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Teacher 20: Healing Message 9 – To Live in God’s Abundance

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Healing Message 9 (Economic Healing)

-> very important. I discover that all men are roughly bounded by Financial, telling us to lose very important blessed portions.

Philippians 4:10-20

To Live in God’s Abundance

The whole universe is filled with our Creator’s abundance,

-> If we open our eyes, we will be able to see that everything actually belong to us.

everything is created to glorify God and is also in the absolute control of God. It is absolutely right for God’s children to enjoy His total abundance. But it may not be so in realistic situation. Because in the saint’s life, the economic view that has not been corrected cannot let him receive God’s abundance. Before a saint receives economic blessings, he must first receive healing in his economic view.

-> Most important about this receive healing in economic perspective first. This is very important. If the abundance comes first, I guarantee that he will fall first. The God Who loves us will never do such a thing. Therefore, before a person knows about the heavenly abundance, the more money that is given to him, his thinking will definitely go thoughts of going where for a tour: Europe, Australia, etc. This world, such a short timespan, everything will be lost in a flash! I am not saying that touring is not good, but even tours are for RSYRJG. All anxiousness and worry for the sake of being able to go for tour is not needed actually. It is good too, for tours can be treated as a form of rest, to know more about the works of God. However, before a person has not restored financial healing and goes for this, he will definitely regret when he goes back to heaven, “Such a precious time, but I have wasted all of them thinking of what to eat and what to eat.” Because got money, open parties, buy.

Only upon receiving the life and perspective that is pleasing to our God, will we now be able to enter God’s abundance.

-> Therefore, for every healing message, together pray and together proclaim! We have received healing for everything! And then, important healing will be obtained in the process aftermath. This is the goodness of the gospel.

Jesus Christ, Paul, David, Solomon

Who has enjoyed the highest form of financial healing in this world? It is not bill gates nor is it Rockefellow. But it is our Lord Jesus Christ, and Paul! They are really enjoying all the abundance. And they are actually poorer than most people too. And another is David and Solomon, who have enjoyed all glory and abundance, so that annual gold that is entering is how many carts. But all these gold are placed into God’s temple, and they are made into gold plates(?) pai2 to preserve. And then, to glorify God. And David not only enjoyed, he also 100% offered everything into the holy temple building in 1Kings. He managed well for the money for the sake of the later generations, and he built his temple to bless Israel. There are lots of such examples in the bible.

1. God really values the economic view of the saints

-> Why does God look with so much importance on this? On these 5 points, which are very important? This is because finance is not about the abundance itself, but it is connected with the spirit’s blessedness, loving God. Therefore, if saints really come out from Egypt and out of this world, financial perspective restoration is what God looks with most importance actually. Finance is a second god. All of men’s greed, all of the millions sins and evil comes from finance.

1) Because no one can serve two masters <Mt 6:24, 19:24>


2) Because the place where your treasure is, there your heart will be also <Mt 6:21; 1 Jn 2:15>


3) Because the healing of the saint’s economic view is closely related to the growth of his life <Mt 6:25-33; Ge 13:8-9; Php 4:12-13>


4) Because the healing of the saint’s economic view is closely related to his eternal crown <Mt 6:19-20; 2Cor 9:6-9>


5) Because the healing of the saint’s economic view is closely related to the abundance of his living on earth <3:10-12; Dt 6:10-11, 28:1-6, Mk 10:28-31; Mt 25:14-30>


2. “Abundance” is God’s absolute promise <1Jn 1:2>

-> Therefore, from today, we must enjoy one! We too, for today! This is God’s absolute promise le! Therefore, no matter what kind of conditions you are in, you just carefully observe, and you will definitely see that there is an abundance one! If the heart does not feel abundant, it is very possible that it is your own greed, and it could be that you have asked more than what should be asked.

Abundance is that, no matter what kind of conditions you are in, if you are child of God, just like the Salida widow who made bread out of flour, and she prepared to die with her son after eating the bread. However, when she met God, for her lifetime, finance continued to come to her! She has 3 years 6 months who has a raven to continue to feed her. People, if your final purpose is to RSYRJG, daily to use it to look at your own conditions, that moment, you will discover that you are very abundant! At the minimum, more abundant than Jesus Christ, more than His inheritance. At least Paul, who only have a winter cloth, a leather-bounded bible, other than these, he did not have anything, but at that era, he was the manager to control the flow of GREAT much money here and there, and through him, he helped and assisted a lot of churches.

Therefore, today, you teachers, “Let us proclaim today ba! Let our lifetime at the minimum not because of financial thing to worry, anxious.” When such leaders proclaim, once the hearers heard, they will receive very important… one.

