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Teacher 12: Basic Message 11 – The Prayer of God’s Children

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Basic message 11

Matthew 6:5-34

Our 36 lessons consist of Cross Message, 5 gospel lessons, 20 basic lessons and 10 healing messages. Today, we start on lessons regarding prayers. Prayer is everything of our Christian living. Especially to us teachers, prayers are most important. No matter whether we are willing or not, we cannot deny because we are already high priests. Towards what the world sees, we are also regarded as teachers. We already are mothers and leaders in the world. Therefore, most important is prayer. Whatever you see in prayer, you can use it to bless your students, sheep, and children.

I see some small group leaders share messages, but they share with different power. I see that the power is different in prayers. No matter whether they share the Sunday message or the 36 lessons, they only need to memorize the main points and that will do. I often speak like this because the detailed message is spoken by Rev Leechull. The message should be longer for my case because it can be taken as a reference and those who listen thereafter for it can study too. However, for us small group leaders who use these lessons as the first hear, we must take our own seeing from our own prayers. Therefore, however much you pray, you will see how efficient the power the messages will become. The messages have procedure, confirmation, and through continual prayers, alternate joining and confirmation, you will discover that these materials cannot be explained. This outline must be written for reference, but the few words that cannot explain the very meaning of it, we must know how to bring the details of that message out. Then men will hunger, and they will go one step further of what the message means. Romans 7 says that our prayers, living, evangelism are no longer under the old ways, but they are according to the new way of spirit. They leave the letter old letters and must go towards. Therefore, they cannot be the same when shared out if according to new way of the spirit. They can be used similarly, but they cannot be shared similarly. This is what I prayed! Our church now has teachers training, and in the future, we may have a lot of speakers of an era coming out, so here, we must iron this out. After understanding the message, we must see the message in all our 7 fields, then this message is correct. Then after going through this message for a year or so, we are able to freely give thanks in all circumstances, can bless and save people, admonish people. If we have received this life of teachers, we do not need to speak a lot of words at home. You speak more and you will lose power. You must attract your children as that is what must happen for your life inside to attract. This is what we want to touch on and this is the mystery of prayer. If teachers’ prayers do not go through, teachers’ message only becomes knowledge, and to some people, it is only playing the piano to the cow. However, if you speak about the meals you eat, the exercise you do, which everyone are doing, they will receive convictions. When you received convictions through dreams, which tell people to understand everyday matters, then you can give people the power in the messages. In order to acquire the messages, the answer is only one and this is that your prayer must be correct.

Your understanding of the gospel has how much knowing and understanding, you can pray how much. If you pray how much, then you can enjoy heaven’s rewards and gifts how much. This is all in your every movement of yours, therefore, if this prayer comes into every movement of yours, you become a person of evangelism. How can this person, having the great power of the gospel, be not able to speak no words of gospel?? There are no such people in our church, but there are so many believers like this in the era! Is it not a great contradiction?

We have also gone through a lot of messages, Genesis, Exodus, Bible Overview till Isaiah, 36 lessons, all kinds of written messages. If we do not like to pray, it only proves that we do not understand the gospel. In my life, there is a conclusion: the more we know the gospel, the more we will love to pray. This prayer is not about three times prayer, but loving to pray is about always and ever trying to seek for His perfect will, this kind of prayer. I rely on prayer power to preach this message. This is called relying on the Holy Spirit to pray in all kinds and forms of prayers.

Some people, they know the gospel mystery not that much, but when they know Christ, they love to pray a lot. I see that these people are really blessed. No matter whether you know or not, you continually shake God’s hands. You always cry, and you want God your Father to know and answer even as an infant. And the Father will come and help. Therefore, I say that normally, however much you know the gospel, or the more your years of Christian living, but there is no matter about all these years and knowledge already but Christian living is the meaning about what he or she is receiving through how much he loves to pray. At least the spiritual power is different. Previously the no peace, fear, depression disappears, and through lengths of prayers, God accomplishes for him. Therefore, this kind of person loves to pray.

But, as I see that some people love to pray, when I look at their appearance, there is something that I wish that he may renew. This is about his likeness and expression, voice, tempo, and content when praying. If we grow our prayers till this level, we are quite mature Christians. Some people when they pray, it is as if they struggle with themselves, “Lord, Lord…” and their speed is too fast so that there is no way for God to answer them. However, they love to pray. They are fervent because their prayer comes from the messages. However, some people when they pray, they continue to shout like God is deaf, and even to the extent that they command God to abide their wishes, “Lord, this! Lord, that!…”, and it is like changing the tone a bit, they say, “Lord…, bless my children…” in tones of cries. They never listen but the other party has many things to tell them! Therefore, when I teach about prayers, I want to introduce to you the prayer of Jesus Christ. When we learn about prayers, our model must be as Jesus Christ’s example, and when we do so, we will very quickly receive the convictions of the Holy Spirit. There are many places we can see Christ’s prayers, and especially in John 17, He says, “Lord………………..” And it is as if God replies Him saying, “I am here”. Our prayers are becoming a bit anxious and quick, but this should not be the case. Therefore, we now have chain prayer and united-voiced prayers. This comes from Korea, and it is so beautiful because there are many voices and it seems so zealous, but when I look and hear at their expressions, it seems that they want to compete with the person next to them. God must be confused in heaven. But united-voiced prayers is just using your own speed to pray, and I believe Jesus Christ can do united-voice prayers. When 12, 70, 100 disciples come together, they can united prayers. This mystery, we must continue to learn. Jesus Christ says, “Lord,…..I glorify You, and You have gloried me. This is the time that has reached to glorfy.” And He heard the voice from the Lord and the smile from Him. Before the creation of the world, you and I are together speaking and enjoying each other – the words that come from here – word by word, there is no false and fake, and every word is a truth itself, word-by-word is a fulfillment! Before the creation of the world, this is what we prayed for and what will be accomplished, and this is what is presently accomplishing! Is it not joyful? John 17 is the whole chapter after JX had last supper and teaching disciples the last time – prayer for himself and more for the disciples to pray. There is fulfillment inside the prayers already. Some people only continue to ask, beg, “Lord, give our pastor strength, give.. give… ” and their hands grind.. But if as you speak, “Lord, may You Ownself anoint pastor’s head”, and immediately (at same time), “thank You Lord, thank You Lord”, then you see the Lord really anointing the pastor, then you continue, “Lord, 7 times anointing on him, I bless his life.”.. This is called prayer that relies on the Spirit. “Lord, anoint! Anoint!” No, this is not relying on the Spirit. Therefore, the Lord tells us that we must learn all forms of prayers, telling the spiritual strength and fire to rise up. The Lord tells us to give this program to us, and this is not from the pastor, but that the Lord Himself gives to us, and with this conclusion, we go from the first week of igniting the spirit’s fire, asking the Lord to give bless, change us, and continue to hear our prayers!

Therefore, our prayers must especially be a kind of fulfilling prayers, which means that the prayers are fulfilling as we pray. Therefore, when we pray, we remember that the Lord is incarnated? Is the Lord with us? Is the heavenly kingdom with us 2 or 3 persons who comes together, in my family, in my church? And has the Lord already told us the eternal future? Must see from when we are born into the world, when we are born again, and till now, have we seen it clearly? From the future, we see the present times on what the Lord is working, we will see how the Lord is working on us very clearly. Therefore, our spirits will be very clear, prudent, and not muddle-headed, and so that we will not waste time but love time. Naturally, we will love God’s perfect will, and we will be Spirit-filled. What I have just spoken is Eph 5, and is the conclusion of one knowing the gospel. Yester year, it is the year of joining together year, as our life is not one individual life that is thrown into and floating in the air, life not coincidental, but our life is joined together with our Lord’s in spirit, soul and body, and our life is joined together with our parents and children and relatives, and 2008 sept 20th is a day that is joined together with the whole eternal years, and I hope that I will outgrow 70 years, and I am 50 years now, and how much my children have grown, my ministry have grown, and we know this immediately as we are present now, and this is called the voice and loudness of our Jesus Christ’s prayer. Because the Lord JX is 100% perfect, therefore, when He prays, He will hear immediately the voice of the Holy Spirit and He will be able to react immediately. We, also, when we are Holy Spirit filled, we can do so. But if we are filled with flesh or our motives, we will lose. JX is HS filled from even at young, and this tells his mother to be HS filled. This is what we must learn for our lifetime. I believe that our coworkers’ prayers are different as your prayers are with much assurance. Even though you have not seen the degree of what the Lord JX or Paul, or even what I have seen, but if your hearts I know, are continually being changed. Your life, children, your church, era is changing. If your spiritual things in your heart continue to change chemically, that spiritual change is a precious prayer. No matter how much zealous you pray, if you have not seen any fulfillments, that prayer is bad, and will bring worse results.

