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Teacher 18: Healing Message 2 – And I Will Give You Rest

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1:22:40 – 1:47:00

Healing Message 2 (Psychological Healing)

-> Though the content is quite sophisticated, the very important matter is that the hearers must know that the heart is very important.

See spiritual realms

Through our hearts and minds, we will see the spiritual realms, and through our hearts and minds, we can influence the spiritual realms.

Influence spiritual realms

Therefore, though the spiritual realms are what continue to influence our hearts, and our hearts can also influence things like driving demons, telling the Holy Spirit to come, angels’ help to come, etc.

See through all things

Therefore, through our hearts and minds, must see through! Of course we must are still men, we cannot be too proud. God gave us a body of flesh, and now it is the era of faith, through faith, tell us to touch around God’s things. However, in 1Co 2, it is said very clearly that the Holy Spirit sees through all the things of God, and even the spiritual things are for us to know, and the bible says that God prepared for those He loved are things which the eye never sees before, ears no listen, heart never thought before, and those who received Spirit will be able to understand all these things. Therefore, in 1Co 2:15, it is said that the spiritual man sees through all creations.

===> Therefore, the state in our hearts are very important.

Therefore, the second lesson can be said that if you preserve in your hearts – peace, freedom, joy, thanksgiving, hope, praise – these state, how to 24 hours, in all things, how to lifetime preserve is this lesson’s meaning.

Matthew 11:25-30


Before you must know this heart lesson healing, you must first know your heart.

Know your heart

Your heart are the 8 beatitudes heart, chosen person’s heart; your heart loves God, God’s people, God’s kingdom, therefore, when others speak about Jesus Christ, about God’s omnipotence, God’s beauty, do our moods become very bad so that we want to reject and go against such things? No! Therefore, before heart healing, our hearts must understand that we are blessedly chosen, blessedly loved, blessedly chosen in God’s eternal plan –

–> this assurance to test and approve all things, we will see God’s perfect will and when this happens, from then on, our hearts will receive peace and rest le!

How important the heart is ah!!

Therefore, the words of David are very important, “I place God always before my eyes, therefore, my heart is in joy, and my spirit are in joy and celebration, and my body is in great balance and rest, and my eternal days will daily be well!” This all the heart and mind of all blessed person. People, how important this is ah!

–> Just now when I said that when you open the door of your own hearts, you will know the likeness of yourself in 1000 years, likeness of your descendants, likeness of your 5000 years.

–> People, when we live in such a flesh body, you must really fight with all your life! Must really acquire this blessing inside the hearts ah!

-*-> The bible says that all blessings are connected with the heart. “I do not look at the appearance, but I look at the inner hearts.” Therefore, those who pray boldly with all confidence before God says, and this is also what Jeremiah says, “You know my very heart! You saw my heart! You have all understood my very heart! Then Lord, whatever covenantal blessings you have promised me…” such a meaning!

–> Therefore, if our hearts do not condemn ourselves, we can come towards God with a bold and fearless heart, the things that we ask for equals to God’s perfect will le! Therefore, it will surely be fulfilled. Therefore, all things come from the heart – Proverbs.

–> The joyful heart is good medicine. The hurtful heart is boned and dried up.

Blessed is the heart –> preserve

The bible says every time connecting blessed man with the heart: blessed is the heart that is poor in the spirit, blessed is the heart that hungers for righteousness in their hearts, blessed are the heart that are pure, blessed is the heart that mourns, blessed is the heart of people who have mercy/compassion on others, blessed is the heart where they like to be peacemakers. It talks everything about the heart, right?

–> Therefore, the totally to preserve the hearts – this perspective you must fix it here: Is my heart loving the Lord right now? Is my heart in peace now?

And I Will Give You Rest

-> “Come to Me all who are weary and burdened, will cause you to receive peace, rest”, but you need a condition, and this is that you must acquire My heart, and this is “to learn My likeness, and to carry My burden” important meaning.

Man’s every misery arises from the heart. All blessings also come from the state of man’s heart and mind. In fact, all who are in Christ have no reason not to receive complete psychological peace and freedom.

