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Teacher 15: Basic Message 17 – A Church Centered Life

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Basic Message 17


1) Who are my father, mother, brothers, sisters?

-> One Father, One Lord, One Spirit, One Belief, One Baptism

Main point: Who is my Father, mother, brothers and sisters? This is what Gentiles should clearly understand after believing Christ. Those have all received the same Father, one Belief, one Lord, one Spirit, and Baptism meaning that they have all acquired the same cross and understood, and one Body, one Vision, one Method, one Inheritance. Though we have the passion for our flesh and blood, but if this is different everything is different.

Especially in Romans when talk about the gospel, especially in chapter 4 when talking about righteousness through faith, Abraham is used, and chapter 5 says that we are credited with righteousness by faith, and chapter 6 says that we are discovered to be children of God so that we are not under the law, but under grace. Chapter 7 that the Spirit has came in, therefore not according to the old ways of the letter, but according to the new way of the Spirit to living, and chapter 8 is all of Spirit’s mystery. I see that one of our group is sharing on the Romans 8, and this is so important as this is the most important core message of the gospel. And when we start any message, this can be spoken in one minute actually, and we can confirm: chapter 1, 2, 3… And when we talk about chapter 9, it immediately restore to talk about who is the son of Abraham, and who is the heir of Abraham? It is not that born by Abraham, but it is what is fixed by God, the son of promise, not Ishmael but Isaac. That time, God also fears that we do not understand, so that He emphasized again that through Isaac, there are twins born! Twins with the same father and mother! Same time pregnant, same time born out into the world. Especially that they came out together because the second one actually grasps the leg of the first to come out. God continues to use this to emphasize to us, “Who is Abraham’s seed? Who is the one that is chosen? Who is loved?” Answer is: those who are loved by God are beloved. Who is the son of Abraham? That is the one fixed by God! Jacob is whom I loved, and even before bearing into the world, the Lord says that Esau is whom God hates. This is a very important truth so that the common religion and faith cannot understand.

Yes, and many brothers and sisters have made testimony to me that more closer than their parents and siblings in Korea, we are even closer. Especially those who pray together, those who battle together, those who learn Christ together; those who fight together as coworkers, really, everything are like so similar! When in meditation, every of our judgment words perspectives are the same! Actually when Jesus Christ is going to come again, what will happen to our flesh and blood? War will come! Why must Ishmael leave the home? This is because of the sake of Isaac. Totally must leave. Therefore, “I come not to give you peace, but to give you wars.” And even between brothers, Esau is going to kill Jacob! Therefore, in this lesson, you must emphasize again more and even more!

Galatians 3:9 Since we belong to Christ, we are therefore Abraham’s seed, and we are ones who have inherited Abraham’s promise le! Do you know – when this intent has broken through in my mind, from then onwards, I became the main character of the era, and I have become the Abraham of this era. Really understanding this mystery, what I have understood and daily relying on the Spirit’s conviction, relying on prayers daily, so that my fields are what are experienced by Noah before, Enoch has walked with God for 300 years, Abraham has experienced for 300 years, so that I inherited every of their fields and inheritance! And through the gospel of JX, they are the Body of JX and I am also the body of JX, the more I understand the chosing of Christ, the more I am blessedly called God’s servant, worker of an era! Therefore, I look at my life with utmost priority. This is not being proud, for Paul also says that he does not judge his own self, for Who am I to do so? This is the body of Christ, God’s work, God’s honorable field that I am able to stand before today. Therefore, I often join together with the heavenly throne, with the 24 elders, and on their past inheritance, their prayers, intercessions, left behind ministries, those they born out – on these foundations, today, I have inherited them, and I have in my this same era, I have 7 fields.

One Father, One Lord, One Spirit, One Belief, One Baptism

| Heaven
| |
| V
|                            O       7 fields
New |                   /////// /|\ \\\\\\\
Heavens | <–  Descendants |||||||||||||| <– JX Dv Ab
New |                   \\\\\\\ |  ///////
Earth |                           / \
|                            |
|                            V
|                          Earth

There is heaven, earth, and 7 fields; and there is Abraham, David, Christ, me, and my descendants, and the generations after, that continues till new heavens and new earth. This is so important, and with this perspective, we are going to look at lesson 17. Brothers and sisters center of living is at Sabbath; secondly is with brethren, and brethren means with church.

Ephesians 4:1-16


A Church Centered Life



2) Center on Spiritual Family

Before we go into centering on spiritual family (point 3), let us understand the church.

