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Teacher 19: Healing Message 5 – No Longer Wandering in Bewilderment

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Healing message 5 (Lifestyle healing)


The Lord gives us gospel for the purpose of doing His word, doing His perfect will, walk with Him. This is true and living faith. Conclusion on faith is that our living must be restored. Some have much knowledge, 36 lessons memorized, but living not, living has no focus, no priorities, and then the method of living is not correct, it is equals to not believing. This is what the book of James says. Actually some says that the book of James is contrary to the book of Romans, but actually both of them say about the same thing about righteousness through faith. The only thing is that James emphasizes that we must diagnose important things on “what your faith actually brings about”. Therefore, the conclusion of faith is to do His word and blessed living. Blessed living is about walking with God and having evidences filled.

The conclusion of the Lord giving us faith and the gospel is to tell us to have power in living, and to tell us that one day’s living to bring one day of crown.

Some saints godly appearance but no power

I see some saints are earnest to be godly and want to follow the Lord. But when we look at their life, they do not even have a bit of power, and their zealousness actually brings a lot of sufferings and contradictions. They run with by risking all their lives, and I saw pastors doing this, and they mainly goes to the airport (like me in the past). However, their life is very bitter. And then, there aren’t any good fruits. After 3 to 5 years, the 20-30 people that he gathered so uneasily becomes 2 to 3 divisions, and one day, the shop is closed. This can be seen frequently.

Pastors dare talk about health and psychological counseling

This is seen especially many in Chinese churches in America. This is because most believers here are very smart. However, the only secret to win over such intellects is the power of the gospel. However, this gospel message is not strong, and they dare to speak in front of the doctors about knowledge of health and living, therefore, when they get angry, the meeting gets chaotic. They dare to talk about psychological methods with the human way of counseling before psychological doctors. The PhD sitting in front will laugh. There is no authority about the pastor at all like this. Therefore, like me, proclaiming that I know nothing but the cross. With even this, this can even press two PhDs. I have what you do not have. Want to follow? “Yes I want.” And they want to cowork too. And the great power will be exemplified. The perspective of the gospel is very important.

Not joined together

Some believers only make efforts for so hardworking, and they have portion of knowledge. Their knowledge of health and counseling has no big wrongs actually. Just like a chain not connecting to the other chain. The gears are not connected. If we go to factories doing wheat, we can see that the engine keeps on moving, however, there no moving. The chain must be connected so that the engine’s power can be transferred to all areas to be seen with power.

..             _..
\ ..  ..     (_))=,  _..
(_))=, \ ..       ‘=(_))

Procedure, joining together, confirm, over and over, nature

When I speak the gospel message, you can see that I continue to emphasize again and again. There is procedure, and there must be joining together, must confirm, and then must “over and over again”, and must become the nature. The reason for all this, very importantly, is this meaning.

Earnest Christians of this era: no efficiency, bad snaring fruits

Shall we continue to talk, “We must love people We must love people We must love people.” Therefore, when the parents come from China, “Pastor, the more we love, the better.” But the very important evangelism mysteries, to preparation of prayers, preparation of messages, stop doing. And then, they continue to run, to love people love people, but the Lord even tells us to love the 8 beatitudes people and to love the people whom God loves, but in the end, the people they love end up to be goats and weeds. They cannot discern, because they have not connected or join together with the original source! The moment the original source is connected to their actions, the whole engine moves very well. The zealousness and godliness of man is like the chain, however, how is it joined together with the heavenly throne, eternal times and my own crown, and effectiveness, there are no joining together. I can see many ministers, many who are more earnest Christians, their situations are like this.

Unbridled 放肆!

I see that 90% of this era’s Christians are unbridled放肆. They have their likeness, like stopping to smoke after believing, and they stop going to the bars after believing. However, their whole life concerns and interests there is none! They only concern on how their flesh can be in good comfort, peace, lifetime no problems, my old age will be peace, and their children will… And the knowledge of God is not like that of Paul, David, Joseph, Abraham. Their God of blessings is also different. The God of Abraham told Ishmael that he must leave Abraham! And even for Isaac, he must be brought to the mountain! This is the true blessings! But they do not know! I see that their whole procedure is very chaotic! Therefore, if this is organized a bit, his zealousness and godliness is very precious and reliable, and the heart of loving God is like a jewel one. This honorable thing is not connected to the source, therefore, the whole lifetime has no efficiency, and it brings great misunderstanding to their children and their sheep of believers.