-> Absolute big prelude is that there is already an answer in Jesus Christ. If there are any sophisticated struggles, contradictions, this equals to mean that I do not understand Jesus Christ enough.

—-> Therefore, if you know Jesus to center on seeking and finding “heart receiving rest, receiving peace, freedom, receiving the heart to love God”, the gospel we learn is correct. Even if you memorize everything about the cross message, but the heart is in contradictions, if such, this means that our learning style is wrong. In Jesus Christ, there is absolute peace and freedom, and this is the big foreword.

A saint’s psychological miseries all come from psychological wounds which have not been healed.

-> pause

The beginning of psychological healing lies in our death and resurrection together with Christ.

-> Here, you die anytime, anytime live, it IS the heart healing receiving total and completeness le.

The completion of psychological healing lies in our enjoyment of Christ’s promises in everyday life.

-> Therefore, in all things see God’s perfect will, and then, heart receiving assurance de. And then, even in sufferings, you also are strong and courageous in following the Lord, surely will receiving the peace in the heart. Like Stephen when he was stoned to death, his face shone like angel, and this is the likeness.

People, there are 5 outlines.

1. All psychological illnesses are related to spiritual problems, and all are originated from deeply rooted causes

-> A lot of heart barriers, and a lot of heart problems that I listed down here, right?

1) Received all kinds of disturbing hints and attacks from the spiritual world -> unease, fear, worry

-> Unease, fear, worry

2) Unresolved sins in the heart -> guilt, condemning and passing of judgment, excuses, shifting of responsibility

-> guilt, condemn, judgment, excuse, shift responsibility

3) Incorrect understanding of one’s own life -> inferiority complex, self-infliction, arrogant, excessive self-flaunting, headstrong

-> inferiority, self-infliction, arrogant, excessive self-flaunting

4) Incorrect understanding of human relationships -> comparison, jealousy, despising, excessively seeking others’ favour, worshiping man

-> comparison, jealousy, despising, excessively….. etc etc etc!!

5) Wounds in the heart and thoughts of being victimised -> complaining, wrath, hatred, phenomenon of autism


6) Past experiences of failure -> feelingly defeated, feelingly powerless, negative perceptions


7) Strong selfish motives -> stubbornness, excessive achievement motivation, competitive, ambitious thoughts, over-confident


8) Incidents that ever have an impact on him -> unusually sensitive reactions


9) Experiences of poverty and scarcity -> greedy, stingy, squandering without control


10) Have been brought up with excessive love, or ill-treatment -> selfish, heartless


Why is it that outline 1 has to list out so many heart problems?

== Purpose is to tell the hearer of this lesson to confess that he has all sorts of problems on himself.

Not embarrassing to confess

==> Therefore, if a person heart has some problems, some contradictions, this is not embarrassing! Instead, those who say, “I do not have!” are actually embarrassing himself. Therefore, if “Yes, I am in such and such a contradiction le, Aiyah, what to do ah???” Once this confession or admitting is made, from that time, healing then starts!

<–> If this confession is not made, more and more will become 2-faced, 3-faced, 4-faced, 5-faced people, then how? Will become Pharisees liao! This is very painful!

—> Therefore, very transparently, “I am really nothing, I am not anything” – the moment when said about this, your lifetime will walk a road of freedom.

<–> If you tightly in others’ people’s eyes of how others treat me, at this same time, problems will come, and in fact, very serious problems.


—> Therefore, normally, for those who live more peaceful days, their common points are that they are thick-skinned. Really, for I myself, I also discover this: for those who can quicker understand the gospel, and be more blessed people, the common points are those who are more thick-skinned!

== They hold on so tightly to “Child of God”, “Blessed”, “Beloved” identity, to even rebel against God even.

“” And before all nations, say, “Do not look at me, I am nothing, I am just a piece of mud ah! I am smaller than the smallest ah! I am the sinner of all sinners lor! I am not fully born out yet lor! Do not expect me anything ah! May all of you receive this similar grace before God!” Like this!

“” Glory be to God! And then, “God, You know my attitudes of heart, You know where I come from, I am actually just a piece of clay that You created and mould me de. Then is it not the expectations that You have for me too much meh? Hmmpphh!”

