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Teacher 17: Basic Message 19 – The Mystery of Evangelism

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Blessed sorrows

We are really blessed and loved. If we look at our lives, all the worries, sorrows, and cut to the hearts are for “how to know the perfect will of God”, and how can I bless my child, my family how can it be more blessed, how can I bless more people, the things in our heart to be compelling, sorrowful or worrying for these kind of things, we are really blessed people. Such a person life today is already the most blessed. Actually there are not many of such type of people in this era, and only those people that God has fixed will have such hearts. I especially believe that the brothers and sisters who come for this Teachers’ meeting is especially blessed. You will meet with very good things in future. If our sufferings, worries pains tears are for the things of the world, or our flesh’s comfort, for joy and to enjoy, for the temporary world, this is a very bad nature, and he really needs a concentration prayer.


Actually all our sorrows – we do not need to be in sorrow. Only that we catch hold of every good thing from God, all sorts of good and perfect things will on time follow us. Some people already received this gospel direction and purpose, and lifetime prayer topics, and as a conclusion, in serving, they meet certain types of sufferings, persecutions, and in the problems receive more joy, I guarantee that they are the Joseph, David, Daniel of this era. Therefore, we must really understand, not only to grasp the eternal kingdom ministry to pray lifetime, more important is that all the things that I meet in my fields is to receive God’s perfect will to enjoy kingdom. And in this midst of sufferings and persecutions, how much you receive, this will become the very important answers how God wants to use you in this lifetime.

Gospel tells us how to be in life

I really discover that the gospel is all of all things! It is connected with all our hands and movements. The gospel does not only tell a person to be forgiven of sins, receive eternal life hope, but it is to tell us to see the Lord, to receive the love of God, and in all situations to receive the perfect will of God. Therefore, if I still have things that I am still foolish or sorrowful about right now, today I should learn more on the gospel le. Therefore, I discover that the real essence and mystery of the gospel, even if learnt for the lifetime, it cannot be learnt – for it is really too abundant. Telling us to drive away all sorts and all of worries, bondage, accusations IS the mystery of the gospel! Telling us to enjoy often God’s given absolute peace, freedom, love, hope – this is the gospel. Therefore, this is what we must learn daily. And if we think that we have grasped it, it is the time when we are going to fall! Therefore, this is what we can lifetime preserve life temple, always walk with God – this is the gospel mystery, telling us to enjoy all upon all.

Gospel gives method to transform

And I also discover that money and riches, and the meetings of an era, spousal really love one another and can receive the same vision, plan, timetable to today have assurance to enjoy power from heaven also come from the gospel! Today, no matter how young or old is my children – 5, 10, 15, 20 years old, the mystery that I can bless them daily is the mystery of the gospel. I use gospel to in Taiwan, China, and in our flesh and blood, Holy Spirit convict us on what things we must do today, therefore, towards them receiving absolute peace and hope – this is the gospel! Therefore, if we have the chance to hear the gospel, believe the gospel, and then gradually, throw the things that belong to us, and using the gospel things to restore – if already received such blessed portion, you are really very important people already. Therefore, how much we know the gospel, how much when we enjoy and spread the gospel, how normal it is, practical it is, daily it is, are all different. When we receive more of this, when we lead a person to Christ, or when we lead meetings, or with a group of people where we fix a time and place continue to bless them, can change all their everything, change all their contact network, change all their times – is the mystery of the gospel.

Today, we are to talk about Lesson 19 and 20, mystery of spreading the gospel, and the mystery of disciples. After a person knows the Lord, it does not mean that he can only evangelize only after 3, 5 or 10 years. But nothing in the world is more shocking or surprising than meeting God. Therefore, the more a person really met God, or the more a person was in curses or sufferings before, see a ray of light, a hope, a content of thanksgiving, the natural response is that of evangelism. And no matter if you only believe in the Lord for one day or for 10 years, you possess the same blessed portion. I really hope that once a person knows the gospel, he can enjoy Eph chapter 1, what Paul says as how great the hope, which is eternal and unlimited, and how abundant and eternal and glorious inheritance, and how enormous is the power is from above, when we set our minds on above every time, through the Spirit, through all the mystery of Christ, descending into our lives, this mystery, for those who just believed Christ, they must enjoy from the very first day of receiving Christ.

Sister Yuqing’s tremendous change of Eph 1

I saw a few people who have such tremendous change. Totally in rejection, because of sister’s phone call – come to America for a time of self-cultivation because I see that you cannot do with such a likeness even with suicidal thoughts – she is in total rejection and she came to America. John F Kennedy Airport and smaller sister received her, placing her in a car, once turned on hymns, “Simon, do you love Me? Do you love Me more than these? What are you doing? You have thrown the net for the whole night and you did not catch anything. What is your lifetime till now right now? How much do you love Me? I invite you into the station of my love. Come and enjoy as much as possible.” Once she heard this hymn, the Holy Spirit naturally worked. Smaller sister continued to think how to change her elder sister, how to lead her to Christ, but she has prayed 2 whole years for her elder sister! Once come to the airport, the Holy Spirit worked. That night, the elder sister broke down into a great cry, shocking the younger sister. “Does not God say He loves me? You know all the lifetime I have been through. How much I have been so successful, honorable in the past, and I am in such darkness right now. Please tell me about God.” The younger sister shared with her at home, and immediately when she received assurance that day, and from that day onwards, there is a 180 degrees change. That day, she cannot sleep, and she saw all the stars at the backyard of the house, and she said that every star was telling her about God’s love. From that day till now, totally the person was changed over. Then, she was so hungry, and I think that she reads the bible for 14-16 hours a day, and pray and shed tears. At the front of few months, she continued to tear, and I see how her life grew, and how God used her, and no matter who was beside her, will receive the zealous love of God, and willing to accept God and want to pray with her. She is sister Yuqing! I know her for 12 years, I have never seen before, that she continued to grow upwards, more and more humble, more peaceful, more people like her, and even Korean churches say that she is (she is such a famous person!), more and more! She continues to say that she is no good, and she is the quiet type. But God continues to open doors for her. And when the timetable of God has reached, God brought her into the most blessed Chinese fellowship in the whole world right now, and another training has started. Therefore, and whatever the pastor tells her, she said, “Yes, Pastor, I will definitely continue to hear. Yes it is so similar! Oh, I now understand that it is like that from then!” She continues to discover, and it was centering on confirmation with others, therefore, if people are with her for 1 hour, for that one hour, it is all joy, 3 hours – 3 hours of joy. This is a person of the gospel, and the mystery of the gospel. Therefore, all the diseases in the body are removed, all naturally, and through her, all the peoples in her family are blessed. Her mother continues to pray for her 3 times daily, and often, our church prayer topics are in her prayer topics. Her mother also wishes to come here. Therefore, all the family blessed. This is the power of the gospel.

Correct development of seeking for Emmanuel of truly taking His word “I am with you”

I really hope that after a person accepted Jesus Christ, he would immediately understand, no need to wait 10 or 20 years meeting a lot of contradictions and sufferings in the church, and then after he totally comes like a failure, in this midst, and asked, “How come like this – after I believed Jesus Christ, I became worse.” When he comes to the Lord like this, he discovers that there are no one word from the bible that he has ever believed before. God says that He is eternally with him, how is this Emmanuel, for those people who believe shall seek for such Emmanuel evidences, right? He says, “With us ma!” The bible says, “You pray to Me, and I give you answers.” This “I am with you” is spoken about 365 times in the bible, meaning that daily, using the number of days in a year, that I am with you. You pray, and I will give it to you. 365 times! So much of God’s word, and he treats it as unheeded advice, if he really take it as God’s word, so that what God says as true, he just believes, “You are with me”, then how “with me?” – in your own life, in your own family, your own all things, you will definitely seek one! This type of development is correct!