Why is it necessary for a saint to get involved in the church? Even to the extent of planning all his activities with church centeredness. Why are there so many conflicts and problems within the church? Why is it that churches continue to separate into so many denominations? What kind of church does God delights in? It is through the proper understanding of the above queries regarding the church and formally getting involved in the church that a truly saved believer can begin to live a blessed life.



1. What is “Church”?


Look at outline 1. What is the church? Church is the Body of Christ, the people of God, HS dwelling, the area of pillar and foundation of truth, the area together to receive sanctification, and together receiving inheritance. In the points below, what is important is the children of God, Body of Christ, dwelling of the Holy Spirit – saints of God all discovered. One-by-one, list them out.

1) “Children of God” that belong to the heavenly kingdom eternally, whom God had graciously chosen <1Pe 2:9>


2) “Body of Christ” who went through death and resurrection with Christ <Eph 1:22-23>


3) “Dwelling place of the Holy Spirit”, one who is born again through the baptism of water and of the Holy Spirit <1Co 3:16>


4) “The pillar and foundation of the Truth” that was set apart by God’s Word (Bible) <1Ti 3:15>


5) Citizens of God’s kingdom who belong to body of Christ; Through worships, fellowships and nurturing, we are strengthened and grow together; Through preaching and missions, children belonging to the heavenly kingdom are gathered together to fulfill “World Evangelism” <Mt 28:18-20; Ac 1:8>

-> Saints of God all discovered.

6) Must understand the concept of “Universal Church” and “Local Church”, as well as “the Invisible Church” and “the Physical Church

-> And then, there is the Universal Church, Local Church, Invisible Church and the Physical Church. (the full list and expansion of the universal church is listed in main point 2).

2. How did God develop His church in history?

-> Secondly, how does God develop and expand His church?

1) Family church (Adam ~ Moses): centered on the “blood offering” – Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham

-> The first is Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses. This is called family/household church.

2) Civilization (Tribal) church (Moses ~ Christ): Value the three major feasts, “Feast of Unleavened Bread”, “Feast of Harvest”, “Feast of In-gathering” <Exodus 23:14-17>

-> This is the tribal church 民族教会, or the racial church, so that this is from Moses till Christ.

(1) “The Out of Egypt (Exodus) Church” of the Passover (Salvation)


(2) “The (Tent of Meeting) Tabernacle Church” of the wilderness (Guidance and Power)


(3) “The Holy Temple Church” when Conquering Canaan (Evangelism)


(4) “Synagogues Church” during Period of Captivity (Mission)

-> Different synagogues are set up and popped up during the period of captivity.

3) New Testament: End-times Church of the end days

-> After JX, there is this End times Church

(1) Fulfillment of the cross of Christ

-> Through the fulfillment of Christ,

(2) Descending of the Holy Spirit

-> the Holy Spirit descends,

(3) Nurturing and evangelizing

-> And continuing on, the number of believers increased, nurturing disciples, evangelism,..

(4) World mission works

-> till the ends of the world.

These are called the universal church above.

3. Why is it necessary for Believers to get involved in the church? (Five objectives of the church)

-> Here, this is the second outline!

2) Center on Spiritual Family

Local church

The importance of our spiritual family. Center on spiritual family. This is called local church. Just now, we talked about the universal church, that is present in all ages and eras and chronicles. Then, we now talk about the invisible church, like how we see in the Isaish and Revelations with the 24 elders. Then there is this visible church so that we see in our local church, current era of churches. This is also very important. The Lord arranged this church in the same era. Who arranged in the same region? The Lord! If we talk about the 1.3 billion people of Chinese, we are talking about here too. The things of laughter, cries are all in here! This relationship!! Is this not wonderful? In the same era, in the same region, same language, same race. But what do we receive? We receive the same gospel, same vision, same inheritance, same timetable God is moving and reacting amongst us to expand. There is the timetable of the Life Church, and there is another timetable for another church across our church. We are all in one big family of spiritual family, this importance. We must also see this.

