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Facing your own spirit in the New Year

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Small group 7 January 2009

1) Missing link

2) In troubles

3) How to start the year with understanding of the past year’s fulfillment?

<Jeremiah 46-51>

Egypt = Pride and high positions of the world

-> Do not fear, be discouraged, but you won’t be disciplined till you perish, for God meant to exalt you through discipline

Philistines = Moment of prick and sneer

-> they are not real and will be silenced -> so rest in God

Moab = Seeming christians

-> own riches own valor sneering -> shattered, disgraced -> to mourn and wait for day of salvation

Ammon = Pricks that cannot be removed

-> driven away by terror -> leave them and wait for day of salvation

Edom = Concealed in Wisdom, counsel, security

-> stripped and tear down -> see through their ruined strength


-> feeble, anguish, flee, abandon -> just burn up the weak


-> at peace alone with confidence to become lonely and desolate -> conflicts but brethren-centered


-> idols, no guilt, succeed in conquering christians -> “none” of Israel prevails

-> arrogance, deeds of self-righteousness -> God defends our cause to bring our unrest into rest

-> unrest, ideology will become mad at holding itself, suddenly fall, cannot be healed -> Portion of Jacob is Almighty to destroy what is actually empty and fake

-> originally my instrument of wrath, repaid exhaustively -> do not linger but come out from their culture

=> Satan will be completely thrown into lake of fiery sulfur

But there is already a mystery of Christ in us. Why is it taxi-ing about, unable to take off and fly to the skies?

The greatest problem is actually muddle-headed (糊涂).

My wife saw that she blessed another sister last year through this sister’s testimony, even when she did not know and was not able to confirm it during the process. Through it, we must learn that we do not need to wait till evidences arise so that we can proceed from being a main character. Everyone actually wants to be used by God. When that happens, they will revive.

1. Main characters

Singapore to find workers, to be trained – language, practicality, global thinking

Family to be quiet, intercede, wait

Era to continue to surround it and experience problems and learn

=> Face your own spirit (failures = muddle-headedness, answers in my prayers)

Remember: aim to receive rather than give, aim to live in people rather than “things”, aim to in meaningful things rather than happiness. The meaning of receiving more is to know that if you have already given in much e.g. to take the train of an hour to come the meetings, you must receive more than what you receive in the meetings. Therefore, only that you face your own spirit as a main character. If I am in problems, I am being disciplined and this is hope. This is because I understood about the only problem and only answer.

But you need to face the world. If not to be beaten by losing, conquered by compromise, there is only one way and this is to equip and know the perfect will of how to live in the world.

2. World – Influence through cross (perfect will, answers, perspective, vision, arise).

=> Face the spirit of the cross to face God for answers to influence (most successful / loved, you will understand God’s heartbeat more by bringing this into the world, then you will see the wisdom of how to live)

For me, I cannot but must pray. Without authority, I cannot live. If I aim for salary increment, I will be affected in my emotions, and distrust will happen in my relationships. Therefore, only start by going through the cross (thick-skinned) if you have problems, not by fearing about mistakes I make, but come to the Lord first with a heart of blessedly loved, covenanted, and blessed and called. I have experienced this before, that when I used this to face God even if it is clearly my fault and sins, and that it is so hard to contain my guilty feelings, I will no longer think of the negative things (like needing a lot of confession and zeal before I can be acceptable before God). From then on, I just come to God with a focused mind of being loved, covenanted, blessed and called. With that, when I continue to do the things that I should (e.g. sleep, go to work), the time will quickly come for me to feel being set free again. Again, we must not do by man’s intentions, go by man’s feelings, have no fixed perspective and no perfect will to guide us. With a clear mind, we will be able to be suddenly terrified and be able to isolate all problems. From then on, the perfect will of creativity and wisdom will follow us in the world.

3. Relationships

To restore relationships, to understand that the cross is actually the cornerstone of all the relationships (meets, loved ones)

Girlfriend / wife (co-work)

family (care)

brethren (no judging self or themselves, they are your blessings)

colleagues, friends, relatives

=> Use the spirit in you (that has already confirmed) to speak and live together

The method to live = brethren-centered. Think of ways on how to be brethren-centered. Think of ways to keep yourself in check. Nobody likes to open up if there is a feeling of being condemned, but with a blueprint, even with a feeling of negativity, you will still move on, like carrying your own cross. Think of ways to touch God rather than change your situations, so that the spirit in you can be preserved.

The method to live = commoner, the role that God has given you.

Must rely on the Spirit = normal (the reflection of being practical, grounded, relevant), always (calm assurance, always joyful, so need the mystery of 0.1s restoration), daily (this is where you go step-by-step, to receive strength. Need a job, else you will not be in-check.)

Will be able to bless people. Who of you received and saw God, and naturally speak words of blessings to people? This is the mystery of evangelism. Actually, the gospel can be preached in and out of season. The only thing is whether we understand that even our weaknesses can be 0.1s seen to the willingness of “I will die with Christ”, and resurrect amidst the weaknesses. Jesus Christ resurrected within the death spices and dead body; the dead body is able to walk again; the hands of affliction of nail marks are the evidences reviving the hardest-hearted disciple.

=> This year, everyone is to become a main character to send out the living word of God. This year, we must not be in muddle-headedness. When a person knows that he can be used by God, and is actually being used by God, he will immediately stand up. There is not a need to be deceived by emotions, people, environment around us.

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