But some people said, “God is with you” and then, never once seek before, and when you pray, it will be given you, but when problems come, you are in deep sorrows. They find people for advice, and never kneel down to pray, to want to receive all the mysteries in the heavenly kingdom.

Paul: convert, systemized, prayed for Gentile church

Paul was in Judaism, remembering all the bible verses, and what he should enjoy, he didn’t. He heard the gospel, thus gnashed his teeth and cannot sleep for 3 days and nights, after meeting the Light at Damascus. He reached Arabia, in 3 years, all his system, to be built up, at Tarsus, when waiting for God’s leading, God sent Barnabas to request him to come, and then, he taught Antioch church for one year, all the believers saw God, heard God, Emmanuel that they can see and experience in all things with them, God’s grace is with them, God added people believing to them daily – this Antioch church. Then people becoming Christians are from then – Christ is no longer there, so people living out Christ are from then on to start. Therefore, Paul heard Ephesians believers Gentiles when they believed in Christ..

Ephesians – Gentile Church

He wrote in Ephesians chapter 1 in most compelling prayer, “May the Lord give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, tell you to really know Him” where God? Inside of you, inside your past times, in your family, that you really know His works, His perfect will, and to really know yourself, “how great is the hope that is in you, how abundant and eternal glorious the inheritance, and you can anytime enjoy from heaven various great powers that has superceded all”. Naturally, you will pray like this – this is an evangelizer’s heart. From 1994, I cannot pray for any other thing, for the whole world has how many billions of Christians or Christianity people, but when I run around churches, I see that those who really enjoy are really few! In their matters of whether sufferings, or even prosperity, they also cannot discover Jesus Christ’s long wide high deep big love, for with their prosperity, they just get joyful and fall immediately. Riches come, they think of what to buy trousers, how to travel to Europe, good chance to go to Alexandra place, etc – only with these plans. When sufferings come to them, they cry! Then Paul, no matter prosperity or sufferings, in prison or whether stoned to death, can see Romans 8 Jesus Christ long wide high deep great love, Paul in Eph has some to pray: (1) <chapter 1> let them know God, (2) <chapter 2> know the things that happen on them, hope and inheritance and power to know and then enjoy, (3) <chapter 3 from verse 1 to 21> say, let them know all things God’s exceedingly great love, your spirit already came in that Spirit telling you to become strong and courageous people, can be strong in all types of situations, then <chapter 4-5> you can be in church field, family field, spousal field, children field, office and all regional believers to pray, and to pray for believers in the whole wide world gospelizations, such apostles to be opened of doors and receive courage and glib of tongue, to ask them to pray – all the 7 fields came out here! And then, his prayer at the end of his words <chapter 6>, that he said that often as always, you think that you have stood up, you must be careful because you will definitely fall. You are all the time, in all things, must rely Holy Spirit, must 0.1 seconds slower to think, slower to judge, slower to speak, preserving joy and happiness, having hope, joy, freedom = whole content of Ephesians 6. Christ’s Body – the church, Christ’s Body – saints, must all enjoy. And if in your heart, you are like Paul, do you have such similar prayers? How much have you seen and enjoyed -> you can pray how much.

Therefore, today, before looking at Lesson 19, let us look at Acts.


Acts 1

I often told you that Acts is not a book that tells you how to evangelize. It is to tell you to anytime anywhere enjoy the heavenly kingdom mystery. Acts is the mystery where you can know how to spread the life and the power of the gospel to your children in the area of raising your children. Acts is the mystery of spousal relationships where there are less quarrels, less struggles, love one another, forgive one another, together bless own descendants, together bless church. Very practical, connected to all our hands and movements. Let us look at the most important mystery of Acts.

1In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach

1:1-3 J = X

2until the day he was taken up to heaven, after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen.

This is the content of the 24 chapters of Luke.

(Luke 1-24 Whole Content)

3After his suffering, he showed himself to these men and gave many convincing proofs that he was alive. He appeared to them over a period of forty days and spoke about the kingdom of God.

(God’s kingdom) 40 days

God’s kingdom – the things which are present with us right now. For 40 days teaching! Saints must know this mystery.

J = X = Θ (Theos)

Jesus=Christ, and Christ means to tell us to restore with God. Θ Theos is the greek word, the word for “God”. This X (Christos) is also Greek.

Θ (Theos) == Heavenly Kingdom

Therefore, the place where God is, is the heavenly kingdom. This is Jesus Christ’s gospel.

(4On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave them this command: “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. 5For John baptized with[a] water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

6So when they met together, they asked him, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?”)

Disciples continued to ask when, but it is not about the future, but about right now.

7He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. 8But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

You will receive, RIGHT NOW, power..

1:8 (Purpose) -> Individual, Family, Career (Restores Heavenly Kingdom)

This is the age of end times, when Jesus Christ ascends to heaven, beginning of this is called end times. When HS descends, from that time onwards, it is called the end times. Before JX comes again, this time of end times, the purpose of our eating, spousal marriage, giving birth to children purpose, working purpose, all for this purpose! If your life is inside this purpose, your life has restored heavenly kingdom, your family has restored heavenly kingdom, your office living will definitely be blessed, and will continue to be blessed to have paths and doors opened. This is Acts 1:8.

Holy Spirit = Heavenly Kingdom

HS mystery, very important mystery, is the mystery of restoring heavenly kingdom.

(1:8 (Purpose) ->) Region, World (doors, paths)

It means that the whole region, and then till the whole world, that the paths of the gospel are opened.

Meetings (individuals as above)

It means that you will meet God’s prepared, and then, those who have the same life with you, will like your sharing of Jesus=Christ, letting us meet God all mystery, like to enjoy heavenly kingdom people who are in the heavenly kingdom, you will meet!

(It may be:)

– Husbands -> Ends of the earth

– Children -> Ends of the earth

– Flesh and Blood -> Ends of the earth

– Brethren -> Ends of the earth

Maybe the first meeting is your husband, or your children, or flesh and blood, or parents, siblings, or church brethren, or relatives that you will first meet. Then through their all paths and doors, through their network contacts, continue till the ends of the world.


Acts 1 is not about the principle of evangelism, (of course it is but more accurately), my meaning is not the principle of evangelism that saints misunderstand, but Acts is the mystery that tells a saint to be blessed for all his fields! Very importantly, when the Holy Spirit descends onto your life, you will receive power (see evidences)

Power (See evidences)


You will definitely make testimonies. The Chinese bible says, “You must be my witness”, but though Chinese has the most beautiful wordings, I see that that the Chinese words are actually “agar agar”, therefore the Chinese people are referred to as “about around there” citizens, “slowly”, ugly the one who lead nv3 xun4 says, cha4 bu1 duo1. For the Chinese people to meet at 3pm, they will come about 3:20pm, 3:30pm. They mean, “around there”. Chinese does not really know about the accuracy of time, but the most clear is Greek language, which describes even more than English. Like, in the whole wide universe, there can only be one time that happened = this is called the aorist tense. This tense is used only for Jesus Christ’s incarnation, death and resurrection, HS Pentecost, and it only happens for once! And here, it is a passive voice tense. When HS descends, it is passively, naturally, therefore, naturally will be witnesses of God, and inevitably, events will happen so that testimonies must be done. English says, “You will be My witnesses”. It is like this also in the family.