Therefore, everyone, you must really if you want to teach your children, it will become to them a problem. Even if the pastor’s or small group leader’s messages talk about more prayers, it is wrong. Prayers must start from seeing the “cannot but pray” reason to start to pray. I discover myself that the spirit continues to receive attacks, and continually temptations, and persecutions come, and my spiritual blindness and flesh arising I continue to see! And Christ’s meaning and HS mysteries and works very quickly dwindle! I see this. Therefore, what is gospel? Therefore, I say that however much you know and understand the gospel, however much you will pray. In the past, my children do not want to pray no matter how much I tell them. However, for now, you all know about Sophia’s situation, and she loves to pray so much now. Just this morning, she prayed for 2 hours with her mother. Yesterday afternoon, when I want to do something, she asks me to pray for her. This is because she found that if she never prays, she will die. This attack cannot overcome at all! Sometimes, when I see her reading bible, I see that she is reading it with a prayerful heart. Therefore, you must wait for your children until they see the “cannot but pray” reason, before this happens, you only tell them that they must pray.. Many people only tell believers to pray, but without seeing this reason, this is like telling them to wear an astronaut clothes in outer space, and tell them to move about.

Prayer realm is so deep! If you have never played weiqi before, you will not know how to stand your ground and eat up other’s ground. If someone does not know about the principles of weiqi, but if you just give him the weiqi, and tell him to play, it is the same case here – we must know the principles first! It is like there are no preparations, and you just throw him into a lion’s den to fight with the lion, which is roaring as Satan. The Lord’s word tells us everything. In the past, I have not been born again, and I have some forms of prayers. I have some 108 times to pray told by my mother to pray to my ancestors. I have such a habit in my young days. So much so that when I know the glorious Father, and know this gospel, I discover that the expression of my prayers and the content of my prayers are almost the same to that of the one praying to ancestors! Of course, after we know JX, we know this Father, and all men died in sins and transgressions, after death, will have hell and heaven, and I know so I pray for my parents and siblings for their salvation. But after this kind of prayers, I just take up courage to encourage myself, and I just quarrel with them on these matters. Therefore, in my heart, I only have the idea that prayers must be done. If prayers are not done, I will be beaten. Therefore, without knowing, I will see that some forms of problems will come to me, and if I do not pray, some forms of problems will happen to my children and blessings will not come to them. This thing that I tell you teachers, you meet new believers who just came to the Lord, we must know how their prayers must change. Our Christian experience must change like this, and you must listen carefully here.

If it is not prayers, God will not bless us? God has blessed us in everything! But if you do not pray, you will not be able to use the blessings! For example, there is a beautiful computer. If you do not use the computer, it is not being beaten, but if you do not use it, the very good usefulness of a computer that you do not use in the end will result in you, i.e. the heavenly gifts and rewards is better than the computer by 1000 or even 10000 times, and this is so deep, so that you cannot use, then the fleshy things that come to you, and if you cannot use the blessings that are already given, you will meet with no good things. Therefore, why must we pray? This motive must be understood clearly. There should not be someone who have a mobile phone and just use it for the sake of just using it since you have it. But it is that you use it out of convenience. There is no one who wants to romance for the sake of being in love, but because of love, he wants to converse. This is analogy to prayer. I say all these and if you discover that if you do not the inclination to like to pray, what must you change? It is not to go into more fervent prayers, but that our target of prayers, we must know Him clear, to start. What is He doing every day? If we know this, we will love to pray after then.

Therefore, before prayers, we must know the gospel:

Gospel -> = Basic Messages 1-10 -> Prayer (converse) Lessons 11-15




Evidence in living


Love to evangelize and make testimonies

The gospel tells us to receive evidence in living. As a result, we will love evangelize and make testimonies. The above is one thing actually. Therefore, I find that those who love to pray will love to evangelize. Therefore, when we see that what we enjoyed is not enjoyed by all peoples, we will naturally tell.

Before we pray, we therefore must know the gospel and this is told by how we meet God in our lessons 1-10. Before prayers, we must understand how I have changed.

Basic Messages 1-10

1) Born again -> Pray

How have I changed? How have my conditions changed? How have my eternal future changed? And now, what can I enjoy presently? If we know this, we can pray according to this. The lessons 1-10 are all formulated for praying (lessons 11-15). Therefore, I say again, before prayers, we must know how we have been transformed, what have we received.

2) Know God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) -> Pray

And before prayer, we must know that the God we are praying to is our Father, my eternal Lord, my eternal King, and He is in my right now. After knowing, we must pray. Therefore, prayer must start from establishing and building up this relationship, so that we can pray and converse face-to-face. Then, our prayers will be very clear.

3) Know self (conditions, relationships, meetings, all things) -> pray

Before prayers, we must know ourselves. According to what God tells about who we are, we pray. This is my conditions, and these conditions are really not something to be looked down at: honored priests conditions, big prophets conditions, big king conditions. My relationships – in my heart, the people I love – my family members / children, are all very important. There is God’s perfect will in my relationships. The people I all meet, and the things I all do, are all for the sake of manifestation of the glory of God. It is for the glory of God and it is for the sake of blessing all nations. After knowing this, we pray, and this is different.

4) Format (Purpose, spiritual, values, lifetime)

Before praying, best is that we format. Before we use the computer, we must format so that there is a road. Before we build a city, there must be roads so that there are channels. How shall we format? Our life must have purpose, and this is called historical perspective. And we must especially know the environment we are living in, and this is called the spiritual things, and this is called the view of the world. Then, we must know what is important and what is unimportant and this is called the perspective of values. In the midst of my 70 years, what is the meaning? And this is my philosophy of life. After building this, praying is all about God’s perfect will.

Basic Messages 1-10

1) Born again -> Pray

2) Know God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) -> Pray

3) Know self (conditions, relationships, meetings, all things) -> pray

4) Format (Purpose, spiritual, values, lifetime)

=> Perfect will

=> Assurance, Submission

Prayers are done for the sake of acquiring the perfect will of the Lord to submit, right? And after acquiring the perfect will, we receive assurance in all things that that is really what God wants me to do, and therefore, all my thinking, talking and living have assurance that it is what God wants me to do. Even till meeting sufferings even prison, we have assurance.

Therefore, continually, as we can see here from the very beginning, that gospel influences prayers and prayers influences living.

Gospel -> = Basic Messages 1-10 -> Prayer (converse) Lessons 11-15




Evidence in living


Love to evangelize and make testimonies

Through living, we know more about the gospel, and through living, we know about the mysteries of prayer. Through evangelism, we know more about the gospel, and we know more about prayers, and our living has more abundance. There is all relationships in these, and they cannot be separated. Very important. Therefore, the lesson 5 and 6?

Who is God? (Lessons 6-10)

5,6) God = Word = Hear voice of God -> Pray

God is the Word. Therefore, those who know this can then hear the voice of God. After understanding this, we pray

7,8) God = (Incarnation, D&R, Throne Dominion) = JX -> Pray

Who is God? God is now living in us, and this is called incarnation. God’s perfect will has become our life. And D&R saying that all kinds of fate can be overturned transformed. And TD: He is eternally victorious. He is Jesus Christ! God is this Person! He is related to all my conditions and all my living fields – all related. After knowing this Person, we are to pray.

9,10) God = Spirit (the heart and spirit of the born again person)

Who is God? He is a Spirit. More accurately, Spirit means the spirit of the born again person. In ourselves, there is definitely indwelling, guidance, convictions, and anytime that we know and recognize Him, power comes. And at the same moment we submit, all kinds of fruits will come.

Therefore, for all these lessons 1-10, these are what must be understood of the gospel. Most fundamental message! Then, we go into 11-15 lessons, the prayers that we must know that cannot be left out. Of course, about prayers, there are many, but I just fix 20 lessons. 100 lessons also can, and we talk about 12 lessons now, right? Now:

11) Child of God

How is child of God prayers different from Gentiles’ prayer? Fundamentally different!