Organize up a bit (less blockages) -> joyful, light, simple, easy, hope!

Actually if you just organize a bit out of this living, it will be more joyful, more simple, more easy, more light, more rejoicing and more hope! When we race, if there are a lot of blockages on the roads, after we remove those obstacles, the time to move is very fast. Of course there is the time needed to remove those blockages, to quiet down. Yet, when running, it is very fast one! We must emphasize this in living. I see that most people do not yet know Jesus Christ, their life has not even joined together with heaven, and they do not have eternal purpose, and they have a lot of thorns and obstacles in their life. These blockages tell him that he must be muddle-headed, must waste a lot of time, and lifetime of work has no efficiencies one. Those who truly believe God’s word, just organize a bit, their living will be very much in peace and joy.

In lifestyle healing, our whole purpose is that we live to become like Jesus Christ.

I living = like JX

Easiest way receiving guidance of HS

This is the easiest way of receiving the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If it is Jesus Christ, in such a set of conditions, in such a family, towards such a son, towards such a coworker, to such a member, how should we be – when we ask this, because the Holy Spirit is living, the convictions will come immediately one!

Just like JX: eternal purpose + receive mysteries from heaven

Lifestyle healing is just like our Jesus Christ. He has eternal purpose, always receiving eternal mysteries hearing always from heaven Father God, and therefore, in John in a lot of places, it was said that “The words that I now speak are not from my own, but it is what the Father God told me.”

Morning, noon, evening – eat, work, sleep – challenges yet in rest – blessed schedule

And He looks up in the morning towards heaven. At noon working, He just rests in work when tired. His heart is, though meet a lot of challenges and sufferings, his heart and likeness are very much in rest. When he should eat, work, sleep, he just do so. Even living timetable is not self-drawn, but timetable of God. JX’s living style is not timetable, but blessed schedule.

vs Deadly fixed schedule

Some people deadly 7am must eat, 12pm must have lunch, 7pm must eat, 9:30 must go bed! It looks like this type of person is really very orderly (is our elder like this in the past?). But he loses a lot of things! Actually there is no need.

Everyday rhythm (because things always change)

Everyday rhythm, daily meet thing, pressure in work, the ministry that we are to do in front of us, work that is differentiated by important and less important, man’s heart also changes always, therefore, I discover that the most healthy, most simple, most powerful and most effective living is not like LC, but like JX. JX sometimes never sleep but go into all night not sleeping. Sometimes, he wakes up very early in the morning.

Has focus: RSYRJG serve

He centers on ministry! His whole living has focus. Of course, if He is a father, and the child must go to school at 6:30am, He will just abide by this purpose to sleep earlier. Do we not even have such a wisdom? The Lord will definitely give this to us because HS is really one that is unlimited and wise Spirit, and He will definitely give to us. And then, JX 24 hours, especially after 30 years old, He serves 24 hours. In the past as a carpenter, he is more orderly ba, but from 30 years old, his lifestyle of ministering that I discover focusing by RSYRJG centering on serving le. For me, why am I so healthy? I actually eat nothing much. Sometimes, I even only have 2 meals. Even before meetings, I eat only a little, and when I go back home, I eat a LOT. And then, by the health of this world, I should actually go back heaven a little earlier. I live like this for 20 years already! However, it already proves that I am still in a very healthy state because I know about the things in my life, the organic rhythm in me. In the operating system in my life, what should I place more power, and when to put less. This must grasp. This is inside the living grasping this is very important. Then how shall we know? We must really rely on the Holy Spirit. The HS will very clearly tell us.


How to live out JX? We must know that when we come to the world, there are simply 3 reasons.

(1) Born again (new life) (with us), Sanctification (power) (converse), Serving – Evangelism-7 fields (fruits) (follow)

When you are born into the world same time, you are descendant of Adam. Therefore, after you come into the world, you must become JX seed, which is born again. Second thing is that you must be sanctified; You must be healed. And then, our living purpose is what? After sanctification process, you already got what the angels do not receive, therefore, they admire us actually. One of them is actually fallen and not forgiven, and the other has never fallen at all. Only that we receive such a life, to serve! This is RSYRJG which means evangelism = glorifying God, blessing people and building the kingdom one. This is what we do in the 7 fields.

