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Teacher 20: Healing Message 7 – Father and Mother of Many Nations

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Why need healing messages? -> For me, I wrote each point and I am surprised at each point. These answers from the gospel.

Healing Message 7 (Couple Healing)


Ephesians 5:22-23


Father and Mother of Many Nations


Best title.. How can spouse separate?

I am shocked about the swapping couples from a report in the newspaper about Italy. This is the era which I do not know what will become of to our children.

Some sister has gone into a relationship with a married guy. The guy divorced and the wife just committed suicide. Just because of this one careless wrong of falling in love with him, the sister was guilty for life.

Another case is when the two already married, divorced, and they cannot come together:

1) The sister still feels lonely, but cannot take it as if it is the Lord’s plan for a blessed single life

2) There are two children already, feeling very much in contradictions

3) Husband and wife still love each other so much.

==> Already husband and wife, which according to the bible, is not about the law joining two together. Once they are joined in the spirit mind and flesh, they are considered as husband and wife already. “Let man not separate what God has joined.”

Do you think it is simple to just say about joining marriages?

Do not think from man, from the narrow and small heart? Why can’t just accept the husband (even if he has none other), accept the younger wife to bless them (like Sarah), accept husband to bless him for life?

Another example is where wife is so suffering because husband went out, have affair and already have 2 children! Her wife received wisdom and told him, “Why you not like big man, should take care, yet come back so timid? But I make bargain with you, just Sunday service.” “Later, if you come for one more meeting, I give you one more day.” Later, wife can pray well, take care of many people, “Why not you just live there, and just have in mind me and 2 children will do?” The other small wife (because younger) continued to persecute him, “When you divorce? How much $ property to give me?” Husband more and more comfortable with the older wife, more and more blessed with church meetings, and he cannot just let go of first wife. Children also saw the case.

We really pray that there will be a lot of such bright examples. Also for many Aquila and Priscilla. All are wrong before being blessed. But with the gospel, all sorts of answers can be received.

When you lead this small group, you will meet many different kinds of situations of spouses. If you only deadly and fixed just one message, they will surely leave one-by-one. Most wives actually have marriage problems! If we just follow the bible saying that if we see with lust, cut off the eye, then all people in the world will be blind. Do not divorce! But what if you already divorced when you heard the blessed message?

Bible blessed

Rahab came out no longer prostitute. Ruth Moabite with husband gone. Bathsheba murdered her husband. Tamar seduced father-in-law not for sexual desire but for getting promise (inheritance), therefore she stayed as widow for life. Bathsheba prayed for Solomon lifetime. Jesus Christ and the sister, wrote anonymous one day saw and took hand, people there surprised and went off gradually, “Your sins are forgiven, do not sin again.” Not only does she receive great freedom, but she also is ongoing to receive great healing for her living. Mary Magdalene also received freedom from 7 demons. Samaritan woman destroyed many families, but Christ let her be freed.

=> you must really see with gospel perspective. Non-christians no answers we can understand, but for those who received the gospel, how to “regard” to husband and children, we can and must definitely teach.

95% of couples in church have problems. We too! We must really understand Abba Father’s heart and His great love.

However, I tell you that if your situation no matter how bad, ‘cos there are many colors and varying situations – some 3-4 divorce and married – some blessed wife but no blessed husband – some have children some no children, if you must teach messages, you must focus:

1) how to receive the love of God

2) from now onwards I will not be inferior anymore

3) from now onwards, I only need to do good and that will do

==> clear answers -> then can bless them greatly!

For my brother (mingxian’s father), I hope that he can be reconciled with his wife.

Some many teachings that harm God’s children have gone into the church.

Must give confirmation to them that

1) no matter their situations, God already has an answer for them.

2) If you are here today to hear the gospel, and have heard and have believed already, you are already blessed person.

3) Therefore, your marriage problem is going to bring to you great blessings one.

4) Only that today… (if you tell till here, you will see that many have teared) you and I pray together, from now onwards, change the darkness to light, then tomorrow will be bright. Must proclaim this assurance one!

==> No matter the situation, who blessed or not, etc, don’t care first. Do not also talk about who is right and who is wrong, for everyone is wrong before God. Only that today, you hear from God, your sad days will be gone, and new timetable will start. This is this lesson.

How wonderful is one having the life of the image of God!

-> Man has eternal days, eternally will not die one. Heavenly mysteries are connected to a person’s life.

How remarkably wonderful is the mystery of 2 lives uniting to become another life (couple)! Within the unity of a man and a woman, are hidden God’s unlimited blessings and potential. If the couple can restore God’s life and promises, their family, descendants and era will become alive.

