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Teacher 16: Basic Message 18 – The Seven Fields of the Saints

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We have meetings every day now. This is correct. If you do this really continually for a few years, you will find that you have changed, perspective, power, seeing God’s love will be different. Many people understand the gospel differently, i.e. through gospel, what is the degree of benefits to receive is also different. The gospel is the great power of God, and this is known by all, and more or less, you experienced the power of the gospel. However, looking at my life, “why does God give this gospel to me?” God’s purpose – if I have not totally grasped it, I would in the 15 years ahead, in church, with quite a hungering heart and quite a good serving zealousness, be in more suffering than not! Therefore, later on, I discover the purpose of the gospel, i.e. what things shall I do with the gospel? This is the whole conclusion for today – the whole conclusion of acquiring the gospel is to walk with God in all things! Therefore, how do we walk with God in all things? If we seek for this answer (how to walk with God) in the content of the gospel, we would have acquired the full and most perfect gospel. Especially in this week when God gave us the message on continuous prayers, actually God’s perfect will is in all things, all creation and the world are all whom He named one-by-one to create. All creations have His perfect will! Actually we are to know His perfect will in all things, yet God through His creations to reveal His perfect will voicing to us for 24 hours. He expresses His power for 24 hours, letting our life totally restore this life (walk with God). Therefore, the whole conclusion of the gospel, with Romans 1-11 talking about all the mystery of the gospel = God’s great power, is? Ro 1 says that all things are created by His eternal power and divinity, from the creation of the world it was all revealed in bringing out, and no one can excuse themselves. And how to see this power? This is revealed in the 11 chapters. After 11 chapters, the conclusion is in Romans 12, “Therefore”, “I use God’s mercy, admonish all brothers and sisters – you must all become living sacrifices! = 24 hrs walk with God in all things.” How to receive this mystery? It is to always in all times and places, in all things, to test and approve God’s good and perfect will. Those who have already known Jesus Christ to receive life has already gotten all the mystery, so that if they are willing to have the heart to seek thus, the perfect will shall be revealed to them, so that they can see and hear it.

Therefore, with also the front part of Ephesians 1-6 about the mystery of the gospel, after that, the conclusion, “Therefore, do not become muddle-headed, foolish”. There are many people who follow the Lord in foolishness! “Therefore, you must become wise, in all things must understand God’s perfect will, often must be Holy Spirit filled.” This is called being Holy Spirit filled! Many people understand wrongly about what is the filling of the Holy Spirit. The more one is filled by the Holy Spirit, the more he is normal, practical, in reality. Therefore, all that he talks and does all peoples like and love. His expressions are high standard level and are very graceful. Like how the person standing in front of you is – hahaa. Every word is so practical, therefore, it will not leave the works of God itself, and it won’t leave the very seat and position of God. If this is a piece of paper, it won’t leave the nature of it being a piece of paper. Therefore, knowing God is very practical, and it will not go into the realms of being very mystical. Therefore, what is the conclusion of knowing the gospel? All of 1Thessalonians, front part after talking about the gospel, the end is to converse with God unceasingly. Stop cannot, cease cannot. How can we unceasingly pray, and often preserving the joy, and how do I in all things receive God’s manifestation to give thanks?

Therefore, if we use this perspective to know the gospel and to research the gospel, we say that all such researches are all correct. Through the gospel, if we go run towards the ideology of money, or that of mysticism, or prosperity, and always about being success, this is all wrong.

Of course, when we know the gospel and enjoy the gospel, our life will be more zealous, and we can walk with God naturally better, and there are instances that we have experiences which are subjective and mystical in nature. And it is possible that “enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well”, because his perspective are all about blessings, so that blessings continue to come; and he can continually speak God’s blessings, like Jesus Christ or Paul, who enjoys all the abundance from heavens without wealth, and such there is. However, we shall not because of the gospel to receive all these blessings and goodness that we misunderstand what we shall receive out of the gospel – all things will be good. No! Believing in Christ, you can be martyred, you can receive sickness like one thorn in the flesh and such is possible! Bankruptcy, also! Yes, but the real blessings are like Abraham so that he can see the blessings of God in all things and such will definitely happen. However, this understanding of the gospel is not correct! Like one man and woman who gets married – there is matrimony, and both are beautiful – if we use this to know the married couple, this is not correct. Their one man and woman, we must know how they met each other to have the things that happen in their very spirits and hearts, when they live together how as one, and then to give birth to a blessed descendant -> we must know all these as one whole package one. When we receive a map, we shall not just research on the geography and pattern of locations as it is wrong. But the purpose of receiving a map is to tell us to acquire the correct location.

The gospel is a map. Really think about this. Originally, God created the heavens and all, no matter which creation, all lives in God’s created space and environment. If we are here, we are living in God’s created space and time. But we do not know from birth why we are here. From Adam who was born by God, He asked, “Where are you Adam?” All do not know! The gospel tells us to restore the complete position! And then from this complete position, God tells us to restore heavenly and earthly and eternal blessings. Let us think about this. This map:

| Heaven
| |
| V 21C
|                                  O       7 fields
New |    Comes /////// /|\ \\\\\\\
Heavens | <–|—— Descendants |||||||||||||| <– JX Dv Ab Ad
New |    Again \\\\\\\///////
Earth |                                 / \
|                                  |
|                                  V
|                                Earth

Invisible Heaven, and Visible Earth. Then God used Ad, Ab, Dv, JX there is a timetable. And this is till the last day, new heavens and New Earth. When Jesus Christ comes, so that the days are full, there is no more righteousness man, then the world must be destroyed like that of the old clothes, and then, the new must come. And I must am now living in very important relationships, with this, me and my wife is the closest. Of course, in flesh and blood, parent-child is closest, but what God has fixed is the relationships between couple. Then family, brethren relationships, then location relationships, world relationships (7 fields). And we have all come to 21 century place. Originally, man comes into the world in a space and time environment. Gospel tells us to restore our positions! Through this perspective, to research, know, confirm the gospel, then everything will be correct. Gospel is great power of God, therefore, no matter how bad our situations are, once we restore the gospel, everything will be restored. Like Ruth. The power of the gospel is not where there must be great strength, and great wisdom, as thought by many. But God’s greatest power in myself, I cannot in other places expect one! Because God’s in myself that is manifested is greater than that of Moses, because it is more unique! And it is also because the greatest power of God that is manifested is also in that which is just expressed as close as now. Everyone is different, every era is different, every conditions it is different. This is what God tells us to seek and find out, and this is the conclusion of the gospel’s power. Therefore, the more one knows the gospel, the more normal the message a person will receive. This message is very practical, and living is really very easy, so that once understood. Why no assurance? Assurance comes from knowing that it is what is intended by God, it is the things of God. Therefore, power comes out. Do you understand what I mean? This is what must be restored when we know the gospel.

Therefore, how shall we restore according to the gospel = this map? And this is according to the word of God. God’s word tells us everything. According to Jesus Christ, the mystery of how Jesus Christ lives in me, and HS in my spirit telling me to be moved to respond, and we use the gospel to seek these out. May you understand my words! The Bible tells us that or relationships with God must be restored. When our relationships with God are established, everything has changed. If this is so, then what happens to all my conditions? They have all become the very present that God wants to use right now. When we discover, God’s power will come.

Gospel (to heaven Eph 2:6)

God = Me = Cornerstone <Eph 2:20>

Abraham/Israel = Saints = Me = Cornerstone <Eph 2:20>

Network contacts = Me = Cornerstone (very honorable – my spouse, children..)

Time = Me = Cornerstone (very honorable – my times)

Therefore, we must restore the relationship with God through the gospel. Then the relationships of saints and I must be restored. And then all the relationships of my network contacts must be restored with I, and all my times must also be restored with mine. To understand the gospel by centering on this, this is absolutely correct.

Eph 1:3-23

Ephesians 1:3-23 says that this is started from the creation of the world, those that are fixed in Jesus Christ, through the messenger of the gospel, Holy Spirit convicted to accomplish. Therefore, on such a person, the hope, inheritance, and power that he has, is so great. And how does this come about?

Eph 2:1-10

Totally die and resurrected with Christ, and where is he now? He is now seating on the heavenly throne with God <Eph 2:6>. NOW!

