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Teacher 18: Healing Message 1 – Eliminating Spiritual Harassment

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This time is, every time I come in here, my strength in my spirit is different, because even for the very precious time of Saturday that you also come, to want to be in joint prayers, and so much willing to go into joint prayers. When I come in here, all the works of the Holy Spirit with the prayers and singing of hymns are all different. You and I are really blessed group of people. I see that there is a new comer today. Why not come more in front so that you can see my writings and I can see you. Have you been baptized? Yes, thank the Lord.

The conclusion of knowing the gospel is that firstly, you will be born again, and then, there will definitely be healing. Therefore, there must be evidences. This is very important one.

Cross Gospel ( (1) With us, (2) Problem, (3) JX, (4) Called = I = Child, Body, Temple, (5) Perfect will -> Restoration =Healing -> Power, Blessings )
Born Again (called, blessed, beloved) (beloved = God’s work) (Living God’s word, JX, HS = Me)
Healing (Transformation = Sanctification)

After knowing the gospel, your life or your spouses’ life, your interpersonal relationships, how you pastor another life, or how you earn money and make use of finance, in all cases, if you have not a big transformation, either you do not know the gospel, or you do not know the gospel enough. The conclusion of knowing the gospel is definitely that you will be healed. In other words, this is called transformation, you will definitely be sanctified. Because when we are sanctified, we acquire the Holy Spirit that is alive. God’s Word is living and active, sharper and quicker than a double-edged sword, can divide bones and ligaments that spur out – this kind of power that you often experience, right – that if you experience such a living God, this is God’s word. God is the One Who came down on earth Jesus Christ, so that when we receive God’s word, receive Jesus Christ, inside of us our hearts have a wonderful conviction and this is the conviction and all the work of the Holy Spirit. This is when born again, we acquire. Therefore, the living God never rests. If a person really is a called, chosen, beloved person, “be-” means that he is God’s work. God’s work means that God’s word, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit that comes in my life, He is living liao! Living fulfillments, living power, living works, and these will definitely bring about healing. Some people believed and were baptized, yet they cannot be healed and they have more contradictions – these kind of people must start from where? No matter how much they fast, there is no use. It will be worse. They must go back to the cross of the gospel. The understanding of the gospel is insufficient.

The gospel tells us that God is eternally with us. Gospel says that “but we often cannot see problems, therefore, the only answer is Jesus Christ.” Fourthly, those who heard this message are blessed and called people. This is Me, as God’s child, blessedly called God’s son, JX body, HS temple, and this is me. Then how? God’s perfect will will surely be manifested towards me. Therefore, when we love God’s perfect will and submit, we will definitely restore. Restore means receiving healing. There is definitely transformation. The result of healing is power and blessings, surely following in all our situations. The cross message is this one.

|         With Me          |
| Works |
God ———————————————— Me
|                 ___Problem___                      |
| |Flesh——–|-> Prophet           |
| |Root of Sin|-> Priest            |
| |Evil Spirits|-> King              |
|                |————-|                     |
God ———–                            ——— Me
|                          |
(Identity) Me:God  |           J = X |  All Problems
->        |                          |
Conditions    |            =>            |
(Meaning)|                          |
->        |   Hear, Believe, Know    |
Obey       |     -> Transform         |
(=Accomplishment)|                          |
->        |                          |
->        |                          |

I say again. God is with me, and this is truth. God is definitely with us and there is the work of God. The problem is that I cannot see, and this is the problem. The reason is because the body is not restored and this flesh is called spiritual problem. Why? Because do not know God’s perfect will, do not know God’s will, this is called sin, the root of sin. Actually this is the blindness of the evil spirits, deceit, accusations. This cannot be solved by man’s efforts because they are evil spirit’s things. Because of self flesh things. How can flesh drive out Holy Spirit? Because he does not know the perfect will of God, therefore there cannot be any way to rely on the religion and works of man, to solve. Therefore, all sorts of problems just come. 10,000 problems all sorts and this is definitely the state of those who are separated from God.

I say again: the original principle that God calls us is that we must live in Him, hear His voice, receive strength and walk with Him. This is how God created by His Own image to create us. Fish must live in water. Why? (ask doctor) Good! It is because they are told to do so by God! Why must you see God to live? This is because it has been fixed by God. Therefore, without seeing God, all sorts of problems come. Only that Jesus Christ is the prophet and He brings the Holy Spirit, He is the priest to die for us, He is the king to have the authority of the throne to beat down the evil spirits, and as a result, after God’s every important conditions are set up that we can return back to God.

=> This is called Cross Message.

What is important? How do I know that I am blessed and chosen? Because there are evidences! Many do not have the chance to hear but I have the chance to hear. God came and find me, by His word. Secondly, many people came and find him, and they do not believe, yet I believed. Thirdly, in the past I do not know, but now I know! Therefore, it is so clear that there are transformations!

As a result, inside of me, God is alive. Therefore, I must seek this out. It is not to seek and find within the flow back of River Jordan, prayer holes among the mountains, but as I am standing here, in the year 2008, November 11, here, in my own conditions, to seek His works. Open your eyes to see immediately His works. God’s works to see right here. From here, you must start. Wherever you stand, find it right there. If you are in bankruptcy, find it inside of bankruptcy. If you are in sickness, you must seek it inside of illness. If you are seriously inside a spiritual problem, seek it right then. Then you can receive healing that has procedure and is rooted and founded to be restored.

As a result, at the same time when my identity has changed, all the conditions that I possess are transformed. It is not that the one who is less rich now becomes richer, or money falling down from heaven, or the people who are sick are immediately healed. Of course, there are such things, and even if money must fall from the sky, if God wants to do so, He will also do it. But what is very important is that my identity has been transformed. Belonging is transformed. And direction and goal are transformed. As a result, the meaning for whatever conditions I have all changed. Firstly, it means that it belongs to the heavenly kingdom, eternal, what is pleasing and liked by God. Therefore, this is called God’s good will, and this is God’s perfect will. If I love to obey, this itself is accomplishment. This accomplishment is unlimited. The bible says that “I will bless you in all things, letting you become the source of all blessings.” If you are called within a very disastrous situation, God will use that very bad situation to acquire the people having the same conditions as you, to tell your life to become My testimony. This is RSYRJG. Glorify God, blessing people, driving demons, born again people, heal people, raise people, send people out, using people by looking with importance at them. This is blessing people, benefiting people, and then through such a work, to build God’s kingdom. Glorifying God, benefiting men, and building the kingdom. This is what the bible all have summarized. (Therefore, Chinese is really too good. World gospelization is only done by the Chinese. There is much content in every single word! Six words and these are solved. I discover that it is so difficult to use English to write on the whiteboard. Chinese characters are just one by one, just like art, and anyhow write is also art.) Therefore, healing will definitely come!

