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Teacher 20: Healing Message 8 – The Key to Bearing and Raising Blessed Children

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Healing Message 8 (Children Healing)

-> There is no way that I can see hope in the children of this era. I live in front of a school, see so many kids of all kinds of colors. I was just trying to throw trash at night and I saw kids in a car, one of them a neighbor, and they are taking drugs. Thank God, that through our problems and the problems of our kids that God permits, we can bless the children of this era, for through it, we can gain very important answers and prayer topics for this very era.

You must proclaim:

No matter how bad your children are, from today onwards, if you are blessed, your children’s fate will change. One person blessed. We see many blessedness of bro/sis come from their children’s problems.

Augustine’s mother’s Monica blessedness may just come from Augustine himself. Because his life is important, so need his mother’s prayer. So young at age of 20, and he already became a professor – super intelligent. But he is a playboy. The more Monica prayed, Augustine became worse. Yet, because of her kid, she stuck all the more to the pulpit and center her life on blessedness. Abraham’s blessedness comes from not having a kid! And after having a kid, his concern is also on his kid! God wants to kill him! To him, he suddenly must bring his child to Mount Moriah, but for us, our child suddenly receives cancer, or something that Satan wants to take back his/her life. For my daughter, she already passed death, and with calculations, her weight is already beyond hope of living. Yet, with blessedness, blessed days can actually be seen. Therefore, I am a witness before God and you. One eye not needed to blink, children got problem? Just be blessed yourself and it will do. This is the absolute principle in this lesson.

1. It suffices if I shall just be blessed

This is main point 2, right?

Luke 2:40-52


The Key to Bearing and Raising Blessed Children


Because we are blessed people, our children are definitely blessed ones. They are originally God’s own children, borne and fostered by our lives. God loves them infinitely more than we do, and besides that, is guiding their lives entirely. The critical point in successful education of children lies in how accurately you perceive the love and guidance of God on them.


1. The ones giving children the most hurts and bad influences are Parents <1Sa 2:22-36>

-> Amen? I discover that those who do not know gospel, 100%, no matter if they are body soul spirit, interpersonal, values -> all actually spoils them. Such a parent, one word will spoil them. The toil and sweat of parent for a child has absolutely no use without the gospel. This is truth!

1) Because there is no assurance to their own lives, there is also no assurance towards the reason of their children’s birth and purpose of fostering them


2) Because of parents’ disbelief, children are raised in unhealthy spiritual environment which leaves them with bad spiritual heritage


3) In legalistic and mystic religious environment, children are nurtured to become hypocritical and often depressive people


4) Carnal, worldly and selfish teachings put children’s spirits and souls to sleep


The parents who do not know God, know self, know children, so that they try to love and teach the children are, 100% hurting the child. Do you agree?

5) Teachings that have no principle in them, and factors which are contradictory and unrealistic, cause children to have chaotic mindset, and live a life that is not down-to-earth


If parent does not have lifetime purpose, living purpose not clear, teaching children 99% failure (not 100%). Will surely fail. A lot of purposes of the world to put into the children..

6) Often distrusting children, intervening too much, cause children to lose self opinion, become weak and powerless


7) Children who grow up without being cared for or who are abused will encounter a lot of interpersonal relationship problems


8) Children who grow up without authoritarian discipline will become fallen and lawbreaking people <Pr 13:24>


And then, even if living and serving in church, yet not relying on the Holy Spirit to nurture the children, though not 100%, I see 80% are failures.

When you teach, especially teach this point.


2. The education of children starts from the blessedness of Parents’ spiritual life <Dt 6:4-9>

-> Today resolute. If I am blessed, my children are surely children of blessings.

1. It suffices if I shall just be blessed (Brethrens) -> Children of Blessings

We cannot do anything to children who are naughty, disobedient, rebellious, stubborn, right? The more we want to oppress, the worse. We all experienced.