12) Absolute (truths, promise) (unchangeable, eternal) -> Relative (Changeable, temporary) => to acquire Perfect Will

God never changes absolutely. We use the absolute things to judge the relative things. Then we can then acquire the perfect will of God. The first is the 10 spiritual truths, and the 2nd is promise. Therefore, no matter what kind of environment, we grab on to the absolute, to judge the things which can be changed. What is eternal and what is temporary. All these, when we see, God’s perfect will can be seen very clearly. Therefore, this is how we test and approve. Inside of prayers, this is what must be mentioned, and this is so fundamental! Therefore prayers must bring what? Lesson 13:

13) Transformation = Healing

It must bring about fulfillments in the midst of prayers and fulfillments after prayers. And therefore, prayers will definitely bring change! If there is no transformation, there is no meeting God at all. Transformation, i.e. healing. There is transformation in the spirit, and heart. There is definite change because God is living, and He is movement exercising. How can we be sick after prayers? Immediately after prayers, we will be changed. Even cancer cells will be removed, of course according to God’s perfect will. After prayers, even living will be transformed! Relationships with others will be transformed also! Isaiah 58 says that, “Why you pray, fast, yet no fulfillments?” The eye that you perceive that there is no fulfillments means that there are no fulfillments. But I have already moved, but you never listen! For those who check and listen, there will be transformation definitely! Fasting prayers means worship service, means meetings like this. The meetings I love and the prayers I love is what is blocked shall be removed, and what is oppressed shall receive freedom, and what door is blocked shall be removed. In the past you have never do, do you like your wife to live like an orphan? You will help her. Do you see your children that live as orphans? You will help them. You will help those weak people, orphans, widows, etc. You often wish to help those people who are weak and bounded. Right? Prayers must bring transformation, right? In the midst of prayers, there is transformation. After prayers, there are unlimited changes to prayer! In the midst of prayers, there are transformations, and this transformation influences the next prayers, this prayers will bring another transformation, etc, so that there are totally different and unlimited transformations after prayers! And what must prayers bring about?

14) Living, Walk with God -> Prayers

Prayers must change your living, and it must bring about walking with God. And this walking with God will bring about more prayers. Therefore, there is this dual influence of virtuous cycle between walking with God and prayers. With this likeness of days, after 3 years, everything will be changed already: where I am, where am I walking towards.

15) Rely Spirit, Drive Demons, Enjoy Kingdom

The living that will be changed will be one that relies on spirit, drive demons, enjoy kingdom. This kind of prayer le. This prayer is victorious overwhelming prayers le.

Lessons 16-20

16) Center on Worship to Live (=Prayer)

For those who pray successfully, he will surely center on worship to live. Such successful person will slowly slow down, and previously when he speaks quickly, he will speak slower. My speed has slowed down a lot than in the past. Sometimes, when we hear people talking, we know that they do not rely on the Spirit to talk, as if they are just talking whatever is saved up in their minds. But relying on the Spirit to talk, eyes that look into the eyes, and expressions with expressions, this is in total contrast. When speaking with children, all types of people, have this is because he always continually worships and prays. Those who have prayers will surely come to this.

17) Parts of His Body

If he is so solid when he is one person, if there are two to three coming together, there will be overwhelming difference liao. Therefore, he surely loves to be together. And this is for praying together. All of God’s perfect will shall be seen. When alone, he only has his own insight about his family and his own personal field. But when he is with the church brethren, he will have the 7 fields God’s perfect will and timetable will be grasped.

18) 7 fields -> Inheritance, Evidences

This is not received only when believing for 10 years, but it can be received for the person who has just believed. 7 fields. Therefore, he will immediately pray for the flesh and blood that he has in China, and he will evangelize to them, and bring this prayer topic to the brethren, telling the family to come here, and be blessed together. Therefore, though it is on the other side of the globe, after prayers, this thing happens to gather together. Hong wei sister happen this thing. After one month, telling all people in the family to believe, and telling all his children that must be sick on the same day to be removed. These are truths! Therefore, in the 7 fields of living, all are restored. Here in the 7 fields, eternal inheritance can be received. And in the 7 fields, beautiful testimonies will be received. Therefore, for such a person, no matter season or out of season, his living is evangelizing itself.

19) 24 hours evangelism -> Fruits (8 beatitudes, timetable)

He will also see efficiency. This is because he has correctly known God so that he will know about who are the people of 8 beatitudes. He will know the correct timetable. As a result, he will be able to bring these people into the brethren living (17) Parts of His Body) to pray together, and together, they will be blessed together, and the 7 fields will continue to expand continually (18) 7 fields).

20) Disciples (12, 120, 500, Gideon 300, ..)

As a result, he will receive disciples. He himself becomes a disciple, and then, he will continue to more and more disciples. 12 disciples, 120 disciples, 500 disciples. 300 disciples of Gideon. And he will see the timetable of disciples. And he will send the disciples, more and more. Saints should pray for an era like this (Lessons 16-20)

These are all joined together. As a result, there will be transformations, and there is healing.

=> Transformations (Healing) = Result

There is sure healing.


As a result of spirit healing, he loves God more and more, willing to look at God more and more.


As a result of heart healing, he receives peace in heart, freedom.


Health received, body can become living sacrifice to serve the Lord


Interpersonal relations


And for spousal, do not anyhow live, but rely on the power of prayer to live together. There are lots of showers of blessings and grace, wisdom received.


For children, also the same


When doing business, finance that is received, all for the sake of investing on eternal inheritance.


Will receive healing, all serving will see the works of God.

All these are important, but I see that prayers here are the core here.


The Prayer of God’s Children


Therefore, from lesson 11-15, the foundation is built on lessons 1-10. Though all of these have been written, we build them again here in lesson 11.

1. Prayer is the living communion between God and His children

-> The important thing that teachers are to grab: must tell students, saints to confirm: is my prayer Person-to-Person? Is it conversational? Is that Person living and alive? This is outline 1: Prayer is the living communion between God and His children. The messages inside, we just read and it will do, and just use your testimonies to share. There is no need to explain, but just use what you see in your prayers to share. If I sit down and Huiyan shares, I will be able to receive much: what she shares, I will find similar points, on how she receives and see in her spiritual heart. If we just use one word by one word, then, it is just repeating the past messages.

Therefore, our messages most important is (I say again here):


Join together

When we talk about Lesson 11, we must go back and talk about lessons 1-10, but it is that we are holding teachers’ meeting so that I share so much, point by point, as people can just look at my video and it will do. When you share, the foundation of what you are going to share about prayer is that your prayers are received from your born again. You rely on born again to pray, know God to pray, know yourself to pray one. Roughly, just share about 1 minute on the front part message lessons 1-10. Then must join together. Then must


I see that this is a bit for us here.

Alternating repeat

Therefore, what he shares, we listen once. What she shares, we also listen once. Must alternate and repeat. Then we can then


Then our perspectives will be transformed.

So for our lesson 11, there is procedure, so that there is outline for 1, 2, 3, and 4. 4 outlines with procedure. For my outlines, the contents are actually later added in one. Every time I prepare messages, e.g. in this case, for Child of God prayer, there must be 4 things that must be spoken of here. Then I write 4 outlines, with procedure, on computer. Then in between, the numbers and contents I just put it in. But even the small numbering contents have also procedures. Therefore, I tell you that you must first join together the main outline points, then to understand the main points. Thereafter, you just need to read the points and the contents. Then, add your testimonies. So for our lesson 11, for outline 1: Prayer is the living communion between God and His children. With this, how shall we confirm? Therefore, do we and our students face-to-face the living God for our prayers every time? And is the conversation a living conversation? We can write even a thousand points thereafter, but the most important is this one.

2. Prayers will definitely be answered only when we pray according to the spiritual principles determined by Father God

-> Therefore, if we pray accordingly to the spiritual principles, then our conversations will be living! Accordingly, all our prayers will be fulfilled! And fulfilled in the midst of prayers! These are all explained. There is important principles, and important beginning and ending, right? There is all procedure for this God, and He has told us everything. According to what He says, we seem to be practicing as we only know little, confirming as we speak, but as we repeat and alternate, we will be able to grab it!

