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Teacher 14: Basic Message 13 – Prayer and Healing

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Basic Message 13

Jeremiah 33:1-9

-> Those who have met God will naturally pray. Those who have met God, if they pray according to His perfect will, 100% will receive fulfillments. This is the Lord’s prayer, and also our experience, and thus can see God’s perfect will, and walk with God in all things. Such people can enjoy what others cannot hear, they can hear, though the situation is the same. However, he hears something where people cannot hear, and he has assurance that this is what is given by the Lord – the voice and wisdom from the Lord. They can hear what others cannot hear – angels coming, demons that disturbs, demons fleeing in fear. My lifetime purpose is to learn prayers. Do not put your purpose on anything else, because God is living, only that He is invisible, therefore, how to see Him, how to converse, how to walk with Him – all these have to go into research. This requires learning and training, and in the course of training, you will realize that you have not known the gospel enough. Therefore for your lifetime, you have to dig for precious stones God’s hidden mystery, and in the course, you will know gospel more and more, and slowly, you will discover that you have become JX in all the hands and movements.

Lesson 11

Therefore, last time, we talk that our prayers must not be dead, but must be living. Then according to what He has told us to pray, we will see that our spirits have transformations, because the HS and the angels have worked, and demons’ power are broken, and God’s power has descended, my spirit become strong and courageous, and all these can be seen. Therefore, prayers are fulfilled in the midst of prayers. The prayers that must wait to be fulfilled after prayers are the prayers of Buddhist, Christianity, Catholicism. If God is living, then meeting Him, facing Him, and conversing with Him itself is fulfillment. These are a few mindsets that we have to change over, that our messages also emphasize again and again. The 20 basic messages are for the purpose of pulling the saints in this religious era out of this era. If you bring this perspective to lead, then you are leading correctly.

Lesson 12

Pray according to the truth. Rooted and founded according to the truth that you have already build, according to truth and promise, look at yourself family times, God’s perfect will be revealed to you. If there isn’t this, you often only use relative things to judge whether God loves you, whether He is with me. How can we use the changing to judge the unchanging God’s guidance, God’s presence, love, victory. This is reversal, and the bible says that this person has no need to hope that he will receive anything. Must use God’s every absolute to judge all things that can be changed. Absolute, unchanging, eternal to judge the relative, changing, temporary. If this is wrong, then thereafter everything will be wrong. After this, it will only be centering on asking, and the hands will be grinded off, because cannot see God’s presence, His love.

Prayer and Healing

Lesson 13

Today, we are sharing on prayers and healing. The emphasis today is that prayers must bring about transformations. This is the meaning of healing. What is the biggest difference between living prayers and dead prayers? When we desire to pray, that moment, there is a transformation in my spirit. Fear gone, wonderful expectations come – so that before prayers you can see that there is a transformation yourself, “Our Father in heaven”, though Father cannot be seen, He in my spirit can be seen always. Once we grab hold of this, we meet God. King of Kings, Omnipotent King, eternal Lord, Wise, Wonderful, Counselor, Omnipresent Father, when we meet Him, if there are no changes, then it is called strange. And after prayers, we already discover the perfect will of God, through our submissions, we will receive fulfillments. When we submit to the perfect will received after prayers, this is called being accomplished and this is fulfillments itself. Therefore, the biggest difference between living prayers and dead prayers is that there is transformations. We have all experienced before:

(1) Your prayer of repentance and acceptance of Christ made you cross over from death and move into the eternal kingdom. Have you the transformation and have you experienced before?

(2) Through days, when I am 20 years old, 33 years old, 37 years old, through one-time resolution prayers, will it bring about a transformation and total change so that you receive power, see God’s plan, that all of God’s blessings follow you. Have you experienced this? Therefore, prayers practically bring about this result! If not, God is dead, why do we pray?

(3) For every of our prayers, will heaven open and all sorts of power come to you? The desperation bf prayers become hopeful, no power becomes powerful, have you seen the transformation and experienced? Yes, we experienced everything, but why is it that we do not pray? This is strange why we do not like to pray. Serious do things is like, but don’t like to pray. Restore the joyful look, restore the kingdom to live – don’t want, is not this strange? There is this Satan we really must be watchful about.

