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Hymns to prepare the morning / Evening sacrifice / concentration prayers

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While listening to WedMsg20100106_Daniel07.mp3 (time at about 1:12), LC recommended the 12 hymns. In fact, all of these can be found on youtube.com

1) Shout to the Lord (Morning to hear the Lord’s voice that Is so everywhere!)

2) Power of Your Love

3) Come, Just As You Are (Come with just your own conditions, for healing)

4) Here I Am To Worship (For self-sacrifice to the Lord)

5) Lord, I Lift Your Name On High

6) Draw Me Close To You (Restoration of that greater than Shulammite in Song of Songs)

7) You Are My All In All

8) God Will Make A Way

9) …

10) …

11) …

12) …

Good for opening up the spirit for prayer, through angels bringing beautiful messages, and when you acknowledge them, your inner spirits become strengthened.

Prayer method:

1) First to rid of any idols – motives to restore kingdom motive = covenant and Emmanuel. (Without this, there is no way to build temple)

2) Must 检讨/review/self-analyze, and cleanse ourselves for any guilt/sins in us. (Without this, there is no way to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice)

3) Test and approve the perfect will of God.

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