Chinese church in North America

Therefore, the gospel goes from Rome, England, then America, and then now, it’s Asia, and especially, it is the era of China now. Especially the importance of the Chinese in America. I think the Chinese churches in America is especially important. No matter which Chinese church in America, out of 50, there are 30 from all different places in the world. So wonderful, so that it brings all of these backgrounds. And for North America Chinese churches, most Chinese members are post-graduates. Therefore, they all have the knowledge. Education is also very important. This is understanding the depths of the gospel. There can also be great influence with high education. In such an environment, no matter whether there are culture or not, together grow, together pray for their own China, their village, when they intercede, important doors will open. May you all see one day! For those with knowledge or education, God tells people to know the gospel, for those without, God causes even more people to come together to know the Lord. There is surely perfect will, and there is one method, and all these happen in one region or area. Especially in this capital of the era Washington DC, the WDCCLC in this area, this setup of this church, I believe, is definitely not coincidental. And through these 7 years, how the Lord has fulfilled our prayers year-by-year in accomplishments, doors that are opened, and now in various places, workers continue to get in touch with us. Really, you must look with importance on this church. And I really hope that this church will be similar to the church in the days of Jesus Christ, days of Moses, David and Solomon when the temple was most glorious, that this WDCCLC will really be closest to these churches. This is our prayers.

Centering: placing everything here

In this spiritual church, it must be holding on to the four gospelizations, then in your families, children, your career, all to expand by centering on this church. I really bless you that you may really understand these words. If there is a family to visit, we pray earnestly for them, and the important word of God to them spoken to them, and they come one-by-one by this, therefore, they are so important. Your career doors and paths, are also through the church’s pulpit/altar will be opened up. Therefore, since the Lord has given us this Christ Body, the blessedness of being the source of all blessings, our life motives, no matter which company we go to, whatever tasks we do, we focus on who are the eight beatitudes, so that we first take hold of them, then we center on helping them, the motives is not on how much is the salary, therefore, we gain very blessed meetings, and these actually wait for us. And then strangely, those whom God has loved, this will bring very wonderful doors! This is because this is spoken by Genesis 12 – whomever you bless, I will bless them as well, whoever curses you, I will curse theirs – on these spiritual origin and principle. Our brothers and sisters living centering on the church, and then bring all the possessions and materials in the world, to put into this church. This is called tithes. And when we place everything here, we pray together for the 4 gospelizations, regional and for this era’s gospelization, to pray, and for our past, all our flesh and blood, network contacts, we bring all and everything into this church. Every day, three times, I lay my hands and pray for this. And therefore, I bring all the network contacts that God has thus given to me, inheritance, and place all of these on the church to pray, and my life becomes continually use the gospel of JX to get blessed, the lifestyle of marriage spouses, self blessed, and the main focus of nurturing children with priority and the content that is emphasized, so that in the past where it is so naggy, less talk about it, and what is less talked about, to become naggy and reminders always! When we walk like this, our children continue to jump about continuously, and become crazy, and as a result, as they research on their process, they will also be blessed, and continuing like this, blessed descendants continue again and again to arise, and the blessed daughter-in-law will appear in the blessed network contacts! I really wonder who is the one beside my son in 7-8 years’ time. Very likely, it is in this life network web contacts! Everyone and thing that blesses you, I will bless them. Everyone and thing that curses you, I will curse them. And when we just bless those whom God tells us to bless, then they will bring era’s blessings, the world and seas’ possessions, the hidden Lydia Priscilla in all places, and people like Jason, such precious stones will be one-by-one be brought to this place. Hallelujah, Amen! My saints, my people, they go from bad to worse, corrupted, fail, is because they do not see the vision. It is just like the 9 wild dogs which did not see the rabbit. Therefore, there is no strength always. Persecutions come and they fall, and they always just rush ahead. I see that this is a very important year for all of us. The greatest blessing that should come upon the most blessed family, their sufferings are the greatest! I hope that this greatest suffering belongs to me! No fear! When we see the eternal goal set before us, Jesus Christ’s goal, heavenly throne, inheritance, thousands and millions descendants of mine receiving blessedness, have all been received, so why do I fear now? If I have to leave today, just leave! Thanks be to the Lord! This is the importance of the spiritual family.

Everything in: center in the most differences, blessing all, sufferings, atmosphere,

