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Teacher 17: Basic Message 20 – Being Called to be Christ’s Disciples

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Basic Message 20

Matthew 28:16-20

Being Called to be Christ’s Disciples


When teaching this, there may be some people who think that this level is really too far away from their timetable. Your focus must be correct here so that you may be successful here. For even those who just believed in Christ, let them know that they are also a blessedly called disciple. The bible says that there are 144000 number of people who will be saved, and this is a spiritual number. Because they are all people who queue up behind the 24 elders. In reality, it is thousands and millions, from many countries, nations, races, and many blessedly saved people will all come. Yes, we are one of them; however, each one of us has a very unique subset of conditions. There are no two people who are the same. God wants to use each and every one of His chosen ones. Samaritan woman, who has 5 husbands yet none belonging to her, to use her as herself as His disciple. Rahab as prostitute, Ruth as herself, so that there is a very unique condition that is present in every blessedly called believer. Therefore, here, especially to emphasis that everyone called are disciples. All children of God are all invited to be Christ’s disciples. When Christ is on earth, He called 12 disciples, and He nurtured their life to give them a holy commission. Originally, they are unknown and are a small tribe, and are also weak, from the moment that they are blessedly called, they become the main character of history and the whole world. Today, Christ also calls us to be useful vessels in His hand.

Every children of God are invited to be disciples of Christ. Christ called twelve disciples in His days on earth. He moulded their lives and gave them the holy commission. This group of people used to be unheard and powerless but from the moment they were called by the Lord, they became the leading characters who changed the world and human history. Today, Christ is still calling us to be a useful instrument in His hands.


Peter as a failure fisherman can become a great apostle in the whole history of mankind, this means that no matter what kind of believers, they can also become like that of an apostle. Disciples can be acquired out from anyone!

Here, what is most important is:

1. The Lord Jesus Christ left the most perfect model of “Discipleship Training” to the Church <Matthew>


Firstly, the Lord Jesus Christ will leave behind very important example. Matthew is a book, if we use discipleship training perspective to see, that it is very clear about discipleship training. According to Matthew procedure, we will see the very important principle of how we shall nurture a disciple. The important points – we must grasp and you must also confirm with the people who are listening to your message.

1) Chosen <Mt 4:19>

-> Peter, come and follow Me, You shall become one who acquires man like how you acquire fishes. The choosing must be correct. Do not rely on man’s love or care to bring out all sorts of motives so that a lot of goats are gathered, so that even for 3-5 years, metal becomes steel, and such things really happen. If choosing is correct, the leader is also very comfortable, for it is the Lord Who pushes the ministry.

It is like our discipleship training or teaching meeting – another meeting – that the disciples shake my hand, “Pastor, since the 36 lessons is so important, how shall we lead? Can you teach us again?” This is started and initiated by disciples. If the choosing is correct, afterwards, it is very easy.

In other words, if you give them blessedly chosen assurance correctly, they will very quickly join everything together, and they will quickly go up and chase up to the correct road – they continue to chase after the living God, how He is with us, yet because He cannot be seen, he will continue to seek after and find so. Therefore, “choosing” is the very important start. Of course, we have to search for sheep or good soil.

Yet, many times, the sheep does not know that he is a sheep. Therefore, the evidences of sheep must be given to them. Nurturing children most important area is this. Nurturing children equals to discipleship training. The most important thing is to let them really believe that they are blessedly chosen, God has a special plan for them to be born under the parents’ family. This unique education is very easy, and everything will come out correct. Many parents cannot give this, and this is where all their failures start, because when they look at their own likeness, it is such a disaster – their interests and concerns are all in the world.

This is because as a parent, there is no way you can make your children curious by your spirituality. My parents – how can they pray and then enjoy the heavenly kingdom, how they can enjoy all the power and strength, peace and joy, this area you cannot arouse their curiosity and interests. They only see that the parents have great faith, and they offer up a lot, but the very concrete areas where the parents can enjoy, they cannot see. Yet if they see the parents, they will not only see them in the living room, but they see that they are enjoying conversations with the living God. This likeness itself is the very start of our children’s education. Some parents do not do so like this, and they become deacons because they are in the church for some time, and they even become elders. They put the bible back at home with a big sigh, why serving is so tired, and said questions why the pastor like this and deacons like this, etc. This kills children! Such a child will not be hungering and not run after the Lord.