New life

This is called we receive a new life.


This is that the degree that you are sanctified is the degree you have power.


This is fruits, or rewards.

With us

This can also be said to be with us new life.


How does this sanctify? You must converse, to seek and find God’s perfect will, to restore.


This is called following or submission.

=> Actually our Christian living is three. JX in Mark 3, JX find us reason, chosen disciples purpose 3 is: (1) must eternally be with them, (2) give them power and authority to drive demons, (3) send them to evangelise. When the HS comes upon you, you will receive power, will be witnesses till the ends of the world. This is that easy, how to live out JX.

(2) Identity, Heartbeat, purpose, content, method


After born again, how do we quickly be sanctified? Born again is passive, one day just suddenly comes.
Of course, sanctification is God’s love drawing me to Him, we more follow God. But we must, in order to be healed in living, our identity must be changed over, bringing all the creation in the world and all times to be my home. This is master 精神. This is my home. This is my Father’s place, my Father’s management. And there are thousands hosts who minister to me. Really like this.


Therefore, my heartbeat must be changed over, to love God and love Men.


Our life purpose, and focus, must acquire. RSYRJG.


This is called God’s perfect will. I.e. God’s voices. This must restore.


Then the living method is to rely on the HS to go 独处生活, or solitude living. Relying HS to do spousal living, relying HS to be husband/wife/papa/mama. Gospel conclusion is? Father is like father and mother is like mother. This is God’s perfect will totally being restored.

(3) Truth that God has fixed for you (environment time/space/meeting to restore living)

We must also know the truth that God has fixed for you, restoring the truth. This is called environment There are time environment, space, often meet environment, to restore to do living. Therefore, how can an unbeliever know? There is absolutely no way at all.

(4) Restore Plan, Blessed Schedule, God’s Timetable

And then, if you must restore, you must restore God’s plan. Another i.e. means blessed schedule. This is not what you have fixed up timetable, for this will change daily. You must acquire. And then, God’s timetable – individual for yourself, the people you intercede for, my ministry – all have God’s timetable le. Must accurately acquire.

(5) Altar-centered, Brethren-centered living, serving-centered


This is very important. Must be altar-centered. Must be relying God to live – this meaning.


Another is that you must be brethren-centered. If you leave the brethren, your life is already in a mess surely. At the same time you leave your brethren, you are walking in the wilderness wandering around, and you will meet 豺狼 or wolves. Therefore, if you do not often be with brethren, about one month, or one to three years, you will see that they will become not like normal or 不象样. They will look very strange. And then, when they come to church, they need to act out zealousness or godly, and they will gradually become hypocrites. Brethren – actually later we are going to talk about interpersonal healing, and this brethren is the most emphasis. Who are my parents, who are my siblings. Where is God’s throne? Where does God’s grace come from? The blessings of an era will come through which field and which brethren – this is also very important in interpersonal healing. Therefore, this brethren-living is really very important. This is how JX lived. This is how He lived for His lifetime. Beside him are all important people.


Lifetime to serve, everything is a serving already.

Ephesians 5:15-21


No Longer Wandering in Bewilderment

-> This is when you start in small group, pray about this. Absolutely let this lesson not become knowledge, but resolute, pray, and then gradually restore. This is the purpose of this lesson. Therefore, no longer wandering in Bewilderment – Amen? Many of us here already received a very clear direction and purpose. Sat, teacher’s teaching, I believe we are not in bewilderment because our living already has a focus and emphasis, and when our living always rely on HS, HS will tell us what to do. We are all here have grasped this. Therefore, for this lesson, first, proclaim, bless all, and then start. This authority of the small group leaders is so very important! You bring what kind of prayers, before meetings, this is how the forces of darkness will be broken and God’s plan will be accomplished. This is the shepherder ma.

Everyday, God is doing very important things for us; things that are everlasting, kingdom concerned, and in relation to the eternal inheritance of ourselves and our heirs.


All these mysteries are currently taking place in our lives, living, time and fields.

-> The environment of our time and space (fields)

This is really a person, who is filled with the Holy Spirit, to write. One word cannot be abolished! One singular word. Therefore, when you edit my essay, you must be very careful. One word, lacking means that some spiritual meaning has been gone.