( 9After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight.

10They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. 11″Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”

Matthias Chosen to Replace Judas

12Then they returned to Jerusalem from the hill called the Mount of Olives, a Sabbath day’s walk[b] from the city.)

1:13-14 Prayer

13When they arrived, they went upstairs to the room where they were staying. Those present were Peter, John, James and Andrew; Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Matthew; James son of Alphaeus and Simon the Zealot, and Judas son of James. 14They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

Prayer is very important. How to pray? We have many prayers, right?

Joined together constantly in prayer

What is joined together constantly in prayer? What is the content? Is it asking the Lord to open doors of evangelism? No. But, “Lord, my husband is more hardened today, how do I contain him more, and how do I enjoy more with him the heavenly kingdom? May the Lord give me wisdom, power and strength.” “Lord, how do I offer up more for my children today, to intercede for them, to bless them, and then in practical in phone or conversation or activities to have the whole grace, HS power?” To seek after these things = testing and approving Lord’s perfect will prayers.

2:1-4 Holy Spirit (when filled) – Inner fruits, – Outer fruits

From here, definitely, 2:1-4 Holy Spirit is filled in our spirits. Holy Spirit’s inner fruits will immediately be seen – love, joy, peace – will all be seen because seeing God is with me. Then outer fruits -> my family’s evangelism doors and paths will be opened. In the past, when I speak the gospel, there is allergy for people who heard only a little bit, but now, when I prayed in the morning, God told me what, and I see the Lord’s perfect will on him on me, and my past days how He has graced me, and my eternal future will be good. For example, when we speak this, how do we see this, and how to hear this – this to start. Originally, the children are not hungering, but they become alive.

2:5-13 Doors of evangelism = 8 beatitudes

Therefore, the gospelization doors, in chapter 2:5-13, evangelism doors have 8 beatitudes will be seen.

2:14-36 Evangelism content

This is the content of the gospel.

-> 2:37-41

Acts 1,2 end times believers, individual living and family living, office living, in sufferings living, prosperity living, church serving living – all mysteries are here!

37When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?”

Therefore, who is the one who initiates? This is those who heard, and are cut to the hearts, the consequence is that they asked.

38Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”

(40With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.”)

41Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.

(42They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles. 44All the believers were together and had everything in common.)

Then, what is their living like? Daily, they sell their inheritance and possessions, because they have already attained the heavenly inheritance, why for add more inheritance on earth?

45Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. 46Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.


This <2:42-47> is the principle of all. And daily, also between spouses, in family with children also, in office to acquire disciples first to center with them first, in all the region to center on church, the most important evangelism principle in here are all important principles <Ac 1-2>, but the very important ones to be listed:

<2:37-41> =>

(1) Cut to the hearts (8 beatitudes)

(2) Repent (Turn to God intent)

(3) Baptism (Die and resurrect together)

(4) Sins forgiven (No more condemnation)

(5) Receive Holy Spirit (Sonship, spirit of heirs)

(1) Cut to the hearts (8 beatitudes)

Cut to the hearts means that they are already of the 8 beatitudes, because of the HS convictions.

(2) Repent (Turn to God intent)

Repentance is the intent that arrives to turn to God.

(3) Baptism (Die and resurrect together)

Baptism means to together die and resurrect with Christ.

(4) Sins forgiven (No more condemnation)

And as a consequence, they received a new life, eternally no condemnation. They become one with totally no condemnation, not only sins forgiven, but eternally, they are not condemned anymore. They are already proven to not be condemned forever, because are already children of God! For the people whom God loves, who can accuse? God lost His life to save him, who can accuse, and this is spoken so clearly in Romans 8.

(5) Receive Holy Spirit (Sonship, spirit of heirs)

Receive Holy Spirit, for such person, who processed the above, will very clearly receive the spirit of sonship, spirit of heirs, in all things we can receive love joy peace kind of Spirit definitely will be received. This is a very crux thing. When we speak about the content of the gospel, we must surely grasp this.

The later chapters 3 to chapters 28 are in Judea, Samaria, Antioch, Asia minor, Macedonia, Ephesus School of Tyrannus, Rome = the same method! Daily same method! AD 40 same method, AD 2008 also same method, till Jesus Christ comes again. This is called End Times.


Basic Message 19

Acts 2:1-13

Those who evangelize 动不动 at every turn are already blessed people. Those who have not received the training of Evangelism, we surely cannot criticize others of their evangelism methods. We do not need to speak of such, for the very works of evangelism pleases God. However, it is another thing altogether whether you can acquire the fruits of evangelism if you evangelize at every turn. And the people who can understand what I said before and then evangelize will not anyhow evangelize. But those who receive this mystery of evangelism will

1) Evangelism in and out of season

Evangelize in and out of season the life that he enjoyed. Even if he does not speak, the people beside him will be able to feel it – the spiritual power, the convictions, the joy, the peace, the gentleness, the humbleness, the love for people, the compassion and mercy for people. The people beside will feel it, even if he never speaks. This is the meaning of evangelism in and out of season.

2) And then, there are those who are often in sufferings, and he continues to comfort. When they are with him, they always get an amount of strength! They can see through his mouth that God blesses him in all areas, for he gives thanks to God in all things. I say again: he is blessed by God in all things because he praises God for all things! No matter what things: even persecutions, difficulties – in his sight, they are the love of God! Therefore, people like such people. Therefore, if you be with such people for a year, the people that God has chosen will surely be acquired.

3) And then, self living purpose is for evangelism, RSYRJG, therefore, when going to the office, his prayers are that “Today, whom shall I bless today? Whom do I comfort today?” The salary is not his to take, but it is what God wants to add onto him! Actually there is a precious meeting that God prepared, a blessed path that God will open up, like meeting a director of an oil company, actually the salary that needs to put in hardwork to earn for 100 times of lifetime also, one glance and one moment will receive.

I saw a few people like this in my lifetime. Their paths continue to open up, and no matter where they go, people just center on them, very quickly the traffic is set up. Actually the boss is not his boss, but he himself, who gets all the roads, is the boss! But people all love him. His words are all wisdom, and they are very balanced. In such a living as such, in his heart, there is a thinking that this is a sheep of God, having acquired assurance, so that in the midst of praying for them, he discovers that they will meet with things that are pain and a mourn to the heart – a very serious mourning. He gives them a comforting card to them, “This is in my prayers, that I receive convictions in my heart, that this is another timetable that God has given to you. This is good one.” Very simply, this letter is written and given. The person who receives will, “God??? I see God blessing him in all areas. His words have all weight, and he does not speak casually. Already with him for 2-3 years, and I can see.” Therefore, his heart receives comfort, and then, he finds him, treats him, invites to his home, “how the Lord graces me and bless me before, the purpose we men who come to the world..”, and immediately, the Holy Spirit works! He believes the Lord, and most importantly, the 8 beatitudes person must establish the relationship with God. And then, must put effort to center on seeing God and hearing God – in this process, after leading for 1 to 3 months, that person will be blessed, and for the people of 8 beatitudes who are beside him, he will bring all these to him. He becomes so busy that he has no way to stand in front of business to give out gospel tracts, too busy!

If one tells me to give out such gospel tracts, I am worthy of death actually. Right? There are areas that I need to take care and I cannot take care, people daily wanted, “When is pastor coming?”, need to visit a lot of places, so what is the motivation of giving out gospel tracts at Hanarem? Shall I only have thoughts filled with what I shall eat tonight? Already come to America with such a blessing, yet there is no mourning, “When I come to America, it is a good luck”, etc. Continuing to have “the American Dream” to want to enter the mainstream of being an American in an American society, for only such an intent, suddenly he brings a gospel tract out, and the gospel tract also says, “You are a big sinner.. JX..”. Actually, this cannot fit in at all!

