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Teacher 15: Basic Message 16 – A Worship Centered Life



Without any connections to our conditions, from the creation of the world till the end of the world, He is continually working, even today. So that we can see (Him working), then thus follow – this is called the gospel. Gospel is not confessing sins, forgiveness of sins, thus will enter into eternal life – which 80-90% Christians know this way. Mystery of the Gospel lets us see God’s works in all things, let us have the love of God so that we can follow Him. All that we see hanging (wall, universe, wood) are from God’s creation, works, perfect will, power. Knowing Gospel = restoring seeing this. And God has fixed 70 years for us this lifetime, to discover that God has never stopped working for one second in this is the gospel. Interpersonal relationships that God has given – parents, children, brethren, thousands of people that we will meet in this lifetime, and perhaps tens of thousands if blessed people, and there is God’s perfect will in these, and to discover this perfect will is called knowing the gospel. Therefore, if one knows the gospel, everything of his is going to be revived. Morning, God’s works, powers are hanged right there, Noon – also, and anytime continuously if we see and rely on His power, this is called relying on the gospel. Therefore, we can judge that however much a person can see, receive and realize the perfect will of the Lord, it is said how much he has restored the gospel of Jesus Christ. Very coincidentally, this message coincides with Sunday message of continuous prayers, going into prayers and living.

In all things, we restore being able to see God. God cannot be seen through eyes and ears of flesh. But the environment/conditions we are given to be has His works in full, and He has never stopped working at all. God has manifested Himself fully with Jesus Christ, a total likeness to us, to earth, and gave us the full gospel. Therefore, the conclusion of knowing the gospel is to walk with God. Romans 1-11 talks about the very wonderful gospel, and starting from Romans 12, a second chapter, “Therefore, I admonish you with God’s mercy, to set apart, transformed by renewing mind and hearts, must really become living sacrifices.” Therefore, the conclusion of the gospel is living sacrifice, 24 hours testing and approving God’s perfect will, to follow Him, which means to live in seeing God’s works already in full to accomplish everything out.

Romans 1-11 is about the relationships with God, and after Romans 12, it talks everything about relationships with men besides us. Therefore, the gospel tells us to love God and love Men. Therefore, through the gospel, we received everything as love through Jesus Christ. Therefore, we often rejoice in all things = 24 hrs, unending conversing with God = 24 hrs conversing with God, in all things see God’s works to give thanks in all circumstances. Therefore, we sing in hearts union to praise the Lord. God’s transcending peace given in Jesus Christ protecting our hearts and minds, and all things happened onto us for the advancement of the gospel. This is the conclusion of gospel!

So how do we walk 24 hours with God, see God’s love always, always rejoicing, becoming living sacrifices in all things? Tomorrow’s topic is about how to always see and acquire God’s perfect will. If you research on this by the gospel of Jesus Christ, the gospel you would have received is the full gospel and the most perfect already. Fear, don’t want to sin – such a living is not the meaning of the full gospel. The gospel changes everything. God’s child, Jesus Christ’s body = Jesus Christ lives in me, Holy Spirit’s temple, and the source of all blessings, Heavenly citizens = eternally be kings. If you use this perspective to see all conditions in living, you start to know the gospel. Past years, all ages young till old, even sleeping while hearing the gospel, converted when reached a certain age, 33 called to be a preacher, 37 enter another new time table, 50 years old now standing here. Gospel tells us to take upon the identity as the child of God, JX body, honorable priest, source of all blessings as the TRUTH, and after discovering this, discover the people around us. When I meditate about this, I received the perspective that my coffee cup is so honorable, if Jesus Christ will not come again so fast, this cup will be in the museum after 2000 years. If a person’s identity changed, all his conditions, relationships and times are all transformed. The wife beside me, whom I loved for my lifetime, I do not need to put too much strength to love her, as with this perspective, she is so honorable. With this perspective, even though my two children now are with problems, in my eyes, it was transformed to seeing how much honorable they are! And even you all, if my wife has not been blessed, I will think that you all are the most blessed and honorable to me. I have told my own children ten thousand of times, that I love them naturally as natural parents, but with the perspective of eternal times, I love more towards the disciples that the Lord has given – life, perspective, vision, prayers, inheritance similar to mine! “So that if you do not become like mine, only for 70 years lifetime will I see you with love and hate only. We will discover very quickly once we pass this world, in our own bodies of clay, who are our real parents, siblings and children.


The gospel is therefore that God is eternally with us, so why do I sit here, I must discover the perfect will of God right now, ohhh then I realize that I am the Abraham of this era, praying here today in this era, that China will be transformed -> this is the truth, right? God is with us! But strangely, we cannot see many times, because of our flesh, sins, and Satan. This tells us to have spiritual, mental, heart, flesh, living, interpersonal, etc problems. So what is the gospel? Through Jesus Christ, this prophet, priest, king, I am solved of the 3 problems, so that I may receive eternal life, authority and power, blessings in restoration. This is the cross message.

Cross Message

Life, Power, Blessings

God ————- Us
Flesh –> Prophet
Sin –> Priest
Satan –> King
God –______—Us


Therefore, Jesus = Christ, He is the Son of the eternal living God, which means that He is the manifestation of God.

J=X (God’s manifestation)

Hearing this message, so who am I? I am one who is blessedly called.

