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Teacher 18: Healing Message 3 – Breaking Apart the Underlying Evil Forces

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Healing Message 3 (Mental Healing)


What is the very important main point in this lesson? This is to let the hearers of this lesson to discover that actually, there are a lot of mental problems in their life: to know the reason of their sicknesses and also that mental problems. Must tell those who participate

1) to confess this

— It is always that Satan continually does not want to leave

— Because of the strongholds, my living is more in tiredness, I wasted a lot of time, I waste a lot of power

=> the moment that they all are led to discover this, they will start to hunger, so that they will have resolution that must receive answer to absolutely must solve the problem.

–> And then,

2) to let all discover where their own weaknesses are, tell them to test and approve in prayers. That area must especially be broken through, for that is the strongholds.

Many types

For some people, they very easily fear, cannot sleep, or etc. Some people always like to say, “It is heaven’s will”, etc. Everyone’s conditions are not the same. For some people, their perspective just cannot see good 看不顺眼, always want to condemn in sin, judge.. such people. For some people, their living has no rules at all, and they are so muddle-headed. And then, their mental or sensitivity are really too crazed up so that they are too not sensitive. This is also one type. Many types actually. If we discover this and quickly rid of this as soon as possible, it is faster to solve it at the heart healing stage, and then, the lifetime is really very peaceful already.

Jesus Christ absolutely has peace

No matter how bad the situation is, in Jesus Christ, absolutely has peace. And even if a person has mental problems till like there are totally impossible already, it is also, that if the Lord worked for one second, he will immediately be well. This is the assurance that mental problem person needs, and the person who is healing that he absolutely needs this assurance! Absolutely cannot give up! However, there is a condition. Only that he is willing to seek the Lord, to want to submit to the Lord, in any situations, he can be healed. Therefore, if our children, or if we are trying to help others, our whole focus is on where? Our whole focus is to tell him to restore God. When there is focus on this area, there will surely be healing.

Difference between Saul and David

It is just like the difference between Saul and David. The mental condition of Saul kept on getting worse, and the total brokenness of his interpersonal relationships, and he himself even committed suicide. Evil spirit keeps on coming, from the Lord, i.e. Jehovah God permitted, that spirit continues to stay on his body, and as a result, his condition gets worse, and he keeps on more and more resisting God, more and more converse with demons, and as a result, he committed suicide. In direct opposite, David. David in many places like in 1Samuel, very important, that there is mention of 2 very contrasting comparisons. Saul more and more, Spirit of the Lord leaves, and eternally leaves – Samuel says that he will not want to see him for the rest of his life. The moment that the grace of Jehovah snapped or broke off from him, in contrast, the evil spirit continually, 1Samuel five to six times alternate over and over again, and his condition becomes worse more and more. David’s conditions? Saul’s conditions at the very beginning is only a little disturbance. When David sang hymns, the evil spirits will be ridden off, however, later on, the situation got worse. Yet, for David, there are examples that tell of his conditions that for 6-7 times, “the Spirit doubly filled David”, HS filling doubly!! For one, the road is very very blessed, and the other is in total destruction road.

For New Testament, it is like the comparison between Judas Iscariot and also Peter. The state of the spirit of Judas increasing got worse, and he committed suicide in the end. Peter’s state: actually he has a lot of mental illnesses. This man is so rash, and he has a lot of outburst of actions. And after speaking every time, he himself suffers shame. This is Peter. Haha. Even at the very end when Jesus Christ resurrected, JX told Peter, “You come and follow Me”, and Peter replied, “Then what about him?” hahaha!! This mental illness is so serious – this person. Yet when he went through Pentecost, he can become such a great apostle. Jesus Christ also knew that there is surely a very great strongholds of Satan on him, “Simon, Simon, Satan is now sifting you like wheat, but when you are healed in the future, you will strengthen a lot of brothers and sisters.” Mental illnesses are symbolic in meaning in here.

Therefore, no matter how bad your situation is, do you truly love the Lord? Have you abolished your motives? Are your motives on this world? Is it really on the eternal kingdom? Is it God? Is your purpose God Himself? The moment that you received such a heart, that you turn to the Lord, healing starts, and then, really have joy only by God.