Receiving one 8 beatitude person, it is like catching a net already – 一网打尽 rounding up the whole lot! It is like trying to pluck a sweet potato, and the whole lot of sweet potatoes are actually plucked out at the same time! Same life often comes together. 同类相从. I come to America a few places, and I acquire just people who have the same life as mine. The time when I pray together with them.. I actually come to America for actually only 3 sisters. Washington, New Jersey, and Chicago – 3. I center on them, and prayed with them to go. And I did not teach anything, but we just have witnessing and testimonies. When days are reached, every region shoots up and every region was rounded up the whole lot! This is what we must understand about evangelism.

Of course, the people whom I love in my family are all peoples who are all loved by God and in the timetable of God. However, we go focusing and concentrating into our own lives, and our children will immediately be confounded. In the past where the parents just quarrel, children just come and see, when father talks about this very sentence, the mother will be very much in anger. However, mother just felt so calm, “Dear..”, and yet, she comforted him and hugged him. Children will be confounded that there are something very strange happening in the family. And then, it is not only one time, but children see it many times when they are with the parents for 1-2 weeks. Really, this family is really joy, with love joy peace, filling itself with the fragrance and taste of the Holy Spirit. Especially for those who really know in and out for the person who are beside him, knowing each and every bit of weaknesses, such children to evangelize, especially the perspective must put inside your own self. Then Holy Spirit will work, and the children will surely be blessed. The timetable of the family will definitely come very quickly. And through children blessedness, the paths and doors continue to open up. This must happen. This is the very important mystery of evangelism.

Evangelism principles

In the bible, the mystery of evangelism that we often see is that? Abraham did not give out gospel tracts, but he won in the battle! In all areas, he was blessed, and thus he is a witnesser. Therefore, Abimelech brought his own defense minister, Phichol, to find Abraham, “I see that God blessed you in all your ways, therefore, please do not bully us.” He begged Abraham for peace! In other words, they also wished to believe in this God. Pharaoh king who was before Joseph kneeled down and said, “Father!” King Nebuchadnezzar in front of Daniel kneeled down, “Father!” Darius king told Daniel, “The God whom you worship always, always help you – did He help you?”

And in Acts, yes, there are all activities of evangelism, but there are principles for all of them. Evangelism principles. Actually in Acts 2, all the people who come to hear the gospel are in the church itself! They come to the holy Temple. It is the Holy Festival of Israel, after days of Passover, Pentecost, they exclaimed, “What is this happening?” Peter just rose up to preach, and the whole lot was rounded up! Paul’s evangelism principle is that wherever he goes, he goes to see who are the prepared sheep of God. When he reached Macedonia, he first went to find a place of prayer! Because it is at the place of prayer that the people of God will want to come and seek God too! And for Lydia and her few friends, he met. And no matter where he goes, he always go firstly to the synagogues. It is the place where people want to seek for God. It is not the Hanarem market place in front! It is very important! It is not any-o-how evangelism, and there is absolutely a principle. For the sake of getting the place, if get one 8 beatitudes person there, the whole region will get! Blessed church will be set up one. However, in and out of season evangelism are people who are blessed. They already saw the very important grace of God.

We evangelism work – we must not anyhow criticize. For those who like to evangelize a lot, what do we do? We pray quietly for them. One night after treating him to a dinner, Acts bring out and give him the mystery very simply to explain, and his eyes will be opened. And when he is willing to become a disciple, therefore faster!! Actually such workers of Christ are not many. I see that in the church, it is also not many – like in one thousand, actually only a few people. Yet these few people do not know the workings of the Holy Spirit of life, and the moment when we just open up the eyes of them, when they become revived, many around them will be blessed at the same time. And actually just through one person, the church can be built!

The Mystery of Evangelism



A seed with life will definitely grow and bear fruits when given a suitable environment

-> This means that life growing is not forced nor .. but natural!

It is also the case for a saint who had born again. As long as he continues to hunger for God’s Word and guidance of the Holy Spirit, his life will definitely grow and he too can bear fruits.

-> Internal and external fruits

Internally, he will receive the fruits of sanctification and power. Externally, he will also bear fruits of evangelism. “Evangelising” is not a mechanical task that “Christians must do for the sake of doing”. It is rather the natural expression of a person’s life after knowing and experiencing God, and is an amazing work of the Holy Spirit.

-> Therefore, in the training of evangelism, the most important is must really teach the gospel very correctly.

1. A lot of misconception towards Evangelism

-> There are 6 things listed here that I experienced all before. When you want to spread gospel, but the doors of evangelism do not open, what does this mean? This means that you must know more of the gospel. Before evangelism, you hear more gospel, more experience the gospel, more enjoy the gospel.

1) Misconception that: it is just one out of the many activities in church

-> What is evangelism? This the purpose of setting up a church! 4G! Individual life to continue to build, and through him, all his family children are blessed, and the whole region, world. This is the church. It is not one of the activities, but evangelism is the purpose and motive of having a church built up!

2) Misconception that: it is a type of ministry which has to be specially allocated time and done in a designated location

-> I did this in the past too. But God does not only work in special places, but He worked 24 hours, in all things, reveal Himself to me, therefore, those who sees, evangelism is the very natural response of a person no matter in or out of season.

3) Misconception that: only those who are gifted in evangelism or those who had undergone training can do it

-> I see that those who just believe know how to evangelize better. After graduating from the theological college, he cannot evangelize. After graduating, many words that he speaks cannot be understood. Very complicated!

4) Misconception that: only those who are more zealous or caring can do it

-> I see that people who only know about zealous and the love in the heart are – I discover that they are all shepherding goats – so many to shepherd, so suffering! I have been around the world, and meet a few main workers, and I see that they are all similar in this. In the past, Elder Lei’s wife is like that before. In her handbook, she has a lot of names. Every meeting, there are 40-50 people, but those whom she really acquire to testify, there are only a few remaining ones. Especially in this area, the most modeled person here is our Elder Lee. Often 30-40 people living in his home, eating and drinking, and he used love and zealousness of heart to take care. Yet when they are able to grasp the gospel and spread the gospel the time, all of them left! And among those who left, many of them never stepped into a church again. Because your love and zealousness, your courtesy, actually tells people not to be able to leave you – do you know this??? Such people, for 5-10 years that they continue to come and seek for people, there aren’t any fruits.

Gospel must be clear!! What God you SEE and the gospel that you ENJOY.. When you evangelize to your children, do you also tell them to read the bible more, pray more, evangelize more? There are no convictions at all. Though saying is correct, but there are no convictions.