Discipleship training – you must grasp very clearly. “I am chosen, called, loved, blessed” – according to my experience, this must be talked about for 3 years. Then you yourself must enjoy to speak. Then all of the people will you will follow you and be hungering with pain in heart for the Word of God.

2) Gospel <Chapter 5-7>


The first time is when Jesus Christ called them, they were in Mount of Sermon. The first word is “Who is the blessed one?” After choosing, the very first thing that the Lord wanted to anoint and impress them in their life is with “Who is blessed – you are blessed.” Those poor in spirit, hungering for righteousness, mourn, pure in heart, having mercy on other people are blessed! “Who are the ones who are called, who are the ones who are blessed?”

And then, Jesus Christ, immediately did not say, “You must continue to self-cultivate, and when you receive healing, you will become the light and salt of the world.” He immediately says, “You right now are!” Yet, how can it be that Peter is so weak, yet “You are the light and salt of the earth right now.” When Jesus Christ says this, His tone and wording expression must be accurately grasped, “You are!” I see that no matter how weak our children are, they are the light and salt of the earth – many people are blessed because of their life. When we see their likeness, we cannot say such words! Peter is so weak at that time and the training of 3 years have not yet started at all! Yet Jesus Christ said, “You are, right now!” Not, “You will become in the future”. This is what predestined from the creation of the world. You are right now and in the future, you are!



The gospel must be spoken very correctly so that the people who are in the discipleship training hears the first time and very importantly, what will happen is that their relationships with the Lord will be established. The relationship of me and the word of God in them must be established. The one living right now is not me, but Jesus Christ lives in me. Discipleship training procedure, this is very important. After relationship is established, what is spoken in the rest of chapters 5-7?



You must seek first His kingdom and His righteousness – life direction and goal. This is the 4G promise.



And after this, many messages say, “How much is it for you too! 何况你们呢?”Teaching them to converse with God. “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your Name.” The Lord taught them how to pray, telling them never to pray like the Gentiles or orphans or religious figures. Your prayers must be like this, “My Father in Heaven” – in my spirit to start, “Hallowed be You Name, May Your Kingdom come, May Your will – in my spousal relationship, nurturing children, office – your will, may it be revealed more to me, telling me to be able to follow”. “The daily wisdom I need today, strength, spiritual strength – Holy Spirit’s convictions, anointing – all give them to me”, etc conversational prayers speech.


And then in chapter 7, the last chapter in this sermon of the mount, fruits. There are two kinds of fruits. One of them is the religious fruits like building castles on sand (沙上楼阁). Yet, sometimes it is not only castles on sand, but even castles on the air! 空中楼阁! Then disciples will then know very clearly that they must be rooted and built up.









== Rooted and Built Up

Relationships -> … -> …

If the relationship is correct, “so what if it is nakedness, danger, persecutions, tribulations, jail, in storm, children getting killed, etc” For the relationship that is well, they will not be moved! No matter what situations that comes by, there will be no moving at all! In discipleship training, this is the most important! When I piece the 36 lessons, it is according to this! Jesus Christ all His methods, if this is not correct, everything cannot be understood. Even for repentance, are you like David who killed and even committed adultery, and even take away another’s wife, and even bear a children -> this must restart from relationship. This is very important! In Jesus Christ’s discipleship training, “You are the light and salt of the world, children of God.” Yet when you sin, you are also, and you just need to believe. This is taught by the Lord Jesus Christ.

3) Fields <Chapter 8-9>

-> The third thing is that Jesus Christ Himself brought them into the fields. How to do visitation, how to preach gospel, how to counsel, how to use telephone to help and heal people? Very practically, Jesus Christ let them see.

Every town and village, Jesus Christ led them one round, and let them see what? Men are in spousal relationship being helpless and harassed. Man are fearful of losing health and they are harassed and helpless. All men are all suffering in financial problems. Actually it is already okay, and living with Christ is already much better by 100 or 1000 already, yet worry and is depressed.

