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Teacher 14: Basic Message 15 – To Live a Victorious Life

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Lesson 15

Just right that when we reach lesson 15, this is the prayer topic for this week.

Basic Message 15

Ephesians 6:10-20

I wish to change the title for this lesson. I am praying now. It is not to change everything, but there are some words that I hope to change. Lesson 15 “The Prayer that Rely on The Holy Spirit to drive demons”

靠圣灵赶鬼的祷告. Originally, this lesson is about prayer, but title on victorious living. Lesson 11-15 are about prayer.

To Live a Victorious Life

No matter what things we restore authority, the after thoughts will be returned to the correct path, easy, simple, have power, have efficiency. We will receive this. If you restore authority in morning prayers, whole day, you will receive authority protection. This authority is so important. At home, father authority is very important, therefore, the mother has to be very careful. In front of children, if the father’s authority is shakened, the whole family will enter into danger zone. If the daughter grows up, being like her mother, as gang as lei, who will like her? Therefore, even though the father may be a little bit slow and muddle-headed, still respect him, children can see at home. Respect parents. When parents weak, go take care, and the children will see with their own eyes – what will parents do to grandparents. Under the grace of God that fixes everything, daily place everything as lessons, to enjoy Lord know the Lord. Therefore, authority is very important, no matter whether home or church or anywhere. Some people no matter where they go, they want to join the gangster wild group, their fate will not be good. Some just hate Bush and thus will elect democratic party. Such people’s life are a 反骨life, a rebellious life inside their bones. Some people just have like this. If you notice carefully, you will see that their lifetime is in quite suffering. Their thoughts, living are in great sufferings. Others can sleep nicely, but they cannot, but grind their teeth, so that 30 years no more. Yet I see God’s children are really like lamb, like sheep, they are very gentle and meek. They will surely receive authority, because they submit to authority. What is the greatest authority? That is Jesus Christ! When we submit to Him, though we are a bit muddleheaded, but it is submitting to Him! All submissions come from JX, and because of that, submit to parents, submit to church leaders, bible teach that this people will receive peace road, submit parents have promise, long life, bliss, and receive filial children. Authority is very important!! God gave us all authority, but to restore authority, there is a principle. This principle is in JX. This week especially about JX head Colossians, Ephesians the Lord gave us our identity, plan, perfect will when we submit, Php how manifest in all our living, and Phm how we receive fruits – Sufferings receive fruits.

The existence of the spiritual realms’ is a reality, which is in continuous operation and has power to influence the entire physical world. At the instant a saint accepts and believes in Christ, he will restore the authority and power that a child of God has in the spiritual realms and will face all kinds of evil schemes and attacks from the enemy. Therefore, if a saint constantly opens his spiritual eyesight while living in the physical world, he will easily handle everything with power and strength. But if he loses the spiritual eyesight, he will immediately lose spiritual power and will face many difficulties.

-> This lesson, very important is:

Confirm with students – is there the existence of satan? What is His personality, crafts, works, where is it now? Through what to confirm? Through the heart laboratory that God has given, which is joined together with the spiritual. Therefore, many times our spirit accusation, guilt, inferior, many hints, deceits, everyday we face it, timely, yet when we go home, everything is wrong. Ah yah, Satan is really very vile. Use very practical examples to confirm with the students is the most important.

1. Do not forget there is an enemy who constantly ambushes and deceives us

-> We must really understand and see the things Satan does. He does the 10 things below. Actually many, but when organized, about these 10.

1) The ruler of the air reigns and moves in the invisible kingdom, therefore he is able to deceive people easily <Eph 2:2, 6:12>

-> We cannot escape this environment as we live in this. We will continually receive accusations because we do not belong to this world.

2) Lead people to ignorance, disbelief and doubts, disobedience, arrogance <Ge 3:1-6; Mt 4:1-11>

-> Tells us to forget God, cannot see God.