–> When like this, I mean when needed to pray like this. I am not saying that this attitude is good, but in fact, of course it is not good. Yet, it exceeds all day because of small things be accused. Such people cannot do any work. People who are with them are very painful. Therefore, really need this heart healing this place grasp is very important.


2. If no healing is received, psychological miseries will continue to recur endlessly

-> Very important point here is that if you are not healed in the heart, all things will be influenced.

We often experience right? (List all these 7 points down…)

e.g. When filled by guilt, inferior, everything that we see in our perspective becomes incorrect already, right?

1) Provide a lot of channels for Satan; always encounter spiritual problems


2) Always face hindrances in communication with God


3) Relationship with oneself is broken; always weary and burdened


4) Face a lot of struggles and problems in interpersonal relationships


5) Often display “sudden behaviours”, and always flaunt oneself excessively


6) Often easily discouraged, failing to get up after setbacks


7) Will solidify into diseases as days go by, becoming the root of mental illness


==> But when HS filled, everything is adorable, there is absolute hope for tomorrow, and all good things just come. Heart is very important. Heart is like a barometer, let me be able to see all things into my future, and the blessings that will arrive.

3. Must use “Christ’s precious blood and promises” to perform surgery, to eliminate the cancer which is deeply rooted in the heart <Col 2:6-12>

-> Really, there is cancer in the heart! Must know first, ‘cos if you just discover, then the cancer absolutely cannot leave already.

1) Because of our death and resurrection with Christ, we have already become new creations


Only those who understand this will understand that only by dying and resurrecting with Christ can then remove this cancer. Therefore, in this outline, we must understand that in Jesus Christ, together die and resurrect, to totally get to the very deep root of the heart cancer, to totally must rid off one.

“In Jesus Christ” = Me

2) Through Christ, we already knew that “our lives are exceedingly loved by God”


Ephesians = the format of 36 Lessons

Therefore, people, Ephesians is really so good!

Eph 1:1-14: God’s love towards me. Therefore,

3) Through Christ’s promises, we know that our tomorrows and eternal days are filled with the glory of God’s Kingdom


Eph 1:15-23 How great is the hope, how big is the inheritance, how enormous is the power that we will continue to enjoy.

Eph 2:1-10 die and resurrect with Jesus Christ, bringing such results. Therefore,

Eph 2:11-22 says that ahhh, this Jesus Christ is the cornerstone, telling me to have peace with God,


and then joined me together with Abraham.


All of Abraham’s glory and blessings are hung upon into my life already, and as a result,

4) Christ’s goodwill and plans are in all the earthly living fields and conditions


Eph 3:14-21 says in Jesus Christ long wide high deep mystery,

All things -> Perfect will, love (to seek)

inside all things of your conditions God’s perfect will, God’s love must seek. Therefore, in

Eph 4 to start, how in the whole church to seek, in your personal life to daily seek, spousal living to seek, office to seek, father-son to seek, and after this,

5) Christ’s Spirit is forever with us, to give us timely conviction and wisdom, and to protect and guide us


Eph 5:15-21 in all things, do not become muddle-headed, foolish people, but to become intelligent and wise people

Perfect will

to understand what is the perfect will of the Lord.

6) Although there are troubles in this world, but each time when we call on the name of Christ, we can surely triumph exceedingly


Eph 6:10-18 armor of God to rely on the Holy Spirit anytime, to anytime in all things to have victory, this mystery. This is in Jesus Christ.

All the above are “In Jesus Christ” = Me

Ephesians = Cross message = 36 Lessons (use Ephesians here instead of going through the points here in case they sian)

==> Therefore, after a person believes in Christ, the best is to read the book of Ephesians. 36 lessons – “huh, again?” Ok, don’t talk about 36 lessons, Ephesians to talk about 36 lessons. The whole cross message is actually this one. Really. Therefore, if you must become a teacher who can living and actively use, you must grasp this one. And then, no matter which part you have come to – very quickly…, wherever you have gone for visitation – very quickly.., to go places for evangelism or counseling- very quickly…! Ephesians talks about the me inside Jesus Christ.