1) Must know the three greatest key factors to children’s education


(1) Fertile land (environment)


(2) Seed with life (children’s lives)


(3) Healthy nurturing (fostering)


2) Parents must first be born again, and also restore “promise”, and “direction of life”


3) Must have the blessed spiritual atmosphere that is filled with happiness, thanksgiving, and praise


4) When parents are first blessed, the purpose, content, method and priority of education will become clear


We can transform ourselves – absolute principle

However, at the minimum, we can change ourselves to whatever we like, right? God looks with importance at this. Ex 20:4-5 = Those who love Me, I will bless your descendants for thousands of generations, and if you do not, I will bring curses till 3-4 generations. With Dt 28, these are absolute principles. If you love Me, and love to submit to my perfect will (bible says laws), the ones you bear, you raise, your hands have touched, they will surely be blessed, in and out blessed, more and more blessed. But after Dt 28:15 not loving Me, not submitting to me, in out will receive curses. If your group members say, “Amen”, children already start to heal.

5) Parents who in all things, use the gospel perspective to ponder and judge will end up with happy children


Focus on pastoring others

But if my children needs to grow till 29-30 years old like Augustine, shall I continue to work and toil with cries from now till then? What does the Lord teach? No! Your whole life to center on altar, center on blessed fellowship, to live. The reason God gave you problematic kids is to tell you to take care of the people who are at minimum willing to stay in your small group to hear the gospel, so that you take care and pastor these people, the timetable of your kids will be 100 to 1000 swifter to come!

6) By using prayers to foster children, parents will get all kinds of wisdom timely. And the accumulation of prayers that bless children will leave blessed spiritual inheritance to them


7) In daily living, the teachings and examples that can withstand test will cause children to become “rational”, “realistic” and powerful people


Brethren’s help (esp from other parents)

Another problematic children parent, organized a united prayer meeting, so that all who comes altogether help. Sometimes, children are hardened so that the parent cannot do anything, but if there are 5 couples of parents, with 7-8 children, if take care of children together, this will be 10, 20, 100 times swifter to accomplish. The blessedness of just one just is not just one person blessed, but the blessedness to stick to a fellowship. You must really listen to this word. This is the principle of the bible from the start till the end one. Therefore, we do not longer cry for our children, but we cry and shed tears because of the later generations, to pray for them. When we do this, our children’s blessedness will come even faster.

Parents must pray to cowork with one-heart with the church

Parents are very important. In children and youth ministries, the parents must really be of one hearted ah. Must really pray ah. Some parents are with children in children class, but after that, they do not go on to youth classes. Our Andy Alley Chuchu Daniel must go up to youth class in 2-3 years one. I often see that the children that often grow up with parents spiritually are very mature. Their thinking and perspective are very mature one. They can actually enter the youth class earlier one. Therefore, the parents (teachers) must really pray for our children and youth ministries one. This is really needed one! And then, to pray for 2 principals. Yes, 2 principals may want to open up a lot of ministries, but if the parents do not cowork together, self thinking that own children have no problems, if you bring such a perspective, how can your children be blessed ah?? Definitely not like this. Therefore, praying on how to let children to mix more with brethren, is much better by 100 times than one person trying to bless his own child.

Sophia’s testimony of a lot of help from people

We see that Sophia healing process – many people’s love and prayers effect of prayers are really very great one. It is really unthinkable that she can sit here today to listen and take notes today. I really hope that she will just stay here and learn Life Church university to study – she really don’t like to listen to this sentence, and she will beat me when we go home later again one, ha. Yes, don’t like, but how God leads. This you also live a lifetime, that you also live a lifetime, lifetime is just for RSYRJG. This one will do. But she saw University banner in her dreams too.


3. Firstly, for the sake of the “born again” and “restoration of promise” of children, must do concentration prayer <2Ti 1:3-7, 3:14-17>

-> It is not that we say that we say that our children must go to the church more, but BORN AGAIN:

1) Because children who are born again have perspectives and judgments that are different from secular people


2. Born again (Meet God & know God -> Know self -> know kingdom & world -> know all things (eternal) perfect will


Make Covenant

What is born again? It is meeting God and knowing God, so that you can be born again! After that, you can know yourself, and then you will then know the kingdom and the world, and where you belong and stand. Only by this can you know all things (including things of eternal), all the perfect will. All these started from born again.