3. When the child of God prays to Father God, extraordinary things will happen in heaven and on earth

-> If you [living conversational prayers] and [according to what God has taught and shown to you], then what will happen? Then naturally, all things in your heart spirit will be ignited. Then this zealousness equals to what happens in heavenly realms. Whatever your spirit has changes on, it means there are changes in the heavenly realms.

4. The prayer of God’s children is certain to receive abundant answers

-> This is fulfillments in the midst of prayers, after prayers, and it brings another set of prayers which bring even more fulfillments, in this virtuous cycle.

We have joined together outline 1 2 3 4. Therefore, for teachers, we have to check ourselves and confirm whether our prayers are person-to-person, whether our prayers are living, with HS voice, clear perfect will of God, we are not God so we are not able to acquire everything, but before prayers and after prayers, there is a lot of great transformation in our heart. If we really believe the word of God, we will surely acquire.

In the past, I was also a Gentile so that I pray like one. The gospel that I know was like: man left God, sinned, lived in darkness, JX died for us, therefore, those who believe on Him shall be forgiven, and we then follow Him till eternal heaven. This is what I knew in the past, and I must bring all my household one by one to heaven with me. Therefore, I pray for my family members that they will repent and be saved. I don’t even know about what it means by being blessed and called, these words. This likeness of the gospel, I have only known. I prayed, but there is no effect. And I often meet situations that are even worse after prayers.

In 1994, after much time, I then realized that everything that happened happens through my very heart spirit. This cannot be seen, but can be gotten. All the works of HS is through my spirit will be known. This I don’t know, but everything I know. Therefore, after returning back from Malaysia, and I read the bible, and even Ephesians told me that God has prepared all the spiritual heavenly blessings gifts for me! Only that we call upon JX name, all heavenly rewards and gifts will descend and come into my spirit, you must not extinguish the convictions of the Holy Spirit. Then I realized that HS voice, and HS expressions are all in my spirit. I believe that you have experienced this, but you must teach this to your students.

For me, let me give examples here. I need 8 hours of sleep exactly. If less, I will be tired, and I believe that God tells His loved ones to enjoy sleep. But sometimes, I need to get up before 8 full hours. Then my eyes are blurry then. When I pray, “Lord, I am not myself, I am Christ’s incarnation, Christ lives in me, His Spirit moves in me, His eternal plans are in me, present time, and His guidance for my 50 years, …” I think about this in about just needing 5 seconds! The state of heart before and after these 5 seconds totally changed! This is what is called relying on Spirit, to drive the demon that tells me to be blind, muddle-headed, accused, deceived, to leave, and at the same moment, the heavenly kingdom descends not on any other places, but into my spirit. In the past, I memorized this often, and read, and used in my preaching, but I then discover that all these are talking about the mysteries of prayer. Prayer in the midst, self-confirmed in the midst.

Therefore, I told you before the word “heart laboratory” right? Our spirit heart is our laboratory. It is as if we allow the Pacific Ocean to enter through our hearts, we will know which mountain (the ocean has mountains also, 20,000 km mountains also have) and there are deep valleys, and where the fishes and fish families is, and it happens that if we confirm more in our hearts, we will know more and more. There was a time that there is a “Lee’s family adventure” and we went to Tioman island when we were in Malaysia. And there was tour guide to bring us there. But I and my children went into the water, and we saw many fishes, with families, small big long short, therefore, after 3 days of tour, only one person who never goes in, came back with nothing. Fishes have so many types even thin and thick ones. And every fishes have their homes and habitats. Only one person sees the sea water, and under the sun, waits for the family when they will be coming out of the water.

I see that we have many brothers and sisters that we go around the boats play the sea water, and they do not know how to go into the sea water, where it is more abundant, more procedural, more detailed, to find out much which is more than anything in the world! How much you have sought out, how much you will like to go into it more and more. It is very practical about prayers! This is what will happen inside prayers. In the past, I only know how to pray and ask. However, now I know how to pray and cleanse in the midst of prayers. In the midst of prayers, I wash my feet. In the midst of prayers, I see angels surrounding me. And then, they will practically help me. Many times, therefore, I open my eyes to pray. Then, previously where it was so dark in my room… Today morning, I also experienced, that it is not yet 5 seconds that outside I discover that it is so bright and beautiful out there, and that God’s glory is abundant everywhere stored up in heaven, and not later than 3 seconds do I sing, “My heart, why have you become from sad into happiness?” I know that darkness has left, and angels and chariots have surrounded me already and have started to work! This is what we must experience practically <Mt 12:28>! The things that we are blinded, deceived, accused, tired, not understood, guilt, all these things, in this heart laboratory, I use the gospel (like litmus paper) to one by one experiment and drive away, how much diabetes here and there, is she pregnant or not, and we must experience this everyday. Those who like to play with this are called liking to play with prayers. Then in the midst of prayers, we will discover that every word written in the bible is the truth! We must experience this very practically.

We just read one time and it will do:


God gives His children many promises about prayer,

-> Why give? (just add such questions will do)

because He is willing to give them answers and blessings.

-> How can we pray, then blessings come? No! The blessings are already in my times, all my conditions and relationships! When you pray, you will discover these blessings, and thus, you will give thanks and praise to God one! Therefore, a lot of other religious believers and our believers believe is different. The God hides all abundant heavenly and earthly blessings inside my conditions! Therefore, He tells us to pray to discover. Pray to enjoy. Computer must turn on so that you can use it. Space tour, you must ignite fire so that it will rocket up.

-> Prayer mystery – a lot of times, we misunderstand the blessings of God. Actually, we will discover that the biggest blessing is He Himself, not one thing discounted, and He has entered into my life, relationships, and times. Abraham thought that his blessing to be given by God is actually his own son Isaac. However, when God told him to kill his own, he then realized that God told him to kill. Originally, the most original and greatest blessing He gives us is that He is with us! Every day, His providence is just 3 bowls of rice! If we have too much, it will then become troublesome, right? Waste time. Have money, therefore must play, tour, house to be bigger. God’s word must be understood in the most simple way!

-> God gives us answers and blessings for? If we do not understand the meaning, cannot!

The similarity of all the great people of faith in the past is that they all can pray, and had received extremely beautiful answers.

-> Abraham for life enjoyed altar prayers whenever he went. Mamre trees there, always meting God and angels, right? <Ge 24:1> Abraham was now old and well advanced in years, and the LORD had blessed him in every way. But actually, it should be interpreted as “In all things that Abraham did, he can see God blessings were with him.” Your prayers, COG prayers, must really restore! You who be teachers, mothers, elders, your prayers must restore!

-> I give you this, that your prayers should go into centering on thanksgiving. Actually, the things you still think you have not received enough, so that you have some mourning in your hearts, is so much smaller than what God has already given in the whole universe! But most of the saints prayers are praying only on that one simple thing that holds them back, so that they lose everything because of that! Do you understand what I mean? What God has given is unlimited blessings. Actually, the small few things that we misunderstood, Satan just dominate and cause us to go into depression and worries, so that I lose all in precious times.

Learn from me,

– “Lord, You created the heavens, so beautiful, for me, on earth. Angels are often surrounding me, and according to Your Image, You created the most healthy, beautiful, etc body of mine.” Who can discount and look down on my appearance and my body? God is the One Who created it! Therefore, one by one, center on thanksgiving!

– “Thank God for giving me gospel, giving me HS so that I become HS temple, so that there are convictions, anointing, power is with me, so that when every time I pray, the heavenly doors open, and my life receives joy. Thank God! The things that the worldly people have not heard seen felt before, the grace, pls give it to me!”

– And the next sentence, the person beside me will faint, “Lord, I thank You that You have given me such a cute and beautiful woman, which is my half, to be placed beside me, She is my comfort, power, blessing, motivation…” when I continue to pray like this, she will faint! And the dishes to be laid on the table will be changed! There are so many advantages! This is called fulfillments after prayer! Haha. Then after praying like this, when I see her, she is the same so that she becomes older and haggard, yet when I look with the perspective of God, I see Sarah’s all blessings on her! Already, in the midst of prayers, I see that prayers are fulfilled, so that unlimited thanks praise and hope continue to flow out!