Therefore Christ shows how to drive demons, how to drive away their worries, how to drive away their fears, how to drive away their doubts – Christ let them see! The gospel is that God is with you: you are blessedly loved, blessed, you are people with blessings, you are the light and salt of the earth, and then, “how much more you are!” Look at the birds in the air, etc.. Jesus Christ continued to use such gospel messages to teach, and preach to counsel, the disciples will see that demons leave, man are born again, receives assurance, receives healing, life purpose and goal all changed back. Jesus Christ let the disciples see everything!

Discipleship training, very importantly, is the field.

4) Practice and Training <Chapter 10-13>

-> Here, Jesus Christ sent them! Practice and training is from chapter 10-13.

Therefore, when they are sent, in chapter 10, it says, “You shall not go and find goats, but you must go and find 8 beatitudes, the lost sheep of Israel.” Do not go on the roads of Samaria, Gentiles, but Israel.

And you also must preach as you go – the kingdom of heaven, how it descends on people’s life. Preach how kingdom of heaven descends, and when this message is preached, you will drive demons. You will discover this message tells people to die and resurrect = born again. And then, heal people, cleanse people and raise people. When Jesus Christ sends the disciples, He gave them such principles of preaching the gospel.

In chapter 11, the disciples of John the Baptist came to Jesus Christ and asked Him whether He is the One to come, as asked by their teacher. Jesus Christ did not say, “Yes I am”, but “the blind open their eyes, the deaf opened their ears, the dead resurrect, the demon-possessed are freed, unclean are purified…” This is again to confirm the Disciples of Christ again that the things what they must do in their own home, office, in their lifetime.

In chapter 12, the spiritual realm mystery is spoken, if I rely on Spirit, drive demons, the kingdom shall descend upon you all! And then, when one demon leaves, 7 demons (legions) will enter – the spiritual mystery of the harm that religion brings about.

In chapter 13, Jesus Christ talked about kingdom mystery. Our evangelism work, building church, raising disciples – the very important mysteries are revealed here.

You will meet 4 kinds of people – 4 types of believers. You must focus on the good soil. If you speak and they are very hard, you do not need to give a note about them. Even if they quarrel or are hardened, just focus on the good soil, do not be deterred by them, so that when the time is ripe, then find them again. There are a lot of mysteries here too, for it is not that when a person does not seem like a good soil, we just leave them alone all the time. That time when you preach the gospel, at that time the good soil. Many things can be spoken here.

And it is like a mustard seeddo not look at people’s knowledge and culture degree, man’s laziness, problems, etc, but mustard seed – if they have faith, through God’s word, when firmly established, it will become a great tree, later on will bear many fruits, and many peoples and even animals will get the goodness of it.

It is also the mystery of the yeast. There are two ways to meditate about this – good way is that gospel is seeded in an area, and through the homes, area, whole regions all become blessed, just like what happened to Noah and Abraham. After days have passed by and we open up again, we will see that they all know the gospel! However, when the bible talks about the yeast, it is all about bad meaning. Therefore, the kingdom mystery is like the woman comes, and places yeast. The church and Israel is always affected by evil spirits for the whole history as we can see. Therefore, disbelief, doubts, seeing man’s daughter’s beauty so that they just marry as they like, and then till the time of Noah, only Noah is left. The church continues to receive attacks! You must be watchful knowing this.

And then the kingdom of heaven mystery is like discovering a treasure or jewel, and he sells everything to follow the Lord. This word gives me many blessings in my evangelism ministries! If I do not grab on to this mystery, many things that I will touch many people, want to run errands for people, and as a result, one disciple cannot be obtained at all! Many pastors and preachers ministries are like this! For my efforts, I concentrate all of it into enjoying the heavenly kingdom, preaching this precious, and this is what is needed by many people! When we talk clearly about this, who will follow? It will be laid so clearly out. If the person really discovers this value, he will sell everything to follow.

-> Therefore, in Chapter 13, it is so clear about teaching about “practice, teaching and training”.

