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Teacher 19: Healing Message 6 – Joined and Held Together in Love

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Healing message 6 (Interpersonal relationship healing)


Relationships = Love God Love Men

Where do heavenly blessings and earthly blessings come? They actually come from interpersonal relationships! The meeting, the joining together, and then acquiring the grace that is on our brethrens. This is also what God emphasizes most. Therefore, all the perfect will of God in one sentence is “love God love men”! Really, God continues to emphasize on “relationships”.

Challenge / Efficiency to achieve

Here, ask them, and give them a challenge. Is your relationship with God getting better? Are you getting better with your own self? The past guilt, inferiority disappeared, so that I have confidence on my own life, and you are having a better and better relationship with God, and now, you can even smell God’s fragrance (glorious image) that is always before my very eyes. And then, my relationships with my wife, my descendants, and the relationships between me and brethrens – are they all becoming better? And, are all the interpersonal relationships that you have met all precious gems (not unfortunate event)? Are the people whom your mouth always proclaim saying, “Oh, this kind of wonderful person” often around you? Give them this challenge. After reading this lesson, we are to give them this blessed portion.

Remember that practical efficiency comes with one-time realization

Actually real blessings do not come through a lengthy time, but a one-time eyes opened, one-time upright heart to pray – it is from this moment forth that real blessings come. Therefore, in your 40 to 50 or 1 hour of small group leading is an important moment when miracles and signs will happen. Every time when you share, do not merely talk about the knowledge inside this lesson, but to focus on bringing out the practical efficiency. Especially for our 10 healing messages, we have such prayers for every lesson.

Bible says “one same inheritance” (一个同样的基业)

Interpersonal relationship healing is the most important.

Adam -> me -> 7 fields -> later generations

This started from Adam till me, and there are always relationships within all my 7 fields, and later generations. The bible talks about this – one same inheritance. Therefore, the bible talks that the blessings that is brought about by filial piety is long life.

8 beatitudes

The one who is gentle will receive land and inheritance. Gentle means soft and gentle, liking people, and can have patience on man, talking have wisdom – such people are liked by all men. That time, the very important blessed people will be met. And then, bible also says “blessed are those who have mercy” – when they see someone weak, they do not have first inclination / reaction to judge / condemn / accuse, but “Aiya! He actually has many blessed areas”, and having a compassionate heart to want to protect him – blessed are such people! He will have mercy and have compassion from all peoples in the world! And then, for the ones of peacemakers, they are blessed too!

Ephesians 4

And Ephesians also talk about the exceedingly great grace, and then, it tells us to receive all blessings in Eph 4 One Father, One Lord, One Spirit, One Baptism, One Body – such interpersonal relationship restoration, according to what each has received, conditions, gifts, to be in Christ to be joined together, telling Christ’s Body to grow gradually. This important picture is what the bible has given us.

Genesis 2:18-25


1) 福分 Blessed Portion

All blessings come from interpersonal relationships. Actually, for non-believers, it is the same – doing big business people are those who have good interpersonal relationships. Such people will definitely receive inheritance.

Big prelude (I am blessed) -> who is the first person I meet? My mother! Father. Meet. And then, we continue to meet a lot in living, but a lot of people continue to lose such a blessed portion. Some people meet people and they definitely get some good things back to them, and they always receive blessings with that meeting.

2) (if) I = Blessed Person (Meet, the one my heart loves, 同居 live together) => 8 beatitudes people

(1) Meeting

If I am a blessed person, the people who I meet are very important people. If I am a blessed person, the people whom I love in my heart are very important people.

(2) The one my heart loves

Often, who are the ones we love most? Your experience? Children or parents? And what should it be too? Haha. Therefore, this is called being muddle-headed. If we know the gospel, we will have absolute peace. God’s perfect will is that we love children most. How do we know? Naturally in our hearts! If you say that you love your parents more than your children, you are lying. Loving parents have to climb, but loving children is natural as it is going downhill. My experience is like this. My children are my most precious, because I carried them for 10 months with my own hands, born them out into the world, urine and shit to clean up, and when they are sick… – my whole love is on him mah, right? I nurture them like this one. When my parents nurture me, I do not know, right? It is natural. Therefore, the Lord tells us to look with most importance at our children. When a male and a female are married, they leave their parents, they become another Abraham already, another start of a blessing already. Of course, towards parents, the bible teaches that we must be filial. Why must the bible emphasize that we have to be filial, but not mentioning that we have to love our kids more? Why? Because this is natural. And to love each other as spouses, it is very difficult to do, therefore, there are more emphasis on this one too.