No matter is the number of believers like 30, 40 or 50, it is wonderful in it. How is it that God looks with so importance on the church? How is the church different from Israel? Church is also different from the normal kind of typical fellowships. Even in the evangelical club in the colleges, they are all of the same kind of university undergraduates, and all of the common kind. However, for this church, roughly about 20 over people, there are elderly people, children, those that have education, no education, having money and those not having money, those having sick before, healthy, divorced, .. all kinds of people are inside! Therefore, this means that it can bless all kinds of people. Praise the Lord! Church has all kinds of people, and when the numbers increased, and I also see that when people bring their friends to come, I see that they are of the same kind of people that they bring. For those drunkards in the past, when they are blessed, they also bring friends who are red in the nose. I really see such a phenomenon in the Korean church before. Therefore, the common people always come into conflicts and togetherness (同类相冲). Really, be all the more, for your life to sell it away, and I have said before, together eat, live, drink, learn, pray, serve, where? In this life church, are our parents, and our descendants are going to be in this. If you do not bring this heart to come, you receive in this church for 5%, 7% only. For me, take me as an example, I must live 100%. Therefore, I see that there are people to bless every day. And recently when we started on the chain or relay prayers, my spiritual atmosphere becomes so good, there is so much an expectation, and I really boast so much to the pastor at Chicago. And he replied saying that when he has returned from Canada, he must do chain prayers. And we exclaimed together, “It is so good!”

Center on interpersonal relationships

And then, this must become the center of all interpersonal relationships. Relationships must start from here to expand. For a believer, one who just started believing, when he reaches lesson 17, really grasping this mystery, it is really miraculous already. I have seen in the church history too, that if one brings all his relationships and flesh and blood here in the church, last week, I saw elder’s wife, really too cute, too much cute, for she brought 30 names of her household, to type out all their situations, and those who are more hungering, to give it to me. And for flesh and blood, she wrote the most. Even the 4 to 8 generations also have! And last week, she gave me the list of names of her colleagues, whites, Spanish, and she brought all the names to me and asked me to pray. Really an elder’s wife! This is the center of all interpersonal relationships. By this center to live, daily boast this church to live. Last time when Donna comes, and we asked her what prayer topics, and she continued to say, “Our church, our church…” Today, she was going to come today, but her son became ill, thus can’t come. Interpersonal relationships, so wonderful. All the people who came to our church are all through the interpersonal relationships of the people in church. One day, our sister brought another sister, and I heard of this sister’s name 2 years ago! And then, she popped up here! And I really see in the depths of jewels lies the jewel of all jewels. Who can discover her name? and through the prayer diaries, one by one, it was discovered. And who will expect Yuqing sister to come here? Do you know that she is the jewel of this era? She turned around here and there and then came here. And in the future, all the jewels of the 21 century must all gather together! In this church, really pray for this church.

Hope of the church to come up

Really hope that this church can come up 12 families and 1 preacher family to be raised up. 12 families means about 50 adult people, and one preacher being a 50-centurion will be raised up. This is of course, and really, may the Lord quickly bring about this. And when the numbers reached 150 people, very quickly, these days must come, and then we tell a family to pray about it, and one by one the coworkers that are trained, one by one must come up. Such a church that comes up is really beloved.

Therefore, the church will definitely have 5 great functions: worship and holy ceremonies.

1) Worship and holy ceremonial <Isa 6:1-13; Rev 4:1, 5:14; Ac 2:1-4>

-> The relationships between God and saints are received from Christ’s Body – converse with God and walking with God.

And then, Holy Ceremony – from birth till the day of leaving the world. Our 2 Grace, from the day they are pregnant, we bless already. Then we see that they continue to grow till they are married.

And I also hope that our children can find a job nearby here. Joyce and all, find jobs here, and your sons-in-laws come from here. I told yuqing before, Jingzhe, Joanna, must really find a job around here! Leaving this church is really too pitiful!

And then, from birth till becoming a worker, becoming a missionary to run about in all places. Some are part-time missionary, and some are full-timers. Run about all places, and then the inheritance of an era, must together inherit. And now, our 2 children, heaven open, angels joyfully welcome them, and when I enter, they say, “Pastor!” Zhuzhu, Chunchun. Such likeness to grow up! Such children as they grow up, really have a look next time! And really, if we look from a kind of perspective, when even children center their living in the church to live, look at how their roads will be opened up.