Child of God, Body, Source Blessings
-> (to judge)
All things
My times
= Perfect will, love, hope
Follow God

Child of God, Body of Christ, source of all blessings, to judge all my conditions, surely there must be perfect will of God. In all relationships, as if there are differences, in all things (that come to me as knowledge), in my times, acquire the sure good and perfect will. This is gospel, so that we receive God’s perfect will. Receiving the perfect will of the Lord means that we have received the love of God, therefore bringing eternal thanksgiving and hope, to follow God. This is called the gospel.

All the messages of the bible talk about this cross message. All history of mankind testifies this, our lifetime weight can be explained with this, when we are in deep grave problems, only that we rethink for a while, we will be revived, prayer secrets also from here, know God mysteries also from here, our daily living from here, our plans for 40/50/60 years are correct if it comes from here. “Therefore, while I was with you, I do not speak of any other, but the Jesus Christ and how He was nailed to the cross.” Because only by preaching this cross will the spirit in my heart be revived and be strong and courageous.

Those who know the cross message will be in the gospel.


16:11 wmv

5 Gospel Messages

1) Problem

The first thing that we must realize is where our problems are. It is not economic problems, husband, children problems, but it is because I cannot see the perfect will of the Lord in the problem with my husband – this problem.

2) Answer

3) God’s child

4) Follow God

That perfect will is already revealed in Jesus Christ, and only that I am willing to submit, because I am God’s child, this new life will definitely bring about new living. The most important new living is to follow God. New living restores with God. New living is following God. Therefore, when waking up in the morning, we see God in waking, in noon, we give thanks for the meal to eat, and we praise God to go to work. It looks completely the same, but new living is seeing God to follow. In the past, I push all the blame to my wife, “What are you doing?”, but now, I received the perfect plan of God to comfort the husband, HS convictions to follow God.

5) Prayer

Therefore, there is only one thing to be successful and this is called prayer. If you pray correctly, you will follow God correctly. And for prayer, the child of God has to hold on to his identity to pray. This is in total contrast with prayers of religions.

<=> Religion

The worst religion is Christianity, it is the closest to God’s heart, yet is 是是而非. In the first few years of development, this probably happens. From China, it is now having fake medicine, mobile phones, even cars, and most probably even fake husbands and wives. This is the most dangerous. The most cursed people in the world are called the Pharisees, Sadducees. “You must be most careful of the yeast of Pharisees!” If the yeast of Pharisees come in, how? We must totally be careful!! Therefore, in order not to go into religion, we must grab hold of the 20 basic messages very clearly.



20 Basic Messages

1) Meet God

The first and most important to start is to “Meet God”.

2) Converse with God

3) Walk with God

This tells people NEVER to go into religion, and this is the important message of 20 basic lessons.


1) Meet God (1-10)

(1) Born again -> 180 degrees transformation

Born again is 180 degrees, everything has been transformed. Especially Identity.

(2) Know God (see Him)

Must know God, He cannot be seen, heard, touched. How to see Him? How to hear Him? Paul also prays hard for all churches – Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, that they who are born again, that they may be given spirits of wisdom and revelation so that they may really know Him as the very next step. I must tell you that my 20 lessons are actually formatted using the book of Ephesians. Especially in all prison epistles, he is the most 迫切 hopeful cut to the hearts on telling them to know God.

(3) Know Self

He writes to them to know God, to know themselves.

(The above to…) =>


(4) Ideology

must restore the Lord’s perspective. How to look at the history, how to see the visible and invisible world, our 70 years how to see the values in everything. And what especially to restore?

(5) (6) Bible = God

The bible is God.

(7) (8) Jesus = God

(9) (10) Holy Spirit = God

=> This Trinity God => In Me!

Where is God? He lives in me! The main essence of the first lesson till the 10th is to tell us that God is in Me! There is God in me! God’s child, therefore all His DNA in me, JX body – therefore all of His life, plan are in me, HS temple – therefore He will convict me anytime.

Actually Lessons 1-10 is about Meeting (Knowing) God, knowing myself.

After this, our prayers can then through.

2) Converse with God (11-15)

11) Child (Alive)

Our prayers are different from Gentiles = Prayer of God’s children. Child of God Prayer is alive! When praying, our spirits witness this. We do not have spirit of slave, but have the spirit of sonship, and we are heirs, witnessed together (already) by the Holy Spirit AND our hearts. Therefore, prayer is alive! Possessing the heart of loving God to follow God, this is called prayer.

12) Father: Truth, Promise (Absolute, unchanging, eternal) (-||-> Format (build temple)) -> my conditions (relative, changeable, temporary) => Perfect Will

Therefore, how to accord to the truth that God has fixed, to understand. Second must understand promise. This is called using the absolute, unchanging, eternal to judge my conditions, which is relative and changeable and temporary. Then can we be able to test and approve God’s good and perfect will. Only by this method can we seek and find God’s perfect will. All prayers fail because of not having this foundation (Truth and Promise). Therefore, this Truth and Promise must go through FORMAT, must build temple, then can we.

There are 10 truths: God is in me, JX lives in me, HS lives in me, God’s word which must be accomplished for each and every stroke have all entered me, angels always help me and these mysteries are all in my life, therefore the people around me, the years in front of me, my lifetime, are all acquiring eternal crown daily, and the days are limited, in the finality there must be eternal crown. This is truth.

And there is promise: 4 gospelizations and Emmanuel – the important reason of living on this earth, and after acquiring this, when come back to see my conditions, no matter whether bad, good, honorable, inferior conditions, they have all God’s perfect will. Even the beggar Lazarus has God’s perfect will. Must discover!