Differentiating between healed and non-healing

If you know more about the gospel, and you become more faces and personality, then this is wrong. In romance you are a kind of person, and yet in office another kind, doing business another kind,.. Yet after knowing the gospel, if you do not know the gospel enough, there are a lot of fake masks that you must wear. As a result, the likeness in the church, the likeness at home, the likeness in the place of business, today’s likeness, tomorrow’s likeness are all different. This is called very serious illness. For this illness to be healed, other than the gospel, there is no other way. Therefore, according to my experiences, I experienced being a more contradictory person as a result of the gospel before. Later when I really know the essence of the gospel,… In the past, if I want to read the bible, I need bathe, and then I can worship a bit, and then open word by word to read. Later when I exercise or I do some work and I sweat, I feel ashamed to open up the bible. Really, such a person will become .. Yet, when I am blessed, when it is needed, I tore open the bible, read, memorize, then I munch and ate it up. The purpose of the bible that God gives me is to know God more, and in all things can enjoy God – this central idea! Then I discover that when I am in church, there is God’s perfect will for me in church, and this tells me to receive the most freedom. When I am in the cinemas to see the cinema – recently our brother rifeng found a really good movie, and wanted to find time to go, yet cannot find time, and he must treat me to see movie, yet must wait till he buys the dvd for me – to rely on the Holy Spirit, we will receive freedom and will receive benefit. Man, no matter where, for those who know the gospel, even if they are angry, they are angry at the right things, when they should flare up, they should. When they should be happy, happy, when they should be quiet, quiet. This is the Holy Spirt’s work. This is called being healed.

Gospel is Real 现实

Thanks to the gospel 托十字架福音的福

Therefore, I find that after knowing the gospel, believe God and go to church is? “You go to church so seriously to keep the Sabbath?” God gives you rice to eat meh? You still need to work right? And where does money come from ah? For me, I am a specialist in eating up such people. Actually I experienced everything. Yes, if you really know the gospel, rice will come. And it is not only simple rice, but it is sumptuous big meals. No matter where you go, only the things that kings can eat, and the best tasting foods are all smelled. For me, I probably ate a lot of categories, and it is all by the blessings of the cross message (托十字架福音的福). Money comes, gems of an era come, health definitely comes! Daily I rejoice, and blessed children come, and all spiritual disciples and children from all regions continue to come. Actually I because blessed by cross I leave my home town, my friend and my flesh and blood to the immigration center, and went into Chinese to evangelize. There I was with a lot of burden and pressure, and regret. When at the airport, we wept. We cannot return back to Korea that easily. Yet, after days, thanks to the gospel advantage, the whole family believed God. This is all arranged by God! If a person really believes the gospel and has firmed it up that God is with him, God helped him, firmed up that I am most loved by God, firmed up that in all my conditions God’s work, and then I just love God and submit to God, then all blessings of an era will just come too. All living creatures from 4 seas round up together towards you, your descendants disciples, will all be carried here, and when timetable has reached, various kings from many places will come to where you shine your light. You must arise and shine, and the Jehovah’s light, the cross gospel light, this light who has never left the world but the world does not know Him, this light, if you received, no matter what you think, it becomes God’s thoughts, when you speak of whatever, they are God’s voices. When you pray, God’s accomplishments. Hallelujah! Such a good gospel that we received, do we still live in contradictions? Inside half-belief and doubts? Self chase after what is totally opposite with God’s. Chase, but when receive a little bit, you lose a lot. Normally I find that those who know how to earn money will not rely on the Lord, and they will just rely on their own strength to earn. Yet when they earn 100k or 200k, suddenly at a glance, God just takes everything away in a flash! He blows them away like the wind. This often happens! Earn himself, yet many discounts and loogies (suffer losses) kept coming. I often see those people who are unhealthy, and early to die, are those who always worry for health. I discovered! There are surveys on this, and doctors approved. Ask the doctors, and they should know. I saw the report that in the whole world, for all who lived 130 years and above, they have common points that they have no health tips and knowledge. They live very naturally. They know what their body needs and they just eat whatever they like to eat. The much knowledge that we know actually binds us up! Many problems thus come. Eat more, more problems. Eat less, more problems just come. Eat more – too much, and at the end, many things.. He thinks that those things are beneficial for him, thus he kept on eating, therefore, there are things that are blocking the veins or arteries, and many problems come. Man’s control absolutely cannot overcome God’s control. I am now talking about the gospel ah, and not about health things. I want to say that the gospel is very practical. Very reality! Very down to earth.


I purposely use this word “reality” for the gospel tells my spirit to hear and see the Lord, receiving everything that is good and powerful from Him. From above, various beautiful and good gifts, perfect rewards just 24 hours come and reach our bodies. James 1:17-18. Receiving this to live.


And then our hearts how? Living on earth, what is most important is being peaceful, joy, thanksgiving, praise, love God, love man, bless people, and expect on tomorrow. If you are a teacher, there are many things you should format in your head. You speak word by word, but believe, it must be like this, not write down. But you must memorize! Peace joy, … More than $1 billion is that our hearts must be peaceful, freedom, as a result of thanksgiving, we will spread the gospel, and then will love the Lord, love men, and have eternal hope, and towards own children have absolute hope, towards self tomorrow, absolutely have hope. There is nothing that is as important. When we open up the hearts of people, we will know his tomorrow. Your heart if like Abraham, it is definitely that what will happen before like 4000 years ago that we see. Abraham later on blessings, you will definitely see! Amen? If your hearts open up and it is just like Lot, your descendants will be like Ammon Moabites, though he himself is blessed. If the heart is opened up and he is just like Saul, one day, there are many evil spirits that tell us to commit suicide that come to attack us. He is the king of the whole nation, yet he lost everything. He is against God for his lifetime – how accursed it is! When we open up the heart of man and it has a lot of Amithabha, if go Xinjiang, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, you will see how the state of your descendants will be like. Absolutely! OR, japan is so rich, therefore why do you only speak about poor countries? Ok, then you go japan to look and see. The whole world, the highest rate of suicide is Japan. One year, there are 150k, and Taiwan there are 100k suicides per year, and Korea about 30k to 40k. Actually for Taiwan, for ratio comparison, it is even worse than Japan. If it is 150k, it is like a city that is goner. Every year suicide ah! And for now, it is very serious for the old to suicide too, because their spirit is wrong. There is really a problem that we must know very clearly. There are all answers in the gospel. Very real one! Today, even in the valley of death to see the staff and rod of the Lord, comforting me, blessing me, for all the problems that I meet, they become eternal blessings. The gospel is very practical and real.