How does the father receive peace, how enjoy this freedom, how in problems can even overcome more, and father is through gospel can see 5 years later 10 years later things what is going to happen. How to see? Actually the word of God already tells us all these. When I believe, I will preserve. In the past, the things that happened once I believed the gospel. Really such things, the common religious believers in the church will not see. When spoken out, “You misunderstood! You think that having met God means a more boring life? No, it is not. Power strength joy peace blessed meetings continually follows you! You one minute pray, you will for the whole day receive 10 hours very important wisdom and power. And the events and people you meet, the information and people that you acquire is all different. I tell Sophia to like prayer and chase after prayer, to converse with her about this and to heal her on this, she can then chase after prayers. This evangelism is what is in our family that tells our children fastest to be hunger, is actually if you seek for wisdom in prayer, seek for messages, “Lord, the things that You have done many in my past and my family, my children, may the Lord reveal them to me! Now, reveal now, reveal now.. Oh.. I am born in such and such a year, in such a place with such a suffering at that time I remember, Lord, one day, I heard Your message and You led me thus, Your promise came and I was blessedly called, I followed you, at first in China, then in South east asia, then in America, and in the whole world, this thing happened! I immediately thought of all these things.” Using such a testimony to tell children. Using such a testimony to tell whomever, it is the same! No matter who, they can enjoy. Before prayer to share and heal. What is the more important things before prayers? Jesus Christ’s messages. Seeing God’s heavenly kingdom, His works, this mystery, when in the midst of prayers.. and then that time, the Holy Spirit filled, and then naturally you just be a witness, and when that happens, the place where you are at, doors will just open.


5) Misconception that: it is a task to convince others

-> When we evangelize, and there are people who use very strange words to tempt or ask you, after a few times, if the faith is not built up, the faith will just be stuck there. This is worse, telling people to be proud, situations to be bad. But if the person is really zealous hungering to want to know God, and it is not that our messages are, but the messages testifies themselves that man cannot understand. Who can understand these words? It is only that the blessed people can understand. The essence of the gospel itself tells us what the real matter or thing is with spreading the gospel. This gospel tells one to? Those who see and hear God, to tell one who has not yet seen and heard God, this is the work of the gospel ma. Then, if the God that we see and the voice that we hear from God, if people are not willing to hear or cannot hear, they cannot understand at all! Man definitely cannot use convincing to do this. Only your messages are clear and it will be enough.

6) Misconception that: evangelism is whenever one is being “brought to the church” or “led to say the sinners prayer”

-> This is what we thought before as a misunderstanding. Later we discover that this is not. Very important is that one must start with meeting God, and in the whole process of growing of life must nurture well them one.

Therefore, evangelism is definitely not a program, a purpose, and it is not what you do using efforts, but you will be my witnesses, naturally, and then, to tell one to see the living God. Evangelism work is the work of God finding His chosen people. Therefore, there are a few, and the gospel itself actually tells this to us, right? The content of the gospel, I mean, tells these things, therefore, those who really understand the gospel to tell a person to know how to evangelize.


1) Motive

In this lesson 19, very important is that the motive of evangelism must be correct. What are the motives? It is that I have seen and I have enjoyed. And then, my surroundings, the people whom I love, the people I meet, they cannot see and are in harassed and helpless state. And then, I see more even so that there are many people that God loved. I am in that family brought up, and I thought I was in a very difficult hardline family, from parents to siblings they seem so hard, yet after I was blessed, in the process of one-by-one I see them the process of them confessing and accepting God, I see that God placed my life into my family, and then putting the heart to love them into my very heart, is the fact that God wants to save them. I discovered. 100%. You believe and this will bring about all your family to believe? For me myself, I believe. For me, I choose to believe that road. For my loved ones, absolutely, that I continue to want to pray for them, till the end. Even if I leave the world first, I will definitely want to pray for them in heaven. George Muller not only prayed for his family, but he prayed for his 5 friends for his whole lifetime. And all of them, God through such having a conviction, God accomplished. Then, I absolutely want to be like this in this choosing. I discovered that the whole motive before evangelism – what have you seen and what have you enjoyed? Your people beside, what things do they actually need? Right? Actually I discover and see that there are many of such people beside me. They are in my family, in China, Singapore, America, whole world and era, there are many! This motive is very important for the person.

2) Contents

The second thing is that the contents are very important. The contents do not tell us to bring a person of Buddhist to convert religion to become a Christian. Content is to tell the person to see what I see, tell people to hear what I hear, tell people to in their own subset of conditions situations fields to enjoy heavenly and every power and strength. Content if clear, the evangelism work by the Holy Spirit in that person is very quick. The motive must be very correct, then the Holy Spirit accurate and correct work can work. Content must be correct, then you will discover who is the one God wants to bless. 8 beatitudes you will accurately acquire.

3) Rely Holy Spirit = God-driven

And all these things, you must at every moment in time to rely on the Holy Spirit. Therefore, in other words, the work of evangelism is God-driven. 神为. It is the work of God, not the works of man.

4) Nurture

And then, must really nurture well. This is the very important content of Lesson 19.

2. If one can have the correct motive before evangelizing, he will receive the authority that God bestows

-> Then can the Holy Spirit work.

1) The evangelism motive one receive from the assurance in his belonging where he belongs (heavenly kingdom) as well as the directions and purpose of his life <1Pe 2:9>

-> Those who have acquired will be already different. The life contents, direction, concerns, interests are all different.

2) The evangelism motive one receive from assured faith in the “power of the Gospel” and has also experienced it <Ro 1:16>

-> In the past, he always cannot see God and now he continues to see God daily. In the past, there continues in the heart some sorrows, no peace and fear, but through the gospel, to receive peace joy and eternally hope. He received it himself! The gospel is really the great power le! Gospel is connected with my eating of rice, gospel is connected even in the money in the pocket that I have, gospel tells me to meet blessed meetings God’s prepared important honorable people, gospel is connected in even a very small one thing. For me when I receive this mystery, gospel great power..! Therefore, the great power that he preached, gospel practicalness, gospel realityness, gospel dailyness, gospel normalness, is different!

3) The evangelism motive one receive after seeing painfully clearly “the plight of all who are separated from God are helpless and harassed in all things” <Mt 9:35-38>

-> Getting such a motive oh! Beside self own children or siblings, full of money, many servants and maids, daily wear rainbow clothes, and getting a lot of people’s respect, and even often do charitable works. But doing more of this, the person gets more proud, when see such likeness, very much in pain – on such people are the works of the Holy Spirit. This is very important.

4) The evangelism motive one receive after discovering that he is surrounded by God prepared souls who are hunger and thirsty for righteousness <Mt 5:1-11>

-> A lot! Not few! I see that there are too much! Seeing that evangelism is God’s works, and I am just a vessel. When evangelizing, will see the hearers hungering and wanting to shake our hands, want to accept scenario – I saw a few times, and I enjoy it so much in seeing people wanting to accept in hunger. It is not that we want to convince people, force people to believe – such actions are so suffering. It is not difficult, but this is impossible. However, people continue to ask for it, when such things happen, the work of evangelism is very easy, very enjoyable one.

5) The evangelism motive one receive after knowing that evangelism is the work of God and he is an instrument used and thus, willingly submit <Ac 10:1-48>

-> Therefore, need to pray. Prayers must be successful so that we can do such a thing.

6) The evangelism motive one receive after discovering God’s concrete plan and timetable <Ac 16:12-38>

-> Therefore, for the evangelism motive, when I first came to America, to preach about World Gospelization x 2. I see that even our elders and elders’ wife have no convictions at all. And when I even spoke about concerning visions message, and after I spoke such visionary messages, they say, “Pastor, is it not really relevant to our current situations right now – like our church mentally problematic people, children problem people, marriage problems people, financial problem people – is it too far away?” Have we all talked about all these before? Even pastor’s wife talked about this before. However, when they saw the power of the gospel is connected to our marriage living, children living, our financial living, health living, that this gospel is related to everything upon everything, once grasped, it is no longer different. And then, from our “Year of Expanding the Promised Land”, wah – we never realized but at once, the path and doors just open, and many people want this gospel message, and then 2 of our elder’s wife also went to Taiwan, and saw actually that those people who need this are so many, and even churches are helpless and harassed, and such a plight when they see, I see that world gospelization has already become their very lives liao. Once I pressed their button, they will say world gospelization. We must really see the power of the gospel. It is not that no one will accept – but many tens of thousands want to accept this one. And actually in our church, there are. Every brothers and sisters in our church – from Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, China, their network contacts, come together, actually world gospelization is very easy thing. Therefore, our motives must be very clear.