Actually what is loved more is children rather than spouse. Yes? I feel that man’s common feeling is that he will love his children more. This is because it is the division of their own cells. However for spouse, Korean call it 0 branch (village or a unit of relationship. Korean view relationships as one tree here and one tree there. Tree garden.) This is very much in accordance to bible, as man and woman are one in the body, there is no unit of relationship of differences because they are originally together as one. When children is born, one chun1. Siblings=2. Siblings’ children=3. It is all according to parents to calculate. Spouse is 0, meaning that they cannot be separated, but once separated, they become another totally. I feel that when spouses separate, it is worse. Those who do not know the gospel will for lifetime hate the one they separate. I feel that the one most loved is children. This is our concern. Spouse is still adults, and already matured, and already agreed and scknowledged together. However, even if the children grows till 70-80 years old, the parents will still say, “My child!” I see Lee bobo sigh about his child, “My child!”

(3) The people who are always together, living under same house, 同居

Therefore, some pastors, some brethren – these are, if I am blessed, this is very important. I normally see 同类相从 same people same group. When we look at a friend that is very 知心 friend of heart, we will know him one. This is because man cannot be in sheep if he is in the group of goats, and he cannot be in the group of goats if he is in the group of sheep. Sheep will surely find sheep. This is the spirit. However your spirit is, you will find the same kind of spirit. I see that in lifetime, it is most important to queue up correctly.

Jesus Christ -> Abraham, Moses, David, prophets and apostles

If he queues up like this, he is absolutely blessed. Days go by, the grace will continue to increase.

For some people, no matter what fellowship he goes to, he will surely join the wild group – rebellious, no matter in family, fellowship, or where there are 2 or 3 people, “not so perfect” thought, so will stand right outside one. For such people, I watched quietly, and I saw that there are almost zero of such successful people in history – none! There are some who rebel and are successful, yes, Karl Marx, Lenin, Hitler, but they also have some talents that attract people, and they, at the same time, their last days are totally perished. I often see! I have really researched, and successful people are really those people who queue up correctly. Queue up: Jesus Christ -> Abraham, Moses, David, prophets and apostles. When talked about our God, they will definitely be very happy and joyful.

Discerning 8 beatitudes people

This is very important. “If I am blessed”. Really, it is important that your eyes must be able to see 8 beatitudes.

When I see my days, it is the day when I am able to distinguish between 8 beatitudes people that I start to save a lot of time, and I also can acquire a lot of benefits. When I expect on someone, it will not be wasted, but finally will receive very important blessings. The first thing that I look at a person is – “Is he born by my Father to me?” I actually expect on this. If he is born by my Father to me, no matter if he is handicapped or any kind of weaknesses, the more handicapped, the more I want to protect. When I “see” this, I discover that such absolute blessings on the 8 beatitudes are absolutely “all who blessed you, I will bless them.” “All who curses you, I will curse him.” Therefore, when I see someone, and he is really “God bearing me” to give me, through 1) meeting, through 2) the love that is generated from my heart, 3) cannot leave me but must always stick together, then it has evidenced that God my Father has born for me, unless he wants to beat God himself, or he wants to destroy God’s altar and fellowship, no matter how weak or muddle-headed, my heart will always have compassionate heart to pray for him. I have noticed this for 10 over years one! Therefore, after days have passed, with all the people beside me, intimate and stick closer with me, together pray with me, there are a few hundreds le, they all bring about God’s unlimited blessings le. Therefore, you can discern 8 beatitudes one. Interpersonal relationships do not mean befriending with gangsters. It is absolutely not about befriending those who go against God and against church. The discerning must be correct. And then, of course, we must be careful not to judge who are the sheep and who are the goats. Only the Lord knows! Therefore, the Lord teaches us that the only way is to love even our enemies. Yes, enemies musts love, but there is also no need to purposely try to find ways to help and seek after the enemy. The whole idea is “same group same kind” 同类相从, surely 8 beatitudes, and this is through living, the Holy Spirit will convict us living and actively, telling us to be able to discern out. For some people, how to intercede, for some others, how to be gentle and wait for them, and we will all be able to see one. This is therefore, the very important thing about restoring interpersonal relationship.


3) Start from myself -> God’s Throne (Interpersonal relationship restoration)

You must definitely not say about your husband, wife, children, brethren how, but absolutely must start from myself. How to start? Restore God’s throne first. From here. Then correct absolutely. From here, then all people beside will see God’s Throne = His glory, God’s power, God’s joy will be manifested.

