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Teacher 13: Basic Message 12 – Prayer and Promises

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Basic Message 12

John 14:1-27



-> One day, and someone has already, liked prayer. This life, you must acknowledge that the greatest blessing has already reached you. You like to pray means that the Holy Spirit is praying for you, and that your life is going to enter into another new important timetable. Most importantly and most accurate evidence is this. No matter how hungry you are to learn, if you do not pray, it is not meeting God and not correct. Knowing Him correctly, and thus knowing His abundance, thus naturally being attracted by Him, the result will be loving to pray. Prayer is the start of every and all blessings for a person. Some people still do not know how to pray, but his spirit likes to pray, and lives centering on pray, God will manifest Himself the mystery of prayer, so that his prayer will be more systematic, and fulfillments can more and more seen, and prayer more blessed, becomes prayer specialist le. When we live on earth with our flesh, we must really grasp and learn this most – prayer. Those who do not know how to pray will not know how to evangelize. You can preach, but you cannot tell him to enjoy living, enjoy the heavenly abundant glory, heavenly windows you must use heavenly keys to open always and at all places use, then you can use and teach. Even for people who cannot talk well, problem with speaking word by word only, it is no matter, for they can practically and concretely let people see they love God, can see God everyday, receive fulfillments from God daily, so that if people can see that he is one lets people have the feeling that God is with him always, many people will want to be with him.

I have told you before about the deacon who have problem with speaking in Korea, originally was a fisherman and was a drug addict that gambles, but after believing God, changed, know God correctly so that after that, likes to converse with God. Very quickly, can see that God answers his prayers, all things well, God mercy on him, therefore, for those people who saw God already and experienced, no forces of darkness can oppose him, so that he also grasped the method to drive demons, having the mystery to let people see God, and at the result, the pastor loves him most. He has no culture civil, yet cannot talk, so that people wants to help him to finish his sentence. His pastor in Korea has a bible study area among the seas that gathers 30-40 pastors, weekly pastor lead, but one day, this pastor sees the professors continue to hungrily vie and pursue, but they do not pray at the end. Therefore, to open their eyes, purposely say that he on leave, ask the deacon to replace to take bible study. Then the uncivilized person go, preach towards the great professors, but that evening, their Christian fellowship chairman called this pastor, “Do you not have workers to lead bible study? How can let this person lead?” The pastor replied, “I think I also cannot make it the next week. This deacon speaks, take it that it is from God, and your spirits will receive very fulfillments.” And he really asked the deacon to go again. And after the next week, the chairman asked the pastor not to let the deacon go, and also said that if the pastor is busy, it would be fine too. This is because this deacon word by word speaks from his true belief. He prayed for the person there, and immediately the fulfillment to prayers come. Then after second time, hearing is so suffocating, wanting to follow him in mouthing, helping him, and taking notes is easy ‘cos the speed is slow, but sentence by sentence is very true! Now he became a pastor, and he is still a kou3 ji2. Now, it is better, like su zhang kong auntie guandong better and better.

From 1994, after I am blessed, my only motive is “prayer”. Because God is living. My normal thinking tells me that God is living and I must walk with Him. Then, how to walk with Him? I find that there are a lot of obstructions, non-understanding, therefore, I more earnestly learn gospel mystery, and for the sake of conversing with God, intimate with God, walk with God, I go into research on JX, Immanuel, incarnation, D&R, throne domination, through HS intercede for me, and through this process of continually searching, I then understand the gospel mystery deeply wide high. I still not there far off, but my whole life, is left 20 years, will be learning to pray. But thank God, from 1994 till now, after I prayed so earnestly, the end of blessings is “I like to pray”. If I do not pray, I cannot live. For now, even when I talk with my wife, it is all taking it as lessons. Every day is a learning of prayers, therefore, all can see and I know myself, that this gospel end to the world, is more practical and more powerful. Must all still search for the mystery of prayer. Till now, I talk about 1000 messages? No matter what messages, you just take, and you will see that the messages tell you to love God, love to pray, love to walk with God. This message, no matter what, is correct. If you use Genesis, or even Revelations, since you are going to be teachers, no matter what verses or materials, the topics is the same, but the purpose is to tell people to love the Lord more, want to shake the hand of the Lord, like so much to walk with God this living. No matter your messages whatever topic, if you have this purpose to prepare, this sermon is surely successful. No matter who will be happy and with joy and will receive message. When DT, your whole purpose is to bring people before God.

I thank God, even though some continue to criticize us, but the people who continue to follow us, become more and more like to read bible, rely on HS, like and know more on how Christ lives in me, family, children, in my days, what the Lord is doing, continuing to seek what the Lord is doing. No matter what persecutions say what cult, this is correct. Therefore, God has already given us the heavenly and earthly blessings, so that JX praying for us beside God, and the evidence of this interceding is that HS is in our lives to give us unspoken spiritual matters in the hearts, so that these convictions tell us wisdom, power, answers, hope, and this is the greatest display of evidence. Actually the One who send Angels are always with us. If we can see to live and cannot see to live is totally different. Can see and live is called prayers. Therefore, prayers become more and more natural. After birth into the world, if you have not seen God where He is, but we only know there is a God, but only abstractly and in notion, far away and in mystic ideas, but one day, we experienced so that the heavenly skies open, in our hands expressions in our bodies all see that it is the works of God, so that in the breath, can see the God’s grace, perfectness, goodness, correctness, abundance, omnipotence, and from here, our lives go into another time table. Before this, it is definitely not, even if you memorized the whole bible, there is no use. Therefore, when I look at you, I look at you not just on surface.