Eph 2:11-22

Here, it says, the cornerstone of us joining up of us and God. Jesus Christ is the cornerstone. And the cornerstone of us joining up with Abraham and Israel, and this is Jesus Christ. On notion, we know it is Christ, but how to join together? Very clearly, it is this. <Eph 2:20>. Clearly, for e.g., hey, I discover that Christ’s purpose becomes my purpose today, Christ’s Father has become my Father. The Holy Spirit that moves in Him is now moving in me. Christ lives in His own family, and I also have my own family. My conditions, in men’s view are better than Christ’s own family conditions. Jesus Christ lived for 33 years, and I lived for 52 years till now, and probably 20 more years? JX is used, He is the cornerstone. Using JX, together die and resurrect with JX people, will totally restore relationships with God. God -> Me, originally it is like this. Jesus Christ cornerstone joining up everything together.

And then, together with Abraham and Israel, all their glory, their purpose and plan, all the power and authority that Israel is going to exemplify out, are all hung in my life, family and in my times. We must restore this! This mystery is Jesus Christ becoming my cornerstone. Jesus Christ lived in Abraham before, in Moses, David. Actually David is not David, he is Christ’s Body actually! Therefore, all these individual, all their successes and failures, to all acquire the mystery of Christ, to restore where – in my body! Christ is the cornerstone, Abraham’s thoughts and mine are totally the same. Abraham’s lifetime purpose RSYJG, and my life purpose is totally similar. The promise given to him and mine is the same. His God, Who is the same yesterday today and forever, and now for me through Jesus Christ, through His abundant Word of God, lives in me. Therefore, we must realize that we are totally without any problems. When we think of this, we must totally be in joy. Therefore, all your network contacts, all your spouses are very honorable, no matter their situations. All your children are honorable. All your times are very honorable. In Christ – this cornerstone.

Jesus Christ, He is the Christ, Messiah, He is the Great Prophet, Great Priest, Great King. Through from all our sins, He brought us to God, all life way and the truth, His Spirit lives in me to work – in principle it is correct.

Now, we are talking about the living part of Basic Messages of the 36 lessons. What shall we restore in this “living” portion, and we must really grasp. How then shall we restore? We must think about it. Last week, we talk about centering on Sunday Worship living and brethren living, right? And today, we are going to talk about centering on the 7 fields to live. We must clearly understand where we are in talking until now.

BM 1-10

Joining together (Life, Relationships)

Know God = Know Self


BM 1-11




Walking with God

From Basic Messages from 1-10, it is all about restoring joining together, life and relationships of ours. Then to restore our life and relationships with God, knowing God = knowing ourself. Then, the gospel that teaches that our conversation must be living must be restored. BM11-15. Therefore, God’s children prayers, the mystery of using truth and promise to see, when praying the transformation that takes place, prayers that can bring about, drive and spur living. And what kind of living? The living that can bring about having power and strength, one with living testimonies and victorious living. And what is spoken of right now is BM 16-20. Here it is about walking with God. And the conclusion of knowing the gospel is to tell us to walk with God.

Intro to space and time environment of [Living]

Let us see, last time, we see Isaiah and Rev 4-5, when we talk about centering on worship to live, originally, our environment is? The bible says that we are on the right throne of God. On there, there are 24 seats, from every tribe, and these are the representatives from every tribe. 12 tribes representatives, 12 apostles of Gentiles. And through them, blessed tribes and Israelites and Gentiles come. 24 elders. And then Cherubim, hosts of angels serve. And then, very important book scroll of life is brought, and no one can open this book which is sealed 7 times. Only Jesus Christ, the Lamb can open it. Only through JX can we know the bible, can we know God, know self, know all things that we get in touch, meet. All peoples cannot know, and only through Him can know. Only the slain Lamb can open. This scroll is our lifetime ba, some is 33 years old, some 70 years old, 100 years old, right? Inside the content of the scroll are all things in our lifetime that is connected with Christ, cornerstone, things and days, can then be remembered eternally here. Those days of sinning, all use Christ’s blood to wash and cleanse. Therefore, this is the book of Life. As servants of God, when we know the bible, how shall we live? We know gospel, the conclusion, is to know all conditions, the things that we do in all things, must all be restored. The restoration mystery must first be known. Where am I – we must know very clearly. God has a throne, and all our lives are right there. Our lives is seated with Christ, and our lives is no longer earthly or flesh, but the very nature of our lives are eternal. But knowing Christ how much, we can be blessed and transformed how much. Christ at the throne there has 24 elders. Inside such an environment, the joining together with other saints is very important.

Basic Messages 16-20

16) Altar (Worship)

Therefore now in Basic Messages 16-20, must be centering according to the worship. The living of saints must be centered on the altar. The most important is the throne of God. Therefore, “My life has to be centered on the altar.” My daily living must be centered on the altar. From the throne of God, to acquire the perfect will, power, and later on to live. We are not orphans, totally thrown at some place without any relationships, but we have this relationships. Therefore, the bible says clearly that we must live according to centering on altar. Abraham center on altar. Jacob center on Bethel. Israel center on Tabernacle. Israelites in Canaan center on Holy Temple. Absolutely, it is centering on Sunday Worship. Sabbath as center. And then, 6 days to expand out. With this, everything is correct. When you teach, if there is a Gentile, he is like a person who is thrown outside a lone island, outsider with lots of inferiority, guilt, full of discouragements, and not having any visions, why live also don’t know, only know that he must be godly – such a person, when he is brought before God, let him know God, let his relationships be established with God, let him restore everything upon everything, and it is this. Teachers must have this perspective. When you raise children, the earlier the better to let him or her know where he is standing, compared with e.g. Adam Abraham, why today he lives, his relationships with all, what direction he is walking, what direction he is relying on to live, and this teaching is the very first priority! Normally, from the age of 12, this must be taught. 12 years and above will be able to understand this. This is called baptism! This is totally dying and resurrecting with Christ, the cornerstone, restoring Christ, therefore, this is my Father le! Restoring Christ’s Body, therefore, all the Israelites are my brethren, and I am in the midst of one of them. And then, especially in all my network contacts, I must restore, and I must also know where I am, where direction I am going, to walk. This is the power of the gospel. Gospel is the great power of God. This is the meaning. Knowing gospel conclusion tells me to become, living sacrifices, my times, relationships, all must not be dry, dead, muddle-headed, but it must be alive, living, clear! LIVING sacrifices. Therefore 24 hours, to test and approve where I am, what is the good and pleasing perfect will of God. For those without worship centered living, still do not know about this. Therefore, the importance of Sunday worship, and some still does not understand! When worshipping, how the throne shakes like earthquake, how mystery of throne is revealed and manifested, how our spirits in us transformed, and as a consequence my days ahead how it changes. Because of the Sabbath, this Sunday Service, before God, as a result, one week, the heart laboratory thinking mediation and convictions are all changed to be different. One time successful worship will bring about the whole week meeting will be different. Thone’s power shall follow us for all the 6 days of the week. If saints do not know this, he actually does not know anything! Moreover, if not according to what God has fixed, what is the method of believing in the living? What we believed is Jesus Christ, right? What we believed is living in us HS. What we believed is that God is working in my hands and every of my movements to work, right? This to restore. If we are not joined together with the throne of God, there is no way! This is called Ephesians 2:6. We have already died and resurrected with Jesus Christ, already (this past tense) seated in the heavenly realms.

17) Israel (Brethren: parts of Body)

Therefore, living must be how? First is to be centered on brethren, centered on Israelites. This is called centering on brethren. This church is very wonderful, having the same Father, same Lord, same Spirit, same Vision, same Inheritance. And then, all with different conditions, to be gathered. Therefore, all the blessings of the era, are all found from the brethren. Through the 7 fields, center is the church. Then, the saints’ life can then be restored. “What shall I do today?” If you do not know, you won’t be to know if you do not live a brethren living. What shall I do in one year’s time? If you do not live with brethrens, you only know about eating, go toilet and sleeping. Being an employee, receiving 2 million, 300,000, 100,000, to do what? If you do not live with brethren, the things you serve, the Holy Commission that God has given you, you will not be able to acquire. God’s word tells us like this! What we believe – God’s word – tells us like this. Therefore, why a person will lose strength in a flash, an instant, with a lot of hints, that steal into our life, is because you are not living centered with brethren. Very important! Walking with God is the very purpose and motive of the gospel! Conclusion of acquiring the gospel! Why does the pastor speak again and again? Because everyone does not understand! If today, you do not understand, next time, come again and I will talk again. The gospel that God has given, Jesus Christ’s purpose is to tell us to restore everything upon everything. And this is in my environment, times, my relationships, the things I do, things I see, things I imagine, dream, expect and hope, all restored in the gospel. Therefore, the gospel is God’s great power. I continued to research! Meditate! And the conclusion is no other than this! And this brings about the 7 fields.