For me, I still have some mental problems. However, great mental strongholds are removed then are from such a point in time le. Do you know that in the past when I study, I have the mental problems of those studying. I must get number one. And in the past, after I went into fulltime, for evangelical meetings, actually to lead about 30 people to Christ at an evangelical meeting is quite good already, but I saw that Zhao Rongji pastor – when he altar called one time, in India, there are 10,000 people coming out to do sinner’s prayer. So that in my heart, I am not happy. When I am serving, there is a mental problem in serving. Inside my very heart. Therefore, what is this person? The heart is never satisfied! Never content with one’s lot. No peace. One day, when my lifetime purpose is fixed on only one – Jehovah, where is He? He is not very far away, but He is inside of me. Jesus Christ is in my conditions. Holy Spirit is my only purpose. Just like Paul, no matter dead or alive, to tell Christ’s glory to always be exalted in my body (总叫基督在我身上照常显大). I am nailed to the cross with Jesus Christ, and I no longer liveth, but Jesus Christ lives in me. The moment I received this, I become a person with no longer any problems le. In the prison, or in great storms at sea, great persecutions, when people scold me, even when people threatened me, want to kill me, in all these situations, I can receive joy le. In my whole life, the greatest suffering is that my precious daughter went through 3 years of hardship. This is really a very painful thing. However, have I not proclaimed to you many times already: to live is to glorify God, dead is that you go heaven earlier to wait for me. Born again people, blessedly chosen people common evidences I see very clearly already. Therefore, when I come to terms, “only Jehovah, however You want to do so, let it be ba”, all the accusations in my heart, totally removed. I know the whole wide universe, even the smallest world, the widest greatest universe, have God knowing better than I. In His dominion, He has power, to have everything changed in one second. Property is also very important, but God le. And then, not to chase after all these things. When you get one God, the whole universe belongs to you le. Heirs! Do not go after the snow white princess, do not go after the handsome prince on the white horse, for you will be in much sufferings. Our Jesus Christ absolutely has victory! And in the earthly days, temporarily only left 20-30 years such a sister or such a brother.. Jesus Christ is like this! When Jesus Christ becomes my only purpose, from then on, mental problem becomes healed.

David is successful in this area. Saul failed in this. His motives continue to get stronger. He must surely get the throne for his own son. This motive continues to torture him, and as a result, even if he day and night so suffering thinking, bondage by this mental illness to run, how? Not only that he committed suicide, his son that has to come to his throne, is also killed. Two sons are killed in the war. If God does not acknowledge, nothing goes through.

Therefore, if a mental patient, really for this one thing has gotten through, this one thing passed through, from then on, healing will start.

Matthew 12:22-45


Breaking Through the Fortified Base Camp Stronghold


The psychological illness that one cannot control is called “mental illness”. Everyone’s life holds more or less some sort of mental illness phenomenon. With end times approaching, mental patients and mental illness phenomenon increases. Such phenomenon is closely related to the spiritual environment of the end times. Only the bible tells us the source of mental illness and its healing method. If it is not through the precious blood of Christ and the great power of the Holy Spirit which the Word of God speaks of, no mental illness can receive fundamental healing.


1. Cannot Be Controlled By One Himself

-> In our hearts, there are really many strongholds. What you cannot control = mental problem. Depression is also what cannot be controlled. “I do not want to be depressed!”, but after eating, it comes; when laying on the bed, it comes. “I do not want to fear!”, but the fear thing that tells me to be in panic – many of such thoughts will just come in, so that you cannot control. “I do not want to gamble!”, but every time you lose properties, one finger is taken away, one-by-one all fingers taken away, leaving only 2 fingers, yet the 2 are still taking the poker cards to play – and this is what I have witnessed before. There is no way to control himself. I do not want to look at this woman, do not want to think about women, but I cannot help myself already; I continue to think about it; there is a government it seems; from young, there is a sexual drive that binds people, and this is so much in sufferings actually, and this happens to a lot of men. There are some men who say, “I do not want to love men!”, but they can’t help it; for such, if the spirit is incorrect, then it becomes gay and this just comes in. Many of such things. These things are mental problems so that they cannot solve it. They must in this first main to confess together for the group, “I have this Stronghold has many in my body. And then, this thing, if I do not earlier get rid of it, for my lifetime, I will be extremely discounted or suffer loss, just like Saul or Judas Iscariot, who suffered much.” You must surely emphasize it here …….!