However, given a pace of busy lifestyle, we often lose our eyesight,

-> Right? I also often lose my eyesight. Really! Self already become more sanctified, godly, having direction people, often easily lose eyesight is when we oppress the people beside us. This is what we must be careful also. The more we are blessed and be more healed, we must be more gentle, having love, and more 包容 containment – this is very important. All these are often we lose eyesight..

and are unable to see the guidance of God, thus very easily enter into a living condition with uncertainties and delusions.

Work and Rest

-> If one day, you yawn and say, “Let’s take a rest today ba!” That day, the whole day, you will whole day be tired -> if you are really a blessed person. This is my experience. If work, “Today, let me be more anxious and fast.” Then your job will become no good. Even today’s work must enjoy God’s grace descending. Then resting. Who says God does not tell you to rest? But actually, when I am in God, I want to restore all of the throne heavenly, to strengthen my heart mind soul body 身心灵 in God – this is rest. Then digestion is different too.

-> If today, I rest whole day, then next morning whole day to be tired – I see that this day is a 放肆 unbridled bringing many problems. Therefore, for our whole day living, do not enter blind walking, and do not enter a lost state.

We need to stop and wait till we see the work of Father God, hear His voice of guidance, and again move forward by following God’s pace step by step.

-> We require to stop, waiting to see God’s work, hearing His voice of guidance, then we step-by-step follow Him in His steps.

God’s responsibility – Tour Guide

-> Therefore, whose responsibility is it now? It is on Him already, no longer my own. Because the responsibility is on Him who leads me in front like a tour guide!

Then we are able to restore a blissful and meaningful living.


Therefore, lifetime is very peaceful, and can then restore happy and blissful, filled with meaning – living. When we tour, the guide brings us to the restaurant, we just need to eat happily and that will do. Not “Haiya, why today like this ah?? Should I eat Chinese food or Japanese food??” so that we run about, so that many problems just come already. Lifetime – I see that those really blessed people having a secret are that

(1) they meet the correct Master.

(2) And then, totally rely on Him.

认命 = thanks be to God!

-> This is called 认命 letting off all our life to Him. Those who ren4ming4, however God plans, we just go, and we enjoy the most of His portion of blessings, and most praise Him and thank Him. This is the very life of Jesus Christ, where He was born in a stable “Thanks be to God”. When He was born in poor family, “Thanks be to God.” When he lifetime be a carpenter, “Thanks God!” We must really be like this!!

1. The living of many believers are still in blindness, confusion and disorganization

-> Main point one means that we are living in a very important TRUTH (environment) that God has prepared – we live in this truth. We will also see that when we are not blessed, our very state is just like this. Actually not only 6, but 60 also can be listed out. We confirm one-by-one for the small group…. And then today, we have seen it differently already – our own life transformation already.

1) Often lose the purpose and direction of life


2) No confidence of one’s identity, title and roles


3) Often carry wrong values and priorities


4) Carry a complicated and tiring life and lifestyle


5) Living in unhealthy and impure environment, often affected by bad influence


6) Possess many bad habits in life which will “definitely lead to failure”


2. First, must restore “True-Self” and resolute to walk with God

-> True-Self = eternal life, born again, purpose is to lifetime take all things learning materials to be sanctified, and then acquire testimonies to bless the people beside. Bringing this inheritance to our descendants to leave earth. This is our true-self.

-> And then, to decide walk with God. This must really resolute.

That time, I have talked with you on prayer and living. Let us go through again revising. Today, are we still living like this? Let’s confirm together here.

1) The life that is created to glorify God


2) The child of God that is exceedingly loved and redeemed by God (heir)


(1) Have you see the Lord being with you? God is with me – see.

3) “Royal Priesthood” that carries a glorious eternal purpose and direction while living on earth in predestined days


4) “Spiritual living being” living in both the “visible” and “invisible” environment

(2) Then, receive God’s plan and perfect will – when received, your hearts will – you must absolutely have assurance on your living and the words you speak – that these are all pleased by God.

5) A life that is guided by God to live in His plan 24 hours everyday

(3) When this happens, you must rely on the Holy Spirit

Then the wisdom, the authority, power, joy, hope – to walk.

6) Possesses very important relationship bonds starting from family to all nations (Contact bonds are hidden in life)


(4) Continue to preserve your hearts and minds, to?