4) Interceding for people -> (start from blessing their) spirit

And in interpersonal relationships, interceding for one another. Where does it start? It starts from their spirit. If their spirit is blessed. Pray for my husband this one. Of course we must have compassion on him, for he has not become alive yet, to help him and take care of him. But, the whole purpose is for the spirit. From this on, then you can one Father, One Lord, One Baptism together receive, then from that time onwards, the spouse in all situations, no matter how different conditions inside, then can still come united together.

Even till…?

And even if the bible says that if the spouse wants to leave, let him. If your wife wants to leave, let her leave. If he is a non-believer, but wants to be together, accept him for the sake to tell him to be saved because of your life. Other than this reason, for our short lifespan on earth, there isn’t something that is going to linger us! You must really be set free ah! Have all confidence to boldly come to. Wife and husband ah, only pray for this, and if unwilling, let him leave, and then for my whole life, center on brethren to live and it will be good.

5) Focal point -> Brethren (Disciples)

Therefore, there is focus for interpersonal relationship = brethren. The queue must be correct. Especially disciples. For this, an era of blessings will surely be acquired. When centered upon this, at the back of blessed people, they will have heavenly unlimited throne grace on themselves, so that when we help them more, since we have limited time, do not waste on those people who do not have inheritance ma.

This is not knowledge, but this is intelligence. And the Lord’s perfect will is like this one, telling us not to be with those people who are continually against God, do not seek after eternal road of lie, do not seek after the mystery of the kingdom people – do not be with these people.

JX said something very important, “Who are my parents, who are my siblings?” This is very important. For your lifetime, if you really receive 12 知心 heart-to-heart coworkers, your life is really blessed liao. Especially now, JX also seeks for 12 disciples. These 12 disciples, if you acquire (I believe you have already acquired right?).. for me myself, from me, as I know thoroughly and seen through all of you, our relationships. If you can bear out 12 disciples for your lifetime, I feel that this is most blessed for lifetime. If you can bear out 12 people who have really met Jesus Christ, actually he can be said to be a main character of the era one. Interpersonal relationships – how important it is!!

Worst is how? Those who are more intelligent, love cleanliness more, there are more who seek after their own worlds, and what are these? These are selfish. They only want to be in their own world to live. What is the common point about blessed people? They want so much to open up themselves, and they want to in the public, especially within blessed brethrens, their life desired to continue to grow.

Joined and Held Together in Love



You and your spouse should be like this.

You and your children too, even if he has some kids problem, but even so, you can still love him, can see more and more how it becomes joined together. This is interpersonal relationships absolute principle, which is in love being joined together.

We are living under the guidance of God and also among people. Therefore, our relationship with God and our relationship with people will determine everything about us. God has hidden great mysteries and blessings in our lives and in all our “meetings”. When we lose God, we lose all “relationships” and the blessings brought by it.

-> we even lost the relationship with other people. This happens the moment we lose God, so that we fall into deep inferiority.

We feel isolated lonely living among people because of our autistic life. The more we try to reconcile with people, the more hurts we get.

-> Do not know God, and then try to love one another and be joined together, will bring about? The most famous story is about Romeo and Juliet.

Memorial service?

And for our East, because of loving the father, and father has passed way, for 3 years have to mourn. If father-in-law passes away, 1 year. Own mentor or master – 1 year. One sibling – 1 year. If you add together, one whole life liao! This is what happens to the lives of those without God. They continue to remember those who have left the world. Actually they are not really their parents, but our Father is only One. The temporal relationship that we have with our parents on earth are for us to know God actually. If parents, spouse leave, lifetime to remember them? For me, I felt that there is absolutely no need for this. If you spouse has left you, you can get another new boyfriend to remarry, but to acquire in the Lord, and then, if needed, of course I do not mean to encourage you to get married, of course the best kind of living is like Paul, for he is bold and courageous in all things he does, to serve the Lord. I am just only emphasizing that since man has left, the covenant with you has already been broken off. He is already not in the flesh, but he is waiting for resurrected body. Therefore, definitely must RSYRJG for the focal point to consider, then it is correct. For me, I often thank my parents, but if they have already left the world, I do not think about them, and even 追思 memorial service also no need. What is there the necessity? Memory of what? If parents left, the memorial service for some families, they may do one time per year, but when they are together, do not solely because of the kindness of the one who left the world, but only to

– give thanks to the Lord,

– you must not shed tears for the one who has left the world, but to shed tears and pray for the one who are still alive on the earth. Therefore, I do not reject memorial service, but

– for the sake of brothers and sisters to be more blessed, come together more, to share more testimonies. If not about this, I felt that there is absolutely no reason to have it. And then,

– for just the blink of an eye, I will also join them in the same place in heaven one. Very important is that for the remaining days on earth, it is

– for RSYRJG to run, this is the most intelligent matter, and

– for the sake of the parents who have already left the world, this is more necessary.