Many couples not only cannot enjoy God’s blessings, but they are also struggling within many contradictions. But no matter what,

-> No MATTER what your situations are!!

if only one out of the couple really restores God’s life and promises, the problem of the couple is already solved, God’s blessings will also slowly be revealed.

-> Darkness force removed, sad days finished! Proclaim here, darkness go off, tell all to say “Amem?” “Amen!”


1. A Couple’s unity possesses God’s unlimited promises and blessings

2. Therefore, Satan’s greatest attack is also found in a couple’s relationship

-> Both these points are connected actually.

1. A Couple’s unity possesses God’s unlimited promises and blessings

-> Blessings?

1) “A Couple of 2 Persons” shares the same blessings and inheritance

-> Blessings of 2 becoming one

* 1Pe 3:7 -> Ge 1:27-28, Ge 2:21-25, Ge 17:5-17; Eph 5:22-33


2) “Between Parents and Children” share the same spiritual heritage and inheritance

-> Blessings of descendants

This blessings is not only of the flesh or materials. Not only that my children are born healthily, and they can continue to reproduce and carry on the line. What blessings are mentioned by the bible for descendants?

Spiritual descendants!!


Even for subpoint 2, it is about spiritual descendants. Therefore this applies also for those who are single, Meiyun, etc, who have married with Jesus Christ. Those who are single, youths all proclaim this? Amen! We must here get confirmation one. In 1 Co 7, Paul says that it is so good to be single, hoping that all may be the same as him, but all people are different.

All are different one

Some people do not need to live with woman, and some do not need man. But not everyone can do so. Therefore, do not teach just one form only. “Man needs sex” – cannot one thinking like this only. To some it is, to some, it is not. To be teachers, your teachings must be balanced, to tell people to receive the truth only.

* Ex 20:6 -> (1) Ge 12:1-3, 17:7 (Abraham – Source of All Blessings)


(2) Ge 26:23-25 (Son – Isaac – 100 times)


(3) Ge 28:10-22 (Grandson – Jacob – Israel)


(4) Ge 41:37-45 (Great-grandson – Joseph – Conquered Whole World)


3) God accomplished “Regional Gospelisation” through one blessed family

-> Regional blessings

* Ac 1:13-14 (Mary’s home: Mark’s Upper Room)


Ro 16:3-5 (Priscilla and Aquila’s home and the church in their house)


Col 4:15 (Nympha and church in his house)


Philip’s home, Lydia’s home, Jason’s home…


4) Possess the promise of blessing an era and all nations

-> Blessings of world gospelizations

* Ge 17:1-8 (Eternal Promise) -> Is 60:1-5; Mt 28:18-20; Ac 1:8


All of these are what God, through His creation Adam, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, to reveal all these very important promises. Therefore, when you read the points in main point 1, confirm with them

1) whether they understand the points, and then

2) whether they believe. And confirm with them

3) whether from this day forth, they will look with importance on themselves?

=> Must all confirm with small group.

Marriage problems -> definite blessings


Did Abraham have marriage problems? Yes, but it definitely brings blessings. Even father and mother of all nations have problems, right? God actually created this situation, so that Sarah did not die early, so that Abraham got Haggai. God told Haggai to leave, so we ask all second wives to leave? Cannot explain like this.


Rachel is Jacob’s most loved, and Rachel bear 2 children at the end, why?

Just acceptance: all arranged by God and thanks

These are all arranged by God. Only that “Lord, these are all conditions arranged by you, so however You lead will do!” Many people have other thoughts from men, from learnings from parents, from Confucious, all these are binding men very tightly!!

No longer yours when leave the world <-> Confucious thoughts

The husband that you have right now will not become yours when he leaves the world. Even when our parents leave, they will not be parents immediately already. Do not “my father!” “my grandmother did not believe God and she has left” Do not continue to cry to God like this, for God has arranged like this. When you reached heaven then, you will discover that they are not your parents actually. Parents only one and that is God. Therefore, if your ancestors bear you blessed one, God must have a perfect will ba. Just like Egypt living Israelites, so that they can have blessings today. Therefore, you can be blessed today. Therefore, we can have no responsibilities how the ancestors are. Many people’s thinking is wrong. I was also Confucious’ thoughts, and I was so bounded, for many are not in accordance to God’s perfect will. I really felt that I have suffered for nothing.

2. Therefore, Satan’s greatest attack is also found in a couple’s relationship


1) Couple’s Problem <Ge 3:1-19>

-> first that comes

2) Children’s Problem <Ge 4:1-8>


3) Family line, Descendants’ Problem <Ge 6:2>

-> spiritual inheritance also have

4) Societal and the era’s problem <Ge 6:17 Flood; Ge 11:1-9 Tower of Babel; Ge 19:1-28 Sodom & Gomorrah>

-> actually all from Cain -> Flood.