The body will definitely receive health! If you cannot receive health, you use like how Paul uses to bless an era. Body to become Holy Temple, so that it is very holy, very comforting.



Yesterday, pastor’s wife prayed a prayer before sleeping, “Father, let me also receive vision dreams.” Recently, she heard elder’s wife seeing visions of dreams lately, along with the pastor, going out with elder lei’s wife to go and preach the gospel, and she admires so much. In the daytime, our honorable elder’s wife called me and said, “She went with Huiyan, Elder Wu, Elder Lee, kneel down at a place to pray so earnestly, and they do relay prayers, joint prayers..” Often see such dreams! Our precious Elder’s wife Huiyan every month January 1st have some very good vision dreams. Therefore, my wife really hopes to have vision dreams. For me, I never pray and it just came naturally. Just now I asked her whether she made vision dreams just now before coming here, and she said, “Don’t have.” Hahaa. For me, I dreamt visions yesterday too. There is a very big Christian fellowship, revival, after I went up stage to speak one sermon, and I see earthquake already. Not thank God, but they all came up to me united to want to attack me! Hahaa. Therefore, for yesterday’s dream, I really received a grievous hatred that the heads of the hearers have all the blindness spirits. Actually for those who they attack me, 1/2 of them fell asleep when they heard the message. And then when they wake up, they attacked me! I saw this inside the dreams, that because this era of churches do not know the gospel of Jesus Christ, they are continually being bounded. If we do not know the vision dreams correctly, not only do we receive healing, but we run towards another area, having a very serious consequence. Mysticism, for me 32 years of belief, if it happens not through the very reality gospel that has root and foundation, it will tell people to want to experience all sorts of things. Actually how is God with us right now? He is with us in the likeness we have right now! Therefore, when our eyes open, only that we open our eyes in the situation right now – those with us like Rifeng, Su Zhang Kong auntie, Chaoli, we will see God’s love, and this is the Holy Spirit’s work, and when we see it, it is so beautiful in our eyes, right? I see our .. sister, it is just like 7-8 years old eyes with much vision. It is like now that the Lord is with us right now!! With this, we can then thank God in all situations, right?

Often in joy, the more we know the gospel, the more normal, daily, often, right? In all things, we can praise and thank God, then this is correct one. For mysticism, the things that we experience are actually more troublesome. If the things we experience do not come, we will be very discouraged, and very bounded. And for the things that we experience subjectively, we will want so much to channel them to our children, the people whom we love, and as a result, they all fall down!! Self has such very wonderful experience by the Holy Spirit, but this cannot be experienced by all peoples outside.


Though speak the gospel, if it is a legalistic gospel, there will be a lot of troubles! The words that come out of the mouth all are sentences that accuse and oppress people, right? Therefore, it is really in reality. Living is absolutely in all things, always.


Interpersonal, therefore, absolutely in all interpersonal relationships, all can be restored, and even good things just come, and all of them become honorable people!


Those we love the most – spouse – are then discovered to be blessed! I often say that before I know the gospel, the most unlucky person is beside me. This is because I am zealous, for I am zealous from birth actually. No matter what I do, I am zealous. In my perspective, the people I hate most are those who are not zealous, not serious, and are muddle-headed. The more I love, the more I expect from her. Therefore, those who are always with me are always very much in sufferings. However, after I know the gospel, her weaknesses become my serving, her weaknesses become my compensation, her weaknesses become my crown, and it also becomes her blessing and her crown. You understand me right? Then you will know that this is very beautiful.


For children, they are absolutely blessed. If our children stopped attending church when they reach 17 or 18 years old, why? This is because before they leave us, they have not experienced the gospel that is reality. Their studies when they are studying, like how Daniel received 10 times more wisdom and power, Joseph receiving wisdom, never bring these evidences to confirm with the children, and the end result is like this. After they graduate from university, it is absolute that God helps them like Daniel, Joseph, with the very practical gospel content, have not yet confirmed with the children, and as a result, their hearts slowly have a lot of misconceptions – the more they stay close to the church, they find it more boring and more troublesome, needing to sacrifice a lot of time, effort, strength. Therefore, if they pray for one hour, it is a waste of 1 hour. 1 hour of prayers to receive 100 hours – we must give such an evidence. Therefore, for children’s education, there are all sorts of failures. Our children – no matter what situations, the gospel will help them. This is because the gospel is not to first change the children, but the gospel will first change ourselves. The gospel definitely tells this to us, because we have already become the Holy Temple, Jesus Christ is with us, the places Jesus Christ goes to, Jesus Christ if go to the store room, the store room will be transformed; and if JX goes into the guest room, the guest room will be changed. Jesus Christ went up and the upstairs will all change. The advantages of the gospel! Therefore, seeing this people, they will not be hungry. No matter whether in season or out of season, they will stand, as this is very practical, reality, and when the children hear, the same Holy Spirit will work. There is no oppression. I am not saying that my children education is 100%, 100/100. However, God gives especially problematic children to me, and then? One of them grows up and she is really sensitive, intelligent, serious. She is even more serious than me for 100 times. The other one is birth continues to like being on the positive side. There is no problem for everything. If there is rice, he just eats. He is very … and he loves the culture of the world to grow up. Really this nature must change. Therefore, two children’s DNA come from myself, and therefore, I know that if I am transformed, they have transformation. I am not saying that my children’s education is 100 marks, but through the special children, through growing them up period, I received a conclusion!! And this is if I am transformed, they will be transformed. I have also struggled and quarreled with them before, and I have beaten them also, and cried with them too. There are periods when I am angry and I never speak to them for 2-3 days. However, at the end, the conclusion is that I transformed, they will absolutely be transformed.