Therefore, in main point one about what

1) Related to bondage, oppression: melancholy depression, victimization, autism, suicidal phenomenon

-> depression (忧虑症), victimization (受害感) , autism (自闭症) -> if you do not read them, it is ok.

2) Related to involuntary nervous system: obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, borderline personality disorder, insomnia, schizophrenia, epilepsy


3) Related to vicious nature: sexual impulse, sexual mania, habitual theft, lying, gambling, drug abuse, alcoholism


4) Related to harassment of evil spirits: nightmares, fantasies, hallucinations, imaginary voices, communion with demons, demonic rituals


5) Other abnormal phenomenon of the heart: feelings of compulsion, anger, hatred, excitement, anxiety


(You do not need to explain the meaning of what is depression, like you are a mental doctor. If so, you will not have any power at all!)

–> For the 36 lessons, the very important ways to use is like joining main points 1, 2, 3. There is a procedure already, but you join them together. Then you confess and admit together for the main points, together confirm, and at that time when they hear the lessons, and that they think that this is the time to pray together, then the healing has already arrived. Then after the meeting, everyone will be in great joy, so that “every time when I attend for an hour, I can receive above 10,000, so that all the burdens, strongholds are broken down”, and all of such things can surely happen.


2. The background always has deeply-rooted reason

-> The many reasons and effects of the illnesses that you have, the strongholds, there will be very lengthy periods of days, and there are background deeply-rooted reasons.

1) All have spiritual cause <2Co 10:4; Mt 2:28-29, 43-45; Ac 16:16-18; Mk 5:1-10>

-> What are often the reasons? Bloodline (血统).

This is from Chinese? I told my wife when I came here that even the grandfather-in-law DNA is on me, and even my grandfather’s DNA is on me; my father and mother’s DNA also have! And for my mother, who is more romantic, so that I have never seen her quarrel with other people before, so that even if the mood or atmosphere is really no good, she would take that home and then cry at home. That is my mother. This type of goodness, gentleness, character, are all on me, haha. And then, my father is very accurate; and even till now, frankly speaking, I have not discovered anyone who is more serious, more detailed, cleaner than my father – so systematic person ah! His DNA is also on me! I brought about 100 of his tie back here in America, and every color is what I liked. Really, this is called father’s DNA.

–> Bloodline – this is what we cannot look down on. However, if a person, no matter how bad the bloodline is, or how good the bloodline, if he has the opportunity of the moment to hear, believe, and transform, all his past evil bloodline also becomes today’s power and blessings, and those who are suffering along with me, I can really help.

I can help a lot of bald-headed people one.

——-> There was once a brother in our church, who is about 29 years old, he has moved to LA. Once, he seriously called me, “Pastor, recently, I am really in agony.” I thought his agony is about whether he read the bible but do not really understand, prayer cannot receive breakthrough, or there is some sister that he has loved, but she does not like him, or whatever, but he replied his actual agony, “Pastor, I am really afraid to be bald-headed like you!” Haha! Then I told him, “Hey you! I thought this is the most glorious for myself, and you fear so much! Is there any logic?”

——————> But I told him, “When I was 28 years old, similar age like you, I sleep and wake up, and one-by-one, patches of hair fell down, and I was so worried, and the one more worried is my mother, because I have not got married, so that what will happen if I got bald?” Therefore, I have no choice so that half is what my mother forced me, to find skin doctors. I seriously told the doctor my symptoms, “Doctor!”, and when he had listened for 30 minutes, he only replied one sentence, “Look at me.” Haha! The doctor has no more hair!! I only realized then!! Haha! Therefore, there is no use to talk further, and therefore, I got up. Then the doctor said, “No matter how hardworking you be, you will become like me.” Therefore, he asked me, “How is your grandfather, father, and also your grandmother?” But I told him that they are all the same! And this is the very thing that Leesong is most scared of! Haha. However, I see that his hair style, he does not look like mine, but it looks like his mother’s one. Sophia and Leesong both are the same, so I think they won’t be bald. When I came out of the room, I still hesitate, hate to part with the doctor, and I asked the final time, “But yes, though I may just become like you, really, this must slow down ma. After marrying, then bald ma. Is there any way so that I can eat carefully, anything that will provoke or irritate, so that I need to eat less of it, etc”, the doctor replied, “Whatever you want to eat, just eat it! No matter how you eat, if the hair wants to drop, they will all drop one!” Haha. From then on, I put down. For my lifetime, I only went to the hospital for one time, for I visited doctors for very few times. From then on, I was set free! There is always one thing, but when my eyes are opened, my lifetime received very important fulfillments.