7) Possesses the identity, title, position, roles and gifts that are determined by God


(5) Bless the people beside you

This is what is very important in our living healing main point – roughly this meaning.


3. Grasp dailyBlessed Schedule” firmly

-> This is that we must “test and approve”. We must test and approve to live, daily to live by altar meaning. However, if you are not with brethren, you test and approve and there will be no use, because you will only test and approve where you can earn more money, where to get more entertainment. If you are with brethren, your position, your gifts, the spiritual inheritance that you must acquire, the descendants – all will be acquired.

This is about blessed schedule, not about timetable. Every day, there are changes. This is because God is living. God’s word is already fixed, right? But after knowing, under the unlimited HS convictions, we must have transformations that are alive.

And then, God’s timetable must also be grasped very clearly. Do you think that it is God’s will for us to be too busy and too tired? Absolutely not. Therefore, for some people who works too tiredly, too tiredly for serving. Sometimes, occasionally, especially for concentration, there are times needed for burning midnight oil, and that time, should do. However, daily and long time to do, God will cry one when He sees us like this. If my children do things like this, I will surely cry. But one day’s burden is enough for the day.

1) “Morning of first day of the week” and “Starting of every morning” are the most important (Sunday worship & Morning prayer)

-> Actually I see that day-by-day is working so swiftly! Actually in my hearts, there are a lot of ambitions and hope, and I have done a lot of things today, and receive a lot inheritance. However, I discover that actually in one day, the things that can be done are actually very little one. In the morning, there is waking up and blessing people, my families, my brethren, all around the world my coworkers, and today, roughly the main things to do? Teacher’s training, and to prepare tomorrow’s message, and this is what the Lord has given to me today.

2) Seek God’s pleasing will and guidance concretely during afternoon and evening prayers

-> And then, just do your best and receive the most easy and the short time, and you will receive power actually. After this is received, just rely on the HS to do. After doing, the timetable has reached. So that night time reaches, and then what is to be done tomorrow, next week, to worry??? No!

3) Can only know what God is doing in one’s life more clearly after understanding more of one’s title; position, roles and gift

-> But we must really learn this daily one!! The peace in your hearts, that one day’s work is enough for the day. Tomorrow’s work, just leave it to tomorrow. Jesus Christ is really in such a method. Therefore, we just organize out a bit, and our days are really very peaceful and joyful one, and daily will see God’s grace.

4) Having better grasp of the timetable of the 7 fields will enable the receiving of a more correct Blessed Schedule

-> And especially, grasping the timetable in the 7 fields is very important. There are all sorts of timetable in the 7 fields.

(1) Non-believer: Associate → Intercede → Hunger and thirst for righteousness → Know the mystery of death and resurrection → Assurance of Calling and Salvation

-> For non-believers, it starts from getting in contact; then intercede, will discover hunger already, and then, share the message, and the HS great power works, telling his life to be contrite in heart, willing to die and resurrect with JX, want to change 改造his own life, and then, he becomes blessed and saved already!

(2) Believer: Assurance of Calling and Salvation → establish covenant (promises) → Prayer (Holy Spirit) → Walk with God → Evangelize → Disciple

-> And then, for believer, we have to give him the assurance of calling and salvation to him, and then tell him to make covenant with God. This is the chain, the procedure that I talked to you just now! This procedure is very important one. For believers who are already blessed and became believer, we build up his life, by first changing his identity first. If the identity, what God’s love and perfect will shall never be received. If you have money, you give thanks, if no money, will cry. If healthy thanks, if not will cry one! This is because the identity has not be changed yet. At the same time the identity is changed, the heart is circumcised. This is not that the flesh is circumcised. Jeremiah continued to emphasize this, “Do not pray for them! Pray also no use. Even if Samuel and Moses come and pray for them, also no use at all!” In other words, they would not hear and they have no methods to hear! They are cows! This is playing the piano in front of the cow. It is important that the hearts must be circumcised. Therefore, in your serving, this is what the Lord has given me great freedom one! This is the great wisdom of the Lord one!

