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Have the heart to seek true and living testimonies

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(Small Group 4 February 2010)

Keywords: Evidences: confirm from the truth (stubborn disbelief and rebellion cannot be understood), Evidences: problems to be healed rather than to force it to go down – face God with contrite spirit of needing His discipline and restoration, and ask for His Spirit not to be forsaken from us, Evidences: helping people by (1) seeing Christ finding and calling me from a totally depraved state to one to intercede, (2) to first see evidences of God’s grace and God’s love in a person already -> process and timetable needed for understanding the need to be healed, (3) justice from the world to test and approve as God’s wisdom, evidences do more than theory

Opening Words

1st week: Blueprint – see the whole picture, and draw it: the book of <Isaiah> is given by God to read. Hence the verses <Is 1:2-3> saints do not know their Master, <Is 1:9-18> sins that of Sodom, meaningless offerings, God awaits us to come upright to Him, <Is 6:1-13> in this midst, we are called and see and draw the blueprint, <Is 7:10-14> those who seek Him Jesus Christ, <Is 9:2> will see great light in great darkness, <Is 9:6-7> attributes of God will be preached such as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, <Is 11:1-2> so that the 7 Spirits will be embodied, <Is 43:1-8> will see that you are actually called, summoned to go and lead out those who have eyes but are blind, have ears but are deaf, <Is 43:19> a new thing that God will do, <Is 60:1-5> arise and shine, <Is 60:19-22> one small will become big <Is 61:1-7> Anointed me to preach good news to set free the captives, <Is 62:1> must go through prayers that cannot kept silent, <Is 62:6-7> therefore be watchmen giving God no rest, <Is 62:10> therefore concretely draw out the blueprint to send out the living springs

2nd week: Direction – In our problems, the people around us that we are concerned of, we must see God’s given direction and stand up. Hence the verses <Is 60:1-5> telling us to arise (not be accused, oppressed or pressured) when seeing darkness covering the whole world including our hearts, <Is 43:5-8> do not be afraid for God is with us, only stand up and tell Satan, "Give up what belongs to me", <Mt 9:35-38> See the harassed state of our loved ones, <Mt 10:1> authority <Mt 10:5-8> Do not stay with Gentiles, but go in the direction, <Mt 24:1-14> End times in our hearts to know the direction, <Mt 28:18-20> the Great Commission

3rd week: Vision – must see visions as answers in the midst of prayers. Hence the verses <Is 62:6-7> watchmen to give God no rest, <Is 62:10> In order for continual prayers, must go through the gate of Jesus Christ, repair use the expressway, to remove the obstacles happening in the hearts of people, <Mk 16:9-20> Faith is small, but Jesus is willing to wait, <Ac 1:6-8> until when the Holy Spirit descends and you see God initiating everything, everything will be clear, <Ac 1:14> therefore seeing promise, will pray, <Ac 2:1-4> Surely doors will open and faith will become sight, <Ac 2:41-47> use the brethren-centered environment full of God’s perfect will and testimonies to greater preservation of visions in prayers

4th week: Sign – must see the sign of Emmanuel in our own conditions – these are living testimonies. Hence the verses <Is 7:11> Sign <Is 7:14> of Emmanuel, <Jn 3:11> evidences and testimonies cannot lie, <1Jn5:6-8> the three that testifies: water, blood and Holy Spirit, to tell us the 7 testimonies to prepare, <Ac 4:8-20> so that we will stand up like Peter and John, having total confidence that Jesus is the all-problems solver, and being unable to help speaking what has been seen and heard.

5th week: Glory – what is impossible, the Unreached at the ends of the world – such a miracle must happen. Hence the verses about the nations, ends of the world, etc that we will hear this coming Sunday. May we hold our expectations high up towards Him asking, "Lord, come quickly!"

Blueprint – Direction – Vision – Sign – Glory – there is a turning point that we must go through. Yes, our message is for the few, but the actual message of the bible (there are three hierarchies: moral ethics of right and wrong, the cross message to be set free, spiritual message that mobilizes) is spiritual and meant for only the elect and the remnants.