2) Often happens to people, family and region with frequent idol worshipping, evil rituals <Ex 20:4-5>

-> Here in main point 2, there is mention of a deep background, the background of the family, the environment the person is brought up, and it is also very closely-related to sins. This is the very deeply-rooted reasons so that there is roughly such things le.

——> Therefore, if we must solve mental problems, where must we solve it from? We must solve it from the original source. This is that we must die and resurrect with Christ. We must leave Adam. Absolutely must leave Adam.

–> Actually many people say that their family take care of temples, attend the altars, and how my grandfathers and uncles jump for sorcery, etc.

—> Do not talk about these. No matter how they worship idols how hard, no matter how serious they are in, the bad degrees are still not to the extent and degree of badness of that one Adam.

——-> We are all Adam’s descendants.

Therefore, when God finds Abraham, how? Leave your hometown, own tribe, father’s home = this is very important thing in mental problems.

(4th sub-point here explained)

—–> Some families’ educational system has very serious and strict teachings, and this also brings mental problems. For this one, must sever the relationships one. Inside of Christ to sever. Not “I must sever with my father!” If you shout out loud for 10,000 times, there is no use. But in Christ, that you receive the heart of Christ, it will be ok. Your mother, father gave you “Lee” surname, “I do not want to be in Lee” or “I do not want to have surname of A as in A-dam, but I want to be in Je as in Je-sus”, I am just the Body of Christ -> from this point on forward, the whole important healing..

3) Also very closely related to sinning and the doing of unclean things <Ge 4:7; 1Jn3:8>

-> And then, for sin, you have to cleanse and purify. But this has also to be done in Jesus Christ, what we received.

4) People who grew up in stringent religions, legalistic living, unusual ideology or teachings <Ro 7:18-24>

-> just copy from sub-point 2)

(Some families’ educational system has very serious and strict teachings, and this also brings mental problems. For this one, must sever the relationships one. Inside of Christ to sever. Not “I must sever with my father!” If you shout out loud for 10,000 times, there is no use. But in Christ, that you receive the heart of Christ, it will be ok. Your mother, father gave you “Lee” surname, “I do not want to be in Lee” or “I do not want to have surname of A as in A-dam, but I want to be in Je as in Je-sus”, I am just the Body of Christ -> from this point on forward, the whole important healing..)

5) Some mental illnesses materialize because people having the above-mentioned iniquitous spiritual backgrounds are suddenly subjected to a blow



3. Need to set up a long-term healing system

-> There is healing system towards your own self, and there is healing system also for others. Okay, for your own self, the healing system must be set up. The common points of mental patients are what – do u know?

1) Set up healing, care-group fellowship and system (church, hospital, message-giving minister, household), and to determine whether there’s a need to “segregate”

-> (Fourth point will talk more on this healing system for others)

——-> Normally, I see mental patients are really muddle-headed; no procedure, and then, the living is chaotic, and then, if we look at their living environment, we see that the living environment is really dirty. They do not like cleanliness. And then, it seems there are a lot of chaos or mess.


—-> And then, for example, for those who are in drugs, it is sure that the magazines that they buy and read are related to those things. For those people in anorexia, the things they buy are all connected to the same thing. The environment will continue to accuse them. For those who are often perplexed by sexual things, we will often see that they daily read those sexual pictures and colors. With such environments around, there will not be any way to break away from their mental problem. Therefore, these things are often in their environment.

2) “Spiritual healing method” and “medical healing method” to be used, but must be centered on the Word of God

-> There must be a healing system set up towards his own self first:

—–> In Jesus Christ, where the deeply rooted reason is disposed off,

————-> there is a need to format it all up.

————————> The life purpose, direction must be clear.