And then, finance. This is very practical. Our Chinese always say Reality, down-to-earth. When we talk about down-to-earth, they will talk about finance. This is very reality. Not only that your pockets can from God be satisfied, there can be extra. Not only this, gospel gives us healing that the whole universe are ours as we are main characters. There is no need to register. America is so beautiful country, those who really enjoy the nature here, if there is a leaf that just drops down, there can be an eye to see it with a wonder. For management, there are people to take care, because I have no time. Yet, there are big beautiful gardens. One day, our precious Elder wife Huiyan brought me to a very good garden. I went there 2-3 times, and it is by her blessings, therefore she is precious. She brought out an identity card and I can go right in. Then, I round up about 1 hour, together, converse, and words all are fragrant, sky… And at one time, the weather is very good, and one time there is big heavy rain, and when the rain becomes showers of blessings. Such a very good garden taken care by tens of workers, they manage, but when I go, there are really few who go there and enjoy! If for me to manage, possibly for a year, 1 million to 2 million is needed, as there are all sorts of flowers and trees. Yet, I do not need to fork it out, and I do not need to register. And if I only live in America for 5 more years, I just enjoy it for 5 more years. Then, when I move house, I always give everything out to brothers and sisters. This is like naked – like I only go to Singapore, and when come to America, there are only 2-3 bags. And at my house now, there are so much already! Then if I go Beijing, again, it will start all over again. For lifetime, there is no need to register and wait. Thanks to the gospel that I have this! 托福音的福. You must really get this.

Fruits -> Eternal, Precious

And then, really it is the fruits of the lifetime, and it is so abundant and eternal. The precious of an era. Therefore, no matter how people tell me, I do not care. I only like this. I know absolutely that this is the perspective of God. Therefore, I know that the elder’s wife in the church are really honorable elder’s wife. One of them is precious elder’s wife, and she is so quiet, like hidden life, yet I see her life many treasures. Then the youngest is the treasure or the apple of one’s eye. Those who are with her are always joyful. Such people …. draw.. I am vine tree, you are all branches, such to expand!

The gospel is very real.

And then, there are evidences. Healing 10 lessons. When you teach, those who really want to receive, tell them to find it as very practical. God’s all glory must be restored. For example, when you speak about spirit, you speak about what is inside the spirit. When you speak about the heart, you talk what is inside the heart. Body – talk about inside the body God’s glory. God’s glory are all restored, even inside of cancer, it can be too. No matter where, you must totally restore. And this is called healing messages.

Know one time as absolute -> lifetime be influenced

For your lifetime, only that you have one time, know the essence and precious of the gospel, I even think that is the absolute answers! There is a time when I taught this in Singapore that these are the absolute answers, I received a lot of attacks on this. I even said paiseh paiseh sorry, and I dismissed my words. Not these, but yet God’s word Himself by nature is absolute le. If we know once as what is absolute, how great a portion of blessing this is! Once understood, lifetime will be influenced.

Greatest force to fight

And then, since we have to have a spiritual battle, then how to fight? We must receive the greatest force to fight! Spiritual battle to use force and force struggle, and if one force is greater than the other, then the other will fall. If there is an evil spirit so that his power is greater than mine, I will be oppressed, fear, depressed, muddle-headed, hoodwinked, etc etc. Yet when we restore the gospel, there is a great force that overcomes, and the result is joy, peace, freedom, and all these will come. This is force and force struggle. Since must fight, must fight against Goliath, must really have the strength that is greater than Goliath. We will meet a few people whose strength is like Goliath. If we must really live peaceful living, we must really receive the greatest force. This is what David relied = Jehovah’s power. In my 32 years of Christian living, and actually if start from bible lessons, it is about 40 years of God’s word, the greatest highest yet simplest greatest answer, through the longest prayers, and even in the 10 years that I round up in the SEA, regions that has demon-possessed people, with church problems, with a lot of forces of darkness, really serious, inside the church, family, fellowship, along all these years that I continue to run about, the Lord tells me to learn.


And when I reach America, I organized everything out. Believe or not, it is up to you. But I hope that if you at least acquire this, your enjoyment of this authority, abundance, glory are at least my level – this brother, this flesh. You must really grasp this. You need one time to grasp it seriously. One time more seriously to learn. And then, this will influence you for lifetime. One time your eyes are opened, one time you know God, God’s image impressed on your heart, and for lifetime, you will be able to enjoy. And then, you will be clearer.

Over and over again -> Clearer

After grasping this, for lifetime, you continue to repeat alternatingly, in this process, you will get clearer and clearer on all these mysteries.

Joined together
Over and over again

These also have procedure. Must join together. If there is no joining together, it is not too related with the root. Therefore, all must be joined together. And must confirm. At the same time of confirmation, you will see that the gospel is very much in reality. And then you must do over and over again. In the process of over and over again, this will become your nature and your perspective, and at the end, it will become your habit. That time, you will really become like Paul. Such days, such fruits can all be acquired.

Important Prelude

There are a total of 10 lessons.

And this is a very important prelude.

1) Problem (stick close to God (Gospel) )

No matter what problems, in your current situation, no matter what situation that he is in, only that he stick close to God and that will do. This is the gospel.. Surely there are answers.

2) Do not care on people -> concentrate on myself -> influence people

Do not care, but focus on your own self. This is a very important point. No matter your children, your spouse, your finance situation, no matter how bad, only that you yourself one person restore the Holy Spirit, restore Holy Temple, restore gospel mystery, to preserve your hearts and minds, then in the future, you will naturally not manage people, but influence people. This will definitely come. This is the very important principle of the gospel.

3) My -> Spirit (called, blessed, beloved, Restore God = Emmanuel)

Especially in my what area? In my spirit! Spiritual healing is the starting point and the everything of everything of all healings! Actually everything upon everything! If spiritual healing, restoring Emmanuel, for example there is some finance difficulties, and after 3 years, there are an abundance of restoration, yet if you restore spirit today at this moment, the finance healing is also inside of this spiritual healing. This is because you will see Emmanuel providence today. And then, after 3 years, really, that finance surplus and abundance will also come. Spiritual healing is the most important. This is called blessed, beloved,… Spiritual healing is called restoring God. This is called Emmanuel. Seeing God is with us. This is the start of the cross message (how we gone through just now).

