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Teacher 20: Healing Message 10 – The Serving That Bears Good Fruits



Healing Message 10 (Healing of Serving)


<John 15:1-17>


The Serving That Bears Good Fruits


Upon being born again, we restore the eternal belonging and purpose. Our remaining limited earthly days exist for the preparation of the eternal kingdom.

–> Our family living, spousal living, do business, are all for the kingdom!

It is the time to live a life of touring, competing, battling, sowing, and fostering.

-> Read slowly here above. It is just like this!!

Every born again saints have the full conditions to receive victory and the ability to bear good fruits.

-> If you are handicapped, your conditions are given for you for victory and fruits. If you are smart, if you are foolish, God uses these conditions. These conditions are already fully prepared and already ready.

The laborious and unfruitful serving of many believers

-> Why so suffering and so unfruitful?

all comes from them having no knowledge of God, no heart desire, no conviction, no power!

-> ignorance, no heart, no convictions, no power

1. The living and serving of many believers are “laborious and have no fruits”

-> There are many listed here. There are probably even much more than 8 listed here.

Because we see that those who do spousal living has no efficiencies, and we also see that those who have children also become worse. These, we often see that there are no fruits that can be seen. Office working, there are not even no fruits, but instead received a lot of no good reputation judgments from people. Generally, serving has no efficiencies!

1) Spiritual eyes have not opened


2) Ignorance about the mystery of heavenly kingdom


3) Ignorance about the mystery of Christ


4) Ignorance about the mystery of born again and promise


5) Ignorance about the mystery of the Holy Spirit


6) Do not know about the enjoyment of the great love of the Heavenly Father


7) Living and serving do not have integration, focus and priority


8) Do not know about grasping God’s timetable

-> Tell all to confess, and to tell listeners to be more willing to restore.

Therefore, what is the most important?

1) Your lifetime, all things = serving

This is the greatest big principle. It is not that you are in church so that you serve. But if you are a father, a mother, a teacher, operator, employee going to office, is therefore, serving also. But do not say that “Oh, since family is also a serving, so I must center on my family over church.” No, but all these serving come and move together. If you leave the church altar, you will lose the blessings in the family easily. All these are serving, yes! But there is a need for a focus.

2) Important focus, priority, principle (method) “Rely Spirit, All times, All kinds”

Serving has its own focus, priority, and thirdly, there is a principle (which means method). This method is to rely on the Holy Spirit in all things. [Rely Spirit, All times, All kinds] of prayers -> is a very important mystery that we have to learn for lifetime!

Rely Holy Spirit

Sleeping has the method of relying on the Holy Spirit; exercising has the method of relying on the Holy Spirit; Preaching; spousal relationships; even sex has the method of relying on the Holy Spirit! (Sorry for those singles). The Gospel is very real and very practical one.

All times

So, all times, so if you are in the toilet, can you not do prayers? This is not needed? No, but all things all times, but with all various kinds of methods -> Then all things become a serving liao!

All things -> main focus, priority, principle

Did not the bible say that those who are wives should give their bodies to their husbands? This is serving. Therefore, all things are serving. But “Oh, so we daily make love and romance and this is serving?” Not this again. The main focus has also priority, and there is certainly absolutely a principle.

All kinds

This is to tell the listeners to acquire: the perfect will in all circumstances, the submission in all things, in all things to rely on Holy Spirit to victory — all these to resolute here in this lesson. Often, traditional churches only serve serve serve. But this last healing message, the most important lesson one!

3) Present conditions -> Serving Perfect Will

If you see your own current conditions, you will discover the perfect will in your serving right now. If I look at myself now, I belong to having the serving as a husband, right? I also have a father serving. This is my conditions right? I also have pastor’s and brother’s serving. I also have disciples regional, and I also have the world of disciples, no matter how busy I am, I also have to serve them. Daily, the telephones and emails that I never expected just come to me. To serve! Your lifetime has to receive the perfect will in your serving.

4) In all things –> Acknowledge Jehovah -> Assured belief, strong heart, wisdom

In all things, to acknowledge the bible, the perfect will. What to acknowledge? To acknowledge Jehovah, so that at the end, the blessings you receive are? The blessings received finally are assured believe, a strong and courageous heart, not your own authority, but the authority of God, and you also receive a lot of wisdom to do that serving: do husband, do wife, is also like this.