Focus of Lesson 13:

Prayers -> Transformation / Healing

1) Transformation

Therefore, when you lead, must confirm. Does your prayer of repentance bring about transformation? Does your prayer of resolution bring too? Then confirm, and find that everyone will exclaim that this is really true, and testify together. Everytime, how is it different? Therefore, when you lead this lesson, the most important thing is to confirm with the members whether there are transformations. And for you teachers yourself, is there transformation before and after prayers? This must confirm.

2) Spirit transformed -> heart, mental, living, interpersonal, spousal, children, finance

And for the second focus, every time our prayers must put focus here: Our prayers must start from already having a transformation in the spirit. This is a must, that the spirit has been transformed. With the spirit transformed, the heart, mental, living, interpersonal, spousal, children, finance will all have transformation. This is the very important lesson, that if there is no healing in the spirit, there is no healing at all. What is spirit transformation?

3) Meet God, converse with God, walk with God (esp can hear God, can see God)

This is called meeting God, converse, walk with Him. This is called spirit healing. Especially can hear God, can see God.

4) Must receive the absolute answers in Jesus Christ -> perfect will

Actually all these can be received in the absolute answers in Christ. When absolute answers are received, the spirit conversations 2) with the Lord JX, will understand more clearly on God’s perfect will. Therefore, through spirit healing, the heart, living, interpersonal relationships will all receive healing, and all have absolute answers.

5) In every prayers -> transformations

Then in every prayers, center on transformations to pray. Then all your prayers will be successful.

In Jesus Christ, we have already become a new creation,

our identity,

-> new created identity


-> we already moved house to heaven

and authority

-> Throne dominion authority, daily we can use.

has all changed. However, when we do not know God, we especially had in our life all kinds of ill nature, prejudices and habits remaining on us. Because of these diseases, we not only cannot enjoy the apportioned blessings of God’s children, instead we often meet many contradictions and struggles in Christian living. Through prayer of faith, we must rely on the Lord to get rid of all cause of illness, enabling our life to enjoy holy and powerful living.


1. All men who depart from God have deeply-rooted diseases

-> All healings have to first look at this point – self have illnesses, self easily become blind, self can easily quickly become very weak, must see this. JX says, “you are full of illnesses and you do not need a doctor. You are blind but you think that you can see.” Therefore, problems come! You are like sleep-walking problem, like vampire, like sleep-walking, inside of dreams without direction, I see that most people’s situation is like this, and this situation must be seen very clearly. Then the heavenly powers that come on us daily is without connection to our lives. This must see, then people will become hungering and mourn. JX says, “You are the poorest, but you think that you are very rich. You are naked, and it is so shameful, but you do not know it.” Therefore, the first point has to see that all men who depart from God have deeply-rooted diseases, and I listed here 6 points.

When you talk about this main point 1, add, “Actually not only these 6 points, 6 is no good number, so to list like this, but when we are in problem, 10,000 problems are in our lives!” Emphasize like this!

1) Their spirit, soul, body and living are all under curse <Eph 2:1-3>

(At the back of diseases all have spiritual backgrounds)

-> One day, when I read the bible, the contents of Eph 2:1-3 protruded out from the bible and went into my eyes. That moment is a extremely great transformation to me. I memorized before, but I do not know the essence. In the past, Leechull, you are dead in sins and transgressions, you followed the ways of the world, actually you are submitting to the prince of the air, the spirit that is at work in all who are disobedient, becoming his slave and servant. Originally, you are children of wrath, even though you are children of God, my lifestyle is like those already been condemned and judged. Children of wrath means that already judged, must be judged and placed in hell likeness. Must live like this. When this perspective came into my eyes, I see everything in the world, myself, all things transformed! These 3 verses so important!