3) Lead people to lose spiritual eyesight and become flesh, constantly living to gratify the cravings of sinful nature like carnal desire, lust, greed, fights, as well as hatred and troubled <Ge 3:7-14; Rev 12:10>

-> This must wait till the spirit revived, spiritual eyes opened, else there is no way to overcome Satan. First, spiritual eyes must be opened. No matter what situation, in home just before quarrels going to start, spiritual eyes open, and you will discover Gen 3, telling Adam to hate Eve, tell Eve to be nagging, tell Adam to fall, this thing! Immediately spiritual eyes open to see it correctly!

4) Constantly hint people to feel guilty, inferior, shameful, unrest, anxiety, fear, bondage <Ge 3:7-14; Rev 12:10>

-> Our hearts must confirm. If you have not experienced this, raise up your hands. Ask students like this. Therefore, Satan’s works must be seen practically. God’s works and doings must be seen practically, and so has demons’. It must not be abstract or notion, but must be very practical and reality. If one does not want to listen the gospel, about man must first die, this world pray in Name of JX, rice bowl can fall from heaven? Man must first die. Do not stay there and have no words, but exclaim, “Yes! Our gospel is very practical! Telling your children that you love, you work so hard for your children, telling them to be success, then to go to hell, then living on earth be in peace or in sufferings, very practical things! Does your spouse help one another, love one another, bless thousands of generations, is your one day in connection with your days on earth? Gospel is more practical than anything on earth!” Emphasize like this, very practical.

5) Lead people to foolishness, no direction, living a disoriented life, no priorities, no purpose, no power, no self-control <Eph 5:15-17>

-> It is as if that I see the people of the world like vampires. The corpses walk very rigidly and in deadlock. Once I see ghost film, vampire 1, as if they are like dream sleep walking. It is that they closed they eyes, go kitchen, eat something, and sleep back on bed. It is like man’s direction don’t know where they are heading. Non-C+ are 100% in this, as they do not know where they are going, don’t know spiritual world, heart how connection, how self is attacked, everything don’t know! And it is a joke that those who are already born again, saints, also cannot enjoy, this sleep-walking living, when disciplined also don’t know, when naked of clothes also do not know. JX said you are naked yet you don’t know. Think and will be ashamed. This is by spiritual people. His whole life facial expression can be seen so clearly in spiritual person life.

6) Masquerades as “angel of light”, usually using religion, philosophy, humanism, charity works, to deceive people <2Co 11:14>

-> But those who do not know God, the righteousness of moral ethics, do not like souls, but love works, this is telling people to go into deeper and worse state. Many examples. But if one person really knows and restores God, God’s moral ethics is very important! Inside God love is very important! Even enemies must love. If only reject moral ethics, I fear that our brothers n sisters just let it go easily. Therefore, our teachings have to be very balanced. Restoring God after this, is absolutely important. Respecting parents and elders. JX teachings is this. Know JX, how to intercede for people, how to love people, all very clear.

7) Persecute using the authority of the world’s politics, economics and society <Eph 6:12; Jn 12:31>

-> But saints how? Already rely on JX King of Kings already overcame. Therefore Moses bf Pharaoh, Abraham before Abimelech, Daniel before Nebunachezzar, we do not fear politics economics and societial changes, but God will always timely will all give us wisdom power to cross peaceful paths.

8) Using the fallen culture of this dark world to cause people to fall <Eph 6:12>