Passage Reading

<Ez 1:1> Heavens open

<Ez 1:3> God’s word + God’s Spirit -> enters my spirit

<Ez 1:5> Angels that moves

<Ez 1:19-21> Wheels = the Spirit

<Ez 1:22> Expanse under God’s throne

<Ez 1:26-28> Son of Man, Son of God -> rainbow promise of covenant

<Ez 2:1-2> Understanding <Ez 1> Peace of Trinity + Mobilization of Angels (天使动员起来) => becomes a voice of God -> voice of God becomes Spirit to enter my spirit -> God cause me to stand up while I am kneeling down in prayers

<Ez 2:3-4> I am sending you to people who are rebellious (no contriteness), obstinate (stubborn disbelief), and not ashamed (in ignorance).

<Ez 2:5> Even more so to stand up, because of seeing and understanding that the forces of darkness is strong, so that they can know that God is among them to pastor them through us who are called to be prophets..

<Ez 2:6> Therefore, do not be afraid of weaknesses, struggles, trials, and persecutions.

=> Why? <Is 6:9-13> so that they will harden, be ruined? So that remnants can arise -> for <Is 7:12, 14> Emmanuel sign and evidence in the remnants -> <Is 43:8> so that [those who have eyes but are blind, have ears but are deaf] can be led out = <Is 61:1-3> anointed me to heal, set free, comfort so that they may praise, be called righteous and display His splendor (glory)

1. From starting to see evidences, our life enters another timetable, so that evangelism restores authority!

(The way God accomplishes on the workers of this era is to give them visions)

Do I often have the heart to seek for Emmanuel evidences? Evidences do more than giving a concept. My Indian colleague refused to believe that God only loves those whom He has chosen, but I can see that she is filled with guilt when she says that she needs to feel that her god loves everyone but not everyone has seen it. I talked in principles and concept, and she only sees that I am a good arguer. The next day, her heart became more stubborn, "my god is correct". My other colleague, refused to accept that there is a Master leading him and always blessing him, so that when I tried to explain and failed, I can only say, "I am an experienced hand in the world. My wife loves me more and more; I have less and less fear; every good thing is coming to me, all because I see my prayers all answering towards me." Which do you think has more power even though they both will shake their heads? The second colleague will remember the testimony of a living God working. No lawyers can win the simplest evidence of a testifier. I have the heart to seek for Emmanuel evidences when I see that evidences speak more than principles. They are living and they are the love stories between us and Christ.

When I apply Christ’s teachings, accomplishments and promises into my life, do I receive the evidences that "Christ is in me"? But what is meant by my own stories? Last week and this week, I see some stubbornness in saints at large. They are unwilling to apply FROM Christ’s incarnation into their own conditions, death and resurrection to see their conditions as best, and be totally victorious with humility; they are more willing to float around in needing comfort and love, and I see that they are always in guilt, sins, weaknesses, never being able to turn around, stand up, arise and shine. There is a way that God has told us, and this is God-driven. We must apply FROM the promises of God. There may be stubbornness in us, so there is a secret I have, and this is total contriteness when I even face my understanding of God, "I have only understood probably 1% of the gospel of Christ", so that I have to even remember, and keep it in my heart, the highest and deepest truths, even if I do not understand. I may sound difficult to understand, but this is what Mary, earthly mother of Jesus did, when it was recorded in the bible that she kept the things that seemed so difficult to understand, which angel Gabriel had told her in her heart, "The Holy Spirit will conceive with you so that you will have a child named Jesus / Emmanuel, which is God with us."

Therefore, it is from when I start to see evidences in my conditions that my life, power and testimonies transform. Life that must be only Jesus Christ, power from a deep assurance and confidence, testimonies that must not only rely on telling people to love God more, but telling the conversations and stories of walking between you yourself and God, that transforms the inner heart of man, driving disbelief and darkness in man, and causing people to really love God, love the souls around, and love the kingdom more than his own life (equipping, preparing, perspective and preaching in and out of season).

2. What are the testimonies that we must have the heart to seek? (When we actually pray, our faith will be restored and be strengthened)

There are seven as listed down in the Sunday message. Are there already these 7 main kinds of life testimonies in my life? Are there some that I have not understood till now? If there is, do not keep it aside and forgo it. Do not forget the grace of God pushing you. At least, can you accurately explain how the Lord has come and called you? This first testimony already encompasses all the others.