5) Confirm <Chapter 14-17, 16:13-24>

-> In Chapters 14-17, Jesus Christ confirmed with the disciples, “Who do you say I am?” Towards Christ’s understanding. Yes, Jesus Christ has it to solve our sins problem. But who do you say I am? You are the Christ, the eternal (yesterday today forever the same) Son of the living God. How God is living in men mystery, how God become Israel, and it is that God lives inside the children of God, how it exemplifies, this mystery that shows and let us see: this is the Son of God. Through the Son of God, the children of God will all come! Therefore, the bible says Son of Man, meaning the likeness of Man, Daniel 7 says this. It is as if it has the likeness of Man, riding upon the rainbow to come. It is the first time that it has been said in Daniel 7. Man’s likeness, God created man in His Own image, Son of Man. Son of God possesses God’s life, purpose, God’s Spirit, God’s love, God’s will. Therefore, You are Christ, the Son of the living God. Peter Son bar Jonah, you are blessed. Here, it talks about “blessed” again. Your name is rock, and upon this rock, I will build My church. Through your rock, your family, regions, all one-by-one blessed, right? And the authority of Hades absolutely cannot overcome us. Only that we tell Jesus Christ to become our Head, that in all sorts of situations and problems, that no authority can overcome us. And then, the keys of Heaven will be given to us, so that whatever we ask for in His Name, He will accomplish, and we have all experienced this.

In discipleship training, the most important is to confirm “Who do you say I am” “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

And then, because their timetable has reached, so that Jesus Christ brought them up on the mountains to see His transfiguration. When the 3 disciples saw the things that happened, they came down, and Jesus Christ then spoke about the mystery of the Heavenly Kingdom.

6) Mystery of Heavenly Kingdom <Chapter 18-25>

-> There are a lot of parables in the Heavenly Kingdom, and the most important is that He died and resurrected.

7) Death and Resurrection <Chapter 26-28>

-> The mystery of death and resurrection is given to all disciples to see. And for all to want to restore Me, to follow Me, carry your cross to follow Me. And death and resurrection will bring about a newly created life, God’s eternal great love, eternal victory.

8) To be Commissioned <Mt 28:18-20>

-> And later after death and resurrection, He calls the disciples to tell them, “The authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to Me, Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. When you bring this purpose to seek for My perfect will, you shall see! lo! you will see that in all things, I am with you! Till the ends of the earth!” Cannot see that God is with him is because he did not walk with God and the process.

Christ’s discipleship training tells us how to raise disciples. In other words, Matthew whole process is our 20 lessons one-by-one building up. It is the same. Therefore, for these 20 lessons, 36 lessons are not pieced up by man, but word by word, they are God’s word.

2. Must first know Christ to become disciples of Christ <Mt 16:13-20>

-> Christ’s disciples must first know Christ, and this was spoken of just now. How you know Christ, your evangelism will follow how much in the same way. How you know Christ, how you enjoy that the power of the gospel is how much. I see that my life growth is that I know Jesus Christ growth. And today, it added a bit more, in the morning again, in the morning, I discovered Christ’s very important mystery. The moment I practically grasp on to His promise and His specific word in that situation, I will discover that kingdom descends and I totally receive freedom. This is daily, treating all things as lessons, to enjoy.

1) Relationship between man’s root problem and the 3 titles held by Christ


At the beginning, I know Jesus Christ that He redeems and replaces me with death, and this great love manifests and shows to me. I know this as a start.

2) Son of the ever-living God (to let us see the mystery of Father God and the Heavenly Kingdom)

-> Later on, I know Him as the main character of the whole history of mankind. This is in 1989 with a lot of such messages that I met Him. Then, I discovered that yes, the whole history is for exalting Him, to testify Him.

3) The mystery of dying and resurrecting together with Christ

-> And my life is also for the sake of testifying Him to exist. His Story. He is B.C., A.D., and when the time has ripened, we will all come to gather under Him. The whole History is for testifying Him. When I received this, I offered up myself for full-time. Then, I still do not understand concretely about the meaning of His Name. Therefore, I served but with no strength.

4) The mystery of the name of Christ and the throne (authority), as well as the working of the Holy Spirit through the saints

-> In 1994, I know Him as authority, power and victorious Person, King I know. Therefore, when I use His Name to pray, all contradictions very quickly leaves, and I experienced this, and I used His Name to drive demons. Yet this is not.

5) The mystery of Christ and the fields of the saints, as well as the expansion of the heavenly kingdom

-> At the end, I received what is the most perfect and this is that He is all my hands and movements, He is in all things, He is before me 居首位 – firstborn, becoming my Lord. Of course, when I just believed in Him, I often heard this. Yet, it is only at that timetable of my life experiences towards Him that I know Him like this.

