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I cannot disobey the vision that must be accomplished

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(Small Group 28 January 2010 )

Keywords: 有根有基 the belief contents that is rooted up and with foundation -> the watchman with the spirit of God -> angels descends -> vision received -> faith to grow -> by seeing answers in the midst of prayers taking great effect and influence -> therefore the remaining fact just relies on the Holy Spirit and the blessings of spiritual power/atmosphere from those around us -> concrete prayers for those around us to keep ourselves in continual fulfillments / seeing / hearing / following

Opening Words

God is in our life, and has already started very noble works, is in the midst of progressing, and will gloriously be accomplished.

1) Our conditions are all hidden and planned by God as they will bring great inheritance. Therefore, we only need to arise and shine in understanding of the roads, conditions and relationships given by God. The Lord is not like man who lies or regrets or cannot keep promises, and it is only why God = promises (God is the image of “Promise”). If we can have faith in His Word, the visions that we see will be accomplished.

2) However, because our faith is small and have a lot of unhealed areas, we fail to continue. Yet, because we are blessed by God, we will not go into a faithless state. God understands our timetable, so will give us time, so that through the testing of faith, our faith will be made perfect.

3) What is left is the most important. We must know how God is going to heal our weaknesses and how He is going to grow our faith. This is called fulfillment in the midst of prayers. If we are able to live inside the environment that progresses our prayers, we will definitely continue to restore seeing visions in front of us and they be accomplished.

Passage Reading

Let us read seeing the visions of the book of Acts presented to Paul.

< 9:3-9> Called to be a watchman

<13:1-3> Learners, enjoyers, servers sent

<13:14-16> Paul and Barnabas are teachers of [bible, Jesus Christ] who reads the Law and the Prophets – rooted and with foundation – they walk through this door

<13:47-48> A light for the Gentiles, road preparers, for them to meet, converse and walk with God

<14:8-10> Look through a person – what the Holy Spirit is working = fastest expressway

<15:1-35> Council, letters are all banners, concrete prayers to quickly expand the work to the Gentiles (those who have not yet heard, or are far from the gospel)

<15:36-41> There may be times of quarrels, but coworkers gather to disperse, disperse to gather together. But all will turn out well, as we read in the epistles as Mark came to Paul’s help again. The crux is whether the vision is in our hearts and cannot leave us.

<16:6-10> Vision of Macedonia – without prayers, there can be no accomplishments

<16:25-31> During the progress of prayers, whole families will be brought to Christ, not when you have prepared and learnt everything

<17:10-12> There are many such hungering people who just want the word of God – See the Holy Spirit’s work

<17:28-31> There is also an answer to those whose timetable has not yet reached – See the Holy Spirit’s work

<18:1-4> We may need to put in effort to work alongside as tentmakers

<18:9-11> We may be discouraged, but if we go on, God caused Corinth to restore the important worker Apollos. We need alternations to fulfill completion of our faith.

<20:27-31, 21:10-14> Paul’s faith (on the basis of God’s word) has grown all these while, so that his understanding of the will of God is further than Agabus, who was probably one of the seventy, closest to Jesus, who prophesized.

<26:19-23> We do not need to aim to do great things. We only need to continue (going inwards) to get blessings. One day, the vision that continues, that cannot be disobeyed in us, continues to accomplish and effects.

<28:30-31> Be altar-centered, brethren-centered, serving-centered to continue to be able to rely on the Holy Spirit. This is God’s desire for us even till the end, just like what David said at the last verse of Ps 23, where he desired to live in the house of the Lord (in his spirit) all the days of his life.

1. The way God accomplishes on the workers of this era is to give them visions

1) Blueprint: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, apostles. With this blueprint, when we want to bless the people around us, we can then have a different perspective on them. Blueprint gives strength and protects.

2) Direction: the foundation of faith is Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, the One to be exalted. Therefore, we have to first confirm our identity as God’s child, source of all blessings, know the perfect will within our conditions, and then receive the concrete direction for ourselves, family, church, and the world.