18) 7 Fields 7 Days

This Heavenly Throne (16) joining together with my 7 fields. And the Sunday worship (16) joining together my 7 fields. Must be like this. I have believed in God’s word, and God’s word tells me like this, and I have confirmed already in my life. This is absolutely. And then, absolutely centered on brethren. From Adam, Noah, Abraham to start right? My life is the same as theirs. Spiritual cells and DNA is the same as theirs. Because their Father is my Father’s. Home, method of living, power is the same as mine. And they are now cheerleaders, cheering for me, at the back support of 24 elders, thousands and millions of saints, they are interceding for us! We do not pray for the dead, for we should never pray for those who have left the earth. They are like clouds surrounding us. Then, at my very place right now, in this era of churches, America church, Chinese Church, Korean Church, in the midst I am one of them! And in local church, this church of this place, is like the start where David is the youngest of his brothers, and how he is not looked well upon at the start. But when he climbs up, everyone centered on him, and the united kingdom nation is set up. This local church, no mater how small, through only Jesus Christ, only God’s word, only promise, only prayers, only following the Lord, if this is correct, in about tens to twenty years time, it will become the center of the churches. And an era shall receive blessings through the strength of a local church. This is called Hudson Taylor, Billy Graham, originally without strength at the first place, but restoring Christ is correct! This is called Ruth, who failed in all ways. Who will expect that she will be the great grandmother of Christ? These happenings continue to happen today. The 7 fields of saints.

19) Testifying the Lord

Center on testifying the Lord. When testifying the Lord, those prepared by the Lord will come. When testifying the Lord, those prepared by the Lord will come. I say again. When testifying the Lord, those prepared by the Lord will come. If you testify about knowledge or success, those with knowledge or success will want to come. Whatever you testify, they will come. If you testify the Lord, they who are attracted by the Lord will come. And now in my life, the Christ who leads me, when He works and I testify about him, whatever He wants to acquire, He can gather. If He acquires one, the life must be more important than the whole world, therefore bringing eternal blessings to add on to the church, like this! Why am I one of the 8 beatitudes, one specially to be used by the Lord? Why am I going for them to put in all my life, my times, strength, my resources, for them to invest? If you know my years and get along with me for the past 7 years, you all know. When I see a worker of God, in about a month, even if I do not do anything, the endorphine, the joyful hormones, Bali sister, Yuqing sister, Rifeng, that God has brought forward, and slowly bring more and more. How do I know they will bring an era of blessings? Because of I speak these messages of Christ. They follow me not because I have some good conditions, but because the Lord that I speak about, they hear the Lord’s voice. Therefore, what the Lord is going to do, what He is going to bring about the four seas abundant living creatures, turn around and round and then, they came in! This is the mystery of all mysteries! Really when saints’ life is restored! You all stay with me for 3 years, day and night come gather with me. 100, 1000 inside also have the core mainstream. And then those who follow, there are those who follow roughly, and some core people they risk their lives, to bring together their lifetime strength power, all their inheritance, career, to want to built it up in this church. Then we serve the Lord, do not use force. If they do not want to follow, and we tell them to follow again and again, I discovered though this is spoken in love, but later on, this will become their very serious pressure. Because the Lord’s work and timetable, if cease there, if we tell the Lord to work. Then, for those who love the Lord’s work, who really admire the work of the Lord, admire this kingdom, admire this kingdom to manifest in their family, descendants – such people, center on these, lead them shall do! No fear! Center on them, not fearing insufficient numbers or headcounts – for those who focus on headcounts are those who want to become a governor. We are really the sheep of God, so that when we testify the Lord, such people continue to come. This is for lifetime, living is very easy, simple, light, to daily it seems like eat, drink, dance, exercise. When Pharisees come, they ask, “We all fast everyday, why your disciples eat play. Why like this?” Really, those who live a life of Christ are like this: daily eat, drink, in joy! We people, not one people who come for this meeting, is not coming because of no face, etc. We are eating the Holy Communion now! “What I eat, you all do not know”, Jesus Christ says. The spirit revives, the expectation brightens, through this opportunity, when rely on the Holy Spirit, pray for my child, descendants, this blessings totally comes up to his body, this mystery for the people who knows, gather together! Therefore, when testifying the Lord, there will be a lot of 8 beatitudes people coming together. And through these sheep, we must all the more center on who?

20) Mainstream

Center on the mainstream! Disciple centered! Then the ministry will be very simple, light. And self is so much passive, because those who want to acquire continue to chase you! “Pastor, do you have time? Later on private time.” “Pastor, I have this…. I want to give this offering to you, etc.. Can I?” “Of course can, but you do not give offering to me, but to God.” They continue to want to bring all their powers and resources to come, and they telephone me daily, write letters to come. It is very easy. Do you know surfing? That great powerful water pushed me, and when this continued for 10 years, all the precious all in the world come gather around me, and all the named famous spiritual generals and heroes all come to me. This is not the words of LC, but this is the words of the book of the Law. Genesis when Ab is called, relationships with God established well, your descendants, bless you greatly, if talk about your descendants, will be as numerous as the stars. That time, Abraham has no child, but it is all accomplished out. This is Genesis! This is the same as right now, at the present time. Exodus: how through JX come out from Egypt, cross red sea, die and resurrect with Christ, receive new life, then center on Tabernacle, how to rely on tabernacle centered to live. Then how to center on brethren, north east south west, 3 tribes on each side, when moving, and then when fighting, even the moving, when walking pass the Jordan River, 3 tribes receive their own portion of inheritance right of Jordan River, then all conquered. But then, still must enter Land of Canaan, after battle, then come back to enjoy their own homeland of inheritance. Absolutely center on brethren to live. There is no way but to center on Brethren. This 7 fields is the land of Canaan. This is what should be ownself sought inheritance. This is what is spoken by the Torah. Leviticus talks about this worship. Prayer all mystery. Numbers talk about together with brethren. Deuteronomy talks about again, Ge/Ex/Lv/Nu to again repeat and say, Deut=to again speak. Then again 7 fields conquer, establish disciples, and this is called Joshua. The bible all talks about this! Therfeore, if we saints leave the altar, brethren, is impossible.

Map Reading Method

(Drawing of mountains and valleys)

/  \/\
/\/   /  \/\
/  \ /\   /  \
/    /  \ /    \
/ / \/   \// /\  \
// / /   \\ \/ \\ \
~ ~~  ~ @  ~~~ ~
~~ ~ ~ ~ @ ~~  ~~ ~
~ ~~__=||_ ~ ~ ~~

