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Lead Out The People Who Are Blind And Deaf

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(Small Group 21 January 2010 )

Keywords: Forward direction, whole life (including spirit / soul / body / possessions), see all around you (your whole life includes interpersonal relationships), preach as you live (your vessel out), lead people out from darkness (for crossing over into light)

Passage Reading: Book of <Lamentations>

Are our hearts troubled? If you treat your heart as holy, you will see that the troubles are called the lamentations of our spirits/hearts. Don’t yearn for being freed, for God has bestowed the lamentations of our spirits/hearts; let God free us. When you can see the reason why God allowed this “lamentations” in you to become your own song and hymn to God, you will be joyful inside your spirit.

Jeremiah is about the need to totally die so that we can rebuild. Lamentations teaches and tunes us to look only forward in the directional walk with God so that it became a hymn for Israel to sing joyfully about.

This week, I understood why God gave us “darkness” when the living springs have to be sent out. I repented several things, including looking down on the church brothers and sisters especially on their ability to preach the gospel, and also on the message that God has laid His light burden on me to preach. The “direction” given by God for us saints still living on earth is what we are to repent of. This direction is the four gospelizations. When I say this, we must not be accused in our hearts thinking that we cannot do so, OR that we have no heart for it, etc. There is a spiritual reason why we continue to remain in our problems. The only way out of our problems is to restore the direction that God has already given us.

God is with us; God is love so that He has His perfect will for us in all our troubles; and God is always and at all times leading us towards the heavenly kingdom. Therefore, only that our direction of our life and living is fixed, the Emmanuel method of our life and living need only to “look forward”. (Any kind of cries that does not result “forward” towards the kingdom of God is to be stopped immediately, but even if it is a form of groans that result “forward” towards the kingdom of God, they shall surely move God to tears.)

<Chapter 1> <1:1, 1:9, 1:20> Total disaster

When you use your spirit to read, sentence-by-sentence, let all your voices from inside your heart become a voice of repentance. When my heart is troubled, I will ask God of the unfair things He did to me; and why He kept allowing pressure, less results, etc to come to me. If I only keep this state of heart in me, I will receive nothing. God is greater, and He must have a reason to cause me be in a lamenting state. Frankly speaking, how righteous can we be? Even if we have done well in coming to meetings, have prayed and kept a clear conscience of faith, are we already perfect before God? The perfect model of Christ is one who can use problems to move God to tears, and to make Him pleased.

If God is using the situation to cause us to think of why our life and living is still not in complete joy, OR that we are not really living as a child of God of glory, OR that our prayer contents struggles more than reaching God’s ears, OR that though our heart is upright and want to bless people, our speech and expressions often cause people to not to understand the gospel clearly as it should be, why do we continue to doubt that God wants us to repent and renew now? Let God be true, and we all liars. If we can understand and see the areas that require repentance, you may not recover joy immediately in your expressions, but you will immediately receive authority in your hearts.

-> It does not seem to be the fault of Jeremiah, but lamentations see Jeremiah repenting, saying in <1:20> that he has been the most rebellious!

<Chapter 2> <2:6> Reason of failures and depravity

Why the reason of great failures, discipline, and problems? This is because there must be something wrong with our “tent” = prayers, and this lies in our 1) appointed feasts (emphasizing life, power and blessings), and 2) Sabbath (Sunday service). The first thing to go to repent is to do check the efficiency of our prayers and church meetings, whether we can see and hear God, and receive answered prayers through the meetings.

<2:7> Have we in any way looked down on the meetings?

<2:10-14> Are we living / praying / serving still in the state of 1) being accused, 2) still having motives in calling out to God? If the messages we hear cause us to be in these states, there is either of 2 problems: 1) the prophets or preachers are not right in messaging out the spirit of God, 2) you are not hearing the words of the pulpit correctly – Satan has come and has stolen what should bless you.

-> No wonder there are failures – prayers, appointed feasts, Sabbaths, family, interpersonal problems, career, etc!

<Chapter 3> Recognizing Discipline to Turn to God

Chapter 3 is the longest, having 66 verses.

<3:1-7> This is because this is the turning point, in realizing that the failures are God’s actual discipline on us. It is He who is causing all troubles on us, and He is causing our hearts to fail and be in the valley of death. If the heart has failed, there is no more strength to follow.