Before my children’s hearts are circumcised, if continue to tell them about … nags of bible… there is no use one! The focus of our message must put to tell them to discover that their busy days, and really dead in sins and transgressions, actually under the evil spirits bondage, and center on this to let them see. If he or she receives good results in school, “Clever child. If you really know this is the grace of God, you will definitely have doubly and 100 times of joy that comes to you. However, it is so pitiful, that you are so intelligent child, why do you not know about God?” For example, frequently, no matter meet what kind of things, your perspectives just focus on this area. Timetable is very important. If the children do not know about God and do not hunger at all, not understanding about these spiritual things, and they only are healthy, successes in the world that you are joyful, this will bring very serious problems. Of course, to us who are already heart circumcised, our believers will not pray like this for our children ba.

(3) Family: Gospel filled → Promises filled → Discipleship → Mission Home → Church

-> Family also, there is gospelized, promise-lized, disciplized, and then becoming mission home: for our church, there are many brothers and sisters whose homes are already mission home le. And then, through their homes, the church is built up.

(4) Church: Restoration of vision and pulpit messages → Prayer (Gospel filled and Fields focus) → Discipleship (nurturing) → Local evangelism and World mission.

-> Church must absolutely have the pulpit messages blessed, the gospel must be spoken out, and then, church prayer meetings must be revived, which our church especially has the Lord’s emphasis this very year. True genuine disciples are arisen only after passing through prayers.

(5) Workplace, School, Region, Whole World

-> And then regional gospelization and world gospelization will expand.

=> All these are in important timetable.

5) Must grasp the mystery of “living by the guidance of the Holy Spirit” and “continuous prayer”


One day shall suffice each day – 7 days, 365, 70 years

Therefore, since God gives you 24 hours, since God gives you 7 days, your time will not become 70 days, but 7 days. Then, in the same limited one day, 7 days, 365 days in a year, and for lifetime 70 times – inside this, limited place right here, where are you? And then, what are you going to acquire today? This is very important. And then, actually, the things God prepares for us, if we do it well and goodly, one day’s burden will suffice for that day.

Evening prayers

Every evening, when I come before the Lord and pray… my night time prayer is normally very special: since the body is quite weak after a day’s work, therefore, for me, I do the vibration exercise for my body, and I do it at the same time as my prayer, sometimes for 30 minutes, sometimes for an hour, sometimes 5 minutes, all ok one. But there are surely some things that I confirm one.

Things to confirm evening prayers

Today, in the things that I do for the day, I can all see HS continually convicting me, continually giving me power, telling me to be bold and confident, able to be joyful and happy, to bless my wife, my children, my brothers and sisters, and then till this last moment, the messages that God You will be giving me, I will also be willing to hear and follow and submit, how to change myself, and then, for some brothers and sisters, currently they are weak in their bodies, hearts are weak, Lord, tell me how to pray for them, to help them; Lord, You receive all these glories. Lord, You will definitely accomplish one. “Really really really?” Sometimes, I ask again and again, “Hey, you this person is too naggy liao!” “YES la!!!” Okay, Lord! One day’s work should suffice it’s day. Lord, let me have the best sleep. Let me dream visions. Tomorrow when I wake up, a new day comes.

Hearts and minds -> speech -> HS convictions -> HS power -> kingdom descend -> grace immeasurable

People, how your hearts and minds are, how your speech are, HS convictions will be how, HS power is like how, how the heavenly throne will descend on you – these precious! Therefore, the Lord said 及丰盛的恩典 immeasurable abundant grace, and these have already been given to us!

One day’s likeness by joining with Sunday

Past Sunday message, have you all experienced? I listed all of them out already for you. For me, when I read Ephesians, God through Paul speak, is really too emphasized, extreme! That grace has already been received. Your life has extremely great precious. Our life is connected to heavenly throne. Heavenly throne is here. Only that you set your minds on above, the thone will be exemplified out. This is what we experience daily, in the one day living. This is limited times, right? You cannot just run a lot of places, but can only be in the places that God has arranged for you. Therefore, you are very peaceful, to rely on the Holy Spirit, and thanking God with a praising heart, to eat, drink, do, and then handover to God. This likeness of day, passing such a day, you can receive 1000 years inheritance is the Lord in our saints’ times – God arranged one.