– Like this, then your descendants can then, or the lives that they left behind can be more blessed.

==> There are a lot of things on earth that if we truly and accurately know the gospel, it is so clear. Our life is centering on glorifying God to live.

How can we restore all “relationships” and enjoy a blessed living?


1. All nations are from “One Body” and God’s important plan is in human relationship

-> This is especially so in blessedly loved, blessed, called life.

Therefore, for you who join small groups, this is the area that, no matter how extreme you emphasize, it is not boastful or extreme one.

1) God gives us many meetings and relationships <Ge 2:24>


When one is blessed, the blessed meetings that they meet, ….

(1) Meetings of Family: Husband & wife, Children, Father & Son, Siblings, Relatives


(2) Meetings of Workplace: Colleagues, Superiors and Subordinates


(3) Meetings of Saints: Parts of Christ’s body, Co-workers, those in front as well as sheeps and disciples led by oneself


(4) Meeting of Neighbors: Elders, Peers, Junior


… the people they love, …

2) One body that came from one ancestor (bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh) <Ge 2:23>


3) Possess the same promise and blessing <Ge 1:27-28>


… so that they cannot even hate for the Lord has already arranged as such to be with you, so that you must look with importance on his or her life…

4) A relationship that love each other, help each other and co-work with each other <Ge 2:18-20>


5) Hidden in this relationship is an infinite potential of “being fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth ….” <Ge 1:27-28, 9:1-3, 12:1-3>


You must intercede for him/her one.

2. However, all human relationships are broken <Ge 3:1-24>

-> Therefore, when God told Adam and Eve to come together, how important the blessings, reproduce many, fill the earth, manage everything, dominate everything. Abraham and Sarah, when they are blessed called, they are Father and Mother of all nations.

1) The moment man departs from God, all relationships are broken <Ge 3:1-6>

-> But once they lose God, they lost everything.

2) Relationship with Self is broken <Ge 3:7-10

-> inferior, guilt, not satisfied, complain, so that he becomes an unlucky gentlemen, lady, …

3) Relationship with Others is broken <Ge 3:12,16>


4) Even the relationship with All things is also broken <Ge 3:17-18>


… so that everything has become unfortunate liao…

5) Lose the glorious purpose that God has created man for <Ge 3:19,23>


6) Therefore, all human relationships change into that of competition, jealousy and interests-focused <Ge 4:1-7>


7) The closer the relationship, the greater and deeper the hurts


… This is because he or she cannot have confidence of his time, the people and events he meet no confidence, therefore, all conditions liao.

3. The method of this world cannot bring about fundamental healing <Ge 4:1-24>

-> Just like Romeo and Juliet. Like the teachings of Confucious, telling people to do good works for lifetime. The worldly methods cannot do.

1) Because totally do not understand the fundamental cause of illness (Spiritual and power problem) <Jn 8:44; Eph 2:1-3>


2) Therefore, the method and procedure of healing are incorrect <Ge 3:7, 4:3>


And the worldly methods are?

If he is courteous towards me and helpful towards me, I must be extra courteous to him. If he is advantageous towards me, I must also return the favor to him. This is the principle of the world. This is not so with the Lord, for all rewards are received from Him alone.

4) The result of the healing work will bring about even greater problem <Ge 4:7, 24>


Therefore, all these, the worldly methods always – the more you try to love more, stick closer, the more problems there will be. It is like the pirate ship. Continue to help. If the pirate ship opens an orphanage, this is not doing good deeds, but it is specialized to nurture pirates one. These are a few “belonging” notion / concept – this must be clear.

Of course, we must be careful, so that we cannot immediately judge one to be pirate or the children of the devil. We cannot say like this. We have no qualifications, till he returns back from earth to heaven, there is no way that people can judge.

3) The ultimate objective of healing is also wrong <Ge 4:20-22>


However, our meaning is that we and God’s relationship to restore, and if I am absolutely be blessed, called and loved, then all the peoples I meet, no matter what kind of people, they are important. Therefore, pray for them, to accept the Lord, and the very important method of blessing people is to tell people to join together with God with their relationship, telling them to converse more with God, telling them to walk more focused on God. When our message continues to be like this, this will please God very much one.