– “Thank and Praise the Lord, I and she, You gave me what comes out of the flesh and blood of ours, and this is Sophia and Lee Song. Because they are really different, similar to Joseph and Daniel, specially to be used as workers, therefore, letting them live very special circumstances.” When I pray thus, I will see the special guidance and grace that is upon Lee Song, and especially Sophia in her illnesses, she continues to receive grace, and continue to joy. Therefore, I continue to receive grace and continue to have joy when continuing to pray. I will not just pray and find that “everything is good, except for this daughter of mine, Lord, help me.” And if I just continue to circle around here, a big well will be dug. Thus, when I pray like this, I will see that prayers midst receive fulfillments, prayers after, the words that I speak to her will totally be different, with unlimited hope within already! When prayers fail, will discipline her, and she will be accused.

– And “Thank You, Lord, for bringing the jewels of this era into this Christ Life Church, and now, it is about 120 adults and 50 children. So beautiful fellowship, and my coworkers are all different in all ways, everyone has their differences, unique beauty, unique grace and gifts of God.” When I think of this, and I talk about the need to renew, and even bringing a bit of rebuke, yet having this thoughts, when I look at these coworkers, will I not be in joy?

-> If you pray like this, won’t your cells of cancer not leave? My experience is that sometimes when I wake up in the morning, my body feels a bit heavy, but I don’t know when this thing leaves when I continue in the midst of prayers! When I pray at the start 1 or 2 min, all things disappear, so that endorphin (which is stronger than morphine by 100 times) begins to have movement in my body. Therefore, joy is the medicine. This prayer mystery, if you cannot receive, how can you bless your family children, this era? I find that prayers are 95% thanksgiving one! Church also give thanks, that also. There isn’t a time when I was in hunger, and this also I give thanks.

-> As I continue to thank and praise the Lord, this gospel continues to go till Taiwan, China, Singapore. In the past, I was a boring person, but now seeing the heavenly rewards and gifts, isn’t such a person with some material already? “Is there not a reason that I am here?” That God’s people gathered. Therefore, God’s children must center on thanksgiving to pray one! It is not what we must receive the blessings later on, but all blessings have already come to you! Therefore, the spiritual noble people see like this.

(You preach like this, and if time ends, then end the meeting will do! Already, prayer essence and the faith are built up liao. There is already an admiration in them. Must bring your experience testimonies to let see. If you only reach point one and there is no more time at the second point, just tell them: for the rest of the message, will you listen to the tapes yourself? And give them homework: you must seek everything out in your prayers, ok? And next week, we will discuss on what you have experimented.)

The principle of receiving answered prayers is very simple.

-> very simple, super simple, extra-duple simple! And this is? :–

If it is according to the principle of prayer God has given us, we will certainly receive.

-> Therefore, the bible just says, “If you pray, I will answer you.” Very simple, right?

Whoever understands this mystery, will all naturally love to pray, and always enjoy God’s great love and blessings.

-> Listen here listen there message, yet do not like to pray, why? Actually, they do not know the gospel (lessons 1-10). Already our life is the most successful. There is not one thing in our life that is unsuccessful, more than what is already with us. We are the most successful, as there is nothing that is more successful than the identity of the child of God. The mystery of seeking this out is called prayers. It is not to say that without prayers, God will beat your backside, and your blessings will reduce. Of course, this can be said as correct, for if you do not pray, you will not be able to find it out, so that you will not have thanksgiving, and you will speak words that are in sorrows, no peace and therefore, you will fear, anxiousness, and these will rush to you. This is surely the case.


1. Prayer is the living communion between God and His children

-> Thanks be to God! This is the greatest difference for the prayers between Gentiles and the saints. For the Gentiles, they pray by their intentions, motives, imaginations, but COG prayers are living because there is a living Being Who is in front of them and is true, living and listening!

1) Things done by those saved though faith, children of God whose spirit are revived <Jn 3:3>

-> “Saved through faith” is better changed to “by those born again”. These things are prayers that can be done. Jn 3:3 is about the kingdom of heaven. 24 hrs, all things, in all kinds of situations, must be seen. Of course at the very beginning, we may not be able to see everything very clearly, but continually test and approving, and confirming, we will grab more and more. During morning prayers, during driving, we will get more. With this kind of weapon/equipment, we go to work, and we will see in all things all situations, can see God and His works. And where the Lord is, that is called heavenly kingdom. Our eyes must open in this area one!

2) Things done by people who has already received God’s word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and with God’s word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, in between 2 personalities, realistically meet God, and converse with Him <Jn 4:24>

-> Therefore, in prayers, must meet God. And God is His Word, don’t go anywhere to find, as His Person is His word. And His Person is JX Who had came into the world, and this JX Who is living in me is the HS.

3) Things done by beloved children of God who converse with Father God in love and delightfulness <Ro 8:15>

-> Therefore, through prayers I shall know myself. Child, heirs, and angels serve me one, all things that happen on COG are blessings one, and God gave all these for the sake of giving us times and events of acquiring inheritance.

4) Things done by who deeply believe that prayers will certainly be answered, and by faith ask the Father for everything that is needed, thus receiving them <Mk 9:23>

-> In the bible, actually very simple: Whatever you ask in My Name, I will answer. And if you abide in Me and My words abide in you, whatever you ask for, it will all be accomplished. In the past, you do not know My Name, but now you know My Name, therefore, ask so that it will be fulfilled to you and your heart will be full of joy. Therefore, when praying, the very important condition is that I must believe. The things that I am asking are the things of the Holy Spirit, therefore, it will be accomplished. And <Mk 9:23> when you ask, what is the condition of your heart? If you have the heart to believe, you will know that the prayers have already been answered. What does this mean? Do we just hypnotize ourselves to say that I believe? “Amitabha … Amitabha …” err, it does not sound right, so do we “in the name of JX, in the name of JX…”? to increase our faith? The sentence means: God’s word must confirm into our hearts laboratory. The One who lets us believe is God Himself. Therefore, having faith produced is actually a fulfillment in midst of prayers. Is it $100, one two three, yet there is no faith produced at all. Yet when we pray for our child, and we know that God told us to pray for him one, therefore, we will know that He will definitely deliver and accomplish. Then, the faith will come in, and if you believe, it will be answered for you! These spiritual things are very practical things that must happen in our hearts. If we know this, shall we not pray? Can we not pray?

5) Things done by God’s children who willingly and joyfully submit to the Father God, to seek “God’s perfect will” and thus walk with Him <Jas 4:7-10>

-> Why is it that prayers will be accomplished? This is because God will tell us what He will accomplish in the midst of prayers, so that when we follow, we will see that it has been accomplished out. Some people when they pray, they will discover what God is doing and wants them to do, or even when they do not pray so that they do not know but have even when pastors and elders pray and tell them, but they do not submit (not pastors or elders) but do not believe what God has told through the pastors and elders. Therefore, after prayers, must definitely walk with God.

=> Prayer is the lively and alive communication between the child of God and God Himself.


2. Prayers will definitely be answered only when we pray according to the spiritual principles determined by Father God

-> Prayer is 100% that will be answered. God’s word never says that you pray, then God will consider whether to answer or not. When you knock, the door will be opened to you; when you seek, you shall find. All these only prove that God’s word is really God’s word. There are 10 principles here,

and that is that we must see God when praying:

1) God calls us to do prayers that “brings a pure, upright heart and meet with God in secret” <Mk 6:5-8, 5:8; Jas 4:8>

-> Prayers should be done when one sees and so that they do (pray). There is a very good thing about American’s education. For the Asians, when the children talk to their parents, they should have a likeness of submission so that she should not look up to the parents when talking in a form of respect and humility. However, Americans talk to anyone, even their children, they will ask the correspondent, “Look at me, look at my eyes, see me directly and talk.” I think that this education is good. Similarly, when we call on the Name of God, we must call by His role to see Him. Some elder I met said this and I was so sad when I heard this, “How can we pray to Jesus Christ? We can only pray to the Father! Even Jesus Christ prays to the Father. Therefore, we cannot pray to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.” This is called a cult, man! He is an elder of a presbyterian church some more, and he is really so much ignorant. When we pray to the Father, we pray to Him according to His role. When we pray to Jesus Christ, we pray to Him seeing His role of what He has accomplished, as He is also God. “Oh Holy Spirit!” similarly, we accord to the spiritual changes in our heart to know and pray towards Him. All these can be done. All these are therefore, prayed in darkness alone towards God.