6) The second coming of Christ and His eternal dominion


For you all, I also believe that you grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ in this growth, right? This is because the Lord gave us the same kind of messages. Be testifiers. Do testimonies. You must all prepare what the Lord has done on your life, and do it out. For your lifetime, speak your testimonies like me, at least 10000. This is because this tells people very quickly to acquire direction and then through a few milestones, they will receive the true mystery of Christ as this testimony. I believe you should have heard about 300-400 times, right? Later on, you will need to hear many more times. When you lead the lessons yourself, you must speak of the road of how you walked past becoming a disciple, and how much the power, strength and authority, and all time living sacrifice, in all things can see the manifestation of God, how Jesus Christ manifests His authority towards me mystery.

If you can do testimonies out, all the peoples around you shall surely become blessed. Especially for the people you love – your children will understand very thoroughly, and your family members that you love will very quickly be blessed. Look at the bible how Isaac, and his two sons wanted so much to snatch their father’s life, right? They even wanted to kill their own flesh and blood because of this! This kind of snatching is correct!! If we just call our children, “come and pray”, then they tell the father, “Father you pray yourself” and then run away. Not this! In our life, they have not yet seen that if we pray, how much the whole situations will totally turn around. How much blessed portion the father has enjoyed, the power of the gospel is daily needed, this area the moment that the children’s perspective will open up, their timetable will reach one.

We daily do discipleship training, people!

Main points on how to lead lesson 20 with people thinking it is faraway

1) No matter how problems, called, you are brought with unique conditions to become the Lord’s worker, the Lord’s disciple. The main point in this lesson is that for all who are willing to come and die and resurrect with Christ, born again people, they bring unique conditions – Heavenly kingdom does not have rubbish bin – all peoples are needed, just like Samaritan woman, Ruth likeness – are all needed, so how much more for us! In China, specially called, come to America, the world capital place, people, very important God’s plan.

2) And the other main point in this lesson is that when you speak like this about discipleship training, people hear and find that this is so far away from them. Therefore, when you speak about this lesson, another important point is that you are to become the Lord’s disciple, and how much you have acquired the mysteries, you can enjoy heavenly kingdom how much.

3) And then, no matter whether we admit or not, accept or not, we are already teachers. We are the first high priest in the family, if we are the first to be blessed. And then, my children, if you have children, you are teachers already. Every day, our movements and thoughts influence those who are living with us. If our spouse has not yet blessed, then it is spouse. If children not yet blessed, it is children. Then, the quicker the become teachers, becoming the Lord’s workers, the faster your family will become blessed. It is not a faraway thing, but it is connected to every of our living. May Your will be done in my family as it is fixed in heaven – this mystery. This mystery can only be enjoyed by the disciples of Christ.

4) Especially important is the book of Matthew.

5) That time when we go through Today’s Jesus, we continually emphasized this “Know Christ” le.


3. Must know myself, and receive healing <Eph 1:15-23>


1) A child and heir of God who is born to be loved and blessed, and to glorify Father God

-> Therefore, the truth is that God is always with me (double lines between God-Me, double lines circling “With Me, All Things, Always”), but I cannot see and hear Him (double lines closing in on the problems) and this is also the truth; only that Jesus Christ (double lines circling on J=X)comes so that I can know Him. Therefore, till what extent shall we know Him? Till how God is living in me (circle “God” and “Me” yourself).

|| With Me                  ||
|| All things (perfect will)||
|| Always (leading) ||
God =============================================== Me
|           ||=============||                       |
| ||Flesh——–||-> God’s word, Holy Spirit                 = Prophet
| ||Root of Sin||-> No condemnation, righteous man -> Child = Priest
| ||Evil Spirits||-> All things = perfect will, Obey=Victory = King
|           ||=============||                       |
God ———–                            ——— Me
|        ||=======||       |
Me(God’s)=Jesus|        || J = X ||       |  Problem
( Child,       |        ||=======||       |
Body,       |                          |
Holy Temple,|            =>            |
priest,       |                          |
prophet,    |     “Blessed People”     |
king )   |                          |
| Hear, Believe, Transform |
Conditions,   |                          |
All things,   |                          |
Relationships,|                          |
Times         |                          |
=>            |                          |
Guidance,      |                          |
Fulfillments, |                          |
Victory      |                          |
=>            |                          |
Walk with God  |                          |

2) The glorious image of Father God, body of Christ, and the dwelling place of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit

-> Therefore, the prayers of Paul is to pray that “God gives you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to tell you to really know Him, the Trinity God; and also to really know the hope that is in you, the inheritance, the power that can be enjoyed.” Paul continues to speak of this message.