(13) Transformations -> Healing

Prayer must bring transformations. Conversion prayer is that once you pray, all your fate transformed totally. Resolution prayer when you once prayed, all the expressway paths are set up. Once you hold on promise to pray, all the perfect will of the Lord are all revealed to be seen. Just a minute ago, people cannot see, but once prayed, everything that is hidden is seen. This is called healing. Prayer shall surely bring healing: spiritual, heart, body, living, interpersonal, family, finance/resources and warehouse, serving, all in front are all opened up for healing to take place, times get healed, and everything is healed!

(14) Living (Follow God)

Therefore, Prayer must bring living, i.e. follow God. Morning to acquire the day’s plan, noon time to again receive strength, night time to count the blessings of God’s grace. Monday to Sunday, like this.

(15) Victory (Freedom)

Must absolutely have victory. God’s transcending peace in your hearts and minds, therefore, you absolutely receive freedom.

And for now, lessons 16-20 are on walking with God.


3) Walk with God (16-20)

Grab these main points as I speak for 10 minutes. For those newcomers, lead them like this. After knowing all these, the most important is to know the living operating system.

Living Operating System: In all things, 24 hours, Walk with God

Actually this is spoken by the bible. Living must be in all things, 24 hours, walk with God, must at least have these few things: lessons 16-20.

(16) Sunday Worship (Time)

Center to Sunday Worship. This time is the beginning of your 6 days. Sunday to re-strengthen relationship and to develop more of this relationship, to in 6 days love the Lord more. Sunday, from having heavens opened, after having anointing from heaven above, will see in all things 6 days all of God’s grace, blessings of His love. Sunday to from all contradictory interpersonal relationships, not only to solve, but to receive more love to 6 days for centering on loving God and loving men to live. Sunday is the most important center of all living, and is the emphasis of the whole bible. Jews emphasized Sabbath, but because they did not follow it, they are destroyed and exterminated. When they returned, with one time strong emphasis of Sunday, they restored, but for the sake of following it to the fullest, they made up 1000+ laws. Therefore, for the second time, for the sake of according to it by ever so tightly, they stumbled. The whole bible! Even the ten commandments talked about this.

(17) Brethren (Church)

Secondly, what is it for the living operating system? Centering to brethren. This is called church-centered. Yes, we have 7 living fields, but all these fields must be centered on the church to develop the relationships. “Who are my parents, siblings?” They are those who have the same name/fate, same Father, same eternal village, eternally who are together, eternal inheritance the same, living methods and the method how God lead us is the same. This is called parents/siblings. Therefore, even if you have a spouse but a Gentile one, your living cannot be relied on Gentile husband, but must be relied on the everlasting Father, eternal Husband, and here to catch hold of His hand, so that you can bring him guiding him into this brethren. Children education is very important, but the children education centering on brethren, though it may not be a lot of words, the education of God, from Sunday beginning of the 7 days to be before God, sing and praise with hearts united to the Lord, this living does not only million times bless your children, but it will bless your children eternally!

At least this to understand, and believe in this, and can enjoy this, we then call him Christian, because God is alive!! Because God is centered on Israel, centered on church to lead the whole history. Abraham’s era main character is Abraham, Moses’ era main character is Israel, David’s era character is David, therefore, all nations come and worship/respect Israel. When Israel was weak, God used the Gentile nations to discipline Israel, and Israel is the main character who is disciplined. Daniel exiled slaved became prime minister, Joseph slave became prime minister, conquered the whole world. Do you realize the identity of us 何等人, so honorable! When the 36 lessons are lead, your background became the much spring, content, potential to talk about your main theme. When I repeat again and again, I purposed it to brainwash you. In the past, I am brainwashed by public business ideology, but what about this ideology which is so good, so that we are not willing to be brainwashed? In the past, we are in democracy, and we are willing to be brainwashed, like how in the past in Taiwan, we need to memorize a lot of terms and ideology. We are brainwashed in the past before, and wars are even fought, so what about this eternal word, and it is so much connected to our living and each and every of our movements, connected to our eternal descendants? We must surely be brainwashed! Those who read literature are most afraid of being brainwashed, but this is really needed. Being brainwashed with system means being carved on the hearts in circumcision baptism. How is this emphasized in the bible? “Day and night, when you sit and arise, lie flat face down or lie down on back, in your home, or outside the city gates, in front of city gates, on your hands, on your foreheads”. This is the meaning of circumcision! This is really needed – centering on brethren.

(18) 7-day, 7 fields: All things

Then after centering on Sunday, brethren, all must lived out in 7-day church, 7 living fields. Then it is complete. In this, all things.

(19) Bless people (RSYRJG = love God, love saints, love kingdom)

But centering on blessing people! This is what we often calls: RSYRJG, i.e. centering love God, love saints, love kingdom, then all our meetings daily are blessings, are all God’s accomplishments. And upon centering on blessing people, who do we center our concerns on? 8 beautitudes!

(20) Disciples

But there are difference between the 8 beautitudes like you all who come for teachers’ training, and those who love the Lord and come for Sunday worship. Thought same, they are different! Today for the people who comes, many attends 6-7 meetings per week, in the church. Therefore, this is different even though is the same. Centering on whom to bless? One Paul that comes out, the whole era will be blessed. Center on disciples. You yourself become a disciple before Jesus Christ, then disciples can come to you.