Yesterday, an American looked and me and asked, so that I replied that I am a minister. “Do you go to church?” “I am a Methodist”. “Oh, I stay at home.” Then I told him, “I know, I know, you have not met God. Your knowledge has God, but living God lives in his people.” “When I go to the church, every brothers’ eyes and witness and evidence, God is with them, therefore, I learn with them about the Lord, pray with them, so that my doors continue to open. Therefore, God brings the whole world to me.” “I do not know whether you understand my words or not, but God…” “Your eyes are different from mine. My eyes, no matter where they go, they can see God wherever they go. Can you see it?” I point here, and there, “Can you see?” The moment we can see God, we enter another timetable. This is very important. Especially in our lives, God’s voice how it enters my life, how JX accomplishment similarly lives in my life – incarnation, He lives in me! And in all my movements and works, I see that He is at the right hand of the throne how He is praying for me, through my spirit, the change in my spirit, I know the transformations of His interceding for me. You must grasp this one! The spiritual dimension and our relationship. How the spiritual dimension influences our spirit, and how this spiritual transformation influences my interpersonal relationships, my living, and my future. This, if you truly understand, you won’t seek for others, but you want to daily want to more know this mystery, and all thoughts and minds to put here. Where got time to play in this world? It is the glorious God, omnipotent, love me God, that abundant God, eternal God, He is really wonderful Counselor, and when I think of Him, my living receives the wisdom, and when I work, I can see that He is actually working through my hands. Therefore, after receiving this evidences, all words from mouth will all be evidences. These evidences therefore attracts people and attracts this era! This is the testimony of Joseph, and the testimony of Daniel. “Daniel, Daniel, the God that you often serve, in all your work, family, health management, often help you this God, did this God help you and protect you?” Because of Joseph, all vegetables in Potiphar’s garden were blessed. This happening! In other words, Joseph received God’s wisdom to take care and grow vegetables. In your living, the most precious, children, can see God’s His ownself nurture them up? We just live day by day, actually our days are not fixed, and even tonight. But since we have known the God, in God we must seek this mystery.

But the problem is that our God cannot be seen. After bearing on earth, we do not know Him, therefore, we use all sorts of methods to seek Him. Even for Christians, many search for Him like faraway, and abstractly. Where shall we seek for Him and how to start conversing with Him? We must seek from here, in the conditions that we have, in the relationships, in the encounters here! In my learning of prayers, I seek for this to struggle. For this acquiring, I train. Many want to attend special meetings. This is misunderstanding. The meeting only helps you acquire a bit more of faith, but what is more important is when you go back home. The place where you stand, God must appear. This is where we must seek here in prayers. Therefore, for Gentiles, religious people prayers and COG prayers are totally different.

Therefore, in lesson 11 prayer lesson, what must be emphasized:

Lesson 11: Living and Alive (Converse, See fulfillments)

This is totally different from Gentiles and religious Christianity. God never gave Christianity, but He gave us His life and His eternal inheritance, and it is from walking from God daily that we acquire and receive more and more. Therefore, in Lesson 11-15, my focus is here. Of course, we can get more content from other books and materials as reference. You know more, the better. There are many who help you in prayers. However, here I emphasize because I fixed 20 lessons, to really know omnipotent living abundant eternal God, our Father God Who is holy. Lesson 1-10 we have met Him, therefore, in Lesson 11-15, we must how to converse, how to rid of all religious reasons, must be alive and living must be restored. Therefore, I fixed 11-15 reason.

So how to living and alive conversation? Many times we are in the wrong. We must therefore build the prayer from truth.

Lesson 12: Truth (Word – accomplishments, covenant) [absolute, eternal, unchanged] –judge–> relative, changed, temporary

=> perfect will (in all my conditions, family, encounters, times)

-> When submit = walking with God (accomplishment)

Truth is what the God’s word has told us, where all His accomplishments are here. And absolutely, His covenant and promise. This one must be absolute. This is eternally unchanged. This to judge the relative, can be changed, temporary. For this, in my conditions, family, all things I encounter, my times, I can receive God’s perfect will. Therefore, this is the purpose of prayer. Receive perfect will of God is the purpose of prayer “Hallowed Be Your Name, may Your kingdom come, on earth as it is on earth”. And when we submit, this is called walking with God. This is accomplishment. This is the focus of Lesson 12. Therefore, the religious prayer and gospel difference is that we have a root founded in truth. We must confirm with the hearers of Lesson 12. Those who have confirmed and test and approve, will then find that there are 10 truths, and 5 great promises are absolute, unchanged, eternal.

10 truths, 5 great promises = absolute, unchanged, eternal

So that we use the above to judge all things. This is very important. To rely faith to pray – many books say – who will not know? But what kind of faith? The faith that is built on root that is founded. Therefore, the Lord tells us to build the tent of meeting tabernacle, then converse. He says, “I will meet you there, and talk to you there.” If there is no tabernacle, it is worshipping the golden calf. Before meeting God with 10 commandments, the Israelites are worshipping the golden calf, right? They sought high and low for Moses and the Lord, and in the end, they carved out the golden calf. If there is no building of tabernacle, then your prayers only chase for health, finance, earthly days much comfort, pleasure living. Sure this case, and this is called worshipping the golden calf. Therefore, when JX go holy temple, what did he see? This is what is bought with great expense, and bought with precious blood, this holy temple is prayer house has become a place of selling and buying, so that there are pirates, men bringing motives there wanted to usurp authority. Therefore, JX is so angry, he said, “everything be destroyed and I will newly rebuild it in 3 days.” Those who want to newly rebuild, we do not just worship our health, our children’s success, but there is there is root and foundation for it to bless our children, according to Head to bless our times, our career – like this! So important. From this aspect to talk – such books I seldom see! Therefore, I cannot but write this material out. The focus is here. Prayer must bring about transformation.