2) Calls us not to doubt, rely on faith to open up spiritual eyes and pray <Mt 21:22; Jas 1:5-8; Mt 6:9>

-> This sentence means must that we must receive absolute things to judge all relative things. After receiving the absolute things, no matter whether it is a big storm in the sea or bounded in prison, we must grasp onto the eternal, unchanging and absolute things.

3) Calls us to hear the bible -> God’s word, and bring along a submissive heart to pray <Jn 15:7>

-> We must hear God’s word, seek – with this heart to pray, then we can receive His voice to pray, and we can receive today’s mission to pray, and you will receive perfect will and wisdom. And it is a prayer where you enjoy the blessings given from God and pray.

4) Calls us to rely on the conviction of the Holy Spirit to pray <Eph 6:18; 1Th 5:19; Ro 8:26-27>

-> We must really accord to how the spirits within ourselves have changed, to see how the Holy Spirit has revealed Himself to us. When going into prayers, as what the Psalmists also says, there is first a change in the heart – mood, atmosphere, and spiritual environment – when we are willing to see God – a definite change. This means that God has changed His face to face you. We must have this experiences that have undergone trials and have succeeded (经得起考验) to grab hold of.

-> Then we will not anyhow form words in prayers. Some people just pray according to their seeing, so that they make much repetition, making much noise, as if their Correspondent is either sleeping (to wake Him up) or that He is a mental patient. Do you understand what I mean? Therefore, the Lord tell us that when we pray, we should not pray like the Gentiles do, so that we make much repetition, but that word-by-word is a truth, and rely on the Spirit to pray, rely on faith to pray, there is no need to repeat, so that when you rely on faith, God therefore accomplishes all. Therefore, we have this chain prayer bulletin, and we shall rely on the Holy Spirit and faith, so that reading it once will accomplish already. Reading itself will have faith generated. “Thanks be to God that You have used your gospel to assemble a group of disciples, telling them to receive the vision of four gospelizations, enabling them to follow the Lord their lifetime, so that accordingly with the vision that was given, all the mysteries and messages are continually given to us. And when we pray, God has brought one-by-one to Your Front, and I am in the midst of one ..” Like this, when we believe by faith and rely on Holy Spirit, we will therefore have unlimited thanksgiving and praise, and I also look with importance on myself, and my family, and even the children that I bear also brings about great blessings le! Therefore, amidst prayers, there is no need to repeat anything.

-> When I tell you all to voice out as one during prayers, there are two to three times that I led you to hold your hands up, lift your heads up and shout to the Lord, and I do this to tell you not to look down and gloomy when praying. What is this kind of prayer? If we close our eyes, there are no voices! If we are already in discipleship training, it means that we know God’s perfect will to a very good degree already.

-> Yet I do not tell you to do so like how the Koreans do, so that they become louder and louder as if they are competing against the ones beside them, so that one voice is louder than the next, so that the ceiling eventually is broken through to disappear. After 10 hours/minutes they finish, and we ask them what fulfillments they have received? They replied saying that they feel so satisfied after prayers. I think this is shiokness after shouting. And after they used such strength to pray, then the pastor’s turn to speak, and the difference is so great – they fall asleep at the words, but God speaking through the pastor of some very important perfect will from the Lord at their present times, and there are some who wrote their notes furiously, yet they do not submit at all. Therefore, their Christian living, really “messed 7 and chaotic 8 times” (Chinese saying)! There is no head and there is no tail: there is no heaven and myself and earth, there is no 7 fields where I am in the midst, and there is no past present and future generations, and there is no joining of all these at all! Their living is like incidental, coincidental and just meeting the urgency. What God wanted to change in us is not such a living or an ideology. Sigh!

-> Therefore, it must be that when praying, when we think of God’s grace, beauty of Christ, how Holy Spirit has touched and changed inside me, it is equal to how God is facing me face-to-face directly. Then, when we see such a person praying, we see that it is word-by-word very clear. When you meet a person and he talks, and you ask him to talk again, you are treating him as a fool, or that you are very muddle-headed. Therefore, looking at Person-to-Person, if my heart condition has changes, it means that God has already faced me. And after facing God already, “What is this day that You have created, Lord?” Of course “This is a day for glorifying God, benefiting men, and building the kingdom ah! Four gospelizations!” “How I have led you in the past, surely that is what today I am leading you! Discipleship Training, important times.” “Thank God!” and there is very obvious convictions given to me, “Today there is teacher’s training, and tomorrow’s Sunday service, I have to prepare” When these words come to you, and you take these as God’s voice to you, what will again happen in your heart? Let me try to recall for you: just now when you talk to God, and God entrusted the very important commission to you, what happened to your heart? This is joy – i.e. this is being bold and courageous! There is no one who can slander such an identity and assurance! And when you go to the teacher’s training, and receive and speak forth, this is God’s works everywhere you go. Therefore, all the day, you see the Lord’s works and live, anytime can hear His voice, and God is not found in any place that we have imagined wildly, but He is with us in such a likeness (teacher’s training assembly) right now. When we alternate in confirmation and repetition, one day, our eyes, no matter see what, there is God in there, therefore, all words one by one are clear liao!

-> I say again, having unity voice in prayers is needed, for it helps the congregation as a whole, and strengthens everyone. If a place is too quiet, how? Sometimes, a thing drops and the whole prayer meeting is disrupted even! Therefore, for prayer to be concentrated, there should be an appropriate level of sound, and the bible says that the prayers of the saints are like the waters gathering and generating upwards. This likeness is like the gradual removal of darkness, and in this kind of state, all kinds of illness can be healed among many miracles that will happen. Therefore, we must use faith, use one another’s faith, in prayers, not too fast, but one sentence by one sentence to pray. Just like “I am… thank God… You have prepared eternal blessings, through Jesus Christ gave me born again, through this gospel assemble this group of disciples, for this church to be used and anointed to pray”. With this kind of speed and voice, and this will do! And the person beside, if you rely on such faith and voice to pray, there will not be influencing of the other people beside. This voice is sentence by sentence, face-to-face to pray, but the strength that aggregates to give everyone that faith is really great actually! Therefore, we must practically know what the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and this is what I mentioned just now. This is what we enjoy every day practically.

5) Calls us to rely on the Name of Jesus Christ (Christ’s teachings and promises) to pray <Jn 16:24>

-> What does it mean by calling upon the Name of Jesus Christ to pray? It means to rely on JX teachings, accomplishments, victory, promise… using this to test and approve, we will not fear, wander to and fro, anxious, and we can sentence-by-sentence pray.

6) Calls us to ask for the eternal kingdom and God’s righteousness that God’s child (heirs) should receive <Jn 16:24>

-> We know that we should seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, but when we practically ask him, “what is seeking His kingdom and His righteousness first in your 10 am this morning”, he cannot answer. This means that even though we abstractly know that we should be seeking His kingdom and His righteousness to live, but fixing already the lifetime purpose, and already in the midst of serving (which is very good), but there is no relation between his every movement and every action to it. This area is called the area not under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Then how do we relate and join every movement and every action, and all conditions to seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness? It is when you test and approve that you will slowly discover more on joining together to Mt 6:33. When you think about a certain brethren, or my child, or a certain time period that links with seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these are God’s works, therefore, you can know that you are gaining more crown as each day passes by.

(All these word by word writings here, and how you receive it practically in your living, are two totally different things le!)

7) Calls us to cleanse our sins first, having the heart to forgive parts of Christ’s body and bless people in our prayers <Mt 5:21-26, 6:12, 14>

-> Therefore, in the midst prayers, there is the Lord’s continual repeats of emphasis for cleansing of sins, so that we must really ask for forgiveness so that we are cleansed. As we seek this, “Is there any area I should be cleansed” – we will definitely see in our hearts that the Lord is very pleased when we do this. Therefore, we will be very bold and confident with God in our hearts when we face our tomorrow le!

8) Calls us not to stop but pray continually <1Th 5:17; Eph 6:18>

-> Why to pray like this continually without stopping? Answer is very simple: because He wants to help us always, and He wants to bless us always, anytime convict us, anytime guide us.