Therefore, simply, these 5 things are a minimum and must be there for living operating system. We fixed this out (if you have something more important, let me know), as I prayed for many years, and then arranged these out when I come to America. I ran 6 countries for 10 years, and met a lot of saints, gone to a lot of churches, in the theological college, received training and even taught before theology, and many workers and pastors of an era that I meet, and the conclusion is this!


This is what cannot be left out, in a skeleton that is built. There is a skeleton now, like Ezekiel 37, then we fill up the flesh, so that it can become a mighty army. After filling the flesh, there then can be a mighty army. Skeleton is the 36 lessons. Gospel in a few words is meeting God, conversing with God, and following God. God’s 24 hours works restored on myself – this is the gospel. From this perspective (meet, converse, walk) to receive the gospel, the gospel you received will be the full gospel.

Or else, I see a lot of brothers and sisters in the church who are like you all, so loving God, love kingdom, want to love people, but if the church has no such vision, no such system, gospel is not preached so clearly, and then life and power is not preached so clearly and followed, you will be in the church and will feel stuffed. Knowledge, you can receive it in about 2-3 years. But simply if your life cannot receive life and power, your will feel so cannot.

And if the church does not give the vision, the people will steal away to eat the grass outside, attend a lot of meetings, and quietly they accidentally run to non-systemized, non-church, non-brethren centered, non-tabernacle centered -> inner feeling living 内在生活. The hymn about “Forward, Christian soldiers”, Israel go ahead towards Canaan land, having weakness and stumble also have, but through blood of Christ stand up again, fight again, daily receive more inheritance, this is called the gospel! Mystical too, and normally when we see such people, we see that they are very legalistic to teach their children, and their children do not like their parents a lot, and the gospel cannot go into their living. I see a lot in the church, who are willing to love the Lord and serve the Lord, but they meet very serious problems. Their living does not have such a living operating system.

This is what is spoken by the Books of the Law! Genesis is about Abraham’s promise, then Israel to end and conclude (Jacob) -> individual becomes a church. After 400 years, Israel have millions through 12 tribes. After Exodus, go through Red Sea, baptized, format to build temple, and then center on this temple, center on brethren living, towards Land of Canaan to walk, daily sufferings will descend, wilderness some wars will come, in here wilderness will judge who will get what kind of inheritance in Land of Canaan. The most successful is the Judah tribe, Caleb. This is spoken of by Exodus, right! Then, Leviticus talked about lessons 11-15, prayer 5 mysteries. Numbers talked about center on tabernacle, when tabernacle kept and folded up, when Israel must start to walk. Whenever camped, they camped. Center on tabernacle, ESWN 3 tribes each, center is Leviticus, total of 12-13 tribes, other than Leviticus, there are 12 tribes that surround, and they camped and together, they move ahead.

o o o

o|      | o

o|      | o

o|___| o

o o o

It is so clearly written in Numbers, but they all failed for 45 years, therefore, God waited till the new generation came, and God spoke again, and this is Deuteronomy, with Moses’ 3 very important sermons. Deuteronomy means “to again command”. Till then, the Israelites entered the Land of Canaan to conquer 19 races, 31 kings, when all are destroyed, they were apportioned inheritance. This is the book of Joshua. It is spoken so clearly!

And let us talk about another, New Testament talked about? 4 gospel books are the OT Books of the Law, all talked about Jesus Christ. Then after knowing Christ, believe Christ, receive Christ’s, they joined in prayers in one heart, received HS filling, 3000 repented and believed, disciples increased in numbers daily, center on church, center on prayers, center on learning about Jesus Christ, center on spreading the word of Jesus Christ, and the Lord added the numbers to them who believed daily – “And when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power, till the ends of the earth, YOU WILL BE my witnesses.” You will naturally be my witnesses. The whole works of Acts. And though later this church became Roman Catholic church, losing everything, 15 century, word restoration movement gradually until now. The spiritual power that is completely and truly from the church of Acts, Jesus Christ’s mystery, 24 hours mystery must all be restored. I believed that the Lord restored among us more depths, and more practical also.

Though our brethren have a few that are weak, beginning is weak, and still cannot understand, but if the church continues to have vision, and then have those who follow centered on the altar, when such mainstream arises, hey, through a few alternations, they also climb up to too. For some church who does not have this vision and this system, if they have people who love the Lord more, they will experience more sufferings too. This is because he likes to pray, but others do not like to pray! Self like to praise the Lord so much, and when he does this, it is like a lonely island. Often say, I want to go India, missions, and then the minister came in and tell him, “Be quiet! Learn more! The gospel work is what God Himself will do so.” This is William Carey, and with this, the first missionary to India, this one who loved the Lord, the Church of England persecuted him. When DL Moody came up, the churches in America had all treated him as a cult. After a few tens of years, the churches who call him cult were slowly discovered to be cults themselves. Cults means different sects. DL Moody is the sect built on Jesus Christ. And those who criticized him are humanistic, mystic, legalistic – another sect, and very probably it is the sect of Pharisees or Sadducees. Pharisees felt this cult and tried to drive him away, and later, they discovered they themselves are the cults.

This is the prayers we must have to see this 36 lessons, how it is built up.