<3:42> Confessed, yet God is not going to forgive. Why? We must repent not of the sins here and there, but repent of the life that cannot repent already. The typical mindset, the already assimilated life with the world, is the failure of gospelization (evangelism in its passive form of flowing out). The life and living already is already in a state where the word of God cannot flow from the pure cross message of salvation, out to understand about not being condemned, to holding the truth of love so fast about our purpose restores four gospelizations, so that we just walk the gospel feet of peace, taking the Spirit’s sword and pray in all forms. The turning point is not about repenting, but about realizing the resetting part to the cross because it is the problem of the failure of “gospelizing out”.

-> Naomi and Esther, and many people of God in the bible all have problems, but they just need to TURN to God.

<Chapter 4> Repentance of seeing the real plight of the whole life <4:4-6, 4:13>

This is repentance of the whole life and living, encompassing all the plight of our loved ones, the problem of the era, and the problem of the prophets of this era. You must first see the plight of the blind and the deaf before you lead them out <Isaiah 43, Mt 9:43-45, Mt 10>.

Our problems are not our physical illness, weakness in our hearts, or whether we are too busy in our work. It is neither that we continue to face a lot of problems and challenges in our family or company. The problem is about the direction. We know the direction, but our direction must become “forward looking”. Our repentance is not for show, but to walk with God with our whole life. The problem is not about not having some answers, but it is about looking forward with problems and answers.

<Chapter 5> Prayer never to forget the discipline and teachings that God has bestowed <5:1>

Then it will not happen again. This is the prayer that God is most pleased in its most relevance.

<5:22> The Lord shall surely not discipline me like cursing me till I cannot get up again. Therefore, I just need understand about totally destroying, and newly rebuild. With this, let us prepare our hearts to rebuild the temple in our spirits – in the forward mode.

1. To see the swift work of the Lord’s great salvation works to born people again, heal people, and turn people into vessels of blessings

Is our whole life direction aligned to the whole history of mankind planned by God? Our problems do not happen without a reason. The events that happen in our life are all for the sake of exalting Jesus Christ, gathering all the saints of God, and for building the kingdom of God. The actual problem is not about our own set of problems, but that we reflect on the things that happen, and do things not related to the truth that God has already laid for mankind. From Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus Christ, 12 apostles, Rome, Europe, America, Asia, it is already shown that God is doing this great work.

The culture of youtube, facebook, technological advancement of internet, standalone gadgets for entertainment, the need to do coursework and advance in career – the world – have been assimilating the people of God. But if we have aligned to the plan of God for the history of mankind, which is the plan of God’s great salvation, we will know that this is God’s voice to us that we are brought to experience the coldness between men, and this is the sign that the end of the end times are coming. This means that the Lord’s great salvation work is getting swifter each day.

(I will come to the part on “What then shall we do if we are in the state of being influenced by the culture of the world, like feeling a lack of material needs in the world?”)

Not only the common people of the world, but even the people of the church have been assimilated into this culture. Though their presence in the world is to be set apart and bring answers to the world, the assimilation to the world causes them not be able to hear God’s voice in their spirits. If we have aligned ourselves to the direction set by God, we will know that God has already prepared a “few good men” (ourselves who say Amen to these words included) to contain and fill them with the answers that the era needs. The fast-moving culture of the world, the assimilation of God’s people, and the preachers who must go into success theology (not preaching about Emmanuel) are a sign for God’s great glorious work and God’s embodiment of His great grace to be manifested upon His chosen saints. In other words, what God wants to do in this era is so that with greater the problems, the greater the manifestation of God’s power in this era.

2. Our loved ones

(Now, coming back on “what then shall we do if we are influenced by the world”?)

Do we not know about not condemning, freeing people from the non-understanding of the deception of Satan in terms of fear, worries, coldness, and about leading people to know how to correctly pray to God and give the perfect will to them? This is our very message that we have been listening and want to enjoy. The people around us are just in this plight. Our loved ones are all planned by God to be around us. Have you wanted to bless people that we love so much, that sometimes, we just accuse them? But this only goes to show that we have understood the Emmanuel message so that “we know” that we want to learn the ways of how not to accuse them.