-> Culture must distinguish. No matter how people say a movie has much meaning. Immediately, you will realize flesh desire, eyes lust, boast of today life. Tell people to stumble. But this world’s knowledge need? Yes. Especially this world’s history, and the historical figures, this perspective movies are very good. For me, I look at a Korean movie once a week, four types of big kings. There is a king his lifetime, how he loves people and loves kingdom, how sacrifice himself. Quietly, he shed tears, and because love kingdom, lost daughter, he is the most noble king in our Korean history. Our Korean language is made by him. Most intelligent, in most developed science, peace widespread in kingdom, he does not know gospel, but very wonderful. He is in the year 1443 king, but word word so much gospel, hahaa. Very likely is that the author is a Christian. Really love people love kingdom. I once a week look drama. But I know that Korea see this drama is not even 5%. If you have some historical things, like what Chinese must know, we will learn a lot of things. Though they do not know the gospel, but the much wisdom of world, we must know as we are to overcome the world. This discerning. I often tell Leesong Sophia the books novels, I also like novels like to read books, but chose well. Look at movies, must choose. Actually if choose well, there are many good things to play in this world. Really a lot of things to play and fun! But because there is no time so that there is no play. Really very healthy, more thinking more reading, our life have advantages also have. But if you roughly know the world, there is no need anymore la. Just rely on bible, converse with God to live, can also enjoy very very happy days. Etc Etc!!!

9) Because he is a spirit that is already under judgment and curse, therefore will bring all kinds of illnesses and calamities <Ge 3:16-19; Rev 14:9-12>


10) From now till the end, he prowls like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour <1Pe 5:7-8, Jn 8:44>


2. His final motive is to cause people to be ignorant of God, unable to enjoy God’s grace <2Co 4:4; 2Jn 2:17; 2Tim 3:1-12>

-> Are there the cunning crafts of Satan? Yes! The main key point is? Telling people to cannot meet see hear God, cannot follow God. And then, his schemes, do they have priority? Yes! I discover that yes. Vvery important here is when you speak about the main point 2, “Actually you know Satan’s personality, his schemes, his works – how much you know equals how much you will know gospel” The depths are different! Therefore, battle will meet ghost, meet enemy, to fight. Accurately beat his face, must fight like this. This area we must continue to munch.

1) Not allowing people to be saved (Mystery of death and resurrection of Christ)

-> If a person lost the assurance of salvation, he has lost everything. Once you lost your identity, your bank finance, your house all becomes not yours anymore in a moment. A person carelessly his father, dead, already proclaimed dead, therefore father not around, then one day, all his money cannot use. One day will discover his own children hug father is dead, as the possessions are all gone to them. One person when lost identity same time, will lose everything. Thus whole universe is mine, I am heir, I am master, history is mine, today is I am main character. If lost this, then all things meet will be dull, be baffled or be inexplicable. Why my life happen this way, I cannot know to use it aright and well and good to glorify God. Therefore, Satan’s attacks all have priority is all these hierarchy in the points below. Can list out more, but I use 6 points.

2) Not allowing people to converse with God (Assurance of Christ’s promises)


3) Not allowing people to receive power (Mystery of spiritual realms and victorious living)


4) Not allowing people to bear fruits (Holy Spirit’s inner and outer fruits)


5) Not allowing people to preach the Gospel (Holy Spirit’s leading and timetable)


6) Not allowing people to groom disciple (The focus of serving)


3. “Channels” for attack


Therefore, gospel also has emphasis, focus and procedure with priority. Therefore, in the book of Jeremiah that I talk, knowing gospel depths different I list 5 steps. Actually sync opposite with devil.

Therefore, also in point 4, that we must put on the full armour of God, it starts from the helmet of salvation to start. Demon’s ruse, works, and with the gospel emphasis and emphasis and emphasis are totally in sync.

Through point 3, when you share, you must especially emphasize Demon’s works – it is not anywhere else, or the mystical likeness that you think, but his works in your heart, family, living, 7 fields inside meaning. Therefore, I emphasize channels, actually it is in great connection with our reality living, therefore gospel is very real.

1) Our own ignorance, disbelief, carnal desire and evil nature (Mt 16:23; Ac 5:3)

-> Therefore, this nature of mine.

2) Surrounding people’s speech and action <Eph 5:6; 2Tim 3:13; Ro 16:17-18>

-> Satan sometimes uses very muddle-headed unclear words to tell my heart to fear, weak become. Right? Therefore, surrounding people words and actions you must be very careful. It is not that they are totally in the wrong. Our elders people often be, take as example? But bad people if filled like Jezebel, then I will become king Ahab immediately! God’s total punishment curses disaster will also descend.