You must quickly equip, for you will go around many places like Guangdong, etc to quickly call all the disciples to come together, so that you just speak. If they give you 3 years, you will find that you have more than enough. For now, we talked about 7 years, and we have only reached Jeremiah, and all these are from the Cross Message. We just be humble and be equipped. Whatever we preach forth as the gospel, whatever message we hear, it will go far away. One pastor called me saying that he is going to Canada, walking in the same steps as I, talking the 5 gospel lessons over. I replied him telling him that he needs vision. In the past, there is no possibility for there is no life and no power, no message, so how to have vision? Yet, with 7 years, when speaking the mystery of Jesus Christ and Emmanuel, and we can speak so much endlessly for lifetime, so that there are no more worries for having no messages, therefore, from now, we can really have vision. If we do not have vision, we cannot pray le, so that we won’t go to that place anymore. I told him, “You are different in age than me 10 years, yet you are trilingual, and I am only bilingual, and his English is better than Chinese.” If we received such a worker, it will be tremendously good! His Cantonese is better than Chinese, and he can speak Indian as he grew from India. The answer is in our hands already! If we do not do this, what do we have to do in this lifetime? Roughly equipped for 2-3 years, like how we pray for teachers and speakers of this era, really receiving all the blessings of this era, which is not money or fame, but the life of men, who are the disciples of Jesus Christ. I have already started, now it is your turn.

Basic Message 16

Isaiah 6:1-13; Revelations 4:1-5, 14


A Worship Centered Life


Main Focus Points

Main focus points are according to the outline found in Lesson 16.

1) Importance of Sunday (Worship, Communications, Serving) -> 6 days

The importance of Sunday Worship, especially the worship, communications, and serving. This is with God, with men, own role, and then serving, to acquire the later 6 days. Therefore, the focus on 7 days and serving is on Sunday. Therefore, for the Gentile, after baptism, actually he has to turn over and change completely about his lifestyle. But when they meet with this firstly for their lifetime, they may not be too much in their normal habits, but when we come teach about Lesson 16, we tell them to pray together about this. “Lord, may You preserve my days, my lifetime, absolutely shall keep the Sunday Worship.” Not only keep it, but practically must acquire. For Sunday Worship, especially the atmosphere on the heads will be changed over, may we really pray about this. Do not go out on Saturday, then come back on Monday. This is counting according to the ways of men, yet actually, God is not so pleased about it, so that even if you tour without the pleasure of the Lord, you will not see the help and grace of the Lord. And our brothers, if we need to go overseas for assignment, they will most probably find a nearby church for worship, right, but some of us never even have this. Some people already spent their Sunday on the planes. How great the grace have they lost it! I continue to emphasize this again and again, and people keep on not understanding. When I come to the Chinese race people, there are a few things I felt so much like crying and moaning. Later, I will talk more. But really know more about Israel, know more about the people of God, really must go according to this one.

All of Israel’s failures are because of the failure of Sabbath. The whole history proves this. In the end, when they returned, when they continue to want to keep the Sabbath, as a result, Sabbath became the master, instead of men becoming the master. Sabbath is made for men. Therefore, we must really restore the complete meaning of Sabbath.

One Day (24 hours) -> 7 days (week) [God 3 + 4 Men = 7]

God gave us such times, and He created like thus, the bible Genesis says that for one day, day Sun night moon, 24 hours. This is a very important single unit of time, and He thus created for us to live in it. And 7 days as a unit is very important.

Universe, from nothing, everything was created, 6 days God worked, and on 7th day, God rested. But through Jesus Christ, He created another world, spiritual world that happened after Jesus Christ died and resurrected, so that the day of His resurrection, when He suffered for 3 days – on this third day, morning, therefore, for Acts, the Sunday was made to be the Sabbath. I have told you before, that 7 is a complete number. God’s number is 3 Trinity, and the number of men is 4 NSEW.

-> 12 months (3×4) -> 70 years

God also gave another single unit and this is 12. 12 is also a complete number. There are 12 months. 3×4=12. Therefore, 12 apostles and 12 tribes, 12 group leaders. And God fixed 70 years. Normally, for blessed people, some people 10 years, some 20 years, 30 years are left. And even the times that have not believed in Christ is also very important! The whole focus is on Sunday! No matter how I emphasize, there is no extreme.

All created beings must praise God for His glory and power.

-> We must be able to see, so that we can praise, right?

The nobleness, glory, power and blessings of a person’s life all derive from a successful worship.

-> When the worship centered is restored, the rest of the 6 days are going to be enjoyment.

Those children of God who know the mystery of Christ will worship God with their whole lives. As we communicate with God, the heaven and earth, angels and everything else are shaken and it is the time when God’s grace and power are bestowed majestically.

-> This is what we must confirm in this lesson. During worship, do all these things actually happen?

One with wisdom takes God’s concern to be his concern

-> Take His concern as a unit.

and thus, in all things enjoys God’s preparation, help and bestowed blessings.


1. God’s most concern is over the saints’ lives of worships

-> This first main point talks about the importance of Sunday Worship.