1) The whole universe reveals the abundance of the Creator <Ge 1:22>


2) God’s promise in the beginning is “thriving” and “enormous” <Ge 1:28>


3) God’s promise to Abraham (A model of every blessed person) and his offspring is also abundant provision <Ge 13:15>


4) Every time God performs his miracles, God manifests His abundance (manna, 5 loaves & 2 fishes, wedding at Cana)


5) God has revealed his abundance and glory in the history of Israel <1Ki 10:23>


6) The whole history manifests that: every region, tribe, nation which receives the light of Gospel, enjoys God’s economic blessings and is also greatly used by God


The reason why I cannot enjoy abundance is because I have not been healed. This is the most simple answer. Maybe our heart is not satisfied, or we often compare with others, misunderstand, or more blessedness equals the more finance. No such principles. Actually what we need is not a lot. For those people who always pray for finance, I pray for them, “Lord, You can in one second, to open their eyes, to see the joining up of heavenly kingdom throne. God, use angels and host to often do work, through the universe and all things in it, eternal times and inheritance providence already for him, the earthly times receive how many heavenly friends and how many cities. Lord, let him see for one second!” For me, I even felt this, “The abundance of the sun, stars, air!” How many cells do we have in our body? Billions!! God carefully and meticulously take care of each one! God totally took care and preserve, “Lord, let him see for one time!” This is my prayer actually. But because the real circumstance does not have so much money, the worry is right there lingering. This is what God does not permit one. Even if the real money is restored, abundance also cannot come. And in this state, if real money really comes, I will exclaim, “Lord, enough. Too troublesome lah.” My feelings. Really, we must receive healing till this level.


3. After man departs from God, he loses God’s abundance

-> Abundance is God’s absolute promise, but when man departs from God, man loses every abundance.

Actually when Genesis 3 happened, it is not that God reduced His providence. I see that it is the problem of the spirit of man that sinned and fell – actually this disaster. The abundance of the sun, plants, animals, birds, fishes in the seas, God has never reduced them! The problem is that when man left God, the spirit of men is in fear and felt insufficient. He fears that it will be lost – for those who have possessions. He fears that it cannot be used to the full, therefore, he continues to want to use it with all his life. Actually the times that God has given to him is more important than money, right? Times, power, gifts, and eternal inheritance – all these are lost. And for those who have much, like China, they become more greedy. Actually those who are greedy are those with much more. But what is it for to have much – for what? Therefore, they want more and more -> to have more for the sake of more, to risk for risking. All kings of the world are the richest in that country. I heard that Nepal is the poorest in the world, but the king is the first or second person in the world that possesses the most property. Therefore, I discover that Genesis 3 problem is not that God purposely reduced the providence, but it is the curse that the spirit of man has received.

For those people who have more contributions towards the society or those children who are more advantages to the society, have common points that their living and lifestyle are a bit more anxious or busy. In fact, in such a surrounding to grow up, they are the best, having the most challenge, having independence and power in their life. Normally for the family with a lot of money, so that whatever the child needs, he or she has it, such a surrounding is really fearful. When I talk about this lesson in the past, I revealed about my children saying that the father will not provide you the money to go university so that God must provide. If God does not provide, you must gain scholarship yourself, and if you cannot gain scholarship, you must work for one year, and go for the school one year, and so forth. Father will not leave behind any property! My children know for sure that it is not that the father does not have the strength to give them the money to go university. But they know that for the salary that the father has, 40% are actually going out one. Children know, and they agreed. And they all received scholarships to go for studies. Besides, some parents just worry for their children for their university even when the children are in nursery! This is really “not believing in God”, and this is really harming children. When educating the children, the more effort is to put in more to tell the children to become more independent, and tell them to earn money themselves.

And it is best not to leave behind inheritance for the children. I see that there are no advantages for the later generations. For Daewoo, etc tycoons in Korea, we all know very clearly about the state of the later generations. It is so obvious and famous in Korea, so that they would be known as princes. Especially Hyundai director Zhen Zhu Yong when left the world, the son committed suicide because all the emptiness. His wife has became the director now. And when he is going to leave the world, Korea has the prince chaos. One prince has 50 lawyers below him, so that he continues to use the law to gain the rights and properties! And this is even between brothers of blood! How can this take place? The great money that has been accumulated by the director has now become a curse for the later generations le!

Therefore, people, God will be in charge of our later generations one for our lifetime. And this is according to our conditions, right? We can at least spread the gospel, right? Pastor also can right? Going for missions also can right? Like this, to entrust our later generations to God. God will be in charged.

When there is financial healing, really, there are all sorts of advantages.

