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Teacher 14: Basic Message 14 – Prayer and Living

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Basic Message 14

Romans 12:1-2

Prayer and Living

Prayer -> Living (Walk with God, accomplishments)

Prayer will bring all walking with God, bringing all the accomplishments of God. Prayer has such a power. The purpose of us learning prayers is? To walk with God, receive power from God, preserve out cleanliness, preserve hope and joyful heart, to serve the Lord.

The conclusion of knowing Gospel is to “walk with God”. All activities in Christian living that do not lead to “walking with God” are wrong. All children of God, who believe the Gospel, have received the Holy Spirit. Through more understanding of the Word of God, they will be able to test and approve what God’s good, pleasing and perfect will is. We will have eternal contentment and purpose in our 24 hours of daily living. And through prayers, we will be able to walk with God and enjoy God’s entire mystery of abundant living

1) Confirm: My prayers -> Influencing Living

We must confirm, how is the connection of my prayers influencing my living?

2) Confirm: My living, 24 hrs, all things -> peace = Emmanuel

Must also confirm: is my living, 24 hrs, and in all things, receiving absolute peace’s Emmanuel? When you confirm with members, and they reply, “I thank God for eternal life, and I often enjoy peace, however, only this evil hubby I cannot let him discover.” “Everything I can, but only my daughter I cannot.” Tell the students to discover the loopholes, to tell them who thought that that is a problematic area, to restore Emmanuel. All different: some old bean, some naggy haggard, some finance, some diseases in body. Must confirm how your prayers influence your living.

The reasons of my 20 basic lessons are to tell people to come out from their Christianity religion, into before the living God. Because God has never given us Christianity, for Christianity is man-made, and what God has given is JX who gave us life, power, and eternal crown.

3) Firm up: lifetime purpose

Also, let the teacher firm up with the students: oh, my lifetime purpose to be fixed up in 5 areas:

(1) I must see God anytime and any place

(2) And receive the holy commission, the pleasing plan from God

(3) and acquire what God has given me the power and wisdom in this situation through that plan in (2)

(4) bringing absolute peace freedom thanksgiving hope heart that I preserve

(5) to bless the people that are with me right now in this place

This are the purposes that the Lord has given us for the reasons of giving us the bible, given us JX, given us HS. Don’t force grace on people. If God has planned so, let it be. In the past, I was very much in suffering by this with my daughter, but clearly, one day, God asked me, “What are you doing? She is not your daughter! She is another of your honorable brethren, only that I used your body to give birth to her out. Only that you see how I bless her and help her, the plan I am going to give her. For you, you just help her along, love her, bless her, and that will be enough!” Absolutely receive peace, and see works of God daily. Teach your students in the similar fashion. I see that even Ecclesiastes say this: all are meaningless, only RSYRJG has eternal value, but what Ecclesiastes emphasized most is? Eat must joy, drink must joy, move must joy, sleep must joy – play! It emphasizes me to just play being a father, pastor, honorable priest. Just play well in all your roles! Some thinks that this play word in Chinese vocabulary is not that good, therefore I am Korean pastor, and if people understand, they will be blessed. Therefore, just play! Sufferings – just play too. Sometimes, I pay to suffer – theme park water world, all sit in boat good music, suddenly prepare heart drop down, my heart almost drop out, yet my 2 children ask me to go again. Ghost town pay too, $10 each person, yet so scary, yet son told me to play again. Actually if lifetime, have no sufferings, there is no meaning! Play as your role as husband, wife, and beside them, just do the ministry of being their intercessor. There are some brethren who received cancer so that we must take care of them – play this. We men born into the world have a weak nature in our body that likes to laze around, worrying there will be no workers, yet that day I told my wife, elder lei and wife to tell them to play the role of a mother! Man’s life just joy, through this, will learn a lot. If needed, also involve me. We talk Emmanuel, praise the Lord, then play together.