God – Me

Therefore, I and the Lord – I am created according to the Image of God, and He now lives in me, this mystery – we must really know ourselves very clearly.

3) To love Father God and resolve: to live only for “God’s Kingdom and righteousness”

-> “You are the source of all blessings“, and many people laughed at this proclamation saying that this is a kind of “A-Q”, children talking mature words, and many similar responses are brought out.

4) To open spiritual eyes, and to receive the perspective of “judging all things with the promises of Christ”

-> However, when this is spoken – “you are no longer yourself, but you are the Holy Temple of the Holy Spirit, Christ’s Body, God’s child, honorable priest, God’s people eternally belonging to God”, all of my conditions become God’s conditions.

5) To restore thanksgiving for the past, see the evidence of Immanuel now, and possess affirmative hope for the future


6) Have mercy on others, bless others, and love others

-> These areas are spoken in point 3 that we must grab.

4. Learn and experience more, must equip myself <2Ti 3:14-17>

-> Learn, experience and equipping is all needed.

1) Learn the mystery of God’s Word, Christ, and the Holy Spirit correctly, as well as experience and confirm them


(1) Therefore, in rationale or logic aspect, to know Jesus Christ,

(2) in spiritual aspect to know Jesus Christ,

(3) and in compassion to know Jesus Christ – all are needed.

Rationale aspect


Spiritual aspect


Compassion aspect

(1) I see that from rationale, it is starting from the cross message principle, then the 5 gospel messages, then the 20 Basic Messages – the whole format, converse with God, and walking with God.

2) Must receive the perspective: can correctly diagnose the problems of man


(1) For rationale aspect, these are what we know as knowledge.

(2) For spiritual aspect, this is by faith that we confirm.

3) Must receive the power to lead people to the Lord, and to provide messages that gives man the assurance of born again


(1) Therefore, in equipping, it is surely done from rationale. I see that our church is very strong in rationale.

(2) Yet I continue to tell you to confirm (faith to confirm) it in your heart laboratory, and at this same time, bringing all that you know to become power, to become embodied, inside these words, for the people who can enjoy in prayers practically, are roughly only about half only. When he continues to experience, what will happen? He will want to pray as and when (动不动就祷告). And when he prays, it is not like in the past when it is regular and ritualistic likeness – lifestyle and methods or in a specific time or place to pray, but even when he is talking, he is praying. In this area, he continues to go into research and learning. When playing with the children, how relying on the Holy Spirit.. Even when spouses communicate and pray together, or even when spouses go strolling together, how to rely on the Holy Spirit – they continue to learn how to.

(3) Therefore, after receiving a lot of assurances and evidences in spiritual aspect, naturally, loving God and loving man will definitely have.

Rationale aspect (Knowledge)


Spiritual aspect (Faith to confirm)


Compassion aspect (Love God love men)

=> This is the area of equipping, 3 areas of equipping. God gives us these 3 areas, and all of these are needed.

4) Must be equipped answers and power to “heal people, and lead them to sanctification


(1) I see that from rationale, it is starting from the cross message principle, then the 5 gospel messages, then the 20 Basic Messages – the whole format, converse with God, and walking with God.

(2) And then, the great power of the gospel, 10 healing messagesspiritual aspect understanding. And then adding onto this skeleton, adding Bible Overview, to bring out the bible contents from past of Abraham of 4000 years things all understood and add on to our gradual experiences.

5) Must receive the power (wisdom) to nurture shepherds and to serve the church


(2) And then receiving a lot of wisdom, and thereafter, very practically, in own 7 fields, one-by-one confirm and experience.

6) Must receive power (evidences, testimonies) and messages: can identify “faithful people who can teach others”, thus being able to lead discipleship training


(2) And when he is with other disciples, God’s timetable continues to progress, and in the process of it, receiving a lot of evidences, testimonies, and much power are received.