Then in verse 4, that we D&R with Christ, verse 6 – already sat in heavenly throne. In the past, I do not understand one bit. In my 3D understanding in the past, I only know that the word “already” has already passed and it has no more connection now. We already sat together with Christ in the heavenly realms -> then grace kept coming from heaven, and when I was called, and there is a time for enjoying this grace of heaven, for the sake of the later coming generations to see. First is my children, and the second is who comes to believe in Christ after me, and those whom I led to Christ. Therefore, the later generations, giving them this grace and testimony. Word by word, all are the works of God, all are grace. In the past, I often memorize, but I daily watch TV and played the world, because I do not know the grace. But one day, when I truly understand!!! Therefore, knowing this disease is so important. Sometimes, memorize also won’t understand, therefore, there is no way to cut off the world from ourselves. It is not that we leave the world, but the victory that sets us apart as holy that power cannot be received.

2) Because of spiritual diseases of ignorance, doubts and disbelief, they have no way to know God, turn to worship idols, worship religions, and participate with demons <1Co 10:20>

-> Cannot see God. He is always with us and we cannot see Him. Therefore, in doubts and guilt. When we open the hearts tablets of such a man, no matter whether he is wise or not, intelligent or not, have knowledge or not, it is filled with guilt, fear, anxiousness, hatred, greed, jealousy, etc totally is the playground of Satan. This is called that the strong fortress of Satan is there! Therefore, Satan has the authority to come in and out as he wishes in the playground of the heart.

Therefore, all sorts of problems come..

3) Because of psychological illness like guilt, fear, worry, hatred, greed and jealousy and so on, often lead a weary and burden life <Mt 11:28>


4) Because all kinds of illness and disorderly living invade into our physical body, we lead a life of suffering <Jn 5:2-3>


5) Because of struggles and contradictions on interpersonal relationships, often lead “lives that give people wounds, and are also self-hurting” <Ge 4:8>


6) Totally do not know life’s direction and meaning, blindly lead helpless and harassed living, and ultimately face death <Lk 16:19-31>

2. Prayers of faith can heal all illness

-> Therefore, only the prayer of faith can heal. Faith is not connected with your courage or power. You are willing to believe = you actually do not believe. If I use power to look at this sister, then my eyes have problem. But if it is the truth, just see. Faith is just seeing. Therefore, the prayer of faith can heal everything. When you talk about faith, what is the most important? Faith has root and foundation, discovering this, and according to this to live, and this is called according to faith. It is a wrong misunderstanding to say that this person has great faith, that he prays every time and it gets fulfilled. We cannot place faith as the powerful kungfu of man. Faith prayer is about restoring God’s word, and when you believe, this is called following. According to the word of God, judge all things, follow Him, and all things will be fulfilled.

Therefore, bible says that if you pray in the Name of JX, anything can be given to you. In Jn 15:7, if anyone is in me and my word is in him, anything that he prays, all things will be accomplished. Jn 16:24 also says, “you do not know my Name in the past so that you do not know how to ask in my Name, so now, ask in My Name in whatever you ask, you will receive and your joy will be complete.” It is a 100% fulfillment that is spoken out.

Then one day, I thought that if this is true, won’t sick people come alive if my hands are laid on them? Yet, I tried, but the sickness seemingly even gets worse. I see that this family must be used by the Lord, but I see that the perspective and the system they have is messed up, the Holy Spirit convictions that they get is unclear, yet this is the family that God is going to use. When I leave, they ask me to bless their family to pray, of course, I shall return as I ate their meals for free. And after returning, I hear that the sister received cancer, and brother placed in emergency room almost going to die. Strange. Why I bless in prayer, yet people’s likeness is worse off? I bored inside. But that time I received answer that the blessings I give are fulfillments of the Lord. Then after 2-3 years, I hear that they become the church’s first or second man, and after 4-5 years I can see that the blessings really come upon them. Hallelujah! I understand more and more of this mystery. Therefore, if you ask the pastor lay hands to bless you for the deacons, elders, small group leaders, your hearts must really be ready ok? Baptism vow a few things, elder vow 5 things, even if we forget, God will remember. Really, if we pray in the Name of JX, 100% accomplish! But accomplishment may not be according to what we ask. Our prayer of faith can bring about healing, Amen? 100%!