1) Wealth is God’s blessing, but at the same time it is also a tool used by Satan to tempt man <Ge 3:1-6; Mt 4:1-11>


2) The greed for wealth is the root of all evil, and is the rapid way of sinking into death <Jas 1:15; 1Ti 6:9-10>


3) After man sinned and became flesh, he lost the authority to rule over everything and instead became slaves to material wealth <Mt 19:21-22>


4) Men’s sins also brought about material curses, disasters and scarcity, causing them to keep worrying about having not enough to eat <Ge 3:17-19>


5) Even after receiving wealth, the discontentment, insecurity and greediness in men will still cause them to have a sense of poverty


6) Extreme thriftiness, stinginess or usage of money on wasteful, meaningless purchases that do not glorify God


4. In Christ, we have already become the most affluent ones [Economic Healing]

-> Praise God! In Christ! In Romans 8:32, even the only Son is given for us, so what will not be given for us in the whole universe? In 3Jn2, in Christ, the principle, I pray that you will be healthy and all things abundant, and what is after and the crux – as your spirit is revived and abundant! Therefore for those who have abundant spirit, he has already received the absolute answer in Christ, and he has received how great the abundance the inheritance. This is in all our present gifts, times, and our power and possessions. And when we are using this for the Lord with all our might, surely lifetime we will be able to enjoy lifetime abundance!

Therefore, if we receive the correct answers in Christ, and from this day on, to apply correctly and well, then we will immediately be able to enjoy.

So what are the important answers?

(1) This is your lifetime purpose. This is purpose of using finance – this one must fix it up.

(2) According to the principle that God has fixed, 1/10. For this 1/10, do not ever be stingy. If you are stingy, God will be stingy one. This is absolute one. Abundantly, give to God. The church is not taking your money away and throwing it into the dustbin. It is for saving souls one. For the pastor to 24 hours serve the Lord; I cannot go to China myself to go for missions, but my money can tell 12 families and one pastor to come up, to go China. This is absolutely God’s principle, so that this sends a lot of missionaries. Some people even bring the money to the mission places le! This blessings of 1/10 is really very great one!!!

(3) And every week to be satisfied, and thanksgiving. Thanksgiving offerings are also very important one. Really, pastor say just once, and I see that there are a lot of thanksgiving contents coming up. I really can see it. Is there no thanksgiving for the whole week? 1/10 is of course and should be given, but when you give thanks, (we are all more mature teachers, so that I accurately say this, for some new believers may just fall). All our goodness come from God, and then, the extra, just let your right hand not know what your left hand is doing (your left hand does not know what the right hand is doing), to do charity and help and all these are needed one.

=> These are what God has fixed absolute principle one. All these, do well, and see what will happen!!! Believe God, and it will be.

Precious stones of this era

I only have one prayer before God, and I told Him, “Lord, I need nothing, but just let me have the precious stones of this era.” Man’s life is connected towards all eternity of inheritance. When I pray like this, I discover that actually pastors and preachers, having inheritance, and having more possessions are good for testifying the Lord and this is good. This is the principle of the bible. The tribe of Leviticus are the most wealthy among all the other tribes, and they wear the most beautiful clothes.

But for the sake of the precious stones of this era, I have already seen, that most people in the world, who will not love money? No matter whether white or black, Indian, all are common. Therefore, if I can proclaim that I have no possessions can free a lot of people and bless a lot of people, this is my only hope and happiness! I only fear that there will be a lot of pastors that come out, that because I became the first example, so that all that comes after me wants to become one having no possessions. For this, because man will be weak sometimes, right? Then who will want to become pastor? Actually this is the place I am praying right now.

However, for the many preachers and pastors, and even theological schools and churches to be setup, I challenge to the pastors and preachers of this era of churches, if there is one pastor like me, this is the best!! You will receive one era! I tell you, if you are living off God, live or eat or sleep, for 3 meals a day, there is absolutely no problems that God will take care of you one! If you love the Lord and have anointing. If you have not received anointing, why for be a preacher, for your lifetime will be very busy one! If you are already anointed so that you can born again people, sanctify people, drive demons away, bless some couples, bless some later generation, so that you have some evidences at your hand, what do you now fear? There is no need for retirement funds liao! There is no need for anything!! If the Holy Spirit continues to be in our nostrils of breath, so that we can continue to preach the messages, our lifetime will surely be abundant and much one! If you receive less on earth, you will receive much in heaven. God knows. Actually pastor uses time, resource, strength to pray, how can he enjoy the world? Even if you give me a lot of tour tickets, there is no way I can go and enjoy liao, right? With such a living type of person, actually with such activities, such people have the most. Actually for your computer experts, you just touch a few hours and you can gain $200-$300, right? If you calculate like this, the pastor should receive the most already!! However, really if we are to be preachers, and if you hear this message to want to come up people, China people many people, I give challenges to them, “If you want to become such preachers like Paul, live like this.” You will receive the era of precious stones, so that in your later times in heaven, you will manage many cities. And then, for your later generations, God will bring all sorts of blessings, to them. And your family diseases or short life will never come to you because your family is really useful to the kingdom. God is really intelligent God, for your family must be glorious, exemplifying all of God’s glory one.

