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Arise and Shine, Send Out Living Springs

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Small Group 14 January 2010

(Darkness, Joy of having the way of the “blessed information”, God-driven)

It is an important thing is being able to understand “the forces of darkness”. Darkness is allowed by God, so if you are able to understand “darkness” through the God-driven way, you will not try to fight it, but the answer is to go into a state of being quiet and still. I have experienced much darkness through all in the past, but every time it happens, I slowly see that if I only am in sorrows because of it, the darkness became a deception. Through all the times I experienced it, I realized that the way to deal with it and be more than conquerors is to die with it. Before receiving great and unsearchable answers, we cannot rely on the nice and great feelings of being on top in heaven.

For the week before today, I was in great joy and strength. Who will not be in great joy when you have strength and good things always in your sight? Yet today, God gave me an oppressed spirit when I woke up. I opened the windows for quiet time, but understood that if “fresh things” do not come, it does not mean the grace of God is not there.

On the way to office, no matter how much I have tried to do a smooth car drive, it is not possible; no matter how much I have placed efforts in work to instruct my colleague to do trouble-shooting, he could not get what I mean. I realized that it is not whether you can be more creative and have more wisdom to deal with things so that you will not make mistakes. If God has told you at that point in time to do such troubleshooting or tasks, even if mistakes happened, those mistakes will become a part of you to grow. If not, you will just get great things, and it cannot become any part of a spirit in you. The point of failing is not being able to hear what God has to tell you at that moment, not about the failures itself. Success is when you understood that you have to rely on God’s voice even in dying and understanding problems, to giving answers.

All our problems are because we do not have a blueprint. I am trying to give a blueprint for you to understand what you have gone through. Let’s hear from God about the blueprint.

<Isaiah 1:3 All do not know me, 1:19 sins so much, but let’s reason together, 6:1 Isaiah can see Emmanuel in the time of darkness, and this is what we must restore in this age, 7:10 Emmanuel is a sign that is something higher and deeper than what you already know, 9:2 what is this great light?, 9:6-7 the answer of having the very attributes of God Himself, to be accomplished by God’s Own Zeal, 11:1-2 Seven Spirits which will shoot up, 43:1 I have summoned you by name, 43:5 So do not be afraid, for I am with you, 43:8 Lead out those blind and deaf, 43:19 See that God is doing new things, 60:1 Arise and Shine, 60:22 Do not seek the masses, but seek the smallest that can bear a mighty nation, 62:1 Spirit of the Lord is anointed on me, 62:6-7 Watchmen on walls of “format”, do not be lazy – on relay praying..>

Why continue to pray?

1. Because you have seen it <Is 1-6>

Have we seen the actual darkness in men?

1) Unbelievers

They do not even know what “the problem” is. Therefore, they only seek for pleasures and goodness.

Some are better, seeking for “life”, but through no-God philosophy, religion, moral ethics, ideologies bound them up so that they became slaves of seven curses.

2) Believers

They have understood the meaning of life is to live with, in and for God. Yet, because they do not know God (build temple, promise, Holy Spirit), they cannot connect, and thus live very ritual, thus become a religion to them. They seek only for peace, but there is no way their prayers can be answered by this.

3) Servers

They know that all blessings are from God. However, because they do not know about “always”, they do not walk with God, but only seek after experiences, toil. They face a lot of inabilities yet not accepting. They accept accusations to try. They put in zeal for they think that such will have results.

Is not the Emmanuel gospel that we have all about accepting all the conditions in us as the best, because of the very reason that the “relationship” with God OR everything must start from our blessed identity as the beloved child of God? From acceptance of having the best conditions, we go into the smallest common things to walk and enjoy our walk with God, seeking “the way” to be able to satisfy and please God rather than seeking for “performances” (such that people can rise up and proclaim, people can stand up for God, etc) that God can finally accept.

Through all the above, we will know what God has installed for our lives. I have prepared some images through my prayers for you this year.

2. Because the light has come upon you <Is 7-12>

(We must receive the reason of “having answers” -> so that the answers have already shone on you.)

Have we gotten the answers, and be able to explain about the problems that this era of unbelievers, believers and servers are facing?

You have received the information of the full gospel NOT WHEN you have passed through and confirmed that you have all the answers to each and every experience. (How can this be, since we are still experiencing, and nobody is perfect? And won’t this give way to lots of accusations of not getting the better, and always trying to get something?) But the full gospel is acquired and confirmed when you understood that every thing comes descending from God, so that it becomes a relationship to your very life and living. In other words, the answer of the full gospel = “living sacrifice” to all 10 healing messages.

If a problem comes to me, it usually becomes a personality of terror interrogating me for answers. I do not need to face it, but I only need to go into my spirit to gather the only way, truth and life, and let my spirit be revived. All answers will just come naturally.

When I confirmed this through, I realized that this is the very answer that all peoples, Christians and ministers do not know, and they have all fallen because of just this one simple capstone! Who says that we do not have the “information” so that we are still in weaknesses, not being able to rise up like what <Isaiah 60> has said? Let Satan not accuse us, for the Lord belongs to us!

1) The answer is Emmanuel -> Jesus Christ -> Holy Spirit

(We must look with importance on our very life, which “has Jesus Christ”.)

(God is finding.. God is doing..)

Simon, bar Jonah – God’s conditions, experiences, relationships to start with

Church to be built on this very life – source of blessings – 4 gospelizations

Power of Hades cannot overcome – problems become victories

Keys of Heaven – given through prayer

2) Life ideology, lifestyle system

Born again – build temple – perfect will (test and approve) – converse (cleanse) – walk with God (blueprint, center on message, brethrens, fields) – evangelism (my life has answers, seeking for people of 8 beatitudes) – disciples (healing)

3) Must be God-driven

Have we seen the

(1) Message

(2) Life of testimonies

(3) Life ideology, Lifestyle system

-> what is God doing?

3. All peoples are to come to the light that you have found <Is 40-66>

Do I truly believe that the church of Christ will be built on the “message” that I possess?

1) If so, believe in the promise

2) Look back and see what God has already done through you

Through my life, how can I use what I have received to let it flow out from me? So that I will continue to experience movement in my life, and even be able to learn from what God has already done through me?

3) Channels / Vessels

Those things are to become channels and vessels for your self. For me, I do not try to make channels or do something hard for it to become a vessel to bless others. I do so to let myself “not be lazy”, but keep myself into the “flow”, and into the “send”. With that, I will see that I will have put myself in the “flow” and the “sending” part.

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