Lesson 13: Transformation = true fulfillments –purpose–> Become like Jesus Christ (sanctification)

God in Isaiah 1 says so much to discipline and rebuke because they prayed so much but have no transformation from before and after prayer. Still the same! They have never seen Me! “When you pray, I am continually speaking to you but you never reply.” Only by fearing the Lord’s voice will one ever listen to Him. But this type of people are more in Gentiles. Lord’s word so important. The prayer must surely bring about transformation. This is called really fulfillments. After that, fulfillments purpose is not for finance abundance, fame, etc. It is becoming Jesus Christ! i.e. sanctification. Therefore, to acquire what JX would want to acquire. He must live in us. Therefore, spirit heart must change, body must also be JX body, living must be that of JX living, our interpersonal relationships must be that of JX, spousal though He never married He is our Husband, … JX’s! spousal relationships, and whatever that births out will be JX disciples! There is transformation. Prayer must have direction and goal. Gentiles and COG prayer most difference is whether there are transformations. But some Buddhist says there are transformations like body healed, big wealth comes, etc. But there is no relationships of these goodness with God.

Lesson 14: Living, 24 hrs, in all things -> Schedule prayers -> Concentration Prayers

Prayer must bring living 24 hrs in all things. You research on prayer, your purpose must put here. When you want to accomplish like this (24 hrs in all things), you will discover that there is no choice but to have scheduled prayers. There is need for scheduled prayers because we live in the earthly bodies, and there are spiritual influences surrounding us deceiving us, Satan’s attacks, therefore, we cannot but have scheduled prayers. Those who have scheduled prayers must be because of this reason of 24 hrs prayers. No matter how many, 3-4-5 times, that is not a matter. No matter the likeness of scheduled prayers, the purpose is to in 24 hrs, all things, God is alive, therefore, I want to walk with Him. Scheduled prayers to continue to maintain people will discover that when can then go into concentration prayers. At this moment, satan’s attack is stronger. We will feel it. When we wrestle, Olympics wrestling, the two persons and we even see that there is times where they are not moving at all, but it is not moving, they are in the state of always wrestling. But this is the full power, putting in the most of their strength state. If there is some weakness, he will stumble. When fall, less one point penalty, and there is no way to get the gold medal le. Those who are in battle will know when can put loose down, and when to put in strength. The Japanese Karate is very strong, as it is using flesh to beat down the strong things. Therefore, when the opponent attacks, he tells him to fall down. This is Karate. When opponent attacks, he uses opponent’s strength to fall down. Only when those who have fought in battle before will know. Therefore, prayer slowly will grasp the prayers amidst battles.

Lesson 15: Prayers that have victory amidst Battles

This is the prayers that knows and grabs the secret of having victory amidst battles. This is amidst prayers, must know message. We have 7 messages of prayer, and we have all to take reference as basic materials. And now, these messages of prayers are also very important. The Lord given messages are all prayers.

Now check yourself. Do I love prayers? Can I not have prayers in my life? If I do not have prayers, do I feel like I am losing the anchor? If so, you are already blessed. I confirm that your tomorrow is blessed. But though if you are in important post in church, ministry, or know much in bible, if you do not pray much, and you do not feel a thing, then your life is in jeapordy. It is in risk! This road is definitely Lots’s road, Saul’s road. We are unwilling right? Therefore, today when we hear, we must pray together, “Lord my lifetime are to intimate with You, cleanse with You, must acquire Your will to live. May the Lord deliver.” Therefore, last week we have gone Lesson 11.


Prayer and Promises

-> This lesson emphasis and focus is to build prayers on truth and promises. Must format, then we can then use the computer.

Truth / Promise –Format (Build Temple)–> Use -> Receive all messages

Then through the internet, heavenly and earthly messages, we can all receive and be in contact. Format is so important. For me I bought computer from 80286. That time, I buy computer and there is need of specialist, and my friend formatted for me. Then, there is no way to have internet, and some applications for more convenience. Format is very important. Our life is more sophisticated than computer. This spiritual science is more accurate than the science of the flesh. This, i.e. Build temple. JX says must build temple.


We all live in God’s already fixed absolute “truth”, and all peoples who believe Christ and are born again, when they accept Christ, already used Jesus’ blood to establish “eternal covenant” with God.

-> This is called circumcision, baptism, D&R with Christ, totally destroy newly rebuild le.

When a person receives this perspective of “truth and promises”

-> Note: Truth & Promises – very important

, he can then restore realistic communication in between with God.

-> of course, some blessed Christians have not heard of the jargons of 10 truths and 5 promises. But when we look at blessed saints, in their dealings and managements with family – spousal and children, etc things, they can quickly receive the perfect will of God. And, they love to follow. Therefore, they are blessed. We are more systemized, and we are more from objective – there are absolute, unchanging, eternal Truths, and from God giving each and everyone of us another 5 subjective Promises which we must confirm. Gentiles only accord by their intents, by worldly thoughts to pray. However, for those who have been baptized with Christ, i.e. D&B&R with Christ, and have belief proclamation, their prayers also center upon their own motives and self, therefore, they often cry and moan.

