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Teacher 11: Cross Message, 5 Gospel Lessons, Basic Messages 1-10

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SatTeacherTraining11_20080913.wmv Cross Message – 5 Gospel – Basic Messages 1-10

We must restore all, even timetable, spirit, all things, hands and movements.

We have same conditions as Joseph, Daniel. Why are they so special then? This is because they can restore God in their conditions. JX did this in highest standard with His given conditions. His mystery of incarnation is in all Ab, all, so tells us to seek, learn and enjoy the most abundant

After accepting Jesus Christ,

Meet God (Know more)
Converse (Use whole bible to understand what He is doing now in my living)
Follow God (Conclusion. Think, Do, Speak if assured is what God wants me to do, endorphin joy

Cross Message

Not to go into sins forgiven, go heaven, now to be more in well-being, do righteous works of God. This is Pharisees.

But cross message should be shared to tell us to restore “Meet God, Converse, Follow God”.

|    Life        | Always with me! Truth!
|    Power       | Eternal, temporary. Unchanging, changeable.
|    Blessings   |
God ————————————- Me

(God is with me in His leading, uniqueness, even as a slave. Unchanging, then we relative will hear, else if we are only alone in our relative conditions, we are in curses)

(Not by any other way, qigong, deeds, but only the following transformations)

Flesh –> Spirit
Sin –> Love
Evil Spirits -> Holy Spirit (leading)
God ———                  ———- Me
|     J = X      |
|                |
<==== Meet          |
How to since |  Converse      |
in problems?|  Walk with     |
=> |      ->        |
|    Identity    | Just to change identity
Conditions ===> |
need not be |Loved! Blessed! |
changed | Called! Chosen!|
at all! |    —> By God!|
|         Creator|
|         Father |(Message to be able to change Samaritan
|                | woman to leave lifeline bucket behind
|                | to go into city to proclaim Messiah!)
|                |
|                |(Small group leader who sees gap with God, repent
|                | in small group, gospel so zhen1han4. I pray at
|                | least 12 such sharers, I’m learning too!!
|                | Practical message.)
| God revealed   |
|  Himself to me |
Just like: Mt Sinai |
| Damascus | “Be Holy before Me”
| Daniel 1:8 | “You are my chosen vessel”
|                | “You are not just an exile”
|                |
|                | Heard God’s voice (God’s mouth: living, active)
|                | Believed (Who can believe? Is 53:1, 1Co)
|                | (Most won’t believe such joke, foolish words,
|                | with no corresponding conditions)
|                | -> But one believed!
|                | (e.g. God will give you a child at old age
|                | e.g. Promise of stars even not even a child)
|                | -> when seen clearly, how can not commit all?
|                | -> Resolute, give all (Zacchaeus)
|                | -> Became prince of God
|                | -> spirit of sonship changed,expressions,words
|                | <-> because don’t/half/dead believe
|                | Really Transformed!
|                |
God’s child  |                |
Emmanuel    | Will hunger, meet, find out how He is with me <-> bible memorized
|                | Do not just by knowledge hunger!!
|                |
Guidance    | Do not imitate others’ experiences
| (cannot imitate, but should hunger/equip Emmanuel and Guidance)
| (Test and approve Emmanuel/Guidance)
| Like to pray, = Holy Spirit
| will speak, people hear surprised come “Father!”
| Therefore, the things that should hunger, must hunger!!! (H.S.)
|                |
Prayer Fulfillments <Because thoughts are just what God want to fulfill
| Easy to test and approve ( + – = , we know perfect will)
| Sure Fulfilled! (e.g. St Augustine who even were in cults)
|                | foundation of theology bf John Calvin)
| (e.g. Those who do not want anything but God
| | who talk life not business
| | -> God sure want to give all to such
| | ===> we know in intercession!
| | Those who continue to seek God, yet no system,
|                | so mess up more. Tf, if we intercede, we know!)
| | = child, main character, servant…
| | know can entrust, know future, church built-up..
| (e.g. come so far just for this church, no trouble)
| Intercession mystery = see above, speak in truth, timetable
|                | when reached, he will return..
| Fulfilled in the midst
|                |
Power and Authority          | Since know his living is guided by God,
|                | power and strength daily follow him
|                |
Inheritance |                | Daily added
|                |

–> Not for the wise, but IQ50 like me realize..
–> Therefore, Life, Power, Blessings are often with me! (Go on top)

However, not easy. Need time. God always use the method that the fore-runner (those who loves more, more zealous, etc) runs slower than some at the end.

