s perspective to explain ourselves. Totally deceived by prince of air, indulging and letting loose of our flesh, just like children of wrath, and He died for us. When we died and resurrected with Him, we have already sat on the throne with Him. Yes, we are a blessed church, but I still hear many negative words among us. Some brothers and sisters in our church have even given thanks even when they met with disaster. I wanted to hear one whether she meant it to give thanks to God even though she failed her driving, and she gave reason that she know the Lord’s lesson for her. To have thanksgiving always in Christ, we must always test and approve His perfect will. This is where the authority is manifested. Unique conditions like mine, my daughter has sickness, but this is what God loved me, so I will never change this with others. I do not know whether my daughter will be alive tomorrow, but through many prayers, we know that we have sat on the throne with Christ and through there, God’s power is greatly manifested. I will not exchange her with another specially-gifted child. I write birthday card, “Through your sufferings, your father learnt important lessons, But it is not through your high grades or even Taekwondo that will make me respectable.” Korean school handicap principal blessed many – different because he has already sat on the throne of God.

If God has placed the crown on my head, are we not able to just handle even a small problem? We reign with Christ, and in this position, there is nothing that can make me sad. We must know therefore, what is meant by dying and resurrecting with Christ.

If anyone D&R with Christ, Christ’s power is immediately at that moment manifested.

3) Christ is my head and I am His body, thus the sovereignty of my life is in the hands of Christ and the authority and plan of Christ is manifested on my body <Eph 1:23; Col 1:18>

-> Hallejulah! May the students praise with the teachers. “Yes, then what is the power you have received?” Don’t know? This is called having godly behavior yet have not received the perfect will of God, therefore, there is no power at all. E.g. godly behavior to help poor people, yet if someone will gather a group of poor people to him, he may faint. This is because he has not taken helping poor people his own joy, but it is to him a mission or a duty. Some has godly power and likeness, and this is from joy of being and following. Spiritual battle – we cannot deceive anyone including Satan.

4) Therefore when Christ revelates His [word] and [plan] to me, when I am also willing to submit to Christ, whatever I bind on earth will be bound in heaven; and whatever I loose on earth will be loosen in heaven <Mt 16:19; Jn 15:7>

-> This is truly when you understand God’s perfect will. If you have always in all things taken hold of perfect will, then Christ’s authority is manifested. When you just submit on it, it is manifested. If you have utter assurance that you are doing and following the perfect will, unlimited powers come to you. Today you come for this meeting, if we really believe, we sit here and hear, all generations and futures all changed. If we just go and help someone, and we got it that this is what God tells us to go, you will receive much power. Yes, need to submit, but if you know that you are actually submitting to His perfect will, you will in your heart see assurance, expectation, hope, power, and you can feel it.

5) Therefore, the mystery of the descent of kingdom, authority and glory is hidden in my life and living fields <Mt 6:10; 12:28>

-> We have sat in the heavenly realms with Christ – what is the meaning? Before we know Christ, we only learn everything from the world. If we know Christ, then, we do not try not to sin anymore, or just live a godly life, but when we D&R to receive a new created life, God gives us a new purpose, so that in all things and conditions, when I throw away my motives and purpose and plan, and restore Christ’s motive, purpose and plan, in my heart, I do not longer need to care what others have to say because in my heart, there is an assurance and hope that Christ’s kingdom will continually descend on me. If we have already gotten God’s perfect will to live, 1-2-3 years, as days passed, you will discover that what you have gone past in your steps, God is with you.

Where is Kingdom? It is in your living. When we sit together with Christ in heaven, we must concretely say. This era already diminished this concept, so that it is not connected with our hands and legs, and some have talked about it abstractly. We must be successful in telling Christ to become first and Lord in our living. Of course, we may not get it immediately straight away, yet as we walk, we will receive more manifestations. What is going to be accomplished in my future, and how will you become testimonies in your fields? Just expect! Some very few testimonies even in their mouth of words, yet they have a lot of bible knowledge. Such people are this era’s life of Pharisees and Saduccees. Salvation comes free, but enjoying glory and authority must come from prayer, especially the prayer that eats and drinks Christ’s flesh and blood to become His body, and thus tell your whole body to become His body, receiving the perfect will of God. If not, we can only say that you live on earth and not in heaven.