1) Testimony of [Lord Jesus Christ coming to find me] and revealing to me

God’s word, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit came in -> (seek for) "blessed" me evidences (came in me, work me, guide me, empower me, accomplish me)

Have we found that we go through a period of time when we are more biased towards God before we even believed Him? That is the Holy Spirit searching for me. Therefore, even before you came into the Christian family, you were known by Him and He is actively already searching for you. Seek for such testimonies.

More importantly, with this, understanding, you will be able to understand that it is not about preparing testimonies of long ago. Living testimonies are how Jesus Christ is continually coming to me to find me and revealing to me, from your morning till now. From the past understanding of the things He did from whence He entered my life till now, and the knowledge of what He says He will do in the future for me, you will have understood what He is doing right now in your life. If so, you do not need to be full before you can testify. Even your problems of being unable to be healed of smoking is a good testimony if your testimony projects the full need of Christ for healing (so that you need to understand the very details of how He convicted your heart, you became contrite, need His power, hated the weaknesses, called on Him and failed time and again, one day realized the way that all men needs, etc..)

2) Testimony of how I discovered the difference between [religion and gospel] in the process of my faith in the Lord

Religion and gospel discernment -> seek "life, perspective, power" transformation evidences

It is no longer about knowing a fierce and strict God, but a God of love. Don’t we all have such a testimony? One day, I just cannot look past those people going to church as a habit or ritual, or as a hypocrite because you have understood about religion and gospel.

3) Testimony of the difference before and after my life [knows promises]

"Life ideology + lifestyle system" fixed perspective -> evidences that it becomes easy to receive perfect will

* It is not easy to understand about "promise", inheritance, purpose-driven living, etc. If one knows promise, he will be able to give thanks for the problems and conditions in his life. God’s love is not cheap. If He has loved, it means that if He kept me on earth, still permits mood swings in my life, and yet continued to ask me to come to church, it meant that God must have a plan for me to want to use me. When one understands "promise", everything will become clear in his life.

I see that some of you have still not understood about "God promising your life". The language of the Holy Spirit is vision. When you are filled with promises, you are filled with the Holy Spirit. When you receive promise, God’s truth has become yours. If you do not understand, keep close to me.

And even though there is a procedure in these 7 testimonies, the testimonies are all received simultaneously. Let us go on to format up what true testimonies are, so that you will surely know that it is Satan’s dislikes and attacks after you have made your testimony. (If you testify about "success", I may not be able to know if it is Satan’s attack or if it is your non-rooted testimony that causes you to be proud, and thus cause you to fall into darkness.)

4) Testimony of [receiving answers during prayers]

Fulfillments in the midst of prayers -> "blessed" me, fulfilled me, set me apart (different prayers than others) evidences

5) Testimonies of 10 areas of healing (please refer to the 10 healing lessons at the back of the 36 lessons)

① my spirit ② my heart ③ my mental ④ my perspective toward my body ⑤ my living ⑥ my interpersonal relationships ⑦ my marital status ⑧ my children ⑨ my financial ⑩ my serving

Problems become healed -> receive and restore God’s attributes evidences

6) Testimony of how I gradually restore [walking with the Lord 24 hours]

Living sacrifice (there is priority) (offer Isaac) -> all things CAN (cannot don’t, enjoy) walk with God evidences

7) Testimony of [preaching the gospel] in season and out of season

Preaching gospel in and out of season -> make peace (towards self, towards others), be able to discern, then

– Give assurance (1) God calling him

– Tell him to like/love the Lord (2) discern gospel/religion (3) fixed perspective (4) fulfillments (5) healing (6) walk with God (7) evangelism

To be able to preach the gospel in season and out of season, one has to blessed himself, equip and prepare the gospel message. Then he needs to open his eyes to view correctly on who the 8 beatitudes are. After this, he just moves as a vessel of the gospel message.

3. In the process of alternating seeking for evidences, we can receive more beautiful testimonies, so that we will bear many inner and outer fruits! (Strengthen your prayers concretely by relying on the Holy Spirit to pray all forms of prayers)

1) Are the Emmanuel evidences that I received

(1) More and more aligned to the bible and the truth

(2) Caused me to receive "rooted and founded faith"

(3) Has thus have caused me to see the Lord’s grace and love more and more in all things

2) Can these testimonies apply to the people around me? They will admire the God that you always mention.

What kinds of blessings have those whom I love, whom I have interceded, and the people who are often with me received as a result of my life?

3) Slowly and actually, you will see that all men and souls actually need your testimonies

Closing Words

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