If we just only take care of our own self, we will be in only revolving around the hole digging it. But when my daughter starts praying for people beside her, I know that her timetable has come. I continue to wait till she exclaimed herself saying that one person’s life is greater than all in the world, hoping that she can graduate from Life Church, and into a preacher, then no need for university, but she don’t like yet. For me, I young read university, till 33 years old read PhD, many exams and midnight oils, suddenly felt empty. Study need for? RSYRJG, thus important.

4) Must scheduled prayers

In scheduled prayers, we can then preserve the 5 points of 3). And another is for? If you anyhow start scheduled prayers, it is the same as what Muslims did about their 5 times prayers.

(1) Resolute (Format) -> in own conditions (to discover God’s reason)

Like Daniel in Daniel 1:8, he resoluted. He knew God’s reason. Why does Israel be a slave then? This worst situation as he himself is a slave, when he resoluted, he saw that he is the main character of the history of Israel. See God, know God’s reason, and this is what I often told you, and this is FORMAT. With God’s word, in own conditions (to discover God’s reason). Family, experience temple worship, 5 times per year worship ancestors, why my parents so hardened, siblings hardened, why my studies like this, why I meet my wife, why my times not 19 century but 20 century to start, baton into the 21 century. Therefore, Abraham has similar and different areas with me. Must discover.

(2) Morning, noon, night

After discovery of God’s plan, then God’s plan can be discovered in morning, noon, night.

(3) 24 hrs prayer -> Concentration prayers

Importantly, it is not for fixing a time, but it is for preserving 24 hours in the center. And when I do this with this focus, my scheduled prayers will have more success.

In this situation, I then know when I must do concentration prayers. Daniel book all have. In Daniel 1:8, Daniel resoluted. Thus can see that God gave him all sorts of wisdom, such as explaining dreams, and he did 3 times prayer NOT to please God’s heart so that Israel will be quickly restored, but through this, he acquired the wisdom to plan and power to dominate the superpower, and receive the concrete plan, timetable of God restoration of Israel. When Daniel 9 reached, another important time came to him, one day, he discovered the book of Jeremiah, that after 70 years, Israel must be restored. And through book of Jeremiah, from chapter 2 to chapter 25, Israel’s sin = God is always with them, as a result of not being able to see God, worship so many idols and commit adultery, disasters. Thus, through scheduled prayers, he discovered why the plan God allowed him to that time experience this, thus, he represented the whole tribe of Israel to confess, repent, fast, for 21 years he prayed, and the whole mystery of history was revealed to him! We will discover more in the message tomorrow.

5) What is – in my thoughts, my speech, my plan, my works – God’s perfect will? -> “Great power and strength”

Another that is very important for the students to confirm is 5). If it is only 10 minutes, how to lead? Just the main points. But if there are enough time like 1 hour, then, minimum, there are these 5 areas to go through with them to confirm and to firm up.

Here, to firm up that all the perfect will of God that you have received, of your thoughts, your speech, your plan, your works – what is the perfect will of God? Actually reverse is better. What is – in my thoughts, my speech, my plan, my works – God’s perfect will? And this is that all my thoughts speech plan works are from God’s. Through receiving this assurance, you can then receive great power and strength! Man’s spirit is not that of monkey’s. Actually the spirit of man is the same for old, youth, children, man, woman, have or no culture! Those who have more culture are more giddy as a result of having too much in the mind. Actually it is very simple! The grace that the Lord tells us to enjoy is very simple one. Our great professor here is laughing with us, as he knows how complicated it becomes with more culture. Rifeng to have exams soon, and this is a headache as there are a lot of things to learn as a doctor. Sure, must learn, but through Ecclesiastes, it is said and I also discovered that the less knowledge the better (of course not wisdom). Our church has a lot of headache people, of course there are lot of blessed areas, but also a lot of suffering areas.

1. When we believe the “Word of God” and pray with all our hearts, we will see very important reality

-> This is the same as confirming 4) (1) Format the truth first!