4. Only through the cross are we able to receive complete healing in human relationship <Ge 3:15, 21; Eph 2:1-22; 1Pe 2:6-7>


1) Through the cross, we are able to understand man’s “fundamental problem” and the fact that “man is victimized and also powerless” <Eph 2:1-3>

-> Therefore, in all the contradiction, ….

2) Through the cross, we are able to differentiate two kinds of man. For those perishing, the cross becomes a stumbling stone whereas for those beloved, the cross becomes the capstone that “makes the two become one and reconcile with God” <1Pe 2:7; Eph 2:16>


3) Through the cross, we first receive the born again life, eternal belonging and relationship, and through it, we must be assured of the everlasting promises given by God <Eph 2:4-7>


… through only cornerstone, bringing all relationships to be joined together, and this is our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the great effect of the cross, and this is here.

4) To glorify God, bless people and build Christ body (church) as the only motive and purpose of whole life <Eph 2:11-22>


5) The human relationship with non-believers is to love them, empathized them and focus on their receiving of mercy and salvation when praying for them <2Co 5:14-19>


6) The human relationship with believers is to love one another and become one body. Each part of the body joined and held together by Christ, making Christ body grow until the numbers of the saved are full, then the Lord will come again <Eph 4:1-16>


Actually the bible emphasizes this in many places, telling all creation to make peace with God. This is Jesus Christ! The mystery of Jesus Christ is really very great one. This mystery is unlimited one. And even all creation, even in the cup that I use, it is a non-living thing, right? It is a matter only. However, for the blessed one who used the cup, it becomes a material that can be eternally remembered. Correct or not? All things and all materials when restored with the meaning of Jesus Christ, in that place, made peace with God. If no Jesus Christ, there is absolutely no peace that is made. From Adam till now, after Adam fell, all creation became corrupted, therefore, only Jesus Christ can restore everything.

5. Will discover that God’s abundant blessings will continue to expand when we decide to bless all our meetings and relationships

-> Our life purpose is to bless people, right? Glorify God and bless people.

1) Our 7 fields possess the mystery of building God’s Kingdom and besides that, He opens the blessing of meetings daily


2) When we have decided to bless people, healing will take place in all our ironical human relationships and constructive work also arises concurrently


When through my times to build the kingdom, we will discover .. that with such days of passing one year, 2 years, 3 years, all things actually come! The precious gems for an era ah! One by one comes! And the living abundant creatures of the 4 seas will be brought here. The eternal glorious kingdom, eternal inheritance is revealed towards us.

When our interpersonal relationships have failure, it equals to all failures, and if you often have failures in interpersonal relationships, parents, spouse, coworkers, this equals the meaning that you do not have grace inside of you. God is not manifested. This means that the grace of the cross is not enough.

3) The foremost thing for us is to often be filled with the Holy Spirit and grasp God’s timetable


Therefore, for those who have sufficient use, even though people may persecute him, like Noah, he still is really a blessed person. For people who have good interpersonal relationship, especially those having good interpersonal relationships in the Lord, we can commonly see and discover that actually Jesus Christ lives in him. His whole interpersonal relationship are Jesus Christ’s relationships le. Those who love Jesus, of era eternally blessed people, will all just come.

6) Must also distinguish the relationships between Elders, Peers and Juniors, and respect the seniority and authority given by God <Ro 13:1-7>


Therefore, especially for our descendants, later generations, the joining together is very important. For our church, we must really pray earnestly for our infants and young children, and even the babies inside the womb, for they are really very important.

Our youths and young adults, whole era to join together. This is the work that pleases the Lord most.

When you bless a small child, it is more rewarding and have more inheritance than blessing 100 adults. This is because when a child is young, and he becomes blessed, the lifelong blessings that he will bring about are really unlimited. When a person becomes big and is blessed, some nature is really hard to change.

4) Understand one’s gift and position, joined and held together to grow for the sake of Christ’s body, bringing about a role of “sober judgment” <Ro 12:3-4>


5) Admire others’ gift and virtue and use them to fill our shortcomings to become one perfect body <Ro 12:5-8; Eph 4:16>


Therefore, for our church also, for all areas, the Lord’s perfect will is very important one, so that we restore, and when we are willing to submit to the Lord, He will definitely bring the blessings of an era to open up to us.

7) Within the operations of all interpersonal relationships, the most important is “Love”. Only love can cover all weaknesses of man and clear all boundaries between all parts of Christ body, joining them together with life and liveliness <Ro 13:8-10>



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