-> When we lead this lesson, very important is your own experience, and very practical examples to bring out, and everyone will be more clear. For example, my child receives illness – “Why like this??” Of course, when child gets ill, parents is in pain, and anxious and fear, “Is there anything that is wrong with me? Did my child get something dirty from somewhere?” If we continue to think like this, we will have no answer.

(1) Absolute truth tells us that if a child gets ill, God knows. One strand of hair, if God never allows, it will not fall.

(2) Absolute love of God in unlimited length of time has come to us. We are not in law but under grace.

(3) And the third truth is that God has absolutely the power can heal right now, and 1 minute is not needed, but in 0.5 seconds, He can heal. This is the absolute truth, that God knows more than me, that when I am willing to receive the HS convictions, God will reveal to us.

-> Therefore, to confirm, we then think of whether we are in the wrong, for example, any dirt or sins, unsubmissive sins, is there? Once we confirm in our discovery, and we go on to confess and repent. Once we confess and repent, we will totally entrust to God. And we will receive from the Lord today loving God, must follow God, and must walk with Him. When we finished completing this, this is called using the absolute perspective to judge the always changing situation to receive God’s perfect will, and then, thanks and praise heart because of this illness telling me to more rely on Him, come before Him, know how to cleanse myself, love to walk with God. Because of this, there is true fulfillment. Therefore, just now I mentioned what is the real fulfillment. What is it? Real fulfillment is more love Jesus Christ, more restoration on Jesus Christ. Therefore, through this temporary illness, so that I have only 20-30 years remaining on earth, it has blessed me for eternal life, letting me receive the eternal inheritance so that I receive and give thanks and praise, so what will happen? The body received healing le! If I bring this thought, yet after 2-3 months, the illness still remains in my body, never mind! This is God’s another very important plan and blessing on me! Paul after 3 times prayer, immediately discovers. Therefore, no matter what you meet, you must differentiate absolute and relative, then, your Christian living can be different, and you can often be able to be in God’s grace. If suddenly, problems of very naughty children come, most people only wander about, shaken, bitter in hearts, feel end of world, spiritual climate in family like a disaster, though he seeks for truth, there is no differentiation between the absolute and the relative. The Lord has told us what is absolute is that our children’s problem tells you today to bring you closer to God. Children’s problem becomes your blessings! Therefore, my focus is not on my children, as they are still young, and even if they are sick, it is not their problem, so that before they rise up to become adults, I have to protect them and I have to wait for their age to come. He now has such a problem means that my focus must be on myself. Through you, you are to bless your children. Using absolute, our judgements must be rooted and founded, and using this absolute, when we judge the relative, changing, temporary, we will receive perfect will of God, and when we submit, this submission itself is fulfillment! There is nothing that is greater than this fulfillment. When you lead this message, you must mostly emphasize on this, to let all people to be very bright and clear, no matter what problems, tell them to bring – what is your problem, where are you groaning, where are you painful about – bring it, and then help him. When they bring this to God, they will love God more, more converse with God, and will immediately, not after sickness then fulfill, but fulfillments are that you turn to God! This itself is fulfillments! This perspective! Many talk without such perspectives! Must understand. May you all understand and receive that Abraham, Jacob/Israel, Joseph, Moses, Paul’s absolute faith. Moses 120 years and his eyes never get old, and God really did this! Very important is that if you always have sickness possessing you, there must be something wrong in you. Must seek out. If you find out the areas that are wrong, and you are able to find out, this is called fulfilled!

I often hold my hands with coworkers and elders that our lifetime purpose is our Jehovah and Christ. It is not that the fig tree must blossom, the vine tree must bear fruits, olive tree must be in labor – these are what shall follow when we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Our fulfillments, Christians’ fulfillments is like this. Jehovah’s fulfillments. Those who are most successful are those who see God and walk with Him. Whether he is walking in problems or in poverty, even in disease or one thorn, or any kind of persecutions, if can receive God’s abundance, glory, omnipotence, love, holiness – there is no one who is as successful. Our mindset must be changed. Without this mindset or thoughts inside, the more one prays, the worse. Dramas and comedy can give some laughter and joy to the soul, but prayers without such will only dry the soul. Do not be sad over and over again on not having Isaac, but before Isaac is going to come, this is the fulfillment that must come. Christians’ perspective is so important, and we must definitely preserve our hearts and minds because all good things come from having the heart to come.


1. The prayers of many Christians are casual requesting that are not in accordance to the principles of prayer

-> There is nothing as important as prayers. Prayers must accord to spiritual laws to pray. Government country, health rules have. Prayers cannot be anyhow done but there are rules too.

2. Prayers should be established upon God’s predetermined reality

-> Prayers should not be based on self intents or the chasing of the world, but on God’s already destined truth, and..

3. Prayer should be established on “the covenant established between God and me (God’s bestowed promises)”

-> this is what happens when we are baptized, and on this to develop and expand.

4. Prayers established on “truth” and “promises” are extremely clear-cut, and are concrete and practical

-> On individual living, spousal living, family, career, interpersonal relationships and in all your times – it can all be seen.

Therefore, for the focus of prayer for living and alive prayers, the most important is 1. In order to fulfill this, 2 and 3 (4) must be restored.