2) Children who restore promises will very quickly get all kinds of healings, and receive new strength


Second thing is that you must start to make covenant with God. When the child is young, it is easier. Even if it is a bit forceful, must tell them to do this thing.

3) Children who know how to pray will be victorious under any kind of situations, and will influence surrounding people


4) Children who have ascertain their life’s direction and goal will save a lot of strength and time for their whole lives, and will enjoy wonderful blessing of meetings


5) Similar to Paul, Children possessing the mystery of “walking with God”, will bless an era and the whole world


Born again -> evidences most important (for giving assurance of salvation)

But talking about “born again”, saying, “Oh, born again is something like this or that. You know only problem, only Jesus Christ, so that when you believe, you are born again.” Of course you must also speak this sentence. But more important than this very sentence is the evidences, that the person’s life already possess. Therefore, it is most important to give them the assurance of salvation. “Because of your reason, your father, mother, meet what kind of problems, and after being in the arena of being blessed, I raised you up.” You must all the more connect all of them up! “Because of your reason, father and mother how.” I talked to Sophia and Leesong for 10,000 times ba, and they do not feel tired of hearing it. “When parents bear you during pregnancy, what are the prayers that we continue to ponder in our hearts.” “When we give birth to you, father cannot sleep for 2 days!” “The more you see, the more wonderful. That time, you were only this big, so tiny! Yet, 10 fingers and 10 toes, all have! Then, I see, hey, my lover’s likeness is all inside her! Actually should be like my hands, yet it is totally the same as my lover. It is really very wonderful! Nose, eyes!” “And we are so thankful before the Lord, so that we pray what kind of prayer topics for you. When you are 4 years old and when Leesong is 2 years old, we took out every of our property out and lay it all out, when you father began serving full-time. How how how”. I say more than 10,000 times! Especially for Leesong, “When I bear you out, father really felt uneasy and do not wish to stay at the same place, want to move house! Wife wants to wait for 100 days then can move home, because of Korean culture. But I continue to find places to move to. And then, we know the church before we move home. And I began a missionary there at that church.” Of course, we have a lot of stories.

It is not to talk about what is born again, this and that. Even when you have not yet been blessed, you can seek it all out one. Because as you are blessed now, absolutely there must be God’s guidance in the past that God leads you to the position you are right now, His plan. Therefore, all to seek out, to say.

In all things, daily -> impress and carve into their lives!

And moreover, to say daily, sometimes they say, “Father, I almost got knocked down by bicycle, but the uncle swerved.” “Oh, you are born again, that’s why God sent angels to help you at that moment.” In all things! Morning, noon, evening, all things, must put the “born again” idea to impress upon their lives! This is the most important education for the children, because if this has passed through, the rest is very easy to pass.

4. After that, must proceed to balance teaching of the holistic person <Lk 2:52; Ps78:72; Pr1:7-9>


Total education also needed. What is total education? Again, same – born again!

3. Total Holistic education (全人教育) – Spiritual, knowledge, emotional, body, living, interpersonal

1) Spiritual growth: problems of the world, Christ, born again, promises, prayer, blessed schedule, evangelism, make disciples

-> How to meet God, how to converse with God, etc..

2) Growth in Knowledge: the interlink between spiritual knowledge (know heaven) and earthly knowledge (know earth, know man), practical and rational thinking skills

-> All sorts of wisdom and on top of knowledge

3) Emotional growth: happy, blissful life and living, accepting affectionate love, expressions of happiness, anger, sorrow and joy

-> Even emotional, must know total holistic to nurture.