Muddle-headedness and chaos – God hated most

I discover that God hated most about muddleheadedness and 混沌 chaos. If our nation sends a great ambassador. Now, Obama sent an ambassador, so that the governor of Chicago has to move to Washington, and then, he will arrange a lot of minister heads, ambassadors, so that if one ambassador is sent to China, daily he is in chaos, muddleheaded, actually his term is 4 years, but cannot but American president will say, “Come back come back.” Some people die early because of such a reason. On this earth, live more also no use, for there are a lot of things unbridled 放肆. Actually God wants to bless his descendants, but he continues to slander and obstruct. For this type of people, the Lord says, “Give this person’s body to Satan, quickly rot, so that his spirit can quickly live, and it will be enough that he is saved.” Therefore, continue to stay on this earth is going to bring a lot of problems.

Full sleep 7-8 hours

If you are anxious when hearing this message, it is wrong. Be joyful and happy. However, there is no one people who is perfect, right? One day, 24 hrs, I hope and I bless you in the Name of the Lord, that you have full sleep of 8 hours per day. Please raise up your hand for those of you who can sleep for 8 hours. Some 10 hours? No, you are really blessed to have such a life, to sleep enough and much. 8 hours I feel is what God has fixed. 7 hours or 8 hours. For me, I normally 7 hours as standard. I want to make effort to sleep 7 hours, but when man is old, there is no choice to do so. In the past, at age of 30 years old, once I lay on the bed, I can continue sleeping for 15 hours. However, I already cannot do it now. And I make the most effort to want to sleep 8 hours, but often, 7 hours and I cannot do it anymore. Really sleep to your max. And then, once you wake up, do not be muddleheaded!

Once you wake up, till you sleep, do continuous prayer to live. If noon that you are a bit tired, you just sleep noon nap. For some people have such, and I see sisters having this more. Is it the difference in organs? Once they lay, they can continue to sleep for 1 to 2 hours! Therefore, this body will go to be destroyed one. Therefore, if you sleep noon nap, you must not go beyond 20 minutes. Of course, if the day before has some ministries or some overnight prayers, etc, because of serving, there is a need to have 2-3 hours to fill up. However, this means that the night’s rhythm is incorrect already.

Once wake up, Continuous prayer to live -> filled by Holy Spirit

Talk here and there, my conclusion is that we must become intelligent and wise people, loving times, understanding the perfect will of God = being filled by the Holy Spirit. Daily, heaven is there. Therefore, evidences come. Heaven is in him evidences? I see that our baogui elder wife, I see evidences of heaven – once she opens her mouth, there are singing and praises united with the hearts. I have never heard something that is negative from her mouth. Our auntie SusanKong, once open mouth is sing praise with heart united. Our lixiang ping. Susankong, sometimes there is a bit of worry, but sing praise heart united. I know your life, and I know my life, because the Holy Spirit is in my life, how He works. Our living must never be chaotic, ok!


4. Living environment needs healing too.

-> Whatever you see, you will receive whatever influence. Hear what, you will be influenced.

1) Visual environment: Idols, images, talisman, pictures, photos

-> Must be clean and tidy one! However, must also be glorious. Do not bring the atmosphere or mood of religion. But with balance, having a picture, and also with cleanliness. And then, sometimes, in the church, there are people with artistic minds. Especially in the homes, the arrangements, better, ask them with artistic minds to come one time.

-> I see that our Elder Lee and Martha do not really have this area of gift – I see that you place some drawings high and low differently, and some colors are not really matched, and they think that the more they put, the better. But actually, sense of beauty is very important, telling people to be in good peace and joy. Colors and do not put too much. If put too much, people would not take notice. One or two very important one will do.

2) Audio environment: the curses and music of non-Christian, unhealthy music, all sorts of noise


3) Living environment: space arrangement, scenery view, lightness, temperature, humidity, unhygienic, chaos, without priority, odor



The homes that I visited before, I like the most scenario is who? There are many. But baiyan: once you enter, you can see the glory of the Lord, entering toilet also, I feel there is a beauty feeling. I also think that our Elder Wu has such a beauty feeling.


Do you know? I think the best clothes worn in the church is Elder Wu. It is not that he wears many clothes, but colors match very well! Even when wearing the hat, not that matched. Every year when winter comes, wear a hat, but this color cannot be matched with all the clothes. Why do I judge like this? Because I have sense of beauty! Haha.

People, this living environment is very important. When a person comes to your home, he can also smell the Lord’s glory, grace, and Lord’s fragrance, and it is all there. And then, the gospel preaching effectiveness, 1/2 of them is already successful. But in the past, our Elder Lei and Elder Lee’s homes, sometimes no choice liao. Children run on top messy, and then run away. Elder Wu, started, but I see that it is really very beautiful, sensing fragrance. It does not necessarily mean that new homes are like this, but there is tidiness.