1. The prayers of many Christians are casual requesting that are not in accordance to the principles of prayer

-> When you lead, you repent with the members. Those casual requesting is calling the name of the Lord in vain. Worshipping the golden calf is a sin! Therefore, the teacher along with the students (actually all are students) should one by one check and repent of their vessel. Then together, after the first main point has finished, in unity, put hands on heart to say, “Lord, we repent because we have sinned against you. We are to go from the courtyard, Holy Place, go through the curtain, into the Most Holy Place, then come to the throne of grace. We want to meet the everlasting and living God and face You there because You said that You will meet us in the tabernacle.” One time prayers and surely there is effect. Lead in this style. Thus after one meeting, there is a transformation (knowledge transformation is not correct), but a meeting should change everything around one! You must experience your own failures. Then talk about your failures in the past, how you are unable to overcome the world’s temptations and pull, so that you stumble and fall, therefore you come to the Lord. This is all because not knowing how to pray. And not knowing how to pray means not knowing Christ and the gospel. Your own example that is really open to other parties on yourself – I have not met the most glorious and abundant, as if I knew it, I will surely come to the church, right? And God’s glory is on the face, living, testimonies of brethren – every time gather, the glory is displayed. And when you share this, probably the members will also testify out their own, and the meeting will become living.

Some asks why we always start with negative things. Actually this is the Gen 3 problem, to tell us to all the time discover the root problem in us, that we are in the wrong and where we are in the wrong. Then after that, we talk about Christ, and thirdly, to talk about how we die and resurrect with Him. Forthly, we talk about how we joyfully walk with Him.

1) Pray in the state of disbelief or doubts <Jas 1:6-8>

2) Is not on the basis of “truth”, but pray in the state of superstition and blind faith <Jn 4:20, 5:7>

3) Cannot communicate two-way with God under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, but only do “one-way and repetitive” prayers <Mt 6:7>


4) Often do self-centered prayers, asking because of lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life <Jas 4:3>


5) Praying without knowing how to discern between “those that has already received and those that will be received” <Mt 6:8, 33>


6) Pray for the self to get consolation or to let people hear <Mt 6:5-6>


7) Often bound by rituals and commandments


8) Because they have no way to see God’s guidance and plan, they cannot receive power during prayers <Mt 26:36-46>


9) After prayers, there is no expectation and assurance towards receiving answers


2. Prayers should be established upon God’s predetermined reality

-> My son gave me a very good wireless mouse, and it has many functions of copying pasting scrolling horizontally and vertically. This is really so good. However, when I see that he has all the best gadgets, and he changed to the newest. These are youths. Youth uses better stuff than the parents. I told lee song why he uses better, and did not recommend to me. So he went and ordered for me, but the thing came but I do not how to install or use. Of course, I can read the manual and do so step by step, but I do not like to spend time in this, but my son will find it boring not to read the manual. My son did so, and though I spent 2-3 hours on it, I acquired a know-how, and it helped my life so much. When we buy something, there is definitely a manual.

-> We came into the world ignorantly, so that we do not even know the air we breathe. We do not even know the times we are living in. Even if you are married for a long time, you will not know your wife because what is she structured inside, and what is the plan of God for her for lifetime, and the inheritance that is bided for her, so that such character and conditions are given to her. But we must accord to how God says Himself, the manual, then we will know. That is why I listed 10 truths here. We must definitely accord to the procedures.

(1) Procedure

(2) Join together

(3) Confirm

(4) Alternate

(5) To become our perspectives

Actually, there is no need explain each and every sentence, but tell them to memorize each and every one, one finger for each of the 10 truths in the lesson itself. Then “Lord, may this become my hearts and minds, and may this become my perspective.”

1) God is with all creation, and dominate all <1Ch 29:10-12>


Do not try to explain, but the points must be seen. No matter what God has created, whenever we look at the creation, God’s eternal power and divinity can be seen, and no one can reject one. What do you see (my hand)? God’s creation, not my hand alone! If you do not say it as beautiful, God will be angry, as God formed it when I was in my mother’s womb (Psalms says this clearly). Buildings and electricity – these are the wisdom of God that are given to man. His wisdom is with us, and His power is with us. Must center on confirmation to lead this. Confirm it one by one in the lesson!

2) Through “God’s word” created all things, every jot and stroke of God’s word must all be fulfilled <Mt 5:17-18>

-> Hebrews 11:7 says clearly that all creation as we see in 1) are all made out of God’s word. And every jot and stroke must be fulfilled and this is the truth. Therefore, with God’s word in the creation, this means that God’s word is the manual for the whole creation, for my life, etc.

3) All of God’s mysteries and power are all in the “Name of Jesus Christ”. <Col 1:15-22>

-> Name of JX is the perfect will, the accomplishments itself of God! JX teachings, accomplishments, promises, prophecies = JX Name. All created by Him, created for Him, rely on Him, and when the time is ripe, all things will be under Him to be united. His Story. How to explain the joining together?

1) God is with all creation

2) God’s mystery has all been manifested and said.

3) God’s word has incarnated onto earth and He is JX.

4) The Holy Spirit guides God’s people twenty-four hours and gives power to them <Jn 14:26-27>

-> And this JX, D&R, Throne dominion and raised to heavens, and thus, this Holy Spirit descended and guides and manifests His power on who? With those hearts who the people have died and resurrected with Christ. Such people can distinguish this world. And they can know themselves, know this world, and know God.