1) The “Ten Commandments” given by God has clearly shown how intensively God’s concern is over worships <Ex 20:1-11>


2) All the “important events” that took place in history are in close relations with the “restoration of saint’s worship”. (For example, the appearing of two clans, the Ark’s worship, the Passover worship, the Tent of meeting worship, the Temple worship, the Synagogues worship, the Mark’s upper room worship and the worships of the early churches)


3) For a saint to maintain an organic connection “with God, with angels, and with all saints and churches of the past, now and future” and to establish new relationships continuously, worship is the most crucial activity that “cannot be left out”


4) During worship, what matters the most is not “method, location or time”, but rather it is the life of the saints involved and the contents of their beliefs. It is also the practical communication with God, receiving of grace and power, as well as to submit and walk with God truthfully


5) The purpose to worship in a “fixed time and location” is to enable one to carry on “a successful life of worship in the daily living fields”


2. The door in Heaven is opened when God’s children worship Him <Isa 6:1-13; Rev 4:1-5:14>

-> This one must especially emphasize: what things will happen during worship. Especially in Isaiah 6:1-13, now also the same. When we sing hymns at the beginning of meetings, do we see that the throne of grace being gradually set up? Seraphim bringing 6 wings, exemplifying the glory of the Lord, then seeing that the self is weak, therefore use the blood of Jesus to cleanse, receiving comfort, healing, strengthened, hearing, “Who will go?” “Such a good meeting, if my parents, or my siblings, spouse, children together enjoy with me, how good would that be!” When I sit down and be quietened down, it is so good to be praying, those that God wants to bless, my son Lee Song, is doing business outside, today he came back, and he is going to go back tomorrow -> Lord, may You send me there – you must know what is happening in your spirit. The things that happened in Isaiah is the same that happened in Revelations. This is very important – Rev chapter 4 and chapter 5. This is what is happening during worship.

Rev 4-5 says that there is a throne, front got 7 lamps = Jehovah’s 7 Spirits: Wisdom spirit, intelligent spirit, knowledge spirit, fearing God spirit, … a total complete life. 7 is a complete number. Then 24 elders, sitting around God’s throne seats, 24 elders’ seats above, they wear the crowns of gold on their heads. And when they worship God, they take down their golden crowns – born again crown, sanctification crown, serving crown – through them, the descendants of the 12 tribes come, through this, all nations all peoples, and the Lord’s church will arise, when Jesus Christ wears the golden crown – today whatever grace I have are all because of Your grace that is accomplished, “wear it, wear it, Lord!” when they take down their crown showing that it is all the grace of God. Yet the Lord replied them saying, “You wear ba!” Throne of God, 24 elders, and behind the 24 elders, there are thousands and millions of saints, born by Him. Thanks be to God! This is the scenario of the worship that happened in Revelations! And then, seraphim and angels and the hosts sing in togetherness.

Then in Rev 5, John saw the vision and cried, why? There is a book, a scroll, that cannot be opened. Yet, even if it can be opened, reading does not bring to understanding also. This is firstly, the bible. Secondly is all the names of the saints, their birth times, their born again times, their times of leaving the earth, their lifetime how they follow the Lord, lifetime how they serve the Lord, this is what I guessed, but I think it is absolutely correct. This is the book of life! And who can open it? Only the Lamb that was slain. Therefore, the whole bible testifies Him. If you read without His perspective, what does Rev or Isaiah says? He is accursed! All centers on Him! And under His name, those who are chosen by Him in the world, their names, one by one when they are born again, one page by one page, in the past, who is like steel and lightning, he was born again! Because this gang lei met Martha. Then the day when he was blessed, one page – steel and lightning, and at one time with Pastor Zhang Po Li meeting, he offered himself, he wants to serve the Lord his lifetime, and from that day, there was no one turning back, serving continues to be more and more zealous, together eating drinking with family but they all including him do not know the gospel, then in 2001 December, grand entrance – another page is turned, through his prayer he was blessed, church was set up. 2004 september, another page of grand entrance, Elder! Like the presidents of Korea, including the one now, there are two elders of church. First to write the mou2 mou3 elder of this church, and this is eternal. Of course, being a president is eternally remembered, but what is recorded in the book of Life! Those things which are all related with the Lamb are all written and recorded. You have, I also have. Daily they are recorded. Hallelujah!

This is what happened every worship! Every worship, Isaiah 6, Rev 4 and 5, and in this chapter 5, this book, who can open it? When Slain Lamb to open, all Lords, nations, all peoples, by His name, we are all saved, and we praise Him. This is what happens every worship service, and this is especially in Sunday Worship. Of course, there are other meetings, but this is the most important Worship that the Lord looks with the most importance, this Sabbath, such things will happen!

Therefore, in the next lesson, we are going to talk about, actually the whole universal church is from Abel, Noah, Abraham, Israel, David, Jesus Christ, apostles, church – all peoples and nations and in their midst, we are on of them! But one Father, one Lord, one Spirit, one Body, though era different, years of age different, likeness different, all different – background, culture – all different, but all same Father – such people, worship together! In the past, Abraham era, those families who follow Abraham’s family to worship, Noah came out from ark family worship, now every race, every region – all have the Lord’s churches! Therefore, the whole universal church unitedly do worship – this is very important!

Together at the same time (which we are also going to talk about in the next lesson), as we are going to emphasize the importance of the church, if a new believer, after knowing God, in the process of walking with God, this is what cannot be not known. You must teach very clearly, use spiritual perspective to teach clearly, there is no need to read sentence by one sentence, but you must explain above and below, like me now, and for the subpoints of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, “those things that you do not understand, just ask me and that will do.” Are these points the only points? Actually if we can write, 100 also can list out. Very important is where is the important point in this lesson – here must grasp.

Therefore, in worship, the things that happen in the spirits/hearts.

1) The glorious throne of God has come upon the saints

-> This is the time that the saints will have the heavenly doors opened. How to see that this glorious throne has come? The joyful spirit that come when we sing hymns!