Second thing is that our contents must be very correct.

3. When the contents of Evangelism are clearly assured, the Holy Spirit will work with greater strength

-> In the past, I really, the person I was before 1994, though the person was in a church, but I eternally felt that I was a sinner – the things I must do, I never do, “the things I resolute to do, I cannot do” – when I read this verse, I received a bit of comfort, yet the mystery below this verse – “I am no longer condemned in Jesus Christ” and then “Spirit of Sonship, spirit of heir”, “Spirit in our hearts similar bears witness”, and “when we pray, Spirit has much groans unspeakable that helps us”, so that before we pray we never thought about it, when in the midst of prayers, we receive a lot of HS convictions, God’s voice and God’s words, and then any kind of troubles and difficulties and scenarios, no matter trials, persecutions, nakedness, no matter what kind of situations, I can see God’s love – this kind of mystery, through Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, will discover this mystery, after this, I then realized and understood that the gospel that was preached to me is not really full and correct. Actually I also tried to preach, but some 8 beatitudes people, when they received cut to the hearts, they are willing to accept and come to the church – there are such people, but if the gospel that has come in is not the full gospel, church living for 10 years will also not see God!!!! There was never once that I smelt God’s smell, never once heard God’s voice, and self thinking self judgment, there was never a time I acknowledged that it is the very perfect will of God, so that I can have a strong and courageous heart to do it all out. It is all because the gospel I heard is not correct.

The gospel is, the real content that must be preached, very important is that it must tell people to see God. Tell people to become God’s child. Tell people to see that all his conditions are actually, just like Christ, Nazarene, village and town same exact conditions, tell people to discover le. The mother of Nazareth, is she important? Of course, it is important till what Roman Catholic says, and it is wrong, but yes, it is important. The one who gave birth to the Jesus, the mother. Is the father important – Joseph? Very important! The brother became like an apostle, book of James. All his friends are important – Peter, James, John, Philip, Nathaniel – all are important! Same, today, when we become Jesus Christ at this time, similarly important! This mystery, we must speak clearly. Then how can you say that you are today’s Jesus? Because it is very easy to see Jesus’ understanding of the world – same as that of mine. Jesus Christ’s Father is the same Father of mine. The Holy Spirit that Jesus relied on, I also rely. The angels and host of heavenly beings that often helped served Jesus Christ, similar are with me. Christ to drive demons out, and in the Name of Jesus Christ name to drive demons – it is the same. See Christ living in me. Really, this is hearing messages for one hour, all these must understand, and we must help people to confirm. Therefore, we see the very first important message:

1) The principle of man’s creation <Ge 1:27-28>


| ————              |
| |With Me   |              |
| |All things| perfect will)|
| |Always    | (leading) |
| ———— |
God ———————————————– Me

When evangelizing, the very important thing is? It is first to tell him the truth. No matter whether you can see or hear, no matter what, the truth is that God is with you. There are perfect will in all things. Anytime, He leads you. You must really speak this clearly.

And when speaking, for example when I try to preach the gospel to someone, my eyes already see that He is God’s works already, He is also an art of God, and I have seen that God has given me convictions to preach the gospel to him. The one who preaches the gospel himself sees, but the one who hears cannot see and cannot hear. Such a plight, we must see it very clearly lor.. Therefore, you yourself can see it.. When I see Martha, I do not see her appearance only, as in her whole life, now the all of how the Holy Spirit convicts – she is hungering mah, anything also “Amen” mah, “it is really too good!” Not only before the meeting, but after the meeting, she will phone me saying, “Pastor, you said this word, again it opened my eyes.” Often, say this. Who’s work is this? This is the work of the Holy Spirit. Seeing and therefore, very habitually, must see God’s works, and God’s perfect will comes, take it as God’s very own voice – the Lord says mah, “I direct you in all your ways, tell you to remember all My words”. Oh yah, this is it! Therefore, seeing this, the gospel messenger evangelizes.

2) After Adam sinned, he and all his descendents had received upon themselves “three fundamental problems” (separation from God, sin, Satan) <Eph 2:1-3>


| ————              |
| |With Me   |              |
| |All things| perfect will)|
| |Always    | (leading) |
| ———— |
God ———————————————– Me
|Flesh       |
|Root of Sin |
|Evil Spirits|
God ———                             ——— Me
|                           |
|           J = X           |  Problem
|                           |

However, the other truth of all truths is? The hearer cannot see. This (with us, all things, always) is truth of all truths, yes, but the other truth of all truths is that you cannot see and you cannot hear – this is the truth. So how to see and how to hear ah?

How to enjoy heavenly kingdom, how to in your identity all changed over, enjoy gospel power – this mystery is that Jesus is the Christ. (Draw J=X) Why can you not see this now?

It is because you are in the state of flesh. This is from Adam that he lost the Holy Spirit, and when the Holy Spirit left, the flesh is made by God, and actually God is with you, but because you do not have the spirit, therefore, you cannot see God. The hearts and minds – you have, but spirit you have not restored. The Spirit has not come upon your life. Why? You have never heard God’s voice, God’s voice and Word when you heard, the Holy Spirit comes in, and from that time onwards, Holy Spirit tells you to remember God’s word. When you see God’s perfect will in all things, taking it as God’s very works, you in your situations, that materials, and in that situation itself, that person, that timetable, that place – you will see God. However, the person of the flesh will not be able to see this thing.

Therefore, (drawing root of sin) you have never followed God before. This (root of sin) is also the truth. Because you do not love God, want to glorify God, so that the things you do, the things you judge, the things you speak – are all sins.

Actually and originally, there is one who continues to hoodwink you, blinding your hearts, telling you to continue to fear God. This is called evil spirits. This is also the truth.

3) Those who are separated from God must surely face the “six major problems”

<Ge 3:1-6; 1Co 10:20; Mt 11:28; Ge 3:16-19; Heb 9:27; Ex 20:4-5>

-> It is definite and of course one.

God is with us – this is the truth. Fundamental problem – this is also the truth. Then how to solve? It may be financial problem, children problem, marriage spousal problem, health problem in the body, many interpersonal relationships problem, etc etc problems bring them here -> actually it is not that problem itself. Actually even in that problem you have, there is God’s perfect will! It is that you cannot discover the perfect will of God – this very problem.

4) The only way through Jesus Christ and His cross <Jn 14:6; Ro 8:1-2; 1Jn 3:8>

-> This is also God’s very truth..

| ————              |
| |With Me   |              |
| |All things| perfect will)|
| |Always    | (leading) |
| ———— |
God ———————————————– Me
|Flesh       |
|Root of Sin |
|Evil Spirits|
God ———                             ——— Me
|                           |
|           J = X           |  Problem
|                           |

Why? It is because you have never seen and heard God. And the God that expresses and manifests to us, He is Jesus Christ. The work that He does is the very work of Christ. He brought the Word of God. He gave us what? He gave us the Holy Spirit. God’s word and the Holy Spirit is eternally together one.

(= And this is the work of Prophet Jesus Christ.)

He not only died in replacement for us, cursed in replacement for us, He resurrected le! Therefore, He lets us no longer be condemned. This is about sin being forgiven, eternally, you are a righteous man! And not only a righteous man, but through His redemptive death, we discover that we are children!