1) “Conversion prayers” can totally change a person’s spiritual background, making him become a new creation <2Cor 5:17>

-> Fate, belonging, identity all transformed! Therefore, when you lead here, confirm with the saints. Did your conversion prayers bring about this effect? Here, you must confirm with the student to let them receive assurance and confirmation. Must add this, “Not that you do conversion prayers that you receive born again, but because you are one that should be born again, so that when time is ripe, you can make conversion prayers.” This procedure very important. 90% of saints have this misunderstanding, that doing conversion prayers tell the Lord to feel good, and thus gives you born again so that with this misunderstanding, all the perfect will thereafter all wrong le. Therefore, not that you children of God by conversion prayers, but that because you children of God, therefore, you do conversion prayers. Must give people this conversion prayers. More important than conversion prayers is “Have you acquired what is at the hand of God?”

2) “Resolution prayers” can get rid of the “evil rooted nature” in the life, letting the person receive renewed life <Ac 9:1-9>

-> Renewed life, direction, living, meeting. Resolution prayers are noble and of great power because of this. Then, God’s another great anointing will descend on you. My lifetime has a few resolution prayers. Often, I have some fasting prayers, turning point, and this year too, and when my heart has a turning point, there is a new grace coming to me.

Here, you must emphasize again. It is not that your effort or kungfu that God’s grace will come, what kind of person I become today is because of God’s grace. One day I discover that this kind of resolution prayers are better for me. It is not that you endure and you resolute prayers. Else in less than 3 days, you will meet with all kinds of contradictions. Ah, but it is lifetime rely on God’s word, rely on HS convictions, and this is the best to play! Receiving the greatest blessing – discovering this and all of your lifetime direction will be changed. One day I discovered, live like this also 20 years, live like that also 20 years, why not I invest in this eternal kingdom, and all glories of heaven descending on me to live, center on this to live, is to me, my family, my children, to all my later generations, more beneficial. Some people do not first understand, but second time still doesn’t understand is because there is no resolution grace that comes upon them. For some, if they do not want to do, they will be very sorrowful, for it has been discovered. For example, there is a diamond here, precious, and there is a stone on the other side. And they continue to play with stone only. One day, they discovered that this is precious stone, and they discovered that the stone is not a stone, but shit! When you know it and you continue to play with it, this is so suffering! Therefore, naturally, they push it away, and receive precious stones. This is called resolution prayers.

Some still cannot do tithes because the resolution prayers of tithes have not come to me. For some, it is more than 1/10, but even 4/10, for it is having the glorious inheritance of the universe. Some people in front of God want to bargain. Some see already also – some pastors, deacons elders they do it so reluctantly. If you do not like to do, but you do, then whatever you do makes it even worse. This must be done through seeing the heart being blessed and thus respond. When the new believers are led through these 20 lessons, their perspectives should change over one! In the past, their understanding on the world, etc should all change over.

3) “Promise prayers” can heal a person of hidden illness in the hearts and minds <Php 4:4-7>

-> You must do testimonies yourself okay? One day, discovered that promise becoming fixed perspective is being such an important matter. This is shared in Lesson 12, so that when this is another new grace that has descended on us. I went Sg, Chicago, etc, and they all say jargons like fixed perspective, flesh, yet when I look at their expressions, they are down with a lot of problems. Those who have received fixed perspective will go to the prison with all hands and legs bounded but they will not fear, “Eternal good things have already started, praise the Lord that through the persecutions, I will receive more crown!” What I mean is that it is wrong if you pray for a child by promise, wait for 7-8 years, then come, yet a few months later discovered that the child is a retarded. What is relative and can be changed is that the child is retarded as this is the fulfillment to prayers, but what is absolute and non-changing is that God loves me and that He heard my prayers. In the end, the retarded child blessed thousands of retarded children in Korea, because the mother opened the retarded school for children, and this blessed thousands of parents! Hallelujah! Impress on your hearts this promise! If we pray like the Buddhists do, it is unworthy compared to this promise that is given to us, therefore, we must know how it is worthy to how we are called.