2) The heavenly host that served God will assist the saints

-> Therefore, just now when we come to church, there is a bit of darkness, sorrows, worry, humanistic thoughts, then after worship, wonderfully more and more receive peace, joy, freedom – this is the work of the heavenly hosts. Through your spirits, you must see the things that happened in the spiritual realms.

3) When saints realise their own weaknesses and areas that are unclean, they should cleanse themselves to be holy using the precious blood of the lamb

-> Isaiah use burning coals to cleanse, to touch his lips, “My unclean lips are one of the unclean things” -> cleanse it. Apostle John also sees in Chapter 4 “I am dead meat! This is such a great glory!” Paul saw one time before and he said that there was no words to be able to describe the scenario! And when we practically see it, we will exclaim, “Ah yah! Sigh! God is so perfect! So omnipotent! Yet I disbelieved this whole week again…” and I remembered a lot of weaknesses through the week. And THEREFORE, I need the blood of Jesus Christ! Then, when the thanksgiving that flowed out because of the blood of Jesus Christ, the heart received peace, cleansing, and the love towards God increased gradually! The hatred towards brothers and sisters – can we forgive? Absolutely can, forgive them, “forgive our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors.”

4) When “conversing” and “exchanging emotions” with God, one hears God’s message

-> In the whole worship, we can practically experience the things that happened in worship in our spirits. The content in Isaiah 6, Rev 4-5, is exactly similar what we see in our spirits happening during worship. Especially in this area, we must in our worship, Rev 4 has 4 creatures – like lion, very courageous and full of valor, can beat all Satan’s attacks, forces of darkness, and another is like the ox, very hardworking, non-ending in working in helping people, and another like man, with wisdom like Gabriel one like man, and the fourth creature is like the eagle, fly so clearly! When we worship, the four creatures actually work, so that our spirits can work quickly in transformations.

Therefore, when speaking here, the teacher must confirm together with the students, confirming what actually happens to my spirits. Especially in Sunday Worship, right? There are times where there are stress and oppression in my spirits, but when we enter into the whole atmosphere hearing the whole praises and singing, once entering, there are quite a few beautiful sisters ushering shaking hands and hugging, etc, everything changed! Must together confirm! Must confirm what has and is happening in the hearts/spirits.

This must lead to your individual worship every morning, noon, night. In our days on earth, there are no chances, but we must accord to center on worship to live. There are some in you about worship, fulfillments happening during worship, like in the past, there are times like ritualistic and ceremonial like worship, from thus till a worship that receives fulfillments – do we have such testimonies? Seek and find it all out, and talk about one testimony. I often do testimony, and you hear me do testimony last week, right? One day, I discovered, and it was after 10s of years that I discover, that God is alive! This is bad! I mean that my past 13 years are all disastrous! Then I cannot sing hymns, one month cannot, like I am blaspheming God – this is my life, 2nd time very big change, then becomes a very important testimony when I was called to be a preacher.

5) When saints discover “God’s eternal plan and amazing work”, they receive comfort and power, and also the willingness to submit

-> From then on, every time I do worship, I confirmed every time, these are my sentence by sentence prayers, my singing of hymns word by word, are these true from me? When I meditate on the lyrics to sing, and one day have this habit, that time on, I discover that in my spirits, there is a very great transformation. The hymns I know, the lyrics that I memorized before, the hymns I sing over ten thousand times, and the sentence-by-sentence that I sing out relying on new grace, discovering new love, sing out -> all different! From then on when I sing hymns, it all becomes different! I received freedom, healing, strength – you do testimony before, when you sing hymns that time, do not sing word then catch the next word to sing, but look at one or two sentences at one go, then put into your hearts to sing, which is better than putting it in your heads. Therefore, often when singing, we close our eyes. See sentences, then close eyes to sing ba! Then in my whole life, HS works, angels works are different!

6) The prayers and petitions of the saints go up to the throne of God and are fulfilled immediately

-> This also confirm with those listening to the lessons. That time, confirm together with the students – center on confirming. Do not always our 36 lessons stop here at the head. This must go right into our hearts, in the end, hug and give thanks in doing testimonies, proclaim to one another saying, “I love you, you love me”, and with this when praying together, miracles happen, many illnesses also get healed. Therefore this is completely different from last time when we do worship, through Jesus Christ we received all kinds of healing, mah! All the problems are resolved!

7) When the love, fellowship and co-work between saints get strengthened, the Church receives abundant grace from God

-> That actually, when we do worship, our Abba Father on the throne, right side Jesus Christ, 7 Spirits, 4 living creatures, very practically work in our spirits. Our foundation of our faith is 24 elders, upon 12 prophets and 12 apostles, built up, and this is called the church.

8) As the saints receive grace during worship, the forces of darkness in their families and daily living fields are broken and they receive new grace and blessings

-> When we understand all these, we can then understand all the bits and pieces of the OT and Paul’s epistles, and will understand very clearly.


-> Another main point in this lesson is that we must center on Christ. His Name, His Blood! The most noble name in the whole wide world!

3. The centre of worship must focus on the revelation of the mystery of Lamb of God, Jesus Christ <Rev 5:1-14>

-> “Who can open this closed scroll?” and then John cried. Cannot open, all cannot open, but only the slain lamb can open it. Therefore, worship from beginning till the end must be centered on Christ.