————————> And then, he must discover the Lord’s perfect will in all his daily living.

————————> And then, in his daily living, every day morning, noon and evening time, to seek after the perfect will of the Lord, the operating system to follow Him must be established and built up.

3) It is very important that the household (or people who are frequently with the patient) have to first be healed and cooperate together


4) Arrange healthy and blessed environments (visual environments, audio environments, and get rid of idols and all unclean things)

-> And then, the seeing environment in the home is also very important. And then, the hearing environment the home..

—————> So that if they continue to hear nagging and noisy mother, the kids that grow up in such an environment, I see a lot of people having depression, many people cannot concentrate and focus as a result, and when studying and mother is at the side nagging noisy, therefore, such a child studies does not study well also.

—————> For some people, it is the complete opposite, and it is that they study very well, but they do not care about anything else, so that if they are so dirty, even if the clothes are very smelly, they do not change them. I see some mental patients really like this. Yet, for some things, they are very much focused into it.

5) Healthy living practices (have regularity in eating and sleeping, adequate exercises, socializing with relatives and friends, blessed schedule)

-> Therefore, it always is about the eyesight, hearing senses, and then, the living orderliness ah.

Intelligent people

—————> Normally, those from Qinghua and Beijing University, Harvard University people, there are more of such people. However, there is no orderly. The living is not that normal. For such people, when they focus le, they can then be so successful in studies ma, right? There are many in our midst, and those people I know recently are all from Beijing University, Qinghua University. There is a family in the church that has the parents, child and daughter-in-law all inside Qinghua University – Qianfeng family. Father Qinghua, Son Qinghua, Daughter-in-law WangYing Qinghua, mother is working lifetime in Qinghua.. I see that they need a little bit of truth. There are more of such people among the more intelligent people.

Geniuses, philosophers

And moreover, the common points among the mental patients are? Last time the Schopenhauer. Nietzsche. Many people says that they have no order or rules (规矩), and it is that their lifestyle has really no orderliness. There are some very famous painters. And the most famous of them is Vincent van Gogh, and he actually severed his own ear, and then, bind it, and then draw it out. One of his works was sold for 68,900,000,000 Korean wons recently in New York. Geniuses are mostly mental patients. Schopenhauer has very tragic thinking, (怨世主义) hatred towards the secular, his works tell a lot of people to receive the suicidal spirit and they committed suicide le. Normally for those in 16 to 17 years old, my era, if we do not read about Schopenhauer, and if our face do not frown like how Schopenhauer frowns, we will be considered one who has no brains. We fear how people regard us, so that we put in our best of efforts to read. But thanks be to God, for me, I read and do not understand. For those geniuses who understand, they all received suicidal spirits. Many of such things, and it is all related to mental problems.

6) Moderated work and responsible living will bring about positive results

-> Another thing that is common is that they have outburst actions. Whatever they have thought of, they will immediately react. What others say, they will immediately say “yes”, but yet, they do not care about anything. At the end, the things are always chaotic. Such things are a stronghold inside the heart. Our Lord Jesus Christ is definitely not like this, right. But Saul and Judas are like this – their kind must definitely dispose.

The setting up of the system is very important. And then,


(Healing system for others)

4. There is no healing without the Word of God. Healing message must be accurate and have focus

-> There is no healing without the Word of God. Healing message must be accurate and have focus, and an additional word to add here, the messages must “continue”, over and over again!!!

1) Get the patient to accept the fact that he has an illness and be willing to get healed <Jn 5:6>


2) Give the patient the assurance of definite healing <Mk 10:52; Ac 14:9>


3) Without fail, continue to share with the patient “3 central messages”; he will be released the moment he comprehends and understands <Jn 10:10>


Looking at the mental patient degree, I see why we often continue to repeat to talk about cross, “Why cross again??”, so that we continue to talk about the fundamental problem, the only answer, and our blessed life, and the reason is that it is the most efficient to break the mental patient’s stronghold.

(1) There’s a deceiver (things of Satan, demon: telling people to disbelieve, sin) <Jn 8:44>

-> “Oh, I forget again!”, “Ah, again carnal liao”, “Ah, I am deceived by Satan again!” “Again my thoughts are sinning again!” Continue to like this confirm to grab hold.