1994, raised by Presyterian, gospel, Independent, Theology, grace have, but no procedure, system, joining together, confirmation one by one. Need at least 3 years (or 5) to get strong and courageous.

All messages must come from the Cross Message. Will know whole bible, history, vessel (called, knowing).


Cross Message -> 5 gospel lessons

One Problem

Not God left, but in enslaved conditions complain to God; first to (1) understand then to continue (2) alternate repeat confirm to understand; then later when things happen, “What is Your perfect will, Lord?”, will heal, will then heal many similar hurt people by own healed experiences.

For children see bad conditions, confess not knowing God’s perfect will well enough, quiet down and pray for self first then pray for child <-> seek for right/wrong/tracing ancestors where his root of problem is -> goner!

Wife finds husband for revenge; “I prayed a lot already” -> God fixed = “pray 9999 times more” because there is a very important spiritual reason.

One Answer

Precious, Process: anytime D&R with Christ – perfect will plan manifested… -> will discover really become like JX after 1 year (cry, joy, etc). Miracles continue to follow such a person. We learn JX ba. All answers can be found in Him!


But really: how is He related with me? Is He really my Saviour? Am I really called by Him? He died for me? Is He really interceding for me at the right hand of God’s throne? Relationship with Christ is it REAL?

Many Christian living has not yet firmed this, therefore, no power, no love God heart can’t get, no wisdom received, only rely on self zealousness. Therefore continue to be in misunderstanding: like Moses continued to wait for refinement tf cannot get assurance and even cannot discover where God greatly continued to work.

Me 1971 in chapel: Irrigation of Israel fertile the land is it because land is desert in first place? People only continued to admire Joseph’s conditions or David’s heartbeat in their hearts only, “If I only am a bit like…” But because of Joseph, one vegetable, dog are blessed, because he is main character. Should teach more on Word, HS filled here, Angels surround always, tell saints must gospel essence, goodness, great work of God, how to see this precious and follow God by throwing all behind, Shall we teach more on tithes, offering, serving, and commitment – this era church’s misunderstanding?

New Living

All your conditions must become NEW after this. Therefore all living must be new. Before knowing this mystery and after knowing, everything has changed. Know if really, all are new – bowl of rice, family, work, serving you do. All have Procedure -> Join together -> Confirm (don’t admire other conditions, for you must overcome your own conditions first, else you will die because of your depression) -> Over and over again (daily attacked, nature really bad of Adam) -> Nature/Habit <Php 1:12 my meet tells gospel advance, 20 die live to tell Christ exalted even if I be any job, 21, 4:4-7 always rejoice, always preserve hearts and minds, 9-13 I got a secret tf I can do all things thru Him, 19 God’s providence is always in abundance!> <Ac 16:6-10 Christ/HS blocked me not bully beat him cannot go in, tf one night pray at Troas see Macedonia vision, 16:11-15 HS opened Lydia eyes (not seeing Lydia is serious), 16:16-39 Prison things can praise and thank God>


All these come from conversing with God. If conversation has succeeded, of course, he will follow God.

Some do not want 36L but Bible. Praise them greatly! By Bible to know God is our purpose! But many stories – what speak? On JX, center on Him, Lk 24, Ps all by Me. Tf must know more on Cross Msg. 5 gospel to confirm in living to know all things that will come to meet with you – people situations = how to allow Christ power manifested. Moreover, many bible verses in 36 lessons. 36L must totally eat up = FORMAT. Before build temple = worship calf, lost the way, cannot get God’s central thought.

=> 20 Lessons (How to grasp Cross and 5 gospel msgs?)

Purpose is to tell people to meet, converse, walk with God (1-11, 11-15, 16-20).

1) Born Again -> Transformation: all changed: fate, life, conviction, emotions, feelings, plan, inheritance, times.. this is done through God’s works

2) Know God’s works: then you can know New Living, all inside your family/life/living days

3) Know Self more when you know God’s works more in yourself and your own conditions

4) Ideology Know God/self not enough. You need a heart of following God. This heart must resolute. Tf, 4 Perspectives: history, world, values, world. Thoughts, perspective, heart attitude/commitment. Therefore, history now you know, more important in world is spiritual (hearts and minds) as it brings all heart body interpersonal heaven earth all changed. Therefore this must be done.