Just now I told you that the gospel conclusion – my days of 32 years of believing in Christ, front 15 years, I received the map, and yet do not know how to read it, therefore, the front 15 years of my life are in blessings 生在福中不知福, yet do not know how to enjoy. God’s all glory, authority, kingdom, wisdom, power is with me. All blessings, abundance and riches I cannot enjoy. Instead, I have even more problems. Am I not zealous? One cannot say this. My zealousness causes me to lose all my hairs. There are a lot of mountains here that I draw. I should be walking towards this direction as this is my home. Those who are zealous run towards another mountain, or this mountain or forest, and some even towards the sea. 15 years, I went like this. This is my emphasis today. Therefore, after a person received Christ, the first very thing that must be taught is the great power of the gospel. What is the great power of the gospel? It is in your given conditions right now, that should restore God. This, you must teach accurately. In the end, I then discovered in year 1994, I grinded my teeth. Actually, I also have tried before, that in my front 15 years that I turn round and round, very much in sufferings, actually in one year, I really wanted to submit to the Lord in the submissive spirit, in that one year, it can totally be restored! Therefore, the honorable life that God loves, once it knows Christ and meets God, is it important? Look at some of our chaoli, Suzhan kong, etc, these are best examples. It is like only one to two years, and everything has changed! Everything has wisdom already. Very intelligent. Our suzhankong auntie, just listening to her messages and testimonies, without looking at her appearance, who will know that she is 70 years old? It is like 16 years old! Very quickly being setup! Actually, if the reading method has no efficiency, then never mind, yet I discover that this can be so efficient! In China at Xian for the 2 sisters that are discovered, in Malaysia and Singapore, in Taiwan, those coworkers, at one glance, in all the messages they have heard before, all are organized compiled and systemized, after, immediately, they see power coming, so that if I see this already, if I do not spread this message, I am in much woe! And also, this becomes my whole commission. Therefore, the roads that I have walked before, according to system, what is written is 36 lessons. For our lifetime, we have to talk about the cross message. Most people only understand the cross as sins being forgiven, receive eternal life, waiting for heaven. But cross message is the thing of sitting down with the Father to eat, it is the thing that is related with the Father, it is related with all interpersonal relationships restoring peace, love till the end, till it becomes a blessings – it has connection! In your whole spirit, so that there is the great power and strength of the Holy Spirit being manifested, with connection one is the cross message. We must restore this. Therefore, I bless you all, if you have not received this map reading method, if you have received the messages for 7-8 years, you can just use a few days to pray about this, for lifetime, use shortcut for lifetime, to manifest God’s all glory. Even if you repeat and alternate in speaking, and it is also for getting this method. For lifetime, to get this, and after that, in your messages, very quickly, you can grasp on how to build a person’s life. Your messages must be centered on the purpose of letting people be established in their relationships with God. And how God wants to converse and walk with him, with this purpose, to explain, this message speaking is very correct. Therefore, the 36 lessons are definitely not principles. Sentence by sentence, we have to confirm it out.

Today, let us look at lesson 18.


Basic Message 18

Acts 1:1-11

The Seven Fields of the Saints

The pleasing will of God upon us is very obvious. All the conditions and “meetings” that the children of God have are unanimously arranged by God. And in all these abound God’s eternal and abundant plans. The Word of God teaches us how to discover them. The spirit of God also convicts us at all times. As long as we are willing to seek and obey, God’s perfect will shall be revealed to us immediately. Thereby it enables us to enjoy our walk with Him and to have the joy of fulfilling His eternal plan.


Here, you must grasp the main outline.


1. God -> Me (orthodox) <-> Cult

God’s all mysteries are in me! This is orthodox belief, and what is opposite is cult. Those who deny incarnation is called cult. 1Jn says very clearly. Incarnation, inside of me. Therefore, all the mysteries of the gospel, where?

2. In My Communication Network

And where again?

3. In My Conditions

God – do not go anywhere to find God, but find it here.

4. In My Timetable

God – do not go anywhere else to find, but seek in my timetable.

And then, how to tell God to manifest everything out?

5. Obey -> Living

There is no other way but to obey. Therefore, has to living, as there are all kinds of God’s mysteries in my living.



1. All the concerns of God are upon the daily fields of His children


1. God’s all mysteries are in me!

At the beginning, I mentioned that all the mysteries of the gospel are in outline 1. Therefore in this outline 1, let all who have the chance to hear the gospel, those who are very hungering in spirit, let them restore the most honorable life. When we search for God, we do not search at any other places – success, legalism, mysticism and abstract. But know God where? Inside of us! Then you know God correctly. Leaving self to know God is called cult. I say like this, though I speak the conservative gospel, but I say again that those who leave self to know God, leaving self times, self fields, self conditions, and that is unrelated, to seek after God -> this is called cult, and I even say that this is evil spirit, as it is so chaotic, foolish in nature. Therefore in outline 1, normally for the people who believe in the Lord, they come to the Lord because they are pain somewhere in them. We are all 100% the same too. I.e. we are people who have failed. Divorce, diseases, 5 husbands but not one belonging to her, children problems – unless this happens, he thought that he is one that is not that bad a person, so that he will never come to this hospital, to find this doctor! Therefore, I find the common points for all blessed believers who come to listen are: they are in deep inferiority problems. Just like Ruth, Tamar, Rahab. Tamar killed 2 husbands! According to Chinese, her 8 characters are very serious, can kill husbands and the father. Such a person, who shall know that her network contacts is the network contacts of Jesus Christ? Therefore, this main outline 1 especially emphasizes this. Rahab is a prostitute, and it is not a prostitute inside the palace, but inside Jericho city, totally corrupted, with not even one righteous person inside, and she was a prostitute, and who would know that she was the great grandmother of Jesus Christ? Therefore, outline 1 especially emphasizes this. Ruth is so pitiful, no money, like a beggar, taking up those left over wheat, that widow, who would know that she is the great grandmother of David, great grandmother of Jesus Christ? Here, you must especially emphasize, even for the past wrong-doings of yours, are also what God wants to use today, to give you one. This is very important message that we must grasp.

For example, me (you must also speak of your own testimonies). I in the gospel work, though there are some sufferings and persecutions, and though there are situations that tell me to really be discouraged, but I just persevere, no matter how tired, sleepy, no matter how much I am under the juniper tree (like how Elijah was), new strength and new vision will again follow me, is why? Is because in my past days, the things I meet, all kinds of things mould my life, so that I become a life like today. For me, if I leave the gospel for one minute or one second, cannot one. Such a life, through the past, my many spiritual and mental problems, I am more than 10 times easier than others fear, easy to sorrow, easy to worry, this life. Past failures can bring the importance of me today in the gospel. Moreover, other than this, whole day, I do not want to think about other things, I can become a life like this is because, the past days have nurtured me. Ruth, Tamar, Rahab. Rahab still wanted to help the Israelites even though she needed to risk her life. Why? This is because of her past failures that she did this. Therefore, this outline, God’s all concerns are upon the field of His children. This sentence, we can use a lot of ways to express. God’s all mysteries are all in me! This to emphasize.

1) All the mysteries of God are in the life of His children


Where? It is in the midst of the lives of children. Therefore, do not go anywhere else to find God, the word of God that is in your life right now, is God Himself! In your life, that you love Jesus Christ, know Jesus Christ, this is God! In your life, because of know, believe Jesus Christ, there comes a lot of convictions, right? When you meet with problems, it is different from the Gentiles, right? These different convictions, is God Himself! Therefore, God is not in anywhere else, but He is found in my DNA. This is what we must receive assurance of.

All mysteries of God are in the [life] of God’s children.

2) The mystery of the heavenly kingdom is in the daily living fields of God’s children

-> mystery of heavenly kingdom not in other places but in the [living fields] of God’s children.

3) The evidences and testimonies of Immanuel are in the behaviors and works of God’s children

-> Evidences and testimonies of Emmanuel are in every [movements and works] of God’s children

4) The expansion of the heavenly kingdom and the mystery of receiving the crown are in the earthly times days of God’s children

-> Expansion of the heavenly kingdom and crown are in [earthly times] of God’s children.

5) The mysteries of expanding the horizons and inheritance are in the meetings of people and events occurring on God’s children

-> Expanding horizons and inheritance are in [meetings of people] right now.

6) All the resources required in establishing the heavenly kingdom lie in the talents and power received by God’s children

-> All resources for RSYRJG lie in MY gifts and power. Therefore, those from Xinjiang will bless those from Xinjiang later. From Beijing, to bless Beijing. Those with knowledge will bless those with knowledge in the future. For those with no education, they shall bless those with no education. Those divorced will bless all and many divorced. All these are MINE, My [].

7) When the children of God pray, all these hidden mysteries will be revealed

-> When praying, i.e. the moment when your heart looks upon God, immediately, it is manifested! Therefore, the conclusion of knowing this mystery is? Must test and approve. When test and approve, you will be able to see everything.

Here in outline 1, the whole mystery, if spoken in more details, this is outline 2,3,4. Therefore, in this Lesson 18, what is the main emphasis?