All the same problem of couple.


How many percent of couples that are unbelievers are deceived by Satan? Even the couple like Romeo and Juliet so loving, for the other party, self life do not care as much, absolutely tricked by Satan. The greater the love, the greater the trick of Satan. Actual fact. Romeo and Juliet. Sex peer. “To be or not to be, that is the question”. My mother is so chaotic, so should I kill or not? From the heart of love, but these are the spirits that are cast aside and misunderstood, so that the works that result are really disastrous.

-> Then how come for couples who do not love God will receive the greatest problems? This is because they love most about their other halves. Because often together, therefore, inevitable to come together, more clashes, more quarrels, fights. For no gospel, it is like this.


For those with gospel, more joy.

Non-believers bobian, But the saddest thing for me is the believers in the church. They already are believers, but because the messages in the church is not true, not gospelized, not complete. Therefore, actually there are many who are bounded. Even for pastor and pastor’s wife. And before 1994, my couple life with my wife is like this. I chased her so long then I married her. But because of this, once her eyes went to another guy, there is a fighting spirit within me that arouses. And I am so clean, daily go home clean, tell her to see the cleanliness I do, giving her pressure. After 1994, both towards help and assist. Those who really know the gospel have to become assistants.

Good example of husband and wife -> not perfect therefore come together

Just like Billy Graham and wife. When he was old and retired, a news reporter asked pastor’s wife during 50 years of marriage. I believe that you must be very good. “There are thoughts of wanting to kill him for even more than 10 times. Want to divorce – no need to say liao. But thank God – He protected us.” And she wanted to tell all couples, “You cannot treat the other as a perfect one. For if you expect, you do not need to marry. Man and woman are not complete, therefore, they must come together.” Thank God, they are really loving towards each other, leaving a good example. Before Miss Graham left, Billy was at her side praying, seeing visions of descendants, etc.

Even missionaries with a lot of problems

But when I see Thailand Myanmar, most couples of missionaries are no good. Because they know a lot of laws. Therefore, accuses more. Very hypocritical as they hide a lot of things about their relationships. And children are so much in sufferings!

3. First of all, must restore the one life inside God

-> This is most important.

1) The healing method targeting only on the couple’s harmony brings even worse problems <Ge 3:60>


2) First, must understand that the fundamental reason lies in “departing from God thus receiving the influence of sins and Satan” <Ge 3:1-7>


Without this restoration, there is no couple healing at all!

3) Both must be born again through the precious blood of Christ, thus restoring one Father, one Lord, one Spirit, one Body <Eph 4:1-6>


One Father, one Lord, one Spirit, one Baptism, one Body -> one vision! (FOCUS) this is the real eternal, kingdom, blessed portion, heirs

4) To also restore God’s reason, God’s purpose and God’s method <Ge 2:18-25, Ge 1:27-28>


5) Through the mystery of Christ and the Church, to restore the husband-wife relationship and roles <Eph 5:22-33>


6) To impart God’s promises to children and descendants, fostering them in God’s grace <Dt 6:4-9; Eph 6:4>


One Father, one Lord, one Spirit, one Baptism, one Body -> one vision! (FOCUS) this is the real eternal, kingdom, blessed portion, heirs


Different = Join together

If one life is not restored, no couple healing has happened at all absolutely! Therefore, if you husband has not yet believed, you must put your focus right here at One Father, one Lord, one Spirit, one Baptism, one Body -> one vision.

1Co 7 principle

This is the very important principle given in 1Co 7. 1Co 7 does not tell us to be separated or to divorce, right? “If your husband or wife does not want to be with you, do not need to be bounded, but let him/her off.” But if he is willing to accept you, then the only purpose is to be able to save him/her. If you bring this heart, then your children will then be clean. Bible speaks like this. Then after that, it was said that if you have a wife, live as if you have no wife.

—–> The emphasis is? Eternal, kingdom, blessed portion, heirs! Real heirs come from here!

=> therefore, if this one no, cannot say anything. I discover that there are no absolute answers better than this actually.

Therefore people, no matter whether you married, remarried, divorced, single, married but daily separated different rooms, use whatever conditions that has been given you to

(1) do this very FOCUS. This is a very important answer. No matter how wife or husband snore, cannot be together.

(2) With this focus, the Lord will give you important wisdom.

(3) Forget the past and straining on to what is ahead. And then,

(4) how to receive HS convictions so that I can towards my descendants, towards this era of churches, wife will all benefit?

This is where we must develop our understanding.