5) All these mysteries of God enters into my life <1Co 3:16>

-> Therefore, with God, God’s word, JX, HS must all be discovered where? In my life. Then, when reaching here, must confirm whether my life has this. Why is He called Fatherly God? Because He created me, so that I am here today. And His wisdom and glory are all seen in me. God’s word, when I heard, all my times I know, the meaning, all will know. JX come to earth, with likeness like me, and same as me 2 eyes, 8 hours sleep, go to work, go toilet – same! But what is different? He is One Who 24 hrs live according to God’s word, rely HS live. Now, this has already started and Word has came in. Only that I accord to Word and HS to live how much, with this wisdom received how much, I can walk with Him how much. Must confirm together. Therefore, if God’s word, take it as true, my conditions, lifetime experiences to understand, then this Word has become daily accomplishments on me, my family, my times le! Must confirm! Same structure and points – head, breast area, waist, legs, shield, sword – all have procedure, therefore, must join together. This will tell people not to fall asleep, as they will not be able to get anything liao, and after finishing, the temple has been built le. The leading style must be like this so that I write all these points.

6) The angels and the heavenly troops of God always protect, minister to me <Heb 1:14; Mt 18:10>

-> Angels are created for? For me! For eternally, to serve us. Even in future, angels are to serve and help us.

1) God – eyes must open and see

2) God’s word – must become voice, must listen, and then must confirm

3) JX – everything heard must hear, systemize, whole bible, He helps us systemize everything life, power, inheritance.

4) HS – how to confirm? Our spirits, for example, regarding spousal, financial, .. think think think, oh, in the past, when I do not know God, I will never absolutely be able to think about the things of HS. Oh, HS instructed and directed me, to think about all the words of JX.

5) Me – Actually all these spoken in the past Basic Messages. Therefore, here must confirm one by one.

6) Angels – How to confirm? Serve God, accomplishments, HS commands to do work, therefore, before I pray, I have sadness anxious heart, yet after prayers, very bright and hopeful, have kingdom, thanks praise hope. Why? This is how angels driven away dark forces. Therefore, my eyes, environment, reactions of people beside me all transformed! This is works of HS, but this must be seen together as one – my spirit change and my field change.

7) People of the world do not know God, was bounded by Satan because of sin, lead helpless and harassed living <Eph 2:1-3>

-> People of the world – died in sins and transgressions, obeying to world’s culture, submitting to prince of air demon’s dominion to live. Lust of eyes, lust of flesh, boast of today to live. Must discern! Is it that my parents in this situation? Is it my children in this situation? Relatives, neighbors, colleagues? When we read and confirm this way, we will discover the 4 kinds of people beside us.

8) In my living fields, frequently carry out events of “saving God’s people, establishing God’s kingdom” <Ac 1:8>

-> We have a commission, therefore God gave us some roles, and some relationships, letting us meet together.

9) My earthly days are already determined, and it carries eternal meaning in every moment of my daily life <Heb 9:27; Rev 22:12>

-> My remaining days, there is no one who knows, knowing is no good. But when people have cancer, they will know. Actually this is another blessing. Some people met with car accident and immediately leaves earth and do not know, but those with cancer knows at minimum. It is a good opportunity of prepare eternal times, and leave behind spiritual inheritance. Normally when I visit patients, the last words after counseling them, I softly say to their ears – congratulations! This is the time of your true earnestness and seriousness! This is the time of fasting and concentration prayers! Some when just before leaving the world, will be in this state, and aren’t we? There is only the difference of the outer appearance only! Amen! This is the truth, not AH Q ideology. When we received this, we must and can praise the Lord. There is nothing that can harm us and tell us to be sad. Yesterday and the day before, Xuemei with cancer has friends all around crying for her, and her daughter is wondering why, because mother is ok. But Xuemei is like consoling the rest ‘cos her days are not up yet! Only the difference is what is inside the body and what is outside the body. Our focus is not what the eyes can see, but what the eyes cannot see. Those eyes cannot see can then go to great and incomparable, eternal glory. Those visible are temporary and short! Our spirit is not inside our bodies. Our spirit is not within the boundaries of the three dimensions, but the spirit actually controls our body. Therefore, if the spirit tell us to go to the casino, the body has no chance but to go. Universe – no matter how big, it is still in three dimensions, can be seen and heard, but our spirit is far larger, eternally larger. But before born again, this spirit is bounded by forces of darkness. But through dying and resurrecting together with Christ, therefore the bible says that we have moved our homes from now till heavenly kingdom. But we will still receive the disturbances of the forces of darkness, yet when we reject and drive them out, our spirit can be guided in HS, spousal like angry or do boring things can take care and love le. The body moves however is directed by the spirit. Hallelujah! We must understand that we will never going to die! Like Job, he says that though outside is perishing, he is going to come out and see, and will meet and face the glorious God who created him. Same two saints, but what is the difference? One is afraid and one is not afraid. But why some saints still afraid? Because this has not been adjusted. Why LC everything not afraid? I do not want to go into debates on health pills, etc again. My motive is not into long life, but my motive is to anytime receive and see from God, the total protection from above, His guidance, His showers of blessings, His purpose. For one who receives this, immediately, he will drive demons. But for those who say “Buts”, the power of driving demons is heaven-earth contrasted! I know that some of us in the congregation really does not like to hear about the health thing, but I really hope that you can receive the full gospel. My purpose is not into long life and health. I myself I reject researching into DNA, as 20 years become days of sinning, or wandering doing dull things, but man’s life must be walked, wrinkles are beautiful! But what is plastic surgery? It is against the laws of nature! The smiles lined wrinkles are the most beautiful when a person has become beautiful. Rely on omnipotent God, anytime anyplace joy of walking with Him, our purpose is to quickly go back to our heavenly home!

-> Therefore, our absolute and relative things must be formatted!!! If not, our days will be in deep sufferings!