1) It is only through the “blood offering” then we are able to reconcile our relationships and communications with God (Job, Noah, Abraham, Passover)

-> Leviticus talks are all the mysteries of Jesus Christ. 5 sacrifices, and during worship, there must be 5 sacrifices. For me, when I fully understand the true meaning of 5 sacrifices, my beginning and end of worship all changed! I died, and I no longer live, and Who lives is Jesus Christ. Some people before worship and after worship is the same, why? Because Jesus Christ has not yet lived, but they lived, their muddle-headedness, negative, discouraged, inferior, insubmission, guilt still lives.

2) For example, during the Old Testament period, the Tent of Meeting, the structure of the Temple, the arrangement of the furniture and the focus on the offering of sacrifices

-> I die and Christ must live = Burnt offering. Sin offering = all getting cleansed, so clean! Restitution offering = if I have ever done some harm to people, must compensate, so that the heart may be compensated; if I talk wrongly, apologize; I should often apologize to church elders and elder wives ‘cos I often offend them; towards brothers and sisters in the church I don’t have ‘cos I don’t want to stumble them, but since elders are anointed, I use more strength, and sometimes, too much of a bully le, and my heart felt that I must compensate le. Our church elders must never be weak eternally, if people must be sad, they must be in the worst sorrows, so that their weaknesses can die off. You restore Christ is so very important. After doing these 3 offerings, we will definitely be reconciled with God and this is peace offerings, so that we can come boldly before God, and my heart has no condemnation and discipline towards me. This is to love the Lord! In all things, all times, discover all of God’s love le. This is called reconciliation offerings. Just now, it is like having solved very pettily, but after reconciliation offering, the heart becomes very big and generous. Reconciliation offerings is like eating drumsticks together with all the other meals mixed together. The reconciliation offerings of Israel are a festival! Therefore, it is called wave offering, ‘cos it is just for waving, and not for eating right then, but later to eat. It is like giving the best to the master (in a house with master and servants), the best meat is the chicken drumstick, mutton thigh, beef thigh, then the less quality one to mix together and drink with wine, just like a festival! Therefore it is reconciliation with God, reconciliation with men. And every time in worship, this must be so. Grain offering is about thanksgiving offering, united in one heart to praise the Lord.

3) Through Christ’s salvation, we must meet the complete righteousness and love of our Heavenly Father in the midst of our worship


And the other Leviticus mystery is the Great Priest. Only the Great Priest can enter the Most Holy Place, our Throne of Grace, praying for us, interceding for us. The first one interceding for us is Jesus Christ.

4) We must start the worship with convictions from “the Holy Spirit, which comes from the mystery of the cross of Christ” and maintain such convictions throughout and till the end of the worship


And to go into the Most Holy Place. From outside, what is seen from our bodies, courtyard, go into our hearts and minds, which is the Holy Place, and the Most Holy Place is the place where our spirit is goes through with the Lord’s Spirit. Every of our worship service must be relied on the Holy Spirit. Our spirits must be filled with the Holy Spirit, to do worship, to go into the Most Holy Place, so that God’s perfect will can be very clearly understood.

5) We must grab hold of the covenant that was fulfilled through Christ’s death and resurrection, when we worship and converse with God


6) Every time we must resolute with determination to “die and resurrect with Christ” and to give our lives as “living sacrifices”


7) We must let Christ be the master of our lives and also restore Christ’s eternal method and plan


Then to do so once in the morning, and once at evening, which is the fixed time prayers.

8) At the same time, we must restore the method used by Christ in His life of serving (discover the work of God through prayers and then submit)


And every time we pray, we have the 3 festivals that we must remember. This is that Passover born again must be remembered – every time we sing hymns, we sing about born again, second hymn is where we are sanctified or receive power, Pentecost to receive power, Holy Spirit descends to restore power, and the third is Feast of Ingatherings = serving. Here, we can see the three very important things that God looks highly upon: born again, sanctification, serving and thus receive crown.

9) Cast all the problems onto the Lord and must restore Christ’s authority, power and victory


10) Restore Christ’s perspective (spiritual), concern and also a pastoral heart


If we receive all these above, our worship is really correct.


4. A successful worship must fulfill the following requirements and procedures:

-> Together with students, to confirm.

1) Preparation

-> Saturday night to start preparing. Tithes, offering bags, thanksgivings, prayers for children, prayer topic contents, totally must completely prepare on Saturday. Into the deep nights of Saturday, the heart that is prepared to come is different!

Secondly, those who are to serve must also prepare. Saturday must prepare finish.

2) Adoration

-> Praise what? For all that the crown that God has given us, His grace given us to praise Him. For my life of 52 years, when I look back and see, all are praises!

And the praises of all that happened in the past 7 days. Therefore, bringing the praising thanksgiving content to go.

3) Prayers

-> Then, together pray time, if your prayer time is not enough, write all down on a piece of paper, then lay your hands on it to pray, and entrust it to God. If you must give Pastor, Pastor shall surely pray about it, one week to remember this.

4) Receive the pulpit message

-> Receive the message, hearing the voice of God.

5) Respond and devote ourselves (offertory)

-> This time..

6) Blessings and receive answered prayers

-> Benediction is not what the Pastor blesses, but Jehovah God Himself blesses. May … be with you (and the pastor is included here) … from now till forever more! And all are blessedly fulfilled! Thanks and praise to God! Eternally successful life to worship, after this:

7) Communication among various parts of Christ’s body after worship

-> Communion with brethren, and also serving and helping..

8) Sustain a life of worship in our daily fields (to gain evidences and to testify)

-> And here, in normal, in living fields, how worship can practically join to heavens for the rest of the 6 days.

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