(= And this is the work of Priest Jesus Christ.)

And we discover that we have been deceived all the while by Him! Therefore, through Him, I in all things, can acquire the perfect will of God. Only that I am willing to obey, I will be victorious. This is called the authority on the right throne of God.

(= This is the work of King Jesus Christ.)

This is the work of King Jesus Christ. And this is the work of Priest Jesus Christ. And this is the work of Prophet Jesus Christ. (see above in repeats). All these 3 roles are Anointed. And anointed means Christ = Messiah. Oh!

5) Confession, repentance and willingness to die and resurrect with Christ <Ro 6:1-11>

-> now, the very important thing is that I must be connected in life from J=X to “Blessed People”. JX says that He is the way the truth and the life, whoever does not through him, no one can come to the Father. Therefore, no matter what type of people, what kind of conditions, no matter what kind of nakedness, in the midst of whatever persecutions, great tribulations, can also see the perfect will of God, and this is through the only way of Jesus Christ. The thing is that Jesus Christ and my life must be established together.

… Do you understand now? Oh, right. This is also the truth! The whole universe is created by God, right. The universe itself proves the Lord that creates it. But why is it that I never know Him till now? The heart is cut to heart. This is the true “cut to the hearts”. It is not that you kill people, put fire and you do a bit of lies, or steal, to feel cut to the hearts, not this. But all things thought judged doings that people who cannot see God are all sin!!! Those who know God, His children, thinking sinning, words sinning, can all be washed. It can be washed anytime. Only that one himself confesses and admits that he is in the wrong, willing to obey the perfect will of God, he can be cleansed. Therefore, there are so much misunderstandings. And he lives in misunderstandings (circling fundamental problem).

| With Me                  |
| All things (perfect will)|
| Always (leading) |
God ———————————————- Me
|Flesh——–|-> God’s word, Holy Spirit                 = Prophet
|Root of Sin|-> No condemnation, righteous man -> Child = Priest
|Evil Spirits|-> All things = perfect will, Obey=Victory = King
God ———                            ——— Me
|                          |
|           J = X |  Problem
|                          |
|            =>            |
|                          |
|     “Blessed People”     |
|                          |
| Hear, Believe, Transform |
|                          |
|                          |

And this, now very important is? The bible says, and the heavenly Father says, “Bless people”. There are a lot of bible passages mentioning about “blessed people” 有福的人. Who are these? These are people who have the opportunity to hear Jesus = Christ. Not everyone who hears will believe, but you can believe. “My sheep recognizes My voice.” And then, he is willing to die and resurrect with Christ. Willing to be transformed. “Are you one like this?”

“Yes, I heard, and I find it as the truth.” He believed. This problem (circling fundamental problem) can never be solved by religion.

How can the flesh solve the living spirit?

Those in root of sin – how can they know God and follow God?

How can those who are deceived by the evil spirits to drive them out? Actually all religions are conversations and mingling with the evil spirits. The bible says this.

When you understand, it means believing already. Once believed, all the life is influenced. For whole life, it will influence! He will remember about this very thing. And then, for those who understands, even if I do not lead him to say the sinner’s prayer of acceptance, God will next time tell him to meet more mournful things, God will send another gospel messenger to surely must save him one. Surely like this one. Looking at him who has the hungering heart and understanding heart, cut to the hearts heart, heart of wanting to restore God, willing to die and resurrect with Christ. Willing to die and resurrect with Christ like a very difficult theological word, but practical, word is? = Past I do not know this God, heaven is always with me, because the darkness covered me, I cannot enjoy – this very painful sigh “痛叹”! The real thing to make effort on, Egypt to leave, must go towards the land that God instructs, blessed land, God’s word, God’s promise, God’s blessings, want very much to accept. This heart = dying and resurrecting with Christ. This is where man’s concerns, interests, motives totally can be transformed.

6) The mystery of having the opportunity to hear and accept the Gospel (God’s chosen, God’s love, God’s doing) <Eph 2:8-10>

-> Who am I then? I am actually of God’s, and I am of Jesus. If I say that I am Jesus Christ, this is a cult already, but I am Body of Christ. Only that the Head is restored, the Body is restored.

| With Me                  |
| All things (perfect will)|
| Always (leading) |
God ———————————————— Me
|             |————-|                       |
| |Flesh——–|-> God’s word, Holy Spirit                 = Prophet
| |Root of Sin|-> No condemnation, righteous man -> Child = Priest
| |Evil Spirits|-> All things = perfect will, Obey=Victory = King
|             |————-|                       |
God ———–                            ——— Me
|                          |
Me(God’s)=Jesus|           J = X |  Problem
( Child,       |                          |
Body,       |                          |
Holy Temple,|            =>            |
priest,       |                          |
prophet,    |     “Blessed People”     |
king )   |                          |
| Hear, Believe, Transform |
Conditions,   |                          |
All things,   |                          |
Relationships,|                          |
Times         |                          |
=>            |                          |
Guidance,      |                          |
Fulfillments, |                          |
Victory      |                          |
=>            |                          |
Walk with God  |                          |

And then, those who know Christ’s message (finish cross), who am I? I am God’s creation and God’s loved. God’s works = Me! Therefore, God says that I possess the DNA of God = Child of God. Similar with God one! God’s perfect will, I am willing to accept. The world that God has destined, I know and am willing to abide to it and live. The history that God has fixed, I just abide by it to live. I am Body, the Body of Christ – Christ lives in me. Holy Spirit’s temple, Holy temple! And adding on it, honorable priest. And I possess a lot of God’s words = prophet! I am one who can have overwhelming victory in all things on me = king, so that when Christ becomes my head, I can overcome all in all things. Who am I? I must understand it very clearly.

7) All the changes and blessings that comes after one is saved and born again <2Co 5:17; Ep 1:15-23>

-> Then what is the perfect will in spousal, perfect will in children nurturing, financial usage, what is the perfect will of your Head? He will take responsibility! Whatever you need, even the 4 seas and abundance will be given to you. All of this!

As a result, I will understand my conditions. All things that I meet, all the interpersonal relationships, the people I love, etc etc etc, my times… when I understand all these, I will see God’s guidance. Right? And then what shall I petition in prayers to receive answers and fulfillments contents I will know, God’s perfect will I can also know. All things not accused, totally can get freedom, that victory mystery I can also acquire. As a result, I walk with God in all things. It is not that I restore. You believe the Lord one day? One day knowing, to walk with God. Believe God 10 days? Believing 10 days to walk with God. Are you the pastor in the church now? Use pastor to walk with God. Are you the deacon of the church? Use this deacon to walk with God. This is the content. Very important.

Very important is that for the hearers, go through sinner’s prayer of acceptance, to discover where is God. To confirm. How do you see Him in future? Must confirm.

1) Motive

2) Contents

3) Rely Holy Spirit = God-driven

4) Nurture

If the content is correct, immediately the Holy Spirit will work.

If motive is correct, content is correct, Holy Spirit working, how you nurture will be very clear one.

How does one nurture? The method? God covered? Do we place and shut God in a small area, a closet? And then, introduce God to him like this? Not this kind of nurturing. But you become a match-maker, and when you gather with him, “today, on your life, because of God’s love.. Today the word that God wants to tell you.. the mystery that He tells you to more acquire.. and then what God wants to accomplish..” Continue to… If there are two people, there is God of 2 people, let him see! This kind of style to nurture. Those who experienced before, this is very easy. Those who have never experienced before, it is impossible. Talk about a whole lot of principles, and what happened after those principles? So what? Therefore, this is very important one. Therefore, when content is clear, (return back to 2, where I slot in each sub-points of 2. above).