4) JX -> now, here Conditions

When you restore this, you will find that there are all sorts of answers in Jesus Christ. Especially Jesus Christ’s answers to be in the situations right now, now, here! No need to change any conditions, but in the conditions right now, to restore – this is very important. Do not because of or by your motives to expect or admire areas to start, even that for lifetime, they might not come at all! Now in these conditions, and in Jesus Christ, there are all sorts of answers. Right?

5) Love God Love men -> Obey

And then, as a result of healing, there is the heart that has love for God, has love for men. And at the same time, there will be obedience. You must really have submission and following. If there is no works, it is equivalent to not believing. There must be submission. Then, the whole healing will come.

Today, we are to share on 3 messages. Spiritual, heart, and in the heart, there is some special thing called mental healing.

Difference between heart and mental

The difference between heart and the mental is? Heart is very normal person, the state that will receive attacks suddenly at once. And then, when you gaze upon the Lord, it will immediately be removed. However for mental illness, you cannot control. Even if you try very hard, it really seems there is no way to solve. This is the slight difference between heart and mental healing.

spirit soul body

The bible also says spirit soul body. When Paul blesses, he also says “spirit soul body will be preserved in Jesus Christ”. There are no wrongs to say spirit soul body. But in the church history, 2000 years of quarrels, even up till now: does man have 2 things or is man made up of 3 structures? The more conservative churches will believe in er4 yuan2 lun4 (二元论) Dualism: there is visible and invisible. Yet what is very important, in the perspective of talking about functions (功能), the bible indeed says that when we are living, we can think and have emotions, yet the bible says that we are dead in such a state. Even for Gentiles, they have rationale, and they have a bit of spirit sense, yet of course such a spirit does not know God. That is worshipping idols, continue to find demon gods, and then, they also have emotions. Therefore, indeed, .. Yet the bible says that they are dead in sins and transgressions. The bible has a few places saying that “My Spirit must leave him.” Spirit left Saul, and the evil spirit just filled him. From the whole bible to speak, my conclusion to separate spiritual healing and heart healing to speak is needed. Dualism or Trialism (三元论) please ask God. That is not really important. In the knowledge area or spiritual science area of arguments only. Actually I especially learn this in China too. In Confucius studies, from Song dynasty to start, the chairman li3 qi4 (戾气? epidemic pathogenic factor?) talks, history continues to quarrel and struggle things. But my understanding is that it is not that when we are born again, that we do not have spirit and we received some spirit to replace, but a person who is born into this world, Adam’s descendants, they are indeed living amidst the spiritual dimensions, yet in his heart, he has not yet received a channel, which only means that his spirit is in a dead state. This is called flesh state. When he heard the gospel, the heart understanding, the heart believe, from here to start, the Holy Spirit that is always with him will start to work on him. Through the gospel that he heard that worked, as a result, from that time onwards, that spirit in him can hear God’s voice and can see all of God’s beauty, God’s power, and what can come – the heart that is very hungering to rely on Holy Spirit. Therefore, the differentiation between spirit and heart – for me I say like this.


Healing Message 1 (Spiritual Healing)


When we use the 10 healing messages to lead small groups, the important thing is not about theology, abstract, mythic, mystical that principles. Therefore, every time you lead, focus on this as the purpose. For those who hear the messages, they will not be like you having such knowledge or thinking analytical caps skills. To them, what is the most important? Give this to them! (This = probably the prelude things.) For even professors, psychology professors, talk a little bit of heart matters, or if you teach pastors and preachers or those undergoing theological training people, or having pastoral experience people, you touch a bit of dualism or trialism, and it is still okay. But every time when we lead, what does man really need? The most important thing to grasp is: have you really met God? This is what you must confirm together!

1) Have you met God? (born again) -> God’s word (perfect will), JX, Holy Spirit => how to Me?


In this area, let the hearers see the God Who is with them now. This is the purpose. There is no need for a lot of theological principles. Really: have you met God?

One time meet

One time meet, lifetime you know God. One time I know Elder Lee, after 3 years and we meet, I say, “It is as if we have met before.” And then, and we will know.

By His original nature

It is not by the methods of man, but we have to use God’s original position to know Him. By His likeness to know Him, and if one time, eternally, it will influence you. This is called born again.

Book of John on Born Again

Nicodemus lived in church for such a long time and he even became a teacher of the 36 lessons, but he has never seen God’s heavenly kingdom. Therefore, JX says that if you are baptized of the water and the Spirit, you will definitely see the kingdom of God. For all those who must worship Him, you must how? By the word that they receive, by the convictions acquired through the Holy Spirit received, to converse with Him <Jn 14:21>. The whole book of John talks about this! John 3 talks about born again then you can see God’s kingdom, and John 4 also talks when to Samaritan woman. They are all religious people. They continue to seek for God, but they cannot see God. God is not on the mountains, not in Jerusalem, but here right now! To see Him, you have to see it through the Holy Spirit to know Him mystery to tell her. Therefore, in this lesson, we must surely..

God’s word (perfect will)

But how to meet Him? We must not have misconception on God. It is through God’s word. In other words, God’s intentions, or God’s perfect will. The eyes that we see everything is we know and believe is from God’s word. How God’s word says, it shall be like so. God’s word. Use this to know, then for all the universe things, no matter what you see, you will receive God’s perfect will. The reason God gave us wood, and metal. If our premise is built everything by metal, the echo will be too much, and it is so difficult for us. And metal does not shield coldness conveniently because it transfers heat the fastest. Therefore God gives us wood. This is just an example. Do not see wrongly. When we see wood, we receive God’s perfect will, receive His glory, receive His power.. In the past, God’s word not only knows the world that can be seen by the visible eyes, but we can see even the invisible things that cannot be seen by the eyes. The moment that we know God’s word, that power, living and active power, will come to your body!

And then, God’s word also tells us about the whole mystery of man’s history. And this is to exalt the Name of Jesus Christ, acquire His people, and when the numbers of believers are satisfied, to bring New heavens and New earth to come. Therefore, when we believe, the whole lifetime purpose, the purpose of living together with spouses, the purpose of working, the purpose of using money, the purpose of using time, we just align them together. Is it not power? Does this not bring about effect? Practical efficiency! This is how we must know God.