4. But if the communication between Christ and us has problems, we will lose the authority of Christ

But it is so easy to lose it. For every one minute second, we must preserve

-> Spiritual knowledge, however much, there is no use. If Christ’s conditions matched with you right now. There is no use even if you have done much in the past. What is important is right now, whether your living spirit can be seen in your living fields with Christ’s living authority.

1) Satan forever cannot triumph over us, but he will still continue to deceive us, confusing the communication between us and God <Eph 6:10-12,16>

-> Satan’s greatest work is to tell us not be able to see God and be muddle-headed, or not knowing the perfect will, and do not want to converse with Him. We must know the works of the demons so that we can expose and drive him out. Satan’s purpose is only telling us not to know the Lord, forget the Lord, do not seek for the Lord, and not to walk with Him. Some people continue to want to know Satan by looking at a lot of movies on exorcism and reading lots of books, but there is no use. His work is actually in our life. If we know his cunning deceits, we just remove it, and this is the process of our sanctification.

2) When we are bound by the desires of the flesh and the love for the world, we will lose the communication between us and the Lord <Jas 4:1-6; 1Jn 2:15-16>

-> Every time when we hear this, we are pressurized? There is no one amidst us that have no desires of the flesh, right? Do not be pressurized! Many Christians have a lot of misunderstands, as they continue to want to make effort to separate themselves from their flesh, reject flesh. This is a great wrong of spiritual movement! You want to endure not to watch movies and not to touch the thing? Even if you do not do, you have already done the thing.

How can you not love the world? Unless you overcome the world and have heavenly thoughts greater than that of the world. We live in the world, and it is not that we must take ourselves apart from the world, as we will definitely fail. If we do not compromise, we will be cut off also. Therefore, we must not endure to get away from the desires, but we must get heavenly powers so that it will be natural to just remove so.

If we do not have desires of the flesh, sexual desires, sleeping desires, our children will be in great sufferings, the world is no longer around. What about sleep desires? In the past, when I sleep more than 6 hours, I felt so bad in me like I am so lazy. Therefore, night time I cannot sleep well, and day time I felt so tired. Through science, I know that I must sleep 8 hours, and for the other 16 hours, not to think and do other things. I see that many people do not have enough time because of doing the wrong things. Newspapers can be read in 10 minutes, but some read in 3 hours! Therefore no time! I also think that young people should group together with people all over the world so that they can even travel around! You just want to stay at home to read the bible? How can you learn? U need challenge and new experiences. What I mean is that desires and flesh and boast of world is of course no good, but do not push it down! If you can play in God, how good it is to play! If you can love in the Lord, it is so sweet. In reading bible, how much it is so good to travel around the world and heavenly realms! It is good for missions also! In normal days, if your life is filled with expectation hope and joy, these days, if you discover, in the past, boring to endure not to read and touch, but now, this is what the bible says, “Lord, I am so much attracted by You so that I come running towards You.” In the past, I do not like to sleep the most, because I felt that sleeping is too wasteful, so that my hairs all gone. But one day, I discovered that one days’ of sufferings, one day to burden will do. I discover that even if I do a lot, there is no way I can take all the burdens myself if not according to the Lord’s timetable. If not satisfied about the day’s life it is ok also, but daily just to get crown. I cannot sleep even when I was in the bed, and in the past, I slept like crawling like in mother’s bosom, but now I do not like, just want to play with the Lord on the bed. Now, even 8-9pm, I thought of the nice sleep on the bed. Heavenly tours, according to the word of God, in the dreams. Through all the thoughts, preaching and talking on the phone, I find that it is satisfied. When I sleep on the bed, I discover that I snore. When I suddenly awake, I discover that my wife just went to the room of Lee Song to sleep. What I mean is that the desires of the flesh – do not endure, but better to discover. Balance in your 8 hours, then your 16 hours will be better filled with crown. When you quieten yourselves and do not be anxious, you will enjoy. God’s perfect will can be received in our RJGX one.