(Outlines above)


2. God had planned “seven fields” for all His children

-> I.e. God planned for me, 7 fields. “All His children” can be changed to “Me”.

Just now, I drew:

| Heaven (Rev 4-5; Eph 2:6)
| |
| V 21C
|                                  O       7 fields     |—–(Genealogy)
New |    Comes /////// /|\ \\\\\\\ V    One Father
Heavens | <–|—— Descendants |||||||||||||| <- JX Dv Ab Ad  One Lord
New |    Again \\\\\\\///////                  One Spirit
Earth |                                 / \                         One Baptism
|                                  |                           One Body
|                                  V                           One Vision
|                                Earth                         One Method

In heavens, there is the throne of God: Rev 4-5. and in Eph 2:6, very important. And then, on earth, there are 7 fields. And from Ab till my days in all history, there is a genealogy. This is what is called One Father, One Lord, One Spirit, One baptism (together cross Red Sea, together cross River Jordan, and what is acquired is thus only one inheritance), one Body, one Vision, one Method – this genealogy. And in the midst of this genealogy, I am now in 21C field. And then there is personal field, family field, church field, regional field, meeting field, friends and relatives field, and then whole world field. Though it looks like this in the drawing, actually in 3D, it does not look like this. If you include the dimension of heavens, then this is not like what is drawn above. But roughly like the above, this must be restored.

In second outline that you must emphasize most importantly, what is the most important field? Yes, church, but if there isn’t me in the church, there is no use. Therefore, what is most important is the individual personal field. Therefore,

2. In My Communication Network => Individual / Church (one Father, Lord, Spirit <- Heavenly Throne) Bethel

1) The field of Self <Eph 1:15-23, 3:14-21, 5:15-21, 6:10-10; Ac 2:1-4>

Faith-filled. Covenant-filled. Holy Spirit-filled


Individual Field

Here, what we must emphasize is that we must not give excuse and push responsibility away, and do not rationalize, do not say your husband how this and that, and do not say your wife this this that that. In my 32 years of living in the church, I hear too many of this, “Pastor, you do not know how my wife is, how my children is!” For me, when I hear this, I consider that he or she does not understand anything at all. God’s all glory, all the heavenly throne, all His authority and blessings are with him. Even if it is like in the days of Noah so that the whole world is against you, if you have a God, this is the most successful le! Therefore, the more you know the gospel, the more you will not push responsibilities. Adam and Eve immediately push responsibility “You gave such and such to me!” Therefore, now in your current relationships people around you no matter what the conditions are like, now no matter what situations you are placed in, do not bother about that. Only that your life is blessed and that will do. Only that you are willing, only that you love the Lord, only that you really according to His word and believe in His word, to want to live, all the contradictions, and struggles shall all become your testimonies, your power le! This is the main emphasis in outline 2. This is the personal individual field. I hope that you brothers and sisters in the church absolutely will not be in excuse, push responsibility. Must not say, “the pastor like this and like that, pastor’s wife like this, elders like that one..” and even the pastor and pastor’s wife should not also say this, “This bro/sis!” No, but blame yourself that you have not been blessed! If you are blessed, everything will be restored one! If you blame yourself… Yesterday when Elder’s wife called me, I see that she blamed herself, and I also blamed myself, therefore, we both are so joyful! Peace is here! Blaming on self, “Pastor, my prayers are not enough. Wednesday brothers and sisters are fewer in number to come. Actually that day, I have to pray with Gang Lei for whole night, and in the end, we became tired and slept. The next day when we wake up, we kind of feel wrong. Pastor, so sorry about this!” I told elder wife, “My prayers not enough. Actually for Wednesday message, I should have done on Tuesday, and I should have sweated more cold sweat on Tuesday actually. But yet on Wednesday, there are so many things to be bothered of like phone calls, therefore, after praying and 2 hours have passed, really we see the outcome, I deserve it! Every time it has been proven.” Actually message is – there are very clear messages also have, and today, very important time to open up the eyes of brothers and sisters and come like this, there is nothing wrong, but when prayers are not enough and I come that time, and when I felt so complacent to come, I deserve it. I immediately hear from the Spirit telling me that I deserve such a beating! You should have prayed right for one week! For the sake of one meeting, you have to pray for one week one!” Therefore, I also told this to elder’s wife, I deserve death. Elder’s wife comforted me, and I comforted her. Therefore, there are no problems already! If you are at home, in church, if you always point towards each other, “you have too much words, like what Pastor has said, really like flesh! Therefore the likeness of my family is always like this! Looking at your expressions, family, your words, I know your family will eternally be like this ba.” From the moment when you are blessed in your individual field, heavenly kingdom restored, rely Spirit to drive demons, enjoy heavenly kingdom that moment, no matter what kind of difficult problems, look at Joseph! He is in the Potiphar’s family, and because of his slave life, even the cabbages of the fields are blessed because of his life! He became a prison, and because of prisoner, all the nation became blessed as a result of him! In his most disastrous situation, Pharaoh dreamt a very important 2 dreams, for the sake of? It is for the prisoner inside the dungeon. God has never rested. God has to acquire this! Therefore, when you read 36 lessons, one lesson by one lesson, you must confirm, and after that, say together, “Let us resolute together ba!” Everyone offering. Really resolute now, ok? Rifeng, Pan Auntie. For my lifetime, I shall never push responsibility. Absolutely I shall give no excuse. No matter what kinds of situations, conditions, only that I focus on my life, Amen! Resolute, and together with those listening, resolute together. We must confirm as the center to lead. At that moment, your family’s darkness that has been hidden for many years, will be removed. Else this contradiction continues to alternate over and over again. And here, another very important field is actually, through what actually influences the individual field? This is the church field.

Church (one Father, Lord, Spirit <- Heavenly Throne) Bethel

The church field is actually more important than the family field. Church field must actually risk all your life to grasp. Through this, to receive one Father, One Lord, one Spirit, people who gather, then the heavenly throne powers will come, and this is the 12 tribes, together camp, move, battle, can then get the commission in my family, the commission in my career, regional commission, and what I should lift my hands up to pray for in this era.

Therefore, the blessedness of the individual is the most important. But in the individual life, the most influence is the church field. Therefore, when you lead the meetings, resolute together with others, for my lifetime, no matter how situations, I must ask for wisdom, must center my living on the church to live. This is really God’s fixed method. According to this method to live. If you live like this for one month, you will receive blessings that the people of the world cannot receive even if they work for 100 years. Many of us who are parents are also, for their children, if children tells you to leave the heavenly throne, such blessed brethren field, what is this child? Is this child a blessed child or a child that brings roots of curses? Really, if you have reasons of children, such people who say such reasons really actually know the mysteries in the spiritual realms. For children, to be absolutely blessed reason, I have tightly hold on to the heavenly throne, center on Bethel to living.

Before Jacob comes to Bethel, he thought he was smart, for the good future of the children, yet, his daughter was raped, and the times at Shechem, and the brothers battle with Shechem people, and the danger of the whole tribe being annihilated came! Abraham, even as he was old and weak, he tightly held on to the altar to center to living, his descendants are like the number of stars in the sky. Lot smart alec try to be smart, give this children, this also must teach, that also must teach, after teaching, children became so proud, and the world culture came in. Do not look down on the culture of the world, for they are very fearful one. Subtly, it will come in. Success ideology, everything must get number one ideology – this child will lifetime … how? Firstly, living will be very tiring, and he lives inside of fearful, competing, comparison, secondly, lifetime he lives like this, and he cannot see any fruits out of it. Do you know my meaning? Amen mah?