1) The eternal conclusion, eternal direction and eternal purpose <Rev 21:1-3; Mt 24:14; 2Co 4:16-18; Ps 90:12>


2) The reality of the spiritual realms and spiritual method <Ps 139; Eph 2:6; Rev 1:20; Mt 18:10; Rev 8:3-5; Mt 16:17-19; Mt 12:28-29>

-> This spiritual realms TRUTH. Where do I live in, what do I rely on to live,

3) The identity as God’s children, God’s love and guidance <Ro 8:15, 17, 28, 31-39>

-> This is absolute – identity thus have God’s love and guidance.

4) The pleasing will and plan of God <Mt 6:33; Ac 1:8; Mt 28:18-20; Eph 5:15-21; Ro 12:1-2>

-> Find the pleasing plan of God in my own conditions

5) The need to give thanks, seek, pray and submit in all things with the peace and joy in our hearts and minds <Php 4:4-7>


6) The answered prayers, new grace and new plan from God <Jn 15:7; Jer 33:3>

-> Then with the answered prayers, new grace and new plan of God, to live in this. Thus, always be able to 3)

(1) see God

(2) receive the holy commission

(3) receive power and wisdom

(4) preserve freedom peace joy heart (one day will worry for itself will do)

(5) to bless the people beside me

And then, in daily living, own thinking, own speech, own works, JX is living in me, who can obstruct me? Strong and courageous. Great power and strength will come. Prayer to receive every mystery in living le! Hallelujah!

2. “Morning Prayer” will determine the success or failure of a day <5-7am>
-> Thus Morning do,

1) First, we must open “our spiritual eyesight with faith” to see God’s grace and presence with us

2) Confirm “God’s promises” and expect God’s guidance for a new day with thanksgiving and praises to God

3) To test and approve God’s plan and timetable in our “7 fields” (Self, Family, Church, Workplace, Friends, Region, World) and pray for them

4) Seek and discover the blessed schedule and commit all needs, tasks and problems to God

3. “Noon Prayer” will bring victory to our fields <12-1pm>
-> Noon do,

1) To open our spiritual eyesight again, confirm God’s promise and energize our spiritual life

2) To test and approve God’s guidance and plan in the morning

3) To pray for 10 folds of power and effectiveness in our workplace

4) To seek and find people to bless in our surroundings and bless them by sharing words of wisdom or simple messages that we have prepared

5) To seek and find the goodwill of God in our problems and commit them to God through prayer

4. “Evening Prayer” will bring double folds of promises and blessed harvest <5-6pm>
-> Evening do.

1) Enjoy the time of exercise and deep conversational prayer with God while “exercising in the natural environment”

2) Seek and find reason for thanksgiving for everything that happened in daytime and discover nighttime detailed blessed schedule

3) Nighttime is a good time for self-equipping in God’s word and learning all kinds of knowledge

4) To bless family members and enjoy closeness with them

5) To participate in church activities, enjoy fellowship together and serve the church

6) Arrange time for visiting needy families, to care and shepherd them

7) Organize everything that happens in a day, including answered prayers, to confirm and grasp hold of timetable in 7 fields for “World Evangelism”

5. In addition, there is an important prayer which cannot be excluded in a day of living

1) In an entire day of living, continue to receive Holy Spirit Conviction and riches of grace, rely on God’s power in everything by having continuous prayer

2) When there is a need, depend on “simple prayer of authority” to continue a victorious living
-> this is the topic of this week, and will be spoken again in lesson 15 too.

3) A prayer before meal enables our weak bodies to be healed and to receive strength to be healthy

4) Able to enjoy blessed and abundant lifestyle in exercise, entertainment, resting with the “freedom and self-control” given by God
-> because exercise, entertainment time, resting time is the time where we will fall most easily. We rely on the power of prayer to entertainment, TV, we will receive unlimited strength of recreation. Our all recreation, play, tour must all become recreation. This is very important.

5) Before sleep, we end a blessed day by thanksgiving, submission and conversational prayer with God, and with expectation for a new day of blessings

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