One day, I also discovered when people asked me, “Do you not have a Sabbath year?” For me, it seems like there is already a Sabbath, why is it there a need to have more Sabbath? Daily there are new grace of God discovered in my problems, grow in Christ daily, and care and even love one another, and encouragements of one another. Only one thing: time is not enough. One time, I conversed with Elder wife Huiyan, we met at 12pm and stopped at 6pm, still a bit not finished and have a little hating to part as we shared about seeing visions together, really joyful things! There is nothing better than tours or vacations. Therefore, I also thought that there would be no more tours in my living le. Of course, there are times I need to quiet myself down for concentration prayers for days. This is learning too. It is not to tell us to leave and not to do anything, but to tell us to boldly enjoy eating and drinking in the Lord, and then, glorify the Lord.

3) If we still have feelings of guilt in our hearts, then we cannot boldly converse with the Lord <Ge 4:7; 1Jn 1:9>

-> This is when we lost the authority of God – a reason. Guilt is worse than sinning, as it is about destroying the relationship of us and the Lord. The quickest solution is blood of Christ. For me, I see myself as a child. How my child stands living before me, I just stand before God as a child, and very quickly, we enjoy one another, and quickly, important wisdom will definitely come.

Actually, there are a lot of things that we think are sins, but actually they are not sins. Many are our misunderstandings when we have not restored God’s perfect will. What is truly sin? It is not loving the Lord and not loving the people beside you. Real sin is for our own flesh and bones, actually they are meeting problems clearly now, but we do not share about the heavenly answers. Therefore, we must play and live well, so that we can testify the Lord. In the past, I cannot testify the Lord well, and only felt that our small things are sins, yet my direction is not with the Lord, and thus in ignorance, I was bounded by guilt.

4) If we still harbour hatred and bitterness in our hearts, we cannot receive the Lord’s pleasure <Mt 5:21-26>

-> What the Lord looks most as importance, when everything is burnt, the remnant is Loving the Lord and Loving neighbors. Loving neighbors is doing on your own self. If you do not have the authority, you cannot enjoy. If you need to put effort to love the Lord, it is no longer loving the Lord. Even in sufferings, His love is even more. Loving others too – I am so weak myself, if I do not have the Lord’s love, I wouldn’t stand, therefore, I will never have bitterness on others, as I have no more expectations on him or her. I only have expectations on the Lord’s work on him/her. Only that the Lord’s work manifest more on him/her, I will be joyful. According to such understanding, there is no way to hate one person. If one has bitterness or hurt, Satan will know and flare him up. Man’s weaknesses – if there is HS works – we can even expect, as we know we ourselves, how the Lord has helped us before. Therefore, having understood the love of God, there is no way we can hate someone.

5) If we obviously knew the will of the Lord, yet still refuse to submit, then we cannot have intimate conversations with the Lord <Jas 1:22-25>

-> This is an of course. If refuse to submit, it is already in a separated state. Therefore, the Lord’s power cannot be manifested. It is not about no preaching, but there is no testing and approving – this itself is in the state of original sin already. How can one submit to the lord if he does not know the perfect will of the Lord?

5. How can we then enjoy Christ’s authority anytime and anywhere?

Then what must we do? We must not be muddle-headed, but we must quiet down and learn

1) Must confirm that in Christ, all the problems in my past, present and future have already been entirely solved in Christ <Ro 8:1-39>

-> Ro 8 is really very important. My life is already changed – new creation COG, received greatest love, most successful, already eternal good things started in my life. Some people say the bible of bible is Romans, and Romans 8 is most important of Romans. Some memorized whole Romans and I find it really good. But everything must receive evidence matched to Romans. You received spirit of sonship, groans cannot be expressed prayers for us, all given for us, what is not for us? All things work for good for us. Therefore, conclusion of Romans 8 is that “I have no more problems already”, and another sentence for this is, “Eternal good things have already started“. When you sleep tonight “Eternal good things have already started”. When you wake up morning, “Eternal good things have already started”, when difficult things come to you “Eternal good things have already started”.