Really people, you must grasp the financial healing of God like this. I know your become parents and you are all workers of this era. Your prayers must be clear!

1) Christ was cursed, He bled and died on our behalf, rendering us no longer under the law of sin and curse. Then Christ resurrected to triumph over death’s authority, thus we have restored all the promises and inheritance God has given to Abraham


2) In order to receive the eternal treasure, we have already sold everything to receive Christ <Mt 13:44-46; Lk 19:1-10>


3) The life that is greatly loved by God and the heart which loves God more than all likings of the world is able to enjoy the freedom and abundance bestowed by God <Mt 6:24; 1Jn 2:15>


4) Upon receiving the evidence of Emmanuel, we are able to enjoy the creator’s abundance in the whole universe <Ps 104>


5) Christ became poor for our sake, so that through His poverty, we might become rich <2Cor 8:9>


6) In Christ, we have received the secret of being contented in any and every situation, whether living in want or in plenty <Php 4:12>


7) In Christ, we will definitely receive God’s complete and abundant provision timely <Mt 6:25-34>


8) In Christ, we receive wisdom to use all our material wealth to glorify God <1Ki 29:10-19>


9) The life with contentment and thanksgiving is already in abundance, and besides that, it will receive more abundance and make many become rich <Php 4:19; 2Cor 6:10>


5. After receiving “economic healing”, the blessings of stewardship will come

-> Of course being a steward is very important to manage money, for we cannot anyhow manage money, right? Or we will become another extreme, “Money is not important.” OK, then you throw, you give me for I need it, for I need a lot for missions. Of course, the more money, the better, and the more management, the better. Do not be too extreme.

Wisdom to manage. The best example is Joseph. 7 years of management and 7 years of good usage. This tells Egypt to become the most influential nation in the world then. Therefore how to manage?

1) True economic blessing does not lie in wealth accumulation but in the correct usage <1Co 10:31; 2Co 8:1>


2) The loyal steward is not about receiving much material wealth, but knows the appropriate way to manage it <Mt 25:14-30>


3) And does not lie in the amount of offertory, but in the depth of love for God and Kingdom <Mk 12:41-44>


4) The material wealth is for usage, not for earthly accumulation, and must be used for acquiring eternal friends <Mt 6:19-21; Lk 16:9>

-> First is to gain eternal friends. This is the purpose of earning money, do business, going for work, etc. The purpose of earning is not for the money itself, but through this career, you can gain eternal friends. Remember how JX gave a parable? “This people in the world, are so intelligent. But God’s people are so foolish! How good would it be to use money to get your own friends?” This is doing business and earning MOST IMPORTANT reason.

What is the principle of stewardship of money? I see that it is:

(1) Uprightness, honest to do work or business

(2) Tithes + Charity -> to gain eternal friends

These are two very important principles.

(3) Extra? To manage well (Not wasteful Joseph’s e.g. JX to get 12 baskets to keep, not stingy if you can use more abundantly.

This is what God has fixed.

Do not be too stingy. “Oh, our pastor is too good, for he only needs one pair of shoes for each of 4 seasons, and clothes are bad because all sewed.” Where is such perfect will of God? This is not to be too stingy. A little bit of enjoyment is God’s perfect will. If my son has earned, and he is a bit stingy, and all he earns, he gives all out for other people, I will tell him privately, “You stupid”, and I believe our God is also like this. Use this by reference.

5) “Tithing” is the beginning of a believer’s confession of faith, and is also the strength of God’s church <Ge 14:20, 28:22; Nu 18:21-24; Mal 3:10-12; Mt 23:23>

-> secondly is to accord to God’s given principle to do.

6) The many kinds of offertory by the Saints (Lord’s Day, Thanksgiving, Missions, Church Building…) are very important for the ministry of area evangelism and world evangelism. And besides that, will also become the scale to measure the earthly abundance and eternal crown to be received by the saints <Lk 8:1-3; Mk 10:28-31; 1Ti 6:17-19>


7) The purpose of the saints’ earthly career does not only lie in earning money as its sole purpose but the career is also to be used as a way to bless people. Bringing along the healthy economic view and testimonies of working with a heart of honesty will open up many doors of evangelism and missions <Ac 18:1-3>


8) When the saints and church faithfully shoulder the mission of stewardship, the economic strength of the era will follow <Isa 43:3-4, 60:1-5>


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