How do we know God? If only by God’s word that we know Him, it is not enough. Therefore, we have to use all of the likeness of Jesus Christ to know. Jesus Christ’s image is totally the same as ours. He has parents siblings, home, working as a carpenter, has church living, friends, has God’s word, He also receives the convictions of the Holy Spirit. But He is One Who relied on the Holy Spirit of God, relies on God’s word to glorify God this type of living, therefore miracles and signs follow Him. We can also be the same. The same conditions starting from born again, all these already come into our life. Therefore, when you look at yourself in the mirror from today onwards, this is not me, it is no longer I that lived, but Jesus Christ lived in me alive, and when this happens, you will become 100 times more beautiful. Our Heng Ru is already so beautiful, but when Jesus Christ lives in us, 1000 times! Haha. Sisters like most to be beautiful, right? I experienced this myself before! I never even judged myself. Who am I that I judge myself? This is what is spoken by Paul. Because this is the honorable God’s image, God’s word came in, the spirit that lives in me so that I am a Holy Temple, Christ’s Body, it is no longer I that lived, but Christ is living in me. And then, Great Prophet – because the words I speak are all prophetic words, and the thoughts in my mind are all prophet words. Priest heartbeat, because I pray for an era, for my descendants, and therefore mercy, compassion, loving heart all comes. And King – that time, when I use this perspective to see, in the eyes of man on earth, my points are only 49 points upon 100. My external is only 49 points. My wife often says 51 points. But I feel that I am only 49 points. Yet through Christ, I became 4900 points! The whole glory has manifested out. What is the likeness Christ move? What is the likeness Christ work? What is the likeness that Christ manages His own Body? How does He love His children? He has shown everything to us! It is only that we just live as He did! This is Christ living, therefore, Christ will take responsibility! I really see that this is so much in reality! Christ also has 8 hours to sleep each day, and He has to cry sometimes, He also will become hungry, will become sleepy, will go to the toilet! He also spoke of this before, “It is not what goes in that makes us dirty, but what comes out..” Haha. Actually not really this meaning. But He uses the living daily examples to teach believers. The Gospel is really very REAL. Amen?

Holy Spirit

And then Holy Spirit. On the people who practically know God’s word and Christ, have they met God? They must confirm together. You must confirm together with those who are listening. Spiritual healing most important is this one.

2) Can you anytime converse? -> Format = Build temple

Second thing is whether if you are only willing, can you anytime converse with God? This must confirm. This must go through some format, the God’s word in you can then have movement. In our life, we heard a lot of God’s word, many things. How do these in my spirit life meet God, converse with God, this really needs format. This is called building the temple. Jesus Christ says that there must be rebuilding of the temple with root and foundation – destroy, 3 days rebuild newly. If we have these 2 things, it is already not bad.

3) Do you know the schemes and works of the evil spirits? Must correspond to the bible

Then if you add number 3), “if you know Satan”, spiritual realms, Evil spirits, all their cunning schemes and works, do you know? Confirm together. This is also very important. Together confirm. It must be very much correspond to the bible, it must not be very mystical. It must correspond to the bible to confirm. If we know God’s word, we will all know about evil spirit’s works.


Their works are some which we know: hoodwink our hearts eyes, so that we cannot see God. Telling us not to be able to see the Christ that came to earth with flesh: incarnation mystery.


And he is continually accusing us day and night. Therefore, “are there any accusations?” Together confirm in the small group. This is corresponding to God’s word. And how to accuse? He tells us to lose the God’s child glorious identity, tell us to lose our life purpose, lose God’s love, he continues to accuse always!


He is a deceiver, like a roaring lion, at a moment will attack us. But if God just only onetime blows, he will disappear. When we take hold of His sword, God’s word, he will be removed. Through Jesus Christ all His temptations, He let us see everything already. Spiritual healing this must grasp.

Through days of more experiencing

Satan’s work is also more and more, through the days that pass by, you will recognize, know and discern. In the messages of Rely Spirit, drive demons, and restoring Kingdom, I especially said this. Therefore, face-to-face we know him.

Resist to tell him to run away

Therefore, when his attacks come, very quickly, will block his works, if you resist him, he will run away. The bible says this.

When he leaves me

Therefore, the whole mystery, when he leaves me likeness, you must also grasp. It is by seeing your heart state that you can even feel his movements.

Face-to-face = greatest strength of fighting

Therefore, what is the greatest strength of driving demons? It is by face-to-face one. If the enemy comes and attack here (at the back), there is no way, and he only sneers and laughs at us. He only purposely do it sometimes even. Therefore, we must face-to-face with him! Face-to-face to beat him up, and he will run away.

Strategized fighting

But if you become a highly-skilled fellow, he knows it here already, and here the likeness is like this (you fight here like in the air, he comes at the back). You just suddenly turn your back and punch him directly accurately and he will just go off! Haha. There are all sorts of ways that you do la. Jesus Christ ma. This is not that I invented. Jesus Christ told Peter, “Simon Simon, Satan is sifting you now!” Then why does Jesus Christ not drive Satan out immediately? Because it is needed by Simon. Therefore, Jesus Christ is like… Then after 3 times that Peter denied Christ, Jesus brought very important life experiences, impressed and carved into Peter’s tablet of heart, and then after that, Jesus turned around and punched Satan! Ha. There are all sorts of ways in the bible, seek them out and learn. These are very practical and real things, so that the bible in our spirits and living, we can experience. Satan – we seek them all out.

4) Rely Spirit, Drive Demons, enjoy Kingdom

We also must very practically seek out is? Through our prayers in the spirit, how can we always drive demons and then rely on the Spirit, and restore enjoy Kingdom? This area, you continue to learn prayer is very practical. It is very real that we learn how to get strength. This lesson, if we use a lot of theological principles to speak, speak here and there no use one. Originally that we piece this lesson up, the purpose is here (in confirmation of the above).

1:06:15.9 – 1:22:40.0

Matthew 4:1-11


Eliminating Spiritual Interference


Spiritually, non-Christians are in a state of death while Christians are in a state of battle. At the same time believers lose their spiritual authority, they become captives and slaves in their life; while at the same time they restore spiritual strength, their lives will possess the power of influence that is beyond time and space. The secret to believers’ victory is none other than their spiritual awareness. Spiritual victory will bring about success in everything.


1. Spiritual problems can enter instantaneously


What is the main point in this sentence? Our life is often living inside of spiritual realms. This is the meaning. Therefore, 0.1s is not needed, and the attacks will come immediately, hoodwink also comes, and a lot of bad things also come.