4) “Fixed time prayers” can heal all illness in the physical body and living <Ac 3:1-10>

-> If you start doing fixed time prayers, all illness will be gone. Once you start it, you will find that the illnesses in your children will start to solve, and not only this, the problem will turn out to be a blessing somemore! Yesterday I talked with Yuqing, and how she emphasized on scheduled prayers, and how when Jinzhe went for Iraq war, and she talked that there is a dark church beside her home, but the doors are opened. Therefore, they always go and pray there, and grandmother will fix the time to pray for her grandsons. I really give thanks, if someone has met such grandma or mother who prayed fixed time for this! Special creatures like yuqing’s family and elder lei’s family! I am too normal actually, and sometimes when I lead them, I felt inadequate, but I learnt a lot from them actually. Do you know that Kaizhi prayed for his family for 6-7 years. Never get PhD, yet tour for 8.5 months, yet get PhD, willing to go tour for evangelism. Can’t go tour America or come here, so ask for going for evangelism, etc. Unlimited joy. When I am with such people, my heart is really joyful utmost, and there are areas where their perspectives are beyond me, so that I humble down and learn from them. It is different, effect from prayers, really taking the Lord as Father. Really start doing fixed time prayers and you will discover that all things in family will turn around, and all become blessings.

5) “Continuous prayers” can solve all disturbances in the spiritual life, making man enjoy an abundant human life that is exceedingly victorious <Eph 5:18>

-> Like breathing prayer. If you can do this, you are the Joseph of this era. Often do this then will know when need to concentrate pray.

6) “Concentration prayers” can break all of Satan’s fortified base camps, bringing turning points to living and ministry <Ac 12:1-23>

-> If fixed time prayers and continuous prayers dunno, it means that concentration prayers need to hunger and fast. But continuous prayers discovered that just when the demon is going to attack me, when there is a great turning point to me.

-> If you can understand the above, you are blessed person. Bible is not about noble people of faith, but after knowing the bible, the precious essence from it is about this prayer.

3. How to heal “spiritual illness”?

-> All the 10 healing lessons.. all come from the spiritual healing. If you speak clearly here on spiritual healing, you will discover that there will definitely be effects in all areas. Here, no space to write everything, so that there is a 10 healing messages. Anything can be healed.

-> Say like this you may not understand. What I mean is that when there is illness, do not go into the problem to find the solution, but first come back to the spiritual healing to receive answer, and the moment when it gets solved, all things already are solved. That problem becomes a blessing already!

1) So called spiritual illness, refers to problems of “inability to converse with God, often receive demonic influences”

-> i.e. cannot see God, cannot hear God’s voice. But the truth is that God is always with us, He is always talking to us. Therefore, this is a grave problem. This is called flesh, sin nature, satan deceit and hoodwink.

2) Receive “God’s word” and confirm, to solve problems of “doubts” and “disbelief” <Heb 4:12, 11:6>

-> Spiritual healing must bring about:

(1) God = God’s Word -> through my conditions -> God’s Perfect will (perfect will = God)!

About knowing God, how to meet Him, must know. Who is God? We must know God from His Word. We have met God right? Therefore, God’s word, through my conditions, it becomes perfect will. Perfect will = God! Our perspective must all be changed! No matter where we are, times, conditions, no matter what time, situation, events, there is God’s perfect will => then this is God’s revelation to you right then for that unique time, place, situation, matter! From now on, learn and meet God this way! At your home, at your church, rest, morning, noon, night, prosperity, suffering, poverty, rich, serving, sleeping -> in that time, place, matter, only that we who possess God’s word meditate about it, then God’s perfect will will be immediately revealed to you in peace. It is not the perfect will that oppresses us so that we must put in all efforts to see God, evangelise, etc, but at your time right now, even at your bed. When you meet God this way for 5 times, 10 times, 1000 times, then you will find that God is everywhere!