4) Physical growth: habits of diet, habits of exercising, habits of sleeping, confidence in own appearance and thanksgiving, cultivation of beauty appreciation

-> Inside the body, the body must be healthy

5) Living habits: blessed schedule, family life, school life, church life, life of laboring and serving


6) Societal growth: submitting to authorities and proper usage of authority, the spirit of obeying the laws, relation between elders and juniors, relationship between peers, relationship of assisting one another


==> Really important for all these teachings. I was also the same. When I was born again and saved at the age of 26, I remembered that my learning abilities strengthened to become 100 times more already. Many children, they have problems

(1) Do not like to study

(2) Study also no use (because the mental state is very chaotic, cannot concentrate, always distributed)

Often, the people who study badly have common points that they cannot concentrate to hear what the teacher is saying. And then, they cannot focus and concentrate on the one topic to research into. After born again, man will rest down. And especially when there is a purpose, life, direction, values very clear already,

Why must I study this? For what? When clear, the effectiveness is very great. Just like Daniel. Daniel has 10 times, more than even teachers.

Then what about parents for their holistic healing?

This is called relying on the Holy Spirit, relying on prayers. Towards the parents, it must be like this one.

5. To also consider different ages has different focus points <Ecc 3:1, Php 3:16>


1) Pre-natal period: Parents’ prayers and filling of the Holy-Spirit

-> Center on church-living to live. This is very important.

2) Infant period: The families’ spiritual environment and nurturing of living habits

-> Parents’ mood, atmosphere. 气氛. The mood in the home and family.

3) Elementary school period: to teach “God’s promises” and “authority” (parents, teachers, elders)

-> At this age, they should already know God’s promises, so that we must teach parents’, teachers’, elders’ authority carefully. I see that the children in church also like this: pastor always want to touch the heads of children ma, and at the same time to bless them one. Yet, when I lay my hands on their heads, they struggle so hard and want to beat pastor. I even thought of finding parents to talk about this, but I fear that they may be sorrowful and may stumble at hearing this. Yet, for some children, pastors want to run away, but the children continue to want to chase after the pastor ah! Most cute is the child of Chenlijun: chuchu chunchun. Our andy elle alley, when meet the pastor, they are joyful, but also a bit anxious – they are more reserved. So I just touch their heads and bless them.

Discipline and beating

Really, our children, when at primary school, you must remember that you must beat them. Must really beat them. When they are young, they will not have power to find police and sue. So before the age of 12, must really beat them up. MUST!! If parents do not have authority, you are harming the kids! Their lifetime cannot receive the blessings of many elders liao! If like this, such a person once go to work, he would be very proud. If not do things according to his ways, he cannot take it. His whole life is like this. Such a person, if we nurture with this result, it is really a root of curse one.

Of course, after the age of 12, do not beat, because he will call the police and sue, haha. Then we will lose our face. Ha. Before the age of 12, we must beat. One month once!

Really! This is the bible’s teaching. In all things must be more stern. Proverbs say a lot of areas one! America’s teaching system is not correct at all. If America’s teaching is correct, then all the children should be good, right? Then why the kids nowadays go to drugs, and they are so rude, so that when they saw people coming, they do not even greet. Man becomes transparent. And for some visitations, some children take me as transparent. I need to wave to them, and I became a clown liao. This is so sad in the heart. Of course, our big principle is not to become naggy, right? Therefore, when the child is small, what should be taught must be taught. Some families have the home teaching 家教 very good, so that once we see the child, we can see that he is really orderly, respectful to the elders. Such a person, no matter where he goes, will receive great blessings one.

Do you wish to bear one more children right now? Really, must beat one.

At elementary school, must beat. Especially when they do not listen to the teachers. When they return from school and the teachers complain, “Come here, son.” I actually did this before. “How can you treat the teachers like this? If the teachers say wrongly, you must also submit one.” This authority teaching is very important. If this is not taught correctly, the parents will receive curses one.