(2) Christ’s precious blood (complete solution and recovery) <Jn 14:6>

-> And then in Jesus Christ to continue to be with him to daily (like how Paul says) die, so that I may be able to receive His power.

(3) The blessings and promises that the saved receives <2Co 5:17; Eph 1:15-23>

-> And then, in his whole life, all the perfect will of God, Jesus Christ long, broad, high, deep great love, often discover and thus live. If there is no God’s word, there is no way.

And then, it is also necessary for the patient to stay in the mental hospital. The reason to stay in the mental hospital is for him to listen to the fundamental problem, Jesus Christ’s mystery, the perfect will of God in his life. Continue over and over again.

And then, if he went into the mental hospital, the best is to set up a group or fellowship, and then, if there are 5, just have 5-group first. Monday to Friday, everyone go and then use Genesis to talk about this, the next one goes and then use Exodus to talk about this. Because if it is the same messages, they will hear and find it tiring liao. Therefore, and then always use the story of David to tell (Christ), Saul to talk about (fundamental problem). Continue to say, but I mean the messages have three, so that he must continue to repeat.

Taking in medicine is for the sake of hearing messages to eat. I absolutely believe that medical itself can help and assist, but the solution is totally impossible. Only that a person very clearly understand Jesus Christ and His blood, together die and resurrect with Him, understand, and totally restore Jesus Christ’s identity, from this time onwards, he can then receive healing.

4) Must continue to share about the assurance of salvation and the assurance of forgiveness of sins <Jn 5:24, Ro 8:1-2>


5) Must continue to share about God’s presence and guidance, and help the patient to affirm <Jn 14:16-20>


6) Must continue to share about the reasons “to give thanks for all men and all things and to always rejoice” <1Th 5:16-18; Php 4:4-7>


7) Must get the patient to understand the mystery of the Holy Spirit that moves along each time when he “meditate on God’s Word, pray, praise”, as well as getting him to receive it <Ac 8:14-17>



5. The most important is the faith and spiritual power of the “healing minister” <Ac 16:16-18>

-> The filling of the Holy Spirit for the “healing minister” is very important. It is very important for those people who are often with him to be blessed.

1) The minister who deeply believes “Jesus’ power can completely heal”


2) The minister who has spiritual percipience and the ability to enjoy curbing demons’ authority


3) The minister who through the summation of the cross message, has been equipped with the covenant message of the whole Bible


——-> Therefore, especially if husband has problems, the wife must be Holy Spirit filled, lifetime to take healing husband as the lifetime mission to live. Ownself Holy Spirit filled, the focus is not to put on the husband, but focus on his own life that has to be Holy Spirit filled. When you are Holy Spirit filled, it already proves that you are surrounded by angels.

4) The minister who is always Holy Spirit filled through scheduled and continuous prayers, enjoying the power of peace and freedom

——–> The whole spiritual atmosphere in the family has all become different! Husband will receive the mood, the spiritual mood, and he will receive healing inside of it. This is the most important. For children, it should be parents. If it is their own parents, then it should be the children who are often with them.

——–> And then, if they do not have enough power, they should try to gather some brothers and sisters in the church to divide in groups. Monday, Wednesday, Friday – to strengthen parents – such likeness and style to really do.

5) The minister who has sound intellect and healthy character

——–> It is always, if we try to seek for methods, there are all kinds in Jesus Christ of these answers, and absolutely have answers!

——–> And it is therefore even so that the Lord may just because of our love, that He is moved, and He will heal them one. Love is the most important. I discover that for mental patients, love is the most important!

6) The minister who grasps God’s time schedule, calmly progressing on the healing process


Moment of turning points for mental patients to really heal

(1) Emmanuel restoration

If you really love to pray, the moment or turning point for mental patients to really heal, I see that he has one day seen Emmanuel God is with him. He can see one time, but very quickly, he will lose it again. This is a very important transformation that must happen first and once. I see that Sophia also receives this one turning point, and this breakthrough is very important.

(2) Love to pray

Second thing is that I see that the moment is when she loves to pray. What does it mean when she loves to pray? This means that she has, because already experienced Emmanuel, already loved to pray. And during the process of praying, one will quickly receive healing one.