Prison epistles

Ephesians is Jesus Christ’s Body is me.

Colossians is Jesus Christ my Head. And

Philippians is how I exemplify Jesus Christ’s glory with all my living fields = testimonies.

Philemon is like even with the exceedingly bad conditions, the gospel can tell a pirate to become a preacher!

–> Very important mystery is that in prison epistles, Paul met with the worst sufferings, he enjoyed the greatest power to show the power of the gospel. The gospel is very real one! Danger, risk, bankruptcy – the gospel gives strength. And then, in disease also can receive one. Gospel is very real one.

In Jesus Christ, so how to do surgery? Must format.

7) Now, all the problems of the past become answers and testimonies:


In the end, …

(1) Uneasiness -> Prayer

-> no peace becomes? Next time when no peace comes, just “Pray will just do” = drive demons.

(2) Guilt -> Thanksgiving

-> Guilt becomes thanksgiving.

(3) Inferiority -> God’s Plan

-> Inferiority becomes God’s plan.

(4) Hurts -> Answers

-> Hurts become answers.

(5) Weaknesses -> God’s Power

-> Weaknesses become God’s power.

(6) Problems -> Opportunities

-> Problems become opportunity. Risk become chances.

(7) Hardships -> Important things

-> Hardships become important things…

(8) Late fulfilment -> Big Vessel

-> … to complete the great vessel.

==> And then, at the end, what does Christian equal to? Christians mean no problems. Really no problems. There are no problems in Christ.

However, in our hearts, the whole movements are in outline 4.

4. After surgery, must live in Christ’s promises everyday, so that psychological strength can be built up gradually <Eph 3:14-21>

-> After surgery, must live in Christ’s promises to repeat over and over again. Then the strength in the heart can then be gradually grow.

Over and over again in 7 fields

One time understand, then after that to continually over and over again, in Ephesians the 7 fields that appear, personal, family, and then, office, relatives, this region Ephesians church pray for them, and World Gospelization Paul to intercede for, and then spiritual battle. Whole 7 fields all we repeat over and over again.

1) Affirm the goal and direction of your life everyday (glorify Christ, bless all peoples, establish the Kingdom)


2) Confirm the identity of your life, as well as use the identity of God’s glorious child to ponder, judge and behave everyday


3) Hand over the sovereignty of your life to God completely, and centre your life on the Word of God and conviction of the Holy Spirit everyday (prayer and blessed schedule)


4) Affirm your determination, rejecting all negatives perspectives, and discover the reasons to give thanks and rejoice in all things everyday


5) When you discover the intrusion of certain psychological illnesses, do not allow the problems to perpetuate, but hold onto Christ’s name to pray and overcome


6) Always interact with spiritual Christians, praying for one another, complementing each other


7) Always share the gospel and testify, and help those who are weak, so that our lives can receive swifter and deeper healing


===> When we over and over again, we will one day see that there is a force in us, authority appearing. In the past, it may just be because of one dollar that we waste a lot of time and we cannot decide still – this type of authority. But now, do not even care about my lifeline, if needed, the on-time supply will come, this type of heart strength – strong and courageous. Simple and yet with wisdom, and with power that continues to follow us, and this is brought through our heart healing. Very important.

5. One who receives true psychological healing can enjoy the blessings of the era <Isa 60:1-5>

-> Really, truthfully, genuinely heart healing.

1) Regardless of time and place, will enjoy the power of peace and freedom that comes from heaven


2) The greater the problem, the greater the appearance of God’s power. Moreover, important things will follow


3) In the process of being healed, will receive many answers and answered prayers

-> Because through heart healing, receive a lot of answers and testimonies inside the heart.

How much degree to go into heart healing?

—–> And then very important is, in this healing lesson 2, how much degree of healing do we go for till? It is when you through the heart inside – the heart is just like a screen, like a display. Through your heart, the heart mirror, you can hear the Holy Spirit’s voices, see Spirit’s expressions, how Satan again attacks me, and can see how he is driven out – these are acquired through the heart.