7) Under all situations, if a person really restores God’s promises and reasons, the problem of the couple is already solved, and they will receive the answers and testimonies of blessing many people and families <1Sa 1:10-11>

-> No need for 2 persons to agree to this at the start, just one will do. Therefore, the leading.

The teacher can use this to pause to pray, and then to see below things.

“Lord, the situation that I see in my situation now, may it really become the blessings towards the era. I am willing to submit. Lord, I can be here to hear your gospel, and this is your grace. Though all different earthly, this one draw and stroke of God’s word is eternal, one Father, one Lord, etc to me.. Today I can be blessed like this, I thank You.” When prayed, tell all to proclaim that all the sad days are finished, to want to use well to bless own husband, children, many families with marriage problems. This is the gospel. Shall messages totally bind people? This is wrong! Will bring a lot of disaster.

-> The sister I talked to yesterday was so suffering so that she broke down and cried, “Yes, we must not just hear the word of the Lord by portions, or sentences, or just oldness of the letter. But it must be received the full ancient people, all situations, inside my own situation, to receive HS convictions.” The HS convictions will be given to us definitely, but the principle is definitely holy principle. Those who love God and want to submit to God to do, surely peace answers will be given to us.


4. Actually, much more blessings are hidden in the “areas where each other has differences and thus frequently resulting in conflicts”

-> In the areas where there seem to be more conflicts arising, actually and originally, there are even much more hidden blessings!

1) Actually it is not two perfect persons becoming one, but perfection results after two persons become one



Different = Join together

2) The couple of two persons ought to possess different personalities, backgrounds and habits (God’s arrangement)


3) When viewed from God’s perspective, will be able to discern “what needs to be changed” and “what need not be changed”


(1) Balanced

For me and my wife, our character are both totally different. In the beginning, I want her to be totally like me because I am stronger, etc. Yet, I discover that her slowness pulls me from being too much forward. I find I am very sensitive (as a pastor should be), and she is so little sensitive. I told her, “***”, but she says, “forget it lah” or “again? Hai”. Good! Balanced.

4) Concerning things that the spouse can change, intercede and at the same time assist while awaiting


5) For things which cannot be changed no matter how hard the spouse strives, seek out God’s reason for such arrangement to give thanks and to complement him for life


(2) Understand more about the gospel = receive healing

More anxious? No, it pulls back. Else if both are perfect, there is no way to know the goodness of the gospel.

6) Do not forget that when I am Holy Spirit-filled and thanksgiving-filled, all problems will convert into blessings


7) The greater the problem, the more and deeper the power, answers and blessings


(3) Blessings (testimonies)

And this can bless many other couples with testimonies! Therefore, I find that more differences even better!

Therefore, in the area itself, in the Red Sea itself, has the answer itself inside! Therefore, gospel tells us very important answers.

5. What is your situation currently?

-> There are actually many much more ba.

But if you decide to resolute inside of God, today is the day that all your sorrowful days are the past. We will see immediately God’s unlimited blessings. “Let us not remain in this problem, but let us pray together ba!”

1) Situation as Single or Divorced <1Co 7:25-40>


* Possessing: The blessings apportioned to Ruth, Mary Magdalene, woman of Samaria, Tabitha


(1) Confirm “I am one who is blessed and loved”, to seek God’s reason and give thanks in all current conditions and situation


(2) Live a “church-centered life”, to expand blessing of meetings within the relationships of the spiritual household


(3) Set blessing and teaching children and descendants as whole life’s goal


(4) Bless the people under the same circumstances, thus enjoying the portion of blessings that people without such experience cannot enjoy


There are a lot of differing situations. Ruth, Mary Magdalene, woman of Samaria, Tabitha

2) In a situation of having a non-believer spouse <1Co 7:12-16>


* Possessing: The blessings apportioned to Eunice, Timothy’s mother


(1) Holy Spirit filled


(2) Priority


(3) Strive to maintain the spiritual atmosphere and harmony (discerning things of the Spirit and of the flesh)


(4) Immanuel’s evidences and testimonies, cast unto the Lord and wait


Timothy Eunice with Gentile Greek, to many it is bad, but with this 2-3 cultures and languages, will have many advantages in the gospel.

3) Couple in Christ <Eph 5:22-33>


* Possessing: The blessings apportioned to Abraham and Sarah, Parents of Moses, Parents of John the Baptist, Priscilla and Aquila


(1) Restore promise and absolute direction


(2) Submit to God’s predetermined couple’s relationship (husband and wife)


(3) Fostering blessed children


(4) Taking up leadership roles in church


(5) Becoming the core family in regional gospelisation (Mission Home)


Do not just with selfish perspective how wife or husband must be changed with that narrow perspective.

But most important is that you yourself one person being blessed in the Lord.

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