Acknowledging Jehovah: The act of serving = pleasing to God

It is not that I need to serve my spouse, but the act of doing is what is pleasing to God. Therefore, even drinking a cup of coffee with my wife is also God’s perfect will le.

Then pray in all kinds -> wisdom = all things are serving

Therefore, you pray, so that at that moment in time, you pray in all kinds of prayers, so that you receive wisdom, to strengthen your wife. In all areas, you serve!

Right now: the best way to serve? In rest = By assured belief

But today, at this time, what does the Lord want me to serve in the best way? There is no longer any reason to labor and do anything, but you just rest and sleep and this is called serving! If you correctly receive the perfect will of the Lord, if say, you cannot finish the work today and you have to sleep already, then how? Then tomorrow, God will fill it up for you tomorrow. This is also faith, right? Ok, actually many times, I am a failure. Tomorrow have to speak a certain message, but if I have not finished preparing, I definitely cannot sleep. So that even for burning midnight oil, my heart has no way to have peace to sleep le. This is what I must learn. However, sometimes, really really I want to prepare but the messages do not come even till 3-4am, and the next morning 8am has to start again (this especially happens in the mission fields), so that at that time, when my head is heavy and blur, that time, the Lord gives one word to me, “What are you doing, man, quickly go to sleep!” And when I wake up at about 6am, the message that I am supposed to prepare for 20 hours, God gave me all the messages in 2 hours! Often, I experienced this, but often, because I want to sleep with peace, therefore, I want to do all the things before I go to sleep. This is a habit in me already, and strangely, I receive a lot of torture inside.. Therefore, really believing this very point is very important one. And then, you can receive perfect will in all things one.

5) In all things = accomplishments, fruits, testimonies

All things are accomplishments, fruits and testimonies. Therefore, when a person does testimonies, he only does the principle of the cross message. If so, many people will just think that we preach only the Christianity, or the religion mah, telling people to return righteousness. However, the gospel I preach is very much in reality, and this is even connected to my sleeping, spousal living, family finance and living. Therefore, in all things I do, I mean that these are themselves accomplishments, fruits and testimonies le! Therefore, once the person speaks, the words capture and attract people very much. Because of Joseph, even the fields, vegetables, even many dogs of Potiphar received blessings! Really like this! Gospel is very real.

Restoring this is called Healing.

2. Ought to do the things that the Lord bids us to do <Mt 10:5-15; Lk 9:1-6>

-> It is all listed here very clearly:

1) Tells us to preach “the gospel of the kingdom of God” <Mt 10:7>


2) Tells us to drive out demons <Mt 10:8>


3) Tells us to give people “life” <Mt 28:19; Ac 26:18>

-> Born people again

4) Tells us to teach people, heal people <Mk 16:15-16>


So how are all these related to spousal living? Yes, these are connected! Your spousal living must also enjoy heavenly kingdom with one another to do. Spousal living must also drive demons for each other to do. It is not necessary that your wife is HS filled yesterday night, and it can be assumed that she will be HS filled in this morning. Therefore, you need to drive demons away. And then, you continue to by born again, to daily want to center on deny yourself, to receive the resurrected power to be a husband, father, pastor, employee, to be friends with many. This is all for the kingdom. Therefore, preach, drive demons, born, teach, heal people, …

5) Tells us to feed “the Lord’s sheeps”, making their living on earth to be exceedingly victorious

-> and pastor and feed people, and in the midst,

6) Tells us to make “the Lord’s disciples” of all nations <Mt 28:18-20>

-> acquire disciples, right. And using all things to teach the disciples so that they are trained. Even our children are discipleship training. Sowing and watering – all these can use discipleship training.

7) Tells us to go to “the ends of the earth”, to do these things <Ac 1:8>

-> And these expand till the ends of the earth. This is what the Lord has entrusted us, very important serving le.


3. Tells us to “watch what the Lord does and follow” <Mt 4:19; Jn 21:19>

-> This meaning and emphasis is to restore the Jesus Christ that is living in me. We have to live our Christ! For example:

1) The Lord “died and resurrected”, thus had completed the foundation of the “gospel of the kingdom of God” <1Co 3:11>

-> Therefore, have I confirmed myself to have died and resurrected with the Lord?