3) Understand the “mystery of the gospel of Christ”, to get rid of “religious nature and bondage” in life <Ro 8:1-39>


(2) God = The JX living alive in me = Incarnation

Therefore, many people who wants to meet God, thus abandoned, or go to mystical, or continue to find God with a photograph in his hand, yet the photograph is wrong. How must we look for God? The starting point must be correct! What God’s word says is that through my life conditions, I already discovered that The Lord is in me. This is called incarnation. JX came in my likeness (have parents, family members, have church living, have bible in His hand, when He looks upon heaven, He will also receive perfect will for Him today through HS convictions, same things happen, therefore, I know that JX lives in me. God is Jx living in me! My lifetime purpose is to be totally like JX. What is the biggest difference between me past and now? Only that my life purpose more like Christ, lifetime plan more like Christ, my prayers more like Christ, my expressions (before is in bitterness and sorrowful face) yet now in sufferings can still enjoy peace and joy expression. When you lead this lesson, use more of your testimonies, there is no need to boast and be proud, but add at the end that you only attained like 20-30% only, but our lifetime purpose is not in any other and it is not as if we have attained, but that our goal is reaching to what JX has called us Who lived in us, to receive the crown that He has prepared for me. Therefore, daily I have to die to my motives, purpose, my intents, my expressions, my actions, so that I can tell JX to live. When I fix this, I discovered that I am no longer myself, as I have already died, and it is no longer I that lived, but that Christ lives in me. He not only d&R for me, but He paid His expensive price to buy my body, came into my life, and daily lived in me. If you know this, you can then often see the Lord. God’s perfect will is still an intention, but when God becomes Jesus Christ, then we will know that God has become my wife, to help me, God became my brethren, to help me, His eternal perfect will has came and be revealed to me. Can be seen! Originally, Christ is that cannot be seen God’s image, God’s photograph. This must grasp. No matter what problems or sufferings I meet, I only proclaim and confess that Jesus Christ living in me is far more superior in kungfu, then, compared to the problem I am facing now to Christ living in me, I will just brush the problem aside. Will fly above the problem. JX is not a knowledge or intent anymore, but very practically, this living God, how to meet Him, see Him, play with Him, therefore, praise the Lord. Visible can see, invisible can see through faith, therefore, invisible and visible accomplishments will happen.

4) Understand and experience of “the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and conviction”, often willing to submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit <Eph 1:13-14; 1Th 5:19; Eph 5:15-21>


(3) God = Holy Spirit

God is the Spirit that continues to remind us of Christ, this Spirit, His instructions to us. He is the unspeakable groans in my spirit, to help me in prayers, helping my spiritual, when I see my daughter, when I see others, I have sighs, yet this is not my sighs, but HS’s sighs, therefore, I know that they are blessed, though weak, therefore, though they are weak, every time I see them, when I use the JX perspective that lives in you and me to see, this sighing means that JX on right hand of throne praying for me, and HS praying for me. Therefore, brother, I know that God loves you, therefore, after fleeing and disobeying for a two three times, God will beat your backside. Therefore, if you are really disciplined by God, you must really be in joy because God loves you and you are blessed. Speaking, praying, preaching all have authority. This is not LC’s authority but the HS living in me works! When I rely on HS, I becomes strong and courageous, and this is called relying on His great and powerful strength. This is called relying on HS to submit in all things le.

5) Must restore living methods (prayer) of “often seeking God’s will and submit” <Ro 12:2>


(1) God’s word

How to let this God’s word through my conditions come to me to be revealed? We are in spousal also, teaching children, in church, for this era, also all in perfect will. And this God is perfect will, this Personality. Therefore, perfect will is bigger than the whole universe. Smaller than our smallest cell in the body. How can we see Him? It is through God’s word, spoken already by prophets and apostles. When we understand the word, we already know Him.

(2) JX

And this JX living in me today

(3) HS

and this HS continues to remind me and instruct me about JX, sometimes comfort me, admonish me, encourage me, rebuke me – this is HS works. When I understood, thank God. After passing this, I then need to pray!