3) Surrounding environment and condition <Mt 26:69-75>

-> Satan’s works is not in your imaginable ghost films likeness, but inside your surroundings and conditions. Therefore, main point 3 why I fix this, you will know right? I emphasize reason, you must also know the effect and how much fruits. Actually we blessed people, even prayer will tell you to receive 10 hours of evidence one! This is in our daily living, spousal living, and finance living all very practical relationship. This must find out. For speakers and teachers, must put kungfu more in your own prayers, more examples of your own changes and transformation. For example, you have 5 people to teach, think it, and you will know. But do not be too direct, fearing people hurt, “What views do you have? What testimonies have you that you have a turn around?” But your heart knows already and has some rough idea already. Hey, he replies in the similar way that you have thought so. Sometimes, he talks about another place, then no need to talk anymore, but just pray for him. For meeting, very practical living, today practical concrete living must join together, can then drive demons, restore kingdom, restore Emmanuel.

4) Religion, knowledge, culture, customs of the world <Mt 16:6; Col 2:8>


5) Process <Lk 22:31>

-> Telling us to be sleepy, discouraged, telling us to run to another place, cannot grasp God’s accurate guidance and timetable. Satan often deceives us, and he is often in the midst of us. Therefore, once we lost Emmanuel, we totally cannot make it.

4. Put on the full armor of God, also pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests <Eph 6:10-20>

-> This is our conclusion. Wear full armour, rely HS, often rely on prayers. This one sentence tells everything of relying on the mysteries of prayers. What is wearing full armour? This is called format, from head to toe. Rely Spirit means to rely on the living and alive God, hear and see Him. Drive demon is the anxious, unpeace, fear, discouragements, tiredness, complaints, hatred to drive away, then to in all situations anytime anyplace many kinds to pray.