10) The eternal kingdom is already prepared for me, will enjoy glory together with God eternally in the times ahead <Rev 22:1-5>

-> Therefore, praise the Lord for having this eternal kingdom! In point 9, therefore, how long the days of sufferings, how much will be the crown. Our days on earth are to run, battle, sow, shed blood, reap! These are the 10 truths!

Let’s recap:

1) God’s Emmanuel bring with us means? Glory, abundance, omnipotence, holiness, love, eternal life are eternally with me. Therefore, do not go anywhere to find God, but go find it in here, this time, in your own situations and conditions.

2) God’s word – a manual, already spoken everything.

3) God’s word has become incarnation, flesh in our own likeness.

4) JX on right hand of throne interceding for us, HS also intercedes for us to help us

5) All these 4 mysteries are all in my life, therefore, I no longer live, but this is Christ living in me le. Do you not know that you are HS temple and HS lives in you?

6) Angels surround me. Therefore, when driving, I have a lot of navigators, one is my wife, the second is angels, third is the cars beside me horning me. Though this is a bit extreme, but if God does not allow, you will not die.

7) The world must know. The place I am living in is Satan’s fullness place, always wanting to attack me, lose faith, telling me to doubt, worry, fear, love the world, this environment.

8) My fields – this is the place where God continually builds His kingdom.

9) My days are really limited, and tomorrow days are not my days.

10) Therefore, my today’s purpose is no longer for comfort. Paul purposely chose sufferings, disease, martyr, to glorify God, because he has seen temporary things on earth, he sees that eternal spirit controlling everything is really too beautiful. He knows that he will never die. We can see how one person is affected by spirit. We see people and we will know. Spiritual person will see through all things, and will know perfect will of God, and see through the intentions of people. Therefore, Peter asks why Ananias and Sapphire is so much filled with Satan.

Therefore, 1. to center on confirming, “Lord, may these ten truths become my perspectives, Amen!” Then to use this to judge all relative, changing, temporary things. This means to center on praying to lead. The first time I lead, I should do this, but I did it to explain more on each point, because to understand the keywords one by one. So if you lead the second time, you do not need to go through each and every word, but very practical, to listen to the message, together confirm, pray, together receive, together have transformations, this is the most important.

3. Prayer should be established on “the covenant established between God and me (God’s bestowed promises)”

-> Other than these truths, God also gave us eternal covenant. Abel, Enoch 300 years walk, Noah, Abraham more details into salvation plan Ge 12-24 chapters process of how he born again, sanctification, receive crown can be seen. God everytime willing to make covenant with us. Make covenant means to be baptized, to be circumcised, impress on the hearts. This promise very simply:

God gave us promise purpose on this 70 years is:

(1) 4G: To Adam, Noah, Abraham, same!

(2) How to accomplish? God do it Himself = God-driven. Therefore, He gave us only one method and this is to test and approve Emmanuel.

Therefore, our movement can be said as 4G movement, and also can be said as Emmanuel Movement.

(1) Promise in one word is to tell us to become Jesus Christ. I will make you become Israel (JX body). I will make you to become a blessing for your family and for your generations. I will make you to become a blessing for the region’s people. Everything I give you blessings, all peoples and nations.

(2) How to accomplish? I am with you, therefore, must test and approve. How Abraham fulfill? He lifetime center on altar to live. Often manifest to him. Gen 13, 14, 15, 17 change his name, father of all nations source of all blessings, similar to us when we grow in our Christian life. In my short limited days on earth, the reasons must be acquired, then you do not need to go special places to pray, or go third heaven to seek and find God. But when you grab on to 4G, you are source of all blessings, the tap of all blessings. You don’t move, for where you are and you see, God’s blessings will be manifested. Therefore, here, in your steps, find out how God is with you, how guide you, and through guidance, continue to discover by testing and approving perfect will of God, and how to cleanse self, sanctify self, how to drive demons = prayer fulfillment mystery, definitely will overcome with victory, and how to use this mystery to continually expand my own boundaries mystery.

I say again, God gave us some to have 50 years old, some 30 years, David’s first son with Bathsheba only a few days, but his birth reason is to bless David his father, and to bless Israel to come forth. Though born in a few days, he finished his lifetime task, and who says he is cursed? We cannot anyhow judge. Of course, he becomes a life that is beaten by God for David, but through this matter, David received eternal blessings. Therefore, the days are limited for which blessings can come. But in this days, the purpose is for blessed people to tell all nations to be blessed. The source of blessing all nations do not need to move. For example, if you are born in Hunan, just be in Hunan, all the days that you do not know God when you are in Hunan, you can receive all grace of God, already discovered that you are chosen by God before creation of the world, a child, source of blessings, to bless all family and household, and to bless all people in China. It looks like Xiangpin only 40+ years to be blessed, but it may be because God wants to use for 40 years. This is totally wonderful. Even if you are lame, or in a very serious ugly (though she is beautiful), only that God blesses, this ugly face will bless all nations. In that condition itself, no need to go to third heavens, or some special meetings or some special prayer hole, but whatever you have conditions, background, family conditions, here, seek God’s reasons that He temporary permitted me on this earth. This is 4G. When seeking, HS works, telling me to understand. For those who love the Lord, they will definitely be able to discover all things work for good His perfect will. This is called promise.