—–> Therefore, our heart belongs to the spiritual realms. The spiritual realms continue to influence us, but if our hearts become strong, what will happen? We know that angels and hosts surround us, and Satan already runs away and escapes. Acquire more of this. After acquiring this.. We must really practice more of this actually. Our Tuesday and Wednesday meetings when I talk about Psalms, Song of Songs, I talked a bit more into details. The heart that has gone through circumcision will be able to enjoy. Tomorrow Sunday will talk again – heart that goes through circumcision whenever he turns to God, the veil will be removed, and the Holy Spirit will reveal towards us. 2Co chapter 3 very important mystery we will be able to grasp. Therefore, HS’s sighs, forgiveness, admonishment, rebuke, wisdom that talks to us, gifts – all can be acquired. Therefore, from this onwards, his thinking and his talking – all becomes different.

4) Doors of evangelism open naturally, and the power of the gospel appears immeasurably

-> And then how then can bless all nations?

5) Those who continue to come in contact with him also gradually receive healing and restore God’s power

-> Not only will he see this inside his life, he can also see this thing happening in other people.

(And then, I have confirmed before, and experimented before, and of course it cannot be said to be 100%, but I think that 99% is correct le.)

When I see a person’s life, “Oh.. I see that the Holy Spirit is convicting him, HS is blessing him”… “Oh.. in these words, the dark forces will be removed” “Oh .. in these words, he will receive lifetime very important blessings” … Whose work? The Holy Spirit’s work.

6) Through the blessing of meetings, many disciples are gathered, and the ministry of nurturing disciples is raised up

-> Therefore, I just lift up my hands, and if I do so with all my heart, mind, soul, after days of 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, all will be seen to be accomplished out.

7) Boundaries continue to expand, and God’s ministries flourish increasingly

-> Therefore, we can discern workers – who can be elders, who can be deacons – and then after growing to some degree, we see God’s leading in the whole church, which type of people should become pastors, missionaries, how to cowork together to build God’s kingdom – we will all know all these! Intercessions are very clear!

—> This person receives some attacks, all these when understood. Therefore, resist the devil, break the head of Satan, is also very clear one. Especially in the people who are often with me, I understand more clearly.

Zhang Xiting Example

e.g. Therefore, especially sometimes, our Zhang Xiting sister, one day, her face expressions become not correct, naggy here and there, where she often is quiet. And even in sometimes, she does not really explain too much of herself, one day, continue to want to give excuses – I know immediately, Satan how he attacks her. If she continues to defend herself in talking, actually she seldom talks about these words, as you are in touch with her and you know it. Sometimes, I want to help her talk to her siblings and parents, “Actually it is not her meaning, but it is that she wan3liu2 me.” Normally no talk, but one year, it is like 2-3 times have appear. And then, she starts to reason why she is like this. Then I immediately know. This is for those who are often together, will feel it one. Therefore immediately quiet myself, pray for her, and more great Christ’s love to abound her, comfort her, bless her, and when this, zan zan zan, the forces of darkness that attacked her totally are removed! Amen! And the family continues to have peace. Though I am only 49 points, but in her perspective, the respect heart towards me becomes more and more liao.

Do you know yourself????

Therefore, the things that happen in the heart, you must really grasp. What I say is this very meaning. Do you know yourself???

–> That through your whole heart spirit, how the heavenly kingdom descends, how HS works, Satan how he attacks and how he is removed, – all must know! And then can discern people. This person is 8 beatitudes person, this is God’s sheep.

<—> Some people 10-20 years work and toil in serving or hardwork sufferingly, and yet when open up the book, discover all are goats. All are removed liao. This one must discern.

—–> Of course, we must totally be humble, cannot say, “you are what and what; you here queue up right side” because we are not the Lord. “I know that one day, you all will leave one! One day will attack the church one. Earlier to leave ba!” If we do this, then disastrous liao.

======> Heart though understand, but in the process of continuing to pray for him, hey, we often see that the seeming goats expressions becoming also sheep! Therefore, actually that we know God’s perfect will, it is not even 1%. But my meaning is, we will know. When we look at people, we will know.


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