3) Visions: However, our faith is small. The growth of faith is (1) word of God, (2) prayers, (3) receive evidences. God cannot lie nor regret + we cannot disobey the vision, therefore, what we received is He Himself – the foundation and assurance of faith in all things.

Our ultimate aim of getting strength is to see from the highest and biggest, so that we can discern the wrongs to see right in our heart. We cannot just rush in our hearts with urgency, or else we will have a lot of temptations or human zealousness that subtly come in. But the actual aim is to have transcending preserving <Php 3:7-8> and renewing mindsets <Ro 12:1-2>, so that we can see visions right now, so that we can rely on the Holy Spirit to touch Him and move Him to do (even if it is a little) works.

Then what is the likeness of prayers / have faith?

2. When we actually pray, our faith will be restored and be strengthen

1) Only when we pray: and calm our hearts, can we receive enlightenment from the word of God and the Holy Spirit’s voice. It is where we receive our true identity, the promise from God, touching our hearts as we confirm what belongs to us, so that we receive healing, our hearts of stone can be removed, and the Lord’s glory can be manifested.

2) Prayers to pull us out from the spiritual mental blockage of darkness, Satan, unknowing disbelief, misunderstood faith

Therefore, we do authoritative prayers, prayers asking for justice from the Lord, continuous prayers of not giving up but going through alternations. We need to go through prayers that is fulfilling in the midst.

God is touched when we do not “do”, but when we acknowledge and see fulfillments already happening. We move toward the direction because we can hear the voice of the Spirit instructing, loving and blessing us, so that we know the next small step to move on with. Faith increases when we practice God’s word that we hear each time “that our faith would not at our current timetable”, by relying on confirmation (word of God -> conditions -> perfect will of God) and evidences (fulfillments -> faith back into the logos of God). I say again: faith is what God wants for us to walk together with Him, rather than even giving the knowledge or anointing of knowing every full and single detail already.

3) Alternations bring us to have faith being strengthen

Darkness is an opportunity.

In the past, I am scared when there is a problem that comes to me, and I question myself if I have an answer for it. For example, if a person told me that he made many mistakes at work, and felt stressed at work, the quest for an answer or perfect will of God would scare me off. Yet now, I have understood that I need alternations. Darkness and problems are to solve the missing parts in me. It is to test and allow my faith to grow as I continue to start from the foundation of faith – Jesus Christ, and go into prayers to see visions.

Therefore, right now, I only practice “darkness is an opportunity” to bless people. It is only through this that my faith will grow. Through this, I can give thanks because I see that my road is indeed borne by God to grow myself closer to Him. If I am able to settle this in my spirit, since we already have a lot of answers in ourselves, we would be able to surely minister to others.

3. Strengthen your prayers concretely by relying on the Holy Spirit to pray all forms of prayers

1) Spiritual atmosphere that disseminates to all people around

When problems come in one way, they flee in seven other ways. There is a comfort in them when they get in touch with you. There is a kind of unspeakable joy and assurance. They are joyful because they see blessings coming to them always. Do not put out the fire of the Spirit.

Share testimony about wind blowing to me while having lunch:

Two days ago, my colleagues and I were having lunch around a circular table. A gush of very cooling wind flew, and I exclaimed that the wind was made for us. My colleague replied that it was no use, for it could not bring money. I then responded, “Then that the wind was blown just for me then.”

Use the same concept to your family and friends. Keep the atmosphere for your own blessings. Let people see that the joy and assurance you have is natural.

The vision is to become one who relies each moment on the Lord.

2) Check if what I have actually influences the people all around

3) Use the effects of relay prayers, prayers in the meeting, literature, messages, music, punctuality, sharing of own doors of evangelism, schedule in taking initiative at giving prayer topics, and long-time preparation of the people God has put in your heart to bless.

Closing Words

I bless you to receive the image of a prophet who can answer in and out of season, who because of having this mystery, will not always think of his own inadequateness, but rely on the Holy Spirit (by individual blessedness and prayerful and ministering atmosphere induced by spiritual brethren) to send out the blessings of God.

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