(3) Such a person, when he stands on the stage, there are endless messages, sentence by sentence they hit the hearts of people, they can receive.

=> Such an equip is needed, practical learning: rationale, experiences – spiritual, and all sorts of equipment is needed.

5. Must possess “the vision of World Gospelization Evangelism” and “Strategy” <Acts>


After knowing book of Acts, you will know how 4G timetable is now how, …

1) Must treat the great commission left by Christ after his resurrection as “lifelong vision”


personal timetable is now where in the place, family timetable where, church timetable where for now, we are in the midst of prayer reviving so that flesh and blood contact networks are opened up. Therefore in the future, the most important for the church to send out are pastors and preachers, missionaries, etc. Many of such, gradually step-by-step timetable, we will grasp.

2) Must know the “relationship between seven fields and world evangelism”


Therefore, our God is a living God, giving us living messages. The living Spirit is now working in our spirits.

His practical very alive timetable is living in our family timetable, and church. Especially in the disciples that are gathered together like now, it is a real and true family! It is not that your flesh and blood are your family, “who are my father and mother, who are my brothers and sisters?”

The timetable of your flesh and blood comes quicker also by your life stick close to blessed fellowship, which is joined together with the throne of God, together come gathered, together equip, in the process of serving, you will see that your power and strength are transformed, and then, towards matters of flesh and blood, the answers that we speak forth shall definitely be different. This is very important.

Therefore, even if our flesh and blood are not blessed, there is no matter, actually the moment when we just leave the world, you will discover that they are not our forever and eternal brothers and sisters. It is temporal that God arrange fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, children roles to learn Jesus Christ, learn God, learn God’s love processes. When we reach heavenly kingdom, there is no longer any “papa, mama”, for there is only one Father, and all are brethren!

Therefore, in the midst of living together with brothers and sisters, the Holy Spirit will convict us to tell us to pray. The whole prayer, in the whole process of walking with God, we will see the great power of the Lord arising.

However, we definitely believe that the ones we love right now, whom we often have burden to continue to pray for, they are absolutely those whom God wants to save, very precious life. For flesh and blood, even if they are not blessedly chosen or saved, it is definitely necessary for our lifetime that we continue to pray for them. For the sake of the gospel, we have to continue to love them and help them, to wait for them, to contain and forgive them. At home, household, when there are great serious things that happened, it is a good chance. The typical person that cannot do so, when serious matters come, it is a good opportunity. For me when I see some difficulties coming into the family, there are 2 to 3 people more blessed, 2 to 3 more blessed, and these continued to happen. Especially for those relationships that are formidable or as sharp as a razor (厉害? 利害?), let go of every step, and give them everything. We only – if you turn to the left, I turn to the right; you turn right, I go left – when this comes, very great powers and another great turning point time – our family timetable will come.

These all mysteries, when we become disciples, real life purpose for the sake of RSYRJG firmed up, then praying for our own 7 fields, …

3) Possess the perspective to identify God prepared people and disciples

-> … continue to pray, …

4) Must know how to head start the work of evangelism and the priorities in ministries

-> … but the central focus is the church and the altar.

5) The focus of ministries should be placed on the ministry of “discipleship training”


Especially for the church with vision, the altar of missions and evangelism are very important altars. You must tightly hold on to the altars, and then whatever the Lord gives as gifts and roles, you just with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your might, faithfully when done …

6) Must know the mystery of how local churches interact and communicate with each other for the sake of world evangelism (global interaction)

-> … the door connections keep continue to open up. We have all seen these, for we are living witnesses, therefore, we shall pray for this era

7) To correctly judge the work of God as well as His timetable and then submit


Then for those people who grasp on to the 20 basic lessons, restoring God, restoring conversing with God, restoring walking with God. These 20 basic lessons, there are no one lesson that we cannot not know, and it cannot be in shortfall of. This is at the minimum skeleton. Just for example our vertebra (脊椎骨), there is one-by-one a number, there cannot be any shortfall. This forms the whole skeleton, and it must be grasped at the minimum. Meet God, converse with God, walk with God. Then at conclusion, definitely, 10 healing messages come.

Next week, we will go through 3 lessons each, and at the last, it will be a last lesson, and then we hold a last outline, then we shall close this. We hope that the Lord bless our prayers, our prayers accomplish great and important things.

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