For my son, I really see him like David blessedness. Thus he chose the wisest method. When small, we tested to see which areas he is most gifted in, and more ability and competence – is it taekwondo, piano, violin. Three weeks, he stopped at violin, saying, “I don’t want already!” Piano – sister still can, but don’t want. Okay, stop. Son after 3 years want to touch the fingers to want to learn again. I hope he can be used in the church as a pianist, yet I see that he can never be like a musician like Chopin or … Therefore, I say that if you can play in the church this level, and this will do. My son really very smart, chose something that is very valuable. No matter what he does, he judges whether there are value to it. Today’s homework has to work until what measure, then he does work. Daughter must get first then can, and then can sleep. This son, his eternal aim is B+. Higher is not good, lower is not good. Occasionally when he gets A, he will be troubled. Is it not good? He says, “If I get A now, next time, I have to get an A again.” Teachers and parents have such expectations on me, and I do not want this. He sleeps 8 hours a day, and if there is something that benefits, and what will really benefit, he can discern whether to sleep 6 hours. Actually a few universities accepted him, but he chose the one that he can study in the most comfort. Last year, I told him to get 4 points, and if he is able to get 3.8 and above, I can then consider to give him a car. That time, he got about 3.6 or 3.63. “Father, this is the best that I can get.” And since his results gets improving, I should give him some reward time to time, right? Then he shall not be unrestrained to enjoy. I also let him know a bit about the expectations of parents. Yet, he will surely say to me, absolutely about 3.5 or 3.6. And then, after that, know God and be pastor and this will do. Therefore, when he walks this road of peace, among the family, the one who sleeps sweetest is him, eating most delicious is he, and then, playing in life with most excitement is he.

I have sidetracked a bit here, but what I mean is centering living on altar and brethren to live. Yet, I only gave him one pressure, and this is what I cannot let go to him, and this is that you must live centered on brethren in the university, often receive the powers from heavenly throne to live. This is what I absolutely fixed for you. Praise the Lord, he attends 4 times meeting activities, and now there are soccer competitions in the fellowship, and he has became a top player now. In his interpersonal relationships, and one day, his wife will also come out from there. This is so important. This is called the wise road walked by the wise people.

When I talk about my communication network here, especially what must be emphasized: do not give excuse, if I am blessed, all my fields will be blessed. My own individual field blessed, all the church will be blessed. Then the focus of my powers and strength, altar of the church, on top is church heavenly throne, and below is the brethren. And then, through doors opened by brethren, these are the fields of the regional, world field. Therefore, some people leave church, and teach their children, and if their children really have gone into Harvard University, but brethren in church, distributing inheritance to one another, when distributing task, together pray, together distribute, in this situation to nurture children, such roads will be opened, meetings. Who knows that there will be a most blessed sister from Beijing, that becomes your daughter-in-law? And who will know that there will be a very powerful speaker from Shandong just like Paul, that becomes your son-in-law? The descendants, later generations will all be different. Absolutely, no matter how much I emphasize is not extreme. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Books of the Law, the whole Israelite history, God told them to return back to the books of the Law, return to Moses’ books, return to the roads taken by David, return to the old ways, return to the good ways. And now, we read about Jeremiah, “Return to the old ways” The old ways are always the best, as they are roads walked by Abraham, Moses. These are the good ways! Here, especially emphasize to the hearers, and together read, then, put hand upon hand, together resolute. Before and after meetings, your spirits should have great transformations!

3) The field of Church <Eph 4:1-16; Ac 2:41-47, 11:19-30>

Worship, living with other parts of the body, training, serving, local evangelism, global mission work


And then, here, especially in the church field. You may be blessed in your individual fields, but your church fields are not that blessed. It may be that you are individually very blessed because you met with spring4life.com. Yet, the church is a total legalism. Those who love the Lord are few, congregation 300-500, yet prayer meeting only 4-5 people, then this church is dead. The church where brothers and sisters do not like to gather, such a church is dead. In the 7 churches of Revelations, such a church is totally dead. If you think that you are quite rich, knowledge, full of doctorates, but if the church does not like to come together, pray together, then you are poor. If you want to hide yourself in the fellowship, not opened up transparently, sinner of sinners, weakness that you think you have, repent, ask other brothers and sisters to pray for him – if this is the state of the church that does not want to restore from such pitiful state, firstly, it is dead, secondly, it brings instead, a lot of problems. Therefore, JX said He wanted to vomit such a church out. Therefore, slowly, even the church building will one day be sold to Korean, Indian, Chinese Church. All the church members just leave and there is no new generations that are coming up. There are many dead churches, and there are no need to mention about Europe. Now, America also. With such a state, what shall I do? If you are in such a church, from you, you must start to pray. Pray for one sheep at first. Then how are you able to receive such a sheep? You only testify the Lord’s message. Jesus Christ, how is He living in me, when speak this, some people are like winter state, or like vegetative state, they suddenly wake up, originally they are alive, but they become vegetable, and they become alive like this. Sometimes, the sheep of God came to find you, and with 2-3 people to start, learn about Jesus Christ, together as 2-3, become living brethren. Center on these 2-3, and pray as much as possible for the church, for the pastor to submit to him, obey the elders, and then the lazy brothers and sisters. Priority of prayers are like this. And you pray pray till one time, sometimes you will discover that the new wine cannot be placed inside the old wine. If you see the state of this, just like Peter, always preaching in the Holy Temple, then when timetable has reached, and he was driven out from the synagogue, then you just be driven out of the place and this is it! When driven out, the new timetable has opened up, after acquiring a group of people, you must return back and center on Acts 1 and Acts 2. Acts 1 to restore all of Jesus Christ’s mystery, right? Then when you are to pray constantly and perseveringly, the Holy Spirit, you will receive, then the place you are, you will immediately see people hungering, roads set up, one by one through cut to the hears, repentance, sins forgiven, baptism, receive the Holy Spirit, together receive the eternal crown. When one by one comes, they broke bread one by one in the synagogue, family break bread, and in the midst of praying, God will add the number of people who believed, and then, in this new church, especially center more on those who know more about Jesus Christ, love Jesus Christ, more want to carry the cross to follow Christ as their center, to lead. Very easy, light. When I set up this life church for 7 years, of course, daily there are battles, but like what you all have seen, I am very light, easy. Look like someone who is sorrowful, yet often, I am in joy. As if having nothing, actually having everything. As if going to die, yet not even close to death but to tell many to become alive. Hallelujah! This communication network is especially important. This is what is arranged by God.

2) The field of Family <Eph 5:22-6:4; Ac 16:12-15>

Heavenly kingdom’s inheritance and spiritual heredity, resting and recharging, Mission Home


Inside the 7 fields, there are different God’s perfect will, i.e. there is different Name of Jesus Christ. For example, in my family, the first is the spouse, to love one another. Then the children, to pass down the promise, and bless them.

3) The field of Church <Eph 4:1-16; Ac 2:41-47, 11:19-30>

Worship, living with other parts of the body, training, serving, local evangelism, global mission work


For our church, just to gather those workers, and to center on mainstream, to nurture them, and then acquire the regional harassed and helpless people. Every field!

4) The field of Career <Eph 6:5-9; Ac 18:1-4>

Work and power, be involved with the doors of reaching out to the gentiles and evangelism, expanding the horizons, serving financially


Inside the office, if you serve the society, you also gain financial power, and you bring this financial power to the church, and together regional and world gospelization to use, and to testify the Lord in your workplace, and actually this is the most frontline and pioneering of the testifying of the Lord. Our Huiling opened a small group in the company, and I see in the report that there is one more person being added in the small group there. New people continue to come, and it is so blessed in the company, a prayer fellowship, and when brethren have come up in the company, the whole region of gospelization will come. Every field, has all different God’s different perfect will. Unique perfect will. This must restore.