Therefore, nurturing is like all here teaching in the lower left part of the cross diagram.

And then, evangelism is the work of the Holy Spirit.


(Going back to the front part of the message for Acts reading..)

4. The ministry of evangelism is a natural activity of a saint who constantly enjoy the power of the gospel


1) <Ac 1:1-11> → God’s Word, Christ’s death and resurrection, Holy Spirit, descending of the heavenly kingdom, life direction, return of Christ


J = X = Θ (Theos) == Heavenly Kingdom

Know Jesus Christ


Know God


Enjoy Heavenly Kingdom people

1:8 (Purpose) -> Individual, Family, Career (Restores Heavenly Kingdom)

Receiving lifetime direction, family established purpose, today’s purpose, tomorrow’s purpose, when grasped..

2) <Ac 1:13-14> → Grabbed hold of the practical covenant to pray


1:13-14 Prayer

When prayed, very amazingly, there is very amazing convictions power strength arrives

3) <Ac 2:1-13> → Filled by the Holy Spirit, doors of evangelism opened


2:1-4 Holy Spirit (when filled) – Inner fruits, – Outer fruits

Seeing God loves him evidences, being with him evidences..

2:5-13 Doors of evangelism = 8 beatitudes

Therefore, he can see no matter in or out of season, he can evangelize.

4) <Ac 2:5-47> → Evangelising and bearing fruits, continuously caring and living with other parts of Christ’s body


2:14-36 Evangelism content


(1) Cut to the hearts (8 beatitudes)

(2) Repent (Turn to God intent)

(3) Baptism (Die and resurrect together)

(4) Sins forgiven (No more condemnation)

(5) Receive Holy Spirit (Sonship, spirit of heirs)

And he will acquire those who are cut to the hearts, God’s prepared 8 beatitudes people.

For these type of people, it is very easy. For Peter, after evangelism, the brothers (3000 for just brothers) just asked him, “Brother, then what shall we do??” If Peter told them, “I don’t care”, and run to Antioch or Samaria, I believe that the 3000 will run a marathon to follow him, “Peter sir, Peter sir, you have not finished your message! How how how what shall we do?” Must be like this! Hahaa. In my evangelism, I met a few times just like this.

I seldom go taxis in America, but in Singapore and in Korea, I met a lot. They are in a box or space in front, they are an unbeliever and there are filled with many idols Buddha images, if I don’t spread gospel or to talk a little bit is like sinning, I felt. Therefore, I say, “In the past, I also prayed this, but every night, I met nightmares..” I just shared very practical testimony, and originally then I discover that this is conversing with demons. “Sir, look at Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, India – which area is good? Curses, and disasters.” If point to his family, he will be angry, therefore, I use all my experiences to say. After saying for 5 min, Woah! His eyes were opened liao. Then he asked, “How? How to solve all these curses??” “Very easy, it is Jesus Christ. You know? Maybe you heard gospel a lot of times” “Hai.. you are Christian” “No, not this. Sir, God never gives man Christianity. Actually religion worst is religion.” I sure talk about this one! Judaism, curses 7 woes, and then Roman Catholic, and wherever they are, all how.. and the in the past Crusaders war 400 years, 70,000,000 people were killed, because of the name of Christianity JX name to battle. Therefore, with Christianity becoming a religion, it brings 400 years whole dark medieval ages in Europe. That time, the ratio of man to woman is 1:4. Woman many. Therefore, there were the chastity belts (贞操带 a locking item of clothing designed to prevent sexual intercourse and possibly masturbation.) For the men who left for wars, they locked their bodies, telling them not to marry again, etc. And the key is taken away. It is during the crusaders’ period. The darkness of the whole age! Widows and orphans the most period!! This is the period where Crusaders, in the name of JX, want to take back Jerusalem, this Christianity own name. Talk a little and the person will ask, “Sir, what are you? Are you a Taoist?” “I am not a Christianity person, but one who receives Christ’s life, Christ’s eternal life, now through Him…” Most of the people would have heard of “Only way, truth and life”. Then talk a bit of testimony, and then “What are you seeing right now? You never see anything? I see all of God’s glory filling this place!” “I see that today, you heard and felt so hungering. My sheep knows My voice. You are God’s child. Today, you repent and believe in the Lord. From today onwards, you must see God, hear God – be centered on this to live.” And then, the taxi driver stopped at the side of the road, “Why do you stop the car??” Actually got about 10 times like this. “I want to accept Christ. Can you pray for me?” Actually this is very simple, and there are a lot of such cases.

At Myanmar when I waited for the plane, plane often delays. I see a big monk, elite. All the peoples in the airport will just take out the shoes, even the army officers. I felt why they all take the shoes out, suddenly, a secretary come out, and 2 of them are monks, one old and one young. And all of them all queue up, want to worship him, and he gave them Myanmar’s smallest penny to them. This is for them to make a necklace ba, want to bless them and give them like this. I see that there are even 2-3 chinese among them, brought up by Myanmar. I was so sleepy, ‘cos of taking meetings. Yet, the pastor beside me will poke me to wake up, “Pastor, what are you doing?”, because they cannot speak Chinese. I was forced to get up, just now for the Chinese who stood to worship the monks, I told them, “do you know what you did just now?” and I told them the same thing for the taxi driver content. “Look at Myanmar, widespread disaster. Man are good, yet life is not good! 8 characters will not change. Why fate not changed? Because no death and resurrection and this is Jesus Christ le” I only speak this, for I want to sleep at once on the plane. Yet when I sat on the plane, the woman wanted to exchange seats with the person beside me, “I want to learn more from this Taoist”. I know that she is God’s prepared. Therefore, I just started “God loves you” as a start. “Are you willing to listen?” Then I explained the gospel contents. And at the back, I wrote my name Leechull priest. “May the Lord greatly bless you” and I folded the paper for her. She believed on the spot, and she took out all the Buddhist things from her body. The Korean missionary group took photo, and it was this many (one football many).

Evangelism is that once the content is correct, and then, immediately, the Holy Spirit worked, and later on it is very easy to nurture also.


5. The task of continuing to nurturing after evangelism is more important

-> The very important principle is that how far you are nurtured means that you can nurture people. Look at this clearly.

1) Teaching about how to receive the assurance as God’s children <1Jn 5:12-13; Ro 10:13-17; 1Co 12:3>

-> This is the content of the gospel messages from 1 to 3. Actually it is the whole message of the Cross message.

2) Teaching about the principle of living after having born again <Ro 7:6; Ro 8:1-39; Jn 2:1-10>

-> This is the gospel message 4.

3) Teaching about the mystery of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit <Eph 1:13-14; Jn 14:26>

-> And then 1), 2), 3), this is the Basic Messages 1-10.

4) Teaching about the mystery of prayers and thus enabling one to experience deeper communication with God <Jn 4:24; Mt 6:9-15>

-> This is the gospel message 5, and the Basic messages 11-15.

5) Teaching about the importance of church worship services and living with other parts of Christ’s body as well as helping him to get involve in the church and enjoy living with other parts of Christ’s body <Eph 4:1-15>

-> This is Basic messages 16-18. Centering on altar, centering on brethren, and centering on 7 fields.

6) Teaching about how to bless others through life experiences and with God’s grace <Ac 1:8>

-> This is the Basic Messages 19 How to evangelize, to 20 How to raise disciples.

Therefore, nurturing, if you can grasp the 36 lessons well, you will know how to nurture. And man’s timetable you will see very clearly.

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