9) Call us to do prayer that understands spiritual battle <Mk 9:29; Jas 4:7; Eph 6:10-20>

-> Therefore, there will definitely be a prayer that will know the enemies’ harm, his attacks, his accusations. Such things you must know to pray. Therefore, sometimes when we pray, there are things that causes my heart to moan, receive accusations, etc which are actually there, we must really know! And we must grasp on to the JX throne authority victory to destroy him. Only that you are willing to love and submit to the Lord, all kinds of accusations can be cleansed.

10) Calls us not to be discouraged, to persist and continue in asking <Lk 18:1>

-> Why are you discouraged? When you pray for your children or for your family, why are you discouraged? This is because you never pray! If you pray, you will see the Lord’s accomplishments continually, step-by-step, you will see the progress, and the more time passes, your heart will say, this is big vessel accomplishment (great talent takes time to mature), absolutely expectations are greater, and the more the problems, the more serious, the more expectations!


3. When the child of God prays to Father God, extraordinary things will happen in heaven and on earth

-> I say again:

Outline 1 is?

1. God’s children prayers are different from Gentiles’ prayers in that God’s children’s prayers are living and alive.

2. According to God’s style to pray as we have seen earlier, if we pray by the principles and mysteries of praying,

heavenly things will happen in your spirit/heart and you will be able to know all of them:

This is called miracles. This is what is meant by miracles following us: it happens when COG prays, heaven and earth things happen. You must emphasize here that the heaven things that happen can all be known in your spirit. Firstly is?

1) Because the Holy Spirit works, heavenly doors will open wide, the person praying will receive the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and will remember God’s word <Lk 11:13; Ac 2:1-4…>

-> Holy Spirit works = heavenly doors open mah, and convictions will come so that heaven colors and mood will all change. Luke says that when we pray, will not God give us the Holy Spirit?

2) The angels and heavenly troops who work according to God’s word and command, are quickly mobilized, bringing along horses and chariots of fire and work with power <Mt 18:10; Rev 8:3-5; Ac 4:19, 10:3, 9, 12:7-11>

-> According to the word of God. So when there are Holy Spirit’s convictions, how will we know? We will know that angels and heavenly hosts will be sent to us. Every one of us has a set of angels that has been fixed for us, who are in continual communication with the Father in Heaven. When many brothers and sisters come together, many more angels gather together to be with us. What is especially important is that when we pray, our hearts rise get strong and courageous, perspectives change. Just before, there is a glimpse of darkness atmosphere, of depression atmosphere, and when it changes into atmosphere of joy, happiness atmosphere, glorious atmosphere, angels have already driven out fallen angels, forces of darkness. There are 2 types of angels. One is the set that is bounded in darkness, and are thus called forces of darkness; they are already judged, so that if we listen to them, we will be judged with them. They often attack us, right? Some people believe the existence of Satan, but they do not believe on the work of angels. This is so contradictory, for where does Satan come from? They are also 1/3 angels. If there are 1/3, means there are 2/3 angels who is helping us and is definitely with us. When we pray, they immediately do work, and our hearts can see, environment will change and we will also be able to see.

3) The forces of darkness that often slander God’s work, bringing disbelief, doubts and various hints to people are bounded, and destroyed <Mt 18:18, 12:28-29; Lk 10:17; 2Ki 19:35; Da 10:10-14; Ac 3:1-10, 12:23, 13:11, 16, 16-18…>

-> Therefore, at the same time, the forces of darkness leaves. Just now, the unpeace becomes peace, anxious becomes quiet, complaints become thanksgiving. It is like my heart has a fulfillment, which is the greatest miracle. There is no bigger fulfillment than this, and is the greatest miracle.

4) God’s comfort and power arrive, receiving strong and courageous life <Php 4:4-7; 1Ki 19:3-8; Ac 4:31, 7:55…>

-> When will our life become strong and courageous? Just now I ask before, do not forget. From your own perspective, when you receive the convictions you see in your heart is from God, i.e. when you receive this assurance, you become strong and courageous. This definitely must be done in our steps. Therefore, when I wake up to pray in the morning, really my heart situation has changed, we have a hope today, unlimited expectations, and then, as we give thanks for each and everything, the Holy Spirit continues to convict me, … do not only stop at a good mood thanking God that God has given me a blessed life with no problems already, but “Oh, God has just given me this conviction to me” e.g. to this teacher’s training, you see the convictions as what God specially spoke to you, and when you do this then, your heart becomes strong and courageous. The things you do at 2pm, at 7pm at night, 9pm things to do, all are done before the Lord boldly and confidently, strong and courageous, so that even if there are persecutions leading to martyrdom, you do not fear, even no fear going into prison, and all of these are in thanksgiving living. This is what is meant here.


5) God’s will and plan reveal itself <Jas 1:5; Da 9:24-27; Ac 16:5-10…>

-> Very obvious.

6) The surrounding environment changes, blessings of meetings continue to open wide <After Ge 13:18, Abraham’s meetings; Ac 16:12-34…>

-> Why does the surrounding environment change? When you smile, the people beside you will smile, right? If you are in joy, this joy will spread to all around. Therefore, this is how the family atmosphere, office atmosphere, small group meeting atmosphere will change. Therefore, the life of the small group leader is so important. When I ask you to pray more in the meetings, I do not mean to ask you to spend a lot of time praying. It is that even if it is 1 minute prayer, you see what God has convicted you and entrusted you to your small group members, 7 or 8 members also can, they are the most honorable! This time between 8pm to 10pm small group meeting, their life is the most honorable right now! Full of comfort, joy, authority heart, and when you start to speak, the Holy Spirit immediately works, and all will receive, and when you tell them the things that happen in the spiritual hearts, they will become joyful, and as a result, the prayer atmosphere will – speak a few words, and there will be acknowledgements of “Amen” as we pray for them mah.

The pastor continues to say, but the person never says Amen, yet the face is like a candle, how can you be like this? This is called the spirit that does not pray is not in movement. What does it mean by the prayer spirit is in movement? It is the movement that changes our hearts. Sermons are themselves prayers because they changes our hearts, so that when the words come out from the speaker, and the congregation hears it and say “Amen”, so that God’s word is accepted, and God’s heart is accepted, though there is no spending of time for 40-50min continually fighting in prayers – I do not like this kind of prayers – the prayers I like is the prayer mood, the spirit of prayer, and in this mood, I hear the Lord’s voice to say “Amen” in response (hey, I say this and you never say “Amen”) so that between all of you, “May it be done”, “May it be so”, “may it be accomplished”! Therefore, after sermons, prayers are completed. What is the true meaning of prayers? When the Lord Jesus lead in prayers, 5000 people have been fed, Sermon on the Mount finished preaching, so that 500 people wait a while, 120 people you wait a while, 12 people you wait especially for a while, and we come together and pray for the next meeting – the Lord Jesus never did such a thing! No matter what you do, you must think of what Jesus’ meeting is like! Of course when the meeting is ended, for the word to be carved into the disciples hearts, firstly, change their living, and then in their living they saw evidences, and they have many battles waiting ahead of them, therefore, they will continue to communicate and give one another topics of prayer for intercession, and exchange God’s perfect will, using telephone to exchange, using email to exchange, this all of it is prayer together! We already have 5-6 meetings in our church, how can we come together and pray specially? It is impossible. You all must understand about everyone in prayers. Yet, there are people whom we never hear a news or email, such a prayer is not correct. Already, there is email and there is short messages being able to send to one another’s mobile phone era, anytime that you receive an attack, something you need, someone you meet, quickly send and ask someone to pray as you are going to meet the person in 10 minutes to share the gospel to him. May all of you remember this for me. This is called prayer. The prayer that our church must restore is this! Our church must see that everyone of our concrete details, God’s works in details, God’s timetable also in understanding, and then the spirit to unite all of our hearts together in prayer, so that we will know what this situation is, and what that situation is, how is Mark yesterday, “Oh how freedom is this prayer with so much effectiveness, Thanks be to God!” And next time, wishing so much also to bring another problem here, “Please pray for my children, pray for my ministry, pray for the ones I love”. This is truly Christ’s church that must be restored. With such in front and at the back support, the spirit of prayer continues to wave on and rise up.