2) I already sat together with the Lord on the throne of heaven (Christ is the head, I am the body) <Col 1:18; Eph 2:6; Mk 16:19-20>

-> Therefore, I have to confirm if I have sat down together with the Lord on the throne. Therefore, only that I lift my eyes to the Lord, immediately, the powers from heaven come upon me. This must confirm.

3) The Lord has already told me “things to come and things of the kingdom of God” <Jn 14:1-3>

-> Therefore, you have to confirm right now, do you very important vision and picture for your future and upcoming days? Not explaining, but together confirm, this meaning.

4) The Lord has revealed to me His great love, and tells me to love God and men with that <Eph 3:18>

-> Is your heartbeat now like this – this must confirm!

5) The Lord, through His own living on earth, has left the most perfect example, and used a lot of teachings to instruct me <Php 2:5-8>

-> Do I now see the Lord’s likeness as the perfect will to live out in me right now? this must confirm!

6) The Lord gave me His Name (Jesus Christ), making me enjoy His authoritative power that overcomes all enemies <Php 2:9-11; Mt 16:19; Lk 10:19>

-> The Lord already has victory, so in your heart, do you see victory, so that when you test and approve, do you surely receive the answers of peace to live? I really hope that 36 lessons to bring living testimonies, to bring lively; for I heard people reading this on the bed and felt this is too basic, not only losing blessings in it, but receiving negative things!

7) The Lord gave me promises, that whatever was asked in His Name, will all be fulfilled for us <Jn 16:24; Jn 15:7>

-> Then, how do you receive fulfillments and answers in the midst of prayers? This must confirm! Do you really have answers? In the front part if you have gone through prayer messages, of course have already.

8) The Lord already gave me the goal of my life, the greatest vision and the eternal abundant inheritance <Eph 1:15-17; Ac 1:8>

-> In where? In my widow life, in my slower mind, in my 80+ years of age. This must seek out – in your own set of conditions, even unfavorable ones.

9) Actually, He is now still meticulously guiding me in my life and all my living fields <Jn 14:16-20>

-> Therefore, there are very important methods that He leads me.

10) In the Lord Jesus Christ, we are increasingly growing, multiplying, and bearing fruits everyday <Jn 15:5>


4. “Love” must become the motive, content and purpose of all living ministries

-> Love is the most important topic in the matter of serving. To live in love. This love must become all motives, contents and purpose.

1) Because God loves us, created us in love, give birth to us, sanctify us <Eph 1:4-5>

-> To live in love

2) God gave us all laws and commandments to bring us to the plane of “loving God, loving men” <Mt 22:34-40>


If there is no love, there is no life. Though there are moving, if there is no love, there is no way to convict people. If there is no love, HS does not move. If you have a lot of messages and even spiritual ones, but there is no love, demons do not go away, absolutely! There is no way to heal a person or a family without love. Spousal also, if you only do because he or she tells or commands me, you will see that your hubby or your wife will not change for 10 or 20 years.

Really must have compassion to arise in your hearts for the one you are serving, to say one sentence. This kind of strength is really one that explodes! If there is no love, there is nothing that is built. If we build a robot, if there is no chip or electricity, there is no use. Love is just like that.

4) All people who belong to Christ will do all things in the love of God <1Jn 4:7-8>


Do all your roles by love

Therefore, if you are a husband, love. If you are wife, do it by love. Do by love to nurture children. Pastoring people by love.

3) In Christ, we have already blessedly received the greatest love <Ro 5:8, Eph 3:18>


Love cannot be hidden -> all different

Love cannot be hidden. Sometimes, in my mind, I have some thoughts which should not be thought, but because I am a pastor, I cannot but must comfort people, I find that I only receive people’s misunderstandings – this pastor has no love at all! He has very rigid and dead messages — who will not know about such messages? If you just have love, even if it is just for 10 minutes, touching the hands, looking at one another, expressions with expressions, and the convictions of the Holy Spirit, and man receiving healing, it is totally different!

First, restore love, and then do: telephone, speaking, must all be like this. Love is the core of all the cores! 1Co 13! If there is no love, angels works, etc glorious ministries, all are clanging of the bells and sounding gongs.