Restoring authority must accord to spiritual principles to restore. In this country, to earn money, must abide to laws, then can receive, and will receive what is rightfully yours. If sin to receive, cannot but must go jail. Same thing, in spiritual, if must fight, must accord to spiritual principles, then can receive crown. All things are the throne of dominion of Christ that He grasped, and He gave all to us, and if we know how to rely this great and powerful strength, then we will receive authority. This is called prayer. This is the assurance of salvation, of born again, assurance of being cleansed, and waist belt of truth about historical world values lifetime perspective very clear, and peace shoes is our life direction – we must be in peace, even in sufferings and valley of death we must be in peace because God is there. And shoes, they must fit our feet very appropriately. If my feet fit into Elder Lei wife’s feet, how can I walk through the valley of death and how can I fight? Her one is still ok, can still take it as slippers. But in the past, there is a Chinese tribe called Chuan tribe, so small shoes, if wear their shoes, then gone! We must absolutely not forget what is the gospel? It must fit your conditions! Absolutely man woman elderly young, be pastors elders all different! Must grasp God’s perfect will, then peace very peaceful. Then this shield of faith, must from head to toe to cover, all battles same, so that can extinguish all fiery fires of arrows from Satan, what is faith? Faith comes from rooted and founded in God’s word. Satan attacks JX by using God’s word, yet JX break through by God’s word. You must imagine and practically must see Satan’s expression, and he subtly came, want to attack and make me tired likeness. Have you seen this week? This is my experience, so that I see again, “Oh he comes again. He comes again!” And he wants to beat my buttocks as a start, then I see him, then a hint comes, and some deceits come, and man just loves me, yet I feel that there is a meaning that he meant to me. Sometimes, some accusations come, originally I am God’s loved, but it is as if like God is not really loving me. This accusations come and then I see Satan’s fiery arrows very sharp and evil I can see! Then at that moment, I quickly wear God’s full armor. Often experience people will wear this armor very quickly. This wearing how much time? 0.1 seconds. When his accusations come, how I bring my thoughts, purpose, daily how to pray, what kinds of words to bless people, how can I so brave hope that all people become like me, like this people, what are accusations? I just tell him off, “Shhh!” then he disappears immediately! I cannot tell very easily in words, but actually this is the meaning. When he comes to attack, his schemes, works likeness, and even his own expressions -that of very proud, to deceive me, right? Angels of light to deceive, Paul sees, therefore use words to describe. But I immediately 0.1s wear armour, take up shield of faith, sword of Spirit, when accusations, guilt come, what are these? I am the works of God, God’s handicraft, so how can I judge myself? “Who am I?” When I say this, immediately his expression frowns. Then, very shameful and embarrassed again this Satan. And I give all glory to God, and all shame to Satan thing happen likeness can be seen. I can see him running away and this is soooo ugly. Yet, in less than 5 minutes, he comes again! This satan! Till I meet God’s face! Till I leave this body, his attacks won’t stop. In a moment, his works continue to come. Just very shameful likeness, embarrassed, failure discouragements likeness, then leave, then again, he comes again using another matter, and he comes again very proud, “Can you overcome this again?” When this come again, I 0.1s wear armour, shield, sword and God’s perfect will, and he at a flash disappear. Then I realized that his works, in my experience of 52 years, those that have in the past happened that I used the blood of JX to cleanse, it never comes again. His attacks, he prepared a lot of schemes, 36 schemes right? Haha. Many schemes. The first scheme, second scheme, “Can you pass this?” “Can you pass that?” Then later, I discover that Satan also one of God’s vessel, an evil servant, and God uses this evil servant to firm up my days. Therefore, if there is a temptation that comes, for example, I will not be tempted about the keeping of Sabbath, right? In the past, have such temptations. And then, tithes, etc, won’t be tempted, yet want to do more, bless more His ministry, this is heavenly treasure, and if there is a temptation that tells him to be ashamed, he won’t come again. And after days passed, life grow till a degree, and you will find that he is a heel in my feet. Until wait, in all things, in all of universe, in all world, our enemy under the heel of JX feet, he will continue to come.

Therefore, this lesson 15 to especially emphasize importance of authority, and devil’s works in concreteness, angels, very practical works. Why is it I 1 minute one second I continue to pray, I accurately grasp. Really we teachers, family parents also teachers, even this era intercessors also teachers, pray that you will have a sheep, to share opportunity. You will discover that you will grow 100 times. Most are ssg leaders, all have blessings. Whenever you share, catch a keypoint, some main points, how this can realistically come to the hearer’s heart, center on this to lead, then very accurate le. Previous week, let them have the materials, or tapes or CDs to give them. Content to let them understand themselves, then after prayers, bring your testimonies here. Then for those who lead, 1) 2) 3) 4) together confirm style, and hand-with-hand to pray to receive fulfillments to lead meeting. This kind of leading style, in the future in China, when all places rise up. Now many family churches rise up one by one, 21 century beautiful times will come. I have seen. I am a wild dog that sees a rabbit! The remaining days, I want to seek out such people with all my might, put in all, with martyr mind, and it is not simple to do so one big way and once, but daily die, daily tell Christ to resurrect. This needs coworkers to continue to help and preserve and protect. Your such blessings, remaining days, really play ba!

1) Christ has fully overcome the world and enter our lives to be with us <Jn 16:33; Lk 10:19>


2) Submit to the master of our life, to God totally, also to remove all visible and invisible idols in our lives <Ro 12:1; Gal 2:20>


3) To learn the word of God in order to build up an absolute ideology <Jas 1:8; Col 2:7>


4) Let our hearts and minds be healed through God given “promises” and constantly put on the full armor of God <Eph 6:13-17>


5) In addition, pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests <Eph 6:18>


6) Discover God’s detailed plan and obey in our daily living <Ro 12:2>


7) The moment when “Evangelization” becomes our goal in life, we will truly live a powerful and victorious life <Mk 16:15-20>


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