My children’s testimony of growing up centering on church

Though Sophia is going to be someone God greatly wants to use next time like Joseph or Daniel, so that God quickly in the first place gives her such a suffering, or else, she cannot really see the darkness of this era that God wanted to save so much. This is God’s guidance. Actually, other things have all of God’s blessings continue to come to her. Interpersonal relationships, those whom she loved and meet, and those people loved her and meet, when reading University, that pastor’s wife has a bit of worrying before 5-6 years ago, the university she is going to go into is the most expensive in the whole of America, and it’s so worrying, yet when she is going to enter, and I counted the money in the bank, it is about $5000 only, and therefore, after attending for one month, she came back. God has another university to wait for her! One by one, and this also happens to Lee Song my son. Saturday and Thursday evenings when he called, my heart greatly rejoices. I see that the friends around him, all loves him. Sophia’s perspective is really very high one, this is how, that is how, and all of the same type of people really come together in conflicts and in goodness, though not spiritual.. haha, in the world, but this is the process of growing up ma. Really this is so smooth in life! Then, Leesong also comes, he also gives the tithes, and when I look beside, I see that tithes is a definite from him. And then, when communicating with the father, their maturity level, etc, really when I see, blessed children cannot run away! Really no matter where he goes, he centers on the church to live. And in the university, he has 4 meetings in a week to attend to, and he especially is in the football team, to tell them how to expand and glorify, and this time, he brings his shoes along, their Christian fellowship have a number of activities too. I see that he always focuses on brethren to live. I ask you, how many pastors have prayed for their children in joy before? How many elders have looked at their children with joy when praying and looking at them? Daughter is even more solid than the son, when I see her, she has no choice but to pray, and she lives in such an environment to grow up. In our church, really see.


The first deacon family to be anointed, one-by-one in the family, in the deacons, I really am filled with so much joy. This is also related with years of age too. Second year, third year, and fourth year being anointed, deacons, and families that are raised up, really, I see each time getting more and more different. Really look at it in analysis!

Absolute: church history

In my 32 years of being in the church, I see one conclusion and this is that it is absolute to center the living on the church, center on Sunday Worship to live, brethren-centered to live, ministry-centered family, there is not one exclusion! Of course, there are some sufferings and this is possible. But after that sufferings, the jewels of the era, waiting for them, continue to expand.

Absolute: Dt 28

Deuteronomy 28 is not a fake words, Deuteronomy 27 there are new generations coming up, Moses tell Israelites 6 tribes to go Jili mountain up, lift up hands and bless Israel – and this is where the bible says, in out blessed, even the things that we are accused becomes blessed! Those you give birth, those that your cattle gives birth, your vine tree, olive tree, all becomes blessed. Those who comes and attack one way, they will run off in 7 roads. And from 28:24, it is very serious. Ebal Mountain, tell 6 tribes to lift up their hands and pronounce curses, really if we belong to the heavenly kingdom, absolutely cannot run away this principle. And since we have already come, we are chosen, belonging to the heavenly kingdom, we must really receive era after era’s blessings, continuous blessings, Amen? This is Dt 28:1-14. Out blessed, in blessed, descendants, everything blessed! Bed, doors, hats, also blessed! Even the cabbage in the fields is blessed. Dogs also blessed, sometimes when I enter a blessed family and sees a dog, I also felt different! Use more testimonies to share and emphasize.

Only one Father

Till lesson 17, tell their perspectives and spiritual eyes to open up, “Ah!! Originally it is like that!” Really, there is such a family, world, and the Father is our eternal Father. Our JX asked, how many is your Father? 2,3,4? No, only One Father. Our father when leave this world, they are no longer our fathers. Siblings also the same. Temporary use father’s role to learn about Jesus Christ. I use my temporary identity as a son to learn about Jesus Christ.

Earthly flesh and blood

Therefore, after my father passed away, I totally do not think about it. Even the yearly remembrance, I do not want to do so. Eternally what we should remember is Jesus Christ. Even the funeral service I do not really want to do, it is only for the sake of the family that we do the funeral service, as this is required. And there is no one prayer for the one who has passed out from the world. We cannot pray for him at all! This is because this totally contradicts and opposes the spiritual principle. Already loved by God, and in fact, Wang xiu (the one passed away) should pray for us. He continues to pray for us, that God will convict his own families to all come, 10+ to do the funeral service, else cannot do, and they are comforted, and we gave them our blessings. Those who have left the world, they are not our household le. We must really know this mystery. We must really let the new believers understand this clearly.

2) Communication within Christ’s body <Eph 4:2-3; Ac 2:41-47>


3) Training and Nurturing <Eph 4:12; Ac 11:19-30; 19:8-20; 28:30-31>


4) Local evangelism <Ac 2:47, 4:4, 5:14, 6:7…>


5) World mission works <Ac 13:1-3…>



4. Must understand God’s given “talents” and “roles” <Ro 12:3-8, Eph 4:1-16, 1Co 12-14>

-> Must understand God’s given gifts and positions. This is very important. There is no rubbish in heaven. This means that blessed people are all called because there is a need, even for children. Therefore, I pray like this, that all brothers and sisters 100%, in church can participate in serving. There must have God’s given roles, position, and we must more recover for all these. If we have the heart to test and approve, we will definitely discover.