(3) Live inside brethrens

Thirdly, and this is very important thing, and this is that he likes to live a brethren-centered living. People, this brethren-centered living is actually the mystery of all mysteries! For you one person, no matter how good the system or how good the hospital to heal, there is no way. However, inside of brethren to be together, inside of brethren to be together, 7 days together, and then the messages that are received, do not anyhow receive them, but really receive it with a prayerful heart, and then during the brethren-centered living, the brethren’s testimonies, brethren’s faith, brethren’s prayers, the Holy Spirit will truly unlimitedly work effectively le. This is, when there are people appearing in our church, we must really pray for such wisdom, to help them one.

(4) Starts to Intercede for others compassionately

And then, fourthly, it is when he starts to pray for other people. Intercede for others. He has also discovered that all people are helpless and harassed, and this mental illness is really very serious. When that person starts to pray for others, and really, if this prayer is really from the heart, and not about to pray for the sake of praying, but with a merciful compassionate heart to pray.

(5) His important mission of this era

And also inside of his own life, when he has discovered the very important mission of this era, that illness very quickly heals.

=> I see that our precious daughter has this current timetable right now. All the front 4 have been gone through, and now, she loves to be with brethrens. In the past, she thinks that she cannot speak through with this uncle, so that they are of a different world, but now, she likes to be with them together, and she loves to communicate with them. And then, she loves to participate in prayers. Especially now since there are messages of prayers that continue to come, she continues to confirm le, and in the family, we see that she really loves to pray, and she does joint prayers with her mother, and also does it with me, and then, she really has compassion for people liao. And then, she received the perfect will of the Lord le. ===> When the life purpose is only God, actually at that time, she is totally healed liao.

7) The minister who clearly understands the plan God has for the patient’s household, knowing that the household has to be healed first, and can benefit through their cooperation

Emphasize 21st Century Mental problem phenomena

—–> People when you lead the third lesson, you must especially emphasize emphasize emphasize, because for the 21st century, so that after 5 years have passed, after 10 years have passed, mental patients, and even those who can be seen very clearly.. Yes, we are all mental patients, but for those who really cannot control, and requires medication to live – such people, I absolutely believe that 5 years from now, there will be 10 times or beyond of such numbers now. Therefore, the end times are nearing more and more. Therefore, at that time, it is probable that every family has one or two. Therefore, it is especially important, no matter who is listening to this teacher’s training, no matter whether it is 5 years later or 10 years later, you shall surely see such a phenomenon. The meetings that you lead, there are 7-8 people of such, and every family has one! Especially for the children who have some mental problems, it is very serious and it will come one. The most important, and I emphasize again and again, your perspective must be placed on yourself. Absolutely must do this, for the mental patient himself cannot.

Gambling example – cannot use other methods but..

The gambler – continue to beat his backside, or bind him inside the prison, so that he goes inside the prison, he will gamble inside the prison one. How to do since there is no poker cards? He will take the paper from the dumplings, roll it up, like a dice, to play ah!

—–> You know that there is witness in Korea doing testimonies and he said that his wife is such a gambling addict that he continued to work hard to earn money, but all the money just ran away, and therefore, he thought of a method inevitable to bind her up, and then, let her go back to the village hometown, so that if she went back to his own village home, she cannot anyhow do things.

—–> But in the end, the family loved to gamble! Her influence is so great! And then, “this good taste – do you know it?” When people tell her about it for 3 minutes on how good to play it is.. Therefore, the brother really testified like this. He placed his own wife at his own kins, father grandfather, grandmother, and daily, she played daily with her grandfather and grandmother the poker cards, and the whole family became one like this! This is very fearful one! Therefore, when such things come, it is so much in sufferings. No matter how you beat the backside, bind him up, to put him in prison, he will influence all the prisoners in the prison one!

Minister Must be Holy Spirit Filled

This is not the way, but you must yourself be Holy Spirit filled. When the children have special problems, I tell you that you must have transformation, and the children will not only have 100 transformations, but they will have 10,000 transformations le! And then, your perspectives must not place on the children.

——–> Satan attacks not only your (heart), but actually that all your hands and legs are imprisoned together by Satan. Therefore, when such problems come to the children, really learn from me.

Learn from me and Sophia

Because of my daughter’s problem, I learnt a lot of things liao le!