What happens when the child calls the police? So be it then. One Korean parent beat, child call, police arrested parent, parent say child drug and leave home how? Then the police say, “This is America law, you cannot beat one.” You sign. Parent will not absolutely not sign. If you American government and you police can give me guarantee, I can sign. For such a child, when he grows up, drug abuse, and then divorce, many problems, you must take responsibility. If you do not take responsibility, I won’t sign not to beat him again. And he tells the police to write the words down as guarantee. Then the police has no choice, and he sends the father away only with advice, “Best not to beat, ok”. This is what I heard from a deacon family in Korean church. People, the Lord gave us a very HOLY authority. More for our children, we must really grasp it on tightly one. The American system is like the parent is always thinking of satisfying the children’s heart. Where got such a teaching method? For me, I even hate such a teaching method. This is absolutely not according to God’s teaching method. With such, our descendants will have so many problems coming up ah! Stealingly beat!

My words are a bit extreme here, so please have wisdom to receive this.

4) Junior high school period: to give perspectives of discerning the worldly culture and power to receive victory


5) Senior high school period: to let the vision of “world evangelism” be rooted in their lives and to train practically and equip them


6) University period: to earnestly polish up specialized knowledge and skills, and at the same time, participate actively in evangelism work


7) Entering society period: to teach career viewpoint, marriage viewpoint, family viewpoint, serving viewpoint and society viewpoint


Teaching to start -> The earlier, the better

The earlier to teach, the better. From when?

Pre-natal. When bearing the child, one person pray, and then

When born, the family’s mood is important. Many kids go wrong because of family’s atmosphere, ‘cos home is always quarrelling and noisy. From young, they only see drawings, graffiti, popular music, 2-3 televisions and all of them all turned on, and parents daily just quarrel. Such kids to grow up, will very quickly receive mental problems. We must really do one. Right now, our children still small.

But second thing is not hide weaknesses – open up and pray together

And then, we are not perfect, but everyone has their own weaknesses. You before your children, first thing is authority, and the second thing is not to hide your own weaknesses. Weaknesses, just open up. “Father is weak, so need the gospel. You pray for the father.” This is the real gospel, really transparent before children, so that the parent will pray with the child. This is teaching a lot of gospel mystery.

6. My child is not a “problem child”, but specially blessed child <Phm 1:11, 1Sa 16:7>

-> Where are the evidences? Must say very correctly. Evidence is that today, I am sitting right here now! Especially because of children’s reason.

1) Though I have some problem, but if I am truly a blessed person today, children who are bore by me are definitely specially blessed


2) Actually, they are not “my children”, but “God’s children” and “God’s workers” whom God has temporarily entrusted to me


3) God is currently more zealous than me in working for the child, and there is definitely God’s reason and timetable


David – active, extreme, dangerous —> heart God deeply looks at

Especially in Phm 1:11, it is the Onisimus. Samuel is David. David and Onisimus are both problematic kids. David is probably very active, and he probably talks very extreme, so that his brothers do not like him, and his father also thinks likewise, “Since you so active, you go and pastor the sheep. Go!” Then, he fights daily with the lions and bears! Problematic child, dangerous, extreme child. Who would know that he is the child that history knew? God’s important highly heavy heart heart heavy person!! Hallelujah! God really looks at the heart!

Onisimus – bad evil habits —> beneficial to gospel

Onenisimus? He is really a problematic child. He steals people’s money, evil bad habits. But after he knew the gospel, he became someone who is beneficial to the gospel.

Timothy character – obedient —> exemplify power inside

Another type of child is very obedient from young. This is like Timothy character. But there is no need to boast too. Such a child also has the degree to exemplify and express his own power inside.

My own example – gangster type –> do not fear challenges, not lukewarm

Often, when you look at me, those who have problems in the youth times, they have more thinking deeper, they like more challenges, more power, “want to do means do”, must do all the way!, cannot become lukewarm type, cold means cold, hot means hot. Haha. Too much boast about myself liao.

4) Therefore, other than praying for the child, all the more must put in efforts in concentration prayers for my perspective and faith


5) Prayers to be more concentrated on the “born again” of the problematic children. Do not intervene with other poor conducts and lifestyle temporarily


6) To restore more concrete, realistic prayers. Guide the child to be used by God according to the child’s talents, interests and strengths


======> When you end lesson 8, the most important is? You pray together, together proclaim, our children are definitely blessed children.

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