Here lists 6 things. Because numbers of 6 is not good therefore I use 6. I can also list out 10,000. very important is that you must not be bounded by the sentences.

Very important is that spiritual problems will enter just with a moment in time. Why? Because our spirit is with the spiritual realms.

1) Instantly lose strength, become powerless, anxious and fearful <Ex 14:1-14; 1Sa 17:1-54; 2Ki 18:13-18>


2) Become a carnal man, who belongs to the flesh and world <2Sa 11:1-27; Mt 16:21-23; Ac 5:1-11>


3) Lose the meaning of life and possess feelings of emptiness <1Ki 19:1-8>


4) Possess pessimistic and negative perceptions towards the present and future <Nu 13:31-33>


5) Judge, criticise or envy others, complain easily and is quick-tempered <1Sa 18:6-21>


6) Enter into a state of guilt, inferiority, and autism <Ro 7:24>


2. Spiritual problems are related to the authority and forces behind them

-> Inside the spiritual realms, there must be a force, and this influences our spirit, telling our spirit to be oppressed, or telling our spirits to be freed, such things. There are forces and authorities, and these key-words must be understood.

1) Certainly related to the forces of Satan <Ge 3:1; Rev 12:10; Jn 8:44; 1Pe 5:7-8>


2) Appear when I lose God’s power <Ge 3:4-5>


3) Enter through the weak channels of my life <Ge 3:6>


4) The spiritual environment will affect my spiritual mind, and everything in my life’s fields <Ge 3:7-24>


5) The state and authority of my spiritual mind will also transform the spiritual environment <Mt 4:1-11, 16:17-19, 12:28-29>


And then practically to use God’s word, bible, this method to know Him. This is very important, that we must correspond to the bible. Not only to correspond to the bible, we must correspond to reality. Your actual very practical situation. Your heart must all experience. Oh, how does attacks come, how does accusations come, what do I hold on to that Satan will be removed – all these must grasp.

3. Must understand the causes of illnesses and channels in my life, and to also totally eliminate the roots

-> Actually here, 1,2,3,4,5 separated meaningfully correspondingly to main point 4.

1) Ignorance, misunderstanding, confusion in ideology, folly, unbelief, doubt

-> Therefore in point 4 it is “Only God’s word

2) Religious laws and rituals, condemnation and judgment, unresolved sins

-> This is because of the reason of not knowing the accomplishments and love inside Christ. And therefore Only Christ.

3) Carnal thinking and judgement, unhealthy mysticism, spiritual slumber (no heart and conviction)

-> Carnal thinking and judgement, unhealthy mysticism, spiritual slumber. It should be 灵的沉睡, not 灵里的睡眠. When we have no heart and no convictions, problems will come. It is the spiritual slumber time.

4) Humanistic approaches, zeal, anxiety, procrastination, discouragement

-> Humanistic approaches, zeal, anxiety, procrastination, discouragement – why? This is because there is no prayer!


Therefore, God’s word, Christ, Holy Spirit‘s mystery – those who knows this, only that you know prayers, which is the force inside spiritual realms, evil spirits interference that you know, that how you use prayer to rely on the Spirit, drive demons and restore kingdom, this is spiritual healing. One time know very clearly, later on, you must continue to “over and over again”.

5) Strong selfish motives and objectives, spiritual idols and worldly pursuit

-> If the motive is not only RSYRJG,

(1) first is that you will not receive the perfect will of the Lord,

(2) second is that you will not see evidences,

=> and therefore cannot evangelize. Even if you evangelize, you only spread the principles, and not very practical evident spreading.

Therefore, you know that main points 3 and main points 4 are related to each other.

4. Cannot receive full healing before grabbing hold of the following “5 great ‘Only’” <Gal 2:20>

-> If cannot receive full healing, I discover that it is because

1) Only God’s Word <Heb 4:12>

-> firstly, you do not hold on only to God’s word to meet God.

2) Only Christ <Jn 14:6>

-> not holding on to Only Christ to meet God – this problem.

3) Only Holy Spirit <Ac 1:4-8>

-> not holding on to Holy Spirit’s – how He convicts my very spirit to – all the transformations in my spirit, right?

Already receive the spirit of sonship, right, heirs spirit, and then using words that cannot express to help us, right?

And continue to intercede for us, and in all things will guide and instruct us, in all things tell us to remember what Jesus Christ has said before,

and when I believe, very amazingly, there is a wonderful strong and courageous heart that I receive, then I know that His Spirit has touched my spirit state.

Therefore, oh I now know that the Spirit has just touched me, with this, this blessed life – what problems are there any more? Then, this situation has definitely no problems liao!

Recap again point 1), 2), 3)

Christ soldiers progress! When done, when said, this is God’s word, God’s works, God’s plan ma, this is God’s timetable ma. Therefore, power comes.. Therefore, on those who hear, see His likeness (JX), the spiritual interference will be removed. They will receive Holy Spirit filling, HS works will arise.

Only God’s word, Only JX —-> Only HS

Fix up / Do so

Your spousal relationships must really be like this because this is the most important relationships, right? You must be like this with your children one to do, right? Because your whole lifetime purpose and focus is for nurturing and raising these descendants. Right? Not only the descendants of flesh and blood, but also spiritual children. Therefore, you must do so.

Rely Spirit = 明白过来 to do so

You must rely on the Spirit to do so! You must really understand in your spirit. 明白过来. Understand it! Ah, this is the will of the Spirit. Ah, this is that the Spirit has forgiven me! It is really too good. Therefore, in the past that I am a bit weak, this has become for me now, testimonies now, and then I have towards Him thanksgiving, and eternal remembrance trophy. How good it is! So good, living and active – such Holy Spirit’s works – if we do not know even a little bit, it is so much discounted, suffer loss!

Goodness of HS vs Vegetable

If you only become a Sunday vegetable, and it is like you are a worship vegetable! Even if you do 3 days of concentration prayers, you are prayer vegetable ah! Really Satan how he hoodwink our spiritual eyes, and we can see so many in the churches! There are atheist in the church.. I really see that there is no God in them. They continue to cry and moan, and they cry with the same thing for 3 years! Then is his God dead? Therefore, I continue to say the atheist in the Sunday church. Worship vegetable, frozen up fish inside the problems. This is what happened to the Israelites before Goliath. Originally so much potential, and God is with them, but cannot use. All become frozen up! Cannot use! With frozen, no matter how you are wise, skilled… Look at Saul.. he is so skilled, he is a hero in the past, and yet, he became a no use person, and not only this, but he became a troublesome person. The battle inside the spiritual realms – you must understand.