5) The field of Meetings <Eph 5:8-14; Ac 2:5-13>

Evangelism targets and timetable, problems and answers, the complete mobilisation of methods and means


6) The field of Local Area <Eph 1:1-3; Ac 19:8-20>

The farm and movement for evangelism, training of disciples and workers


7) The field of the World <Eph 6:18-22; Ac 1:8; Ro 16:1-27>

The church’s vision for mission work and timetable, the interaction among the workers for World Evangelism



3. Understanding all the conditions that God had planned for me and to have a clearer understanding of God’s perfect will

-> We absolutely cannot forget that God seeks for us in our own conditions. No matter how my conditions are bad, failure conditions, if you today only see one thing. Some people say, “There is no one in the world who is as bad conditioned as me, as pain in the heart, suffering, my days are really that of very suffering!” For such people, you only confirm with him one thing: have you heard the voice of God before? Have you seen God given eternal answer? Have you died and resurrected with Christ, now it is not you, but it is Christ that is living in you? Have you joined together with Christ’s genealogy and bloodline? If you only look at this, your past failures conditions, even current failure conditions, are all the Lord’s conditions, all which will be used by God. You absolutely must not forget about Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Samaritan Woman. For the Samaritan woman, 5 husbands yet one is not belong to her, there must be lots of interesting dramatic stories in her life. But she continued to search for the Messiah. Once she met the Messiah, the people who are most sneered at in the Samaritan city shall manifest the greatest glory of the Lord. Because of her words, all people believed! If there is a most successful mayor in the Samaritan City, to go and tell them that he has gotten another enlightenment, it may probably be different outcome. But Samaritan Woman only came to the well at noon, where no one will go, very shameful. Because the common woman in the Samaritan city sees her and fear for their life, “Is she going to take my husband away today?” Such a person, when she meets Jesus Christ, the miracles and signs power manifested is greater. Then shall we become a failure daily, so that we can glorify the Lord more? Do like this, and you will see what will happen then. Already Christ has been manifested to me, and I have already gotten the eternal hope, I already saw the heavenly throne, already received the most honorable conditions, therefore, from now onwards, it is different. Once seen, now if you are weak again, you will see from head to toe, there will be wounds. Therefore man before and after is definitely different.

Just now, I said very importantly to restore your identity, belonging, relationships.

3. In My Conditions => Identity, belonging, relationships -> judge -> perfect will <-> evil intent

<- Purpose (Promise)

These (identity, belonging, relationships) are what will not be shakened for eternity. If you repent, it must be from here to start repenting. From here, when you use to judge all your conditions, we then call this God’s perfect will, else it is not but is evil intent of satan. If not according to this channel or pattern, or way to seek, this becomes satan’s evil intentions le. This is very important here to restore. And then, in my conditions, how to restore God’s perfect will? Another crux here is through God’s purpose. To first seek His kingdom and His righteousness, which is also RSYRJG, to see your past conditions as prostitute, to see past how you have 5 husbands but none are yours now, past divorce, past many problems in family, past mental problems, past health diseases, to use this God’s purpose to see, then you will have received God’s perfect will. This purpose is called promise. I will tell you to become the source of all blessings (Identity, belonging, relationships), I will definitely bless your descendants, through your life to receive the later generations, using this to see your conditions, God’s perfect will shall definitely be discovered.

One time you restore, for lifetime, you will influence. However, in our brothers and sisters also have. For 7 years, heard this word, yet till now, did not take out 3 days, that Paul in Damascus road, meet Lord, that shock that tells him to 3 days, not to not eat and fast, but cannot really eat, him in shock, seeing the heavenly throne, the life that is so honorable, God’s very good plan, he formatted everything up! He built the temple! JX says you must totally destroy, I will rebuild it in 3 days’ time. This one, after believing for 15 years, not yet done this homework, also have. Such person eternally is foolish, muddleheaded, no way to acquire God’s perfect will. Therefore, you must need concentration prayers, which we are sharing tomorrow. Your all concentration prayers will bring about all your turning points in life. Telling you to see God’s perfect will in all things. “Pastor why you see so clearly but not I?” Actually it is because you have not totally destroyed and rebuilt. The first thing is your source of all blessings, how to use this to RSYRJG, to judge, God’s perfect will will come.

1) My age, identity, occupation and status currently


2) My previous background, profession and experience


Then why are you born in such a family, why you grow and meet with such a suffering, why you in religious background to grow up, why you in Taiwan Malaysia where there are idols widespread everywhere jungle and you grow up?

3) My visions, gifts, interests and power


When you have received the perfect will of the Lord like this, lifetime you can do things related with this, and when such events and things appear before your eyes, you will know God’s perfect will immediately right away then, and at the same time, you will also know your days are moving ahead already. Really this format, build temple is really important. If you do not totally destroy, you cannot see perfect will.

These few weeks, we continue to read Jeremiah, and it continues to emphasize totally destroy newly rebuild. Cleanse the roads, and then rebuild the holy temple, and newly establish. If you do not have this conclusion, even if you repent, for 4 days, you will not be able to see God. If you repent for 100 days, and you still cannot walk with God, such repentance, only some heart changes, but that change will only say, “the things I want to do, I cannot do, therefore, I am so much in suffering!” Instead, you are in deep problems of repenting, religious repenting. Gospel repentance and religious repentance is different. Therefore, you repent and there is no use. Therefore, without righteous man, time will come, and there is no way but to be perished by Israel, Judah will be exiled. This is the meaning of Jeremiah. God used the whole history to emphasize to us this mystery. You must one time acquire, lifetime you can use. Especially emphasize.

4) Relationship with the people whom I had met, contents of communication and events that had taken place.


5) The church’s vision for World Evangelism and timetable, prayer topics and pulpit message


6) The special convictions received from one’s personal quiet time and life



4. In My Timetable => Follow God (Word, JX, Spirit -> in my spirit)

4. Must discover the Blessed Schedule which God has prepared

-> Blessed Schedule = Following God. Absolutely according to God’s word. What is following God? God is His Word. God is the incarnation that is living is me, Jesus Christ. God is the Holy Spirit. All inside where? My spirit. Therefore, lifetime to follow God! In all things.

1) My lifetime blessed schedule: Individual Gospelization, Family Gospelization Evangelism, Regional Gospelization Local Area Evangelism and World Gospelization Evangelism

-> Lifetime timetable. Lifetime blessed schedule – must grasp. Add in before Family Evangelism -> Individual Gospelization. Our lifetime purpose is 4G, and this is our lifetime blessed schedule.

Do a testimony ba – tell how your lifetime blessed schedule is fixed. For example, if it were me, my lifetime is to tell JX, no matter what time, situation, can manifest God’s glory = my purpose of individual gospelization. But my timetable continues to move ahead, different from past, yet it is still far off, because there are times where I am foolish and muddle-headed, and sometimes, in fear and worries, and sometimes with carnal thoughts. I know it myself, and I know where I stand in my timetable. Yet, if I look at it clearly, 10 years me and today’s me that glorious manifested me, that enjoying of the manifestation of God’s power, authority, understanding the perfect will of God in all conditions, towards my spirit receiving freedom and peace, my body in peaceful resting, more and more grasped in clear. This is my lifetime purpose.

And then, my lifetime purpose is those that I love most. Who? My other half. And through this one body, the children that gave birth = family! Through them, the descendants that are to come. My prayer is to just let them become just like Jesus Christ! This is my most important purpose. Therefore, the whole family born again, promise-ualize, ministrialize / servinglize. I hope that all my children can participate in these ministries, and center on brethren and church to grow.

And then, my third lifetime purpose is the church. This church is important because all the blessings in this region are in God’s chosen harassed and helpless life, these 8 beatitudes’ life. Only with this church, through the prayers of brothers and sisters, and their communication network, telling them to be found to come, then this region, through our life, will bless all of them. Schools can bless, prison, hospital, and all kinds of things can be blessed, and this is through the gospel. Bush president give a bit of tax, help a bit financial, can definitely help some blessings in earthly matters. But the most real important eternal life, God’s living manifestation, telling people enjoy all of God’s power, only we can do! Even generals cannot drive demons away, but saints, even small children, when pray in the Name of JX, can drive away demons! This can only by done by the church, therefore the church is so important! Therefore, regional gospelization. Hope that our church can be more used by the Lord. This is my lifetime blessed prayer topic. Therefore, 120 Mark’s Upper Room disciples can come out, those who have seen, experienced Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, they rise up, receiving HS filled such disciples raise up, 120 of them, and in the midst of them, 12 speakers. Then, there will be 300 Gideon warriors. This is the timetable. Centering on this, when lead church, days pass so that 3 years, and a precious appeared! 5-6 years later, yet another precious appeared! These precious who can bring an era of blessings. You have such a life. Though sometimes, there are alternates rises and downs, but we continue to grow up and up. Days pass, God will all prove out. So what does God want to do with this church?

