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Messages.. messages.. Messages.. we can never have enough of them

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When I was down, I kept telling myself that I am in God’s hands. But I am not freed. This means that I have not met the Lord in prayers. It is then that I know that messages are never enough. I was given the direction, calmness of the heart, and the road to restoration of the spirit in seeing two blogs. I recommend you to read them regularly, to get inputs from your King, your Love, Jesus Christ.

1) 发现自我 Self Discovery

2) Burp and Slurp

It was at this post God, I Could Really Use a French Onion Soup Right Now… that I find so interesting. (Sophia, let me copy the comments here for my reminder too, alright? I shall paste them without asking for your permission first ;P)

“The Christian Prayer is not an option but an opportunity”

“In prayer; expect setbacks, but refuse retreat”

“Don’t tell the Lord how big the problem is, tell the problem how Great the Lord is!”

“Merely going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, any more than standing in your garage makes you a car!”

We can never have enough of messages (of course, they must be blessed), for we need to be filled with the Spirit and TURN AROUND relevantly and contextually, in the image of gradually arising in our hearts. We are not robots, so our mind is not limited by space and storage, or so that we must force some truths in us, or have some messages preached to us. Our life is unlimited. When we restore, out comes unlimited words, messages and testimonies.

The direction of Gospelization is not to enforce zeal, but the reason, the process, and at the ends of Gospelization is God Himself. That is Emmanuel. God is in our conditions, our family’s conditions, our fields, in those unreached places that we have never thought about.

“Lord, You know I love you.” “Wengang, come away with Me and rest in Me.”

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