Those who believe in the Lord earlier, and those later, those who are anointed with positions, etc – we can all see very clearly. When our lives grow until a point, we will be able to judge, those things that have happened in my life of how the HS worked in me that I personally experienced, so that when I see other people, I can discern the type of person he is, what is the HS doing works, and in the future, how God will want to use him – we will all know this one. Therefore, these are the specially needed perspectives that the shepherds of the church – pastors and elders, small group members need. For example, for our deacons and those who have just believed in Christ, are there differences? There are lots of differences! Those who admire the good works of ministries, those who gave their lives for it, and then those who know the content of prayers, know to speak messages, especially admiring this good work – and this is evident.

E.g. Liang Gang continued to call me several times on when is the time of going to China, as he needs to apply for leave, prepare the finance to go, to go where, so that when we see this, we know that the Lord is going to hand the whole of China into his hands, and we definitely know one! This is what actually happened in years 1986 and 1996 of my life! At first, I just grasped on to the tail of my pastor to go! And I went for 10 over times again and again. That time, I had such a serving in me, so that I am called to serving today! Therefore, what I experienced before, the Holy Spirit’s conviction that happened before, when such people see the reaction of people, we can know! That time, I went with Kaizhi. Different! How God will use them – Liang gang and Kaizhi. On Sunday, I especially tell them, I see that you cannot run away with your life. It is not that the pastor must tell you to do this and that, but it is the work of life in you, that you admire life yourself already, and you continue to chase and seek after it. This is known by all men, and known by all angels, clearly knowing how your future will be like.

1) Let “edifying and development of Christ’s body” and “the expansion of God’s Kingdom” be our purpose <Eph 4:16>


2) The Church should allocate roles in accordance to what Christ has apportioned upon each one in Christ name <Eph 4:7; Ac 6:5-6; 1Ti 3:1-13>


3) Talents will grow with training and experience in serving, thus roles will also be adjusted accordingly <Mt 25:14-30>


4) Those who serve should respect God’s given talents and roles in serving God and other parts of Christ’s body faithfully <1Ti 4:6-16>


5) Must also respect parts of Christ’s body for their talents and roles. United as one to glorify God and expand the Lord’s body <Eph 4:11-16>


Therefore, you do not need to fear about health, what is insufficient, for definitely God will provide on time! God put in so much effort to train a soldier of Christ up, then after that tells him to have no bowls of rice to eat, to die – will God do such a thing? No! Therefore, looking at the blessedness of a person’s life, the degree of growth in the person, we will all know the future of his. Hallelujah! Especially those who participate for the Teacher’s Training, for us everyone who pray for this era, workers for this age, one day, your tomorrow will be as bright as this. Whatever you meet today, especially problems, those are what God will want to use in you to bless a lot of similar people, VERY important things! Therefore, we just need to be in great joy to see God, the God who is invisible, not hearable, untouchable, but we have all acquired the mystery method to see Him, Holy Spirit mystery we have all known, lifetime, we just need to love the Lord and follow the Lord.

Especially by centering on the Christ Life Church! For you all, if you wake up in the middle of the night, praise the Lord in hymns, then go back to sleep, for you will definitely see all these happening.

5. What must be done in order to achieve a healthy church life? <Ac 2:41-47; 11:19-30>


1) Must earnestly choose or build a church which is “Christ centered and has the vision for world evangelism” <Rev 2-3, seven types of churches>


2) A blessed believer will keep his focus on the church while making plans for oneself, one’s family, one’s workplace and all other fields


3) To sincerely participate in various church activities and through worships, communication and nurturing, continue to seek after a complete growth in the body, heart and spirit


4) Life in church must practically expand to the daily living fields and must bear the fruits of “God’s Word, Prayers and Evangelism”


5) By using God’s given talents, serve wholeheartedly in suitable ministries, thus enlarging the ministry widely and deeply


Like this to lead! If you lead the 36 lessons one point by one point, and the words are quite dry as they are translated from Korean tongue Chinese. Do not use these points, but use it flexibly. Grasp the main points, then when you grab it, impress it into your hearts, then confirm together, joining hands with hands in confirming, together pray – and these can be led in 10 min or 30 min, 1 hour, and you will see the things that are prayed for, God will give us accomplishments at the end. Next week, we will speak about the 3 lessons at the back of 20 lessons. Hoping that the 36 lessons can all be finished when we reach the end of the year.

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