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Have the heart to seek the true and living testimonies


(31 Jan 2010 Worship Service Prayer Leading)

Our Father-in-Heaven, we praise you for bringing evidences of people needing you. This is what touches You the most. There is nothing in our lives that we can perform in order to please you anymore, but our relationship is that of unconditional love, which is of us being touched by You, and You also being touched by us. From the first day that you have blessed us from not knowing where our problems lie till today; from the day when the church is borne for the sake of the universal church spanning the world and the history of mankind, You are a promise to us and have never forsaken us even though we are really small in our faith. Your word that came into our lives kept pulling us back to the fold again, so that even in our pride, struggles, trials and temptations, You prepared our hearts of good soil, so that we would grow and grow, just like a mustard seed growing to a large tree being give shade to a lot of people, and we have really seen now that many of us already have burdens for the people around us.

Though in the past we toiled for useless stuffs, now we also toil, but they are all for kingdom stuffs already. Before having the assurance of born again, our problems only tell us to walk in circles and even cause hurts to people. Yet for the past week now, we have seen that the illnesses, hurts in the heart, and difficulties to get by experienced by all of us this week are no more coincidental. They are the preparations the peaceful way for us to rely on the Holy Spirit, drive demons and see the kingdom descending down on us. What other things are there in the world for us except to be able to hear Your loving voice always?

Your word tells us how to see, so that we realize that our disbelief is already there at the beginning, so that we meet with problems now; your word tells us that Your love is unlimited so that this love has filled us so that that we can love souls in the world. Individuals do not know how to manage their own emotions and problems; families do not know how to manage the weave of love; pastors, elders and deacons do not know their calling; church leaders do not know how to manage their church when problems come so that saints remain in hurts and disbelief to harden in their hearts; no one knows how to hear the Lord’s perfect will and follow. There is nothing that we can say that ‘we have already done enough’ as the Lord requires of us the height and depth of Christ who went up to the cross in sufferings. Lord, let our brothers and sisters know what is the actual darkness (in the spiritual and worldly dimensions) that are actually oppressing their hearts.

Lord, today, anoint our pastor’s lips. We need living evidences to sooth us, to give us faith, and to let us confirm our steps. We need all Your loving voices to be given to us. The blueprint protects us; the direction pushes us ahead with fixed perspective so that we can move on in contradictions; visions are the fulfillments in the midst of prayers, and is it not You our original and actual Vision (Be Thou My Vision)? But Lord, You are inside our conditions. We seek for God in our conditions because that is where You chose to be. Therefore, may our eyes be opened in today’s sermon, so that we can understand how vision and our problems are related.

We also pray for our Sunday school teachers Jesslyn and Shiya. Though we may have half-heartedly looked upon the children thinking that they just require a fraction of our attention, we pray that we will give everything to them as they have given us the most trouble (the Lord’s voice for attending to them more) but also the most comfort.

Lord, we await for You…

2 thoughts on “Have the heart to seek the true and living testimonies

  1. wah. so you type out your prayer also? i thought you impromptu?

    • Nay, I always prepare for my prayer leading. I am just like a common believer, who needs all the love of God, surroundings of God, and preparations of God, whenever possible.. Of course, there are times when impromptu is needed, but it is all the equipping that allows me to be able to do so. I’m not supernatural, but God wants to work naturally through me 🙂

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