My lifetime prayers finally is that we can seek and find precious stones everywhere!!! Everywhere regional workers with commission, and the family with commission, Jason, Lydia, Priscilla and Aquila, Philip Deacon, and families like Mary family, and also gaining their family people like Mark, Timothy. Such descendants to acquire to bless an era! I see that our timetable till now that I have confirmed, our timetable is at least faster than that of Paul. Do you believe? Amen or Nomen? The Lord’s ministry is the same, but at the final end days of Paul, all must martyr and all must leave, and after that, left a few like Luke, Mark, Timothy, to tell them to come, telling them to bring the winter clothes, my bible, and then, say that his days are ending, and whomever, God is going to continue to bless, and some blessed ones have already returned back home to be with the Lord. Of course, the work by Paul is really one that is historical through ages and eras, and there is nothing wrong with this. But if we compare a bit by relying on the grace of the Lord, there is no matter, right? What I mean is that yesterday today and forever, this is the work of the Lord, and there is no shadow that turns around, God’s power, strength, work, are all among us. Actually it is quite fast right now. Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, San Francisco, Chicago keep having news come here, and I think it is actually fast. Daily there are meetings, daily miracles and signs – such news. Therefore, very fast.

For your timetable, where everyone has different timetable. You can say out. I am in such a year called by the Lord, born again, and in such a year receive wahhh this promise, make covenant with God, from that day on, see God’s perfect will in all things, and at another certain year, receive a few disciples, start to speak messages, and as a result, my lifetime blessed schedule. Do you know that you live only once in a lifetime? We all need prayers. Our Su Zhan Kong auntie has younger prayer topics than that of a 16 years old, and really has grace. I believe that God will surpass all that we can think to fulfill her prayers to have such a grace through her descendants, and me including too. Prayers. Why can we pray? This is because JX is at the right hand of God praying. Because the Spirit on right hand of God interceding for us. Where visibly manifested? Manifested in Su zhan Kong auntie’s spirit! Therefore, when we rely on the Spirit to pray, all these will be fulfilled. These mysteries, for a new believer must clearly understand. The method of reading the map! The first thing to learn of how to read a map is to learn how to read the compass direction. This is first word that I learn about navigation terms in Chinese Taiwan University. Very quickly have to learn how to walk roads. One semester. For us who received the word of life, for me, I round and round for 15 years and then found the direction finally. I hope that those who come later can quickly grasp this direction, can restore the heavenly throne, and everything restored.

2) Blessed schedule in phases: Timetable for self, family, church, and career advancement


Therefore, there are a few steps of blessed schedule below. I often say that in 1976, I was born again. 1984, I was called. In 1987, I entered another timetable. Everyone is different.

3) Weekly blessed schedule: the usual timetable during the week (church, family, career) and arrangement of special plans

-> Weekly blessed schedule definitely comes starting from the Sunday Worship.

4) Daily blessed schedule: discover the concrete plans that God has prepared for me in the morning, noon and night

-> Blessed schedule for daily is every morning, noon and the night.


5. Obey -> Living

5. If we are able to discover God’s pleasing will and obey joyously, His power and fruits will surely be revealed

-> Here it is the same. Same as last week, let us resolute.

Always seeing the Lord, receiving God’s perfect plan, relying on the great power of the Lord, in joy and peace to, RSYRJG. Again!

1) When we desire to seek God’s perfect will and obey, He will immediately reveal Himself (morning, noon, night)

-> Always seeing the Lord… have you seen Him?

2) Searching with a kingdom, eternity and life’s purpose centeredness will enable us to see it with greater ease

-> Receiving the Lord’s perfect plan, timetable..

3) God delights in our balanced and orderly lifestyle and also one filled with joy, peace and freedom

-> relying on His power

4) Must use the perspective that “God is absolutely with us and guiding us”, to judge all the meetings and events that took place in our life

-> preserving our hearts and minds,

5) Must master the timetable of God’s guidance in our “seven fields” correctly

-> and RSYRJG!

6) As we continuously and diligently strive to pursue and discover, we can get hold of God’s perfect will with more ease and accuracy

-> so that we just take one day’s burden as a day’s, and this will be enough! If one day’s sorrows are too much, just take one hour’s burden at a time. If one minute is so difficult to pass by, just breathe deeply for every second. And then, all tiredness will be gone, and all the rest in the spirit will come to you. The enlightenment of the Holy Spirit will come, living will be really very peaceful. We must acquire this in living.

7) In no time, our life will be more sanctified and God’s power will be displayed through our thoughts, judgement, speech and actions


I often see that the common points of the most blessed people in the church, and lifetime can see God’s glory are

(1) Love God, (2) Obey the Lord. These 2 only. Some know but do not obey. Such people cannot! But after knowing, and obeying. No matter how their situations are like Tamar, Ruth, Rahab conditions, they will be for lifetime continue to enjoy meeting God blessings, and God open up their roads! It is not their efforts to open up the roads, to live. This is very important. And in 5, 10, 20 years, everything will be transformed!

My 52 years old, starting from my father-in-law’s home, see it very clearly. My father-in-law and mother-in-law, I later reflected too, “where did their power come from?” I discover that they love God. I continue to notice why they love the Lord, and this is that God revealed Himself to them! And I see that they walk because of the grace of God. It is so clear. Others cannot see, but to them, those never seeing, they can see, those never hearing, but their ears can hear, others cannot ever think about it, but they thought of it! Really thank the Lord, though they have never stepped across the doors of the schools, the whole region are blessed because of their family. The region of 500 households are just blessed because of just one family! And then, at their old age, when their children needs money, suddenly the fruit tree plantation that they took care carefully for life becomes South Korea’s biggest precious gems center factory. Really according to the bible, and this is so! Their homes! Their fruit tree plantations, past they grow apples and peaches, pears, the big area so big, actually can say that it is the biggest in the whole of Asia, and all of this becomes precious gems like sapphire, green and red rubies, diamonds, operators and factory. Therefore, at once, their land price jumped up to 1000 times! Just like this! Some people continue to work risking their lives for their whole lives, go office, overtime, adding overtime, and it is so difficult and they finally got some savings, 20 to 100 to 200 million, and one day, suddenly, accident came, unfortunate events, cancer, and at once, everything disappeared! And even if they save it up to leave it to their children, after returning back to the heavenly kingdom, and look back, it is not only 5 years that all the money are gone. Because of the money, the quarrels begin between them and their children, etc. Grabbing and playing with this money, they totally wasted the honorable times on earth, so that when the parents look from above, how? But for my father and mother-in-law who center for their whole life in the church, no education, yet have civilized characters, and everybody loves them, is because they are more and more like JX. Jesus Christ scent came. No matter who came, will not return empty-handed. Will give them some beans, baimei, distribute. Summer, many workers. Actually the whole village relies on them to live! There is no 100s la, maybe just tens or so. Some fruits just dropped and they want to bring that back, but my father/mother-in-laws surely give them extra 3-5 fresh ones to them to give to their husbands and children. I see it with my own eyes. Their abundance. Every year spring, annually, 5-7 bull carts, bring full of white rice to send to the church. This is the thanksgiving sacrifice. Ingathering, and they gave it as thanksgiving. Whole village rely on them to live. At end of life, they get this precious gem thing factory. God guidance.

Really, one correct, everything will be correct. Our church living also, sometimes, for the sake of forcing them to receive grace to tell them to come to meetings more, etc, they think that it is so much pressurized. “Why pastor like this?” But for some people we just listen and we bochap them also have. Actually those who love the Lord more and have more fire in their hearts, we do not care about them for the sake of being more passive. These type of people continue to ask and ask, wanting to receive like something. For such people, when I look quietly, the conclusion is that they have really met the Lord! Relying on the one God, everything also can, very clearly know people. Therefore, from rationale to know this belief, then slowly when believe in faith, slowly faith that is rooted and founded will come, and the spiritual character will also grow, and this results in the emotions/compassion with God to be very much in abundance just like Song of Songs with so many stories in their life. For such people, when they go back after meetings, they again open up the bible to read bible verses, pray, when open mouth, they always talk about the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. We must really have the correct start of having the nature of our belief.

Lesson 19 is very simple once the front part is set up, as the doors of evangelism just continue to open naturally with the mystery of evangelism. For Lesson 20, disciples mystery precious that they discover, they will sell everything to follow the Lord. Very easy. The focus of the message is here. It is also what is happening in our lives right now. May the Lord continue to bless this era of believers, really blessing with the great power of the gospel.

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