From here, we will know that it is not easy not to accuse people by what is better and what is not better, or by what is success. There are just cases where the ones we love are actually the ones who we get the most hurts and nags from. This is where we are discouraged. Yet, the truth is that they are all in this plight because they do not belong to the world! Have we not experienced the difficulty of blessing people? We must receive the perspective of the Lord Jesus Christ. Having the forward directional mindset, we will understand in a flash that the darkness, nagging, hurts, problems that people around us have given us (and these are mostly those whom we love or have flesh and blood relationship) are a voice of their harassed and helpless state. At the same moment that we understand, we will immediately be able to contain and even give them advantage over us. I have learnt more and more that the ones who hurt us most are the very ones whom God wants us to save. They have the greatest hope actually, because we would have used up a lot of prayers for them.

We cannot just push away the truth that among saints of this era, there are lukewarm Christians. I have asked myself a lot of times about what I must do as there are so many lukewarm Christians in this era. If I do not face this truth, but only want to be in peace myself, I find that I will become alone in only seek for people who are in zeal for God. If I run away from the truth of the era of believers being lukewarm, I will just be assimilated in the world. Yet if we face this truth inside our spirits, we will find that they are in a helpless estate because of the problem of the messages that the church leaders preach in this era. Yes, if we lay the messages that they preach on a table and check for their correctness, they are more or less correct. However, the spirit and atmosphere that is brought forth binds people more, does not set people free, and often cause a lot of humanistic views in people.

3. Equip the cross message for using in the Spirited and lively way

Do we now understand that God will surely bless those whom we love and intercede for? Understanding this, we will have understood about living as we preach the gospel.

God is already in complete victory so that we just need to lift up the victory banner. Christ has already resurrected and sat at the right hand of God, so that whenever believers rely on His Name and pray, Christ’s all power and glory will be manifested on the life of believers. In this way, the life of believers are already completely different and set apart as holy with authority from the life of people living in the world.

What is left is just to prepare the core messages of the gospel. I have looked down on the cross message along the way, but discovered that the messages that I want to tell people not to be condemned, to free people from their weaknesses and their wrong motives of wanting to be successful, and cause them to call upon the Lord are all found very completely in the cross message.

I have only prepared the first point of the gospel tract according to the cross message for now. Let us read through what I have prepared. It is not only about knowledge, but even knowledge for the spirited and lively way of the Holy Spirit working in people to bring the message of the gospel to them. It is my prayer that the essence and spirit of what is meant by equipping the cross message be given to you: Knowledge of the Cross + Spirit of the Cross

1. The principle of man’s creation <Ge 1:27-28>

| —————– |

| |With Me |               |

| |All things| perfect will)|

| |Always | (leading) |

| —————– |

God ————————————————- Me

No matter whether you can see or hear, The Truth is that

1) No matter what, God is with you

2) There are perfect will(s) of God in all things

3) At all times, God is leading you

You and your whole life are already the works of God and an art of God..

You have lived by yourself in trying to aim for success, or a peaceful state of having fewer problems. You have been trying to be as near to the truth as possible. You have tried ways to see and experience God, please God, be committed, and get spiritual anointing. However, you were never near a happy life, but instead, have been at your wit’s end.

Though you cannot see and hear God, God has already known your plight, has understood, and is speaking to you now.

If a person’s whole life, such as his or her expressions, heart and spirit turns to yearning and hungering, realizing and understanding, submitting, enjoying and praising upon receiving This Truth of Hope, God has actually already touched and opened his or her eyes then. It is not from flesh and blood, but that the Holy Spirit of God has come to move and convict your spirit.

Is this Hope far off in your situations? Have you known why?

The first and most important thing in evangelism is to tell The Truth.

Must let the listener hear the truth clearly and recognizably.

When speaking the gospel, my eyes already see that he or she is already God’s works, and he or she is also an art of God.

I have seen that God has given me convictions to preach the gospel to him.

These convictions – must see very clearly the state and plight that

1) The one who preaches the gospel can see (because has habitually seen God’s works and His perfect will)

2) But the one who hears cannot see and cannot hear

Observe the response, or the reflection of the Holy Spirit’s work on his or her heart. When you see God’s works, and when you see God’s perfect will coming, take it as God’s very Own voice, to speak to him or her as from God, as a gospel messenger evangelizing in place of God.

With the preparation of the cross message, you will have discovered that the equipping of the cross message actually gives anointing even to our everyday living, even in the jobs that we do so that we know how to correspond to people. This is because you must be able to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice in your spirit and the spirit in others. Never discount what the life of a human can unlimitedly contain and do!

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