*Not only to remove, but also to replace with “blessed, clear and healthy visual, audio and living environment”


Tidying up

Actually organizing does not take much time too, right? Sing hymns, and then, tidy them up as you sing hymns. Touch things all are blessings to the things. Children’s tables, the things you touch, bless them. Children pillow, touch and bless, “Lord, give them visions.”

Not squeamish on cleanliness – Korean army over-action

For me, I was born with – if the pillow is a bit angled, not correct, I cannot take it already. It is like another kind of洁癖 squeamish on cleanliness – MUST definitely. In the army, I have most strength in this. The superiors likes me the most here, but those below me – they are in disaster, as they meet such a superior. When I just smell a bit among their things, that night, they cannot sleep liao. All must tidy! One day, I tell and give them a punishment – tell them to go inside the toilet, and then all wash till clean and tip. Because the next day is going to come 2-star general coming. That time, I manage that department. Therefore, even my commander also gave such order that the toilet must be cleaned. And then, we discover the general does not come the next 2 days, but after 1 week, he never comes, and after 10 days, he came. Therefore, for 10 days, no one used the toilet!! This is Korean army, all sorts of things have! And then, at the end, our two-star he came. He came in and said, “Hmm.. why is the smell of the toilet like this?” “What is wrong, sir?” “Why is there no toilet smell in the toilet??” Hahaa.. “all of you gather!” So all of us small and big post gathered. “Who told you all to do these things?” After such a great suffering! This is called overaction, right? This is a joke. But too clean is no good.

My father, newly married

My father is like this, born like this. He washes his face for 30 minutes, 10 mins to put on oil – necktie is so clean and new. I also received such a DNA. If I never received the gospel, this Zhang Xi ting is dead liao. Actually when we first married, she really went burst – everything must be clean, my clothes must daily change.

Gospel, missions

However, when I know the gospel, China, Indonesia, Thailand run here and there, I become more dirty than her! However, there are surely some environment to tidy up, my heart is very peaceful and at rest. Table if there is a bit of mess, cannot pray one.

Must tidy, actually only need 10 seconds. And then, pray. Our Lord really likes tidiness.


5. “Bad habits” that lead to failure must receive healing too.

-> Habits are also very important. May we also receive successful habits! One time that we receive, we will feel comfortable and easy for the lifetime.

1) The habit of living according to the flesh instead of Holy Spirit


This is the likeness of Jesus Christ actually, totally more and more like a man.

2) The habit of living without discipline and self-control


3) The habit of inability to concentrate, thus leading to laxity and constantly daydreaming


4) The habit of laziness and frequent procrastination


And then, do things also with quite orderly, quite tidy.

5) The habit of expressing worldly nature and anger easily

-> Some people from the past is like thunder and lightning, but he becomes more and more quiet, gentle, talk with fragrance, have much patience..

6) The habit of viewing people and things with negative and critical view


7) The habit of judging all things with self-centeredness


8) The habit of gossiping about others


9) The habit of giving excuses and shirking responsibilities


10) The habit of using dirty languages


No matter see what people, the eyes look straight to the eyes and the perspective is always positive.

If like this, we know that he is healed already in many things already.

Proper groups and evil groups

He belongs to the proper group, or guarantee person.

Actually for unbelievers, there are also upright categories and there are also unjust categories. Past in the Wang Chong father in china, as he is a lawyer, university teacher, China has right and wrong categories. I hear from him for 1 hour, and I find it very logical. Man also has right categories and evil one. The things they like are also different. Their habits, discipline, personality, character – all different! Unbelievers who are quite proper groups, and I see that the standard from you all is Elder Wu. After believing, really, the personality and living habits, expressions, and speaking likeness can open up a lot of gospel doors.

Therefore, for ending this lesson, very important is to together resolute. These are very practical things for healing. After resolution, together pray. Actually the real restoration requires time – 3 years. Brethren-centered, with the Lord always above our heads, after 3 years, we all transform to become today’s Jesus Christ, who is living. Actually if you want to be lifestyle healed, the basic messages 20 are very important. On top of 20 BM, all the lifestyle healing will come.

Because of time limitation, I hope that next week, is the last time.

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