(4) Converse

Therefore just need to center on prayers to submit.

6) Must restore the living direction and goal of “heavenly kingdom direction” <Mt 6:33>


(5) Accomplishments -> Walk with God

And then use conversation to? Then in living, can see God’s accomplishments, and evidences, so we can walk with God.

Converse with + walk with God = RSYRJG = fulfillments!

And through RSYRJG, what are fulfillments? RSYRJG is fulfillments! When I lay my hands to pray for a couple, and my heart is not to bless on materials only, or health, etc but on eternally blessings, let them generations of descendants can love God, and after prayer, he received cancer. What is this? This is called fulfillment.

Therefore, this is spiritual illness, cannot see God hear God. You must become experts in this area, and you must use your own testimonies to talk.

4. How to heal “Psychological illness”?

-> You and I are so blessed. Just now in car, Sophia and my wife keep enjoying, and my hope is that all peoples on earth can be like me, in all things see God, hear God’s voice, can receive peace strength freedom strength hope strength, praise strength, daily praying that my daughter can totally be like me, my wife eyes can be like the wild dogs protruding out when looking at rabbit his game strength, no discouragements but strength, because I see my wife sometimes can see, sometimes cannot see likeness. For me, I see nothing in the world, so that it obstructs, but a rabbit! Last week when I talk with a sister, I saw another rabbit in Baltimore! No matter what kind of persecutions, I am going to go to save the rabbit. We must receive the heart to bless all nations prayer heart, Amen! Therefore, I pray that my wife can become like me, and when one day, I open up my heart, I see that this person is really something, how dare this person hope that all peoples of the world can become like him? Even hoping that siblings and parents, and even not admiring a bit on Bush, but that he can become like me! This equals to blessed person. God lives in me! You too. Only different degrees. When pastor talks of world evangelism, you don’t have feeling because of this perspective, so that you look down thinking that husband has not yet believed so how can think so far? But my degree is like can see pass everything even death, and that power is different. HOWEVER, I know that your sorrows are different from those neighbors beside you. Amen? Who lives in you? JX! God’s word and His perfect is no longer a secret or hidden, but has been revealed to you. The HS anytimes convicts you. Hallelujah! Amen! I only live one day and it is fine, for when I think about this, everything is the end! It is like so joyful that when driving, I forget everything, and car drove to the other side, yet angels protect me. Such person, the world can never hold him back or attack him. There is no fear for swords.

1) First, receive firm assurance of my own life (life that is eternally blessed, called, beloved)


2) Get to know the “eternal promises in Christ”, and must confirm.


3) Must receive “reasons to give thanks” in all the wounds and failures of the past,


4) To discover God’s guidance and perfect will in the content and conditions of present living


5) Must restore eternal hope and expectation in days to come


6) Must restore merciful heart and blessed prayer for all people


5. How heal “illness of the physical body”?


When spiritual healing, how can such people not be in joy? How can body not be in health? One cell has God’s reason! God’s providence, His protection, so that when you have illness, when you pray, you will be healed. Spirit is bigger than body. Spirit controls whatever the body wants to move, body is just a equipment of the spirit, invisible is the focus, for visible is temporary, invisible is incomparable eternal glory. The Lord gives us answer so clearly!

1) First, examine my own life, and also test and approve God’s will, must restore intimate relationship with God


2) Not only to pray for the illness to be healed, more so to pray for “glorifying God and blessing people because of the illness”


3) By regarding God’s word and prayer as central in living, sustain the state of being filled with the Holy Spirit


4) Receive “blessed schedule of healthy living” for the body (food, exercise, sleep)


5) Also receive treatment of the doctor and medication with heart of thanksgiving


6) In the process and timetable of treatment, certainly has God’s important plan, often testify the Lord’s grace to bless surrounding people


Lesson 13 is finished. Do not lead point by point is this meaning. They can hear tapes. Very important is that they must meet God, want so much to pray to God, want to much to submit to God, lifestyle want to totally reorganize.


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