My Perspectives absolutely do not put on her,

——–> but I already grasped hold of this era’s mental patients people, and I interceded for other mental patients le.

——–> And then, I go into more seriously serving those areas I should serve at, and at the end,

——–> every time when I come home, the child will ask me, “Any good things today? What messages do you speak today ah? Is this and that auntie blessed today? The precious that you spoke about, has he been blessed?” She continued to be concerned about such blessed things, therefore! Once we sat down to chat, and then many thanksgivings.

——–> Slowly, I see that her world slowly gets bigger; if you have power, you can then drown your own small little things of bondage like how you continue to dig your own well, so that they are removed. Finally, the mental illness slowly is removed from the cleft, that prison, to come out liao.

Principle of all principles – you yourself

As I am going to end today this mental problem lesson, the principle of all principles.. Now, the Lord convicted me that in tomorrow’s Sunday service, what to emphasize. The prayer messages tomorrow end, and the most important thing is this one!

—–> Your whole perspective to place on yourself!

—–> And then, absolutely do not only pray for your own children.

—–> For Satan through your own child is not attacking her one, but Satan is attacking all your hands and legs. You are the most important vessel, God’s very important plan is on you, and therefore, actually he wants to bind your hands and legs one. Therefore, no matter what problems the children have, no matter mental illnesses, studying problems, romance problems, and even problems on the physical body, or continue to stay behind in the grade – no matter what kinds of problems! Your perspective must not place right there.

—-> You must be Holy Spirit filled yourself.

Sisters to be extra careful

And then, especially for the sisters to be extra careful one, the person bringing mental problems to the whole family, and even this is so for eras and generations,

——–> Nagging

is your nagging thing. This is true one. For me, even when I grow up, this is the greatest thing I dislike most, and this is my mother, because she loved me too much. For some words, I even heard 1000 times! Every time when I eat, it is about nutrition education – which is good for your body. There are once or twice I just got angry and rose up from my seat, and then when I went back to my own room, I continued to vent and think about how to let this anger and frustration manifest and vent out. And therefore, I tore my clothes le. Therefore, the love of the mother becomes… the nutrition of the father becomes… so much in pain. Family, but it does not look like home always, and when I went in, it is always naggy!

——-> Respect elders reminders

And you must also be very careful one ah, though I do not like this very much, many of us do like this actually – “Have you told the pastor ‘Thank You’?” Do not say that in front of your children! Just let him come to the pastor, and then let the pastor touch his head will do. “Have you told the pastor ‘Thank You’?” Normally, our Chinese children heard these for 10,000 times. Are there? Surely one! For those family with more education, they are more into this. Children hate this actually. Every time, and same words every time.

——-> “Be careful”

“Have you washed your hands?” and then .. Even if you do not wash your hands, there is not any matter one.

=======> Use faith to live with your children

You will see through the world of children one. The blessed people who know his own blessed mystery will know, and his words are very practical reality to bless the children, bless the spouse, and bless those that they love, the flesh and blood. Therefore, the paths of the gospel more quickly will be restored. I see that your faces showed some guilt.. no need la, for you just need to repent now and it will do la.

One day disappears / forgot -> Anything is okay!

We mental problematic people, haha. “All of you mental patients, today I kiss the Lord, to

——> die and resurrect with the Lord,

——> to continue to over and over again“, and

——> forgotten

then one day, it disappears, “ah, do I really have such an illness?”, so that such cannot be remembered anymore. In the past, I was very particular about food, really. No matter what I think of, it is so disgusting.

——> Anything

Yet for now, there is nothing I cannot eat, so that even “feng1jiao4” I can also eat, and even beads of bones that can be counted, I can eat. Last time when I see those, I felt so disgusted, a mental problematic state le la. The things God gave to us, anything can be eaten with thanksgiving,

——> Anything rejoicing

anything can be lived with rejoicing. But one day, when continue to over and over again repeat, I forgot, “Am I such a person in the past?” Many of my past nature, the mental problematic state in the past ah, it seems that it is in my photo album one, that I totally forgot liao. I cannot remember them liao. May the Lord bless us.

Our 36 lessons, lesson by lesson, is very practical and in reality one. People, you must bring out the reality out.

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