Promise is with us, prayer, victory, blessing 7 fields life network, must need, or like Abraham when he just forgets, his eyes go to other places, using humanistic efforts to bear a child, and God therefore sees this Abraham cannot make it, so change his name, tell him to whole day, even though he thinks it is irksome or unworthy at first, to remind him again and again. For me, when I was reverended, I thought this title is so holy, so I stand in front of the mirror to call myself Rev Leechull, and giggle at the same time over and over again. Look at your face, your style, hahaa. That is what happens to Abraham and Sarah, so that they laugh, but this is why their son is named laughter, Isaac. But through the days, from 1998 till 2008, 10 years, when people call me leechull, I will feel funny. Therefore, many tells me pastors, and go home, my sister called me “ah che, come here, go there!” This is how names come about. The greedy, grasping leg, is called Jacob, becomes name that overcomes God, who does not need to struggle or hold on to anything anymore. God’s abundance, Israel, when change over, “Lord, change my name, overcome God.” Therefore, days of grabbing hold of God’s glory, Israel’s glory, God’s blessing, God’s love, Amen!!! This is the way to lead the meetings, one by one. Otherwise, it is so dry in tone, so that I exclaim how dry it is! After sharing this, totally transformed, man changed. The message that tells people not to change is useless.

1) God establishes covenant with me saying, “God will be with you eternally through God’s word and the Holy Spirit” <Jn 14:16-20>


2) God establishes covenant with me saying, “God guides you eternally in working all things for good” <Ro 8:28, Jn 14:26>


3) God establishes covenant with me saying, “When you call upon me, I will answer; If you ask, it will be given to you” <Mt 7:7>


4) God establishes covenant with me saying, “I have bestowed on you the authority and power that can certainly triumph” <Lk 10:19>


5) God blessed me saying, “I will bless all peoples through you, making them receive life, receive healing, become disciples” <Mt 28:18-20>


* We also establishes covenant with God saying, “I believe God’s bestowed promises, and will everyday discover God’s leading, willingly joyfully submit and follow, manifest God’s glory through my whole life, and to bless all peoples”


4. Prayers established on “truth” and “promises” are extremely clear-cut, and are concrete and practical

-> According to truth and promises, the following 10 steps are for searching God’s perfect will. Where? In your own conditions, practically.

Truth means Objectively. Promise means Subjectively. Truth and Promise to test and approve inside your own conditions. Therefore, one by one confirm.

1) Because the basis is on God’s word, the prayers possess extremely clear-cut and practical content of faith

-> You will notice here that I do not anyhow list out 10 things here, but they follow the teachings and words of Jesus Christ. Actually this is the Lord’s prayer.

2) Should not be asking “Lord, be with me”, instead believe and see “the reality that God is always with me”, and then converse with God on all occasions

-> My Father in heaven, may Your will be done. On earth as it is in heaven.

3) Should not be asking “Lord, guide me!”, instead always concretely discover God’s guidance and joyfully submit

-> Your kingdom come, as Your will be done -> Let me discover.

4) Because believing the eternal kingdom and the apportioned blessings of this era are already received, prayers should possess the content that matches this apportioned blessings

-> Therefore, seek in my 7 fields, seek His perfect will to receive fulfillments. Must acquire the contents to receive.

5) Not that after prayers and petitions, we still fear and doubt, instead firmly believe the promise that “prayers will certainly receive answers”, joyfully await

-> Give us to day our daily bread. It is not only on requesting, but it is requesting style along with confirmation that His answers already come in providence on me. Confirm that God has all the way been providing for me for 52 years! Receive fulfillments!

6) Prayers of “repentance and cleansing of sins” done in promises, will surely bring out power to overcome sin in the future

-> Forgive us our debts

7) Knowing that I am a person who is greatly loved, will very naturally bring about great love towards parts of Christ’s body and the church, have power to forgive the weaknesses of parts of Christ’s body and often intercede

-> As we have forgiven our debtors – I love others, and I intercede for others.

8) By believing that Christ’s already victorious authority is on me, therefore in any hardships and problems, confirm the “triumphant reason”, and proclaim freedom

-> Lead us not into temptation, but Deliver us from evil – At the same time.

9) Therefore during prayers, it is very natural to be Holy Spirit-filled, intellect-filled and power-filled

-> For Yours is the kingdom the power and the glory forever. This we must learn. Do not “Lord, You are with me, where are You Lord?” Do not pray like this. But, Lord here You are, therefore, “Lord, You are with me in this conditions right now, let me realize and understand over, can discover the times that You are with me.” Every time before I start the meting, I pray like this. Even when before, I was in my car, I saw that everyone is singing hymns, one or two tearing expressions, seeing that God’s Spirit is filled in this place, letting me know that the Lord will surely accomplish today. Later, our sister comes up to pray, and this is the prayers that I love most. Word by word! There is on the basis of truth, and on the basis of promise, then this prayers already received! Praise God! Power and strength, and then I know this message is very important, and will bless many years, many teachers. Hallelujah!

10) Because often experience the might and blessings of prayers, will thus like to pray very much


This style is for teachers, so do not lead in a way to tell them also to lead this way. But when you lead, point one, two, three, four, then after joining together, then first point of root problem, second 10 truths, then one by one confirm, and third point of promise to grab hold on, and last fourth point, now, in here, now, in your own conditions, how accomplish out. Together confirm meeting. Of course, if confirm, will have 3-4 hours also can. My meaning is to grasp, and then 30-40-50minutes also can, but what I mean is that the Holy Spirit must be relied on. All to joy. And after meeting to see transformations! If the person come, and the likeness is the same always, this is called I lead wrongly, and not relying on God le.

I hope that this 36 lessons will be finished before I go for mission trips. Then next year, there will be no teachers training. Teachers’ training is only when needed, and opened at last minute. I also know that meetings in a week a bit too much. 7 times of meeting till I go mission place. But if really cannot, next year spring time we open again.


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