=> Must know who God is

5) 6) God = Voice (= God’s Word), must 5) know how Word is related with your life, 6) how to restore then in your own life. Therefore, He is not anywhere, don’t go elsewhere to find, He is inside the Voice you hear, He is Voice inside of your ear, hearts and minds, and in your life.

7) 8) God = JX => Me. God’s Voice has incarnated, same image/likeness as you, to come to earth. He is JX. Now in me.

9) 10) God = Holy Spirit (His Spirit) => Living spirit (my spirit). He is in me.

Simply, 1-10 Meet God = Know God, Know self all His works on me (Two ways must know)

11-20, then will be healed. At least 3-5 years state = 10H

Spirit: see heavenly kingdom always, rely Spirit

Heart: joy, satisfaction, thanks, praise, hope

Flesh: healing of illnesses (most cases are immediate, some 1 or few weeks, some old illness just disappear). Sure have. Yet if HS filled daily still have, means thorn in flesh, = power and strength is the illness.

Living: all things see God’s leading and works

Interpersonal: no enemies, love, compassion, bless, wait for them, just get beaten to bless, timely you will be led by Spirit

Spousal: good, become one inheritance, will get eternal inheritance

Children: see living Christ in life and living, words all of Christ’s, children will accept, rely on HS to do, grow well. If not obedient, God will take matters in His own hands, to turn them around, no need worry.

Finance: Start from satisfaction, enjoy abundance, no need save one cent, just use. George Miller king of England orphans raising 150000 orphans, no savings, no preparation for old age, live till 93, run around world, all finance just follows him. Daily 2000 orphans, sent 100 missionaries, giving them salary. He just enjoys, no need to manage, as treasurer will manage. Son and daughter-in-law got from the teachers. Really one who meet God!! I hope me too, get healed! God won’t give much else continue to cruise, but God gives a bit pressure to move us on. More than man’s perspective, let them meet some people, information, roads. Common points of those who are blessed main characters are with wealthy people. DL Moody good friend is Rockfellow! 350 churches with pipe organs! I am not willing to get these, but if God is willing, He will generously give!

Now must really pray, how to converse with God. Some just come small group without reading notes. Blessings but not knowing in blessings. I see all problems with Christians are:

Not knowing how to pray, and therefore in front of this is not praying (James: you don’t receive because no praying, don’t receive even if pray = don’t know how to pray. Don’t be like child, but just be a child. Really believe to pray. Why cannot? Because only on surface know God, just only live by name only, for all stars, earth all of God your Father’s, your children all given by His arrangements, Your Father. Actually the things that we think we must ask, we actually do not need to pray, for you discover you are the prince of God, all angels hosts protect you, then you start to pray, how can you not be blessed in prayers ‘cos your very heart is blessed with heavenly realms. Therefore, JX says not to pray without Father, like orphan, so that your prayers also do not accord to God’s will.

Therefore, need B1-10 procedure join, enjoy converse and confirmation, walk for 3 years over and over again.

Actually, if you think it is normal for someone in church with the kind of faith is mature, it is so contradictory, all words have doubts and disbelief, no peace, nagging, sentences always say you me correct or wrong. For such children not yet suicide is grace of God. Parents problem. Messy and chaotic! Do also no efficiency. For our own self, really need this!

Front part message don’t think it is for condemning you elders, or youths, but voice of God. My idea is like 30-40 years old must take up the baton. At least there are 10 people here for Teacher’s training, who cannot but must have such meetings.

Am I supposed to say this? We should pray for this era, knowing that we should already offer up everything to follow the Lord. Is it not so? Love every opportunity, learn perfect will. Our spiritual state, continue to sleepy. We are sinner of sinners, nature bad. Yet all days numbered by You. Help us! Give strength! Why we so blind? Why at once cannot see kingdom heavenly! Why complain words continue to come? Help us, for the most weak person is on pulpit so that I cannot but pray. Pray that I may all the more 24 hrs walk, quiet heart. Lord, more exalted, we become smaller, Lord, revive our church. Many attacks, negatives, many people sleeping, may the Lord revive, turn around. May the Lord restore us like Jerusalem, Antioch church. All gifts can return, healed. Heal us, we more humble, need more of Your Word to help us.

Lord, by this cross, all history and world existence reason. For lesson 11 onwards, we go into confirmation, over and over again. May the Lord anoint, train. May the Lord, for all who elites will surely understand the depth in this message. Some in world coworkers feel stress, help them. Give them 300-400 hrs savings in their life! We look upon your compassion and leading. We hope this message to seek out Lord’s sheep, workers, they also found our message.


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