2) Must ascertain our identity and position, belonging and direction, and live for the kingdom of God as well as for blessing all peoples <1Pe 2:9; Mt 6:33; 28:18-29>

-> This direction must definitely be correct.

1Pe 2:9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God. If problems come to you, it is so that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

There is definitely a reason of having such a condition, such children, such parts of Jesus Christ’s Body in Singapore, Malaysia. So what are the eternal good things that have already started? Must seek and test and approve. In eyes of others, people may look down, but I take it as special, and let Christ take first control.

3) The word of God must become the basis of all my considerations and judgments <Ps 119:105; 2Ti 3:14-17>

-> Really, if we do not be muddle-headed so that we use some heart to seek, the things that always come to me, it is just needed that we say “Oh Lord”.

Having assurance that the word of God is the truth, we know when we call on someone, it is pleasing to the Lord. It brings a totally different atmosphere when we tell someone, “God tells me to come and give the word to you“, vs “Today, let’s turn over to pages at 1Co.” The Lord gave me every cell and give thanks – this meal becomes medicine to me already. Learn more today than in the past.

There are no longer such problems in heaven, but praise the Lord if He will take us earlier away. It is joy that He walks with me today. When marathon, we hope so much to reach the final goal. If we bring our heavenly background to view all these, it is so easy to run. What I mean is that we are joyful because our days on earth are becoming less.

Who in the world can replace Christ? First of importance to me is JX, second is my wife, third are my children, and forth is my brothers and sisters. Daily, I dance about, hold hands to China, Malaysia, Singapore, and when we meet problems, we know that we gain more crown together. What Christ has accomplished is not that He has solved our sins to get eternal life. This is too much on the surface already.

What Christ has accomplished tells me to present time now get His perfect will so that when I submit, His glory and power manifest on me. Isaiah said, “I am annoyed. My perfect will is revealed, yet you do not know, cannot do, and do not want to follow.”

4) Always guard our hearts and minds, receive the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and pursue Holy Spirit-filled living <1Th 5:16-19; Eph 5:15-21>

-> Previously, we mentioned God’s word, and God’s word is still a Logos and a letter. If we rely on HS, it becomes a Rhema. Man’s words are really limited. Sometimes, we want to say something in a letter or an article. Yet life does not need to be written. Life is abundant, full of content, unlimited that can suddenly and immediately become much alive in a moment. When life comes in manifested, we just depend on the life to live and follow.

5) Must often discover the guidance and plan of God, submit with a thankful and joyful heart, and walk with God everyday <Ro 12:1-2>

-> Let us organize again:

God’s glory and authority is always with us, but always we fear worry because of Satan’s obstruction. Jesus Christ reveals so that all these are removed eternally. And when we D&R with Christ, telling all things for Christ to take first control, we are already in the heavenly realms. Yes, we have all these abundance blessings and portion, but it is so easy to lose it. For every one minute second, we must preserve. Then what must we do? We must not be muddle-headed, but we must quiet down and learn. Especially in your most sad areas, you must not be bounded on earth but be set free in heaven and be solved.

When this continues for 3-5 years, authority will add, rewards add, testimonies continue to add. Until now, it is that we have 7-8 years, and our testimonies must continue to grow weekly. Because of Christ, we must get more happiness and abundant blessings, yet we receive more pressure, hurts of blame and scoldings so that our lifetime is gone? Though some do not say, but their life is actually like this. Therefore, I find a sister really adorable – she said she went around churches, and for 10 years, she has never smiled. For me, I can hide and mask a smile. But really, for a child who must be upright, she cannot smile. Yet, for one year after knowing Christ, she said, “Her Christ has found her” and there is no more sorrow on her faces. 8 beatitudes are what is discovered by Christ. I am joyful that I can get this church. When our blessed fellowship comes together, God’s glory power continues to come, and God continued to tell us to get more. For me, I go less to Taiwan, Chicago, China, Singapore, I have testimonies that cannot be finished, but do not fear, I will not say your names. I tell you, live for making Christ the king, and then all things that you have all belongs to heaven already. Then no more that anything u learn is about spiritual things already. Then all things naturally come to you in words, and your teachings become more natural. It is like our words “Oh, Christ..”


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