Thanks be to God, from today, let us add 7 times love, okay?

Because of love -> messages of Is 60:1-5 igniting Spirit’s fire

Next week, the Lord tells us to go for igniting the Spirit’s fire, because 4 times, we have finished on rely Spirit, driving demons, and kingdom descend. 12 prayers finished. Next week is left with 3 messages of prayers? One year is so fast to go off. The Lord tells us on how to. Because of love, our life is moulded; because of love, our life progresses and is pushed. Praise God!

-> Moulded, weaved, grow by the weave of love

Meeting you all are the most blissful that has happened in my life! In Jesus Christ, let our life weave together! 交织. This kind of picture — so beautiful, so that we are weaved together and grow together in the Lord! I see this picture to live! My spouse, my children – I see them to live like this. I am related with my elders like this, we are eternally not separated! All these are in our weaved neighbors — because of Love!

5) Knowing love through the righteousness of Father God and the love of Christ, will then not bring about “foolish love”, but instead “great wisdom” <1Co 13:4-8>



Therefore love must be restored! And all the gospel, 36 lessons we have already spoken and finished. This is the final conclusion: the gospel conclusion is that we love God, confirm ourselves, and we love men! 3 words to completion!

6) In love, we can enjoy complete freedom, peace, joy and all kinds of power, and be truly “sanctified” <1Jn 4:18>


7) In love, we will meet “the works of God” and blessed parts of Christ’s body <Jn 21:15-19>


8) In love, parts of the body in Christ have their blood vessels channeled through (i.e. reaching mutual understanding), grow together and serve by collaborating with the same heart <Eph 4:16>


9) “How much love you have blessedly received” and “how much love you have shared”, will become the deciding factor for the scale of reward <Mal 3:16; Jas 1:12; 1Pe 4:8>


And then, we do it by love to walk with God. Therefore, main point 5:

5. Only through prayer can we enjoy all these mysteries


1) In prayers, we can then hear God’s word and receive the conviction of the Holy Spirit <Ro 8:26; Jn 14:26, 16:13>


2) In prayers, we can then discover God’s great love and from it, be blessedly loved <Php 4:4-7>


3) In prayers, we can then enjoy all of Christ’s authority and crush all the enemy’s forces of darkness <Mt 16:19; Lk 10:19>


4) In prayers, we can then discover the Lord’s guidance and accurate timetable <Ac 1:13-14, 13:1-3>


5) Amidst prayers, we can change the surrounding environment and all conditions <2Ki 19:35; Ac 12:1-23>


Therefore, relying on the Holy Spirit, we do all kinds of prayers to mean?

The most important mystery le!

Our lifetime to learn prayers and all mysteries!

6) During prayers, doors of the kingdom of God, doors of blessings and doors of evangelism will all open up <Ac 16:6-10, 13, 16, 25>


7) In prayers, we can practically protect, help parts of body in Christ as well as the ministry of regional and world evangelism <Eph 6:18-20; Ac 12:1-23>


One day, we will discover that people speak of us: this is living Christ! This is the living Christ!

His heart and mind also, his expressions also! Now not like right? Haha. But my wish is that I look like Jesus Christ, and even my expressions! I do not like the bitter facial expression, and I also do not like the candle expression! They are like dead men, without any expressions! Men’s disciples are living one, from the stomach that comes our springs of joy, right? Try practice! Today, most beautiful.. haha. Expression to be the most beautiful, and then the smile that has wisdom. The language and speech is gentle, can convict and move people, and which is full of wisdom! And the actions are so you1ya3 优雅 elite or so graceful. Haha! These are our purpose right?


Practical gospel

The gospel is really practical! It is with our actions and movements, and even our one strand of hair also related. You must know the truth, for the truth tells you to receive true freedom.

D&R -> sit right hand throne -> no yoke of slavery


when we think of Him -> veil removed, HS reveals -> freedom!!

JX already died and resurrected for us, now sitting at the right hand of the throne of God le, so that we do not let the yoke of slavery bind us again. When we miss Him, think of Him, that is the moment the veil of the Lord is removed, and the Holy Spirit of the Lord reveals to us. So that where the Lord’s Spirit is, there is freedom right there!

We totally receive freedom already!! May God use these messages to gather a lot of disciples and make this era arise!

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