And especially in the prayer meeting, and even in the Sunday Service, when we start with a prayer of one voice to start praising God.. Next week, I shall open my eyes to see all your likeness in prayers. If your face has the mood that already changed, face and expressions can all see one. Then, I will see that everyone is in unity of hearts to pray for the revival of the church, illness receive healing, today can receive the message from heaven. This is what is in Revelations chapter 8 that the angels gathered up the incense to bring it to the throne. And immediately the burning coals are poured out from heaven, lightning earthquake thunder come. All these happen in the heart laboratory, but more importantly, it is in the spirit! The heavenly things that happen are related to the spirits of us. This must be found out. Then those who see more of this, as prayer warriors, will continue to rise up.

Thanks be to God, we must really understand what is the prayers of the children of God, right?

7) Will see the arrival of answers to prayers, the accomplishment of God’s plan <Ac 1:13-14, 2:1-47…>

-> God’s plan will continually be expanded

8) The works that prayers bring are movements that supersedes space, time, rationale and science <Ac 10:21-24>

-> Some people always use science to see their illnesses and diseases. Of course, we cannot just ignore, but you pray first, God will definitely accomplish. This faith is very important.


4. The prayer of God’s children is certain to receive abundant answers

-> Fulfillments?

1) This is fulfillment seen in the midst of prayers

2) Also fulfillment that is received after prayers

Therefore, the fulfillment after prayers is once again, to re-enforce the content that is done in the midst. And the fulfillments that are received in the midst of prayers will bring another set of fulfillments after prayers. These go around as a virtuous cycle. The living and alive prayers are themselves prayer fulfillments le, Hallelujah!

Have you shared the 36 lessons like this before? Really this is needed! 36 lessons, very practically, using the original meaning of the one sentence and sentence, to share.

Just read will do.

1) Receive love of the omnipotent God, and hear the loving voice of Father God

-> …. itself is fulfillment.

2) Within hearts and minds, will receive firm assurance, and receive absolute peace, joy and freedom

-> itself is fulfillment. Are there such fulfillments? = itself is confirmation.

3) Receive everything we ask for in Christ

-> This is received in the midst and after prayers.

4) Love God more and more, love God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness, having simple, light, and easy methods of living

-> Because of seeing evidences, therefore, love God more and more, love God’s kingdom and God’s righteousness, having simple, light, and easy methods of living.

Therefore, what is the common point of the people who prays? I find that for those who pray, they are a fool in the sight of men. Living, tithes and offerings, meeting diseases, encountering problems of brothers and sisters, encountering family problems children problems – hey his child is going to die soon, but why is he praising the Lord? This is very simple mind! Method is very light. Very easy. You must learn My likeness and carry My yoke. Then all your burdens and loads will become rest. Then all the living style and movement become very simple. What I hate most is when people say in great faith, yet add, “But..” “but man has still to take care of himself, man has still to earn…” Of course la. For the people who are filled with the Holy Spirit, those that you like to eat and drink is all what is most needed by your body! For those who are touched by the Spirit, they will definitely judge and thus submit one, and wherever they go, angels will follow them and miracles will happen! Very simple. Therefore there is no need to go for body check-up and this is the meaning. There is no need to go for studying into nutrients and health is this meaning. It is more and more easy! In the past, there are a lot of extras – I need this, this thing I also need, buts, needs, buts, needs, buts, needs……. Ah yah, so sophisticated. If you start to study into vitamins, it is endless! Then you will need to find all the medicine in the world, western and Chinese, and compile them together and eat all of them, and then you can take heart. And when people say that this is good for your health, you must eat again, and if you do not eat, you do not find it good. If your prayer just will be fulfilled, your rice today, even if it is one seed of rice, it can also become God’s medicine to you – juice it with Korean chilli sauce, eat, and saliva comes out, and all the bodily functions have movement, and pronounce saying that your full body have been healed. Hallelujah? Live like this! Do not become more sophisticated. Am I extreme? No from you? Thank God! Therefore, I say that if a person is more Holy Spirit filled, he is more normal, more daily, more often, more more more simple, easy, light! We must all understand! If you have more things to worry and to complement, then it is wrong! Your life is moving wrongly! You must stop everything, rely on faith to live, and the miraculous thoughts, words, live!

5) Progressively, people belonging to God will naturally gather in our family, workplace and all fields

-> In all fields, all gradually gather. If there are disciples who still do not believe about simple easy light, so that they like to say “but…”, they will not only find you to gather, but they will also find the other group of people. In the end, the repetitive message will attack you, and the disciples will disperse at your enforcement yet limitation. But if you have a simple faith, the Lord who is at the right hand side of the throne of God interceding for me, has in all things have victory! “But…”??? If it is, it is, if it is not, it is not, ma! And for such a person, as he speaks, one day, the person will bring out a pen and paper out? It is a recorder, and this recorder passed to a wife, and he asks how it is, and because of this one tape, the wife opened her eyes, and the bible eyes become totally different, and from then on, internet, etc. I hope that you all can build your own church, raise your own disciples, and have such things alike rise up. Disciples will come one! It is not only that you trust in God, but God will also trust in you! When men is brought to you, only that you bring to God, you continue to humble and be nothing, Christ continues to be exalted, revived, and get glory, and when God believes in me, God will bring all the era to you. COG prayer will bring all kinds of good things.

6) All kinds of spiritual gifts and power increase more and more, able to take on powerful serving, and bear abundant fruits

-> You look at me, do you find that the spiritual gifts continue to increase in me? I also see that Yuqing sister continues to climb, so that I find it a bit strange. There are some of us here, though never say anything, when messages just proclaim, just “Amen” and continues to progress, and say “Amen” and continues to progress, and it continues to climb for 12 years. I continue to pray for her for another 12 years and I believe extraordinary things will happen. Submit – listen, and when known and assured that this is what is spoken to me by the Holy Spirit, when man acknowledges it, there is a strong and courageous heart, and there is a momentum that must submit! And when submit, 3 years 5 years change, heaven change, earth change, and everyone around change. And then, the era doors and paths open, all changes. I definitely do not talk about empty words, as we have many testifiers here. In the future, it is more like this!

7) Enjoy the blessings of descendants and all nations, and receive eternal crown

-> Hallelujah!

Lesson 12 is more important!

Before ending, I tell you one last thing conclusion.

One day how much do you pray? Continuous prayers. Why can we do continuous prayers? Because God has always been by my side, blessing me always, therefore, knowing gospel (B1-10) = knowing God’s works beside me. Those who pray will enjoy blessings daily (B11-15), living likeness is different (B16-20). There are some people who say that pastor has a lot of words that they do not understand (B1-20), as the pastor speaks this and that.. I tell you, they do not live according to B16-20. What is the reason? Originally, they do not know the gospel at all. In more serious terms, they have not met God at all. Those who have met God will faint and come up again! D&R. Therefore, they will just find a method only for all things, and this is to only receive from Him for all things, only seek and find from Him for all things, and to only submit to Him for all things, therefore, for all things he will just love his brothers and sisters.

Yesterday I asked Sophia when she had just returned from Youth meeting, and she immediately rejected my invitation to her coming for this teacher’s training as I told her there is an important meeting today. She never said, “I already have 4 meetings, do you want me to add another meeting?” but I know quietly. Then you go one time and you go four times is the same actually. You have not truly met God. Those who met God, will go back home and turn on the message (from God) to listen again, continually give thanks.

I do not wish that you also become another kind, who always listens to message no matter what. I also am like that in the past, DT Sun service, etc. But I find it less and less now. I only listen to bible tapes, and those who have pastoring of age more than 20 years my age, or with 50 years of pastoring experience, e.g. Zhao Rongji pastor, his message quickly tells people to receive faith, therefore, in order that my life can be pastored by his life, as he is the world’s greatest church and leader, I listen to his message once a week, other times, I must meet my God to receive directly. I hope that your life continues to grow until like this degree. And if you go around saying, “This message, hear hear hear this!” is already not correct. But “God is working so well in my life” immediately attract people, and they say, “How do you get this message?” Just reply “the website address www.spring4life.com“, but add, “But if you hear for 100 years, but heart never confirm, and if you never see it in your life, there is no use at all!” You must add these words. “When you hear the message on the web, you must return back to the bible. This is only a tour that brings you to the bible only, telling you to have a systematic faith that has root and foundation only, and in the end, if you only want to hear the bible message, you must share testimonies yourself, build churches, raise disciples”. Such blessings you must give. The heart has a lot of messages, hoping that 12 disciples will really be raised up.

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