RECAP again to emphasize..

1) God’s Word

Therefore, (1) using God’s word to know all of God’s mystery. Then (2) in all things, to experience. You will know. If you have to do something, it is like the things I have heard God’s voice before, experiences you will remember, such experiences, you will have clearer and clearer. This is called only God’s word.

E.g. coffee (hear God’s word to do, none other)

It is not abstract understanding, but you in the morning, you in the morning God’s word, tell you to show up, when eating, God’s word that comes to be manifested to you, when you drink coffee God’s word manifestation. When I drink coffee, my spirit is most joyful, enjoyable, and it is the World Gospelization time le. Most of my messages actually come from coffee. People all fear coffee, right? For me, I totally believe. Even if all the doctors in the world will do demonstrations against me, I truly believe the goodness of the coffee has many. After drinking coffee, the whole power in my body, totally different. Because it influences my brain, and the small brain all functions are different, right? Breathing, digestion all related. Coffee will related. After drinking, loosen, will go to the toilet immediately. Very joyful. And then, later a lot of good things to eat. Hear God’s word to do, this is called Only God’s word.

Receive Perfect Will to do (Spousal relationship)

If you live spousal relationships, receive God’s perfect will to do! Do not do anyhow. Do not, “Hai, every time it is the same, sorrowful face. Boring, bad satan.” Do not be like this. But God’s word. My lord, my Leechull, my love.. haha. Sarah towards Abraham is like this, “my love..” Our rifeng towards linming is like this, “is there any instruction for me today?” Haha. Linming will pray, “I bless you today that you will be filled with wisdom health power totally to be with you, letting you be able to have blessed meetings..” and after work, we know the hospital work is very tiredsome and busy, but “my lord, my lord” haha. “like this like this accomplished le! So tomorrow you have to bless me doubly!” Haha. Is this laughing matter or joke? Therefore 1Pet 2 and 3, you must learn from Sarah. All our honorable precious and treasure elder’s wife must all be the same right? Absolutely, before going to work, “my lord, are you ready?” Must be ok?

Not memorizing God’s word, but only know His word CLEARLY

Only God’s word is this meaning! Even if you remember all the bible words, there is no use. I discover that when you remember, Satan is going to use all that you memorize to attack you! Right? When Jesus Christ is tempted, Satan uses God’s word to attack Him. “How angels will hold you” actually it is from Psalm 91. Sometimes, for those who memorized a lot of God’s word, I see that there is godly appearance, but inner power is not in his life. You must know the truth and the truth will set you free. You must get it.

Only God’s word must know clearly.

2) Only Jesus Christ


Only Christ means that now, it is no longer I that lived, but it is now that Jesus Christ lives in me.

Identity = Today’s Jesus Christ

Therefore, tell wife say, “Do you know who you are living with today?” You are living with Christ! “My love, my love”. Towards the children, it is with this identity, father’s teaching, parents teaching admonishment rebuke, children hear and they will definitely be blessed. Father so much … living Christ!

3) Only Holy Spirit

Slow by 1 second

Only Holy Spirit means 0.1 seconds, slow by 1 seconds, slow a little, “Lord what is Your will?”

Experience of days

At the beginning, it is like you earnestly try to seek and find, it is like just after believing in Christ. Yet with people like Leechull who believed a long time, already 40 years, one time glance will know le, and the Lord’s voice will hear also.

Strong and courageous

The Lord gives a strong and courageous heart. Brothers and sisters shaken, then immediately the protection of the Holy Spirit comes to tell them “Do not be like this ah!” Only HS.

Therefore, speaking is more with freedom, power, joy,


and have very honorable glory, Lord’s image, Lord’s fragrance will see. On my body, sometimes have, sometimes don’t have.

24 hours

May it be that 24 hours in my body have. The Lord’s fragrance.

=> No more problems le! If the spirit has healing, the spirit is blessed, everything will follow.

4) Only Prayer <Php 4:4-7>

-> To enjoy God’s word, Christ, Holy Spirit, how? You must do scheduled prayer, anytime prayers. If you has some disturbance with anytime prayers, go into concentration prayers. And if not enough, joined prayers, find people to pray. Then all problems are solved.

5) Only Evangelism (Mt 28:18-20>

-> Then, only Evangelism. No matter in or out of season, evangelism is not taking tracts out to go, but when the spouse is together, gospel reality power to enjoy together. Therefore in and out of season the power will come.

=> Such differing degree and scenario, every one of us grasp differently. I am also not enough, but we just work hard.

For our lifetime purpose, we just be clear, one time understand, lifetime will be influenced.

Absolute answers

Therefore, this healing messages, one lesson by lesson. I feel even that this is absolute. Other than God’s word, what else is there absolute? Other than Jesus Christ, what is absolute? Other than Holy Spirit, what is absolute? And then other than prayer, other than praising Him, what is there that is absolute? This is the most absolute for spiritual healing.

5. How to prevent? (Be alert always and do not be deceived)

-> Very importantly, therefore you must format. For spiritual disturbances that you must prevent, you must:

1) Firstly, must affirm life’s motives and purpose <Mt 6:33; Php 1:20>

-> The perspective must all be formatted.. no matter what you see:

2) Do not focus on the problem itself, but must discover the goodwill and plan of God who permits the occurrence of the problem


3) Do not look at environment and conditions, but seek the evidences of Immanuel


4) Do not be bound by the “process”, but look towards the goal, and at the same time, examine God’s timetable


5) Do not be influenced by man’s words and environmental movements, but must listen to the voice of Holy Spirit which is communicated through the word of God


6) Always maintain the heart to enjoy prayer


7) Always discover the Blessed Schedule, and submit to God’s guidance joyfully


Therefore, every day, anytime, habitually, after confirmation, over and over again, till habit.


Over and over again

When continue to over and over again, after days pass, one day you will see that the spirit disturbances are really less liao.

HS, Christ, Word -> living and active MORE

Often has HS works le, know Christ lives in me, God’s word has living and active power continue to come,

Influence all my neighbors

therefore all those who are with me are blessed le. The more I love, the more blessed they are; the more they are with me, the more they are blessed. Hallelujah. This is the blessings after receiving spiritual healing.

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